Monday, July 18, 2005

Japan, Madrid, London, and Pakistan

A big train accident occurred in Pakistan, killing more than 100 passengers. It took place after the terror attacks in London. In April, a big train accident occurred in Amagasaki City located in western Japan, killing more than 100 commuters. It had taken place before the terror attacks in London.

There is, of course, no relevancy; they were just accidentally related to rail road. However, when Spain suffered from a terror attack on its train system last spring, we were very much alerted, wondered, and waited. Then this spring, the unbelievable accident occurred in Japan, smashing a train to an angled wall of a residential compound.

Yes, we were surprised, but the imaginary linkage between the Spain’s terror attack on trains and Japan’s train accident seemed very vague. Nonetheless, we were wondering if it was foretelling another terrible terror attack on trains somewhere in Europe or America.

Then, everything became clear when London was hit by four suicide-bomb-attackers. And, Pakistan’s train accident seemed to be decisive, since those terrorists in London were strongly linked with Pakistan.

Why, however, you might wonder, would the God give a warning especially to Japan in this context and in terms of terrorist attacks on trains? In 1995, a Japanese cult conducted attacks in Tokyo subway systems, using sarin gas and killing 11 people and injuring thousands of commuters. This incident gave a great shock to experts in this field all over the world.

Well, long before September 11, 2001, Japan had learned what such an attack in a large scale could be.

Many Japanese then also got shocked and some really repent their daily deeds in pursuit of selfish interests and profits.

Maybe, the God who observed it had a feeling to give a warning to some Japanese in terms of a similar kind of attacks somewhere in the world. If you doubt it, you should ask the God Almighty.