Friday, February 03, 2006

To London, Being Guided by Allah

To London, Being Guided by Allah

The English movie based on a fact that an Afghan boy at last got to London in 2002 was really appealing.

I didn’t see the start of the story but observed that the boy with an elderly companion moved from Pakistan to Teheran, the Kurdish area, Istanbul, Trieste, Paris, the Straits of Dover, and finally London.

The most heartbroken part is when the boy, his elderly companion, an Arab husband and wife with their baby, and others were put into a cargo container. It is because the mafia who employed them in Istanbul one day decided to discard them. So they were put into a container to be sent to a factory in Italy. They were expected to be found at the destination as illegal immigrants who happened to be suffocated in the container.

But, the Afghan boy and the Arab baby survived. The boy ran away from the factory to the street of Trieste, and eventually arrived at London.

The boy, perhaps 12 or 13 years old then, should be now getting near to his 18 years when British authority will expel him out of Britain.

The adventure was taken after U.S. assaults on Afghanistan but before their invasion on Iraq, which took my attention to the story.

If a boy could move that way from Afghanistan to London, anybody supported by an organized crime or an established terrorist network should be easily able to move from Afghanistan to London and eventually any part of the world without mentioning New York and Washington DC.

Then, what now actually protects New York and Washington DC?

During Japan’s 9/11 election in 2005, a Japanese couple were killed in Afghanistan on their way from Quetta to Kabul via Qandahar.

They were male and female school teachers, though not married, from a city of western Japan. The electorate including the city was a big focus in the 9/11 election. And, the tragedy happened in the middle of election battle between a leader of the anti prime minister group and a young man supported by the ruling party and Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi.

The election resulted in overwhelming victory for the ruling party; however, the young man lost the election to the ex-police bureaucrat.

What this young man has lost is not only the election but also his assets and position in Livedoor Corp.

This January, Tokyo district public prosecutors launched investigation into Livedoor, thus hitting not only the Tokyo Stock Exchange but also the world money market. Livedoor had about seven billion dollar aggregate market price of its stock. But, after an arrest of the president, namely the young man Mr. Takafumi Horie, and his resignation from the corporate board, the value has fallen to 700 million dollar level.

This big, dire social incident has coincided with investigation of faulty designs of condominium apartments as well as unpopular Government’s import approval of American beef without necessary inspection on the exporting side concerning mad cow disease.

According to UNDP (United Nations Development Program), 200 million dollar aids have been provided for Afghanistan in this decade. Japan, in 2002, donated 20 million dollars for clearance of land mines in Afghanistan.

Yet, Livedoor’s lost total stock value of six billion dollars, if substantial, should have been poured into Afghanistan so as to prevent such a tragedy as the boy’s.

Then, more people will resist being dominated by an organized crime and an established terrorist network, which would eventually protect cities far and remote from Afghanistan