Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Hero "Little Turtle"

The Hero "Little Turtle"

(Le héros "Petite Tortue")

In American high schools, or middle schools and elementary schools in the United States, they should teach more about Native Americans, including the hero Little Turtle.

In the Treaty of Paris (1783) which ended the American Revolutionary War, the British abandoned their native allies and signed over the land between the Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi River to the United States. The Americans considered the region to be theirs by right of conquest, and with the creation of the Northwest Territory in 1787 they began to divide the land north of the Ohio River for settlement.

Violence escalated and Native Americans formed the Western Confederacy with the goal of keeping the Ohio River as a boundary between Indian lands and the United States. Little Turtle emerged as one of the leaders of this confederacy, which included Shawnees under Blue Jacket and Delawares under Buckongahelas. The war which followed has no generally accepted name, but was once known as "Little Turtle's War".

In 1790, the United States sent an expedition under the command of General Josiah Harmar to bring an end to the border war. Because the United States had mostly disbanded its military after the Revolution, it had few professional soldiers to send into battle, a weakness which Little Turtle and other native leaders fully exploited.

In October 1790, Little Turtle and Blue Jacket won two victories against Harmar's men. These successes encouraged previously reluctant leaders among the Ottawas and Wyandots to join the confederacy. In 1791, Little Turtle and Blue Jacket defeated another American expedition, this time led by General Arthur St. Clair. It was the worst defeat the Americans would ever suffer at the hands of American Indians with some 623 American soldiers killed in action. According to the most popular version of the story, Little Turtle was in overall command of the army that defeated St. Clair, although other accounts suggest that Blue Jacket was the preeminent native leader.[11]

A third expedition under the command of General Anthony Wayne gave Little Turtle pause; U.S. troops were of superior numbers and had just completed rigorous training. After an exploratory attack on Fort Recovery in June 1794, Little Turtle counseled negotiation rather than battle, remarking that Wayne "never sleeps." According to a widely circulated story, he ceded command to Blue Jacket, although retaining leadership of the Miami tribesmen. The confederacy, numbering around 1,000 men, was defeated at the Battle of Fallen Timbers.

This battle forced the confederacy to sign the Treaty of Greenville.

In American high schools, or middle schools and elementary schools in the United States, they should teach the Treaty of Greenville that admits that Native Americans are entities the US Government should deal with in a diplomatic manner between two sovereigns. 

George Washington is said, in one theory, to have hated Native Americans but loved the vast and rich land the so-called "Indians" had occupied, which turned to be one of the major motivations of George Washington and other wealthy or greedy "white men" for independence from England.

It is not only because George Washington was a member of the Freemasons, if not anti-Christ or anti-Vatican, but also because he was just a spiritual descendant of Europeans who had immigrated to North America leaving unhappiness and misery in Europe, however, in order not to help Native Americans and convey the Gospel to them

From a religious point of view, the Gospel must have reached the New Continent America through any channels, sooner or later.

Nonetheless, I could not help but get disappointed, since emigrant Europeans did not think that they would have been punished by the God if they had treated Native Americans badly or more badly than they had been treated in Europe as poor citizens in the society mostly regulated by the authority of the Vatican.

So, the Religious Revolution in the United States expected to emerge sooner or later should also include the reattempting to preach the Gospel among Native Americans.

It is because it is said that six million or more Native Americans were killed directly or indirectly by emigrant Europeans equipped with advanced fire arms and horse power.

Holy Justice is yet to be done on the New Continent America.

(Once a little girl implied that I looked like a turtle.

Of course, her blue eyes must see something invisible as she was an infant linked with an angel, if she did not know that a turtle and a crane are two sacred living things in Japan traditionally.

Have a nice Sunday night, too, since super-duper Tuesday is coming soon!)

"The grass withers, and the flowers fall, but the word of the Lord remains forever..."

(Das Gras verdorrt, und die Blumen verwelken; aber das Wort des Herrn bleibt fur immer in Kraft...)

Friday, February 01, 2008

"Stupid White Men"

"Stupid White Men"

(Stupides hommes blancs)

I went to Ginza the other day.

It is only to show that I don't hate Ginza.

Additionally, it is to show Ginza to people outside Japan, including overseas Japanese and foreigners learning Japanese who have not seen it for a long time or not at all, for some precautions.

Even Mr. Michael Moore might like those pictures.


"All those men roaming around the White House - Dick, Rummy, Colin - not a single one is a pal of yours!...

But you're one of us - a Boomer, a C student, a partier! What the hell are you doing with that crowd?...

They probably didn't tell you that the tax cut they drew up for you to sign was a swindle to take money from the middle class and give it to the super-rich..."
- Mr. Michael Moore -

Mr. Michael Moore wrote the book "STUPID WHITE MEN," which was finely timed and published, namely after 2000 Presidential Election but before 2001 Terror on New York and the Pentagon.

It might be regarded as an unbiased assessment on President Mr. George W. Bush, since history is at its every moment.


"...George W. Bush spoke proudly of having been a mediocre student at Yale. 'And to the C students, I say you, too, can be President of the United States!'....

Recently a group of 556 seniors at fifty-five prestigious American universities (e.g., Harvard, Yale, Stanford) were given a multiple-choice test consisting of questions that were described as 'high school level.' Thirty-four questions were asked. These top students could only answer 53 percent of them correctly. And only one student got them all right.

A whopping 40 percent of these students did not know when the Civil War took place..."
- Mr. Michael Moore -

If you have too large money and too powerful military, you might not be highly motivated to give truly excellent education and discipline to young people in the society and the nation.

If the White House, the Congress, the State Department, the Defense Department, the Treasury Department, FBI, and CIA are all filled with those students after graduation, they cannot control behaviors and attitudes of businesses in the defense sector, the financial sector, the medical sector, and the oil sector as well as other industries.

So, the 9/11 terror should occur; the subprime loan problem should occur; and you would have no other choices but "Hillary" or "Obama" eventually, good or bad.

SECTION IV: "Tallahassee Hi-Ho"

"Privately, I think most people in the Nader camp thought what I thought - that once Gore had a chance to wipe the floor with Bush in a debate, the election would be over..."
- Mr. Michael Moore -

This is significance.

Michael, I also saw the debate on TV in 2000. Mr. Bush looked like falling on his face in the debate hall. Mr. Al Gore sternly pointed at the lack of concrete figures in words Mr. Bush awkwardly delivered as a defense in front of a TV camera.

The atmosphere the Democrat Presidential candidate Mr. Al Gore too confidently displayed in that well-known debate reminded me of some elite Israelite Americans that had harmed Japan at the height of the reign of then President Mr. Bill Clinton.

I, honestly, mused, "God should help George Bush under the attack by US intellectual elites."

And, he was elected as US President eventually, to your and our astonishment.
* * *

And seven years later, the God has showed us some more interesting showdowns:
Mr. Al Gore got the Nobel Prize; Mr. Michael Moore also got rewarded with big film prizes, even in France, and became a globally famous man; and Mr. George W. Bush has so far succeeded in maintaining discipline in the White House while protecting the two most sacred cities in the world, Jerusalem and Mecca.  

And, if you have a glass of beer, you don't feel danger in drinking together with George or Michael, so long as they are ordinary citizens which they should be.

(Oh, Mlle., I saw Paris on an NHK TV channel yesterday.

Ms. Hiroko Kuniya, a very succesfull Japanese TV moderator, didn't look like a Parisienne.

Paris itself didn't look like Paris, though I could spot the Eiffel Tower standing in the cold over her and the Seine.

However, her report on education in Europe, especially in Finland, is very instructive.

It is not knowledge, logic, and even judgment, but a sense of mission in one's life, whether a belief in predetermination or not, isn't it?)



Thursday, January 31, 2008


(Tokyo, truly)



SECTION I: Thomas Edison

A unique and notable Japanese critic, Mr. Naoki Komuro, wrote that the reason why Thomas Edison could invent so many useful things lies in the predestination Edison must have believed in.

( )

Edison said that one percent genius and 99% efforts are all you need for success.

But, to sustain the "99% efforts" in any business must be very difficult without a strong support from your talent and genius.

To sustain such a life needs a kind of belief.

And, the predestination or the pre-determinism can be the most effective belief for sustaining one's effort being carried out based on 1% talent and 99% efforts.

Edison's unusual concentration on activities for invention can be explained, Mr. Komuro wrote, by his belief in the predestination, since with such a belief you could avoid worry, anxiety, and any other psychological state that would hinder your concentration on a subject.

SECTION II: University vs. The Vatican

A unique and notable Japanese critic, Mr. Naoki Komuro, wrote on difference in universities between Japan and Europe. In his writing, what is interesting is as follows:

It was in the change from 12th to 13th centuries that the universities appeared in Europe, and it is not that there was no higher education institutes in Europe prior to this period. and there were some such schools here and there with fine teaching facilities and volumes of books available. However, it should be noted that these schools were all under conditions, and they were protected by power as long as they follow such conditions.

To be more concrete, these schools were made by churches and/or three powers. Therefore, it could be said that these schools were intended to train church leaders and officials of the King. Upon entering the 13th century from the 12th, there appeared some who were not satisfied with those educations, followed by the trend of pursuing learning, as free from power as ever. It is by the Crusade against Islam that this trend was motivated.

At that time, Islam enjoyed learning which was far more developed and improved than in the European countries, with more emphasis placed on studies of ancient Greece or Rome, and this is when the Europeans visiting Islam were so much intellectually stimulated by the Crusade that they came to think that they should improve the level of learning in Europe.

Therefore, universities in the world might be basically regarded as a kind of enemies of the Vatican but a kind of friends of Islam.

SECTION III: Christianity and Islam

In my understanding, there were some critical defects in Christianity in and around the era when Islam emerged.

For mankind not to be harmed by those defects, I suppose that God or Allah vouchsafed Islam to mankind.

Indeed, with Islam, people in the Middle East 500 years ago could prevent invasion by Europeans, forcing Columbus to sail westward.

Truly, with Islam, people in the Middle East and other regions have been able to uphold the dignity of themselves, their families, their clans, their tribes, their societies, their nations, and their races against the violent power, for example, of the dollar and Euro even today.
* * *

The relationship between Christianity and Islam is critical in judging the future of the world and mankind.

Therefore, how the champion of Christianity of today, the U.S., is dealing with Muslims will decide the future.

If the framework of the human history was determined by the God when He created this universe, we should be allowed to exercise of freedom of our will at a higher level of the history which must be however intangible.

In the case, one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration should be effective, though inventing something invisible, such as harmony between Christians and Muslims in the American society, must be more instrumental and valuable for mankind today than inventing something visible, such as a stock market or a skyscraper.

(Indeed, we had better believe in one percent visible things and 99% invisible things.

Truly, it must be a key to understanding relationships among people and things in this society.

Now, good girls, how much could you believe in your destiny the God or Allah ordained, on the premise that we are all invisible?

Anyway, beauty of the heart and the mind should prevail more than that of physical appearance no matter if you are in Christianity, Islam, Judaism, or Buddhism, or otherwise in India or China.)




Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Yesterday and Days Before

(Tokyo, indeed)

Yesterday and Days Before

(Hier et jours avant)

I saw a pond nearby frozen almost all over its surface, 200m long, the day before yesterday.

I once gave a sparrow a humble lump of rice I was eating there, sitting on a bench looking down on the pond, as the tiny bird looked like a young mother that could not find food for her baby birds, since she flew away straight over the pond (and to her nest without eating it herself) when she caught her favorite white rice in the middle of the air as I just threw it up with my chopsticks near to her hovering space.

SECTION I: News Caster Flown to Europe

Last week, a certain news caster of Japan's NHK TV was absent.

I wondered where she took her vacation in this nonsense season.

I though she must be gone to America, since she graduated from a university in America, though fairly long time ago.

But, this week she has been presenting her interviews with some notable Europeans from Europe.

So, I realized it must be the Davos Forum that basically made her take a business trip to Europe.

However, there is a rumor in a certain knowledgeable community in Japan that an Euro bubble will burst sooner or later.

The dollar is getting weaker; Euro will lose confidence; and thus indeed Japan's Yen might be appreciated this time appropriately and justly.

One more thing, the former prime minister of Thailand is said to be staying in London. In Thailand, a party supporting this former prime minister won the recent election held in the aftermath of coups. But, there is a doubt in a certain knowledgeable community in Japan as to why British media would not report corruptions and criminal acts the former prime minister had been involved in during his reign in Thailand.

( )

All I can say to Ms. Hiroko Kuniya is not to believe the Davos Forum and the British Government, because they will sacrifice Asia or abuse Asians in order to continue to be rich themselves.

It is because they still live with the paradigm of the colonial period.

SECTION II: State of the Union Message

A Japan's Fuji TV news program pointed at the fact that President Mr. George Bush did not mention North Korea at all in his address in the Congress.

Recently, words of Saddam Hussein in an interrogation by the US Military were released. I do not believe that Saddam Hussein spoke honestly or US officers honestly made the contents open.

When Mr. Bush took office in the White House seven years ago, there was a line of anti-Israel and anti-Saudi Arabia nations: Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan.

After seven years in office, President Mr. Bush has succeeded in subduing Syria, defeating Iraq, restraining Iran, and controlling Afghanistan.

This is a brilliant success from a military point of view.

As a proof of his feats, not only Israel and Saudi Arabia are enjoying peace of dream but also Dubai and other Persian Gulf States are enjoying extreme prosperity, even bolstering the Wall Street in New York.

Very, very ironically, President Mr. Bush realized unthinkable peace and prosperity in the Middle East so far, though the President could neither capture Mr. Osama bin Laden nor bring him to justice while sacrificing a million Iraqi and Afghan people as well as thousands of US and allied officials and soldiers.

(Can "President Hillary" capture Mr. Osama bin Laden and bring him to justice?)

I hope that President Mr. Bush will add one more feat by making a peace treaty with North Korea, so that North Korean people will need no more dictatorial government.

Anyway, I really like to focus on Jerusalem and Mecca, and not much on Beijing where there are still no real democracy and freedom of thoughts and religions.

SECTION III: Because, Because I...

Q: Why are there so many unhappy people in this world?

A: It is because the glory of God will appear through their prayers to God asking for His help and mercy.

Q: Why are there so many victims in this society?

A: It is because the glory of God will appear through their prayers to God asking for His help and mercy.

Q: Why are there so many tragic incidents here and there?

A: It is because the glory of God will appear through prayers to God the people concerned will deliver asking for His help and mercy.
* * *

As the US Presidential Election campaign is getting heated up, more and more Japanese media people will fly to America for coverage.

However, I believe the center of the world is here.

The sun, the moon, and all the glorious stars are above my head.

All I wish is the Army of Heaven descend to destroy devils and demons rampaging on the earth like a simple moral play or a fairly tale story of a never-never land.

And then, the Vatican will learn how to read the Revelation of St. John the Divine, the Apocalypse, in the most pious manner to the Lord.

(If you go to London and Paris for a media coverage job, you don't look nice there, provided that you are 100% Asian.

You had better, Mlle., try to show the glory of God or European Civilization if you can, say, in Tokyo or Taipei.)




Tuesday, January 29, 2008

News Are Flying like Cannonballs


News Are Flying like Cannonballs
(Actualités volent comme des boulets de canon)

SECTION I: Prime Minister and Rock Star in Davos

Mr. Tony Blair was sitting beside Japan's Prime Minister Mr. Yasuo Fukuda on a platform of a hall where the World Economic Forum was held.

Some Japanese TV news caster praised smart ad-lib comments by Mr. Blair.

However, you may be more interested in that a rock star presented an i-Pod (made in Taiwan?) to Mr. Fukuda in Davos.

I think that Mr. Fukuda should have presented Panasonic Evolta batteries to the Rock Star and his friend Mr. Bill Gates, since the battery is the "world's longest-lasting AA alkaline battery cell" recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as it can work after a 10-year stay on a shelf.

Indeed, it is a bad joke that a US billionaire and a rock star are talking with a very busy senior Japanese Prime Minister about how to save poor Africans, since he spent 24 hours in the jet plane for 8.5 hours stay in Swiss.

Jesus Christ would rather say to them to give all the money they have to poor Africans.

I will say to them to buy Evolta batteries from Japan and give them free to poor Africans.

SECTION II: "Rush Limbaugh" and "John McCain"

Yesterday I heard Mr. Rush Limbaugh saying that he had never met Mr. John McCain and Mr. John McCain had never met with him, over the FEN radio channel.

I doubt it just like Mr. Rush Limbaugh doubted some comments by Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton regarding a certain businessman in Chicago.

SECTION III: Antiques under the Ground

A Japanese newspaper reported that many poor people in China are now engaged in business dealing with antiques.

They are digging old tombs, regardless of ownership, nearby or anywhere to take out any burial accessories.

Most of Americans do not know terrible aspects of culture and history of China.

But, a huge blind movement of millions of Chinese, driven by material desire, can be a kind of torrent that would destroy any good human nature, including that fostered by Christianity if it reaches the American Continent.
* * *

The hidden theme here is Mrs. Hilary Rodham Clinton.

There is the worst speculation that "President Hillary" will eventually accept the annexation of Taiwan by China.

I hope that Ms. Condoleezza Rice, who looked somehow serious sitting also beside Mr. Tony Blair in Davos, will leave at least useful legacy of US policy on China in addition to that on North Korea when she finally leaves the State Department in 2009.

(A young trader in a certain French bank has caused a big loss and damage, about US$ 7 billion, through his reportedly unauthorized transactions, according to the news.

I suppose there is ten times more danger in China in this respect.

However, Mesdemoiselles and Xiao jie, your handling with them might highly influence the safety and discipline of the money market...

Say what you like is not money or an i-Pod, but batteries for a revolution of the French Revolution class.)

"Go in peace and be healed of your trouble."

(Geh in Frieden! Du bist von deinem Leiden befreit!)


Monday, January 28, 2008

What a Winner; What a loser!

What a Winner; What a loser!

(Quels sont les gagnants!)

SECTION I: South Carolina

The last weekend and especially Sunday night were full of winners and losers in the U.S. and Japan.

Former President Mr. Bill Clinton virtually lost to the African American Presidential candidate Mr. Barack Obama in South Carolina.

New York Times editorial team might become a loser one more time this November.

Some prominent Japanese who assume a pundit on American politics say that nothing changes in the U.S. if "Hillary" or "Obama" becomes the President.

However, a Japanese news reporter wrote in a paper that it is apparently becoming a racial competition; and a former Japanese lawmaker writes in his blog that if "Hillary" or "Obama" is elected as the President, it means something that has placed women and African Americans under social restraint is really changing.

However, it must lead to a Religious Revolution in America, where even "President Hillary" or "President Obama" will be just an insignificant, collateral incident so modest and trifling.

What they must be waiting for ultimately is neither a female President nor a minority-origin President but the Messiah Himself.

New York Times and Former President Mr. Bill Clinton should come back to the right sense before President Mr. George Bush does, if they really want a Democratic President for poor Americans not only for rich Israelite Americans.

SECTION II: Tokyo Sumo Wrestling Fever

Two Mongolian sumo-wrestlers matched in the last day of the New Year 15-day Tournament held in Tokyo.

Both are on the top of the ranking, namely grand champion, and were the only two candidates for the championship in this tournament when 14 days were over.

The older one, who had been accused of his arrogant, selfish, rude, and violent manners in these months by the public and the media, lost.

SECTION III: Osaka International Female Marathon

When the top runner reached the 30km line, everybody believed that she would win.

It is because she is the top runner in 10,000 meters race in Japan.

It is because she has a record holder in a half marathon in Japan.

It is because she declared before the marathon race that she had been prepared well for this race in Osaka which would be her first marathon race.

But, after 30km line, she suddenly lost energy; her legs failed her; she tripped over and stumbled several times, falling on the ground; she was almost walking when she came back to the stadium; audience screamed every time she fell on a track until she passed the finish line, yet demonstrating remarkable fighting spirit, after 18 runners had crossed it.

The winner was a British woman who had once worked in the British Embassy in Tokyo and married a Japanese man.

She said in the Sunday night that tens of thousands of people accessed her blog when she wrote her memo after the race, though usually it is only five persons or so that access it everyday.

SECTION IV: New Osaka Governor

A young lawyer defeated a senior professor of Osaka University in the Osaka Governor Election held yesterday.

Osaka, the centre of West Japan, is the mightiest city next to Tokyo in Japan.

However Osaka people are different from Tokyo citizens in terms of their view on the society and politics; they like humanness more than elitism, since no Imperial Palace and the Diet Building are in Osaka.

The immediate former Governor had been a high-ranking bureaucrat of the Central Government.

The reason why she had been elected twice as Osaka Governor is that her preceding Governor was a shameless comedian. Though he had been extremely popular among Osaka citizens who love comic performance, his bad manners to women had been exposed, which had made Osaka people all feel ashamed.

So, Osaka people had elected the female elite as their Governor twice, who could not run this time however due to some money scandals. Then, yesterday Osaka voters chose a young lawyer who was recently making a TV appearance so often as if being a comedian.

The new Governor graduated from the No.1 high school in Osaka and the No.1 private university in Japan to become a popular lawyer, a kind of elites in the society.

So, he is half an elite and half a comedian, an ideal combination for Osaka people. But, his rival, namely the senior professor was regraded by some as nothing but an elite who does not know reality of life of ordinary people.

However, there are two more important factors:

(1) The young lawyers never circulated abusive letters against personality of his rival in the election, handing them to people or posting them on the Internet.

But, supporters of the senior professor circulated every kind of abusive letters against the personality of the young lawyer, handing them to people and posting them on the Internet.

Those supporters, including national lawmakers, usually write and act as if persons of justice; but they never hesitate in attacking personality on their opponents, without hesitating the use of obscene expressions.

If the Opponents continue to preach ideals but attack personality of their enemies, they cannot be respected by voters.

Anyway, a young lawmaker won the Osaka Governor election, though he did not bring to the fore the support from the Liberal Democratic Party while enjoying his support from graduates of the No.1 high school in Osaka,

(2) The young lawyer was against the controversial human rights protection legislation.

But, the senior professor supported the controversial human rights protection legislation.

This law is said to more harm ordinary citizens than save specific groups of residents. It is not for universal protection of human rights; it is for certain interested people, according to critics.

Osaka is a prefecture where a lot of various people with complicated background live, such as ethnic Koreans in Japan.

( )

But, of course, the U.S. has more various people than Osaka, with far more complicated background, such as Muslims and Hispanic Native Americans as well as Japanese Americans.
* * *

So, it was a nice Sunday night, wasn't it?

Indeed, I saw a white bird flying in the midnight sky of last Saturday when I wondered why the Orion so leaned to west.

Truly, there must be a miracle in such wins and losses, though I was, to tell the truth, not so much interested in all of these competitions and did not watch TV so often these days, since my concern is always how the God will deal with very sinful people in New York, Paris, Tokyo, etc.

(It was a big surprise that the notable former secretary of former Prime Minister Mr. Jyunichiro Koizumi made his first live TV appearance last night.

He was to Mr. Jyunichiro Koizumi more than Mr. Karl Rove was to Mr. George W. Bush in terms of individual service and contribution.

The man in the background of the great political power in Japan looked however somehow human last night, while the young lawyer after his victory in the election was being interviewed in the same TV program, sharing a table with three good looking female moderators and critic.

[But, didn't you feel weird, too?])

"I will put my laws on their hearts..."

(Ich werde meine Gesetze auf ihre Herzen)


Sunday, January 27, 2008

Davos People vs. Soccer Slaves, Part-Time Priest, and Homeless

Davos People vs. Soccer Slaves, Part-Time Priest, and Homeless

(Davos People vs Soccer Esclaves, à temps partiel Priest, et Homeless)

Late last nigh in Japan, around midnight close to the Sunday, I was listening to the BBC Radio over the Internet.

They repeatedly referred to the address Japan's Prime Minister Mr. Yasuo Fukuda delivered in the World Economic Forum in Davos.

As the G8 Summit is to be held in Japan this year, the Prime Minister focused his speech on the climate change and necessary technology development.

However, a more interesting topic the BBC Radio presented was the soccer slavery: many young Africans are recruited on streets in African by soccer scouts to be brought to Europe.

But, if those young Africans got injured or failed in trials or real games, they are thrown out to a street in Europe without any compensation and support.

Then most of them suddenly find that a passport each of them was given in Africa is a kind of fake.

In this criminal scheme, even some staff members in embassies of African countries in Europe are involved.

- In the U.S., in a small town, there is a church for African Americans, where no professional priests are hired to preside over the mass and other administration.

A manual worker in a factory or a part-time worker in a supermarket plays a role of the priest in this small church.

I think that this is one of the best churches in the world.

- In Japan, a middle aged homeless wrote in his blog that there are only two types of people for him in this world: those who only think of their own happiness and others who mind and take care of happiness of others as with their own.

What is worse is that the former often blame the latter when those humane people try to help and support homeless people, saying that it is not just good.

I think that this is one of the best reports in blogs in Japan.
* * *

Then, have a nice Sunday night!

(Strangely January has 31 days.

As I often think that December 30 is the 365th day in a leap year when December 25 is 360th day, I wonder why January has 31 days.

However, most of you might not be concerned with such a calculation...)

Mar 12:1 And he began to speak unto them by parables. A certain man planted a vineyard, and set an hedge about it, and digged a place for the winefat, and built a tower, and let it out to husbandmen, and went into a far country.

Mar 12:2 And at the season he sent to the husbandmen a servant, that he might receive from the husbandmen of the fruit of the vineyard.

Mar 12:3 And they caught him, and beat him, and sent him away empty.

Mar 12:4 And again he sent unto them another servant; and at him they cast stones, and wounded him in the head, and sent him away shamefully handled.

Mar 12:5 And again he sent another; and him they killed, and many others; beating some, and killing some.

Mar 12:6 Having yet therefore one son, his wellbeloved, he sent him also last unto them, saying, They will reverence my son.

Mar 12:7 But those husbandmen said among themselves, This is the heir; come, let us kill him, and the inheritance shall be our's.

Mar 12:8 And they took him, and killed him, and cast him out of the vineyard.

Mar 12:9 What shall therefore the lord of the vineyard do? he will come and destroy the husbandmen, and will give the vineyard unto others.