Saturday, May 05, 2007

"Come Softly Darling"

(According to Mr. Larry King who has been in his profession for 50 years in the very competitive society of America, to be a welcomed guest or an interviewee [at least in his show] you need humor and a chip on the shoulder [among other things].

If you make a joke but lack a genuine sense of humor, you cannot heal others.

If you have complaints like most of workers, taxpayers, consumers, and voters, but you know there are unhappier or more helpless people in the world, your experience may make you a healer in future.

Jesus Christ made people think about what He said or did, so that people would come to change their views on life and the world, and thus come to find a reasonable way out of suffering.

If you find one day suddenly that you have been loved by someone you have never realized, mostly your mind is healed.

The issue is that you should not be that someone in opposite meaning or with adverse affect. You do not have to be a healer, but you should not be a factor of someone else's suffering.

One in 100,000 people, there must be someone who loves you or needs you, in a sense fatally.

It will not take 50 years to meet such one, if you go out with faith without sitting around and just waiting for a nice guest; you cannot be a king or a queen in America so easily.)


2,350,000 Japanese Language Learners and You

2,350,000 Japanese Language Learners and You

While Prime Minister of Japan Mr. Shinzo Abe ( visited the U.S., and then Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, and other Islamic countries, Mr. Abe's former and still potential rival in the opposition party Mr. Katsuya Okada ( stayed in Japan but went and saw three movies in Tokyo.

Saudi Arabia is getting pessimistic about its future, while the U.S. is in earnest developing bio-fuels; global crude-oil reserves are expected to be depleted in 40 years; and Russia has become the top producer of fossil fuels, including crude oil and natural gas, in the world.

Indeed, Saudi Arabia's relationship with Japan may become more and more important, especially since Japan has the world most advanced energy-saving technology even China is desperately longing for.

On the other hand, Mr. Okada, the vice-president of the Democratic Party of Japan saw, in the half part of the holiday-studded week, the following films:
"NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM," a kind of US comic picture;

"NADYA'S VILLAGE," a 1997 documentary film, produced in Japan and Belarus and directed by a Japanese professional photographer, on a village damaged by the nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl in 1986; and,

"TSOTSI," an Oscar-winning movie in 2006 based on humanitarian philosophy presenting a life of a young man in South Africa.

Nonetheless, if I were a film director, I will put all the three themes in one work with a hero running out of Chernobyl, fighting through New York, and settling down in South Africa, since there is a lot of worlds to see.
* * *

It is estimated that 2.35 million people in the world are leaning the Japanese language. I hope that today's issue is well of service to those fans of Japaese and Japan.

If "one per 100,000" of such people has encountered this EEE Report, probably 24 Japanese-language learners in the world might be now duly informed of the newest doings of certain political leaders in Japan.

You may be really chosen ones by the God or Allah.

(Personally, I do not especially recommend foreigners to speak Japanese for certain reasons, though I am highly moved by their enthusiasm.

The probability "one per 100,000" is a critical ratio representing an unusual incident in Japan in my view. Beyond it, nothing may happen.

However, globally and historically, an incident of "one per 100 million" can happen at any time, if the God so wishes. It is what I am mostly concerned with nowadays without going abroad or out to a movie theater.)

"...I Will Make You as Firm as Rock, as Hard as Diamond..."

Friday, May 04, 2007

"Once on a High and Windy Hill"

(Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the Great Britain said that three civilizations, Europeans', Native Americans', and Africans', met [in the colony of America].

I do not know if Pope in Vatican would say so, too.

It should have been Christianity that met with Europeans, Native Americans, and Africans. The British should have been only honest mediators or messengers of the Gospels. All they should have carried to the New Continents is the Gospels of the King George Version.

Anglo Saxon people got greater freedom through their expansion to overseas territories.

The freedom really overwhelms local deadlock, hostility, and other evils. Without freedom, there cannot be true love.

Anyway, let us be a humble servant of the God. See the glory of God when you see other races and tribes who are living more nearly to the Garden of Eden.

Time and space always change. Memories can be sweat or unbearable, but our existence and life are not for memories but for future completion of our mission. You cannot even be a nice taxi driver in New York, if you keep looking back with old grudge.

But, if you hit a street of New York in demonstration to Sony's office for some decent reasons, I do not mind. You can be brave along with nice neighbors.)

"...Jesus Stopped and Said, 'Call Him.'..."

Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Japanese New-York-City Cab Driver

A Japanese New-York-City Cab Driver

Q: Why couldn't Mozart find his teacher?
A: He was Haydn.
("The New-York-City Cab Driver's Joke Book" by Jim Pietsch)

There are surprisingly a lot of jokes on Polish prevailing in New York, according to the joke book, though I do not recommend you to read it, since the above one is the most decent among all in the book. But, why must they so intensely let Polish Americans down (though it is true that there are aslo many jokes on Israelites)?

1) There are many Israelites in the U.S., especially in New York, whose ancestors migrated from East Europe, especially from Poland.

2) Historically, Israelites in Poland seem to have been suffering discrimination.

Logically, there is a suspicion that Israelites who had migrated from East Europe, especially from Poland, revenged the old grudge they or their parents had carried in East Europe by spreading jokes which would rather humiliate Polish in the U.S. where some Israelite immigrants have got unchallenged financial power.

As logically they are on suspicion, Israelite Americans, especially living in New York, should try hard to eradicate jokes that let Polish down from every corner of New York. Or, they should disseminate more nice jokes on Polish.

If this is a conspiracy more profoundly planned or otherwise nothing but a creature of chance, Israelite Americans should do so, for the more you are given, the more you are expected to do good.
* * *

In October 2001, a Japanese lady wrote a book based on her experiences in the U.S. for about a decade.

She could not settle down in the U.S. She could not fit in the European American society. She mainly went around with Asians or Asian Americans. Finally, she returned to Japan and wrote a book about her experiences in the U.S., focusing on situations of Asian Americans.

There is one interesting report in her book:
Once, a Japanese who had married a Russian American woman in Japan during the era of the Korean War went to New York to be personally employed by the United Nations. But, one day, he was exasperated by unjust treatment in a department he belonged to; so he quit the job and began to work as a taxi driver.

His wife got startled saying in real anger, "A taxi driver is the meanest job. A college graduate never becomes a taxi driver in New York!" Despite collapse of emotional ties in his family, the Japanese continued his work as a New York City cab driver until his death.

When the female Japanese author met the driver, while he was still alive, he told her various experiences as a taxi driver.

For example, one day a nice young lady got into his taxi car (though it is not clear if she was standing at Tiffany's). He said to her, "I know you because I often see the TV news program you host." She looked very much glad, according to the Japanese taxi driver in New York.
* * *

Probably, he was and is still the only New York City cab driver who has ever quit his job in the United Nations to proudly pursue his way as a taxi driver in New York, though living in a low profile and sacrificing his family.

I do not know whether he had encountered and driven Jesus Christ or His Angel, like a story in Genesis, even by chance in his decades as a taxi driver; but, he seems to have proved what Japanese were after WWII by following a Japanese teaching, in New York, that all honest trades are equally honorable.

I, myself, have never cracked a joke in a taxi in Tokyo. No jokes on Polish, either.

(I do not mind if you make jokes about Japanese. I am very much prepared for the situation. But, please do not entertain a taxicab diver too much if you have money enough to.)

"...Our Lord, Be Glory, Majesty, Might, and Authority, from All Ages Past and Now, and Ever and Forever...

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

"Oh Listen to, Listen to the Falling Rain"

(Should I be the President of the United States of America, I would order all the troops, every one of them, to get out of villages, towns, streets, and cities in Iraq; set up fortresses facing the towns along the two great rivers but in the desert or wilderness; and take up their positions in the new bases.

Should I be the President of the United States of America, I would build a new capital for Iraqis. I would let all the civil officers of the Iraqi Government leave Baghdad and move to the new capital, say, called "New Ur."

I would tell peace-loving Iraqi citizens to come and live in the new capital, say, called "New Ur."

Oh God, should I be the President of the United States of America, I would tell the people: "No man putteth new wine into old bottles: else the new wine doth burst the bottles, and the wine is spilled, and the bottles will be marred: but new wine must be put into new bottles (Mark 2:22 of the King James Version)."
* * *

By the way, I found two interesting sites regarding Israelites:;
* * *

Now the last part of the so called "Golden Week" holidays or "Renkyu" has begun in Japan.

In the Edo period in Japan a few hundred years ago, city workers were given holidays only in the middle of summer and in the year-end/new-year period to the lunar calendar. But, working men in cities seem to have been in duty only for six hours or so per day. [Anyway, let's have the sabbath long enough to...])

"...So That I Was Able to Proclaim the Full Messages to All the Gentiles to Hear..."

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

"No Matter Where You Go"

(Last weak, a CNN program focused on the foreclosure problem. Indeed, according to some experts, the mortgage debt default issue is as significant as the US Treasury bond problem in terms of scale.

"THE BRASS WALL" by David Kocieniewski was published in the U.S. in 2003, but its translated version was issued last February in Japan.

It is nonfiction of "the betrayal of undercover detective #4126" who investigated an arson case in which a veteran officer of the New York Fire Department was killed. The detective pursued its culprits who burnt down their own old building with apartment houses and shops in it.

But, the true enemy of the undercover detective was defective management and degraded senior officials of the New York Police Department who obstructed the investigation behind the scene or using an official power.

It is extremely interesting to see how NYPD in 1990's was functioning outwardly and internally. But, the era was changing from crimes on the street to those in the cyber space, as the story implies and we have actually experienced.

Finally, I wonder if the present foreclosure problem prevailing in the U.S. might in the worst case trigger an arson case for gaining insurance money, like the nonfiction story written by a reporter of the New York Times.)

"...Then I Will Pull You out of the Nile, with All the Fish Sticking to You..."

Islamic Apocalyptists and Japanese Would-Be Agents

Islamic Apocalyptists and Japanese Would-Be Agents

There is a report on Egypt.

Egyptians or Muslims in the region have been reportedly, in these decades, addicted to Islamic eschatology, which was further reinforced by a great but rare earthquake that happened in 1992 in the region.

Their apocalyptic might have influenced Mr. Ayman al-Zawahri and his terror group which eventually joined Mr. bin Laden's.

One interest thing is that even today Egyptians with fervor love the love story of Princess Diana and an Egyptian nephew of Mr. Adnan Khashoggi, a Saudi billionaire arms merchant.
* * *

In "The House of Morgan" by Ron Chernow, Mr. Khashoggi was described as an interesting intermediary who occasionally used attractive models as a means for promoting his business.

What's more, there is another report that he actually established a kind of "DC madam" scheme using many attractive women. For example, in 1970's when the Lockheed payoff scandal case was exposed worldwide (even involving a then Japanese prime minister), one third of incomes Saudi Arabia gained through crude oil trade eventually was put into a pocket of US and UK businesses in oil, defense, and monetary and financial industries, most probably with help from or involvement of Mr. Khashoggi.
* * *

Now, in 1997, a nephew of Mr. Adnan Khashoggi gained access to unhappy Princess Diana and tried to marry her, while there were so many compassionate people, such as Mother Teresa, around the Princess.

Though it is very surprising for me, Egyptians with fervor have loved this love story of Princess Diana and the nephew of Mr. Adnan Khashoggi who has been a friend of American power elites.

But, when the nephew of Mr. Adnan Khashoggi was killed in the well-known car accident in Paris in late August 1997 together with Princess Diana, Egyptians and Muslims got angry and disappointed, believing that it was a conspiracy planned and carried out by those who disliked Muslims.

Then in 1998, Al-Qaeda with the Egyptian terrorists launched massive attacks on the U.S., the aftermath of which is still vivid even today in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In 2001, an Egyptian who had studied in Germany joined Saudi Arabians for the 9/11 attacks to smash the World Trade Center Building in New York with a commercial jet plane he hijacked and piloted.

Though British Prime Minister Mr. Tony Blair and French President Mr. Jacques Chirac are leaving their office in their Governments, till powerful or holy light is shed on the mystery of the Paris car accident causing the deaths of the nephew of Mr. Adnan Khashoggi and Princess Diana, the dangerous potential should most probably remain in the Islamic society.

New Yorkers and DC workers had better ponder the fatal link between the "car accident in Paris in 1997" and "terrorist attacks in the East Coast in 2001."

What I want to hear from Mr. George Tenet is what information CIA had had on this issue then, though today the "Larry King Live" of CNN with Mr. Tenet invited has not produced any hints on this.
* * *

For Anglo Saxon Americans, the British may be a sibling living in a remote house.

And then, Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. must be two children in the same house. But, Japanese concerned have at least a vague idea on general "distinction" in political structure in the U.S. and the world:


Oil/Defense Sectors-------------------Financial Sector

Saudi Arabia-------------------------------Israel

Rockefeller Group------------------------Rothschild Group

The Bushes---------------------------------George Soros

Islamic Countries-------------------------British Noble Families

Khashoggi Family---------------------------Princess Diana

No matter how friendly they are on both the sides, a cross or diagonal friendly relationship between the above unpaired parties might not be so assured.

In addition, there may be a key in this style of schemes to understanding the anti-Japanism sometimes observed in American media under control of Israelite Americans:

Japan/Arab Oil States-----------------China/ Israelite Americans
* * *

Indeed, the mystery of the "Paris car accident in 1997" should be addressed clearly just like the "anti-Japanism ideology" should be.

If there were no such a mystery and no such an ideology, then somebody must try hard to persuade apocalyptic Muslims and peace-loving Japanese to give their best confidence to U.S. citizens, their power elites, and their Government.

This must be a "silver bullet" policy for avoiding another 9/11 attack, though this bullet might dart slow.
* * *

They are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the "Larry King Live" in CNN.

If all the transcripts of dialogues and conversations Mr. Larry King has ever conducted are made open on the Internet, Google, Yahoo, etc. should become happy from a business standpoint.

And voters, consumers, and taxpayers worldwide will be also able to trace and track a matter of their concern extended over a long period of time, with a feeling of an intelligence agency, so as to make any non-nonsense decisions.

(Today, Tuesday, and tomorrow are only business days in Japan this week. Through this holiday season, called "Renkyu" here, we can enjoy nice weather until the rainy season comes before subtropical summer covers the entire Japanese Archipelago in late July and August.

Anyway, I wish you a happy summer. I may be considering getting my passport again which was expired last year and left as it is.)


Monday, April 30, 2007

Sky over Tokyo Station

(This Monday morning, NHK Radio News in Japan told that there is a movement in the Virginia state to reconsider the era of slavery and offer official apologies to African Americans for the atrocities their ancestors suffered.

The estimated compensation, if applied at all to African Americans, would amount to 100 trillion dollars which is almost equal to a total amount of US GDPs for eight years, according to NHK News comments.

The US Government has seldom offered an apology to victims of its erroneous policy, though President Ronald Reagan in 1988 expressed official regrets to Japanese Americans who had been treated badly during WWII, which has been highly regarded in Japan and by Japanese.
* * *

African Americans and Japanese are two key races in the latest era of 4000-year human spiritual history since Abraham left Mesopotamia just after the collapse of the last kingdom of the Sumerians.

Therefore I have to say something about them.

Slave trade generated big profits to the British, which became a capital for future industrialization of England as well as for promoting their colonization and plantation in India and various areas in the world.

The Civil War in the U.S. was really a meeting point of two historical trends of "industrialization" and "plantation" promoted by the British, both of which were based on capitals accumulated by sacrificing Africans for slavery.

Blood, sweats, and tears of ancestors of the contemporary African Americans are really worth 100 trillion dollars to be retrieved from the Anglo-Saxon.

As for Japanese, you just have to appraise their history; for example, when Tower of London was built around 1100, Kyoto was enjoying already 300-year history of prosperity after several-hundred-year prosperity in older capitals, in Nara, of the ancient Japan. Kyoto and Nara are still famous for cultural treasures and legacies, including the world oldest wooden architectures [temples] with higher cultural value, still remained today.

[Today is a national holiday in Japan. I am now reading a book on New York, which I may report later if the God wishes...])


Sunday, April 29, 2007

"I'm Crossing You in Style Some Day"

(Why did Japanese troops do such atrocity during WWII, while Japanese people are so gentle and polite in Japan? Some foreigners sometime really wonder so.

The key is prejudice, ignorance, indignation, and disdain in addition to biased reports, news, and information on the atrocity provided by foreign media.

Chinese leaders have been traditionally and dangerously nourished prejudice and ignorance on Japan, Japanese people, and the Japanese culture, partly because, to your astonishment, they could not understand Japan and Japanese, for the Japanese culture is so unique.

Therefore Chinese elites seldom showed due respect to Japan while their bureaucrats, generals, officers, and soldiers were not well disciplined, educated, and trained.

Japanese generals and officers could not help but disdain those Chinese bureaucrats, generals, officers, and soldiers while being provoked by bad manners and irresponsible behaviors by those Chinese elites.

If enemies looked so mean and coward, Japanese samurai-like officers would not stop their soldiers from treating their enemies coolly.

On the other hand, without correcting their prejudice and ignorance on Japanese and Japan, Chinese elites asked American politicians and media for help.

That is why you, even to this day, so often hear atrocity conducted by Japanese troops through U.S. media, while you find Japanese people so gentle and polite in Japan.

This is humble defense against attacks, based on prejudice and ignorance, to Japanese and Japan who could not unfortunately free themselves from indignation and disdain on their old enemies.

Though Japanese troops committed some grave crimes in WWII, they should be pleaded for, if they are still to be judged by citizens in the world 60 years after the dismissal of the troops and the wars.

[In my personal view, it is very deplorable that some Japanese hold indignation against some U.S. media under strong influence of Israelite Americans attacking Japan in real and in harmony with Chinese elites.

But, I deplore first behaviors of US media under strong influence of Israelite Americans and then response from some Japanese. We have to talk about Israelites rather than Chinese anyhow.

Now, you know why God has not punished Japan after WWII so badly. Besides, I am Japanese, to tell the truth.])