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People's Hero and the Sword

"Have you ever heard..."
"crying angels singing..."

People's Hero and the Sword

Japanese language learners all over the world, especially at a professional level, should read "Nihongo: Omote to Ura" by Mr. Tetsuro Morimoto.

Note: "Nihongo" means the Japanese language; "Omote to Ura" means the surface and the back side.
* * *

In the book, there is a reference to a certain story of the samurai age, which was originally written in another book on notable swordsmen who really existed in the past.

The story is about a famous and strong samurai named Tsukahara Bokuden (

One day he was on a journey and crossing a big lake on a humble ferry, of course, some 450 years ago in Japan in a state of civil war between samurai lords.
On board a ferry, there was a hooligan samurai, wild and noisy among other gentle passengers of merchants, farmers, craftsmen, monks, etc.

He was behaving violently, challenging peace of other timid travelers. None tried to speak up to him. But, as the wild samurai found another samurai, that is, Tsukahara Bokuden, he decided to challenge Bokuden without knowing who he was.

So, the wild samurai told Bokuden if he had guts to fight with real swords as they were both samurai warriors. Bokuden replied, saying that as his martial-art style was called "Mutekatsu-ryu" (meaning winning without hands or a sword), he had no intention to defeat others but would be content with avoiding his own defeat; and thus he would not fight to win there.

The wild samurai, still challenging, asked Bokuden why he then belted the swords (usually a samurai has a long sward and a short sword waist-mounted).

Bokuden answered, "My swords are not for cutting an enemy but for cutting my arrogance."

Then, the wild samurai realized that Bokuden was making a mock of him.

The wild samurai got violently angry, shouting at Bokuden, "Then fight against me! Surely, you without a sward!"

Bokuden said that as the violent samurai so strongly requested the fight, he would have to accept the challenge; but as the humble ferry happened to come close to large rocks in the middle of the lake, Bokuden also said that they should get out of the ferry and fight on the rocks.

The wild samurai violently jumped out of the ferry and waited for Bokuden following him down to the reef.

But, Bokuden took a pole from a boatman and forcibly pushed a rock with the pole to have the ferry leave the reef quickly. The wild samurai was left alone on a rock in the middle of the large lake.

The wild samurai with a sword in the hand shouted, "You Chicken!" But Bokuden replied: "You see this is my 'Mutekatsu-ryu.' Now, folks, let's continue our voyage!"

Mr. Morimoto analyzed on how and why Japanese loved this story; but he argued that Westerners would not think Bokuden was great in this story as actually Bokuden cheated his enemy and would not fight bravely.

Indeed, Westerners might think that Japanese are all sly like Tsukahara Bokuden (en passant, "Tsukahara" is the family name in this convention).

The key to the story is that every reader knows beforehand Tsukahaea Bokuden was one of the greatest swordsmen, having been so proven by his career and testimonies from other strong and high-class samurais.

If he had fought, it would have been a routinely easy victory. But, Bokuden avoided the fight, as if he had been a sly and weak man. Yet, Bokuden achieved what other weak passengers wished, namely, peaceful solution and disposal of a violent and indecent samurai.

Yes, a Japanese reader knows that he must have been one of coward passengers in the ferry, if he had been there. And, what he could do at best is just behaving like Bokuden on the occasion, namely, cheating the wild and bad samurai to have him get out of the ferry.

But, it does not look heroic at all. It is weak man's wisdom and tactics. He, of course, wants to fight with a sword and defeat the wild and bad samurai, which is however just a fantasy for him, since every reader knows that he or she is not so strong.

But, lo! Despite his overwhelming strength, the samurai master Bokuden acted like a weak man to defeat the wild and bad samurai without using his expertise in manipulating a sword.

Now, weak readers of the story do not have to feel ashamed of their weakness and cowardliness in addition to their possible tactics of slyly cheating a strong guy, since the strongest samurai Bokuden also behaved like one of them taking the very sly, apparently, tactics.

This is Mr. Tetsuro Morimoto's argument. And, you have to understand this kind of Japanese minds to master Japanese language with notion to its surface and the back face.
* * *

A Japanese sword has truly enchanting power and an appealing shape based on its history of development over 2000 years since the Bronze Age of Japan when Japanese used a kind of glaives like ancient Romans or Chinese. In other words, Japanese developed the technical art of swords while Romans and Chinese could not.

(The Japanese sword is unique in that its edge angle and its blade warp require a special skill to manipulate it, since it must be pulled or drawn backward while acutely cutting into the target, which also requires special movement not only of arms and the upper body but also of foot work, more graceful than in Western fencing, in taking the best position for swinging it precisely at a specific angle while converging kinetic impact of the mass of iron to the target along a semi-circular orbit on a plane tilted flexibly according to the posture and movement of the target, unlike, say, Viking's blunt swordplay solely relying on poorly controlled muscle in the vertical direction only.

[If you become a master of swordplay in a certain school, you are conferred full mastership certificate, according to traditions.]
Also refer to

In fact, the Japanese sword, which even many wealthy Chinese centuries ago coveted for as a treasure, has been a symbol of Japanese society governed by the samurai class and their descendants for more than 1000 years until the end of WWII. Hence, I once wrote about it in this "EEE Reporter" blog before.

(Truly, there are many objects that the sword cannot apply to. Wild flowers may be one. And you, good girls, are more valuable than wild flowers and sparrows as Jesus Christ declared.

Indeed, the Japanese language (Nihon-go) is a true national treasure of Japan (Nihon), since my mind (kokoro) is with it.)


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Divine Comedy 2007 (V)

The third there! ..maybe the fastest!!

Divine Comedy 2007 (V)

The FEN (Far East Network) radio station, mainly broadcasting for US military servicemen around Tokyo, reported on the New York Stock Exchange index hitting another record high and the National Public Radio World Wide from Washington D.C. talked about something on Mr. Barack Obama among other issues, though I am not in a car now.
* * *

1. Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.
I once saw a movie on Gandhi and one on Malcom X. Both the religious and political heroes were assassinated retrospectively so mysteriously.

I think that "New York City" should be renamed "Martin Luther King Jr. City (MLK City)," since nobody in New York seems to be greater than Martin Luther King Jr.

I think that the nation "India" should be renamed "Gandhi," since nobody in India seems to be greater than Gandhi.

In Japan around Tokyo, however, allow me, folks, to directly follow Jesus Christ, though Lord Jesus Christ was executed by a Roman Governor, namely the Roman Empire, to resurrect and conquer the Empire later with the religion called Christianity.
Vatican should be renamed "Jesus Christ City."

2. Israelite Americans
Here I follow a certain conspiracy theory:
Japan has been made the scapegoat by Israelite Americans so often after WWII.

For Israelite Americans, Japan is an easy target for making the scapegoat.

Israelite Americans even today do not look like sufficiently pursuing justice on Russians and Germans. (Why will not Israel request Germany to persuade Palestinians to co-exist with Israelites or to make equally sacrificial efforts there?) And, Israelite Americans cannot lose friends in France, Italy, and Spain. They have to think great deal of the U.K. They desperately need friendship from other Anglo Saxon countries, including the U.S.

Islamic countries are mostly too poor and weak and Latin American countries are mostly too miserable. Asian countries except Japan and China are too weak. And, Africa is out of question.

China still relies on Marxism their fellow Karl Marx launched 150 years ago; thus, Israelite Americans do not want to make Chine the scapegoat. In addition, the Chinese market looks more profitable than Japan nowadays.

Consequently, Israelite Americans cannot help but make Japan the scapegoat.

This is not originally an individual inclination, but a tendency of the race that suffered so much of horrible and malicious persecution, oppression, segregation, and quasi-annihilation in the Christian civilization.

They need somebody to attack so that they can feel like fighting bravely for their pride, justice, honor, belief, and security.

And, after WWII, they found peace-loving economic power Japan, once allied with Germany, a country nobody in the world can understand well due to its unique history and culture.

Israelite Americans, following a tacit will among their race, sometimes look like accusing and exploiting Japan, mostly financially, for so long. But, as Japan is too unique and Israelite Americans are still claiming their privilege, nobody in the world has realized this dangerous behavior of Israelite Americans on Japan.

The above stated conspiracy theory is based on research having been conducted by some specialists in Japan so as to defend the nation.

My advice to Israelite Americans is to bravely and fairly face Germans, Russians, and Anglo Saxons as well as Vatican even today in terms of justice and belief, though they all still look living in the aftermath of violent glory of the Roman Empire.

Japan has never tried to make Israelites the scapegoat in terms of justice and belief or financially.

3. Anglo-Saxons
I love Anglo-Saxons. I really like some music they play, though there are more than a dozen reasons.

4. Koreans
I respect Koreans. Japanese can learn Korean and Koreans can learn Japanese quicker than any other races do, respectively.

If I were a Korean living between the super-nation Japan and the one billion population country China, I would rather feel fear and lose a spirit of competing. But, Koreans have been bravely competing well so far.

So, keep in mind that as Japan respects Korea, it has helped Korea launch its industries in various ways and compete well, after WWII, during WWII, and even before WWII.

And, if they have a madam President, which is somehow likely in near future, I even personally respect them.
* * *

US Secretary of State Ms. Condoleezza Rice called yesterday Japan's new Defense Minister Ms. Yuriko Koike, according to a newspaper.

Is this an ordinary protocol between Japan and the U.S., though Ms. Koike may only keep her position until the national election to be held on July 29?

At least, they could probably exchange information on North Korea, as China cannot make North Korea the scapegoat so conveniently anymore, while 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing are getting near.

Indeed, despotic states are so sinful as they compel the people make an idol of their absolute leaders (in addition to de facto slavery sometimes reported as being so adopted even today, though illegally).

Democratic nations, such as Korea, the U.S., and Japan, should tie up to fight against them, even if not resorting to force, in spite of all difficulties.

(If you solve the mystery of the assassination of, say, JFK, we can more frankly talk about Martin Luther King Jr. and others, such as Marilyn Monroe, even as a table talk at home or in a WTC restaurant, for example.

Of course, there are many mysteries and secrets in the world I can pretend not to be aware of for peace, say, in terms of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Shintoism.

Indeed, the less you have the faith, the less the holy secret and wonders remain in you.)


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Can You Feel Expansion of the Whole Universe?

Two Jet Planes in Parallel so Far and High over Mt. Fuji

Can You Feel Expansion of the Whole Universe?

In today's newspaper, they presented an image of the universe as is observed from a satellite. The source is a press release of Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) that launched a new space observation platform last February. According to JAXA (

"The infrared astronomy satellite AKARI started the regular observations in May 2006. In the last one year, AKARI has carried out the All-Sky Survey observations to map the entire sky, as well as thousands of pointed observations of selected targets. Here we show the beautiful images constructed from the AKARI All-Sky Survey data..."
* * *

According to Hubble's law, the speed of expansion of the universe is proportional to distance.

Therefore, in our observation from the earth, the expansion of the universe around the earth looks very slow.

However, if we assume that the expansion speed is the same everywhere in the universe (93 billion light years) and the universe has been expanding at the same rate since its emergence (13.7 billion years old), the speed of expansion of the universe is as follows, since one light year is 9.46 x 10**15 meters:

[Speed of the Space] = 930 / 137 x 9.46 x 10**15
= 6.42 x 10**16 (meters/year)
= 19 x 10**16 (feet/year)
= 190,000,000,000,000,000 (feet/year)

If this expansion is observed from an orbit around the earth at the altitude of 100km (60 miles), the incremental expansion per year on the earth is as follows:

[Expansion per Year] = 6.42 x 10**16 x 100 x 10**3 / (930 x 10**8 x 9.46 x 10**15)
= 7.30 x 10**(-6) (meters/year)
= 20 x 10**(-6) (feet/year)

[Expansion per Second] = 7 x 10**(-13) (feet/second)
= 0.0000000000007 (feet/second)

(Note: One year is about 30 million [3 x 10**7] seconds.)

However as the present satellites mankind has ever launched on orbits can only measure a difference in the distance on the earth as small as 0.1 inches or so if they perform one year measurement, we cannot confirm the expansion of the universe on the earth by simply employing such conventional technologies.
(Refer to in Japanese, if possible.)
* * *

The issue is that if there is somebody among mankind who can sense this very subtle expansion of the universe on the earth, what becomes of him or her.

I believe that Buddha could do, if he so wished.

I believe that Jesus Christ could do, if He so wished.

As every mankind is made of only atoms, and the size of an atom (including outer electrons) is about 10**(-10) meters or feet, you may try hard to feel the expansion of the whole universe "every second," which is about 1000 times smaller than an atom.

If you are an atom, the expansion of the universe per second is about your 0.1 inches.
Indeed, quantum physics based on mysterious observation and broken determinism of locations of particles should be reviewed in this context; there is no stable space around electrons and other elementary particles at all.
* * *

There may be some errors in order in the above calculation. But, it must be one digit or so. Still an atom is far larger than the absolute increment per second of space being expanded along with every other part of the universe, but it is somehow within a range of perception for an atom.

Maybe, the movement of the whole universe is being felt by every atom in our body in every second, implication of which is extremely significant.

From this scientific fact, I suppose millions of dreams may emerge.

(But, above all, you must respect Jesus Christ and Buddha even only for this reason, as the whole universe is expanding at a pace of 0.0000000000007 feet/second.

Now, God has put me in more awe of Him. I will surely obey Him more; How about you?)


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Jesus' Economics (Jesusnomics)

Wild flowers: the wonder of the universe...not on the moon and Mars; not in the beginning of the universe which is like the core of the sun...

Jesus' Economics (Jesusnomics)

Japan's TV stations have been reporting on the horrible crackdown on a large Islamic seminary in Pakistan as well as mega-churches in the U.S.; but I like to concentrate on money, for your sake.
* * *

How much money do you think you need to live a decent life in your society and community?

How much security expenses nowadays do you think you need in such a decent life?

So, your Government can tell children how much they need when they grow up to live a decent life.

So, your Government should also tell children how much they do not need when they grow up to live a decent life.

And, your Government has to tell that income of any citizen from his or her profession should be adjusted to have him or her and his/her neighbors live a decent life each.

The President should tell the people that they do need neither a million dollar, 10,000 dollar, nor 1,000 dollar per day to live a decent life.

The President should tell the people that if they earn a million dollar, 10,000 dollar, or 1,000 dollar per day, they are great and can be regarded as heroes or heroines in a sense, but they have to simply take the honor and pride but give up the excessive amount of money to Government tax offices.

I really wish that there would be a new movement in the U.S. toward decent lives with very appropriate personal financial assets of the people, though, with astronomical sums of public funds and governmental budgets to be provided for people in poor countries and especially poor Muslims.

In that case, all the rich countries, including Japan and China, must surely follow suit.
* * *

Jesus Christ talked about taxes and wages. He said to pay them unconditionally, fully, equally, and timely.

This is on a "vertical" movement of money: from people to a government, or from an employer to workers. It must be unconditionally, fully, equally, and timely handled; and money should flow accordingly unconditionally, fully, equally, and timely, vertically.

However, there is another movement of money: a "horizontal" movement.

You should lend money to your poor neighbors, but you should not demand pay back. This is His teaching which is related to the horizontal movement of money. No interest and all the more no payback should be demanded.

This flow of money in a horizontal direction or on a plane symbolizes and embodies concrete love to neighbors, which really does away with the devilish character of money.

Indeed, Jesus' Economics or "Jesusnomics" is greater than Nobel-Prized (or "N"-Prized) economics.

(I would rather say, "Do not compete with Angels," even in market, since God Speed is on their side.)
* * *

Once, a black tulip became a symbol of speculations in Holland. A price of a black tulip soared up in a crazy market when Holland was so rich while occupying trade in East Asia. But, it burst like a bubble eventually.

Jesus Christ said to look at wildflowers and have a trust in God.

Truly the trust in God can lead to the thinking about a decent life and holy economics, which will advance us close to the Kingdom of God, truly, intangible.

O, God, when will the day come on which the word "money" will disappear from every dictionary on the earth?

Truly God is great, and God or Allah is the only god for us!!

(At least, your thought on a holy mission must be stronger than your thought on money. Otherwise, you may happen to be a billionaire. Can't you hear a sigh from both men and Angels?)


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

John Lennon; The 50th Anniversary of The Quarry Men

Lo! Folks!

A Matter of an Angle.

John Lennon; The 50th Anniversary of The Quarry Men

It is truly unbelievable that we still today see Ms. Yoko Ono making public appearance in style. She recently performed her art exhibition in Russia, in addition to her joining "Larry King Live" and a promotion video clip of a certain Japanese music group.

John Lennon once used Japanese expressions in the song "Aisumasen (I'm Sorry)." He sang: "Yoko-san suimasen." For what sacrifice or virtue on her side, was he sorry?

I once visited the John Lennon Museum in Saitama City, Japan. I found his driver's license, or something like that so personal and old, being displayed. He must have been, of course, truly a neighbor of some ordinary people in his original world where he played in the Quarry Men and met Mr. Paul McCartney.

(By the way, do you know "Sukiyaki," a Japanese song that once became US No.1 in The Billboard in 1963 when Ms. Yoko Ono was living in New York? However, Kyu Sakamoto, who sang it, died in a Jumbo jet air accident near Tokyo Pref. in 1985 (

It was a song of loneliness or a broken heart though somehow forward looking in words and tune, say, like Ms. Yoko Ono's life, since its original Japanese title "Ue-wo-Muite-Arukou" means "Let's Walk Faceup [lest tears should course down].")


Monday, July 09, 2007

Divine Comedy 2007 (IV)

The Arakawa River b/w Tokyo Pref. (near) and Saitama Pref. (far)

Divine Comedy 2007 (IV)

1. Boeing 787 Roll-Out
New York Times did not make it out into the open that Mitsubishi, a Japanese manufacturing company, accounts for 35% in production work of the new passenger jet Boeing 787 (

The ratio, 35%, is almost equal to the one for Boeing itself in their share of work in producing Boeing 787.

This sort of omission could, I am afraid, lead to some serious misunderstanding among Americans on Japan and Japanese.

For example, once Mr. Rubin said, "Why did Japan succeed while South America failed (There must be immoral cheating)." Mr. Wolfowitz once said, "Japan has never contributed to American security (So, we cannot help but neglect Japan's huge monetary contribution to the Gulf War in 1991)." Mr. Kissinger once said, "Japan might sometimes soon be armed with nuclear weapons (So then, let China hold North Korea)."

I mean that in order to cope with Airbus, Boeing needed and still needs Mitsubishi's help; So, congratulations on the roll-out!

2. Money, Money, and More Money as We are Americans
I do not especially recommend "The Xenophobe's Guide to the Americans" by Ms. Stephanie Faul (; however the book was translated and published in Japan in 1999.

The significance of her self-observation book is in that Americans talk about money, money, and money, since they are Americans.

But, to be honest, why do they talk about only money?

Indeed, to get much money, you have to be physically strong, good looking, smart in dealing, technically advanced, and aware of market information; in addition, you have to forget about everything except money.

But, to be honest, why do they talk about only money?

Without knowing why their ancestor could not succeed in their home countries, how much they owe to the world history and civilizations, and in how many things they are not No.1 in the world, they do not even realize that their vast land and natural resources are not what they created but once belonged to native Americans, Spanish, French, English, the Dutch, Russians, and Hawaiians!

Now the current balance of the U.S. is 700 billion dollars in red, corresponding to 6% of its GDP which is 12 trillion dollars, meaning it may not be sustainable until the world oil reserves are depleted in 40 years.

If 10% of 700 billion dollars the U.S. owe to other countries is spent for development of society in poor countries, such as Mexico, Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Afghanistan, the God should be more pleased.

In this context, the God must love Japan more than the U.S. and Israelites.

3. Nomo in 1995, Ichiro in 2001, and Matsuzaka in 2007?
Daisuke Matsuzaka of the Boston Red Sox was beaten today by Gary Sheffield and Carlos Guillen of the Detroit Tigers. ("Matsu" means a pine tree and "Zaka (Saka, originally)" means a slope, just F.Y.I.)

Gary Sheffield was once a colleague of Hideki Matsui in the New York Yankees. Carlos Guillen was once a colleague of Ichiro Suzuki in the Seattle Mariners.

Hideo Nomo, a samurai pitcher, was a true hero in 1995 as he helped Japanese keep up its morale while Japan was suffering from a great earthquake around Kobe City that claimed more than 5,000 lives and the sarin gas terror in Tokyo that claimed more than 5,000 casualties. He also boosted up the MLB having suffered from the aftermath of major players' walkouts.

However, Ichiro Suzuki is more symbolic. It is 2001 that he first played in America. Over the terror on September 11, he delivered more than 200 hits to be the leading hitter of the American League and contributed to Mariners' 116 wins, the record-tying most wins in a season in the MLB history.

Japanese shocked by the 9/11 terror were really helped get out of a spell of the terror by watching baseball-hero Ichiro fighting his way up to his own glory of sportsmanship.

In this sense, the year 2001, especially due to tight days around September 11, was truly a testing year for Ichiro.

Now, in what sense will the year 2007 be a testing year for Matsuzaka, a good-natured super-pitcher from Japan to the Major League Baseball, though September is yet to come?

(Tonight, NHK TV in Ms. Hiroko Kuniya's program has focused on Hideki Okajima who has been chosen as a pitcher for the MLB All-Star Game with Ichiro and Takashi Saito, which is truly a big surprise for Japanese baseball (Yakyu) fans, though Okajima was reportedly crucially assisted by a Red Sox's coach.

Still, I really want to see a heroine from Japan this year even in a different field, since I am afraid that Ms. Paula Radcliffe, a super Anglo Saxon marathon runner who was however beaten by a Japanese runner in Athens, may be trying hard to be the blessed one in the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing.

In addition, though Ms. Segolene Royal failed this year against a son of Hungary-born parents in the French Presidential Election, the U.S. still has a chance in 2008 to present the greatest heroine in the Western history since Queen Victoria!)


Sunday, July 08, 2007

Commutable Sins

The Largest River that Flows into the Tokyo Bay: The Arakawa

Commutable Sins

A notable female Japanese interpreter/translator wrote in her blog that she encountered (on July 3) an unfamiliar word "commute" in the context of the case of Mr. Lewis "Scooter" Libby Jr. (

(In a dictionary I use, there is an example of a sentence: "The death sentence was commuted to life imprisonment.")

It is interesting that such a topnotch professional English user is still embarrassed by certain specific English terms (yet no one uses English in a daily life in Japan except some foreigners and their friends), though it is often said that English legal terminologies sound like a foreign language even to American students who first opened a textbook on law.

According to her blog, the CBS Evening News reported the other day that a draft statement was discovered in Washington D.C., which Richard Nixon had prepared for use in case he should have been able to evade the impeachment.

Japan has not adopted a jury system, but it is going to introduce a citizen judge system which is somehow similar to a jury system of common law.

The reason of this institutional reform is degradation of a level of commonsense among judges.

In a democracy, no one is above law. Even a president of a nation or judges should follow the constitution, laws and regulations. They can be impeached.

Nonetheless, Jesus Christ said, "Forgive your enemies. Do not judge others. Follow God's orders rather than rules man set."

I think that if all the Americans become rich, they will still have a challenge to tackle in this context. So then, I recommend all the people in the world to study and develop the teaching of Jesus Christ to realize it without making a detour like Americans.

"...God will do what is right; He will bring sufferings on those who make you suffer..."