Saturday, June 02, 2007

Warning to Gangsters in Tokyo and Chicago

'Sakuranbo' (Cherries) fallen on the ground

Warning to Gangsters in Tokyo and Chicago

I saw the license plate number of a car "11-11" passing by me this evening. So, I am now writing some.
* * *

An example of using a handgun in Japan:
A member of a crime syndicate, in his mid-30's, recently shot to death another member of the same syndicate at a convenience store in a city of Tokyo, and then ran back to his apartment house in which he locked himself, firing 11 bullets at police men surrounding the apartment.

When police burst into his room 15 hours later after the occurrence of the incident, the member of a crime syndicate tried to commit a suicide by shooting at himself but failed. In his room, two Makarov handguns were found.

The criminal has been a member of the crime syndicate for four years, which is not so long in a sense. He is just a low-level member but has been requested to financially contribute to the crime syndicate; he has been paying one million yen (8,300 dollars) per month to the management of the crime syndicate.

The criminal had squeezed money from special entertainment shops nearby. But, due to crackdown on those shops, they had closed the criminal business one after another, which led to a loss of source of money for the criminal.

As he became unable to financially contribute to his crime syndicate, other members began to cruelly blame him. On the very day, another member of almost the same age met with the criminal at the convenience store and condemned the criminal fiercely with every dirty accusing word, which resulted in the accuser's being shot dead.

This is one typical case that a handgun is almost exclusively used in a feud among members of crime syndicates in Japan, so far as now.
* * *

It also symbolizes a case that violence, bad money, special entertainment, and death are all linked together.

Indeed, as Jesus Christ told, if you associate with a woman familiar with violence, bad money, and special entertainment, you will also become familiar with violence, bad money, and special entertainment.

And, two of you are destined to death that leads to the hell but not to the eternal life.
* * *

Mr. Anderson Cooper of CNN today presented a state of violence in the southern district of Chicago where scores of school boys and girls were killed in this school season.

Four high-school students interviewed, all African American, said that it was money that sellers of guns and drugs minded.

Indeed, tens of thousands of weapons, including a military-grade machine gun, have been confiscated and stored in a police facility in Chicago.
* * *

Lastly, forget about bad money and bad entertainment but wait for good miracles which will soon come around you, no matter where you are in Tokyo, Chicago, Los Angeles, or New York, in my feeling.

"...Do Not Take Money From Anyone By Force Or Accuse Someone Falsely..."

Friday, June 01, 2007

The Reagans

"Jesus Christ Superstar" Jesus, Jesus, Superstar!

The Reagans

I saw again two cars with the same four-digit number, such as 2035, on their license plates passing each other this evening.

Something might be getting near. God is of course in every space between every consecutive moments in this flow of time to the unknown but, in my feeling, silver direction.
* * *

Last night, NHK's report program spotlighted a social problem of handguns among people. In Japan, the law forbids possession of a gun with punishment of imprisonment with hard labor between one year and ten years.

This law applies to everyone in the territory of Japan. Ordinary citizens are never allowed to have a gun. Police officers are of course exceptions. They are carrying a gun with them, according to law.

The point in question is that nowadays not only gangsters and criminals but also the so-called ordinary citizens are getting contaminated with this crime of possessing a gun. Most of those illegally possessed guns are made in foreign countries. Import of handguns for sale is punished with imprisonment with hard labor for an unidentified prison term but longer than five years.
* * *

A Fuji TV midnight news program reported on a use of a very-small capsule to be implanted under the skin of a specific type of patients in the U.S., in which his or her disease-related data is recorded. The data is read out by a special reader in a hospital where he or she goes for medical check or treatment.

The point in question is that this use of the under-skin capsule is intended for a patient who cannot describe his or her disease or identify himself or herself to a doctor due to the disease.

As is usual for this kind of sensitive issues, the pros and cons are batted back and forth in certain American communities.
* * *

On the homepage of Washington Post, there was an advertisement of "Larry King Live" with Mrs. Nancy Reagan this morning in Japan time. She recently published a diary of her deceased husband, the late President Ronald Reagan.

President Reagan faced an assassination attempt using a handgun in 1981. It is said that a President elected in such a year as 1980 cannot fulfill his term like the cases of John F. Kennedy elected in 1960 and Abraham Lincoln elected in 1860.

However, due to special charm of Mrs. Nancy Reagan, the spell failed to work on President Ronald Reagan. Yet, Ronald Reagan after retirement suffered Alzheimer's disease which took out his memory on his life during his presidency. This spell is really die-hard.

But, President Ronald Reagan had kept a journal and First Lady Nancy Reagan has made it public finally, taking a final cut at the spell.

Mrs. Nancy Reagan looks very impressive to our eyes; she looks like a kind of typical ladies but it is difficult to see what type she represents among American ladies.
* * *

If your neighbor becomes a victim of a handgun or a specific disease, what would you do?

Or if you become a victim of a handgun or a specific disease, what would you like your neighbors to do for you?

The spell of handguns and disease would chase you if you become rich and richer. This may be a very profound question.

At least, I am already praying that my neighbors will not suffer damages inflicted by a handgun or a disease. Of course, viewers of EEE-Reporter are my neighbors.

I hope that the God protects us all equally from gun bullets and diseases.

(Heaven is place without guns and disease. The hell is place full of guns and diseases. That is why I am recommending you to reconsider religious traditions of your ancestors. Anyway, I have been honestly studying what your ancestors were also trying to see through their faith. If I were you, I would trust in me.)


Thursday, May 31, 2007

Outstanding Reputation Again!

"Secret Love Crying" as sung by Down Town Boogie Woogie Band ( 

Outstanding Reputation Again!

In a recent session of the International Whaling Commission (IWC), Japan this year too has requested authorization for its traditional whaling practices. But, a representative of Australia said that such an attitude would undermine Japan's outstanding reputation worldwide.

Someday, whales may be bred and reared in a large fish (?) farm like beef cattle in a ranch on the land. Along with globalization, the Antarctic Continent and the Antarctic Ocean may become suitable places for this new industry.
* * *

As for "Japan's outstanding reputation worldwide," it has been again confirmed (

In a "multinational poll by The Chicago Council on Global Affairs and," each ratio of those who answered that a certain country is acting a great deal or somewhat responsibly is as follows:

China....38%......(meaning not so responsible)
US.........41%......(meaning somewhat responsible)
Japan.....46%.....(meaning regarded as responsible)

Respondents were chosen from the following countries: China, India, the United States, Russia, France, Thailand, Ukraine, Poland, Iran, Mexico, South Korea, the Philippines, Australia, Argentina, Peru, Armenia and Israel, plus the Palestinian territories; they account for 56% of mankind.
* * *

After WWII, Japan with the pacifist Constitution almost completely stayed out of war till the War on Iraq to which 500 troops of Ground Self-Defense Force were sent (now returned to Japan) for humanitarian aids.

Instead, the U.S. entered a war in the Korean Peninsula and Vietnam, the areas once the Imperial Japan had occupied. And, the U.S. could not complete each war as a victory. It is of profound significance, since in those days Japanese veterans of WWII said that US troops did not know how to fight in the Korean Peninsula and Vietnam. Indeed, Japan almost completely stayed out of those wars.

The third major war for the U.S. is, in a sense, a long War on Iraq which started in 1991 as the Gulf War and still continues as part of the War on Terror.

And, I have a rather pessimistic view on this fatal war for some rich, very rich, and extremely rich Americans.

I will discuss this issue later.
* * *

Any way, world public opinions are important, or more important than reports produced by a governmental organization such as CIA.

If you can devise a more effective and innovative way to get, analyze, and publish this kind of information on TV, the Internet, and cellular phones, you may contribute to peace of the world and get some financial reward.

I think I can tackle the issue, though so far no business partner is found yet. Yes, I may become another Mr. Bill Gates of the 21st century...(oh, what shall I do, if I become a king of information?).
* * *

Please remember that Japanese like whales and are trusted by 46% of world citizens.


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Last Winner of Generation

"Age of Aquarius" or let the sun shine

The Last Winner of Generation

In these days, Japan has had many upsetting news reports. I have also felt sorry so often.

But, yesterday we got a nice report:
"A 71-year-old man from Japan has reportedly become the oldest person to climb to the summit of Mount Everest."

I don't know how people in the world appreciate this feat. However, it might be telling who and what a hero is.

If you have a rival you really dislike but you cannot defeat, you may want to at least live longer than he or she (of course without any criminal act involved).

You may succeed in it and you may eventually shout to yourself, "Who is the winner? I am!"

But, if you simply admire a work of the Creator which happens to be a great mountain and you can climb it, it is a great blessing. If you have such a mind and strength at age 71, you are more blessed. That must be enough for you as a matter between yourself and the God.

But, if the great mountain is Mount Everest, the highest one in the world, you can be a hero in a worldly sense, too, in your generation globally, which may be however not your concern.

A humble Japanese old man never gets proud and shouts "Who is the winner? I am!"

In his composure, we sense a tradition of 1000-years old samurai spirit, 1500-years old Buddhism practices, 2000-years old racial consciousness, and more than 10,000-years old unique spiritual development in the Japanese Archipelago.
* * *

For example, if your society now consists of 10% of extremely bad people, 20% of very bad people, 30% of bad people, and 40% of not so bad people, you would feel it should be improved.

As a result of following the teachings of Jesus Christ, if you society now consists of 1% of extremely bad people, 10% of very bad people, 20% of bad people, 30% of not so bad people, and 39% of ordinary people, you may feel it is being improved.

Each country in the world can be analyzed this way. For example, I feel that the latter case may apply to Japan.

Then, what about the U.S.? Of course, it may also correspond to the latter case for your great efforts to obey God, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirits.
* * *

In addition, the winner of the Miss Universe pageant this year is reportedly a Japanese girl. But, there are many good girls in Japan who look as nice as the winner. So, I think we have 10 million "Miss Universes" in Japan nowadays.

However, the title "Miss Universe" sounds like a thin joke. No good-looking women took part in the Gospels in my interpretation. But, somewhere in the Bible, there might be a description that the world got worse when a man began to choose his wife based on how a woman looked. It almost means choosing a beautiful woman as a wife is a sin. If your faith advances, only a mind and heart matters even when you choose a wife, though it may be still a kind of sin to choose a beautiful woman as your wife. A man with a beautiful wife therefore should not be respected, even for this reason only, more than a man with a wife who does not look commercially valuable at all.
* * *

Ok, see you on the summit of Mt. Everest, which is luckily not a volcano but nowadays under an influence of global warming, someday, if the God so wishes.

"And Now A Better Hope Is Provided, Through Which We Come Near To God"

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mr. Muhammad Umar of Afghanistan

Tokyo Big Site Convention Center

Mr. Muhammad Umar of Afghanistan

Mr. Toru Takagi, currently on the staff of NHK, wrote a book on the demolition of statues of Buddha carried out by Taliban in March 2001, "Daibutsu Hakai"

If you are not satisfied with the report issued by the US official committee on the 9/11 terror, you should check this nonfiction book, though written in Japanese in late 2004, with details on relationships between Mr. Osama bin Laden and Mr. Muhammad Umar and also AlQaeda and Taliban that led to the 9/11 terror which has changed so many lives of American citizens, in some cases, forever.

Mr. Muhammad Umar is believed to have had no idea about where the U.S. is on a world map before he became the supreme leader of Afghanistan in 1996. He was nothing but a local unrenowned religious leader who had not reportedly even completed standard Islamic education courses but was teaching poor people in a small community in the war-torn country when he started his military campaign with a score of fellow Muslims only with rifles as their sole weapons in 1994 or so. But, Allah wished a miracle and he won.

Mr. Muhammad Umar was a true hero who had driven out bandits, thugs, gangsters, and every blackguard who had been doing every criminal or vicious act in every village, town, and the capital of Afghanistan after the withdrawal of USSR troops that had intervened in the civil war in Afghanistan until 1989.

Even after Mr. Muhammad Umar seized the power of Afghanistan, he was clad in rags and living in an ordinary humble house without any decorations and rich furniture.

Mr. Muhammad Umar had said he would help experts and intellectuals create a new government in Kabul and then return to his own village after restoring order in the country, but he did not; He kept the highest position in the government though living in Kandahar, a center of his tribe.

According to the report by Mr. Toru Takagi of NHK, the Japan's largest news organization:
- Mr. Muhammad Umar is not the one who had invited Mr. Osama bin Laden to Afghanistan. Mr. Osama bin Laden and the one who had invited him went out to Kandahar and pleaded respectfully to Mr. Muhammad Umar so that Mr. Osama bin Laden could stay in Afghanistan as a kind of national guest.

- Mr. Osama bin Laden had played an active role mostly in Pakistan during the holy war against the Soviet Union troops in 1980's, and thus there had been no relationship before the above meeting between Mr. Osama bin Laden and Mr. Muhammad Umar, also a fighter against the USSR troops.

- It is those Muslims who later became the enemy of Mr. Muhammad Umar that had tied up with Mr. Osama bin Laden in the war against the UUSR troops.

- Mr. Muhammad Umar and his fellows did not respect the career of Mr. Osama bin Laden in the war against the USSR troops.

- Mr. Muhammad Umar and his fellows got angry when Mr. Osama bin Laden, without approval of Taliban, accepted an interview of the West media in 1998 and expressed his own view against America.

- Mr. Osama bin Laden spent much money to win Mr. Muhammad Umar's favor and flung many Arab fighters to battle lines against the Northern Alliance to be trusted by Taliban. Especially four-wheel-drive trucks of Toyota and Nissan Mr. Osama bin Laden presented to Taliban became effective war machine that helped Taliban's operation revolutionarily.

- A few years after the start of relationships with Mr. Osama bin Laden, Mr. Muhammad Umar looked like a rich man, owning luxuries imported from the West and living in a newly built big house in Kandahar in which bundles of bills were kept.

- Mr. Osama bin Laden seems to have succeeded in making Taliban and Mr. Muhammad Umar believe that the U.S. and Israel are true enemies of Islam and Muslims. In a sense, Mr. Muhammad Umar was educated (or brainwashed) by Mr. Osama bin Laden, who always behaved humbly before the supreme leader of Afghanistan, to have an anti-West view.

- The great statutes of Buddha in Bamiyan, built in the fourth and fifth centuries, had been left without decisive demolition by Muslims in Afghanistan for 1000 years; thus contemporary Muslims who are requested to respect their Muslim ancestors should leave the statues as they are. Therefore the fact that Mr. Muhammad Umar approved the demolition meant that some drastic change occurred inside his mind.
* * *

Just before actual work of the demolition started or after a failure in blasting by Taliban members, Mr. Osama bin Laden and his professional demolition men visited the site and gave detailed order; then the statutes were successfully blown off.

It became a big advertisement for Mr. Osama bin Laden and AlQaeda.

After the demolition made headlines around the world, 50 times or more the number of young Muslims all over the world came to join AlQaeda in Afghanistan than before the terrible act that was finally conducted against the will and wish of the rest of the world including Japan.
* * *

The author Mr. Toru Takagi wrote that it is the summer in 2000 that Mr. Muhammad Umar had changed completely.

Mr. Muhammad Umar was no more a naive hero from a poor village without any modern education, who had become the top of a nation only with his courage, the faith in Allah, the love for justice, and an AK-47 assault rifle.

He was now sharing a view with Mr. Osama bin Laden as demonstrated by the demolition of the statutes of Buddha at Bamiyan, though Mr. Osama bin Laden did not beforehand inform Mr. Muhammad Umar of the plan of the 9/11 terror.
* * *

Therefore, now you know that the key person in the success in the 9/11 terror was Mr. Muhammad Umar.

If he had not trusted in Mr. Osama bin Laden, a son of a rich Saudi Arabian family, who behaved so humbly while hiding a true intention before Mr. Muhammad Umar, the 9/11 terror should not surely have happened.

But, who knew all these proceedings in those days? Only Allah?

And why did the God Almighty allow for the proceedings all through September 11, 2001 to the present-day battles in Iraq and Afghanistan?

One thing I can say is that many Americans do not seem to be trying hard to think about the mind and heart of their God and Jesus Christ who did not especially intervene so as to stop the above proceedings.

(How Israelites after WWII thought about the mind and heart of their God who did not especially intervene so as to stop the horrible proceedings driven by Nazis should be also discussed later.)
* * *

If you want to find a right solution to the War on Terror, the War on Iraq, and the War on Afghanistan, you had better start with thinking about Mr. Muhammad Umar who could have stopped the 9/11 terror by driving AlQaeda out of Afghanistan but would not, while becoming very rich like some rich Americans he learnt to hate through Mr. Osama bin Laden's influence.

(Then where did Mr. Osama bin Laden's hatred toward Americans come from? Has he ever been insulted by Americans very unfairly and personally? Anyway, it must not be of abstract property, in my opinion.)
* * *

I have been trying hard to think about the mind and heart of God and Jesus Christ who did not especially intervene to stop the above proceedings.

That is why I advise you to make an effort to be poor, since only poverty gives a key to understanding the mind and heart of God and Jesus Christ.


Monday, May 28, 2007



At Giza, Egypt, five years later, a great museum is to open with 100,000 or more items to be transferred from the current archaeological museum in Cairo.

Japan is offering great support, including funds and IT facilities, to the new museum to be built near the Great Pyramids at Giza.

Mr. Zahi Hawass, the Secretary General of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities, expressed his big gratitude to Japan that is not only supporting the new museum but also the visitor center recently opened at Luxor.

According to Mr. Hawass, the year 2007 will be a great year for him due to their plan to open a new door discovered several years ago inside a Great Pyramid at Giza and development of excavation activities at an ancient burial mound near Alexandria where a dead body of Cleopatra might be found.
(Source: The Asahi Shimbun newspaper)
* * *

Japanese are highly interested in Egypt for its historical heritage. Cleopatra is also well known in Japan as one of three rare beauties in history.

Cleopatra's genealogical line is still a kind of mystery, though there is no doubt about who her father is. Her father Ptolemy had successfully gained support from Caesar to become and maintain his position as King of Egypt. Ptolemy spent a lot of money to win Caesar's favor. Compared with her father, Cleopatra who associated deeply with Caesar and Antonio looks like a nun in terms of morality.

According to a theory, Cleopatra's mother was a sister or a relative of King Ptolemy. Her mother, backed up by citizens in Alexandria, seized the power while her husband, namely the unpopular king Ptolemy, was in Rome but died soon after. Then immediately after her death, the oldest daughter of the king took over the power in Alexandria. But, when King Ptolemy returned to Egypt with Roman troops, she and her husband were killed.

King Ptolemy died several years later but he nominated Cleopatra and her younger brother as co-monarchs. However, Cleopatra was later thrown out of the power by a faction supporting her younger brother. It was Caesar who restored the position of Cleopatra when he visited Alexandria in his expedition.
* * *

There were many Israelites in Alexandria in those days.

Cleopatra was unique among embers of royalty in Egypt in that she could speak many languages, including local Egyptian and Hebrew. Traditionally, the royal family of the Macedonian-Ptolemaic Dynasty never spoke local Egyptian. Only Cleopatra spoke Hebrew.

When Antonio and Cleopatra tied up, she got various territories as a present from Antonio, then one of the three top leaders of the Roman Empire. However, she could not get Palestine or the kingdom of Herod, though she coveted for it. Antonio, for a certain reason, would not resolutely give it to her, though he gave to her almost everything she wanted.

It is suspected that there might be something between Cleopatra and Israelites in those days.

Even it is possible that her mother was remotely related by blood to Israelites.
* * *

This year, we may be reported on results of excavation activities at an ancient burial mound near Alexandria where a dead body of Cleopatra might be found.

It might symbolize or foretell something. We may see, this year, the fourth rare beauty in history.

But, remember that Japan is highly contributing to such research and discovery here and there.

(Today, Japan's Agriculture Minister committed suicide. He has been relentlessly attacked by the media and parties in opposition for some money scandals, not as a minister but as a politician, since last year. This is a very rare case. The Japanese Government itself has nothing to do with his money scandal. However, Japan's Upper House Election this summer is expected to heat up.)


Sunday, May 27, 2007

Simple Rule of Ethics: No Immorality, No Suicide Bombing

"Unchained Melody" for God's speeding

Simple Rule of Ethics: No Immorality, No Suicide Bombing

The easiest way of making money is intimidation. You do not need to master any civilized skills or knowledge. The laziest man or woman can master or easily learn how to conduct this crime. What they need is almost just a will of carrying out this criminal act.

Intimidation is a crime carried out by appealing to a sense of fear of people. But, there is another type of crimes carried out by appealing to physical and sensuous desire of men. You do not need to master any civilized skills or knowledge. The laziest man or woman can master or easily learn how to conduct this crime. What they need is almost just a will of carrying out this criminal act.
* * *

If the majority of people in a nation are engaged in these two crimes as profession, what would happen to the society? If young people all wish to make money by means of intimidation or by appealing to physical and sensuous desire of men, no one would like to work in a boring factory or office for long hours under strict rules for meager salary. A nation of blackmailers and special entertainers, no matter how handsome they look, cannot win competition with other countries with well educated, disciplined, and moral citizens.

(That is why the U.S. is with enthusiasm inviting talents from moral countries all over the world; the U.S. also has to admit illegal but moral immigrants at last.)

But, if the majority of the people become blackmailers and special entertainers, politicians could easily secure their positions and the mafia would be successful in their business, since blackmailers and special entertainers never learn any serious means of living and a serious way of thinking. Making citizens meaner can be thus an end of operations of the mafia and some kinds of politicians. Making citizens believe intimidation and special entertainment to be smart and cool is their aim.

It also works for some politicians and the mafia to make people believe doing bad and mad things is a right thing. They will tell people that doing immoral things is nice and cool; they will praise such people saying they are exercising their right of freedom with courage. So, some citizens would proudly become abnormal and immoral in such society as if he or she were a hero or a heroine.
* * *

Human ethics is simple. Teachings of Jesus Christ are simple, too. An immoral person is condemned by Jesus Christ, but those who abuse an immoral person for their profits will be more severely condemned.

You cannot win the War on Terror, if your troops consist of abnormal and immoral men and women pious Muslims abominate and Holy Scriptures impeach.

(The 9/11 terror is regarded as occurred due to immoral people having been treated so well in the Clinton Administration. That is why, in the 2000 election, Mr. George W. Bush, frankly speaking a kind of believer of the God, was allowed to win. I hope next Clinton Administration, if any, will show the highest level of moral standards. No immoral persons should be admitted to the White House; otherwise another 9/11 terror may find an excuse.)
* * *

In addition, abusing young believers for suicide bombing is also an act of crime. When and how has Allah or the God precisely ordered Muslims to conduct suicide bombing following an order of a mere human being but not Allah or the God? Haven't you learnt anything from the Great Indian-Ocean Tsunami Disaster or the North Pakistan Earthquake? Stop suicide bombing immediately.

American Muslims must tell so to Muslims in the Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia, and the U.K. They cannot win the War on America with suicide bombing. Muslims had better rather pray and wait for the rotten American Empire to collapse internally under God's anger on immorality, while keeping righteous lives and modest customs and correcting their terrorist relatives.

"..Do Your Best To Come Before The Winter..."

Most Decisive Factor

"Runaway" as I wonder why why why

Most Decisive Factor

This evening I saw two cars with the same main numbers on car registration plates, such as "4565," passing each other (though registration mark also has other components than main four digit numbers in Japan).

So, I have decided to write some following advice from the Lord God Almighty.
* * *

John Maynard Keynes, a notable economist, once described Isaac Newton as "the last Sumerian," "the last Babylonian," and "the last wizard" but not as the first scientist in the modern era.

The most decisive factor that would separate a man from a woman or a woman from a man after the establishment of intimate association is finding or realizing the difference in a level of their individual ethics or an ethical sense.

A law-abiding man cannot tolerate a woman who loves a criminal act. A merciful woman cannot tolerate a man who loves cruelty to the weak and the poor. They will surely be separated from each other.

However, in order to confine a woman who loves a criminal act or a man who loves cruelty to the weak and the poor, society and religion might forbid the couple to get separated and find another partner or a victim. Society and religion may request one of the couple to be a keeper of another who is meaner as long as they live in this world. It is intended to protect other members of society. No more victims of a potential crime should be allowed ideally.

Nonetheless, a man with a special higher level of spirituality may separate himself from a real world at least to a certain extent like a case of Newton.

Indeed, the difference between Keynes and Newton looks also so big: a quest of human economics and a quest of the universe or God's Design.
* * *

If every one does not want to be richer than others since it shows the lack of love to others, we only need Jesus' Economy: Giving is more blessed than taking.

But, as people want to be rich by neglecting others who are poor, we need weird economics.

However, there are some among mankind who are trying to be poor for the same reason but in the opposite meaning.

Therefore, difference in ethics in terms of economy divides and separates people: those who go to the hell from those who go to Heaven.

Nonetheless we will not complain it, for it is the matter after the death when our consumption of material luxuries of civilization is terminated.

We must have nothing to claim in that situation to God, our Creator.
* * *

By the way, how much do you think you owe to God as costs and fees for giving life and birth to you?

Our accumulation of wealth in Heaven, but not our assets in this world, will be used for the holy reimbursement whether we go to the hell or Heaven.

If you can make any single poor person happy, the amount of your wealth in Heaven will increase.