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"save his life shall lose it" - Advanced Deflation of Japan

Around Tokyo...
Inside Tokyo...

Advanced Deflation of Japan (la déflation pointe du Japon)

Everybody is talking about the global economic crisis.

Some say that the superiority of the U.S. is always assured since Japan and China rely on the American market; others say that the real economic size of China will soon surpass or has already surpassed America's; and the rest argue that the whole world is heading for a catastrophe.

But, super rich men and very rich men or even moderately rich men think that they will continue to be so rich.  Only some middle-class guys will have to suffer loss of status.  So, let governments collect taxes from the poor or  let emerging countries pay their share for costs to maintain the globalized market.

Indeed, if this global situation is not viewed as large-scale class warfare, everything would look complicated.  The matter is, ultimately, which pays taxes the rich or the poor to fix financial problems of each country.  And, who enjoy credit created through the banking system and the central banks, the rich or the poor?

And the only resource we have to avoid this class warfare is religion.  But, as it is so, sinful guys like to leave it looking complicated.  That is why this global economic crisis looks so complicated.

SECTION I: Mt. Fuji's First Snowcap  in 2011 Autumn

Mt. Fuji, Japan, was covered by a little snow for the first time this autumn.

It is one day earlier than the last autumn and six days earlier than normal autumn.  The following pictures were however NOT taken by EEE Reporter.

Can't you see?

SECTION II: College Students Globally under Deflation

As of 2010, the university student employment rate in each country is as follows:
It is very understandable that businesses need less and less college graduates due to advanced business environment with so many computers and so much computer software.  Even in factories and plants, advanced laborsaving machine abolishes people-intensive jobs.

This is ultimately a phenomenon in the era of deflation but not of inflation.  If one worker in an advanced plant pushed a button and then one million cars were rolled out,  each could sell very cheap.  Even the car maker has no need to pay salary to many workers except one.  So an average salary in society would go down with prices of products going down.  This is deflation.

Computer-based advanced technology causes deflation though there is a time lag in each country, according to its inherent situation.

Economists, journalists, politicians, and pundits as well as politicians of America and Europe have laughed at the "lost decade and another lost decade of Japan" in these years.  But, they cannot understand why deflation became the norm in Japan.  As I have discussed so many times here, it is China.  If the world second largest economy faces suddenly another second largest, it will result in deflation inevitably especially when another is a cheap-labor force driven economy.

And, as I also wrote before, power of provision and production of mankind will expand more than not only human needs but also human desire.  We will be able to produce and offer industrial products more than we desire.  It is the ultimate state of deflation.  And, this trend became real when Windows 95 OS was delivered to the market in 1995 with the Internet connectivity, as I also wrote.

So, wise are those experts in America and Europe who have never laughed at deflation in Japan or  "lost decade and another lost decade of Japan."  But, though not so sadly, there are only a handful of wise experts in Europe and America, to our surprise.  Of course, some Nobel-Prize-class economists in America have been cautious in dealing with the Japanese economy.  But, they still lack fundamental knowledge in culture and history as well as in religion.

So, I am writing for American students: "Forget about everything you have ever learnt, and follow Christ Jesus"; then they will be able to understand the global economy in the 21st century.

*** *** *** ***

There is a woman in a tsunami-afflicted area of Japan who lost one of her children in the 3/11 Disaster.

Her daughter was in a now-famous elementary school, called Okawa Primary School, when 10-meter high tsunami rushed in the school to cover not only the playground but also its two-story building.   Accordingly 74 among 108 pupils were died or missing, which was the most tragic single incident of tsunami damage on March 11, 2011.

So, the mother started to look for the dead body of her daughter, since police and other rescue bands could not find her daughter for weeks and months.  She went to a driving school to learn how to manipulate heavy equipment.  She got an official license to manipulate a bulldozer to upturn the ground in and around the school covered by debris and dirt the tsunami had brought.  Then finally, she discovered part of the body of her daughter several months after the tsunami incident.

Now, she is still manipulating heavy machinery looking for dead bodies of other missing children.


The number of primary school children who lost their lives in the 3/11 Great Tsunami of East Japan was 234, though total 20,000 citizens lost their lives on March 11, 2011.

(Today access to this blog is mainly from Russia, the U.S., India, Denmark, Ireland, etc.)

Luk 9:24 For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: but whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it.


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"take up his cross daily" - Great History


Great History (grande histoire)

Many old countries in Asia have their own myths which tell how their nations were built.

But, the U.S. has not.  The U.K. has not.  France has not.  Germany has not.  Italy has not.  Canada has not.  Yet, Japan has.  And, modern Israel has not.

Of course, communist China does not need the old myth of the Han Chinese.

Finally, the Vatican has one but strangely it is not in Jerusalem.


Everybody calls this year 2011, since Christ Jesus was thought to have been born in AD 1.

Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists (except Japanese), Chinese, and even Japanese use this Christian calendar.  So, this is 2011, since Wall Street and the City use this calendar.  Conversely, if Muslims occupy Wall Street and the City to introduce their calendar, this year would be called 1432 all over the world.

So, Christians occupied most of money in this world to a degree that they think it is a matter of course that Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists (except Japanese), Chinese, and even Japanese use their calendar, namely the Christian calendar. All 1.57 billion Muslims, 0.9 billion Hindus, 0.3 billion Buddhists (except Japanese), 1billion Han Chinese, and 128 million Japanese, namely, total 4 billion non-Christians in the world follow the Christian way of counting days, months, and years.  But, if Christians do not have Wall Street and the City as well as a huge amount of money, would  Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists  (except Japanese), Chinese, and even Japanese adopt the Christian calendar?

Put simply, it is not virtue and spiritual power of Christianity that has forced Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists  (except Japanese), Chinese, and even Japanese to adopt and follow the Christian calendar.

But how have Christians come to acquire such huge wealth as they run it in Wall Street and the City?  This can be a great motivation to learn the world history.

First of all it is the well-known Industrial Revolution that changed the world as the most decisive underlying incident to date.  Till this Revolution, most of landscapes in the world were almost the same as they had been 1000 years before.  But, after the Revolution, the landscape, for example, of England changed forever.

The Industrial Revolution started in England in the late 18th century.  It expanded to the U.S. in the early 19th century and finally to Japan in the late 19th century.

Per capita GDP of the U.K., the U.S., and Japan; click to enlarge.

The power of the industry was however most drastically manifested in the Civil War in the U.S.  After the War, it started to be widely applied to various sectors in America, launching the society to higher living standards.  Especially in 1890, industrial output of the U.S. exceeded for the first time its agricultural output.  In 1913, industrial output of the U.S. accounted for one third of the world industrial production.  It should be also noted that it is 1870 that Rockefeller established Standard Oil.  

US GNP per capita 1869-1918, click to enlarge.

With coal and oil now available for its industrial energy source, the industrial activities of the U.S. started to be multiplied.  Indeed, if the earth did not have coal and crude oil, no industrial revolution was possible in England from the beginning.  The material civilization supported by iron and crude oil began to grow so rapidly in the U.S. , Europe, and then Japan.

US GDP since 1940, click to enlarge.

Yet, compared with the explosion of technological application after 1970's, the world before it looked so primitive.  What happened in 1970s?  It is a quantum leap in development of electronics. If you had lived in a big castle in Europe, you would not have felt so rich without goods and products where electronics is applied.  And, it was Japanese makers that drove this technological trend.  PCs, the Internet, and mobile phones are all in extension of this electronics boom in 1970s.  Now the human material civilization came to consist of iron, crude oil, and electronics (chips).  It should be also noted that electronics paved the way for formation of cyber space where financial transactions were conducted even 1000 times or one million times per second.  Wealth purely based on money was now being created so quickly in computers on desks of a financial institute as they were all connected via communications networks.  It is reflected in the growth of American GDP. 

If history simply focuses on material wealth or history finds significance only in an amount of material wealth, the big bang must be this 1970s.  (However it is impressible that the Apollo Project successfully sent and retrieved American astronauts to/from the moon in 1969.)  Anything prior to this technological big bang looked nil as observed in the above figure.  You may even think that the history of the world started in 1970s.  Or, making great concession, you may admit that the prehistoric age for human beings in terms of material wealth began with the Industrial Revolution in England in the 18th century.  And, you might not like to learn anything except iron, crude oil, electronics, computers, the Internet, and cellular phones, since the level of wealth before their emergence was virtually nil.

So, the world history is so simple: it had started its prehistorical era around the late 18th century and then the big bang came around 1970s.  We have just begun our era...

But, our intellect denies this view on the world history.

Yet, how can we correct the paradigm of history based on material wealth?

(to be continued...)

*** *** *** ***

Christ Jesus told everybody, therefore including kings and emperors, to deny themselves and follow Him.

It means to deny a kingdom or an empire.  And, if a king or an emperor denies himself, what must his subjects do?  It is collapse of a kingdom or an empire.  Then, history and a myth of such a nation will be of no use.

In this context, Christ Jesus is God, since only God can supersede any history or myths of any nation.  It is so, because God Himself is history of mankind.

You had better show your respect for God by recognizing Christ Jesus as God.

(Japan today succeeded in launching an HIIA rocket to mark the 13 consecutive successful launching operations since 2005.  The HIIA carried a reconnaissance satellite which weighs a few tons.

Luk 9:23 And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.


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"confess that he was Christ" - How the Vatican Survived


How the Vatican Survived (Comment le Vatican a survécu)

The Crusades failed finally in the late 13th century, putting an end to hope that the Vatican would conquer Islam and thus the world.

Apart from discussion about the effect of this past failure, it suggests that the U.S. would fail finally in Palestine of today.  If the U.S. should fail, Israel would also fail.  I think that hope that the U.S. could fix the matter for Israel was definitely lost during Clinton Administration.

Put it again, as the Vatican failed in Palestine in its Crusades operation, the U.S. would fail in Palestine in its pro-Israeli operation.  But, the Vatican has survived.  The U.S. and Israelis will survive together.

SECTION I: Christianity Expansion to Asia 

The headquarters of the United Nations had better be moved from New York to Goa, India, since it is a symbolic city in history of relationships between the West and the East.

I-1: Goa

Modern European invasion of South/East Asia started at Goa, India.
The Sumerians inhabited Goa around 2200 BC which was followed by several waves ofIndo-Aryan people and the Dravidians from the Deccan.... 
In 3rd century BC, it formed part of the Mauryan Empire, ruled by the Buddhist emperor, Ashoka of Magadha. Buddhist monks laid the foundation of Buddhism in Goa.... 
In 1312, Goa came under the governance of the Delhi Sultanate. However, the kingdom's grip on the region was weak, and by 1370 they were forced to surrender it to Harihara I of the Vijayanagara empire...
After that dynasty crumbled, the area fell to the hands of the Adil Shahis of Bijapur who established as their auxiliary capital the city known under the Portuguese as Velha Goa...
In 1510, the Portuguese defeated the ruling Bijapur kings with the help of a local ally, Timayya, leading to the establishment of a permanent settlement in Velha Goa (or Old Goa).
It must be also noted that it was 1492 that Columbus reached America. Indeed around 1500, something extraordinary was going on in Europe, though neither England, France, nor Germany were key players at the time. (Of course, no United States of America existed at the time, to make sure.) So, something extraordinary was going on around the Vatican around 1500.

(It is however interesting to see that Portugal had once a chance to conquer the world around 1500, since Columbus lived in Portugal for eight years till 1485 asking support for his planned adventure from the king of Portugal in vain eventually.)

In 1475 Sistine Chapel started to be built in a fortification.  The Vatican was losing its counterpart  Byzantine Empire while facing a threat from the Islamic world since its failure in the Crusades in the 13th century.  The Vatican had to protect itself. Julius II, the pope at the time, acted as a militarist and politician rather than a priest.  It tells Christianity was declining not uprising.

For example, Martin Luther's Protestant Reformations was about to start, since Luther was excommunicated in 1521.  The Vatican also made Michelangelo paint anti-Christ pictures on walls and ceilings inside the Vatican buildings.  The whole Catholicism was going to be deformed and warped.  To survive it needed new world.  The Vatican needed a sense of progress.  It had to preach gospels to somebody beyond the barrier of Islam.  Missions would revive their spirit.  So, the Vatican became one of major players in the Age of Geographical Discovery.

I-2. Francis Xavier

So, Francis Xavier was sent to Goa as the king of Portugal asked the Society of Jesus to send a pastor to his subjects working and living in Goa.

(to be continued...)

*** *** *** ***

Tomorrow, September 22, is the public holiday in Japan.  It is the Autumnal Equinox Day.

So, look up at the sun.  Behind it at the same distance between you of now and the sun, there was the earth or you half a year ago.  It was a long journey in the space as you can confirm it when you look at an imaginary orbit around the sun.

People live and die on this earth.  Christ Jesus also did.  Yet, His Second Coming already started around 2010 in my calculation.  (Refer to

To make sure, the earth is a planet situated in the end of this universe.  The place where we are is the starting point and the final point of the universe.

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(Even a simple man can perform a great tune...

Joh 9:22 These words spake his parents, because they feared the Jews: for the Jews had agreed already, that if any man did confess that he was Christ, he should be put out of the synagogue.
Joh 9:23 Therefore said his parents, He is of age; ask him.


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"who hath opened his eyes" - Typhoons, Floods, and Earthquakes


Typhoons, Floods, and Earthquakes (typhons, inondations, tremblements de terre)

The big news today in Japan is of course the Typhoon No.15.

If you say Typhoon Roke, 99.999% of the Japanese people do not understand it. But, if you say the typhoon No.15, 100% of them will understand you.

From the beginning, typhoons, cyclones, and hurricanes are remote things for Anglo Saxons.  So, they made a big mistake calling it with a human name.  Such disasters should not be given a human nickname.  They are enemies for mankind.  Do not give them human names.

And, I respectfully think that Christ Jesus will never call a hurricane Katrina or Irene but Hurricane No. 12 or 13, if any.

SECTION I: The Biggest Typhoon in History

On October 12, 1979, the Typhoon No. 20 recorded the world strongest or lowest air pressure of 870 hectopascal.

It landed on Japan on October 19, 1979 with an air pressure of 965 hPa.
Typhoon Tip (international designation: 7920,JTWC designation: 23W, PAGASA name:Warling) was the largest and most intensetropical cyclone on record. The nineteenth tropical storm and twelfth typhoon of the 1979 Pacific typhoon season, Tip developed out of a disturbance in the monsoon trough on October 4 near Pohnpei. Initially, a tropical storm to its northwest hindered the development and motion of Tip, though after it tracked further north Tip was able to intensify. After passing Guam, it rapidly intensified and reached peak winds of 305 km/h (190 mph)[nb 1] and a worldwide record low sea-level pressure of 870 mbar (hPa, 25.69 in Hg) on October 12. At its peak strength, it was also the largest tropical cyclone on record with a diameter of 2,220 km (1,380 mi).
(Click to enlarge.)

Now, Typhoon No.15 is approaching Japan. It has also already marked an impressive record on its strength. In one day, while moving the South Pacific Ocean off the east of the Okinawa Islands, this big typhoon reduced its air pressure from 970 pHa to 940 pHa.  It is very rare that a typhoon or a hurricane increases its air-pressure power while moving on the sea toward the land.  It is so, since the lower the air pressure is, the mightier a tempest is.   A certificated weather forecaster said that he has never seen this kind of phenomena in his 40-year long career.

At 3 p.m., Sept. 21, 2011 (Click to enlarge.

At 9 p.m., Sept. 21, 2011, the Typhoon No.15 is approaching the Fukushima Daiichi power plant...

SECTION II: Water Attacking Humanity

The number of occurrence of floods has been on the increase in these decades.

(Click to enlarge.)

As it is believed that the Second Coming of Christ Jesus started around 2010, we must check the global state of floods: 
  • in June 2011 flooding in China affected more than 4.8 million people, with 100,000 evacuated and 54 reported dead.
  • 2011 Brazil floods of January are consider the worst in the country's history. As of Jan. 18, the floods have taken about 700 lives and 14,000 people are homeless mainly due to landslides.
  • The 2010-2011 Queensland floods are some of the worst the country of Australia has ever seen.
  • The November 2010 Colombia floods and associated landslides killed 138 persons. 1.3 million were left homeless.
  • In November 2010, many areas of Cornwall, UK, were struck by floods. The worst hit area was the town of Par.
  • On August 4, 2010 at 9:25 am EST a major thunderstorm producing large hail and winds in excess of 60 mph (97 km/h) advanced at the leading edge of a cold front moving across the American Midwest, causing a flash flood that struck Louisville,Kentucky and portions of the surrounding Kentuckiana region.
  • On July 26, 2010, heavy monsoon rains flooded most of Pakistan in the 2010 Pakistan floods.
  • In May 2010 until August 2010 flooding in China affected more than 230 million people - with 15.2 million people evacuated and thousands dead.
  • In May 2010, Poland's Prime Minister Donald Tusk informs the Sejm that ongoing flooding is "the worst natural disaster in the nation's history".

Noah's flood is well known to people.  Earthquakes and floods are two major types of disasters so impressively recorded in the Bible.  And it is still very difficult for mankind to protect themselves from earthquakes and floods.

But will rich men pay more tax to be used for research & development in engineering work to prevent earthquakes and floods from causing big damage?

They will not.  Rich men will not pay more tax for disaster prevention.  Then, the true problem is not natural disasters but rich men who do not pay more tax.

*** *** *** ****

On September 11, 2001, the Typhoon No.15 landed on Japan, passing through Tokyo.

Specifically, at 9:30 a.m., the typhoon landed at Kamakura City on Honsyu Island.  Then, it passed through Tokyo to Fukuhima Prefecture and finally to the North Pacific Ocean off the Sanriku area which was hit by great tsunamis in March 2011.

On September 21, 2011, the Typhoon No. 15 landed on Japan, passing near Tokyo and the Fukuhima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

We surely witnessed it.

(One of songs that does not bring any dramatic memory back for me...

Joh 9:21 But by what means he now seeth, we know not; or who hath opened his eyes, we know not: he is of age; ask him: he shall speak for himself.


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"touched the hem of his garment" - The Empire of Japan and its Rule

The Tokyo Station (though a few years ago)...
The Tokyo Imperial Hotel (though a few years ago)...

The Empire of Japan and its Rule (l'empire du Japon et de sa règle)

The traditional hierarchy in the Japanese society has the following structure:
#2..Imperial Family
#4..Top Level Conservative Leaders in Government, Politics, Business
#5..Elite Members in Various Sectors of Society 
#6..Ordinary Citizens 
#7..Non-Ordinary Citizens
#8..Koreans/Chinese, etc. Living in Japan 
#9..Other Minor Foreigners Living in Japan 

If you are rich Americans or Europeans, you can be regraded as belonging to the class No. 5.

However, the above structure is undergoing change since, especially, 2010.

SECTION I: Korean Lawmaker of Japan before WWII

I don't know how many Indians became regular members of the House of Commons in England before WWII.

Could any Indian who came to England from India under the British rule before WWII run for a British national election to be elected as a member of the House of Commons?  Could any Chinese, Muslim, or African who came to England from each colony under the British rule before WWII run for a British national election to be elected as a member of the House of Commons?

But Koreans who came to Japan from the Korean Peninsula which had been annexed to the Empire of Japan in the early 20th century could run for a Japanese national election to be elected as a member of the Lower House.

Park Choon-Geum was born in 1891 in Korea.  He came to Japan in 1906 to establish his business in the civil engineering sector.  In 1932, he ran for the Lower House of the Imperial Parliament without using a Japanese name to win the election.  He was also reelected.  But, after WWII he went back to Korea only to face a bad luck.  He then came back to Japan to be a leader of Korean residents in Japan, though he became a wanted man in South Korea as a traitor of Koreans as he had become so cooperative and familiar with the Empire of Japan.

Before WWII, any Koreans or Taiwanese who lived in Japan proper could run for a national election for the Imperial parliament.

Japanese rule in Korea and Taiwan was very different from the British rule of its colonies.

SECTION II: Seoul before/during Japanese Rule 

It is commonsense for most of the Japanese people that Korea had been very poor and broken before the Japanese occupation, blindly following China and desperately facing Russia.

After the Empire of Japan annexed Korea, a huge amount of funds and various modern technologies were invested by the Empire of Japan into the Korean Peninsula to promote development of the Korean society.  Unlike the U.K. that took more from India than what it gave, the Empire of Japan gave more than what it took from Korea.

 Till recently or even today, for example, North and South Koreas have used factories and plants Japanese left in the Korean Peninsula after WWII.  Old Koreans all know that bridges and buildings Japanese had designed and built in Korea before WWII never collapsed like those built by Koreans alone after WWII.  The largest hydroelectric dam North Korea today uses was built by Japanese before WWII.

The following two pictures depict Seoul before and after establishment of the Japanese rule and leadership in Korea.
 Seul before Japan's government
 Seul during Japan's government before WWII

(to be continued...)

*** *** *** ***

Christ Jesus said not to go to foreign countries and take foreigners' manner.

But after the resurrection, He ordered His disciples to preach in the world.

Indeed, if there had been two families in the beginning of history of mankind, there must be two nations now.  (So, as there are about 200 countries in the world, there must  have been 200 families in the beginning of history of mankind.)

The U.S. is unique in this context.  It could split into several nations but it never.  There cannot be European America (White America), African America (Black America), Hispanic America (Golden America), etc.  It is religion that unites people in America.  In this context, the U.S. is akin to Israel.  America is a religious country.  So, the point at issue is which is more respected God or money in the U.S.?  It is a bad joke that people think America is religious and find that their religion is money.  The last question might be: Is America anti-Christ?

You may go to America to be an American.  But you cannot be somebody else at the same time.  An American or somebody else.  Only options are there.

The number of Japanese/South Korean students learning in the U.S.: 
In 1999,
South Koreans... 41,191

In 2009,
Japanese... 24,842
South Koreans...72,153

Talented Japanese students have wisely stopped going and studying in the U.S. even in this era of globalization.  It is not anti-Christ at all.

Mat 9:20 And, behold, a woman, which was diseased with an issue of blood twelve years, came behind him, and touched the hem of his garment:
Mat 9:21 For she said within herself, If I may but touch his garment, I shall be whole.
Mat 9:22 But Jesus turned him about, and when he saw her, he said, Daughter, be of good comfort; thy faith hath made thee whole. And the woman was made whole from that hour.


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"with them they do hurt" - Civilizations of Today

Mt. Fuji and a Sunset (from 100 km far in 5x magnification, click to enlarge)

Civilizations of Today (civilisations d'aujourd'hui)

How many people are living today in New York, thinking that this is their 9/10?
Tomorrow everything will be changed.

How many people are living today in Japan, thinking that this is their 3/10?
Tomorrow everything will be changed.

So, think about the 9/11 as many times as possible.

No, no, do not stop focusing on the 3/11 as many times as possible.

Then, the U.S. and Japan will be better to a certain degree.

SECTION I: JAPAN & China in One Basket? Or JAPAN & USA

Recently an arrogant professor of a British university wrote  
: "It is stupid to regard Japan and China as two distinct civilizations.  Japan should not try to tie up with the U.S., but Japan should be grouped with China.  It is a conspiracy of an American scholar to put Japan in a different category from China.  The American elite wanted Japan on its side, so that the scholar  simply stressed the difference between Japan and China.  Arguably Japanese look like Chinese but not Americans."

I would rather suggest that the U.K. should belong to a civilization group not of the Vatican-influenced Europe but of its own domain including African countries and minor oceanic countries in the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

Or, North America, Latin America, the U.K., and whole Europe, including Orthodox East Europe and Russia and Judaist Israel, should constitute one civilization.

The difference between Japan and China or Japanese and Chinese is far larger than that between Americans and Orthodox Russians.

And, stupid or anti-Japanese British professors do not like this truth.  Indeed the British elite and professors can be content to see how foolish Chinese are since they cannot win any Nobel Prize in natural science but must feel that their superiority is eroded by existence of Japanese who, among non-European and Christian peoples, could only establish comparable modern society to Europeans' in the 20th century.  China today is mostly a copy of the Japanese success in the 20th century.

As their pride is hurt by great success of Japan, the British elite and professors try hard to put down Japan and Japanese by leveraging China and even the U.S.

But, Anglo Saxons were just a nameless tribe in the era of Alexander the Great, Caesar, Christ Jesus, and even the founder of Islam.

Anyway you have to view the world correctly as below presented:

 (Click to enlarge.)
The clash of civilizations according to Huntington (1996), as presented in the book. The author states that, instead of belonging to one of the "major" civilizations, Ethiopia and Haiti are "Lone" countries, and that Israel could be considered a unique state with its own civilization, but one which is extremely similar to the West. Huntington also believes that the Anglophone Caribbean, former British colonies in the Caribbean, constitutes a distinct entity.
Or more profoundly, according to EEE-Civilization theory:
1) Israel
2) Vatican/Orthodox-Influenced Europe (& Russia)
3) Anglo-Saxon Domain (except the U.S.)
4) Islamic World
5) Hindu World
6) Buddhist World (including Tibet)
7) China (excluding the South China Sea region)
8) JAPAN (including Taiwan and South Korea)
9) Pacific Islanders
10) Deep Africa  
11) USA

According to my theory, the world is virtually divided into 11 cultural domains as above presented.  However, globalization driven by the Internet took out barriers at the upper level of peoples' activities between them.  Especially power of "money economy" has been damaging some virtue and merit each domain has.

*** *** *** ***

Typhoons have approached Japan so many times this summer and even in this September.

Sunspots have come to appear this year though there were almost or completely none in 2010 and 2009. They came to increase in number especially around March 11 of this year. However, I don't know the situation around September 11, 2001.

It is a thing of far past that Japanese Prime Minister at the time Mr. Yukio Hatoyama declared that Japan would decrease CO2 emission by 25% in the near future in UN assembly, though it was in September 2009 when a regime change occurred in Japan.

I do not believe the simple law of causality between man's discharged CO2 and global warming.  But, too many amounts of energy have been consumed and released by mankind to the environment.  The balance in the nature must be significantly influenced at least some part.

Yet, how much CO2 have the U.S., the U.K., and NATO released to the air through their military operation in Iraq and Afghanistan?  As much as China does in their industrial activities mostly relying on coal?

(I'm just sitting here contemplating...disintegrating, frustrating...on the eve of destruction.

Rev 9:19 For their power is in their mouth, and in their tails: for their tails were like unto serpents, and had heads, and with them they do hurt.
Rev 9:20 And the rest of the men which were not killed by these plagues yet repented not of the works of their hands, that they should not worship devils, and idols of gold, and silver, and brass, and stone, and of wood: which neither can see, nor hear, nor walk:


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Climate Disaster

 Tokyo Shinkansen...
Super-Express Train in Earthquake Country Japan

Climate Disaster (catastrophe climatique)

It will not come without warning though we cannot know exactly when a great climate change is triggered so drastically unlike the current so-called global warming.

For example till the Magnitude-9.0 earthquake occurred in Japan this March, a big earthquake occurred in Haiti in 2010, other one also occurred in China in 2008, and an M9.1 earthquake occurred in  Sumatra with huge tsunamis in 2004.  So, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident triggered by a 15-meter high tsunami caused by the M9.0 had a series of warning in preceding years.

The present instability of the global climate might be a premonition of a great climate change, such as coming of a mini glacial age.

SECTION I: Winter by Volcano
A very cold climate covered the whole earth 74,000 years ago, posing a threat to ancestors of mankind.

It was triggered by a big eruption of a great volcano in Indonesia.
The Toba supereruption (Youngest Toba Tuff or simply YTT[1]) was asupervolcanic eruption that occurred some time between 69,000 and 77,000 years ago at Lake Toba (Sumatra,Indonesia). It is recognized as one of the Earth's largest known eruptions. The related catastrophe theoryholds that this event plunged the planet into a 6-to-10-year volcanic winter and possibly an additional 1,000-year cooling episode. This change in temperature resulted in the world's human population being reduced to 10,000 or even a mere 1,000 breeding pairs, creating a bottleneck in human evolution.
The result of the Toba eruption
As a result of the Toba eruption is very destructive. Bill Rose, a volcano expert at Michigan Tech University, is particularly interested in fine ash produced by volcanoes. The rain of ash particles from the sky is so small that they can enter the animal’s throat. “It was like he was smoking,” he said. 
“Birds of birds die first,” said Rose. “Fur coat they will be filled with ash and unable to move. Then the larger animals will begin to die. ” 
result of the Toba eruption, many people who died, said Stanley H. Ambrose of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In fact, various studies of mitochondrial DNA in humans point to the possibility of genetic inhibition occurred roughly at the same time by the Toba eruption, although it is not possible to prove that regard. 
But even so, Ambrose believes that human behavior shows the changes after the Toba eruption. Prior to the Toba eruption, it is difficult to get evidence that humans have done long-distance networks. After that, people in Kenya, about 4,000 miles (6400 kilometers) from the Toba eruption, seems already traveled as far as 200 miles (300 kilometers) carrying goods made of stone smoothed. Ambrose theory is that humans who want to learn to work together and want to give the prize will be better able to withstand the crisis other than those who live in isolated groups and did not want to practice the attitude of giving and sacrifice for the happiness of others. 
So to say give the gift will save the world, a cover that gives hope from the story of this Toba eruption. 
Quoted from National Geographic Magazine Toba eruption.
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Even when Mount Tambora erupted in Indonesia in 1815, the global climate was severely influenced.  The next year 1816 is said to have been the Year without a Summer.  Ash discharged from the eruption long floated in the air to shield the surface of the earth from the sun rays. "1816 was the second coldest year in the northern hemisphere since CE 1400."

SECTION II: Global Temperature Fluctuation

Though dinosaurs got extinct 65 million years ago, namely between Cretaceous period and Paleocene, the world temperature does not look like having undergone a great fall in the period so as to wipe away dinosaurs.
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If you look at the above figure alone, you would think that dinosaurs continued to prosper till the end of the Eocene Epoch that lasted from about 56 to 34 million years ago.  But, they disappeared from the earth 30 million years earlier.

Indeed if a global cooling period had continued only for 100 years around 65 million years ago, it would not appear in the above graph.  But, it is a period long enough to maker it impossible for any dinosaurs to leave offspring.  After all the dinosaurs died down, the world temperature must have risen to a previous higher level again.  Dinosaurs that had prevailed for 200 million years could be wiped away only a 100-year long cold period caused by volcanoes or meteors, since an average life time for dinosaurs was about 30 years.

From a different point of view, if mankind should get extinct in the 21st century, we might not leave any clues to why we should for future visitors to the earth from another solar system...

It is especially so, as I have calculated that the Second Coming of Christ already started in 2010.

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