Saturday, September 01, 2007

Come Back to Your Right Sense, Folks!

Big and old Ueno Station in Tokyo: connected to Narita Airport
but once many migrants from Tohoku District
arrived at this entrace to Tokyo to labor mostly at construction sites
Ueno Station in downtown Tokyo is nostalgia for old parentsof many humble people living in a blessed state

Come Back to Your Right Sense, Folks!
(Revenu à votre bon sens, gens!)

Q: Why are there so many victims in the world? Is there God?

A: It is because there are so many bad and rich people in this world. God saves the souls of those victims and blesses them. He is Almighty.

Q: Why are there so many bad and rich people in the world? Is there God?

A: It is because they lack the love to God and neighbors as well as fear in God. No matter how bad and rich they may become, they are nothing to God who can take their lives away at His will at any moment. He is Almighty.

Q: Will this state of dominance by bad and rich people continue? Is there God?

A: It is 2000 years since the emergence of Jesus Christ. It is enough for mankind to live under dominance of bad and rich people. Something drastic must happen in these years. Since we already heard so much of sinful news involving the Buckingham Palace and the White House at the end of the 20th century, symbolizing the moral state of mankind, Angels must have reported it to God. If similar incidents happened in Japan's Imperial Palace and Prime Minister's Residence, there would be a revolution in Japan.

God is perfectly omnipotent; thus existence is part of His minor performance.

Q: Is Japan all right in terms of ethic? Are there God believers in Japan?

A: There are many pious people in Japan who can comprehend God beyond the sphere of religions, such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Citizens also love to see a pious personality, rather than commercially glamorous ones, even in a TV show. For example, immoral workers are more often found in British or American companies in Tokyo than in pure Japanese companies or Asian companies.

Q: Is the Vatican doomed truly?

A: It is not the Vatican but poor pious Europeans that have developed Christianity in Europe. Authority is among an assembly in a local church in Europe but not in the Vatican. To God's eye, a church in a local town in Italy is the same as, or better than, the Vatican. If such a local church survives, you can forget about the Vatican.

(For example, you can ask the poorest man in your community, instead of a bishop, to take up bridal ministry. Then your wedding will not be accursed, unlike so many examples in the upper classes.)

Q: Do sinful British and Americans hate EEE Reporter?

A: Yes, they do. They are afraid of losing big money. But, they will first face God before EEE Reporter. Sinful British and Americans should change their minds. But, you know now what kind of people killed Jesus Christ 2000 years ago, don't you?

(I hope that God will strengthen your faith and love through the course of EEE Reporter, since you may carry it in a more thoughtful way.

And, if you are to die sooner or later in this century, praise the God and be rejoiced as I am doing it now while observing what the God has done for me.)

"...'Sir,' replied an official. 'Come with me before my child dies.'..."

Friday, August 31, 2007

The Silk Road 25 Years Ago

A Shinkansen express line
through a rice field zone near TokyoOne of very common landscapes in Japan

The Silk Road 25 Years Ago

(La route en soie il y a 25 ans)

The other day, I was watching the History Channel of a cable TV network.

It showed an NHK's old documentary series: "Silk Road."

Crews of NHK, Japan's public broadcasting company, were driving along the silk road and around the Khyber Pass 25 years ago, which happened to be just after the invasion by USSR of Afghanistan.

It was around North Pakistan that was presented in the History Channel on the day.

Yes, the crews of NHK were driving peacefully and friendly around North Pakistan and along the Indus River into Ghandahra, an area around Peshawar, Pakistan.
* * *

There are several reasons that I want to report on this issue.

First, the area once called Ghandahra is the place where Mr. Osama bin Laden is probably now hiding.

Secondly, NHK crews then interviewed one of local leaders in the area whose clan was almost independent of the Pakistani Government as is often reported today. It is said today that Mr. Osama bin Laden is probably now hiding among such local and independent clans. But, through the NHK's interview film taken in a compound of the tribal leader living there with many relatives, which was like an island in the wilderness protected by 23 feet high walls stretching several hundred yards forming mazes at some parts, we can see what it is like for Mr. Osama bin Laden to hide and live among such an independent and armed indigenous tribe.

Thirdly, Buddhist art once flourished in Ghandahra. Especially in the reign of King Kanishka (in the 2nd century) before which Buddhists in India had not had a habit of worshipping of Buddha's inmages, they created many Buddha statutes. Those works of Buddhist art were imported into Japan via China in the following centuries, which decisively influenced the Japanese culture. But, most noteworthy is a fact that the mode of art in Ghandahra was Greek. Since invasion by Alexander the Great in the fourth century B.C., there remained strong Greek influences in the region as east as the Indus River until Islamic invasion there 1000 years later after the era of Alexander the Great. Put simply, Alexander the Great eventually influenced Japan through evolution of Buddhist art of the Greek mode.

And, as the fourth, Japan has so far contributed US$ 1.12 billions to peace and rehabilitation of Afghanistan since 2001. Now, Japan plans to stop its five-year-long free provision of fuels to ships of the US Navy and other allied forces on the Indian Ocean. It is the U.S. and the U.K. that Japan minds most but not Taliban and AlQaeda, since those who usually do not respect Japan's decision on international affairs are mainly the U.S. and the U.K. who are always reluctant to promote respect to Japan among their own people.
* * *

As I once reported, when Taliban and AlQaeda blew off the big statutes of Buddha in Bamiyan, Afghanistan, in early spring of 2001, some Japanese got alerted. If Afghans lost respect their ancestors and glorious traditions of the past on the grounds of difference in religions, they could do anything horrible even in the name of Islam.

Actually, Mr. Osama bin Laden under protection of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan ordered attacks on New York and Washington D.C. in early autumn, 2001.

Then later, Mr. Osama bin Laden fled to an independent tribal region in North Pakistan.

And, the U.S. cannot arrest Mr. Osama bin Laden even six years after the 9/11 terror.

(CIA had better check the "Silk Road" televised 25 years ago in Japan.)
* * *

From a historical point of view, Alexander the Great had set foundation for the romance between Cleopatra and Caesar whose descendants destroyed ancient Jerusalem.

But, Alexander the Great had also set foundation for the Gandhara Buddhist art with Greek flavor that later became part of a core of the Japanese Civilization, since Japanese deepened its love to Buddhism through appreciation of the Buddhist art imorted from Ghandahra through China and Korea.
* * *

As Americans did not respect Japanese opinions on Taliban and AlQaeda in the spring of 2001, they could not prevent the 9/11 terror.

If Americans continue not to respect Japanese opinions on Taliban and AlQaeda, they will not be free from the fear of terror, since Japanese culture is so deeply concerned with history in Gandhara around the Indus River where Mr. Osama bin Laden is hiding.

(It has not been reported whether the visiting German Prime Minister in Tokyo and the Prime Minister of Japan have discussed their entry as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council.)
* * *

Now you know why a Japanese reporter can significantly argue the sequence of historical inevitability from Alexander the Great, Caesar, Cleopatra, Jesus Christ, and the fall of Jerusalem as well as subsequent global religious states to date.

It is because there is a parallel sequence of historical inevitability from Alexander the Great, Greek-flavored Buddhist art under the reign of King Kanishka, Chinese Buddhism, Japan's adoption of Buddhism, and samurais' adoption of the Buddhism philosophy that had been alive until the end of WWII in Japan.

Japan has more potential in this regard than CIA who seems to rely too much on money, conspiracy, immorality, and violence in their arrogantly carrying out a mission that has never made the world better and the U.S. honorable.

You had better read EEE Reporter.

(If you want to access the EEE Reporter blog, in the Google web search site, just type "EEE Reporter" into a keyword field. It would show an easy link to EEE Reporter.

Poor Americans, Asians, Muslims, and Japanese are expected to get access in addition to those who respect Jesus Christ and have fear in God.

Of course, you can be born, stay in a hotel, or die in Paris to be honorably a reader of this blog.)

"...'I am Gabriel,' the Angel answered..."
(an incident before the birth of Jesus Christ)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Town Difficult to Find in Europe

around Tokyo...
hundreds of railroad stations...and millions of kind and polite people...

A Town Difficult to Find in Europe
(une ville difficile à trouver en Europe)

Once a Japanese businessman was driving from Milan to Modena in Italy.

He lost his way and could not find how to get to his destination, a hotel in a town near Modena where he was to see an Italian businessman.

What caused a trouble, however, is that he had only taken note of a name of the hotel but not a name of the town.

Yet he had a certain clue to the town. So, in a village he was then passing by, he asked a villager: "Is there a town where a church, the tallest building in the town, is at its center?"

The Japanese had been working in Germany. He had often lost his way driving in Germany. Most of German people living in a local village did not speak good English. But, he had been able to manage the situation. So, he was confident this time, too, in Italy.

Though the Italian villager did not understand English, he tried hard to understand what the Japanese traveler wanted. Meanwhile, other villagers came around them and argued what the Japanese was asking for.

Only one of them could speak English, though not fluent, but he also could not get what the Japanese was looking for: a town where a church, the tallest building in the town, is at its center.

Then some of them took a sheet of paper from him on which a telephone number of his destination hotel was put.

They made a phone call from a nearby house to the hotel and found where the hotel was: it was in a town adjacent to the village.

What's more, the English speaking villager offered a voluntary guide service to the town, saying that he happened to have business there today. The Japanese sensed that the villager had actually no such business, but he was very kindly willing to guide him to the town. So, the Japanese politely accepted the offer. They together drove to the town, and the villager soon went back home, of course without asking for any service charge, after their arrival at the destination hotel.
* * *

The Japanese has written that as he recalls the incident now, he can understand why villagers could not easily find what he meant.

It is because a town where a church, the tallest building in the town, is at its center is everywhere in Italy or Europe.

He has also recalled that even in Germany a town where a church, the tallest building in the town, is at its center is everywhere.

In Europe, towns were built each around a church which was usually the tallest building in a town.

Anyway, people of the Italian village were extremely kind. Their gestures and attitudes really amused the Japanese.

He reckoned that as it was very rare for them to meet a Japanese, they must have been so kind. Even after they found the location of the town where he wanted to reach, the villagers tried to persuade him to have more time in the village and exchange further conversations though they could not speak English well or the Japanese could not speak Italian.

He has also written that people living in a local village are unbelievably kind all over the world.

But, now he cannot recall the name of the Italian village. He has checked a notebook and only found his writing of the day: "Via Sigonio 50 Modena."
* * *

In Europe, towns were built each around a church which was usually the tallest building in a town.

Indeed, the best part of Europe is not London, Paris, or Rome, but a local village where people still live around a church.

Then, what do you think the best part of Japan is?

(In a certain survey conducted by a US media company a few years ago, New York was assessed as the city where there were kind and polite people more than in any other big cities in the world.

But, probably most of Japanese would find a fault in the method of the survey. Good manners are not a policy adopted by a cold mind.

Love a local town in Italy than New York, since it was built around a church which was usually the tallest in the town.)

"...The King will reply, 'I tell you, whenever you did this for one of the least important of these brothers of mine, you did it for me!'...."

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Holy Labor and Holy Meal

Labor in summer
Labor in winterDo not go to Las Vegas

Holy Labor and Holy Meal
(travail saint et repas saint)

Matthew 11:28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
* * *

The Labor Day is near in the United States. It is the first Monday of September.

Did Jesus Christ labor while He was preaching from a village to a village in Palestine 2000 years ago?

Did He just enter a village, accompanied by several followers, in the morning?

Did He just find a house where He could probably get foods or meal?

Did He eat breakfast in a house and then idle away while villagers were going out for work?

At noon, did He also take a meal in another house in a village, then hanging around while villagers were busy working.

And when people took a break, He and His followers went to working place or fields to preach something?

And then after preaching and when people went back to their work, Jesus Christ and His followers started to take a stroll?

And then, when villagers finished their daily work, Jesus Christ and His followers started to preach something and showed some miracles?

Then, He and His followers took supper in a villager's house and started for another village?

Did Jesus Christ and His followers repeat this habit seven days per week?

Entering a village, finding a convenient house, taking meal, idling away, preaching something, idling away, showing a few miracles, taking meal, collecting gift money, and leaving for another village with foods and money hidden in followers' pockets?

Then, Jesus Christ became the greatest saint in the human history?

Is that why people with titles in religious bodies today behave like superior to those who labor?
* * *

Did Jesus Christ say, "As I am the son of God, I do not labor but preach and eat"?

Or did He say, "As I am a son of man (a son of a Black in present day speaking), I and my followers will labor with you and then you will listen to me and allow me to eat"?
* * *

Nowadays, in an office in a big city, say in New York, they are selling and buying money in a form of bills, bonds, securities, certificates, instruments, financial contracts, foreign currencies, and future payments and purchasing.

They call it business.

It is numbers, figures, symbols, sheets of paper, digital signals, electronic signals, computer files, and just memory and fantasy that they call commodities.
* * *

If you are true Christians, leave your assets and titles, such as a priest or a pope, and go and enter a poor village just like Jesus Christ and His followers 2000 years ago. And, then Angels might tell you what to do.

Indeed, you should visit a house in a poor village and tell a man or a woman in the house that you have come to save his or her family. Then, a story will start to evolve.
* * *

Now you have to decide whether to go to New York for sinful money transactions or to a poor village for holy labor.

Truly, your labor will become holy if it is intended to be holy (meaning not for money or your own happiness).
* * *

Colossians 1:29 Whereunto I also labour, striving according to his working, which worketh in me mightily.

(Don't you feel being insulted if the value of your everyday labor is measured with money you earn through your everyday labor? It should be measured with mercy the God gives to you due to your everyday labor. Now, which do you want money from devils or mercy from the God?)

"...They aren't willing even to lift a finger to help them..."


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ability to Read and Write Japanese: Ability to See the Truth of 9/11 Terror

"L is for the way you look at me..."O is for the only word I say, since 'Lo! the Eiffel Tower in Tokyo'"

Ability to Read and Write Japanese: Ability to See the Truth of 9/11 Terror
(capacité de lire et écrire le Japonais)

Mr. Edward Seidensticker died in Tokyo.

He joined the battle in Iwojima during Japan-US War in WWII. It is after WWII that he started to study Japanese literature when he was stationed in Tokyo. He translated works of Yasunari Kawabata, which led to Kawabata's Nobel Prize winning.

But, Mr. Seidensticker's historical work is translation of the famous novel written by Murasaki-shikibu 1000 years ago into English.

Though I don't know how Mr. Seidensticker translated quadruple time Japanese into simple-triple time English, he can be honored as one of two foreigners that have ever translated the most valuable literary work in Japan's history into English.
* * *

I suppose most of American elites, such as Mr. Summers and Mr. Rubin, have never read any Japanese literary works. Especially, most of Israelite Americans have never read any Japanese literary works.

It means most of American elites and most of Israelite Americans are unenlightened.

How can you neglect literary works of Japan, the leading country in Asia since 16th century, one of the four strongest countries before WWII, the second largest economy in the world today, the country Marco Polo dreamed of in his report that gave a dream to Columbus, one of a few Asian countries that have never been colonized or invaded by Europeans, and one of the eighth unique civilizations of today even anti-Japanese US scholars would admit?

Now you know that when American elites speak ill of Japan, they are talking about what they do not understand.

Now you know that when Israelite Americans speak ill of Japan, they are talking about what they do not understand.

Japan had nothing to do with German Nazi's massacre of European Israelites.

It is a matter of madness that Israelite Americans speak ill of Japan in a manner as if they were attacking Nazis.

They had better study works by Mr. Seidensticker, even if Japanese language is too difficult for them to read and write while they think they are the cleverest in the world as they are successful in New York, however, which is not a success at all in the eye of God's.
* * *

If Israelite Americans had been truly against US invasion of Iraq, President Mr. Bush could not have ordered US troops to invade Iraq.

US invasion of Iraq is to help Saudi Arabia. US' helping Saudi Arabia is to help Israel.

If most of terrorist who were engaged in the 9/11 terror had been Japanese, Israelite Americans would have requested the US President to attack Japan.

But, while most of terrorist who engaged in the 9/11 terror were in fact Saudi Arabians, Israelite Americans asked the US President to help Saudi Arabia and attack Iraq.

But, why? Are Israelite Americans mad?
* * *

The answer is plain to see. AlQaeda is not a threat to Israel at all. Hidden friendship between Israel and Saudi Arabia is a key to Israel's existence and subsistence. And, the gravest threat to Saudi Arabia is not AlQaeda but Iraq.

Therefore, by abusing anger and fear of the US citizens in the wake of the 9/11 terror, Israelite Americans exerted their influence on the US Administration to have US troops attack Saddam Hussein's Iraq.

Now, it is Israelite that has become most secured since the launching of the War on Terror by the U.S. In other words, by sacrificing security of the U.S., the U.S. Government saved Israel.

In short, the US Government attacked Iraq to save Saudi Arabia. But, Israel is the most beneficiary. Nonetheless, this fact has not been told to US voters, taxpayers, citizens, and respectable soldiers.
* * *

US voters, taxpayers, citizens, and respectable soldiers should know that US elites, including Israelite Americans, have no ability to learn and master Japanese, so that their intelligence is very much biased.

Whatever US elites, including Israelite Americans, do internationally, US voters, taxpayers, citizens, and respectable soldiers should review it carefully, since they have no ability to learn and master Japanese, which means that their intelligence is very much biased.
* * *

Is the Japanese language so difficult? Daily spoken Japanese is very easy even in pronunciation.

However, as once a French Catholic priest having lived in Japan 30 years said, it would take more than 30 years for a European to mater Japanese language in reading, writing, and properly speaking including true pronunciation.

Even in Paris, it is said that there are many native French who cannot properly write a letter or an official document in French.

Conversely, American elites should respect Japanese at least as much as French.

Then they will not be misled by Israelite Americans, the most beneficiary of the US War on Terror.

(To tell the truth, I do not very much like the work of Mursaki-shikibu. Though I admit her work, created 1000 years ago, to be one of the most valuable literary works in the world, I do not much like her romantic fiction, since I do not like a romantic fiction technically.

I do not very much like Yasunari Kawabata's works based on Japanese sense of appreciation for the beautiful so lonesome, so weak, but so noble, either.

Of course, there are other Japanese authors whose works once I liked to read.

One of them is Souseki Natsume, who wrote such a novel as is titled "I Am Honorably a Cat."

Do you like "Les Trois Mousquetaires" in which a bad Cardinal engages in a secret operation, if not a biography of Jeanne d'Arc abandoned by churches?

Yet, you had better read a report written by a French farmer who worked at construction sites in Paris centuries ago when Paris was under construction. They were building stones into the city of Paris we see today.

Or, has anybody, if wisely able to write a criticism on Jesus Christ and EEE Reporter, made a story on the World Trade Center at which a saint and his followers visited far before 2001 to exchange a little conversation?)

"...he will rule from sea to sea, from the Euphrates to the End of the East..."

Monday, August 27, 2007

Crisis of Decent Languages

a canned coffee as an ash tray under a cherry treenot always serene hush
"Come, come, come out tonight...Sherry baby"

Crisis of Decent Languages
(crise des langues décentes)

Last night, namely Sunday night, a Japan's cable TV channel delivered a 1995 movie "Tokiwa: The Manga Apartment."

The wooden humble apartment house existed in Toshima-ku, Tokyo from 1952 to 1982 (

The movie was based on a fact that in the era Japan was yet to enter high-growth period after WWII poor youths dreaming of a success as a manga artist were living in a specific apartment house in a corner of Tokyo all together for convenience of communications and life. Most of them later made their dreams come true, forming the foundation of today's global success of Japan's manga culture.

Osamu Tezuka, the king of manga of Japan, was also one of tenants, though he was in a class by himself as he had already been famous when he had come to Tokyo from his home region, the Osaka area.

But, the true hero of Tokiwa Apartmenthouse was Hiro-o Terada. He created a story of boys who love baseball and respect traditional values. Terada did not adopt radical expressions including violence and immorality. He always depicted good mannered boys and girls who speak decent Japanese.

However, with development of economy and commercialism and invasion by American indecent materialism, other manga artists came to use radical expressions responding to request from publishers.

Hiro-o Terada felt isolated as if he had been left by the trend of the era. But, he continued his way of manga creation.

If you want to know how poor young people lived in 1950's and 1960's n Japan, the movie might give you a hint.

If you want to know what the fine customs of Japanese society were in 1950's and 1960's in Japan, you had better search and read works of Hiro-o Terada.
* * *

If you see a bad table manner of foreigners, you might really feel sick. American foods usually request no decent manners. Bad women who get used to, and come to love, violent treatment of violent men, not necessarily meaning strong or courageous men, do not respect decent manners of gentlemen. I do not want, say, Ms. Paris Hilton to become one of such women, since such violence-loving women sometimes end their lives as a victim of violence or an act of murder by a bad, violent, and mean man.

Indeed, bad money drives out good. Bad manga was once trying to drive out good manga. However, conscientious manga artists like Terada saved Japanese goodness in the manga industry, in my view, which has really contributed to global appreciation of quality of Japan's manga.
* * *

Manga is not a mainstream of culture. But, language is a key to prosperity of a nation. However, there are some people who are afraid that the Japanese language will be extinct in future.

A Japanese man living in France for 15 years has thought about world languages and the Japanese language, thus expressing his concern on a crisis on Japanese.

He wrote that though there are 5,000 languages in the world today, 2,500 languages will be extinct in next 100 years, which may lead to a single value system in mankind. And the most dominant one may be English culture, since one of five people or 21% of the world population today speaks English as their official language or a mother tongue.

However, as is symbolized by the case of Ms. Paris Hilton, the modern English/American culture, represented by a New York-style of greed, is highly oriented to violence and immorality which might fatally contaminate the whole mankind.

As for rankings of users of a language as a mother tongue according to the above site:
1. Chinese...........1 billion people
2. English.........350 million people
3. Spanish.........250 million people
4. Hindi............200 million people
5. Arabic...........150 million people
6. Bengalee.........150 million people
7. Russian..........135 million people
8. Portuguese.......135 million people
9. Japanese.......120 million people
10. German.........100 million people
11. French............70 million people
* * *

If various tribes and nations do not try hard to protect and preserve their culture and language, American English will enjoy monopoly in future.

Then, even in Islamic countries, there would be no pious ladies, since they may start to speak every immoral thing sinfully, claiming that the language code has changed, like some indecent American ladies.

That is why you should not love New York. You have to protect your own value system and a language system the God gave to your ancestors.

The God has never changed the moral code and the language code. Their thought is very wrong as their sinful talk would rather increase abominable crimes on other pious ladies.

(There is a popular art called "raku-go" in Japan. It is a kind of comic story-telling. If you, a foreign Japanese learner, can enjoy classical "raku-go" in Japanese, your Japanese is excellent. Or, when Japanese lose interest in the rakugo spoken art, it may trigger a crisis of the Japanese language.

Anyway, without love to Japanese culture in mind, you cannot speak fine Japanese, as Jesus Christ suggested in terms of contents people talked about.)

"...Later on Jesus Christ was having a meal in Levi's house. A large number of tax collectors and other outcasts were following Jesus, and many of them joined Him and His disciples at the table..."