Saturday, August 05, 2006

One Sinner to Repent

One Sinner to Repent

There is a husband and wife in Japan.

A wife complained that her husband said to her that he did not need her any more and they had to divorce.

She wrote to the agony-column of The Yomiuri Shimbun Newspaper: "My husband doesn't come home from his workshop where he works as a self-employed worker, though he provides me with enough living expenses. He is not associated with other women. But he said that he had been tired of me. I think I have to change myself, if necessary. And our son is going to take college entrance exam soon. I love my husband, but I don't know what to do. I want to live a happy life as before."
* * *

A man is sometimes haunted by something that is rather psychological, which however leads to misunderstanding, misbehavior, antagonism, a sense of shame or sin, or otherwise making himself a victim of a swindle or a gambit others set up.

In the worst case, he might be playing a part of a chain of machinations while believing that he is doing a right thing based on a sound judgment, which is actually opposite.
* * *

When Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton suggested that Secretary Donald Rumsfeld should resign, the Secretary did not hide his disappointment in a hearing of Congress.

Both are not Jewish, so far as I know.

But, when Israel is at war, it gives some special psychological effect on some people in Europe and the United States.

I am afraid that it might lead to misunderstanding, misbehavior, antagonism, a sense of shame or sin, or otherwise making himself or herself a victim of a swindle or a gambit others set up.

Doesn't a divorce rate grow up in the Western society whenever Israel is at war?
* * *

It is true that you should leave your family when you are called by God.

It should be extremely lucky if God says that you and your family leave your home and head for the land He promises.
* * *

If a couple contains every sin of the both within themselves forever in their own tie-up without divorce, society will become more decent and get more chances to develop. They alone have to be victims of each other.

It must apply even to neighboring countries, such as Israel and Lebanon which formed a single region in most of historical eras in the past.


Monday, July 31, 2006

Children in Lebanon Hit and Gone

Children in Lebanon Hit and Gone

We heard that many children were hit and gone in Lebanon.

If you heard that scores of children were killed on a single incident, you would think that criminals responsible should be cursed by God.
* * *

On March 12, 2003, a reporter for The International Herald Tribune wrote:

"A year ago Shimon Peres and senior Israeli Army intelligence officers estimated that the Hezbollah already had 8,000 of the rockets in their possession. Last week, they both raised that figure to 10,000." (

If you take up 10,000 military rockets of your enemy at a procurement price of, say, US$10,000 for each, you simply need $100 million.

Israel spent 9 billion dollars for its defense.

Therefore, they only have to use 1.1 percent of their defense budget for eradicating the threat posed by 10,000 short/middle-distance rockets.
* * *

I do not think that God is pleased with Israelites in terms of this incident as He was 3500 years ago at Jericho, though Israelites have named their own missiles "Jericho."

If Israelites think that God is, I will be very much alerted.

If Israelites think that God is not, they had better be very much alerted.