Saturday, December 13, 2008

Though I have nothing to do with Martin Luther

Though I have nothing to do with Martin Luther

Do you know how and why Alexander the Great died in Baghdad in 323 B.C.?

And, Jesus Christ never mentioned Alexander the Great according to the Gospels based on St. Peter’s witness on his Holy Lord.

(Critically, call the Book of Mark "the Book of St. Peter-Mark," for instance.)

If the power of military and money alnoe makes America the superpower, I might have to stop mentioning anything about the U.S.

SECTION I: This Week’s Business Model

In the 22nd century, mankind will cease to use money.

There will be no dollar bills and yen bills being circulated and exchanged on the earth.

It will be “Love” and “Trust” that take over the economic function of money.

When you get hungry, you go and eat some in a restaurant. And you leave it without paying money very legally.

When you need a house, you go and get a house in a town. And you live there without paying money very legally.

When you need a car, you call a car dealer for their delivery. And you use the car without paying money very legally.

But, when you like to own a big yacht or a castle, the Government might tell you that it is beyond the limit of “Love” and “Trust” it can attach to you for convenience of your material life, since your contribution to the society is not enough though you work in a Big Three factory from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. except on Saturdays and Sundays.

Highly advanced computer and information technology will enable the human society to enter the No-Money Economy in the 22nd Century.

What you need is just a direction to advance.

This business model is exactly pointing at it: "No-Money Economy based on Love and Trust supported by the 22nd-Type of Computer/Information Technology" contrived by EEE Reporter © in 2008.


The big difference between European Americans and European Europeans is that the former can be followers of the genuine Protestantism but the latter are not.

The so-called Protestants in Europe think that they are genuine Protestants which they are actually not.

Only those who have left Europe, the region that owes so much to the Vatican, for the very reason that they should not live in such a region can be regarded as genuine Protestants.

Therefore American Protestants can advance to fulfillment of the status of the genuine Protestants.

And, genuine Protestants are defined as those who believe in the God of Jesus Christ, no matter if Jesus is God Himself or not.

Or, genuine Protestants are defined as those who believe in the God of the Bible, no matter if Jesus is God Himself or not.

The most advanced genuine Protestants should be those who believe in the God even without associating the God with Jesus Christ and the Bible.

You may believe in God; you would believe in Jesus Christ; and you can believe in the Bible. But, one at one time. Then your pursuit of the way for the genuine Protestantism will be completed.

You can laugh with Judaists and Muslims at any joke about the Vatican from the bottom of your soul.

Peace will come to the world in the 22nd century, the era of genuine Protestants as well as genuine Judaists and genuine Muslims in addition to genuine followers of St. Peter.

(As for Buddhists, including the Japanese, a meta-religion is a challenge for them to address, since it is what Gautama the Buddha started trying to attain 200 years prior to the era of Alxander the Great.)


That is all for today.

A would-be politician in Japan has presented the upper arm of hers in her blog, since she got an injection.

She is one of victims of a much-hyped medication scandal caused by errors and omissions of the Japanese Government and drug-manufacturing companies.

The fact that it is the DPJ that supports her candidacy for the national assembly might tell the outcome of the coming snap election in Japan.

The LDP had better find its own fateful candidate, such as Ms. Megumi Yokoto as an absent candidate since she has been in North Korea against her will in these decades.

The future Japanese Obamas might be Ms. Eriko Fukuda and Ms. Megumi Yokota.

By the way, is Caroline preparing for 2012 in America, though she thinks she is a Catholic?

(Indeed, it got to be a Mozart. It is so since romance must be sleepy in Europe traditionally under the auspices and austerity of Catholicism.


Eze 12:12 And the prince that is among them shall bear upon his shoulder in the twilight, and shall go forth: they shall dig through the wall to carry out thereby: he shall cover his face, that he see not the ground with his eyes.

Eze 12:13 My net also will I spread upon him, and he shall be taken in my snare: and I will bring him to Babylon to the land of the Chaldeans; yet shall he not see it, though he shall die there.

Eze 12:14 And I will scatter toward every wind all that are about him to help him, and all his bands; and I will draw out the sword after them.

Eze 12:15 And they shall know that I am the LORD, when I shall scatter them among the nations, and disperse them in the countries.


Friday, December 12, 2008

Peter the Roman or St. Peter

(Trees everywhere around Tokyo)

Peter the Roman or St. Peter

Last night or early this morning, I had a dream. In it, I saw one name on a sheet of paper. It is a top secret what name I saw there.

But, she is not a lawmaker, sorry.


First of all, you cannot prove that Jesus Christ is God by simply reading the Gospel.

Secondly, you might not be convinced that Jesus Christ is God by simply reading the Gospel.

It is because all the four books of Mark, Luke, Matthew, and John are based on St. Peter’s witness of living Jesus, but St. Peter never allowed his own followers to write a book with an explicit description that Jesus is God, since Jesus Himself had forbidden it to St. Peter.

But, it is hard to know what happened in 1140.

The Prophecy of The Popes
Attributed to Saint Malachy

Malachy was born in what is now Northern Ireland and is believed by many to have had the gift of prophecy. He had his visions between the end of 1139 and the beginning of 1140 during his visit to Rome. Catholic tradition has it that he was granted a vision of all the remaining popes and wrote down a few key descriptive words about each, which has come to be known as Malachi's list or The Prophecy of the Popes . He committed the visions to paper and handed the manuscript to Pope Innocent II who allegedly placed the manuscript in the archives where they remained "unread" for nearly four hundred years….

The Last Pope

??? In persecutione extrema [In extreme persecution] Petrus Romanus [Peter the Roman] " the seat of the Holy Roman Church will be occupied by Peter the Roman, who will feed the sheep through many tribulations, at the term of which the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the formidable Judge will judge his people." The End? )
There are several interpretations pertaining to the last Pope listed on the Malachy list.

1. Additional Popes, not listed by St. Malachy occur between Gloria Olivae and Petrus Romanus

A. Gloria Olivae is immediately followed by Petrus Romanus but no number is assigned to Petrus Romanus, therefore, he and Gloria Olivae might be one and the same pope.

B. Because no number is assigned to Petrus Romanus, any number of popes could intervene between these two popes.

C. Because no number is assigned to Petrus Romanus, it is also possible that he will not be an actual pope. Under this scenario, a catastrophe at the Vatican wipes out the upper echelon of the Catholic Church during either a consistory or a conclave of the College of Cardinals. As a result, with no viable College of Cardinals surviving to elect a new pope, this particular scenario would have a surviving official of the Roman Curia succeeding to the top leadership of the Church but not as Pope. Since he would not rise to the Papacy itself but instead would become, in effect, the top caretaker of the Church, he would not need to assume a new papal name such as Peter, but would keep the name he has had since his birth in Italy, and that name already would be Peter...

Anyway, I request the Vatican to move to Jerusalem.

I also request officials in the Vatican, including the Pope, to go back to the spirit of St. Peter whose finding God in Jesus Christ became the foundation of the Catholic Church system.

SECTION II: Japanese Obamas

If you like to know Japan of today, you had better keep in mind some big names in the Japanese political community, since Japan is based on a national system that recognizes the Emperor as a symbol of the state and the Japanese people who assume sovereignty constitutionally.

SHINZO ABE (The Liberal Democratic Party)
Mr. Abe is one of former Prime Ministers of Japan who still keep a seat, each, in the national Diet.

He is still sometimes spotted on TV-news scenes. His health might be still a concern for some conservative and patriotic citizens. Especially Mr. and Mrs. Yokotas whose daughter was abducted by North Korea decades ago might determinedly respect former Prime Minister Mr. Abe.

Indeed, Mr. Abe specifically mentioned Mr. and Mrs. Yokotas in the explanation and apology for his resignation from the premiership which he decided on Sept. 11, 2007, and announced the next day.

Anyway, he is still young and has the nice wife fairly young as a wife of an ex-premier’s.

ICHIRO OZAWA (The Democratic Party of Japan)
Mr. Ozawa deserted the LDP 15 years ago to work as a mastermind to launch the first non- LDP-monopolized regime in Japan since 1950’s.

After having made and broken some political parties, he has finally settled in DPJ to be its head.

If a snap election is held today, it is believed that the LDP will fall from power and Mr. Ozawa will be elected as Prime Minister of Japan by the national assembly.

The big difference between the DPJ and the LDP is that the former has some ex-members of the former Socialist Party of Japan. In this context, DPJ is a little akin to the U.S. Democratic Party.

However, Mr. Ozawa is willing to send Japanese Self-Defense troops on the land of Afghanistan as part of U.N. authorized operations.


That is all for today.

Remember, if you read the Bible 911 times, you cannot be assured that Jesus is God.

It is St. Peter. All the four Gospels are based on his witness of his Lord Jesus.

Jesus never said, “Call me God, since I am God.”

But, if you find God in Jesus, you are a genuine Christian to take rank with St. Peter.

This is one great secret of Catholicism.

This is my Christmas present to you, cordially as literally.

(Do you think Beethoven can compose on a motif of romance? Oh, though I think I don’t love to check it…


Mal 4:5 Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD:

Mal 4:6 And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

(The last chapter of Malachi, The King James Version)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

"Mind if Jesus is not God for Christmas?"

"Mind if Jesus is not God for Christmas?"

The most significant issue since the birth of Jesus Christ has been, of course, as to whether or not he is God Himself.

First of all, however, the concept and the impression of the God are so diverse among mankind.

Nonetheless, mankind can be defined as a species that has at least a certain level of the concept and the impression of the God. And, the minimum level is characterized by the fear of the nature and the fear of an invisible being(s) that occupies the nature.

You may say that you don’t believe the existence of God. Yet, you will surely claim that you are not such a fool as does have no idea on what God means. Indeed, everybody is proud even when talking about the God.

So, I have to ask you, each of you, what concept and impression you have of the God.

“I don’t know” can be nice, but “I don’t like to answer” will be also respected.

Yet, I have to pose another question: “Do you mind if Jesus is not God at all?”


St. Peter was a liar.
Every pope after St. Peter has been a liar.
Catholicism is a mass of lies.
The Vatican is a palace of lies and liars.

Judaists and Muslims must prevail and guide mankind, especially sternly reeducating those who ever trust, respect, and believe Christianity, since they are lied to blindly calling themselves Christians.

The whole European civilization in these 2000 years has been based on the bogus recognition: Jesus is God himself.

Then, there emerges a big enigma: Why has the European Civilization been able to develop, evolve, and flourish with huge success allowing European Christians to gain the hegemony over the world, while it is based on a simple lie that Jesus is God?

Indeed, something is wrong, since Yahweh or Allah is yet to punish Christians, especially European Christians while they have been living based on an unforgivable lie.


Our Ever-Holy Jesus Christ never said, “Call me God, since I am God!”

The only definition of a Christian is that a Christian is a member of mankind who believes that “Jesus is God.”

It is so, because St. Peter who followed and lived with Jesus 24 hours a day for a certain period of time found that “Jesus is God.”

Nonetheless, St. Peter never allowed those who heard the story of Jesus from him to write a Gospel explicitly claiming that Jesus is God, since our Ever-Holy Jesus Christ never said, “Call me God, since I am God!”

So, Jesus is God, but He did not announce that He is God; and St. Peter understood the deep wisdom in it.

As the four Gospels of the New Testament are all based on St. Peter’s witness on living Jesus, they do not include the expression that Jesus clearly told his disciples that He is God.

In this context, the only definition of a Christian is that a Christian is a member of mankind who believes that "Jesus is God" in the very way St. Peter understood it.


Now, let’s see whether or not the Vatican today believes that “Jesus is God” in the very way St. Peter understood it.

Saturday 16 April 2005 (08 Rabi` al-Awwal 1426)

Vatican’s Ties With Islam
Amir Taheri

...In 2001 John Paul II visited Damascus and became the first pope to pray in a mosque. He also issued a formal apology for what he termed the misdeeds of Christendom toward Islam, including the Crusades and colonialism.

That strategy was not an easy sell to many Catholics. Islam and Christianity are the only two major religions that wish to convert the whole of mankind. For them to set their 1400 year-old competition for converts aside in the name of fighting the common enemies of secularism and atheism is not an easy option.

Politically, John Paul II’s strategy has scored a number of victories. The Vatican has united with a number of Muslim states, notably Iran and the Sudan, to block the extension of the secular concept of human rights in several instances.

In the Beijing conference on women, for example, Vatican and the Islamic bloc managed to prevent measures that would have given women equal rights with men.
John Paul II’s charisma was such that few dared challenge his strategy. Now that he is no longer there, however, his strategy will be subjected to scrutiny within the Catholic Church.

One critic is Cardinal Josef Ratzinger, a leading candidate for papacy. Ratzinger believes that John Paul II’s strategy of alliance with Islam has put the Vatican not on the side of the Muslim peoples but on the side of despotic regimes that dominate the Muslim world. Ratzinger sees relations between Islam and Catholicism as one of competition over the truth.

Ratzinger suggests an alternative strategy under which the Catholic Church would focus on the consolidation of its position in its traditional strongholds in Europe and the American Continent. In that context Ratzinger has publicly opposed the admission of Turkey into the European Union...

“Many Christians are uncomfortable with the idea of faith having its say on all issues,” he said. “In Islam, however, religion is still regarded as a legitimate participant in the public debate. We must work together to make this case in the global arena.”

In the next few days we shall know who has won the argument in the Vatican.§ion=0&article=62194&d=16&m=4&y=2005

Does this sequence of strategies of the Vatican in this modern era, as mirrored by the relationship with Islam, mean that the Vatican today believes that “Jesus is God” in the very way St. Peter understood it?


First of all, or again, the concept and the impression of the God we have are the main theme.

If something inside Jesus matches it perfectly, you would naturally think: “Ah, Jesus is God!”

Judaists and Muslims would like to hear your finding.

(I don’t blame anybody who is whitewashing his or her lack of faith, while calling himself or herself a Christian, since the Vatican and other churches have been materially so successful in these 2000 years all over the world. But, remember Christmas is closer; and what are you going to celebrate? The birth of the God? )

Rev 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

Rev 12:12 Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Something Too Great to Fail or Fall

(Around Tokyo; Click to enlarge.)

Something Too Great to Fail or Fall

There are only two things in this world that cannot fail or fall, since they are so great.

But, the Big Three are not too great to fail.
Wall Street is not too great to fail.
The so-called Bilderberger Group is not too great to fail.
The United States of America is not too great to fail.
The E.U. is not too great to fail.
China and India are still new comers in the 20th century phase of industrial and financial arena without mentioning of the 21st century.

Israel is not too great to fail, either.

But, the Vatican is too great to fail.
And, Japan is too great to fail.

The Vatican is not only a symbol of Christianity but also the greatest challenge to Judaists and Muslims. The whole regions based on Christianity, Judaism, and Islam will be thrown into a grave confusion and turmoil if the Vatican should fail. The Vatican stand as a representative of civilizations based on these three kindred religions.

Japan is the only force that could stand against the Vatican and those closely linked with the Vatican as a friend or an enemy. Japan has the civilization that only is based on the spirit other than Christianity, Judaism, and Islam as well as their derivatives such as Europe-born Marxism and socialism.

As it is the 19th century that Europe really established its dominance all over the world, the rise of Japan in the 20th century, after having opened the door to the world in 1860's, has more profound meaning. Japan’s success and glory as a more-than-equal rival to European-civilization-based nations, including the U.S., are critical for Asians, Africans, and native Americans to have confidence in being themselves.

If Japan fails, Asians, Africans, and native Americans will have been damaged not only economically and politically but also spiritually.

You don’t have to be born in Europe or as one of members of European races to be successful; Look at Japan! It is even not a Christian country or a Marxian country.

If Japan fails, only European races must regain dominance all over the world like in a certain period in the 19th century.

If Japan fails, only Christians, Muslims, Judaists, and Marxists will gain dominance all over the world.

Therefore, Japan is too great to fail and fall, which most of American, European, and Chinese elites cannot humbly admit, since Japan is too great in these 2000 year history like the Vatican.


You may laugh, but one of my dreams was to become a cameraman.

I failed in the past. But, now I am the only cameraman allowed to post his pictures on the EEE Reporter blog. I know that EEE Reporter would not choose any other cameraman, since no other cameraman can take pictures of Mt. Fuji 100km far so casually from the holy viewpoint.

By the way, in Japan, almost every lecture in grad schools, universities, colleges, and elementary schools has been delivered in the Japanese language only in these 140 years, except a short period when there were many European and American professors in the Imperial Universities.

It is because every concept used in every Western science has its matching concept in the Japanese language that already absorbed Indian and Chinese civilizations in the past centuries.

So, it is not a surprise that Nobel prize winner Mr. Toshihide Masukawa, a Japanese professor, can read and write in English but cannot speak English to foreigners.

Japanese Nobel laureates give lectures before award ceremony

STOCKHOLM, Dec. 8 (AP) - (Kyodo)

Masukawa gave his lecture -- "What Did CP Violation Tell Us?" -- in Japanese, which is rarely done at the Nobel Lectures, after telling the 700-member audience "I cannot speak English," in English.

While introducing his childhood, Masukawa said, "My parents were not education-minded at all, but my father, who was a sugar wholesaler while aiming to become an electrical engineer, taught me the knowledge and appeal of science."

He also said it took about 30 years to validate their award-winning theory. "I would like to express my appreciation to those who supported this grand project," he said.

It took 30 years for Mr. Masukawa with his aggressive theory.

It might take 300 years for EEE Reporter with his EEE Pictures.

It would take 3000 years for mankind with a challenge to conquer violence.

(A cameraman is a dangerous profession. From the beginning, you have to realize that it is a dangerous profession. I do not recommend you to live as a cameraman, since bad guys would often come to feel like attacking a cameraman. One of requisites for becoming a cameraman is awareness for this danger. Find a guardian before going out with a camera.


Rev 12:10 And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.


Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Lord of the Vineyard or the Vatican

The Lord of the Vineyard or The Lord of the Vatican

On Christmas time of every year, everybody must perform ultimate philanthropy.

Transfer all of his wealth to the poor or the public.

Then, from December 25 every year, everybody, including the ex-super rich and the ex-rich, must start from zero.

You can be rich or super rich till December 24, every year, but on December 25, you must be poor.

That is why Christmas Eve is so important for some even in a TV studio or a law firm.

All I want to say is not bother me. Don’t bother me. I am busy following my Ever-Holy Lord.


According to the blog of Mr. Hiroshi Kumagai, a politician-turned pundit in Japan, The Financial Times presented on December 5, 2008 some interesting information about the rich people.

The number of people with assets of more than one million dollars in each country is as follows:

HONG KONG………………95,000

So, I am telling you that there are 30 million very happy people in the U.S. who account for 10% of the U.S. population.

The ratio is about 12.5% in Japan, since every super-rich person needs at least 10 people around to live in society like a civilized person.

Anyway, historical implication of the contents of the above table is large, if you are luckily not one of such sinful people.

SECTION II: The Philanthropist

Somebody is claiming that it is Chapter 11 but not $34 billion that must apply to the Big Three.

Indeed, if you build vehicles to sell them, you cannot be another Rockefeller.

Truly, if you build the subprime loan schemes to sell them through securitization, you cannot be another Rockefeller.

But, if you have spirit of philanthropy, you can feel yourself more meaningful and important than a Rockefeller.

Keeper of a family’s generous flame
By Pamela Ryckman
Published: December 2 2008 02:41 | Last updated: December 2 2008 02:41

Mr Rockefeller – a rising leader of the Rockefeller dynasty and a renowned advocate for education and the environment – first visited the island at age five and has not missed a summer since. But his family’s history here goes back a century. His late grandfather, John D. Rockefeller Jr, bought large tracts of surrounding land and eventually donated 51 miles of carriage roads and 11,000 acres to help create Acadia National Park…

Mr Rockefeller, now 67, was the first non-Alaskan to join the board of the Alaska Conservation Foundation, founded the Alaska Fund for the Future, and later led the National Park Foundation. He also joined the Pew Oceans Commission and helped write its 2003 report on the health of American waters…

The Rockefeller clan, now 200 strong including spouses, has done a good job combating the “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves” phenomenon – younger generations squandering inheritances – that plague some wealthy families. “I am proud of how well our family has done in retaining core values and educating oncoming generations,” Mr Rockefeller says…

“I’m a team player, not a loner. I can sail alone, but mostly sailing and boat racing and cruising are very collaborative ventures,” he says as he remembers his afternoon plans: racing his International One Design sailboat with five friends.,dwp_uuid=d8e9ac2a-30dc-11da-ac1b-00000e2511c8.html?nclick_check=1

Yet, a Rockefeller cannot be another Obama.

And, an Obama cannot be a GM worker, though he or she is filled with dismay in these days in Detroit.

It is because it is such a worker that has learnt another, or more important, side of the American Dream.

Without that insight, you cannot be a wise man who can even avoid being super rich, since Jesus Christ said that the super rich go to the hell.


They are all new comers, the Rockefeller clan and the Rothschild clan.

There were many super-rich people in the Roman Empire even after our Ever Holy Lord was mysteriously executed by the Roman troops.

The history of these 2000 years fixed its course when super-rich Romans started to believe in Jesus Christ or at lease call themselves Christians.

The key to these 2000-year history is this religious incident.

After super-rich Romans started to believe in Jesus Christ or at lease call themselves Christians, the history has had almost no decisive make-or-break moment of the same significance.

Christianity’s conquest of the Roman Empire is the most drastic and decisive incident in these 2000 years for mankind except the emergence of our Ever-Holy Jesus Christ as a son of a man.

The unbrokenness of apostolic succession is also significant because of Jesus Christ's promise that the "gates of hell"[16] would not prevail against the Church, and his promise that he himself would be with the apostles to "the end of the age".[17] According to this interpretation, a complete disruption or end of apostolic succession would mean that these promises were not kept as would happen also with an apostolic succession that, while formally intact, completely abandoned the teachings of the Apostles and their immediate successors, as, for example, if all the bishops of the world agreed to abrogate the Nicene Creed or to repudiate the Bible.

At the core of the analysis should be the "gates of hell" if you like to understand the Vatican.

When some super rich ancient Romans realized that it was the hell what lay beyond wealth in this world, they must have run to a church.

As they were very material people, they needed some concrete form of the Gospel, namely a written book.

Though Ever-Holy Jesus Christ never authorized creation of the New Testament, early church leaders must found it absolutely necessary to have a book to persuade rich ancient Roman citizens to stick to the faith.

Rich men need a book of the Bible to keep their faith.

Yet, poor men do not need even a book of the Bible to be a follower of Ever-Holy Jesus Christ.

Indeed so, if only they are given power to lock and shut up the gates of the hell.


That is all for today.

(Merry Christmas, since it is now 16 days to go for December 25th. )

Mar 12:6 Having yet therefore one son, his wellbeloved, he sent him also last unto them, saying, They will reverence my son.

Mar 12:7 But those husbandmen said among themselves, This is the heir; come, let us kill him, and the inheritance shall be our's.

Mar 12:8 And they took him, and killed him, and cast him out of the vineyard.

Mar 12:9 What shall therefore the lord of the vineyard do? he will come and destroy the husbandmen, and will give the vineyard unto others.

Monday, December 08, 2008

As a Witness

Mt. Fuji at Sunset...
And Shinkansen trains...

(Last Evening around Tokyo; click to enlarge)

As a Witness

(Last night or early this morning, I had a dream in which a very humble woman working in a media company accompanied me in my way back from my workplace in a certain company.

It is better to have a humble wife than a foolish and arrogant one, looking shabby to the public while dressing up.)

SECTION I: Mr. Bush vs. AIDS

This January President Mr. George W. Bush pressed for a new five-year commitment of $30 billion. It was intended to fight against AIDS.

In Global Battle on AIDS, Bush Creates Legacy

Published: January 5, 2008

…Mr. Bush was considering devoting billions to combat global AIDS, a public health initiative unparalleled in size and scope. The deliberations had been tightly carried out; even the health secretary was left out early on. If President Bush was going to shock the world — and skeptical Republicans — with a huge expenditure of American cash to send expensive drugs overseas, he wanted it to be well spent.

There might be more hidden feats of President Mr. Bush.

Two of them might be the appointments of Mr. Powell and Ms. Rice to the Secretary of State, which historians and professors in the 22nd century might define as the most effective contribution to realization of the first African-America Presidency of Mr. Barack Obama.

SECTION II: "I Shall Kill You and Then"

The militarily strongest man on the earth is U.S. President.

So, he is the last man to be intimidated.

But, there is a certain exception, though very remote, found here.
Paul Krugman on Bush’s SCHIP veto.»

Krugman writes, “So, President Bush says that Democrats are endangering children’s health, by sending him an S-chip bill he won’t sign. Abraham Lincoln had something to say about such arguments in his Cooper Union address:”

That is cool. A highwayman holds a pistol to my ear, and mutters through his teeth, “Stand and deliver, or I shall kill you, and then you will be a murderer!”

At the end of WWII, nuclear bombs were used to kill hundreds of thousands of Japanese citizens as well as some soldiers in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in order to avoid a roughly estimated million casualties of U.S. soldiers in possible deadly battles on the mainland Japan that could be actually avoided in 1945, as a matter of fact.

SECTION III: Canonical Gospels

It is astonishing that everything about the Gospels is unclear, in terms of historical facts, while there are billion copies of the Book circulated on the earth.
Origin of the canonical Gospels
Main article: Synoptic problem

The dominant view today is that Mark is the first Gospel, with Matthew and Luke borrowing passages both from that Gospel and from at least one other common source, lost to history, termed by scholars 'Q' (from German: Quelle, meaning "source"). This view is known as the "Two-Source Hypothesis". John was written last and shares little with the synoptic gospels.
The general consensus among biblical scholars is that all four canonical Gospels were originally written in Greek, the lingua franca of the Roman Orient.


Estimates for the dates when the canonical Gospel accounts were written vary significantly; and the evidence for any of the dates is scanty. Because the earliest surviving complete copies of the Gospels date to the 4th century and because only fragments and quotations exist before that, scholars use higher criticism to propose likely ranges of dates for the original gospel autographs. Scholars variously assess the consensus or majority view as follows:

• Mark: c. 68–73,[8] c 65-70[2]

• Matthew: c. 70–100.[8] c 80-85.[2] Some conservative scholars argue for a pre-70 date, particularly those that do not accept Mark as the first gospel written.

• Luke: c. 80–100, with most arguing for somewhere around 85,[8], c 80-85[2]

• John: c 90-100,[2] c. 90–110,[9] The majority view is that it was written in stages, so there was no one date of composition.

Only one among 12 Disciples of Jesus Christ succeeded in leaving his own testimony and assertions about words and deeds of his Holy Lord over the history of 2000 years.

Only St. Peter could do it, in my humble theory.

Basically, the descriptions of words and deeds of Jesus Christ in the four canonical Gospels are all from a viewpoint of St. Peter.

St. Peter must have directly told them to “Mark.”

“Matthew” and “Luke” must have heard them from someone like “Mark” who directly heard the story of Jesus Christ from St. Peter.

“John” is more a scholar, dealing with secondary and tertiary information and records.

But, what did other 11 Disciples hear from their Holy, Holy Lord?

Indeed, the Devil might have succeeded in destroying those precious (possible 11) reports, but failed in the last one, St. Peter’s testimony.


Now, I only expect one in 12 reports I have posted onto The EEE Reporter to be left in the history of, say 2000 years.

That is all for today.

Remember "1 to 11," a holy ratio.

Put clearly, only one among 12 people you meet is religiously supposed to or expected to correctly and conscientiously convey everything about truth on you to others.

Just one among twelve, Sir.

Luk 12:8 Also I say unto you, Whosoever shall confess me before men, him shall the Son of man also confess before the angels of God:

Luk 12:9 But he that denieth me before men shall be denied before the angels of God.