Saturday, January 26, 2008

Real Change and Collateral Tragedy

Real Change and Collateral Tragedy

(Véritable changement et accompagnement tragédie)

SECTION I: Changes and Victims in and around the U.S.

For example, Abraham Lincoln won the Civil War, leading to a new era and bringing about a big change.

Then Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.

Gandhi led India to winning independence from the U.K., bringing about a big change.

Then Gandhi was assassinated.

John Kennedy became the first Catholic US President, bringing about a big change.

Then JFK was assassinated.

Martin Luther King Jr. became the first African American Nobel Prize Winner and led the big social change forcing President Lyndon Johnson to admit it.

Then Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated.

The Reagan-Bush Administration put an end to the Cold War, bringing about a big change.

Then, Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, influencing many Arabs including Mr. Osama bin Laden. Later Saddam Hussein was executed and Mr. Osama bin Laden has become an enemy of the U.S.

Mr. Bill Clinton advertised a big change, actually bringing about it in the money market.

Then AlQaeda began to plan the 9/11 terror, which was however conducted in 2001 triggering wars taking so many lives of Muslims and Christians.

When the U.S. has its first female President or its first African-American President, thus bringing about a big change, some horrible things might happen in the U.S. and in the world.

Are people concerned, including, say, New York Times editors, well prepared for that?

Only for the reason to avoid such tragedies, you might like to vote for, say, Mr. Mitt Romney in the Presidential Election, though probably I won't if I have a right for vote.

(Of course, EEE Reporter might be involved in such tragedies. But, in the case, whoever can be involved in my view, since God is almighty.)

SECTION II: Big Change in Japan Expected

In 1868, after the civil war in Japan, the Tokugawa samurai regime lost the political power and the hegemony in Japan.

They had gone forever.

In 1945, after the defeat in WWII, the Imperial Military lost the political power and the hegemony in Japan.

They had gone forever.

In 2007, there is a possibility that the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) of Japan might lose the political power and the hegemony in Japan.

But, it is still unlikely if they will have gone forever.

If before the G8 summit planned in Japan this July a general election is conducted, triggered by, say, the gasoline tax issue, there is a possibility that LDP will lose majority in the Lower House and thus fall from power.

In the case, the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ), as a major ruling party, will form the cabinet.

The point of issue is that we have had many victims in such turmoil.

When LDP lost its power but soon came back forming the cabinet in a tie up with a socialist party in early 1990's, some people concerned were really victimized in the political sector of Japan.

The then prime minister who had first taken power from LDP later lost his reputation due to some money scandals.

Even, in 1995 when a Japan's prime minister was a member of the socialist party supported by LDP, a great earthquake hit Japan killing 6,000 people and a sarin-gas terror was carried out by a cult in Tokyo injuring 6,000 people.

Recently when former Prime Minister Mr. Jyunichiro Koizumi introduced a big change in the Japanese politics, some politicians, critics, officials, and even economists were reportedly victimized.

Only for the reason to avoid such tragedies, you might like to vote for LDP in the coming general election in Japan, though I don't know what I will do with my voting right.

(Of course, EEE Reporter might be involved in such tragedies. But, in the case, whoever can be involved in my view, since God is almighty.)

SECTION III: Enemy of God and EEE Reporter

Just like EEE Reporter had predicted months ago, some rich Americans and British lost big money recently due to the subprime loan problem.

But, the US Government, in a tie up with rich Americans and British, should not become an enemy of God or Allah and EEE Reporter.

Japanese ruling parties and officials in power, in a tie up with rich Americans and British, must not be an enemy of God and EEE Reporter from the fear of losing power.

EEE Reporter has simply suggested that the death of Princess Diana in 1997 gave a decisive cause to certain Muslims to carry out the 9/11 terror in New York and Washington DC.

EEE Reporter has simply suggested that if a Religious Revolution prevails among poor Americans, such tragedies will be avoided.

And, EEE Reporter is simply wishing that every Japanese citizen would be blessed by the God, which LDP and DPJ or any Japanese politicians and officials cannot do.

You must think twice or thrice before making enemy out of God and EEE Reporter.

(Now, you are safe perfectly, as I have declared so following the order of God, my dear.)

Mat 5:8 Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.

Mat 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

Mat 5:10 Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Mat 5:11 Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.

Mat 5:12 Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Red Card to Japan's Economic Boom in 1990's

Red Card to Japan's Economic Boom in 1990's

(Un Carton rouge au boom économique du Japon dans les années 1990)

SECTION I: Ginza, Ginza, Ginza, so High and so Proud

Last night they reported a planned closing of a small (Japanese style) pub in Ginza, Tokyo.

Ginza is the highest street, in a sense, in Japan with various commercial buildings and shops well-established or always modern and enjoying reputation for refined style. The street is rather near the first-rate business center Hibiya, the Tokyo Station, and the Imperial Palace, making Ginza streets all the more proud.

One 50-year old, humble wooden (Japanese style) pub is going to be closed once for all in Ginza, since a land owner has contracted for a development project.

Ginza has been always under development since Japan opened the door to the world in 1868 on the Meiji Restoration.

As Tokyo is for Japan, Ginza has been for Tokyo. Every rich citizen and happy and lucky people go shopping and drinking in Ginza.

Anyway, the small pub has an atmosphere of the age depicted by the Japanese movie "ALWAYS - San-choume-no-Yuhi" which has presented people and towns decades ago in Tokyo.

The word "Gin-za" literally means a silver location, since they produced silver coins in the town during the Edo Period under the reign of the Tokugawa samurai clan.

Anyway, Tokyo is literally the greatest city in the world as the one built by a single race; so then Ginza is the highest street in the world as the one established by a single race in the human history.

SECTION II: True Reason for Japan's Recession in 1990's

First of all, you had better check two pictures of Tokyo presented in the following web site:

The aerial pictures cover the area around the Tokyo Station and the Imperial Palace in 1964 and 2007, respectively.

Tokyo has been under development without interruption. In 1964, however, almost no buildings could be called a skyscraper, partly due to restrictions officially posed out of consideration to earthquakes Tokyo has to suffer so frequently. But, now there are many buildings three to four times higher than those having been built decades ago.

If the economic growth in Japan had changed only the outlook of big cities, there might have been no serious problems.

The size of Japan is almost as large as that of California; but the number of people who live there corresponds to almost 40% of the US population.

(Imagine if all the Americans living in the west of the Mississippi River are ordered to move to, and live in, California!)

Therefore, if Japanese people exercise the same destructive power of material civilization as Americans do, its inhabitable plains would be full of houses, collective housings, parking areas, office buildings, public facilities, factories, power plants, structural roads, rail roads and stations, air ports, and various vehicles, while filling up every paddy field, rice field, and dry agricultural field.

The destructive power of the material civilization would also invade the woods, forests, and mountains of Japan.

(Woods, forests, and mountains account for 67% of the Japan's land.)

It is what had actually happened during the bubble economy preceding the depression in 1990's.

However, as the woods, forests, and mountains of Japan are a kind of holy and spiritual places for Japanese traditions and Japanese race including the Ainu people, it means the destruction of the spirit and the soul of the Japanese race.

Therefore, the too-violent and too-mean economic boom in the late 1980's and early 1990's must have been stopped in order to save the nature of Japan and the spirituality of the Japanese people.

This is the true reason for Japan's recession in 1990's.

Indeed, we had found many criminal acts involving big money in 1990's that told deterioration and contamination of the minds and hearts of the Japanese people.

In order to save the minds and hearts of the Japanese people, the progress of Japanese economy must be slowed down even today, if necessary.

Far before this CO2 boom, I really thought that destruction of the nature of Japan must be stopped; and the God heard my wish, though the people could not understand it while resorting to useless resistance leveraging the money market until this day.

SECTION III: Revolutions in China and America so Expected

Mr. Paul Harvey today said, in the FEN radio channel, that China recorded 11% economic growth in 2007 catching up with Germany in terms of GDP.

The famous radio host said, "China is now close to the world No.3 country Germany in terms of GDP but you know who the top is."

Indeed, China will soon become world No.3 owing to a help from Japan who is still No.2.

But, unlike Japan, there seems to be nobody in China who would rather stop the economic growth in order to save the nature and the spirituality of the people.

Mr. Paul Harvey should learn how much Japan has supported China's economic growth in these decades as well as how much Chinese have destroyed and contaminated their land, the nature, and the minds and hearts of the people.

Sooner or later, there will be another political revolution in China due to the above said destruction.

Mr. Paul Harvey also mentioned the Pope as well as a Hitler's mentor in philosophy who had however lived 100 years before, while such topics are rarely taken up in the Japanese media as the paradigm of political continuation from the era before WWII has been almost obsolete in this society unlike the U.S.

Sooner or later, there will be religious revolution in the U.S.
* * *

Now, we've come to Friday.

I hope that you will be a person worth receiving God's blessing in this weekend.

Having said so, May God bless you!

(Last night I really saw the full moon through the truly cold air between buildings.

Then I really saw something red, though it was not Mars.

Equipment around me has been working well.

But, I have also remembered that my TV set got paralyzed functionally when North Korea blasted a nuclear bomb, though so humble in its scale.

It may be a time to buy new machine.)

"The Shepherd and the Angels"

(Die Hirten und die Engel)


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Acts of Conspiracy and Selling of Conspiracy Theory

Acts of Conspiracy and Selling of Conspiracy Theory

(Conspiration et Théorie de la conspiration)

SECTION I: Everybody with a Beaming Smile

The Nikkei Average Index of Tokyo Stock Exchange rebounded.

Everybody showed a beaming smile, or forcibly hid it as a personal style, in the TV news programs last night in Japan.

Half a day later, none in NYSE showed vinegary face, watching a yo-yo of price change resulting in a gain of nearly 300 points of the day.

The invisible hand of God might have been a key player in the market yesterday.

But, I wonder how many rich men repent.

When the God's hand is withdrawn, devils and demons so far dispersed will soon throw every kind of bad thoughts into the heads of people concerned.

And, the Great Money Game will go on...

SECTION II: Conspiracy Theory Reconsidered

If the 9/11 terror is an act of conspiracy planned and carried out by the US Government, this sub-prime loan fiasco could be an act of conspiracy by the US Government, too.

However, the latter cannot be an act of conspiracy of the US Government as the following data, posted in today's Yomiuri Shimbun Newspaper in Japan, suggests.

(Click for a large view; "EU" in the above table means actually West Europe.)

So, if it is an act of conspiracy of the US Government, they have to promise compensation of US$128.1 billion to the related financial institutes not only in the U.S. but also in Europe and Japan, which denies such a speculation.

I don't think that CIA and FBI launched the selling of the 9/11 terror conspiracy theory, for a specific and selfish reason, to diffuse it among people concerned.

I don't think that they launched the selling of the 9/11 terror conspiracy theory as a counter measure, since CIA and FBI failed to protect people and thus lost their face and confidence,

I don't think that CIA and FBI did so, in order not to be laughed at, derided, and looked down on.

I don't think that CIA and FBI did so, so that they would be rather afraid of than laughed at.

But, some people or organization who had been expected to cooperate with CIA and FBI in covert operations against AlQaeda but failed in preventing the 9/11 terror did launch the conspiracy theory, so that they would be rather afraid of than despised, in my view.

As they failed, they launched the conspiracy theory not to be laughed at.

But, the conspiracy theory is really harming the credibility of performance of CIA and FBI.

CIA and FBI should exercise strict control over those who are now diffusing the 9/11 conspiracy theory, even if they were their old friends.

Especially, if AlQaeda likes the 9/11 conspiracy theory, it may add another big trouble.

(Or, is which side AlQaeda is on in this context, the CIA and FBI or the people pursuing justice with a belief that the 9/11 was an act of Government's conspiracy?)

SECTION III: Oh, What a Year 2007 without Conspiracy

A Japanese blogger checked changes of the indexes of world sock markets during a whole year of 2007, as follows.

( )
(Click for a large view)

Any non-nonsense conspiracy theory on the 9/11 terror should be concerned with this global money market trend.

It is because any conspiracy is done for big money ultimately.

And the big money is there now in the global money market, but not in the ghost of the WTC towers.

Therefore, big US banks suffering from big subprime loan-related losses might consider a conspiracy to take big money from the world stock markets, such as the one in China, India, Dubai, and Vietnam, as their selfish compensation.

It can be a true conspiracy beyond the level of 1997 Asian Financial Crisis that was actually rescued by Japan but not IMF or the financial sector of the U.S. or the U.K.

SECTION IV: Warning to Americans

Some Japanese have recently reported:
"American tourists in Japan said that the low interest rate in Japan had triggered the subprime loan problem; So, Japan should be to blame."

"In the economic slump in Japan in 1990's, Japanese were still working hard to sustain the economy. But, Americans today are trying to sustain their economy, just using computers to move money in and around various financial markets without physically working hard. They have lost something needed to be a leader in the world."

Indeed, in a situation where Japanese never consider resorting to an act of conspiracy, Americans might think about it for real.

It is not good for mankind.

The God must send a type of Angels to deal with Americans in that case.
* * *

To your astonishment, there are such disgusting priests and clergymen as neither understand nor believe spirit, Angels, and God.

They cannot understand what is invisible but holy.

However, they know that they have vocation in the business called religion, especially Christianity.

They know they can act and play a role of a pastor.

And, they are making money by exercising a title of the priest or the clergyman.

This is the most sinful and the saddest conspiracy an individual can be engaged in, if so secretly or perfectly.

And if in the religious business we can see so many disgusting fellows, we may naturally encounter any conspiracy in the money market, since it is directly linked with big money that can make people so crazy like the case of American farmers now growing corns for alternative fuels of cars instead for foods.

Indeed, using the term CO2 is a kind of conspiracy.

Truly, we have to use the term Crude Oil and Coal, since the burning of them is the real cause of global warming.

(That is why you are lucky if you are not working in the financial sector.

The more you earn money, the more you will lose ability to do right things.

That is why such a hugely rough means, namely a war, is used to solve a problem, since they lose ability to deal with the matter in a more sophisticated and humane manner.

Anyway, we need the reliable media so as not to be duped by a seller of a conspiracy theory, though there are so many acts of conspiracy in this world.

Indeed, I am telling you, from my humble experiences, that working in the media sector, including a TV station, is not only full of fun but also full of temptations into conspiracies or conspiracy theories.

Truly, I am wondering who can stand such temptation in a TV studio, my dear.)

"...The businessmen of the earth also cry and mourn for her, because no one buys their goods any longer...."

(Auch die Kaufleute auf der Erde werden um sie weinen und trauern; denn keiner kauft mehr ihre Waren)


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Like Wandering Stars to the Hell

(Cherry trees in winter)

Like Wandering Stars to the Hell

(Comme les étoiles errantes de l'enfer)

SECTION I: Snowing Now, Baby

It is now snowing in and around Tokyo.

At last, weathermen and weatherwomen got back their credit, since they have been predicting the snowfall since last Sunday.

SECTION II: Oh, Come on! Old Friends

Chinese citizens interviewed on the street of Shanghai accused in real earnest of that Chinese manner or unmannerliness, if I may say so, their Government and American money market, as stock prices plunged.

A Japanese critic as well as a Hong Kong economist said that it was just a burst of the bubble in the Shanghai Stock Market.

But, when announcing a sharp decline of the Dow Jones Index, a pretty female news caster as well as a youthful male news caster, each in a different TV station in Tokyo, alike raised a pitch and a volume of their voice.

Indeed, between 5% and 10%, the global stock markets suffered a sharp fall of prices and indexes yesterday, including Tokyo Stock Exchange.

However, I have no intention to destroy the global money market, including New York Stock Exchange.

I don't think that the God has intention to destroy the global money market, including New York Stock Exchange.

But you had better refer to the transition of transactions there some time, for example:

And also refer to the historical chart below, while remembering that even a chairman of FRB once thought that it must have been 6,000 dollars instead of 10,000 dollars.

Indeed, rich men living on NYSE indexes can be humbler by one-third of their current arrogance index.

SECTION III: Sub-prime Loan Analysis, Folks

There are some who think that the 9/11 terror is an act of conspiracy by the US Government.

But, there are few who think that the sub-prime loan problem is an act of conspiracy by the US Government.

Which do you think costs more, the 9/11 terror plot or the sub-prime loan plot?

My advice is that you must assume that those experts both in national security and financial regulation lack some critical ability today instead that they have super ability to perform any plots today.

It is because that crazy increase in money has made their mind dull and mean, indeed so despicable.

Now, remember that as I wrote on December 12, 2007 in this blog:
If two million US citizens cannot pay, say, a 200,000 dollar loan each, the total default amount will be 400 billion dollars.

But, the total loss of major US financial companies during the third and fourth quarter in FY 2007 was just 89.6 billion dollars.

Even the total loss, including those in Europe and Japan, for the same period reached also just 134.6 billion dollars.

The fiasco is yet to be fully concluded.

It is also because now higher 10% of US households has an asset of one million dollars or more.

Of course, the number of lower 10% of US households is almost 7.5 million as with the richer 10%.

So, referring to my description on December 12, the scale of potential financial fiasco in the US society is estimated to be 1500 billion dollars (= 7.5 / 2 x 400 BN).

In addition, as the "monoline" credit-guarantee companies are losing their credit base, namely sub-prime loans, the US municipal bonds worth 430 billion dollars backed by them are going to face a big trouble.

(For a rumor on an effect on Japan, out of ill will or good will:{30313BBD-E177-43E8-BE0F-B26CB8AAB46A}

But most significantly, there is a horrible possibility that those upper 10% of US households may come to think that they can survive and get richer by buying lower priced stocks and other assets abandoned by the poorer if the Great Depression comes.

This is the most sinful plot, if a conspiracy is there in the sub-prime loan problem.

So then, they did not need the 9/11 terror conspiracy if they could do the sub-prime loan conspiracy in terms of making the rich richer and the poor poorer so as to monopolize the power in economy as well as politics.

SECTION IV: Points of Issue and Solutions, Gentlemen

The sub-prime loan problem caught a big attention when a rate of households that lost a solvency for their house loan jumped from 5% to 15%.

Everything then happened as a chain reaction through credit interdependence and unsupervised securitization for vast sales.

You cannot solve the problem trying to help, for example, Citibank Group (with a $28.6 bn loss) and Merrill Lynch (with a $22.5 bn loss) in the under-stream.

You have to concentrate on the upper stream of the problem.

As one of former FRB vice chairmen suggested today in a Japanese newspaper, the US Government should establish a public organization to buy a hosing loan and a home mortgage from each poor household.

As there are 10 million hardworking Hispanic (though yet not legal) in the U.S. today, the value of those houses will recover some time soon, say, in a decade, since they will like to buy even second-handed houses to live long in the U.S.

And, it is also expected in the near future that millions of Chinese and Indians will also come to America for sight-seeing and part time jobs; they will also like to buy even second-handed houses to live long in the U.S.

Indeed, the US Government should establish a public organization to directly buy a hosing loan and a home mortgage from each poor household at the brink of bankruptcy or losing their residence.
* * *

Now, the snow has stopped.

The NHK TV channel is live broadcasting parliamentary proceedings from the Diet Building in Tokyo.

Indeed, what is required of the US President is not physical energy and psychological toughness to carry out a Presidential Election Campaign for two years but physical strength and mental soundness to attend congressional sessions, hearings, and Q&A dialogues in the Congress every week being televised nationwide.

And, now, is it snowing in South Carolina, (gentle-)men?

(In 2007, nine million foreigners visited Japan.

Some of them may be actually viewing EEE Reporter.

But, how can they interpret Japanese TV news program?

The Japanese Government should think about internationalization of the Japanese language sooner or later.

It will lead to solving the mismatching of cultural value and the misunderstanding of the patriotic pride of the Japanese race in performing its traditions, including whaling and cherry blossom viewing.

Indeed, there is always a symbolical entity that represents, say, a nation or the divine power of a nation in addition to the beauty of its civilization.

[So, don't come back to Japan after buying a home in, say, Harlem, New York, the U.S. ])

"They are like trees that bear no fruit even in autumn..."

(Sie sind wie Baume ohne jede Frucht im Herbst...)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Everybody Went Black Except Mona Lisa

(snow capped Mt. Asama north of Tokyo Pref.)

Everybody Went Black Except Mona Lisa

(Tout le monde est allé noir sauf Mona Lisa)

SECTION I: Martin Luther King Jr. Day

"While America has made great progress over the decades since the civil rights movement, our journey towards equality is far from complete. "
- Texas Dem. Rep. Charles Gonzalez -

A Japanese woman who married an American has a blog to mainly advertise her business to guide Japanese tourists to the African American culture and the Caribbean American culture.

She recently reported that expensive condominiums have been being built in large amounts in Harlem, New York, one of which is presented in a picture in her blog as an example of distastefulness with a building name "Kalahari," since even an American magazine introduced the condominium as an example of distastefulness, according to her remarks.

I think that politics and entertainment are two wide gates to the so called "happiness" where you don't need God.

They had better find a narrow gate to God or Allah, otherwise you will not forever realize that everyone is "Black" in Harlem, New York, and America, since God allowed for the tragic but holy movement of African races to America in whatever context.

I think it is for God's glory to appear through a process of making All future Americans "Black" or "Colored."

SECTION II: Columbus and Da Vinci

Christopher Columbus was born in 1451 and died in 1506.

Leonard da Vinci was born in 1452 and died in 1519.

So, da Vinci lived 13 years longer than Columbus.

Da Vince must have heard of a rumor about the discovery of the new continent or West India, though Columbus died believing that he had reached the east end of Asia, since he wanted to get to the country of gold Japan.

Anyway, we have to review the history from a standpoint of a follower of Jesus Christ.

As the Vatican's attitude toward their Lord made the God angry, Islam was given to mankind around Mecca in 610 or so, on the assumption that Jesus had not been the Son of God as the Vatican's attitude literally meant that the Vatican did not regard Jesus as the son of God or the God.

But the God must have been also dissatisfied at development of Islam, though he had waited for 900 years till 1500.

Then, around 1500, the God or Allah decided to give a new continent or world to European Christians as a stage to develop their religion.

However, as Europeans had failed in promoting a sound development of the so called Christianity, God or Allah decided to move some Africans to the new continent America as future leaders of a new religion.

Therefore, the new religion the God or Allah expects to evolve, develop, and deploy in America should be called "African American Centric Christianity" or simply "Black Christianity." All the believers should be thus called "followers of Black Christianity," in which the key word is "Black."

Accordingly, all the Americans should be simply referred to as "Black" when this new religion is completed in future there in America.

But, what about Europe and European Christianity?

Indeed, they would have been forlorn in terms of faith, truly as the God found a need to give Islam to mankind in 610, since European Christianity failed in showing the utmost respect in arguing the Holy Trinity in Unity before 610.

So, every glory might have gone to America as Columbus discovered the new continent.

Truly, around 1940, German Nazis killed six million Israelites, which tells that the God was right when He gave Islam to people around Mecca because of failure of European Christianity before 610.

It was proven to be quite right, since 1300 years later Europeans killed six million Israelites, though Americans who had experienced their own Civil War rescued Israelite Europeans in WWII.

Indeed for this purpose the God allowed Columbus to discover America instead of Japan.

But, the benevolent God still gave a chance to Europeans to repent and come back to their right sense.

For that purpose, the God used Leonard da Vinci, allowing his work "Mona Lisa" to remain until the 21st century.

It is because Mona Lisa was the last example of truly pious Christians in Europe before the discovery of America.

When Columbus discovered America for future development of Christianity, Mona Lisa was painted and destined to be preserved as a proof of existence of pious Christians in the last age before the discovery of the New Continent, though the painter himself was profane.

Truly, as Leonard da Vinci could not understand Jesus Christ and God, he could not understand Mona Lisa who was so pious.

That is why Mona Lisa was mystery to da Vinci.

That is why Mona Lisa's smile was a mystery to da Vinci.

That is why we can today observe the feeling of de Vinci on the picture "Mona Lisa."

Yet, as there was such a pious woman, God allowed the Vatican to continue to exist even till this day.

But, after all, this enigma of 500 years is now solved through EEE Reporter on this day, since EEE Reporter could identify Mona Lisa through a very profound way along with the recent TV news report on a memo on Mona Lisa found in an old book stored in a library in Germany for centuries.

(For this merit, Germans will be blessed by the God, I believe. )

So, things will change, accordingly, while EEE Reporter has also discovered that America is destined to become "Black."

SECTION III: Prices of Gasoline

According to a blog of a Japanese lawmaker, the prices and related taxes in countries are as follows (unit: yen or US cent, almost):

Gasoline Prices
Country [fuel tax, etc.](other fees)--- retail price
JAPAN...<60.2> (74.8)...135

KOREA...<114.9> (84.3)...199.2 

UK...<149.6> (76.7)...226.3  

GERMANY...<141.6> (77.5)...219.1 

FRANCE...<131.3> (77.6)...208.9

USA...<12.7> (83.6)...96.3  

SWEDEN...<131.2> (79.7)...210.9


For those concerned with Japan, I just like to inform that the biggest issue in Japan is now this gasoline tax.

The ruling parties are trying to extend the effective period of a gasoline tax law that sets the current amount of the tax.

But, the Oppositions are trying to abolish the law and thus lower the tax by 25 yen or so.

This issue could lead to dissolution of the House of Representatives and thus general election, which would affect the G8 Summit to be held in Japan this year with a focus on CO2.
* * *

If you are living under the strong sun rays for hundreds of thousands of years, the color of your skin would become dark.

If you are living surrounded by golden rice for thousands of years, the color of your skin would become golden.

But, if you are living in the air full of exhausted gas out of burnt fossil fuels, such as coals and oil for hundred years, or even for ten years in a big city, the color of your skin would resemble that of coal or oil naturally.

Mankind is going brown or sun-tanned, at least under the last layer of the skin, as if being under the strong sun rays of 100 million years ago when coal and oil were live plants here and there.

CO2 is making us all brown and almost "Black" all over the globe.

It is very ironical, like da Vinci's painting of Mona Lisa.

(A female politician in Japan becoming the most news topics nowadays may be truly Ms. Yukari Sato.

She is losing her electoral regional base due to a policy change of the LDP which is now choosing other veteran female politician in the same electoral district for the next general election.

I feel something "Black" in her, not because she graduated from a grad school of the New York University, though she is 100% Japanese.

Indeed, a woman like Mona Lisa never enters politics as some Japanese critics have argued.

Or, Mesdemoiselles, do you like to compete with those elite Japanese ladies whose best age must be only in their university days, for I said so, since I went to a university, too.)

"..I gave solemn warning that they should turn from their sins..."

(Juden wie Nichtjuden habe ich beschworen, zu Gott umzukehren und Jesus als ihren Herrn anzunehmen.)


Monday, January 21, 2008

US Religious Revolution for Paradigm to Address Crises

US Religious Revolution for Paradigm to Address Crises

(American révolution religieuse pour le paradigme de traiter les crises)

There are some people in this world even today who remind me of a famous Japanese song, Subaru (the Pleiades).

SECTION I: American Japanese Mr. Bill Totten

Mr. Bill Totten, a European American working in Japan since 1969, got Japanese nationality in September 2006.

He once often made a TV appearance speaking Japanese wit a bow tie, but as he has been recently clearly against policies of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, TV stations seem to avoid asking him to join their programs on air, which however does not seem to be fair.

He once described Ms. Condoleezza Rice as a very cold-hearted woman in a TV program, which impressed me somehow, though he is a senior person to the Secretary of State.

Once I read that he loves Kyoto and has a residence there, though his company is in Tokyo.

Yet, I was not aware that he obtained Japanese citizenship until very recently.

(Taking precautions, I am acquainted with neither Mr. Totten, nor Mr. Fulford and Mr. Rockefellar, though I have inherent Japanese citizenship.)

SECTION II: Keys to Winning the Cold War

It is also very recently that I checked his blog.

And, I read the following:
Sunday, January 20, 2008
The Farewell Dossier: Duping the Soviets
by Gus W Weiss (original around 1995) (accessed October 09 2007)

Now I suppose there are many young Americans who are 18 years old or a little older and have only vague memory on the 9/11 terror in 2001 which happened six and a half years ago.

Now I suppose there are many American voters who have only vague memory on the end of the Cold War, since 50% of citizens now living and working in New York seem not to have lived in New York at the end of the Cold War without saying in 1963 or in 1941.

However, in my views, the paradigm of that era is what is kept inside the mind of incumbent US President Mr. George W. Bush (and probably Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton), since then US Vice-President was Mr. George H.W. Bush who had been previously the Director of CIA.

Anyway, this CIA-related document confirmed my knowledge about the end of the threat of a nuclear war between the Soviet Union and the USA.

In 1994, Gorbachev's science adviser, Roald Sagdeev, wrote that in computers and microelectronics - the keys to modern civil and military technology - the Soviets trailed Western standards by fifteen years and that the most striking indication of their backwardness was the absence of a domestically made supercomputer. The Soviets considered a supercomputer a "strategic attribute", the lack of which was inexcusable for a superpower {7}. Line X did not acquire designs for such a machine, nor could Soviet computer scientists build one on their own - and NSDM 247 had stopped Western help. As for Farewell, his contribution led to the collapse of a crucial collection program at just the time the Soviet military needed it, and it resulted in a forceful and effective NATO effort to protect its technology. Along with the US defense buildup and an already floundering Soviet economy, the USSR could no longer compete, a conclusion reached by the Politburo in 1987.

However, there are two things to be added.
- The emergence of Japan in 1980's as the technology-based world power overwhelming USSR in terms of electronics, computers, and so on put an end to the belief of the Communist Party of Russia that Marxism could win in the regions except the US and Europe. Countries in those regions have all respected Japanese success and technologies instead of Marxism and Soviet technologies.

- China completely abandoned the strategies the Soviet had taken even in its competition with Japan in the Cold War. China decided to encroach on Japan, though initially mainly through pro-China Japanese conservative politicians and companies to introduce Japanese funds and technologies into Chinese industries, while halting its build-up of nuclear military capabilities targeting the U.S. and offering the huge market and a back flow of dollars to the U.S.

When the leaders of the Soviet Union observed these movements in Japan and China, they clearly understood that they were no more leaders of the world, since their Marxism could not be respected anywhere in Asia.

If they could brace the defeat by the U.S. and West Europe, they could not stand being defeated by Japan and despised by China; their leaders lost face.

This is the most decisive factor of the collapse of the political system of the Soviet Union, since it was beyond the simple defeat in professional war games against the NATO and the U.S.

The huge success of Japan in 1980's, forcing a great strategy change in China, actually put an end to the pride of the Marxist Empire Soviet Union.

SECTION III: Aftermath of the Professional War Games

But, most importantly, CIA did not openly praise Japan, as an allied country in the Cold War, at all.

CIA rather took a hostile view of Japan, even abusing industrial espionage cases involving employees of Japanese companies in the semiconductor industry, while Japanese mainframe computers took rank with IBM's.

It continued to the era of President Mr. Bill Clinton, though, for example, Toyota hired so many workers in its factories in the U.S.

Such a biased attitude and mentality of CIA and part of the US Government is part of reasons for their failure in effectively addressing Muslims and responding to the Islamic cause.

So, it is no wonder that, after the 9/11 terror, President Mr. George W. Bush and then Japan's Prime Minister Mr. Jyunichiro Koizumi got into a close relationship.

This is a sub-current that forced, in a sense, the friendship between the two leaders after the 9/11 Terror and the Money War between the US and Japan that had been launched so professionally after the end of the Cold War.

SECTION IV: Financial Incidents under "Peak Oil"

Now let's come back to Mr. Bill Totten, an American Japanese.

He wrote that his success in Japan lies in his respecting his father's advice he got when he was young in California: "Respect customers more than profits."

( )

Finally, Mr. Bill Totten thinks that the US economy would fail in a large scale sooner or later as indicated by the sub-prime loan issue.

He is unique in discussing the US economic crisis in relation to and in the context of the "peak oil."

For the perspective of the depletion of crude oil technically available to mankind so far:
Once the seriousness of situation is generally acknowledged, a panic will spread on the markets and bring down the entire house of cards even if production hasn't actually peaked. For this reason, the mainstream media cannot discuss this issue without largely whitewashing the dire consequences for the average person. If they told the truth, people would panic and the markets would crash.

SECTION V: ALL You Need is Religious Revolution

Mr. Bill Totten has preserved a paradigm given by his good father in California to succeed in Japan, since Japan has also preserved that inherently humane paradigm of mankind, which is however not the case in China, India, or Russia.

The true key to the end of the Cold War is a new paradigm Japan, as the second largest economy in the world, posed to the Soviet Union.

Now, what the sub-prime loan issue and the peak oil issue have required from the US people and the Japanese people is another paradigm change.

It is not how to play well a Chinese card or how to utilize or abuse the Chinese market, since the Chinese Communist Party itself is suffering as to how to respond to the requirement of the paradigm change.

Taking into consideration the situations in and around Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley, Jerusalem, and Mecca, I think it must be a Religious Revolution in the U.S. that can allow for the effective paradigm change based on which the U.S. can truly contribute to peaceful, stable and continuous development of the world without another Great Depression in the world.

For that purpose, there exist and live African Americans and Hispanic Native Americans that together account for one-fourth of the US population now.

It is because we need a paradigm that can supersede that of the Vatican and current US churches as well as probably a type of Islam those with huge wealth or a terror ideology stick to sacrificing so many poor Christians and Muslims.

(Do you really think that Governor Mr. Higashi-kokubara (Sono-manma-highashi) of Japan's Miyazaki Prefecture has presented a new paradigm, since this ex-TV comedian is so popular after his very big victory in the election a year ago?

Yet, global fans of movies Mr. Takeshi Kitano has produced should pay attention to this real story of advancement of Governor Mr. Higashi-kokubara, since he was once an honest follower of Mr. Takeshi Kitano in their profession.

Violence movies never give a sound paradigm to young people; but a man with a contrite heart becoming a humble governor seems to be able to do so far...)

"Christ is the one who arranges a new covenant..."

(Christus vermittelt den neuen Bund.)