Thursday, June 29, 2006

Palestine to Europe; North Korea to Japan

Palestine to Europe; North Korea to Japan

The picture of a frigate ship of the Israel navy off the coast of Gaza after having fired on people on the beach was very impressive.

Palestine may be the only place on the earth with full history of wars and current conflicts to that extent.

Palestine is also very near to Rome, Paris, and London. It is nearer than Tokyo is to Viet Nam, Cambodia, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

How can Europeans bear that?
* * *

On the other hand, the last Stalinist nation on the earth North Korea is very near to Japan.

Majority of the people of North Korea are poor, very poor, and extremely poor. In any village, probably, you cannot find any family who owns a color TV, a PC, a mobile phone, a car, and US$10,000 equivalent all together.

Nonetheless, their government is preparing a launch of a new type of rockets or missiles. It has reportedly a capability to hit Alaska.

They might not launch it, since Japan and other countries are all against it.

But, they might launch it setting the timing at Japan's Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's state visit to the U.S.

If they cannot launch the rocket, it would symbolize the beginning of the end of the regime in North Korea.

If they do, still it would incur difficult conditions that should take the regime to the last phase.
* * *

The issue here is whether the shelling from an Israel navy ship might lead to the end of glorious Palestine.

Once, namely 2000 years ago, assaults by Roman Empire's military put an end to holy Palestine crowned with appearance of the Son of God or Jesus Christ.

Israelites returned to Palestine after millions of victims over 2000 year history to establish glorious Palestine for them.

But, some kind of ending might or must be near to contemporary Palestine, as something being repeated over and over again in the human history.
* * *

There is a big difference between Japan and the Great Britain, though two island countries show some kind of symmetry in terms of geography and history.

But, Great Britain was once a colony of the Roman Empire. Japan has never been a colony of any Chinese dynasty.

Therefore, you had better listen to Japan on anything about Palestine. Japan can be cool in judging the situation there geographically and historically.
* * *

North Korea is the only country on the earth where a Japanese passport is void.

Japan should need a cool intermediary to normalize the relationship with the poor neighboring country that has nuclear bombs, like Israel, and long rage missiles being developed and further pursued under a Stalinist regime.
* * *

A "poor men's nucleus bomb" is a true nuclear bomb in the Far East.

And poor men's salvation might be the true salvation by the God in the Far East.