Saturday, September 29, 2007

Midnight Number-One Reporting

Midnight Number-One Reporting
(Reportage de Nombre-Un de minuit)

Last night, a Japan's Fuji TV news program moderator was proud, saying that their video film presentation on the shooting at a Japanese journalist to death in Myanmar was spotlighted worldwide and accordingly referred to so much globally.

Indeed, it is a miracle that we got a video evidence on a scene where a journalist is being shot in the middle of citizens' demonstration on a street by one of suppressing soldiers.

The midnight news program, characteristically popular though so late (, also presented a controversial visit of the Iranian President to New York.

To my astonishment, some elite Americans insulted the Iranian President in a certain university, and the US public refused to accept his courtesy visit to the ex-World Trade Center site.
* * *

Myanmar soldiers who killed a Japanese journalist lack respect to Japan, which may be however individually condoned as those soldiers are so poor while their generals must be rich through connection with China.

American elites, such as Secretary of Treasury in the Clinton Administration, having insulted Japan lack respect to Japanese, which cannot be easily overlooked as those elites are so rich due to Japan's huge finacial cooperation with the U.S.

My warning is that some Iranians with a personal grudge against some US elites might follow suit of Mr. Osama bin Laden, which ordinary US citizens cannot even dream of.
* * *

There is a Japanese book, though paperbacked, that introduces 50 great scientists in the human history, say, from Democritus to Mr. James Watson.

Among them, ten Japanese scientists were introduced, most of whom however American elites, including Secretary of Treasury in the Clinton Administration, must not know, which is one of dangerous sources of their lacking respect to Japanese.

As Japan is situated so far away from Europe, Europeans have traditionally neglected Japanese world-first discovery or achievement in the scientific field so often, while claiming their second discovery as the first.

One such example is the world-first discovery of "vitamin" by Umetaro Suzuki.

I will present the ten Japanese scientific heroes enumerated in the above mentioned book as follows:

1. Shibasaburo Kitasato
(29 January 1853-13 June 1931) was a Japanese physician and bacteriologist. He is remembered as the co-discoverer of the infectious agent of bubonic plague in Hong Kong in 1894, almost simultaneously with Alexandre Yersin.

2. Jokichi Takamine
In 1894 Takamine emigrated to the United States. He established his own research laboratory in New York City, but licensed the commercial production of Takadiastase. In 1901 he isolated and purified the hormone adrenaline (the first effective broncodilator for asthma) from animal glands, becoming the first to accomplish this for a glandular hormone.

1856 -1952
Founder of modern Japanese science, particularly in the areas of physics, geophysics, and aeronautics. Proponent of Japanese-style roman lettering.

4. Hantaro NAGAOKA
1865 -1950
A physicist known particularly as proponent of an atomic model with a central nucleus. The father of Japanese theoretical and experimental physics.

5. Kotaro Honda
(born on February 23, 1870 in Okazaki, Aichi Prefecture - February 12, 1954) was a Japanese scientist and inventor. He invented KS steel (initials from Kichiei Sumitomo), which is a type of magnetic resistant steel that is three times more resistant than tungsten steel. He later improved upon the steel, creating NKS steel.

6. Kiyoshi Shiga
(7 February 1871–25 January 1951) was a Japanese physician and bacteriologist.
He became famous for the discovery of shigella, the bacillus causing dysentery in 1897. The bacterium shigella was therefore named after him, as well as the shiga toxin, which is produced by the bacteria.

7. Umetaro Suzuki
(April 7, 1874 – September 20, 1943) was a Japanese scientist, born in Shizuoka Prefecture.
When researching the effects of rice bran in curing patients of beriberi, he discovered an active fraction in 1910 and received patent rights to aberic acid, which in 1935 after the correct composition became known as thiamin. His research was among the earliest of modern vitamin research.

8. Yoshio Nishina
(December 6, 1890–January 10, 1951) was a Japanese physicist. He was a friend of Niels Bohr, and a close associate of Albert Einstein. Nishina was a world-class scientist with excellent leadership qualities. He co-authored the well-known Klein-Nishina Formula, and the Nishina crater on the moon is named in his honor.
His research was concerned with cosmic rays and particle accelerator development.

9. Shinichiro Tomonaga
(March 31, 1906 – July 8, 1979) was a Japanese physicist, influential in the development of quantum electrodynamics, work for which he was jointly awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1965 along with Richard Feynman and Julian Schwinger.

10. Hideki Yukawa
(January 23, 1907 – September 8, 1981) was a Japanese theoretical physicist and the first Japanese to win the Nobel prize.
* * *

If ordinary Americans learn contribution of those Japanese heroes in science to human welfare, they will not follow suit of some American and British elites who are even responsible, with AlQaeda and China, to present tragedies in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Myanmar.

Yet, honestly this is also to prevent traitors among Japanese ourselves.
(Jedoch ehrlich ist dieses auch, Traitors unter Japaner selbst zu verhindern.)

(Yes, 10 of 50 great scientists in the human history are Japanese, according to a certain measure.

You are awfully lucky if you are born Japanese. You are even very lucky if you have a Japanese relative or a Japanese friend, since it will make you less arrogant and more courteous than US elites.

One big bonus is that you will come not to mind Israelites' superiority any more, since those US elites are often Israelite Americans.)

"...And if someone asks why you are doing that, tell him that Master needs it and will soon return it back...."


Friday, September 28, 2007

White Champagne Turns into Red Wine in Myanmar

White Champagne Turns into Red Wine in Myanmar
(Le champagne blanc se transforme en vin rouge dans Myanmar)

In Myanmar, a Japanese was shot to death.

According to BBC, "One of the people killed on Thursday was a Japanese video journalist. According to the official accounts, eight protesters were also killed. One man was reported killed on Wednesday.

Japan said it would make an official protest over the death in Rangoon of Kenji Nagai, a video journalist for Tokyo-based news agency APF News."

In a picture presented in a midnight TV news program last night in Japan, the Japanese journalist was lying down on his back showing a belly where he was shot, with his arms stretched over the head but holding a camera, while a soldier was looking down at him nearby and holding his rifle further at the ready and a crowd was running away driven from the site of a rather ancient-looking street in South East Asia.
* * *

My warning to young men here and there is that a bullet in a size of your finger can really take away your life, while you might contribute to, say, building a skyscraper such as a World Trade Center in your long life.

Remember that Jesus Christ never carried a gun. You must follow him.
* * *

During WWII, the Imperial Army of Japan committed some unbelievably unfruitful operations in addition to its advancement into the Continent of China before WWII, despite opposiotion from civilian members of the cabinet of the Imperial Japan's Government.

One of them is the Imphal Operation put into motion from Myanmar:
"The Battle of Imphal took place in the region around the city of Imphal, the capital of the state of Manipur in North-East India from March until July 1944. Japanese armies attempted to destroy the Allied forces at Imphal and invade India, but were driven back into Burma with heavy losses. Together with the simultaneous Battle of Kohima on the road by which the encircled Allied forces at Imphal were relieved, the battle was the turning point of the Burma Campaign, part of the South-East Asian Theatre of World War II."

The Imperial Army of Japan dispatched 86,000 troops, 32,000 of whom were killed and more than 40,000 of whom were wounded in the Imphal Operation.

(The Imperial Army always kept strict order in its organization as well as correct records as modern machinery in most of cases.)
* * *

Why must a Japanese journalist be killed in Myanmar 63 years after the Battle of Imphal as one of ten or so people unluckily shot to death, while there were thousands of protesters on the street?

It is a warning from Heaven above to us.
* * *

There is a Japanese proverb: if you are among red, you will become red (si vous êtes parmi le rouge, vous deviendrez rouge).

Maybe if you are among Myanmar protesters, you will become one of them.

And, if one Japanese becomes one of them, there is a chance that all the Japanese will become like them.
* * *

There is a famous Japanese film, yet, on Japanese soldiers in Myanmar during and after WWII: The Burmese Harp.

In its story, a Japanese soldier became a Buddhist monk to appease the spirits of fallen soldiers and stay in Myanmar forever after the war.

Only a good soldier can become a good monk (nur ein guter Soldat kann ein guter Mönch werden).

(If you are working in Tokyo, Paris, or New York, you may be very safe.

If I can confirm your safety everyday, I feel fine.

But, what cities does the God love more, Yangon or Beijing, or Baghdad or New York, otherwise, Tokyo or Paris?

Indeed, if champagne is involved in wine, it will turn into wine, won't it?)



Thursday, September 27, 2007

Basics of Japanese Politics: Names

Tokyo Bus Trip 5

(Tokyo Bus-Reise 5)

Basics of Japanese Politics: Names
(Fondations de la politique japonaise: les noms)

First, please double-click the image below.

When discussing Japanese politics in English, there is one big trouble: names.

Almost every Japanese noun, including names, is usually expressed with Kanji letters in Japan, though some nouns such as a "hamburger" is expressed with Kana letters (which are Japanese alphabets Chinese do not use, while the Japanese Kanji system and the Chinese Kanji system are almost the same).

Kanji is ideogram. For example, a letter "F" has no meaning; it is just a symbol, though, indicating a specific sound.

But, for example, the letter "Fuku" in a name "Fukuda" is expressed by one Kanji character that means "blessing or good luck." The Kanji letter "da" of "Fukuda" is expressed by one Kanji character that means a "rice field," though its standard sound is "ta."

Therefore, the surname of Japan's new Prime Minister Mr. "Yasuo Fukuda" is expressed by two Kanji letters which are combined together to mean a "blessed rice field."

Of course, the meaning of those Kanji letters has no special effect in dealing with Mr. Fukuda in any business; but it carries a kind of image or impression when thinking about the person Mr. Fukuda.

In other words, the English expression "Fukuda" is cold and meager, killing every expected cultural image and impression on his personality and humanity in dealing with Mr. Fukuda.

But, writing "Fukuda" in Japanese using two Kanji letters invoke a kind of human imagination.
* * *

Now you have learnt a basic in dealing with names of Japanese politicians as a gambit of learning Japanese politics.

Indeed, Japanese use Kanji letters (ideogram) and two types of Kana letters (Japanese alphabets Chinese do not use) in expressing their names or anything else in these 1000 years, significance of which has never been realized by elites in the U.K. and the U.S. who cannot appreciate any difference in depth and width of civilization between Japan and, say, indigenous Americans communities and nations, while it is one of keys to understanding the success of Japan in the modern era no Latin American countries have been able to achieve.

Conversely, it is rather a miracle that the U.K. and the U.S. with a single letter system, the alphabet, could succeed in the modern era.

Anyway, politicians in any communitiy should live up to his name as well as his family name, good or bad.

(As Kanji is very classic, nowadays some parents like to use Kata-Kana letters in naming their baby, especially when the baby is a girl.

In addition, names of foreigners are, if they are not from Kanji culture regions, usually expressed using Kata-Kana letters in Japan.

Truly, nowadays, you cannot tell if a Japanese girl with a first name expressed in Kata-Kana is truly of Japanese origin or if so but with dual citizenship, while such redundancy may have a significant meaning.

For your reference, my name is officially expressed all with Kanji letters almost every Japanese can discern, which might conversely make me love a Kata-Kana name.

Do you want a Kanji or Kana-expressed name, though Jesus Christ had not?)

"...He comes triumphant and victorious, but humble and riding on a donkey..."

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Too Many Murder Cases

Fly me, too, to Fuji(Flieg mich auch zu Fuji)

Too Many Murder Cases
(Trop de cas de meurtre)

Whenever I turn on TV to check news domestic and overseas, they usually report one or two murder cases committed among ordinary people or accompanied with singular backgrounds.

Rich men's common philosophy is that as there are so many poor people they can stay rich.

"As there are so many fools who cannot well deal with their own personal problems, we can win in competition with those fools who exhaust their energy and resources in their home or in their personal relationships before they get in the ring for competition with us.

Those poor fools cannot control their emotion and manage their behavior, so that they are inevitably involved in a murder case when a matter gets into a tragic course.

As they are troubled at such a level, they cannot climb into the ring for any social competition, which makes us, who are smart and rich, very safe."
* * *

Do you really think that those who can win a Nobel Prize in any field cannot contribute to eradication of murder cases in any human society?

There are many Nobel Prize winners in the U.S.; but there are more murder cases in the U.S.

They are to go to the hell, according to the Bible they sinfully neglect.

Indeed, Jesus Christ condemned rich men 2000 years ago in the parable of a poor man begging at a door step of a rich man.
* * *

The biggest issue in the human history is murder of any types, including that involving Jesus Christ Himself.

You have to contribute to eradication of murder; or you will be exploiting it for you to be and stay rich, at least conceptually, though I do not blame you.

(Of course, on TV, I sometimes watch something else.

It is nice to see something on TV that has nothing to do with murder, such as a flower bed and butterflies, isn't it?)

"....I will say, 'You are my people.' And they will say, 'You are my God.'...."

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Divine Comedy 2007 (XV)

Very Japanese Scenery

(Die sehr japanische Landschaft)

Divine Comedy 2007 (XV)
[Comédie Divin 2007 - XV]

1. Pros and Cons of Two US Superstars

........................Hillary Clinton............Barack Obama
For Japan..................X....................................O
For China...................O....................................X
For India....................O...................................X
For Saudi Arabia........O...................................X
For AlQaeda...............O...................................X
For the UK.................O....................................X
For France.................X....................................O
For Germany..............O....................................X
For Russia..................X....................................O
For Mexico.................O.....................................X
For Cuba....................O.....................................X
For Africa...................X.....................................O
(O: favorable; X: inconvenient; as of Sept. 25, 2007 by EEE Reporter)

My advice to Senator/ex-First Lady Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton is to promise to provide free health care to all the African Americans.

My advice to Senator Mr. Barack Obama is to declare the initiative for religious revolution based on the most pious interpretation of the Gospel.

2. British Prime Minister
It is very controversial that the former British Prime Minister prolonged his departure from the cabinet after his announcement of, or hint on, planned resignation, due to his defeat in national election, a year before his action.

In contrast, regardless of expected fervent rebuke, the leaving Japanese Prime Minister decided his resignation in the middle of proceeding of Japan's national assembly without prior notice or hint instantly when he realized that he had exhausted all his energy psychologically and physically.

You do not need special tricks or techniques to occupy lower class people in Japan, since Japan has no such concept as a lower class.

3. Suicide of a Statesman
Richard Nixon did not commit a suicide while he had been attacked so much by the media, public, other politicians, legal communities, and his own enemies.

But one minister of the Japanese Government did it a few months ago while being attacked by the media, public, opposition parties, and his own enemies.

The minister suffered torment almost every week at a Q&A session in the Diet (Parliament), which was often televised, for half a year before his suicide.

The depth of a scandal of any politician seems to be beyond imagination of ordinary people.

Richard Nixon did not commit a suicide, since his suicide would have never protected himself, while his family members had basically nothing to do with his plight.

But a minister of any country might face a situation where he has to commit a suicide to protect his family if not to save his face, though so tragic.

4. Jesus Christ's View on Caesar
Jesus Christ despised Caesar.

Therefore, no Christian countries have not been allowed to imprint or inscribe a figure or the name of Jesus Christ on coins they have issued.

It is an act of madness to imprint or inscribe a figure or the name of anybody on a coin or a bill in any human country.

It is a proof on how badly mankind has been brainwashed by devils and evils.

You had better use transparent coins or bills than those with a figure or the name of anybody on, from a true religious point of view.

(If an ordinary person is elected prime minister of Japan, he would surely show some extraordinary emotions, since the position is one of the most important ones in the world and he is meant to be the administrative Chief of State and Commander in Chief of Japan.

If anyone does not show enough deep emotion when elected so, he may not be so sound psychologically or physically.

Lower House lawmaker Mr. Yasuo Fukuda was elected an hour ago or so new premier of Japan by the Diet. He will be appointed Prime Minister and his cabinet ministers will be attested by the Emperor tonight.

So, you can feel very nervous before a king, an emperor, or the Son of man without mentioning the Messiah.

Sometimes test your nerve, say, with a prime minister, if you are divine.)

"...When Jesus finished these sayings, people were amazed at the way he taught..."

Monday, September 24, 2007

Rough Overview of Background of Japanese Prime Minister

Tokyo Bus Trip 4

(Tokyo Bus-Reise 4)

Rough Overview of Background of Japanese Prime Minister
(Vue d'ensemble approximative de fond de premier ministre japonais)

(Please double click the following image.)

Everybody says it is a waste of time and budget to spend more than two weeks to choose a new premier and form a new cabinet while the Diet is suspended.

However, it is taking more than 60 years for the people of Japan to learn the glory of God after WWII.

(What would you do when everything is temporarily frozen around you inside or ouside?

Que sera, sera?

Hit the road and take a bus to the wilderness.)

"Mat 11:7 And as they departed, Jesus began to say unto the multitudes concerning John, What went ye out into the wilderness to see? A reed shaken with the wind?

Mat 11:8 But what went ye out for to see? A man clothed in soft raiment? behold, they that wear soft clothing are in kings' houses.

Mat 11:9 But what went ye out for to see? A prophet? yea, I say unto you, and more than a prophet."

Sunday, September 23, 2007

New Prime Minister of Japan from Sept. 25th

Tokyo Bus Trip 3

(Tokyo Bus-Reise 3)

New Prime Minister of Japan from Sept. 25th
(Nouveau premier ministre du Japon à partir du 25 septembre)

No foreign TV media would broadcast or present to its viewers how the head of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan was elected in its Diet (Congress) Members Conference being held till just an hour ago in Tokyo.

Through this very democratic procedure, Mr. Yasuo Fukuda was selected and appointed to the new head of LDP as well as the sole candidate of the party for new prime minister of Japan to be elected in the Diet this Tuesday (as this Monday is a Japan's national holiday).

As the LDP and its coalition party have a majority in the Lower House of the Diet, Mr. Yasuo Fukuda is naturally to become new Japanese Prime Minister.

Incumbent Prime Minister Mr. Shinzo Abe could not make an appearance today to cast a vote at this party election as he is still ill staying in a hospital since last week (though he cast an absentee ballot beforehand).

As the first case in the 120-year history of Japan's pariliamentary system, Mr. Yasuo Fukuda's father was also the prime minister of Japan, though it was decades ago.
* * *

There are many theories on why Jesus Christ had to come to Jerusalem.

He could have continued his preaching in country-sides till all the people in ancient Palestine could directly be taught and saved by Him.

Indeed, if all the politicians in these 2000 years all over the world were forgotten, mankind, say, 2000 years after, will put the only name Jesus Christ in the blank of their history book that should cover these 2000 years.

Truly, all I wish for politicians in the world is for them to get afraid of God from the bottom of their hearts before they die.

"Luke 20:25 And he said unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which be Caesar's, and unto God the things which be God's.
Luke 23:2 And they began to accuse him, saying, We found this fellow perverting the nation, and forbidding to give tribute to Caesar, saying that he himself is Christ a King."