Saturday, April 14, 2007

Shinto Gate in a Montain Town near Tokyo

(Interaction between a human mind and the nature is also an origin of the religion. The nature includes death and life.
The God created Japan so as to show His perfectibility that He can bless mankind without the Three Great Religions and their derivatives such as Marxism.
Therefore, Japan can objectively and faithfully appreciate the Three Great Religions and their derivatives such as Marxism. )

Friday, April 13, 2007

Before the Beginnings, Full of Miracles

Before the Beginnings, Full of Miracles

There is a concept of "being perfect" and another concept of "being imperfect." If anything is perfect, it cannot be imperfect in human understanding and wisdom.

But the state of "being imperfect" should be included in anything that is "perfect." Otherwise it lacks the concept of "being imperfect."

If it lacks anything, it cannot be perfect.

Therefore, "perfectibility" includes "incompleteness" in its component, no matter if it looks contradict; yes, it is but only to mankind not to God.

The concept "perfectibility" really leads to existence of God who is almighty and omnipotent.
* * *

In this way, we can see two levels for concepts.

At a lower level, mankind can clearly understand concepts based on his experience and logical thinking.

However, at an upper level, mankind can see only their expressions but cannot understand their structure and significance as reality.

What is "perfectibility" that can be "perfect" and also "imperfect?"
What is "perfectibility" that can be "infinite" and also "finite?"
What is "perfectibility" that can be "true" and also "false?"

Yes, here we have come back to the beginning of the universe, or more correctly to the beginning of concepts that allows for the beginning of the Logical Universe and then the Material Universe.

Before the beginning of the Logical Universe and then the Material Universe, "perfectibility" and "incompleteness" are one; "infinite" and "finite" are one; and "true" and "false" are one and the same thing.

Only God can handle and use these concepts as meaningful at this step or level.

Mankind was given ability that can only handle and use the concepts at the lower level established in the Logical Universe preceding the beginning of the Material Universe.
* * *

The miracle comes from the upper level preceding the Logical Universe and the Material Universe.

It comes from a level where "perfect" and "imperfect" are one; "infinite" and "finite" are one; and "true" and "false" are one and the same thing, as the God wishes.

Herein, before the Beginnings, there were full of miracles.
* * *

Now, Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, had the power of causing miracles, while He was living as a member of mankind 2000 years ago. Eventually He gave the power to His disciples.

For you to prove yourself to be His disciple, you have to perform a miracle and cure a patient.

The issue is whether Vatican can now perform a miracle at their will.
(When Islam was established around 1300 years ago, Vatican might have lost this ability. Or probably, as it lost it, Islam was endowed mankind with.)

(I hope nonetheless that a certain miracle would happen through the EEE-Report to help poor believers and benevolent ladies drive out devils.)

"...The Young People Will Grow Strong on its Grain and Wine..."

*** *** *** ***

Addition in October 2011:

The God created every number using a number, one, and a rule, addition.

Then some number comes to have a miracle, such as 153:
Catch of the Day (153 Fishes)
A slightly more obscure property of 153 is that it equals the sum of the cubes of its decimal digits. In fact, if we take ANY integer multiple of 3, and add up the cubes of its decimal digits, then take the result and sum the cubes of its digits, and so on, we invariably end up with 153. For example, since the number 4713 is a multiple of 3, we can reach 153 by iteratively summing the cubes of the digits, as follows: 
starting number = 4713 
4^3 + 7^3 + 1^3 + 3^3 = 435 
4^3 + 3^3 + 5^3 = 216 
2^3 + 1^3 + 6^3 = 225 
2^3 + 2^3 + 5^3 = 141 
1^3 + 4^3 + 1^3 = 66 
6^3 + 6^3 = 432 
4^3 + 3^3 + 2^3 = 99 
9^3 + 9^3 = 1458 
1^3 + 4^3 + 5^3 + 8^3 = 702 
7^3 + 2^3 = 351 
3^3 + 5^3 + 1^3 = 153 
The fact that this works for any multiple of 3 is easy to prove. First, recall that any integer n is congruent modulo 3 to the sum of its decimaldigits (because the base 10 is congruent to 1 modulo 3). Then, letting f(n) denote the sum of the cubes of the decimal digits of n, by Fermat's little theorem it follows that f(n) is congruent to n modulo 3. Also, we can easily see that f(n) is less than n for all n greater than 1999. Hence, beginning with any multiple of 3, and iterating the function f(n), we must arrive at a multiple of 3 that is less than 1999. We can then show by inspection that every one of these reduces to 153.
Indeed, this is a miracle though it might have existed from the beginning:

Joh 21:11 Simon Peter went up, and drew the net to land full of great fishes, an hundred and fifty and three: and for all there were so many, yet was not the net broken.


Artistic Production in a City

(The King of Sweden and the Emperor [of Japan] together last month visited this city near Tokyo where Edo-Period [samurai age] streets and houses are well preserved, though the two noble persons might not have come to see this piece of art displayed in front of the main railroad station of the city.

But, if I had been an artist in charge, I would have created a yellow or silver piece of work. Anyway, people in this city seem to be content with this work.)

"...When He Spoke of the Happiness of the Person Whom God Accepts as Righteous..."

Chinese Prime Minister Welcomed in Japan

Chinese Prime Minister Welcomed in Japan

Chinese Prime Minister is now in Japan. He has addressed in the Diet, the Japan's national legislative assembly.

He said that he would highly appreciate Japan's apology for its illegal activities during the Sino-Japanese war.

All the Japanese Diet lawmakers applauded the Chinese Prime Minister.

(Chinese Prime Minister Mr. Wen Jiabao really looks like a type of Japanese; it is a non-nonsense type.)
* * *

IMF has issued an economic forecast.

In 2007, Japan's economic growth rate is expected to be 2.3% while the U.S. 2.2%, India 8.4%, and China 10%.

It is true that Chinese economy is still growing at a rapid pace. But, emergence of the bubble is apparently observed.

Besides, traditionally, China never presents honest and accurate data to enemies or potential enemies. Also the economy based on 1.3 billion consumers cannot be so easily and accurately measured unless the country has very advanced information system all over the nation. I suppose that 10% error may be the norm in their published figures.

For example, among 1.45 million companies in manufacturing and related industries, only about 5% of them has become a target of industrial pollution survey in China.

Experts in Japan are all concerned with economic and social states of China after 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games and 2010 Shanghai World Expo.
* * *

When China and India have expanded its presence in the international stage and their substantial influences have landed on the U.S., an American point of view on races might change.

I mean that European Americans might come to more appreciate African Americans and Hispanics.

(Japanese media have also turned their eye on the "IMUS" happening. And some of them never miss a chance to introduce Mr. Gingrich's "Ghetto Language" comments.

Unless European Americans find other identification with a new sense of status, they might have a hard time in dealing with Indians, Chinese, Arabs, and any other races in the world gaining economic and political power and claiming their racial merits.

In addition, after all, European Americans will appreciate Japan and Japanese Americans more than ever in this context.)


Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Public Park in a City

"...You Levites are to consecrate yourselves and purify the Temple of the Lord, the God of your ancestors. Remove from the Temple everything that defiles it..."

Paradise of the Weak or Hell for the Strong

Paradise of the Weak or Hell for the Strong

According to Mr. Masahiko Fujiwara, a prominent mathematician and author, Portuguese resemble Japanese.

It is partly because they sometimes candidly confess their own weakness or whine about tough situations to their friends and acquaintances.

On the contrary, Americans never admit their weakness. Americans are expected to be strong. For an American to be portrayed as a wimp is fatal.
* * *

America is a very unique country (especially intensified by existence of African American Christians). But, the issue is whether its uniqueness has advantage to mankind.

If being tougher and stronger than anybody else is the only goal for Americans, they cannot represent mankind.
* * *

In 1543 when Japan was in the age of civil wars, a Portuguese ship drifted down to a southern island of Japan. It was when a matchlock gun was officially introduced into Japan.

At the end of the 16th century, Japan became the largest producer country of matchlock guns as well as iron products in the world (which seems not to be taught in any school in the world today).

Its guns had the highest quality in the world at the time. Japanese matchlock guns were exported even to Ottoman Turks. In addition, a samurai envoy was sent to Vatican in those days though as a result of a factional fight among samurai clans within Japan.

But, when and after the Tokugawa samurai regime closed the nation in 1639 in order to prevent influx of Christianity into Japan, development of guns in Japan was halted.
* * *

When Japan opened the nation again in 1853, it had to face Americans but not Portuguese. And, no Western countries used matchlock guns. They had advanced fire arms.

So, Japanese sometimes candidly confessed their own weakness or whined about tough situations to their friends and acquaintances, while building up militarily one of the strongest countries (such as the U.S., Germany, and the U.K.) in the world before WWII.
* * *

Yes, Japanese are weak. (The samurai class accounted for only 5% of all the Japanese when the last samurai regime collapsed in 1868.) But, being weak means neither having no courage nor accepting unconvincing defeat.

Conversely, if Japanese are strong, they should have systematically planned to gain the hegemony in the world. Historically, Japan had no such a national scheme even to Asia.

The issue is that there are weaker people in the world than Japanese are.

Can Americans truly and fairly help them?
* * *

If you alone are strong among weak Japanese (especially in terms of self-assertiveness and the way of enjoying life), you would be completely neglected in this island country.

(Living in an island country with high population density can be a hell for a person with personality suitable for continental environment.)

You have to learn to be weak so as to be liked by weak Japanese if you want to democratically succeed in this unique country.

But, it is not difficult, since mankind is a weak creature originally.
* * *

Conversely, Japan's strength as a group can be explained in the above way, too.

Being weak individually and also as a group cannot be a wise policy at all. We need samurai leaders sometimes.

(Nonetheless, if you are very beautifully strong, you can be loved by Japanese. Japanese love the beautiful more than sophisticated weakness, as a matter of course. And, I love very much such, too.)

"...He Will Not Break Off a Bent Reed, Nor Put Out a Flickering Lamp..."

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Every Shinkansen Line Leads to Tokyo Sta.

(The Imperial Palace with its park area [former Edo Castle of Shogun] is far broader than Vatican and the Buckingham Palace. It is almost equal to two-thirds of the whole park area in London.

In the 17th century, Edo City, currently Tokyo, was three times larger than Rome and five times larger than London.)


The Holy Man Ippen 700 Years Ago in Japan

The Holy Man Ippen 700 Years Ago in Japan

As words issued by Jesus Christ have never been copyrighted, history and incidents have never been copyrighted.

"Development of Underlying Spiritual Events of Mankind:

Abraham (around 1900 B.C.)
Moses (around 1200 B.C.)
JUDAISM (around 500 B.C.)
Brahmanism Enlightened (around 500 B.C.)
Buddha (around 500 B.C.)
Confucius (around 500 B.C.)
CHRISTIANITY (around A.D. 100)
ISLAM (around 700)
Japanese Buddhism Enlightened (around 1300)
American Denominations Expanded (around 1900)
The 21st Century: The Present Day"
* * *

Let us just jump back to "Japanese Buddhism Enlightened (around 1300)."

Some pro-Japanese citizens in the world may be interested in how Japanese holy monks looked in the 13th century.

Please refer to a Tokyo National Museum site at

It introduces pictures created 700 years ago to present situations of the Holy Man Ippen who abandoned his status as samurai and ventured into a journey for salvation of his spirit as well as preaching to people.
* * *

In one of those old pictures, you may find that some samurais have a very long bow.

As with the case of swords, Japanese bows developed in a unique way different from those in Korea, China, Mongol, and Europe.

It is long, almost seven feet, since Japanese warriors liked to use natural materials, woods and bamboos, as they are. And, an arrow was set at a point of the one-third height from the lower end of a bow.

With this method, it is said that a strong samurai could shoot a target more than 300m (or 1000 feet) away, swiftly repeating the shot.

The opposite is a Mongolian bow. It was designed to be used by a cavalryman, though there were almost no foot soldiers in troops of the Mongolian Empire. (Even one trooper used three horses for relentless move and fight.)

Mongolians' bow is shorter, and thus easy to handle on a horse in a battle field. They used a bow and arrow as a sword. They were basically undefeatable in a battle on a plain 700 years ago.
* * *

The Holy Man Ippen told people to step and dance in a circle and continue to dance until exhausted, chanting a prayer to the Buddha and leaving every worry outside the practice of dancing. (But, prayer is first, and dancing follows it.)

It is a kind of Nenbutsu (praying to Amida Buddha) folk dances.

He moved around Japan like a homeless ragged pastor with his earnest followers, though he was once a samurai with a wife and a daughter.

(The Holy Man Ippen is not the one who is respected today by a certain Japanese political party which forms the coalition regime with the Liberal Democratic Party.)
* * *

The Holy Man Ippen's famous words are: "Abandon everything. It is the very act that saves your soul."

Buddha told people to leave the world of desire leaving every dirty thing.

Jesus Christ, nonetheless, said: "If you abandon all for me, you will get everything you need as the God knows what you need before you ask for it."

"...Which is More Important, the Gold or Temple which Makes the Gold Holy?..."

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"Come On, Come On; Do the Locomotion with Me"

"...'If a Slave Runs Away from his Owner and Comes to You for Protection, Do Not Send Him Back...'..."

New Truth of the Civil War

New Truth of the Civil War

This March, a new book on Abraham Lincoln was published in Japan.

The author, Mr. Yoshio Uchida, focused on a technology, electric communications using Morse codes.

Lincoln frequently communicated with generals and officers at the front of the Civil War, which contributed to keeping and boosting morale and whipping up war sentiment.

This fact had been long forgotten, partly intentionally, but the author got original texts Lincoln had sent to the front by cable.

As the Confederate Army aimed at having the Federal States lose morale in the prolonged war, Lincoln's efforts to boost the will to fight became a critical element for his victory.

Railroads (for mobilizing people and moving soldiers) and telegraphy (for gathering information and conveying leader's determination) played a key role in the Civil War.

Especially, if Lincoln had failed in appreciating potential of the long distance communications, the Federal States and their generals and soldiers, sick and tired of a long civil war, might have made a fatal concession eventually.

(I think Americans should have avoided the Civil War. President Lincoln should have found a better way, in my view. A war in the late 19th century was very different from the one President Lincoln must have envisaged initially, probably referring to Napoleonic Wars and the like.)
* * *

In 1780, there were 500,000 slaves in the U.S.

(In 1808, the U.K. officially forbade slave trade.)

In 1820, there were 1.5 million slaves in the U.S.

In 1860, there were 4 million slaves in the U.S.

Between 1820 and 1860, the cotton production in the South increased tenfold!

You may still find new truth based on this (probably well-known) data as well as President Lincoln's telegrams, especially if you are an American (like Mr. Al Sharpton who recently got spotlighted in American media on various interesting occasions).
* * *

The Greek Civilization was built on slavery (obtained through wars with different tribes as well as among their own).

But, Israelites seem not to have opted for slavery in establishing their civilization (though Abraham had one for a special reason which might not have pleased his God); Rather they were once victims of slavery in Egypt.

Besides, as you would find in reading Greek myths, they had been highly influenced by the Mesopotamian Civilization. What's more, the origin of Greek letters was cuneiform characters Sumerians, probably remote relatives of Abraham, had invented.

Simply put, European Americans who often identify their material value system with that of the Roman/Greek Civilization might not be so trustworthy as Israelite Americans at least in this issue.

If you elect an Israelite American President of the U.S., you might be able to move to a right direction to solve the racism.
* * *

The issue is our future.

For the U.S. to continue to act as a leader in the world, American leaders should not be regarded as a racist behind the times, which was already against the great global-current in the late 19th century, when Japan reentered the international community and eventually abolished the samurai feudalism.

(Even if you contribute to solving a racial issue, you may not win the Nobel Peace Prize. But, you can accumulate wealth as well as the beautiful in Heaven by doing so.)


Monday, April 09, 2007

Buddha Loved the Lotus Flowering out of Muddy Swamp

(When a demon is driven out of a person, his or her soul might look this way from the Buddhist paradise.)

Divinely Sent to Talk about Emancipation

Divinely Sent to Talk about Emancipation

First, let's check Monday morning news in Japan:
1) This morning's newspaper in Japan reports that Mr. Shintaro Ishihara has won the Tokyo Governorship Election with 2.8 million votes garnered anyhow.

(A candidate from the Japan's Communist Party got 0.6 million votes.)

2) This morning a certain Japan's newspaper, The Mainichi Shimbun, reports on a Harvard University professor, Mr. Theodore Bestor, who frequently visits Japan and especially studies TSUKIJI, a gigantic wholesale fish market in Tokyo.

One of his big discoveries was that Japan has had a well defined and maintained unique capitalism economic system since the Edo Period under the Tokugawa samurai regime from the early 17th century to the late 19th century.

3) The newspaper reports that now the number one investor in Vietnam is Japan followed by Korea and Taiwan.

4) The newspaper reports that certain local Buddhist temples celebrated the birthday of Buddha, who was born 500 B.C., as their religious practice.
* * *

In 1848, Karl Marx issued the Manifesto of Communist Party.

In 1858, Britain started direct administration and management in India to terminate the Mogul Empire, established in North India by descendants of the Mongolian Empire in 1526.

In 1858, Japan's samurai regime entered into a treaty with the U.S. and four European countries, opening the nation to the world for the first time since 1639.

In 1861, the Civil War erupted in America over divine justice on slavery just after Abraham Lincoln was elected President.
* * *

It is as if when glory of the Mongolian Empire had been relayed to Japan to secure it from the European Power, America started to get prepared to encounter it by putting an end, though through naked violence, to its national blasphemy called "slavery" or "slave-labor plantation."
* * *

We even today see, in Japan, samurai-nationalism, internationalism, communism, Buddhism, and unique capitalism, all well preserved.

(Remeber that a samurai is also a bureaucrat, a diplomat, a scholar, a religious man, and an economist unlike traditions of worriors in Korea, China, and Europe. He can be a cameraman even today.)

No one reports, however, on a sincere study now humbly being carried out in Japan on the sacred history of mankind, which must be also part of the Divine Design according to which you should also live, die, and be judged by the God Almighty.

(All right, pastors, rabbis, Muslims, and folks, from Monday on, let's behave like mankind living in the holy context.)

"...I, the LORD, the God of their Ancestors, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Have Sent You to Them..."

Sunday, April 08, 2007

If or If Not Gone with the Wind...

(Last night NHK broadcast a documentary program reporting situations in certain coal mines on the Ocher Plateau of China.

There are five million coal-mine workers today in China having a population of 1.3 billion; but accidents in mines kill 5000 workers every year.

Those workers are mostly from poor villages near and far. They mostly work in a small mine without insurance and thus get very unsatisfactory compensation, if they are damaged by an accident.

However, a decade ago, it was unthinkable to see such a documentary TV film in Japan. Yet, combination of Machiavellian ism and Marxism in Chinese leaders is really a problem for poor and local Chinese and friendly Japanese. )

"...There Were No Other Women in the Whole World as Beautiful as Job's Daughters..."