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Six Types of Quarks, So Predicted in 1973 (Real Particles vs. Anti-Particles)

Six Types of Quarks, So Predicted in 1973 (Real Particles vs. Anti-Particles)

For the first time in the human history, vibration or transition between a certain “particle” and its corresponding “antiparticle” was observed at the Department of Energy's Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (

As you know, if a real particle and an antiparticle collide with each other, they disappear completely with just a trace of energy in the form of light. The phenomenon follows Einstein’s equation: E = MC**2

The concept of particles in nuclear science includes “quarks” which compose a neutron and a proton that usually compose an atom. Antiparticles compose an anti atom.

If a man made of atoms collides with another man made of anti-atoms, the both will disappear leaving light and vast energy behind.

However, in this universe, we have almost only particles; antiparticles are rarely observed in the nature but can be generated in extremely huge and expensive scientific facilities.
* * *

When the universe was first created, it consisted of the same numbers of particles and antiparticles. Therefore, the baby universe should have disappeared before starting to evolve to the current state. But, then, what happened as we now exist?

The answer to this enigma is the Kobayashi-Masukawa mechanism of CP violation in the standard model of physics. The two Japanese scientists presented their theory in 1973.

They predicted if there were six types of “quarks,” the two physical features called Charge and Parity cannot be preserved in physical phenomena, leading to advantage of particles over antiparticles in terms of survival.  Their prediction was later found to be true. We have now six types of quarks inside a neutron and a proton.

The above observation of transitions between a particle and an antiparticle supports their theory, proving that their mathematical expressions are correct and effective in predicting the number of frequency of the vibration which is about 2.8 trillion times per second.

The world, however, looks very reluctant to appreciate the work of the two excellent Japanese physicists: Toshihide Masukawa and Makoto Kobayashi.
* * *

When you create something from sheer emptiness, it should come to exist in the form of a pair of a plus and a minus. And, a moment after the creation, the plus matter and the minus matter should collide with each other, going back to emptiness again. Universe cannot be possible. But, God let it exist by introducing six types of quarks, which was theoretically discovered by the two Japanese scientists 33 years ago.
* * *

You might not have been born. You can control something with your money, power, or arms, but you cannot control your own birth and death in addition to your fate.

As such, this universe might not have been born; our galaxy might not have been formed; our solar system might not have been created; our earth-moon system might not have been built; and mankind might not have survived.

The probability of existence of a higher form of life, such as mankind, in the universe is basically and technically zero. At best, we might have dinosaurs on other planets, but not other human beings.

If there should emerge other human beings on other planet, it would be billion years later from now, thus we cannot share the same time and space for communications.
* * *

The number of observable stars in the universe from the earth is 7×10**22 or in the order of sextillions (or 30 million times larger than the number of particles of sand on seashores worldwide). Each star might have some planets similar to the Earth. So, you might think there are very many higher forms of life in the universe.

On the contrary, recent scientific studies have showed that it is almost impossible that any planet in the universe has a highly developed civilization like ours. Even it will be a miracle that any planet should have such a moon as our Earth has. The size, weight, and distance of our Moon have been important factors for evolution of living things on the Earth.

(Very long time ago, a smaller planet collided with a bigger planet, resulting in the building of the current Earth-Moon system at an optimum distance from the Sun, which cannot be common in the universe.)
* * *

The universe cannot be possible. The higher form of life on a planet is impossible. But, we exist, probably, as the only example of a highly developed civilization in the whole universe.

But, can you believe that God has created 7×10**22 of fixed stars, in 15 billion year time window, in order to make one of them generate a planet now called the Earth that could actually generate human beings?
* * *

There are no intelligent extra-terrestrials that can communicate with us now, for example, over just 100 million light year distance, which means that most probably there have been no intelligent extra-terrestrials excpt us since the birth of the universe 15 billion years ago. Future might be different, but the chance is minimal.

More authentically, we are alone in the whole, vast universe that has no probability of existence of itself. Your existence now is nothing but a miracle (or a mere fantasy).

So, you had better refer to words of God who, however, never stops watching us and listening to us.

In the beginning of the universe, there were just words of God who is, who was, and who is to be eternally.

Praise the Lord.


Sunday, April 09, 2006

Slave in America Turned to be Prime Minister in Japan

Slave in America Turned to be Prime Minister in Japan

According to WIKIPEDIA, Korekiyo Takahashi “studied English and American culture in a private school of Hepburn (in Japan). He went abroad with a son of Katsu Kaishu and studied in London.” But it is not correct. He was sold into slavery in California in late 1860’s.
* * *

In 1921, when then Prime Minister of Imperial Japan Hara Takashi was assassinated, Korekiyo Takahashi was appointed prime minister, but his cabinet was short-lived.

In 1936, when Takahashi came back to the power to become the minister of finance, he and other ministers were assassinated by rebelling military officers. This terror called February 26 Incident suffocated yet-fragile democracy and led to ultimate militarism before WWII in Japan.
* * *

When he was 14 years old, Japan was still governed by the samurai regime of Tokugawa shogunate. At the time, the Sendai Clan Takahashi’s family served decided to send some young men to the U.S. for education; Korekiyo Takahashi was among those chosen by the Clan.

But a contracted American caretaker of those young Japanese betrayed them. Korekiyo Takahashi was sold to an old couple in California as a slave. It was when he was resold to another family that Korekiyo Takahashi realized that he had been enslaved by a false contract on which he had been forced to sign almost blindly.

Anyway, other samurais in California of his Clan paid requested but unjustified money (it was after the Civil War in the U.S.) to the new owner of Korekiyo Takahashi in order to release the brave but poor boy from slavery.

This incident occurred around 1868 when the samurai regime in Japan collapsed through a civil war.

Later in Imperial Japan’s government, this once-enslaved boy became prime minister as above told. He also served the government as an excellent finance minister, which has made him a very illustrious figure even today.
* * *

The victory of Japan in the Japanese-Russo War (1904 to 1905) had far-reaching effect. It was the first victory of an Asian country over a white and Christian country in modern history. Leaders in China, India, and Turkey, which then occupied Arab lands, were all amazed.

Before and during the Japanese-Russo War, Korekiyo Takahashi was a representative of Imperial Japan, in charge of raising funds for the war by issuing government bonds of Imperial Japan.

He was busy traveling to New York, London, and Paris, meeting top leaders of the world, such as the King of England, the Rothschilds in England and Europe, and other financial giants in America and Europe.

And, it is well known that a certain Jewish financial magnate contributed to Imperial Japan’s fund procurement for the Japanese-Russo War. The American Jew supported Korekiyo Takahashi so as to help other Jews suffering under the reign of the czar of Russia.
* * *

One day when Korekiyo Takahashi was on board across the Atlantic Ocean in the middle of his mission, an actress spoke to him. She asked if he knew anything about a secret of Japanese actresses or actors whose face turned to pale when playing a dying woman or man.

Korekiyo Takahashi said he did not know any clues. The Western actress said to him, “I don’t believe you. You, too, are making it secret. Such a Japanese actress should use a kind of medicaments.”

“I don’t think so; it must be a psychological effect,” answered Korekiyo Takahashi.

Korekiyo Takahashi should have many memories on his trips abroad. But, this incident is one of those he particularly put in his memoir.
* * *

I suspect that Korekiyo Takahashi thought that the actress on board spoke to him because she was in some financial troubles while being aware that he was a high-ranking officer in the finance sector of Imperial Japan. She might have wanted a kind of hospitality from him.

Though his memoir was written decades before his tragic death in terror, I have a feeling, the actress might play a role of an oracle to him. Otherwise, she should have talked about a more pleasant issue.
* * *

Even today, a Japanese minister compared to, or even with, Korekiyo Takahashi should swell with pride.

However, it is act of God that a salve boy in California in the late 19th century became prime minister of Japan in the early 20th century.

Only such a man should be allowed to raise funds for a war. What’s more the death of such a man only could be used to tell the nation that something truly horrible is coming in an atomic-bomb scale.
* * *

Are there any ex-slaves among leaders in the current world? If not, no money should be raised for war.