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Kanzo Uchimura; "Gods creates the world"

Old and Humble Station Northwest of Tokyo

Kanzo Uchimura; "Gods creates the world"

Kanzo Uchimura, a notable author and Christian, was born in 1861 and died in 1930 (

In one of his writings, he introduced a poem of Wordsworth:

"Evening Ode

Wings on my shoulder seem to play:
But, rooted here, I stand and gaze,
On those bright steps that heavenward raise
Their practicable way."

Uchimura wrote that this poem proved that there is Heaven, place to go after death.

In the same book, he described how his mentor, Julius Hawley Seelye, in Amherst College recalled his deceased wife:
"The old professor pointed at a picture on the wall and said, so gently as if he had been a boy, that it was his wife who had died two years before and was now waiting for him in Heaven."

Uchimura wrote that this episode proved that there is Heaven, place to go after death.
* * *

Kanzo Uchimura also wrote about how to read and interpret description on scientific matters in the Bible.

Such description of the Bible should be read and understood with faith but not with scientific mind, according to him.

If the God said that He created the world in six days in a specific sequence, you should take it as such with faith.

But, of course, God is almighty. It is possible for Him to say that He created the world in six days in a specific sequence, while science told us that the universe emerged 14 billion years ago and the earth has been evolving for five billion years.

What's more, it is the Christian Civilization that has developed the modern science to this stage, owing to mercy of God.

It is not so easy but possible to find a glimpse of omnipotence of God in that the God said that He created the world in six days in a specific sequence, while science told us that the universe emerged 14 billion years ago and the earth has been evolving for five billion years.
* * *

God first created a concept of a day for Himself; He then created every creature in "His six days."

But, He also created laws of the nature which follows logic He also created according to the level of existence of His creatures, including mankind.

Then, He allowed mankind to have their own concept of a day, as an analogy of "His day," and have ability to scientifically trace His work as history of the universe, the earth, and evolution.

In this way, while the God created the world in "His holy six days," mankind is tracing His feat through science with understanding that the universe emerged 14 billion years ago and the earth has been evolving for five billion years based on a concept of a day of mankind.
* * *

Even though you are remarkably brilliant to find any value in EEE-Report, there are many Americans who do not think that any concept has two levels or versions of its meaning, namely, the holy version and the human version.

Even His "momentary" creation of Adam and Even can be only traced by mankind through biological evolution, over 3.8 billion years, from a single-cell creature in the ocean to the present-day mankind on the land following a theory of biological evolution.

So we can praise our God, saying that how glorious God is because "His holy moment" is our 3.8 billion years and "His holy six days" are our 14 billion years or 3.8 billion years.

How wonderful it is that we are allowed to use the concept of a day, though of a human version of the concept.
* * *

Kanzo Uchimura wrote that the precise description in the Bible is originally that "Gods (Elohim) creates the world" but not "God (El) creates the world."

Why "Gods?" It is wrong in terms of grammar.

I can sense an influence of the Sumerian Civilization in it.

Anyway, as God is almighty, he can be a God and Gods at the same time beyond understanding of mankind who has existed only for a few million years on the earth, but sometimes thinks arrogantly his logic and intelligence is as advanced as God's omnipotence.

Every "His holy moment" of the Creation can be all together displayed on His computer screen; then on the screen, there are as many Gods as the number of "His holy moments" of the Creation.

The past, the present, and the future must be all presented on His computer screen. He can see Himself in each moment in the past, the present, and the future.

He probably kindly hints to mankind His omnipotence by allowing for the expression "Gods creates the world" as He so wishes.
* * *

Certain Americans once taught some Japanese Christianity as in the case of Kanzo Uchimura.

Anyway, God is almighty. If He chose somebody, we have to just accept him or her, since God is almighty and the chosen one was truly chosen by the God who is the Almighty.

(Do you believe that the God chose a place for you to live in, if you are now living in New York or Los Angeles? As for me, I do believe partly due to convenience of taking pictures such as those presented on EEE-Reporter. God is truly great and the God is the only god for us.)


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Water and Ice: Miracle Properties

Local Line Northwest of Tokyo

Water and Ice: Miracle Properties

Water or a water molecule is very unique or is almost a miracle.

One well known unique feature of water is that it becomes lighter when it is frozen; thus ice floats on water. Such a case is very rare in the nature; most of other molecules get heavier when frozen than in a liquid state.

In addition, at four degrees Celsius, the volume of water gets the smallest with an identical mass. At four degrees Celsius, a relative density of water reaches a maximum. (At zero degrees Celsius, water becomes ice. F = (C x 9/5) + 32, for your conversion to Fahrenheit.)

However, no exact explanation has been ever made with mathematical expressions on why the volume of water gets the smallest at four degrees Celsius.

Average-distance-of-two-water-molecules = Physical-interaction (T);
When T = 4, the average distance or a volume gets minimum.

Anyway, as water is heavier than ice, in winter a pond can have a ceiling of ice with water under it down to the bottom in which fish can survive.

If ice is heavier than water, ice sinks and a pond gets frozen from the bottom up to the surface in a time sequence, making the pond one big mass of ice where no fish can survive.

According to a Japanese scientist, this natural law shows how the God is great in His Creation of the universe.

Put simply, without this property of water, biological evolution on the earth would not result in the emergence of mankind.

(Nearly 70% of young man's body is water, while nearly 50% of an old man's body is water. As Japanese are so sensitive to quality of water, there are so many beautiful women in Japan, according to a theory. Even if you are a Cleopatra, you may like to taste Japanese brand-name spring water. Water is also a key to taste of Japanese dish.)
* * *

If you can invent a method to take out a hydrogen molecule (H2) from a water molecule (H2O) at very low costs, you can change the world.

In that case, we do not need any other fuels for generation of electricity. All we have to have is a water tank in a car and a house to get power for driving a motor, an engine, or electric and electronic circuits. You do not need oil, coal, and bio fuels for these purposes; instead, seawater may become a main power source. And environment of the earth will be protected.
* * *

If you can invent a method to change seawater into freshwater or drinking water at very low costs, a billion people in the world will be free from shortage of water. Even the whole desert in the Middle East and South Asia can be converted into agricultural fields.
* * *

Indeed water is a key to survival of mankind.

In addition, when and how water, now abundant on the earth, was created is still unknown, though it is likely that the uncountable number of comets carried water to the earth. However, how water is foamed in the space, probably near Jupiter, is still unknown.

Frankly speaking over a cup of coffee, for example, we do not know something so important for our future about water.

(You had better taste high-quality of soft water, used for green tea, in Japan.)

"...For the Others Put in What They Had to Spare of their Riches, but She, Poor She was, Put in All; She Gave All She Had to Live on..."

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Roadside Humble Shinto Shrine

(A Little Thought of Today:

"The God Is Almighty" is the first thing to teach children.

Hence, the God can be perfect and at the same time imperfect, or terribly He can be simply imperfect while being God, since He is almighty.

The meaning of omnipotence is very difficult for mankind to grasp.

At least, He can change any rules at His will; He can change a rule, given to mankind as concept and logic, on judging omnipotence as well as perfection, though He has not changed laws of the nature and universe since its formation 14 billion years ago.

The God can be a mere man at his will as He is almighty. He can be a flower or a bird, too, since He is Almighty. Otherwise, he would let his works or parts autonomously function as if they were independent and free.

The best meaning of evolution of mankind is related to progress of our understanding of His omnipotence.

Indeed, He commands the universe even at a level where part and all are equal, or existence and nonexistence are equal; and Death and life are equal. However, having love and having every other excuse for not having love are forever different, since God is love.

Therefore, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are possible at the same time on this earth, since God is almighty.
* * *

A Little Story of Today:

This is a true story of an old woman in Russia. She was a kitchen worker all through her life under the communist regime. From her earlier years, she had been working in a kitchen in a factory in a local place in Russia. She had never been to Moscow. She had never been to other towns. When she got old and stopped working, she told that it had been her life to do the meal for workers in a factory in a local place. "It is what my life was all about," said the old woman.

She looked like one of those I think to have never contributed to deterioration of the world.

Usually, in proportion to material happiness, one is contributing to deterioration of the world.

The richer we become, usually the worse we are making the world.

We have to think how such a woman looks to the eye of God.

For her sake or for her virtue, I think, the God let the Cold War end peacefully without thermonuclear war.
* * *

A Little Drill of Today:

Now, what do you think the God will do for your sake?

As God is almighty, He can make you as valuable as the Russian woman, a life time cook in a dreary factory in a bleak industrial area of the communist country, for whose sake however thermonuclear war could be avoided between the USSR and the U.S. from a theological point of view.)


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Unthinkable at WTC Stopped Incidentally Hidden Nuclear Plot

"On the eve of destruction" ...let it be autumn here

Unthinkable at WTC Stopped Incidentally Hidden Nuclear Plot

I saw a black car with the license plate number "9-11" as I tell you, my friend, over and over again.
* * *

If you have "four" bombardment planes and "two" target cities, a capital of an enemy country and its commercial city, how would you send your bombers?

Suppose that you are now in a sate of war, since you already attacked your enemy's embassies in another continent and their naval ship in a foreign port; now you are embarking on the homeland attack of your enemy country, since they had already fired missiles targeting you commanding in a certain remote country, though they failed.

So then, in this context, targets of your bombers must be first military installations and governmental facilities, such as a defense department building and a congress building.

You can also attack a world-leading commercial city, but nowadays if you destroy several major buildings in such a city, you cannot deliver a decisive blow to the economy of a world-leading economic power except a short-term turmoil in the financial sector. If you have relatives of world-class businessmen, you must realize it.

Then you will send "two bombers" to the single most critical target in the capital, "one bomber" to the next important target in the capital, and "the last one" to the business center of the commercial city as a diversionary operation.

If any "one" bomber fails in this mission, a possibility of which is high, you can still significantly damage the most critical target in the capital as you have sent "three" bombers to the capital of your enemy country, "two" of which are heading for the single most critical target.
* * *

But, AlQaeda sent "two" hijacked jet planes to the World Trade Center in New York. "One" to the Pentagon. The last "one" to the Capitol.

It is strange. "Two" jet planes to the Pentagon, "one" plane to the Capitol, and the last "one" to the WTC seem to be more reasonable.

Besides, AlQaeda did not think that the complete demolition of a World Trade Center tower was possible by a crashing of one commercial jet plane. They expected that only the upper part of the tower would be blown off, so that an ugly scene of WTC would be observed worldwide.

(In fact, while one tower was burning and did not show a sign of entire collapse at all, another jet plane did not aim at the same tower to make sure the total collapse. They just wanted to harm two towers, yes two for making them theatrical and ugly though not total collapse, aiming at blowing off their upper structures. It, indeed, tells what was inside their minds.

And it is why I suspect that certain Americans, with arrogance symbolized by the WTC towers but not the Capitol, must have once insulted Mr. Osama bin Laden very personally.)

If the two WTC towers could have sustained themselves and continued to stand as envisaged, their major success from a military point of view was only a partial damage to the Pentagon, which would not have given such catastrophic psychological damages to many of American citizens except high ranking officials of the US Government.
* * *

What I want to say is that an unthinkable occurred on September 11, 2001. In fact, the unexpected total collapse of the two WTC towers occurred in the sheer daylight and under the blue sky over the East Coast of the U.S.

However, in my view, it is not an all-out war by a nation whether it is virtual or real. AlQaeda will never use a suitcase type of nuclear bombs to the U.S. as it is not a nation whether its existence base is virtual or real. They do not represent the whole people who belong to an authentic nation, whether it is virtual or real, only which can give a moral base, comprehensive justification, and historic context.

They are not living, fighting, and thinking at the level for and with the paradigm of entering the nuclear war on behalf of the whole people they might have been otherwise able to represent.

AlQaeda must be thinking that they could enjoy another holy war in Afghanistan such as the one against the Soviet Union; they did not expect to lose cozy bases in Afghanistan; "Not all American citizens would be mobilized even psychologically for an all-out war, since the main targets conceived by most of Americans should be the Pentagon or the Capitol while the WTC towers would remain standing though in ugly shapes."

"The U.S. military must come in a conventional manner, while all the Muslims in the region would be encouraged into unity; even Muslims in the Northern Alliance might join brave and heroic AlQaeda."

Al Qaeda must have been aware at least that Allah would not have forgiven them at all, if they had pulled hundreds of millions of innocent Muslims into a nuclear war against the U.S.
* * *

If all the four hijacked planes had made their way and the Capitol had been significantly damaged with precious casualties in addition to damages at the Pentagon, US citizens would have taken it as an extremely grave attack on their country.

But, I still think that something must have been very different. If the two towers had continued to stand, there must have been something very different.

Again, even if AlQaeda announced that they got into a nuclear war against the U.S. as a representative of pious Muslims, no Muslims would support Mr. Osama bin Laden, since their joining AlQaeda means the complete end of peace and prosperity of the whole Islamic world.

Allah minds every single life of Muslims.

The incidents on September 11, 2001 are not still perfectly understood. I mean we are yet to realize the reasons why the God allowed for that degree of success of terror.

Can you say that it was for glory of God to be revealed?

Very frankly speaking, I believe so even on behalf of nobody, though I am Japanese who, of course, has ever visited Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The 9/11 terror with that scale must have incidentally stopped, probably in an unknown sequence of hidden events, another unknown conspiracy by lunatic persons of using a nuclear bomb, which might have caused casualties as large as those in the Great Indian Ocean Tsunami disaster or the Great Northern Pakistan Earthquake, or otherwise which might have been used even in New Orleans, the U.S.

Hence, I believe so even on behalf of nobody, though I am Japanese who, of course, has ever visited Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

I believe that the unthinkable at WTC on September 11, 2001, though a great tragedy it was, incidentally stopped proceeding of a hidden nuclear plot of those days.

God is truly great and Allah is the only god for Muslims, yes for pious Muslims.

(Then, my majestic friend, keep standing firm in an elegant shape!

And it goes without saying that I am praying that all the souls of terror victims for whom I am too sorry for words are wlecomed in Heaven. )


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Precious Moments

"Will I Have to Wait Forever"

(A Little Information of Today:
- Chinese Government, on a mandatory basis, closed 3,176 companies that discharged or emitted industrial pollutants or wastes in 2006. Costs for decontamination and depollution reached US 30 billion dollars (1.15% of China's GDP) [Jiji].

- The number of HIV patients in China reached 200,000 [Jiji].

It is time for Wal-Mart Stores, a big importer of Chinese commodities, to consider how to contribute to welfare of Chinese people. I suppose that the Chinese Communist Party has not yet presented exact data to the world.

A Little Thought of Today:
Americans often say that it is a super tough challenge to get through a long Presidential Election Campaign and win the final voting. Therefore, the US President should be respected only for this reason.

The issue is if this long and tense process educates a candidate to be a great President when he or she is finally elected as President. If this process makes a candidate craftier and wilier as an individual, it is a tragedy to have such an election system.

Presidential Election after Election, the people of the U.S. must be also educated to be less crafty and wily as with their Presidents.

Any election is not only a convenient and reasonable method but also a training course for voters and candidates, in my view.

Any reasonable job, as with a case of religious activities, presents a way for a man to complete his personality and enhance virtue, according to a Japanese traditional philosophy.

But, it may not directly apply to women. What do you think, while we may have sooner or later a madam President in the U.S.?

Jesus Christ nonetheless must say to be a good neighbor to a madam President. If her husband is a good neighbor to us, it will be easier for us to be so.

Yet, having a good life partner may be more difficult than having a good madam President, in my view. What do you think?)


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A Very Common Landscape around Tokyo

(A little information of today:
- The recommitment rate in Japan is almost 49% for those released from a prison within past five years. Now a new prison fully equipped with IT systems and partly under private management has been recently completed in Japan taking into consideration the above statistics [NHK].

- One Japanese kidney transplant patient who went through the transplant operation in China paid US 30,000 dollars to a female Chinese doctor who arranged a new kidney. But, the kidney did not fit to the patient and was eventually taken out; then the patient came back to Japan. It is unknown if the kidney had been taken from a Chinese criminal executed and if money was partly returned. The rate of complete success in this kind of special transaction in China is said to be about 33% for Japanese patients secretly operated [Fuji TV].)


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Japan in the Era of Queen Elizabeth I

"And If Your Love Is True"

Japan in the Era of Queen Elizabeth I

In January 1593, Japanese samurai troops for real clashed with Chinese troops near Seoul in the Korean Peninsula.

Samurai generals, who were sent by the samurai king Toyotomi Hideyoshi ( to the military campaign through Korea to the Ming Dynasty of China, had to face 43,000 Ming troops.

Though Hideyoshi sent 150,000 troops equipped with harquebuses or matchlock guns, the then most advanced weapon, to the Korean Peninsula, in this decisive battle with the Ming military Japan's troops were outnumbered due to the need to address other persistent combats with Koreans. Nonetheless, samurai troops won the battle; the Chinese supreme commander escaped by a hair.

Yet, samurai generals, in scracity of food and coldness of the winter in a region so near to Siberia, understood that it was something different from what they could bear psychologically and physically to advance their troops to Beijin, the capital of Ming, and occupy Korea and China as dreamed of by Hideyoshi. So, they persuaded their lord Hideyoshi into peace conference with Ming.

Hideyoshi, believing that Ming would offer a virtual surrender and show liege homage to him, agreed with his generals who were also feud lords with their own half-independent territory in Japan. Accordingly, the samurai troops pulled out of the Korean Peninsula.

This is the third full-scale war between Japan and China, following the Battle of Baekgang ( in the Korean Peninsula in the 7th century and the Mongol invasion attempts against Japan in the 13th century.
(Foreign military forces, such as Korean troops and Chinese troops, have never invaded Japan all through history, except the US military after WWII.)
* * *

There have been many arguments on why Toyotomi Hideyoshi, one of great heroes in Japan's history, ventured into the war against Ming that had taken a policy of national seclusion after having tried some expansion policies over oceans since its independence from the Mongolian Empire.

Yet, you cannot judge Hideyoshi and the war from a viewpoint of today. It was the age of Queen Elizabeth I who, as a monarch of a lesser nation, had to face the then super power Spain.

Some historians in Japan find analogy between the samurai king Hideyoshi and Queen Elizabeth I.

What's more, Japan then, putting an end to the Age of Civil Wars with Hideyoshi as the last winner, produced one third of silver of the total amount in the world, to your astonishment.

Japan was also then the largest producer of the fire arms and iron products in the world, to your astonishment.

Some of many missionaries Vatican had been sending to Asia were also active in Japan. They brought the latest information on the world to Japanese feudal lords who were all of the samurai class.

Hideyoshi was not a simple brute man who only knew how to fight. To be a samurai, you had to learn various things such as reading, writing, calculation, Buddhism, Confucianism and other Chinese classical literature, traditional Japanese culture, and so on in addition to art of warfare and specific martial art to be respected as a leader of society and a lord of his feud or territory. A samurai is an intellectual or so expected.

Hideyoshi, a son of a farmer, was a true hero and genius to unify all the feud lords under his authority, putting an end of the century-long Age of Civil Wars in Japan, while keeping good relation with the Imperial Family.

Then, why did Hideyoshi try to conquer China by sending so many troops up through the Korean Peninsula?

(Korean people even today thoroughly hate Hideyoshi as just a wicked and devilish man who irreverently started a war against China and Korea, the two superior countries to Japan in their ideology. According to Sinocentrism, the top is China, the second is Korea, and the last is Japan. Hideyoshi's act was tantamount to a revolt of the order in the East Asia based on the sequence of having enjoyed the glory of the ancient Chinese Civilization.

But, If Korea then had joined Japan to conquer Ming as Hideyoshi requested, history must have been so different, since practices of teachings of good ancient Chinese Civilization were more honestly pursued in Korea and Japan than in China even in those days.

Yet, most victims of the war between Chiana and Japan in the late 16th century were Korean people. It goes without speaking that we are extremely sorry for them.)
* * *

The then world-leading production of silver as well as gold and guns in Japan, in addition to world information brought by Vatican missionaries, could be a key to Hideyoshi's judgement on possibility of success in his plan.

But, there is another decisive factor.

It is Oda Nobunaga (, Hideyoshi's long-time boss and benefactor.

Nobunaga had a dream of conquering China and becoming a great king of Asia like the then superpower of the world Spain.

If you look at the world map, you will find a strange thing that there is a world called "Latin America" where people speak Spanish, though most inhabitants are indigenous people whose ancestors had traveled to Americas from Asia more than 10,000 years ago.

Yes, if Nobunaga's dream had been fulfilled like Spain's, there might have been "Japanese China."

Of course, maturity and refinement of Chinese Civilization is three-digit advanced than that of Indigenous Civilizations in the Americas in the 16th century.

If it is a fact that maturity and refinement of Japanese Civilization then got equal to or partly surpassed China and Korea, it is an act of madness for Japan to venture into conquest of China in the late 16th century.

(Koreans then had no matchlock guns.)

Oda Nobunaga was not an ordinary person.
* * *

A type of persons like Nobunaga cannot be successful in Japan. But, history gave the only one chance to a man with such personality to be a hero in Japan.

Since having won a miracle victory when he was a young and lesser feud lord, he continued bloody and cruel victory over other major feud lords in the central part of Japan, leveraging matchlock guns introduced by Portuguese in the middle of the 16th century and devising an innovative military system.

When he was assassinated in a Buddhist temple near Kyoto, the rest of his ambition of unifying Japan was taken over by his samurai general Hideyoshi who neatly succeeded in it.

It is said that Oda Nobunaga got an idea about the world or the globe from missionaries of Vatican. He loved a terrestrial globe presented by a missionary of Vatican. He allowed for missionaries to preach the Gospels in Japan while hating some traditional Buddhist factions. It is also said that he did not respect the Imperial Family. He was a rationalist, so cool, cold, and sometimes cruel.

But, Hideyoshi served Nobunaga with ardor and obtained the biggest trust.

In a sense, a lunacy that had haunted Nobunaga must have been partly transferred to Hideyoshi as with the case commonly found in such hierarchical relation even today.

The lunacy seems to have been amplified and intensified by introduction of European Civilization into Japan through missionaries of Vatican in the era when Spain was the superpower supported by Vatican.

(But, Hideyoshi eventually began to suppress Christians and Vatican's missionaries after unification of Japan.)
* * *

In 1597, when Hideyoshi found that Ming did not surrender but treated him as a Ming's subordinate in an official letter sent to him after having withdrawn his troops from the Korean Peninsula, he felt insulted, got inflamed, and ordered another campaign to the Ming Dynasty through Korea.

But shortly thereafter Hideyoshi died in the great Osaka Castle probably by mercy of God on Koreans; the military campaign was terminated; and the samurai lords began to think about a future regime in Japan.
Ming however fatally lost its national power, which triggered its collapse in 1644.

Hideyoshi's descendants could not keep power; the Tokugawa clan took over the control of the nation through fierce battles, especially in Osaka, mobilizing every artillery guns, though explosive shells were not used in those days.

As a result, the capital of the samurai regime shifted from Osaka to Edo (Tokyo), Tokugawa's feud.

But, people in Osaka still today admire Toyotomi Hideyoshi who built the great Osaka Castle to place his headquarters in the center city of the Western Japan.
(Technically, "Toyotomi" is a surname just like "Oda" and "Tokugawa" are.)
* * *

This is what was happening in the Far East when Queen Elizabeth I was trying hard to cope with the then superpower Spain on the ocean, heavily relying on British pirates who were later recognized as nobles.
(The upper class of samurais in Japan had each also a title as a noble.)

This is what was happening when Japan was the major producer of silver as well as gold and firearms in the world in the era of Queen Elizabeth I, significance of which has almost been neglected by, or beyond understanding of, European and American elites, including cabinet members of the US Government and professors at Cambridge and Oxford.

This is what happened when Vatican first sent its missionaries to Japan in the 16th century.

But, what is good in knowing the history of Japan and its uniqueness?

In the late 16th century, when Japan was a world-leading producer of silver as well as gold and firearms, in addition to being the respected target of Vatican missionaries, there were no such things as Anglo Saxon, Anglo American, and Israelite American world powers.

In those years, the Spanish Empire tied up with Vatican was killing millions of native South Americans; however then 900-years old Islam was protecting Muslims somehow well from such violence by Europeans; and Japan with 1100-years old Buddhism practices was well prepared to face Vatican missionaries, significance of which has almost been neglected by, or beyond understanding of, European and American elites, including cabinet members of the US Government and professors at Cambridge and Oxford.

With knowledge of Japanese Civilization, you may more clearly understand the nature of the European Civilization and Vatican, so that you can more effectively improve them or cope with them.
* * *

Samurais as a whole did not pursue the lunatic dream of Oda Nobunaga and Toyotomi Hideyoshi (though they could do so like then lunatic Spanish and British, since they had funds, weapons, and information) as proven by the fact that some major samurai lords secretly rejected full cooperation with Hideyoshi. The same factor led to Japan's national isolation from the 17th century on to shut out Vatican influences.

(During Hideyoshi's campaigns, some Korean artisans and cultural figures with valuable skills and knowledge were brought to Japan and treated very well. Some of their descendants are still enjoying the legacy in Japan, though there were other unhappy and hapless cases.)

Finally, if America and Europe failed in obeying God, you can still trust in Japan, though in January 1593 Japanese samurai troops for real clashed with Chinese troops near Seoul in the Korean Peninsula.