Saturday, December 09, 2006

Mr. Rumsfeld Leaving DOD

Mr. Rumsfeld Leaving DOD

The US Defense Secretary, Mr. Donald H. Rumsfeld, resigned. 

According to the New York Times, he said: "It’s been three decades since I left the Pentagon at the end of my first tour . . . Our country was then engaged in a long struggle — the Cold War, a conflict that seemed costly, and it was. It seemed unlimited in duration, and it was, and seemed unclear in its course and its outcome, which was the case . . ."

According to the Washington Post, he said: "I wish I could say that everything we've done here has gone perfectly, but that's not how life works, regrettably. When thousands of people make dozens of difficult decisions on hundreds of pressing issues, for the most part matters that are new and unfamiliar, where there's no road map, no guidebook . . . the hope has to be not perfection but that most decisions, with the perspective of time, will turn out to be the right ones. . . ."

First, I have to say that the more you are given, the more you are requested to do.

Mr. Rumsfeld was given a chance twice to lead the DOD, which is more than anyone else's assignment.

Secondly, the Cold War should have been under control so that the bottom line in the worst case was clearly defined.

And it should have been avoidance of all-out atomic warfare at any costs. The U.S. should have announced that there should be no all-out atomic warfare because the U.S. truly wanted to avoid it. Then, the direction is clear, the course is straight, and the challenges can be well defined which are to overwhelm the Soviet Union by any other constructive means their nukes could not compete with and the world would give overwhelming credit to.

Lastly, the Secretary of Defense should not gamble lives of the people and assets of the nation on a war which cannot be fully defined as a holy one.

After the Cold War, had belief and faith of American people been further sublimed as should be specially noted in history?
+ + +

The issue is that while America was being engaged in economic warfare against Japan mostly in early 1990's, the DOD could not foresee its imminent role as a force to secure safe, harmonized, and democratic global markets for new entrants.

While Japan had been helping China modernize itself through huge amounts of economic aids in 1980's and 1990's, the U.S. stopped its support to Iraq and got indifferent with development of democracy in the Middle East.

No one is now afraid of nukes China actually has; but so many got afraid of nukes Iraq and terrorist groups from Saudi Arabia did not have.
+ + +

Jesus Christ told not to accuse anybody.

In one of pictures posted by the Washington Post for Mr. Rumsfeld, he sat by Ms. Condoleezza Rice. Observing it, I wondered which will be the first to consult God for a need of apology.

They have been in the fourth and sixth position to act as the President in case, respectively.

And fortunately, Mr. Rumsfeld has not since the age of the Cold War.


Friday, December 08, 2006

Truth of War on Terror in Oil Rich Countries and the U.S.

Truth of War on Terror in Oil Rich Countries and the U.S.

It is said that Saudi Arabia earned about US$154 billion from oil production in 2005 and is expected to earn US$160 billion in 2006.

Iraq reportedly earned US$23.4 billion in 2005 and is expected to earn US$35 billion, though the country has US$60 billion of foreign liabilities and needs to invest about US$7 billion into reconstruction of its oil facilities and power plants.

When the U.S. military presence is over and all of its troops are withdrawn, will Iraqi people get united to boost their oil production and business to the level of Saudi Arabia, though their ratio is currently almost one to five?

With a friendly and peaceful alliance between oil-rich Saudi Arabia and Iraq, will terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda be eradicated?

Isn't it the minimum objective of the War on Iraq, if the U.S. cannot make a friend of Iraq?
+ + +

Including a forecast of expenses of the Wan on Terror in FY2007, the U.S. has reportedly spent almost 600 billion dollars for this war in these years.

The total amount of annual government expenditure of the U.S. is 2,568 billion dollars in FY2006 with 427 billion dollars deficits in 2005.

Therefore the U.S. spends 5% of its expenditure budget per year for its first war in the 21st century, which also exerts a serious influence on its deficits.
+ + +

Without mentioning human casualties, it looks like a big waste of resources.

If you are the President of the USA, would you also like to show your guts by spending almost the same amount of money every year to a war as Saudi Arabia earns yearly from oil?

God might give dollars to the U.S. just like Allah gives oil to Muslims.

If so, you should not use dollars for a war against Muslims at least in theory.


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

No.1 Best Seller in Japan in 2006

No.1 Best Seller in Japan in 2006

The Japanese version of "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" by J. K. Rowling is ranked the second.

The No.1 best seller in Japan in 2006 is reportedly "Kokka-no-Hinkaku" by Masahiko Fujiwara.

The direct replacing of "Kokka-no-Hinkaku" by word by word is "Nation-of-Dignity"; however with the word order changed, it is "Dignity of the Nation."

The author, a mathematician and essayist, extends his thought about how Japan has become so tainted by greed.

When you judge other persons just depending on how much money they have, you will be regarded as a worshipper of Mammon.

If you are surrounded by people of other origins in terms of race, nationality, culture, and language, judging others with the sole criterion of money may be excused in a certain situation; however, traditionally it was not the case in Japan.

Nonetheless, this tradition has been eroded in the Japanese society, probably, due to globalization of economy.

The author of "Dignity of the Nation" claimed that Japanese should preserve respect for human value which is essentially opposite to love of money.

And, more than two million people who have bought his book are thinking about his idea, pro and con, results of which might improve the society at least to whatever small extent.
+ + +

Jesus Christ's followers 2000 years ago must have mostly consisted of those who could not read and write.

The less we read, the closer we get to the original followers.

You had better recall and think about parables Jesus Christ said to His followers as many times as possible.

The best I can do is to report any holy signs God has given.


Monday, December 04, 2006

A Note on Tonight's Moon

A Note on Tonight's Moon

Tonight the moon was super bright.
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The rate of a corporation tax in Japan is about 40% while it is about 30% in other advanced countries.

Financial circles in Japan are requesting the Government to lower the rate to 30% or so.
+ + +

God gives us a sign in the sky sometimes even to remind us of any remote but important thing.

If you see it, you would feel reassured about yourself.

People might look up at the moon in New Orleans, Bamiyan, and Baghdad.

It must look more splendorous.


Sunday, December 03, 2006

Assassinations New and Old; Defense Organ Old and New

Assassinations New and Old; Defense Organ Old and New

Mr. Larry King was interviewing a person who had been also shot at his stomach on June 5, 1968 when Robert Kennedy was shot.

The Kennedys are well known in Japan. The movie "Bobby" might be welcomed as "JFK" was more than a decade ago.
+ + +

Whenever I recall the assassinations that haunted the Kennedys, I feel danger still somehow hidden in the U.S. Government and U.S. politics.

If then U.S. Government had investigated the cases in earnest, we should have been reported more reasonable explanations and findings to.

But, it seems that then U.S. Government had been reluctant to investigate the cases with precision of science and enthusiasm of patriots.

Then U.S. Government had ability, power, and resources to grasp a whole scheme of those assassinations and present truth to the people; however, they didn't, or at least they looked as if they hadn't.

A simple speculation is that there is possibility that a higher part of then U.S. Government and a stronger group of politicians were involved in the cases.

But, more alarming is a fact that U.S. citizens didn't or wouldn't, or otherwise couldn't, force their Government to provide them explanations and findings fully reasonable and scientific on the cases.

As time went by, we however saw the U.S. Government and its people severely suffering from the Viet Nam War, though they could manage to send men to the moon.
+ + +

An ex-Russian officer was so tragically assassinated in London recently with radioactive polonium. It is likely that somebody put the chemical substance into a cup of Japanese tea in a certain sushi restaurant. It is a kind of must that sushi is served with Japanese green tea.

There are some Japanese who are arguing that CIA must be a true culprit. The Russian Government should not be such a fool as would be so easily suspected and identified. It must be CIA, since the U.S. Government has full records of assassinations overseas in the past.

Of course, these Japanese are, in most cases, young minority well educated and inclined toward leftist thinking and sometimes supporters of the Japanese Communist Party or Social Democratic Party.

I suppose that CIA might have a clue for solving this criminal case related to a nation with various types of gangsters being engaged in various secret, political and economic maneuvers since the fall of the communist regime of the Soviet Union in 1991.
+ + +

Japan has the Defense Agency, but soon will have the Ministry of Defense, as a law to grade up the Agency to the Ministry, which is authorized to have more effective administrative power, was passed by Japan's House of Representatives recently.

I hope that there will be no needs for Japan to establish its own Central Intelligence Agency for whatever reasons or on whatever purpose.