Saturday, August 25, 2007

Oh! What a Week!

if you love me...
really love me...
let it not happen, since I'm a busy man...[HYMNE AL'AMOUR?....Yes, I once heard it...decades ago in Tokyo.]

Oh! What a Week!
(Ah! Quelle semaine!)

Mr. Michael Moore's movie "Sicko" is going to be released in Japan this Saturday.

NHK interviewed Mr. Moore and reported it past midnight of Friday.

The current medical system in America is a shame. It is his claim. Japan should not follow the American example. It is his message. Indeed, he is highly regarded in Japan as an intellectual person who respects justice or who is busy selling his ideology.

Any way, his appearance on a TV screen does not make us feel uncomfortable, since he looks like one of losers in a New York-type of competition at which no Japanese can be so excellent individually.
* * *

In another TV channel, they reported on the issue of a surrogate mother. On these biological matters involving human beings, we have to be conservative.

As I wrote, a human body is made of 60 trillion cells each of which consists of 80 trillion atoms. The basic components are just a cell and an atom.

Along with development of medical science, chemistry, and physics, mankind will be able to manipulate a cell and an atom at his own will. Then mankind may be able to even extend life duration to 200 years or 1000 years in future.

But, if ethic of mankind does not grow in proportion with development of science, such a level of science will cause a fatal tragedy to mankind.

If people without human mind and heart survive 200 years or 1000 years, they will just make the whole earth the hell. (What would happen if disease germs get also death-less or immortal?)

Biological matters involving human beings must be kept at a level of 2000 years ago when the Son of God appeared on the earth.

Unless mankind gets direct permission from, say, the Messiah expected to come sooner or later as it is the 21st century, mankind should not venture into manipulation of human life.
* * *

For some of you, this week must have been a tough week.

In Japan, a Mongolian grand champion of sumo wrestling has become mentally sick. The president of a distinguished confectionery maker has been blamed of having sold expired confections under false freshness-date indication. US Boeing might be blamed for defect in its design of the passenger plane 737 which got on fire and exploded at Naha Airport, Japan.
( )

As for me, I am a busy man as is usual in addition to that cicada tragedy.

One of you may survive, for you can assume that the insect sacrificed its life for you since it did not look like having done so for me.

(Love to God, love to neighbors, and love to party?

Love to whom, solemnly? [Liebe zu wem, ernst?])

"...Her parents were astounded, but Jesus told them not to tell anyone what had happened..."

Friday, August 24, 2007

Be a Part of Good News

A local Shinto shrine near Tokyo designated as a place of worship for those who died in the war since the late 19th century

Be a Part of Good News
(Être une partie de bonnes nouvelles)

If French President Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy has his fatal weak point held by French Media, it is no surprise at all.

But, if the media took him not properly covered with his clothes into a picture, modified it to look better, and actually made it public worldwide for whatever reasons, it leads to suspicion to key factors of his success.

Indeed, the media has a strong influence on public opinions.

If the media frankly reports what really goes on in the highest-class residential area in Beijin where only the families of top Chinese Communist Party leaders are allowed to live, I suppose there will be another Chinese People's Revolution.

Conversely, if Mr. Bill Clinton had controlled the U.S. media like Chinese Communist Party, he could have been respected more globally from the bottom of heart as a true devoted husband. Then his wife would not have to run for the US Presidency for herself.

Indeed, the media has a strong influence on public opinions.

A former Italian Prime Minister was also well known for his success in the media business which Mafia also seems to be highly interested in.

The Italian media really seems to like to be blind to Mafia and the Vatican, two hidden major underground financial powers.

(As for England, they are now importing Japanese Shinkansen trains to show some respect to Japan.,,2151900,00.html#article_continue )
* * *

In Japan, there are two key weekly magazines acting like an opinion leader in the society.

The "Shu-kan Shin-cho" and The "Shu-kan Bun-shun" have together launched attacks on Japan's Defense Minister Ms. Yuriko Koike in their latest issues.

She has recently decided to force her undersecretary to resign. The undersecretary has been in his position for almost four years, which is extraordinarily long, departing from tradition.

But, the undersecretary has actually rejected her request and started to ask influential politicians for help.

Then the two major weekly magazines of Japan have started to attack Defense Minister Ms. Yuriko Koike, trying to harm her personality and reputation.

She is also a lawmaker of the Japan's National Assembly as she was elected by public vote.

And, of course, the Japan's Constitution admits superiority of a minister to an undersecretary. Especially, as it is the Defense Department, the move of the undersecretary has presented a bad example of resisting the formal chain of command.

Nonetheless, the two major weekly magazines of Japan have started in concert to attack Defense Minister Ms. Yuriko Koike, trying to harm her personality and reputation.

I saw their advertisements on a newspaper. I just saw titles of articles of those magazines. I felt sick. I would not buy these magazines for some time.
* * *

There was one scene televised, however, controversial about Defense Minister Ms. Yuriko Koike's attitude when she was appointed to the minister a month ago or so.

She handed to an officer of the Government her clothes she just exchanged for her imminent attending the nomination ceremony before the Emperor. But, the officer was male. He might have felt very uncomfortable. She should have asked a female officer to carry her clothes to a car or her own office.
* * *

Now you know that the media is very influential, good or bad.

You do not need nuclear bombs to inflict major nations, but you have to control major global media.

Even China may be now learning a lesson in terms of the contaminated products export.

But, of course, when they start to make fun of a servant of God, it will be a fatal situation for the media.

(You had better become a servant of God, too, even as a countermeasure against bad media companies, some of which would really try character assassination as has been shown in the recent case involving Japan's Defense Minister.

Indeed, you had better get prepared, if you are younger than Ms. Koike who does not, though, look so old to me at all.)

"...When Jesus came down from the hill, large crowds followed Him..."

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Can Americans Save the World?

Behold! A typical rural scene of Japan...
Rice paddies, a village shrine in tress, thatched houses...
No Japanese can spare paying homage to this humble scene...But, watch out, though not a B29 bomber evacuee in 1945!

Can Americans Save the World?
(Les Américains peuvent-ils sauver le monde ?)

"A Future Time Line for Energy" in the following site is very interesting.

Even if every rosy scenario comes true, the whole world can still face danger as there are more poor people than rich people.

The whole world may become another America of today eventually, if all the rosy scenarios come true in future.

Do pious African American citizens recommend it?
* * *

Mr. Hiroshi Takeuchi,an ex-director of the former Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan, may be a unique economist in Japan, since he thought about differences in mentality between Americans and major Asians, such as Japanese, Chinese, and Indians in the context of global economy.
( )

* * *
Americans have been happy to be allowed to enjoy easy life for a long time, so easily relying on the vast land, abundant natural resources, and heritage of material civilization and religions transferred from Europe.

They have been free from persistent pains rooted in poverty, convention, and heavy obligation rampant in various traditional social systems grown up in complicated history in the Old Continent.

They think they are the cleverest people, since the U.S. is the richest and the strongest.
(British also thought so as they had so many colonies in the world.)

But, the truth is that they are rather simple people, since the U.S. has become the richest and the strongest without needs for them to be spiritually matured as they can so easily rely on the vast land, abundant natural resources, and heritage of material civilization and religions transferred from Europe, all of which have been indeed given without a need of becoming spiritually matured.

(Native Americans never respect spirituality of European Americans, as a proof and a testimony.)

But, the New Continent looks like a kind of Heaven for European Americans.

Many people living in the Old Continent are dreaming to go and permanently live in the U.S. so as to be free from persistent pains rooted in poverty, convention, and heavy obligation rampant in various traditional social systems grown up in complicated history in the Old Continent.

Indeed, in the U.S., you may be free, rich, and feeling cleverer than anybody in the world.

But, why are there so many homeless people and murderers in the U.S.?

And why cannot American make the world richer and safer?

Yet, why must the US economy rely on resources in other countries, including Chinese goods, Indian software, and Mexican manpower, to keep its higher living standard?

Are Americans truly cleverer than other peoples?
(Nowadays nobody thinks British are cleverer than other peoples.)
* * *

However, my concern is not on national personality of the American people.

The issue is whether the U.S. with a huge potential financial-crisis can make soft landing or not in the near future.

The soft landing for the U.S. does not necessarily mean soft landing for other countries including Japan, China, and India.

Put simply, the U.S. looks like trying to be saved by sacrificing other countries including Japan, China, and India in addition to Mexico.

Americans could not prevent the 9/11 terror, but still think they are the cleverest in the world.

Even if Americans cannot prevent huge financial-crises in near future, they will still continue to think that they are the cleverest in the world.

(British still think they are the cleverest even after having lost colonies in the world and having lost Princess Diana.)

Thus, the worst scenario is that the U.S. tries to make soft landing by sacrificing other countries but eventually fails; yet the U.S. continues to think that they are the cleverest in the world...
* * *

Now, you know that I do not hate New York at all. I think that the U.S. and New York should be loved more by the God.

Americans can be loved more if they save the world by generously offering American resources and sacrificing American living standards, since the New Continent had been prepared for this very reason by the God from the beginning of the human history.

Then there will be less homeless people and murderers in the U.S.

In that case, I may do some sightseeing in the U.S. and New York, spending some yen exchanged to dollars.

(Even if they live in America or France and they respect Japan, they cannot easily come and study valuable things in Japan.

Truly, for those who live in New York and Paris, Tokyo and Japan must be the land of dreams if they think they have to be truly clever and pious.

Oh, how much they will envy you, if you are truly loved by Japan and Tokyo!

"sore-dewa; sayou-nara; bye-bye (jyah mata-ne); 'bonjour'...??")

"...His name is God Almighty....Your builder made you like a beautiful ship..."

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Georges Rouault

last night... I got it...since it got into my room through the door sacrificing its life while I did my best to save its life...(Ah, mon Dieu.)

Georges Rouault

When I was a schoolboy, of course in Japan, I was not good at painting, so that I had a hard time to paint a picture as an assignment during summer vacation every year.
* * *

Today, though I do not paint pictures as a hobby, I can enjoy or reject paintings by certain artists.

In my opinion, pictures by Cezanne are nice, though I cannot recall many of his paintings.

Other painters from Gogh to Picasso are controversial. I cannot judge Rouault.

Japanese ink paintings are nice. Wabi/sabi is nice, too. I will enjoy them later when I get very old. I will draw four seasons on a scroll like Sesshu.

But, most of modern paintings seem to have less value nowadays, since we can easily apply the patterns and combination of colors to our own by use of a computer.

Yes, though just on a sudden impulse and an idea, I suppose a computer program for automatic painting, based on requirement on contents a user can input, may become a big hit.

For example, a user may input a specification, such as "a picture like Picasso's in his 30's that fits a feeling when listening to a typical symphony of Mozart." Then a computer program should display on a computer screen scores of candidate pictures it creates in a very short time. The user can choose one of them and print it with a special printer.
* * *

Jesus Christ did not paint a picture or make a drawing.

But, He had been a carpenter. Neither a school teacher, a doctor, a lawyer, an officer, a politician, a paid priest, a paid Pope, nor an artist.

Indeed you must not be called with "sir."

But, you have to be an engineer, a factory worker, a machine operator, a manual laborer, a construction worker, or a carpenter, if you are a man.

Computer programmers may be overlooked, as they often use such terms as architecture, building, construction, components, and modules.
* * *

Jesus Christ did not paint a picture or make a drawing.

I have never had myself painted by anybody including myself. Have you?

But, how would Jesus Christ portray you, if He so agrees to do?

You cannot escape his judgment, can you? Probably, most of you cannot stand your portrayal painted by Jesus Christ. I am also afraid of the painter Jesus Christ.

Now you know why Jesus Christ said that you have to be like a child to enter Heaven.

No children will run away from before the painter Jesus Christ, if He so agrees to be.
* * *

Yesterday, I saw two blind young ladies walking with a white stick each.

They might have more accurate images on God and Jesus Christ than I can.

Indeed, art is an international language. Zaijian!

(A very humble reduced-size photo of a picture of the Messiah by Georges Rouault has been displayed near my PC for many years.
[ ].

Now you can do your homework on painting. Annyeong-hi gyeseyo!)

"...He turns darkness into daylight and day into night..."

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Divine Comedy 2007 (IX)

completely secret...whether in love or not...

Divine Comedy 2007 (IX)
[Comédie Divin 2007 - IX]

1. Okinawa Airport
It is a kind of miracle that a passenger jet plane got literally exploded after landing and evacuation of passengers.

It could have killed more than 150 air travelers. The Taiwan Government should review its organization and management of its air liner industry.

Taiwan air liner jet planes in this decade or so had accidents twice, except this one, each time killing about 200 lives.

However, this incident in the Naha Airport of Okinawa Pref. might be an omen to some people. For example, we may suppose that the God saved many lives due to a believer who started to be engaged in an important mission on the very day.

Is there any such one around you? I can see the one, so decent.

2. Exchange Rate
It is not a fall of stock prices that matters. Now, one dollar is traded at 114 yen. It is about 120 yen one week ago, which means some computer programs somewhere in the financial sector must be really put to the test.

Meanwhile China is going to be the second largest exporters in the world this year next to Germany.

Though main exporters in China are foreign companies, the dollar will face more complicated situation.

Japan and China should be also aware of their responsibility in stabilizing the framework of the world money market; we can even cooperate in making super international money exchange computer programs to cope with future large-scale speculation between the dollar and other currencies.

3. English Speaking Politicians
Prime Minister Mr. Shinzo Abe is now on tour to Indonesia, Malaysia, and India.

When he returns home, he will make changes in his Cabinet.

The key figures in this last chance for reviving his fallen popularity are Foreign Minister Mr. Taro Aso and Defense Minister Ms. Yuriko Koike who has recently made big news in her initiative to replace her undersecretary despite various opponents in LDP and the Prime Minister's Office.

Interestingly, another key person, the current Chief Cabinet Secretary is facing a money scandal related to his local office. He has been often criticized that though he can speak English well, such ability never helps his domestic performance. Fluent English speakers have been neither liked nor respected traditionally in Japan, since they look like lacking traditional manners while making others envy their ability of English speaking.

(I don't also like to speak English to British or Americans who do not respect Japan and Japanese. Bad Americans do not respect foreigners who speak poor English. So, do not be a bad American, if you are an American, whose best pride is being an American who can speak English better than, say, a Mexican. Aren't there such Americans in international cities in the U.S., such as New York City?

Indeed, for a sight-seeing, you had better go to Mexico City. Even if you are to meet an American living in New York, the meeting should be scheduled to be held in Mexico City.

[The U.S., with the current account deficits of 900 billion dollars as of 2006, should pay back all the debts it owes to other countries, such as Japan and China, if it does not teach its people to respect Japanese and Chinese as well as Muslims and other Asians instead of making light of them.] )

4. Cicada
I almost gave up taking a picture of a cicada as dusk was near.

I was thinking that how unlucky I was even for this humble wish to save my face in presenting a reasonable picture of this insect, since the picture of this insect I had last posted was so poor as I recalled it.

Then the God suddenly sent me this one just on a tree in front of me.

So, with gratitude for God, I took images of the cicada into my digital camera and soon left a park.

Does it look holy to your eye?

5. Ex-Super Model
A Japanese ex-supermodel died. Since early 1970's, she was active and famous in this business.

Even I could, though vaguely, recall her. She has really carried a sense of early 1970's in Japan. (But, what is a sense of the early 21st century in Japan now? You had better read EEE Reporter, good girls, if not to be super.)

Once she was chosen as one of the six most attractive models in the world.

Recently she was living alone, and her friend discovered her dead body in her residence in the middle of Tokyo, while so many ladies of her generation are living happily.

6. President of A Chinese Toy Company
According to a Sunday night's news show, the president of a Chinese company that had sold dangerous toys worldwide recently committed a suicide.

Chinese people concerned said that the president was a victim. His business partners who had sold paint for toys to his company are responsible, since the paint contained lead, the fact of which the president had never realized until the exposure of the incident in the U.S. as well as Japan.
* * *

This is the situation observed in Japan on one hot day in the summer of 2007, while most of Japanese have come back from their summer holidays.

But, of course, there are many who cannot take happy summer holidays due to their duty official or personal, responsibility, obligation, tragedy, competition, human relationships, or simply poverty.

Indeed, where are the Summer Angels who should smile at those unhappy people in the hot, hot summer truly so hot?

(Seasonal tradition of Japan in the summer is going out to see a big firework show, mostly on a river bank, in a yukata (simple summer clothes) with a fan held on the hand, wearing wooden sandals called geta.

It, even as a festival, is not so material but very poetic in terms of vision, which Westerners probably cannot sense and feel....)

"...Then Jesus turned back to Canaan in Galilee where he turned the water into wine..."

Monday, August 20, 2007

Could Jesus Christ Read and Write?

Tokyo 2007(In New York, four million people, a half of its population, are very poor while some others are enjoying a real-estate bubble game. Japanese, Muslims, and other Asians should not love New York, since there are four million very poor people while some others are enjoying a sinful real-estate bubble game as if without fear in God. Be a samurai in Tokyo rather than a clown in New York.

[Sight seeing in Mexico City should be more blessing than in New York City, if still you love the New Continent.])

Could Jesus Christ Read and Write?
(Jésus le Christ pourrait-il lire et écrire ?)

From descriptions of the Bible, it is apparent that Jesus Christ as man could read and write.

(Basically, it is God who gave ability of reading and writing to mankind; thus this question is essentially rude to the Son of God if not for the purpose of increasing people's respect to Him.)

Yet, was He as man carrying the Old Testament with Him? No, He must not have.

It must have been a shame that a saint carried the Bible as he could not get every word by heart, while preaching here and there.

Jesus Christ as man must have stored all the contents in His memory.

So, He did not say to His followers to carry the Old Testament with themselves when sending them out for a mission.

Jesus Christ simply said not to carry money, bags, shirts, and anything but your faith as they were going out as sheep among wolves.

(Therefore, you should not ask anybody who visits your church whether he or she has the Bible with him or her. Pious people should not carry the Bible, since it means that they have not yet stored its contents in their heart.

Your church should assume that people have learnt the Bible well and stored its contents in their hearts.

Otherwise, the church is treating a visitor in a bad manner, as if he or she had not yet mastered the Bible.

Your church should not be a pack of wolves to poor visitors who act as sheep in terms of intellectual superiority.)
* * *

To really study how Jesus Christ preached 2000 years ago, you have to perform computer simulation.

In a cyber space, you have to reproduce Palestine of 2000 years ago.

Population, the state of business, social customs, social status, political situations, living of ordinary people, and human relations should be simulated there.

Then, you might discover how authentic the Bible is in addition to other holy new findings.

This project, say, to be named "Virtual Palestine in the First Century," must be started sooner or later.

You may estimate how many computers and software are needed and how much cost is needed.

(If you have to create 100,000 personalities and it costs 100 dollars per month in to create and operate one personality in a computer, this part of costs would be 10 million dollars per month and 120 million dollars per year.)
* * *

Jesus Christ did not use His ability of reading and writing in His preaching at all, except for suppressing proud scholars and knowledgeable attackers.

(When He exchanged words with the Roman Governor, did He spoke Latin or Greek? Or, did they use an interpreter? I suppose Jesus Christ could even speak Egyptian.)

He only spoke, performed miracles, and traveled on foot without money with Himself. These are all He did: speaking, miracles, and traveling on foot.

Then, His influence continued for 2000 years.

In other words, His speaking, performing miracles, and traveling on foot conquered the world.

The Vatican should follow Him in earnest.
* * *

You do not have to read and write, since Jesus Christ did not use this ability in helping and teaching poor and humble people.

Otherwise, you have to behave as if you could not read and write, just like Jesus Christ. It means you should not be proud of your ability of reading and writing.

There are many people in this world who cannot read and write, to your astonishment.

You must be one of them, illiterate persons, to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

Otherwise, you have to carry their burdens; you should not make them feel inferior for that reason to anybody including you.

From a different point of view, it means you need holy permission for your every reading and writing.

By the way, who gave permission for you to read the blog EEE Reporter, apparently one of the most laughable titles due to conspicuously many Es, if I may ask?

(Based on their ability of reading and writing, some people really get smart, earn unpardonable large money, enjoy success, superiority and victory in manipulated competition, accumulate sins in God's sight, harm many innocent people, neglect or attack the poor and the weak, become foolish and blind spiritually, abuse good wish of innocent people, get arrogant and immoral as unpleasantly depicted in the Bible, exercise violence or hire gangs, become a friend of evil-minded people, buy what should not be priced, and die to go to the hell, leaving money and titles in this world.

This is a typical super-rich man's life which has been repeated in the human history so many times.

They have reduced to nothing but dirty ability itself to satisfy their desire, which is no more human.

Reading and writing should not serve them.)

"....And He went on to say to them all, 'Watch out for every kind of greedy.'...."

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Son of Man, Son of a Black, and Son of a Celebrity

Mt. Fuji 100 Kilo-Meters Far(what else can look so nice 100km far...)
(indeed, you look so, too...though lily-white)

Son of Man, Son of a Black, and Son of a Celebrity
(Fils de l'homme, fils d'un noir, et fils d'une célébrité)

Why did Jesus Christ call himself "Son of Man," instead of "Son of God?"

The title "Son of Man" must have been used only by poor people 2000 years ago. Or, to be called "Son of Man" must have been a kind of humiliation.

No matter how poor you are, you are still a son of a man. Therefore, no matter how poor and lowly you are, you can still use the title "Son of Man."

It is poor man's last resort in expressing himself with his best pride. That is "Son of Man."

Conversely, the title "Son of Man" could be a target of laughing. Rich men and people with other attractive titles never called themselves "Son of Man," and thus would laugh at those who could use no other titles but "Son of Man."

However, there were many poor and lowly Israelites 2000 years ago. So, Jesus Christ openly called himself "Son of Man" to proclaim that He is one of those poor and lowly people.
* * *

In the U.S., if you are a follower of Jesus Christ, you have to call yourself "Son of a Black," since the so called "black people" were descendants of slaves of 140 years ago.

Even if you are a European American but a follower of Jesus Christ in the U.S., you have to call yourself "Son of a Black."

2000 years ago, Jesus Christ called himself "Son of Man." Yet, His followers all knew that He was the son of God.

Today, the most pious European American must call himself "Son of a Black." Yet, his friends should all know that he is a pious son of a White.
* * *

For Jesus Christ to have called Himself "Son of Man" is tantamount to today's pious white-man's calling himself "Son of a Black."

While Jesus Christ was the highest ranking man in mankind, He positioned himself at the lowest level in the social order in Palestine 2000 years ago.

In this context, He called himself "Son of Man," meaning He was one of those who had no way but use the lowest title in the community.
* * *

Now you know why the Son of God called Himself "Son of Man."

It shows his unlimited love to poor and lowly people.

Even if you are a son of a celebrity in the U.S., now you know how you should call yourself to show your faith in Jesus Christ.

Yes, we are all "Son of a Black!"

Jesus Christ would surely call Himself "Son of a Black" instead of "Son of a White," if He comes to the U.S., though He must look like an Arab actually.

(Your racial identity is a secondary matter. Your mission defines what you are.

If your mission requests you to paint your face black, you have to paint your face black. Thus, there must be no such a thing as a white faced Christian priest in the U.S.

It is far better than being given a fate of being killed in the War on Terror, isn't it?

But, in my view, the God does not request Japanese to paint his or her face black for a certain reason....Anyway, black needs golden to look nicer....And, golden needs white to look nicer.)

"...A large crowd was listening to Jesus gladly..."