Saturday, December 29, 2018

"An angel spake to him" - None Can Prove Authenticity of Judaism and Christianity, Though

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None Can Prove Authenticity of Judaism and Christianity, Though

Who can understand Christ Jesus by only reading the Bible?

Christianity does not consist of the Bible alone, since it is not written in the way of making people convinced of the claim that Christ Jesus is God.  Christianity consists of church's ideology that Christ Jesus is God.

However, everybody would think that the big and time-honored churches and their organization cannot be based on false facts or extravagant fictions.  More than that, certain missionaries from Christian churches have been so devout, accepting and helping poor and unlucky people to the extent that none can do without belief in God.  As the source of such Christian activities, Christ Jesus could be respected and revered as somebody sent by God.  People must have watched and observed carefully what Christians belonging to churches would do to them, if they have not carefully or academically studied ideologies and creeds of Christianity.

To put simply, the secret of Christianity is not in the Bible but rather in the Church.

Then where is the secret of Judaism?  Is it in the Hebrew Bible?  No matter how mysterious the secret of Judaism is, it seems very rare that Jewish people abandon Judaism and convert to Christianity or Islam.  They all seem to be content to live as Judaists.  And nobody, including Christians and Muslims, minds authenticity of Judaism, since Christianity and Islam attribute their authenticity to Judaism.  But how can they deny the negation of authenticity of Judaism?  How can they respond to the claim that everything written in the Old Testament is false?

In other words, Judaism is supported not only by Jewish people but also Christians and Muslims.

However as Christianity is supported by 2.2 billion people and Islam by 1.6 billion people.  These Abrahamic religions have survived for 2000 years and 1400 years, respectively.  Such many men cannot believe false religions for such long periods according to commonsense.

Men believe in God while they cannot understand God except in their own way.  To understand God is not the major purpose for having faith in God.  And believers come to understand God more as they strengthen their faith more.  Such understanding, however, is not expressed or explained partly because it is very personal.   Therefor the mysteries remain: What Christ Jesus was, and whether Judaism is authentic or God of Judaists is real God.     

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Joh 12:29 The people therefore, that stood by, and heard it, said that it thundered: others said, An angel spake to him.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

"Now is my soul troubled" - True Black Matter: Space First, and Secondary Material

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True Black Matter: Space First, and Secondary Material

According to Einstein' s theory, the space can be  warped, deformed, and distorted due to existence of mass or materials and substances.

In the solar system, the space around the Sun is warped, contracted, or compressed to the Sun.  So, the light traverses this slant of the space around the Sun.  This phenomenon was scientifically observed in the early 20th century to prove Einstein's theory.

However, it is not only light that moves along the deformed space around the Sun but also planets such as Venus, the Earth, Mars, etc.  Or, it should be stated in this way: the huge mass of the Sun warps the space around the Sun, and then the Earth and other planets move along the slant of the space around the Sun.

And the solar system belongs to a galaxy called the Milky Way.  Many, or specifically about 300 billion, solar systems are included in the Milky Way, and they are circling around the central point of the Milky Way like planets going around the Sun.  Our solar systems is thought to rotate around the central point of the Milky Way in the period of 250 million years while the Earth rotates around the Sun taking one year.  It is thought that there is a big Black Hole or many Black Holes at the center of the Milky Way, however they are not yet fully observed.  But the main issue is that the central part of the Milky Way has not enough mass to have that amount of solar systems circling around it while the Sun has enough mass to have the Earth and other planes going around it. 

Accordingly scientists think that actually there must be enough mass or substances with enough mass around the central area of the Milky Way but they are not invisible.    Those invisible substances must have enough mass to allow the Milky Way to keep its structure: many solar systems circling around the center of the Milky Way.  But as these substance are not yet observed, they are called Black Matter.  Black Holes might be Black Matter, but scientifically these Black Holes in the central area of the Milky Way do not have enough effect of mass.  So, the source of Black Matter is still a mystery.  But its existence is scientifically confirmed as the Milky Way cannot take the present structure without Black Matter with a myriad of solar systems circling around its center.

But the key to this question is the warp of the space.  Such many solar systems go around the center of the Milky Way along the slant of the space like the Earth circles around the Sun.   And scientists think only that the space is warped only by existence of mass or stars.  So, they are searching for the source of mass that realizes this structure of the Milky Way.  However, is mass the only reason for the space to get warped?   For some other reasons, can't the space be warped?  If so, the efforts to try to find new material as the source of the origin of mass that causes the space around the center of the Milky Way to get warped are useless.

At the early stage of the development of the universe, hydrogen atoms were created as the first type of atoms.  As the universe itself was small in the size, this universe was full of hydrogen atoms.  However, hydrogen atoms were not spread evenly in the space.  At some locations, they are dense, and at other locations, they are thin and spare.  And as the universe is expanded through the Big Bang, the dense parts were separated from one another, forming stars and galaxies.  Today the average distance between two galaxies is millions of light-years. The distance between our Milky Way and the nearest Andromeda Galaxy is about 2.5 million light-years.  The point at issue is that Black Matter must have existed at the early stage of the universe and it contributed to the formation of galaxies. 

Put simply, the space at the center of each galaxy must have been warped or ragged or more specifically concave so that hydrogen atoms easily gather and get concentrated to form original galaxies.  In other words, the space of the universe was from the beginning ragged so that hydrogen atoms gathered to concave parts to form galaxies.   There is no Dark Matter but originally warped space.

This theory suggests that in the extremely small size of the universe at the earliest stage of the development of the universe even before the Big Bang,  it is not perfectly round, smooth, or uniform.  This ragged surface of the original 3 dimensional space (from 10 to the minus 34 th power cm to 1 cm) was expanded to the size of many light-years through the Inflation and Big Bang.  And concaves of the surface of the space were also expanded with hydrogen atoms in it, resulting in galaxies each of which is rotating around its center.

So, there is no Dark Matter but originally warped space.  It is the nature of space and time of this universe.  Error and uncertainty exist in anything in this universe.  And one of such features is this ragged or concave surface of the universe, although three-dimensional.  Without mass, parts of the space of the universe can be warped and deformed. 

Or in other words, space first, and secondary material.

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Joh 12:27 Now is my soul troubled; and what shall I say? Father, save me from this hour: but for this cause came I unto this hour.

Monday, December 24, 2018

"it bringeth forth much fruit" - Need for God or the Concept of God

Tokyo, about 45 km far

Need for God or the Concept of God

There is a theory that people came to need God or the concept of God as someone or some entity that could foresee the future.

People encountered vary many and various tragedies in their lives.  They thought that if they had been able to see future, they could have avoided any tragedy.  From farmers and hunters to kings of ancient nations, all people wished for such ability to foresee future.  And even if they could not have such ability, they wished they could be helped by someone or some entity that has such ability.  So, they discovered, invented, or dreamed of God or the concept of God.

In this context, God was created by men, but God did not create men.

As time went by or specifically in these 2000 years, the mankind has developed its civilization, science, and technologies and found various rules in various phenomena and incidents.  Now men's ability has greatly expanded and their lives have been improved along with ability to predict future of various phenomena and incidents.  People do not any more live in the world of phantoms, angels, devils, and other superstitions.  Almost no people believe, for example, miracles depicted in the Bible.  But major religions in this world do not go extinct.

Even people like to observe Christmas.  Apart from the fields of science and technologies and social systems, people still cannot avoid major and minor troubles in their lives.  They can still meet natural disasters, fall in unexpected illness, lose their assets, get involved in human conflicts, become victimized by criminals, etc.  So, people understand value in observing Christmas.  It also means that people know that science, technologies, and advanced social systems cannot still solve every human problem.     

In other words, as long as there is uncertainty in one's life, one needs religion to conquer fear of possible tragedies.

However, the Gospels read that Christ Jesus said that when one rich man accumulated enough assets and said to himself that he could now spend the rest of his life, enjoying his riches, eating and drinking, God said to him that he was so foolish as his life would end that night.   

Ultimately, until men develop science and technology enough to conquer death, religion will be required.  Until then, people will continue to observe Christianity with respect for God or the concept of God.

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Joh 12:24 Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

"again Andrew and Philip tell Jesus" - When God Solves the Jewish/Christian Problem

Mt. Fuji from around Tokyo

When God Solves the Jewish/Christian Problem

It has been almost 2000 years since Christ Jesus appeared among Jewish people.

Christ Jesus must have wished He would have been accepted by all the Jewish people.  As later Christian leaders claimed that Christ Jesus must have wanted that his teaching would be accepted by all the people in the world, He must have really wished that His teaching would have been all the more accepted by all the Jewish people.  And it is widely believed that He was the Son of God or more.  So, His wish must be a wish of God.

But, while 2000 years have passed,  Judaists do not show any significant movement to accept His teaching.  And it is inferred that the main reason is that Christians have claimed that Christ Jesus is God, which cannot be admitted according to Judaism.

God has not destroyed all the Jewish people for the reason that they have not accepted the teaching of Christ Jesus.  But God also has not destroyed Christianity where God is identified with Christ Jesus or someone who is infinite is identified with another who is finite. 

So, although it is no wonder if God has destroyed both the Jewish people and the Christianity, they have been allowed to survive for 2000 years.

However, this fundamental question must be solved sooner or later as 2000 years have passed.  And, Islam might be counted in this judgment.

If God is Christ Jesus, it is big insult to God not to recognize Christ Jesus as God.  But, if God is not Christ Jesus, it is a big blasphemy to regard Christ Jesus as God.  So, there are two possibilities that God is simply waiting for the best time to put an end to this question or that God has already abandoned all these foolish Jewish people, Christian churches, and Muslims.  All we have to do is to wish God just waited for the best time.     

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Joh 12:20 And there were certain Greeks among them that came up to worship at the feast:
Joh 12:21 The same came therefore to Philip, which was of Bethsaida of Galilee, and desired him, saying, Sir, we would see Jesus.
Joh 12:22 Philip cometh and telleth Andrew: and again Andrew and Philip tell Jesus.
Joh 12:23 And Jesus answered them, saying, The hour is come, that the Son of man should be glorified.