Thursday, September 29, 2005

With Love to Moscow and Saint Petersburg for the Summer of 2005

With Love to Moscow and Saint Petersburg for the Summer of 2005

This summer an old Japanese lady went to Russia for sight-seeing.

Then, after coming back to Japan, she wrote a letter to editorial of a certain newspaper.

She met very kind people in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. People in these cities kindly helped this Japanese lady in her 70’s in a subway train as well as in a museum. She was so moved inside that she ventured to inform the Japanese public of her happy experiences in Russia,

Russia, generally speaking, is not regarded as a friend of Japan. Russia still occupies four islands located in the north of Hokkaido faced with the Sea of Okhotsk and the North Pacific Ocean. The Soviet Union invaded those islands just after the end of WWII. Japan has been protesting against their occupation.

To understand the history of Far East and relationships between Japan and China as well as North Korea, you must learn relationship between Japan and Russia.

But, of course, there are some, among the Japanese, that love Russian culture and really long to see famous Russian works of art on site.

So, she went there, got satisfied, and what’s more, found people there to be pleasantly kind to her.

Now, we know that there are nice people in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. And we are very thankful to them for their kindness to an old lady from Japan.

Moreover, I am hoping that there will absolutely be no natural disasters in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

So, let’s be kind to any old ladies coming to our or your city with good wishes, in order to avoid any natural tragedies, including an earthquake and a hurricane, and show our reverence for the God.