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A Yellow Stone Established the First Emperor of Han 200 B.C.

A Yellow Stone Established the First Emperor of Han 200 B.C.
(Jaune pierre a créé le Premier Empereur des Han 200 B.C.)

A very old man with soiled clothes on took off his shows and threw them down to the river, saying to Zhang Liang (Chou-Ryou in Japanese), a son of a premier of a certain state destroyed by the First Emperor of China, to go and get them back for him.
* * *

The First Emperor of China or the Qin Dynasty (Shin in Japanese) was almost killed twice by assassins in the late third century B.C.

The first decisive but failed case, which happened when the First Emperor was still called Ying Zheng the king of the state of Qin, is well known partly due to modern films focused on an attempt by Jing Ke (Kei-Ka in Japanese) a unique warrior of another state destroyed by Qin and without pity cut to death by the king Ying Zheng at site.

But the second assassin Zhang Liang, whose home state had been also destroyed by Qin, changed the history not by succeeding in assassination but by meeting a god of Tao or Taoism after the failed attempt of assassination.
* * *

Zhang Liang saved and accumulated money, even sacrificing a funeral for his younger brother, so that he could hire a warrior or a wrestler tough enough to attack the First Emperor of China around 210 B.C.

At last Zhang Liang could hire a professional wrestler to have him throw a 60-pound iron hammer aiming from a distance at a carriage the First Emperor was in during his trip for inspection of his territory, namely the whole China of the era.

The hammer was mightily heaved and thrown from an unobserved spot however only to demolish a carriage behind the Emperor's.

Zhang Liang fled and fled and finally hid in a local town under a fake name.
* * *

One day, he was crossing a bridge where a very old man with soiled clothes on was sitting.

The very old man with soiled clothes on took off his shows and threw them down to the river, saying to Zhang Liang, a son of a premier of a certain state destroyed by the First Emperor, to go and get them back for him.

Zhang Liang instantly got angry with the very old man, but he changed his mind to go and get the shoes for him.

The very old man with soiled clothes on told arrogantly Zhang Liang, a brave but failed assassin of the First Emperor, to help him put on the shoes with Zhang Liang's hands directly. Zhang Liang thought that he had to accept this challenge till the end for whatever reason as it was so extraordinary.

The very old man with soiled clothes on then laughed and started to leave the bridge and Zhang Liang but soon came back to him, saying "I have something to teach you. Come back here five days later."

Five days later, Zhang Liang came to the bridge at the same hour, but actually he was a little late. The very old man with soiled clothes on got angry, saying "You lack respect for a senior. Come back here five days later."

Five days later, Zhang Liang left his house with the sunrise to come to the bridge, but only found the very old man to be there already who said, "Come back here five days later."

Five days later, Zhang Liang left his house while it was still dark before dawn to come to the bridge, so that he could welcome the very old man who satisfactorily said, "This is the right way. Be humble. Now, I will award to you this secret book of art of warfare which will make you an excellent strategist for a king. I will meet you 13 years later in a certain mountain where you will find a yellow stone which is I." Then the very mysterious old man disappeared.
* * *

Zhang Liang eventually became the top strategist of Liu Bang (Ryu-Hou in Japanese) or the first emperor of the Han Dynasty (Kan in Japanese), who fought all the duels, battles, and wars needed to assume the imperial title, demolishing the Qin Dynasty in a corporation with great warrior Xiang Yu (Kou-U in Japanese) and finally defeating Xiang Yu through legendary battles.

One day, following the Emperor of Han, Zhang Liang was ascending a mountain to happen to find a very remarkable yellow stone.

Indeed, it was 13 years later since Zhang Liang had been sternly tested by the very old man with soiled clothes on.

Truly, Zhang Liang is even today recognized as one of the three great aids to Emperor Gaozu, the First Emperor of Han, who is said to have never failed in accepting whatever advice and recommendation Zhang Liang extended to him.
* * *

If you met Jesus Christ and was told to untie His sandals or polish His shoes, you would be glad to follow His request.

Indeed, we may meet Jesus Christ in disguise of a very old man with soiled clothes on some day.

Truly, I hope we will be able to follow Him, if not so sternly tested as the hero Zhang Liang, since the Han Dynasty is one of Chinese dynasties Japanese felt most affinity to for some reasons.

(Recently we got many big news reports on politics and economy.

But, a truly worthwhile report may be like those on poor students being helped in Chicago, poor children being helped in New Orleans, and sick women being saved in Japan.

Yet, what do you think about holy or mysterious encounter with, say, a yellow stone that might yet look foreign to you? )


(Es muss nicht Brot sein, wovon der Mensch lebt.)

Friday, November 02, 2007

Buddha's Foster Mother

Buddha's Foster Mother
(Bouddha mère adoptive)

Buddha's mother died seven days after his birth.

Since then Buddha was nursed and raised by his mother's younger sister.

When Buddha left his royal family for the quest for enlightenment, his foster mother, namely his aunt, was left in the kingdom of their clan.

After Buddha obtained enlightenment, many people came to him to be admitted as his followers and perform the ascetic practices under his guidance.

But, Buddha would not allow any woman to follow him.

When Buddha came to preach in a region near the kingdom of his clan, the king, namely Buddha's father, died. And so many men in the kingdom joined the group of followers of Buddha; and then women in the kingdom thought they had to also join the group as they were now being left alone.

Yet, Buddha would not allow any woman to follow him.

One day even his aunt, already very old, came to him to be admitted as his follower, which was rejected by Buddha. She came to him again only to be rejected. However she tried for the third time only to be rejected.

Ananda, one of the most enlightened followers of Buddha, at last respectfully asked Buddha whether or not a woman could obtain enlightenment if she sternly performed the ascetic practices under guidance of Buddha.

Buddha replied: "Yes, she could."

Observing the grief of the old woman, Ananda with unusual enthusiasm tried to persuade Buddha to admit her into a band of his followers practicing asceticism to achieve enlightenment.

Finally, Buddha conceded. But, Buddha ordered that a female trainee monk must strictly adhere to 348 religious precepts, while a male trainee monk was ordered to strictly adhere to 250 religious precepts.

Anyway, Buddha's aunt, namely his foster mother, became the first female follower so admitted by Buddha in this way.

Since then, many women were allowed to join the religious band guided by Buddha.
* * *

You may easily understand why a woman must 1.4 times more strictly adhere to religious precepts than a man must.

If a nun is living an ascetic life and performing a religious training, a devil in a shape of a man would easily come to take advantage of her so as to physically, emotionally, and spiritually attack her.
* * *

Jesus Christ did not call a woman to follow Him, either, though He called fishermen and other poor men to follow Him, leaving everything behind.

Jesus Christ did not order men and women to strictly perform religious trainings in a special organization.

What Jesus Christ ordered is to love God and love one's own neighbors without any other additional and situational conditions for the exercise of love.
* * *

In my interpretation, the God must have wanted to see how a man could be enlightened for himself without direct help and interference from Him.

The only one who has ever achieved the enlightenment by his own effort was Buddha.

The God sent His son from outside the human world. But, Buddha could reach part of God's realm from inside the human world.

Israelites, Christians, and Muslims should not laugh at Buddha, saying that what he had achieved is not a religion but just a mere philosophy.

If ancestors of Israelites, Christians, and Muslims could have obtained enough enlightenment just like Buddha did unaided, the God or Allah must not have been bothered to send His Spirit, His Son, and His Angel to Abraham, Moses, poor Israelites in the first century, and one blessed Arab.
* * *

Finally, modern men must also respect a woman who makes 1.4 times more efforts than a man if she is not his aunt or a foster mother.

Modern women must also understand that a woman's making 1.4 times more efforts than a man is not what a decent man can bear to observe even if she is not his aunt or a foster mother.

If you do not like this Buddhist analysis, you had better follow Jesus Christ who is so benevolent to women.

(I suppose that it is not recommended to reject any woman's request three consecutive times.

But, what is more important is to have somebody like Ananda.

How do you think, good girls, if you are not a Buddha's follower at all?)

"...Jesus sternly ordered the evil spirits not to tell anyone who he was..."

(Aber Jesus verbot ihnen nachdrucklich, das bekannt zu machen.)

Thursday, November 01, 2007

New Inventions with Patent Application Pending

("Kiku" in Japanese but not "kurisansamamu"; Le chrysanthème)

New Inventions with Patent Application Pending
(Nouvelles inventions avec demande de brevet en suspens)

I have some ideas for invention of useful hardware and software products:

(1) A New Mode of Watches and Clocks

Background of Invention:

Current mainstream watches and clocks are of course to tell a user an hour, a minute, and a second of a day with auxiliary display of a day of the week and a day of the month.

But, there are many old citizens who cannot instantly recall what day or date it is, thus feeling embarrassed or making others embarrassed.

My new mode of watches and clocks display a day of the week and/or a day of the month as its main indication with auxiliary display of an hour, a minute, and a second of a day.

There are various ways to indicate a day of the week and a date as its main information on the surface of a watch and a clock.

In a case of a digital watch or a clock, a text indicating a date can occupy the full surface of the watch or a clock.

In a case of an analog watch or clock, letters meaning days of the week and dates of the month will be put on the surface instead of the numbers indicating hours, 1 to 12, to be pointed at by the hands of a watch or a clock.

Claims and Details of Design:
(not to be disclosed here, but an example of the surface of a new mode of watches below presented)

(For your reference: ;
especially about evolution of Japan's clock technology: )

(2) A New Internet Protocol

Background of Invention:

When US Defense Department invented this telecommunications protocol, they did not take into serious consideration an intervention by a spy, a use of false identity by a criminal, or a need of confirmation of Internet users, since anticipated users are all military staff well identified situated in a well identified location.

But, as the Internet was made publicly and commercially open, millions of spies, criminals, terrorists, traffickers, drunks, people full of mischief and malice, and irresponsible and immoral people are now using it.

A law enforcement agency in any country desperately needs to get their identification and location in order to prevent damages to a government, legitimate business, and ordinary citizens and also to stop an act of terror.

Now, a new Internet protocol should be introduced at two spheres: one for communications among routers and other public network equipment; and another for computers, cellular phones, and other user equipment.
( )

The key is mandate preservation of record of the originating PC's IP address and those of routers at each node and gateway in each field allocated to such an address in the data structure of every packet or a whole communication data unit to be sent from a sending PC to a receiving PC or a server.

And, if any router working as a gateway for a PC to be connected to the public Internet lacks this function or fails to add the address information of its client PC to a received packet, it should be disabled, excluded, or rejected for connection by other routers in the public Internet. The second router that has received data from the first router, which is directly communicated with the originating client PC, must also add the address of first router to a received packet of data and transferred it to the third router.

This sequence must be continued until a destination PC receives the packet of data sent by the originating PC.

So, one packet must have several or scores of additional fields to record every IP address of a PC and routers that handle and forward the packet.

However, with an increase in transmission speed and capacity of a PC and a router, this must be technically and economically practical and feasible.

Consequently, a mail-receiving or site-connected PC can get information on where its receiving data or its connected site was originated and passed through.

When anonymity is needed, a different scheme shall be authorized and introduced on a contract base between a citizen using the Internet and his/her contracted service provider.

The point is that at least every router, server, or communications equipment working as a gate way to or a node in the public-domain Internet should be globally and clearly identified, authorized, and monitored based on an additional protocol over the normal IP protocol opened for users and consumers with the focus on preservation of full and correct IP addresses of network entities involved in any single communication sequence of data.

Claims and Details of Design:
(not to be disclosed here, but examples of the Internet system message on a user PC below presented:
"This mail has been sent from a PC with an (permanent or temporary) address via authentic routers with addresses yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy, zzz.zzz.zzz.zzz, and nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn, respectively."

"This Web site message has been sent from a PC with an (permanent or temporary) address through authentic routers with addresses yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy, zzz.zzz.zzz.zzz, and nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn, respectively."

"This Web page is stored in a server with an (permanent or temporary) address where you are connected over authentic routers with addresses yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy, zzz.zzz.zzz.zzz, and nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn, respectively."

Note: A geographical location of any router in the Internet public domain must be registered in and known to a law enforcement agency and must be shared globally by all the governments.
* * *

Jesus Christ never used a watch and the Internet as well as a PC or a cell phone.

Therefore, it is apparent that we have to discuss how to be His follower while using a watch and the Internet as well as a PC or a cell phone.

Indeed, the more you are given, the more you are requested to contribute to the society.

Truly, if you do not have this faith, benefits from what you are given and thus possess will be taken away both materially and spiritually, since they are of no use for you.

(Now, I have to consult a clock and get ready to post this writing to blog through the public-domain Internet for you, yes for you all.

Indeed, the system is now being used to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

Truly, I am not making money but spending money in this practice for victims of the amnestic syndrome and Internet crimes.)

"...Wild animals were there also, but angels came and helped him..."

(Er lebte mit den wilden Tieren zusammen, und die Engel Gottes versorgten ihn.)

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The New Amazons Creation Project

The New Amazons Creation Project
(Le nouveau projet de création Amazones)

First please double click the humble world map below:

In order to cope with the global warming, we have to deal with the increase in carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere or the ambient environment.

In order to deal with the increase in CO2 in the atmosphere, we have to increase capacity of the nature to absorb CO2.

In order to increase capacity of the nature to absorb CO2, we had better create six more Amazons as "original" Amazon is estimated to absorb and store 25% of CO2 emitted globally by human activities and so on.

In order to create a new Amazon in each designated area in the above map, we have to supply a huge amount of water to each area.

In order to supply a huge amount of water to each area, we have to use marine water through large-scale desalination (which does not emit CO2 in its operation).

In order to use marine water through large-scale desalination, we have to invent new technologies and engineering equipment (which do not emit CO2 in its operation) and mobilize a great amount of funds so as to install a million irrigation channels or water pipe lines across each area, such as the Sahara.

This must be the Great Project in the 21st Century of Mankind.

Then, in the 22nd century, mankind will live safely and peacefully on the earth with benefits offered by the total seven Amazons.

The details of the Plan, a core of which is how to let desalinated marine water flow from a coast into a desert just like a big river flowing in the opposite direction (while emitting no CO2 in its operation), may be discussed later if the God or Allah so wishes.

For Amazon:

For CO2 and tropical forests:

For desalination:
"Nuclear-powered desalination might be economical on a large scale, and there is a pilot plant in the former USSR."

(Now you can sell this Plan to the world as your holy mission.

You can really work for mankind with this Plan, having such productive days in this century.

Even one of new Amazons may be named after you, especially if you are such a brave girl.)

"...'I am the Lord's servant,' said Mary..."

(Da sagte Maria: Ich will ganz fur Gott da sein.)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Million Times Brighter Comet or 405 Years Old Clam

A Million Times Brighter Comet or 405 Years Old Clam
(Un million de fois plus lumineux comète ou d'un 405 ans palourde)

We have got not-man-made miracles on the sky above and down below the ground at the end of October in 2007 as Jesus Christ predicted 2000 years ago.

(1) "Less than a week ago periodic Comet Holmes (17P) brightened dramatically — by nearly a million times — virtually overnight"

(2) "400 year old clam discovered near Iceland"

There are some hints to understanding the divine will bringing these miracles in each site above introduced:
For the comet, "The comet was also in a major eruption 115 years ago, in November 1892, when English amateur Edwin Holmes was the first to spot it."

For the bivalve, "When the mollusc was growing from a larva 405 years ago, Queen Elizabeth I was on the throne and William Shakespeare was writing The Merry Wives of Windsor."

As for 1892, you may refer to the following to see what happened in the year:
You may find the following description:
"October 31 - Arthur Conan Doyle publishes The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes."

Therefore, the two miracles high above the sky and deep in the sea must be telling something related to William Shakespeare and Conan Doyle, the two great British writers.

Of course, the two historic writers are well known in Japan where a lot of people love to read their novels or plays in translation versions.
* * *

It is said that the God does not give a person two super gifts.

You cannot be a marathon hero and at the same time a 100m-dash hero.

You cannot be blessed by both the God (love) and the Devil (money) simultaneously.

In fact, you cannot be a super comet and at the same time a super clam.

Nonetheless, we have been given the two reports concurrently on a super comet and a super clam in this October.

There must be another way to interpret these extraordinary incidents which are without doubt manifestation of part of glory of the Creator who also allowed you to be born and live in this era, namely, the early 21st century.

How do you interpret the two super incidents with proportional praise to God?

(Indeed, someone is to become a super comet drastically brightening.

Truly other is a super clam at last discovered after a long hidden life.

But do you think a 405-years old clam at the bottom of the ocean would encounter a suddenly million-times brightened comet in the space so far away?

Anyhow, the Messiah may be coming, coming to believers, at least to believers only, though I am puzzled about why it must be near Iceland that received this honor ahead of His time.)

"...they teach man-made rules as though they were my laws..."

(...denn, sie lehren nur Gebote, die sich Menschen ausgedacht haben...)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Divine Comedy 2007 (XXIII)

Divine Comedy 2007 (XXIII)
[Comédie Divin 2007 - XXIII]

1. Reflection in the Week
Pro 10:29 The way of the LORD is strength to the upright: but destruction shall be to the workers of iniquity.

Pro 10:30 The righteous shall never be removed: but the wicked shall not inhabit the earth.

Pro 10:31 The mouth of the just bringeth forth wisdom: but the froward tongue shall be cut out.

Pro 11:1 A false balance is abomination to the LORD: but a just weight is his delight.

Pro 11:2 When pride cometh, then cometh shame: but with the lowly is wisdom.

2. Kind French
A Japanese tourist to Lyon in France was especially treated kindly by local people.

One old French woman even gave her a ride on a car for looking around the city, saying: "Didn't people in Paris turn nasty to you? Paris is not what France is all about. French are essentially kind people."

3. Kind Americans
A Japanese tourist who had traveled alone by car along Route 66 in the Bible Belt of the South in the U.S. told, after his homecoming, his friend that he had found local people there were all kind and law-abiding, though he had expected that he would encounter harsh racial discrimination due to his color of the skin (probably which must be a reason for his traveling to the U.S. South so as to confirm it).

4. Kind Germans
A Japanese student who was studying in France traveled to Germany with her friend from Japan in the summer of 2001.

They were glad to find that Germany was safer than in France where some people had often bothered them by speaking to them (probably since the two looked attractive or easy to cheat).

But, one day in Cologne, when they were walking up a broken and halted moving-staircase, two strange German women on a lower floor began to shout at one of the two Japanese.

The Japanese student thought that the German women must be angry probably because a bag she was carrying on her back with its cord crossing her chest askew as she was too tired to carry it by hand must have hit them.

When the German women found that the two Japanese travelers could not understand the language, they started to walk upstairs to them so alarmingly to the young Japanese women.

So, the Japanese student was prepared to apologize to them; but her friend recently from Japan found the bag was open in a suspicious manner.

The two German women were about to tell her on the very fact.

They eventually kindly led them to a railway police office, since the Japanese student had been robbed of her purse from the bag by a pickpocket.
* * *

Now, what country do you think has pleased God more?

I hope Japanese people act wisely enough to be kind to Muslims and other Asians traveling in Japan, if they do not look like raffine French, rich and nice Americans, or conscientious Germans.

(Indeed, Jesus Christ said no to go to foreigners' ways.

Truly, Lao-tze said that the farther you travel, the less you comprehend.

That is why Jesus Christ never ordered to make any pilgrimage.

Yet, I don't feel like blaming Japanese Major League Baseball players, since the Boston RedSox has won the World Series. )

"Jesus Healed a Paralyzed Man"

(Jesus heilt einen Gelähmten)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Tears of Christ or The Tears of the Pacific

The Tears of Christ or The Tears of the Pacific
(Les larmes du Christ ou les larmes du Pacifique)

Now it is 2 p.m. of Sunday in Japan (though this posting to blog will be a few hours later).

I woke up past the noon today for some reasons.

Last night a rare late October typhoon approached the Kanto Plane (with Tokyo at its southern end), bringing much rain.

So, I bought a comic as a rare occasion last night. It is one of the latest versions of "San-Choume-no-Yuhi" (sunset in the third district), which is popular in Japan and even made into a film ( ). From a story in the comic I learnt how to check if a hamster enters into hibernation or gets dead from cold (though I don't want to be bothered by any other creatures than a human being).

Once Tokyo Governor Mr. Shintaro Ishihara said that then Chief Cabinet Secretary Mr. Yasuo Fukuda looked like a head of a girls high school. But, I found Prime Minister Mr. Fukuda of Japan somehow looks like a corporate employee, depicted in a story of "San-Choume-no-Yuhi" created by Mr. Ryouhei Saigan, who has got a late promotion to a manager when he has become 40 years old.

Anyway, as I woke up so late, I thought that the third game of the Major League Baseball's World Series must have been over. Then I checked the New York Times online to find that the game was still in the seventh inning. So, I turned on my flat panel display TV to enjoy the proceeding of the game which has ended with the RedSox's third win. Japanese players caught big attentions, nicely or disappointingly.

Then I checked how many hits I could get when trying the search with a key word "a kind Japanese man" over the Internet, using an English search engine. I happened to find one as follows, though the focus of the writing seems to be a kind of wine called "The Tears of Christ."
(From the above site, to a linked cartoon site if you like, too: )

Now, the sun is shining all over the Kanto Plain as the typhoon No. 20 has gone to the Northern Pacific off the northeast Japan Arc to degrade into an extra-tropical cyclone.

I've got a few things to do today yet (though I woke up past the noon today for some reasons you never know so innocently if you go to church every Sunday morning).

"...and all who touched it were made well..."

(Und alle, die es taten, wurden gesund.)