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"he went forth again by the sea side" - Followers of Satan Everywhere

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Followers of Satan Everywhere

Why can Judaists keep their religious identity for 4000 years?

It is because they have faith that God loves them.  With this faith, they have never abandoned their religion, though they had been defeated so many times even before the coming of CHrist Jesus 2000 years ago and they were decisively defeated by Romans after the death of Christ Jesus.  And, in the 20th century, they experienced the Holocaust, but they kept their religion.  It is all because they think they are loved by God.

Christianity has continued for 2000 years.  It is because the Bible tells that God loves people.  Islam has continued for 1300 years, because Muslims believe that Allah loves them.

However, Buddhism has been also practiced and learnt to date since it was first launched by the Buddha 2500 years ago.  It is also love of the Buddha to people.  Because he loved people, he preached the truth about the world and humanity he realized, in order to save people from pain and sins.  

And the essence of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam is that men should know that there is God, the only God, who created and ruled the world and who loves them.

But the essence of Buddhism is that men should know that nothing in this world is good for men so that men should love to be born again in the highest spiritual domain where nothing not good for men exists.

If men do not appreciate God for His love, they would commit every sin and follow Satan to satisfy their desire.  Then, after having rich lives in this world with wealth obtained by following Satan, they are condemned to be thrown into the hell.

But, if you follow the teaching of Buddha, you can be at least exempted from such punishment by God, since you don't follow Satan.  So, the love of the Buddha is aimed at protecting men from Satan.

If you sell your souls to Satan, he will help you become rich.  But following Satan, you will become evil and bad to be eventually punished by God.

Nobody thinks that Satan loves him, if he believes this truth.  But if he denies God and rejects this truth, he will sell his soul to Satan to be materially rich.

If you deny God and this truth, there is no reason for you not to follow Satan to be rich.

Put simply, some people feel love of God and reject Satan, but others do not.  And, there are some people who do not understand God and the truth but are engaged in religion as their professions.

It may be a time to check Judaist, Christian, and Islamic communities along with this notion.  Even the Vatican cannot be an exception, since followers of Satan are everywhere.

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Mar 2:13 And he went forth again by the sea side; and all the multitude resorted unto him, and he taught them.
Mar 2:14 And as he passed by, he saw Levi the son of Alphaeus sitting at the receipt of custom, and said unto him, Follow me. And he arose and followed him.

Friday, February 12, 2016

"being warned of God in a dream" - Waves in the Universe and the Human Minds


Waves in the Universe and the Human Minds

Gravitational waves fill the entire space around us.  Or gravitational force always works on us.

You cannot shield the force anywhere in this universal.  But isn't an entity emitting force losing its energy?  Gravity or electromagnetic force is incessantly emitted from elementary particles, such as electrons.  But they never lose all the energy they have and eventually turn to nothing.

An elementary particle that composes an atom has mass and thus gravitational force that works to the space around it and to other particles through the space.  But an energy source of its gravity is never depleted.  Therefor atoms and molecules around us do not collapse to nothing after emitting all of their energy in the forma of gravity or electromagnetic force.  They never get weathered.

However, this phenomenon might be only assured within a certain time frame.  In, say, trillions of trillion years, all these elementary particles might lose their existence energy as they use the energy for emitting gravity force, electromagnetic force, etc.  Their existence in the universe might be allowed only for trillions of trillion years but not forever.

To God, eternity is a tiny little thing.  God is a concept that is linked with any types of infinity.  If in trillions of trillion years all the elementary particles collapse in this world and the universe and thus every star, molecule, atom. and substance in this universe lose their shape and mass, God will think it is a matter of moment for Him.

Anyway, gravity did not exist in the beginning of the universe, and there will be no substances that have gravity in the far and far future in the universe and thus there will be no gravity eventually in the universe.

However, the words of God remain in the universe forever, since this universe was born according to His words.

Now you may like to study spiritual waves emitted through the universe or directly to human heats and minds from Heaven and the hell.

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Mat 2:12 And being warned of God in a dream that they should not return to Herod, they departed into their own country another way.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

"the Son of man hath power on earth to forgive sins" - Miracle 30 Million Years Ago


Miracle 30 Million Years Ago

Mammals cannot see the color red.  Dogs and cats cannot distinguish red from other colors than blue.  However human beings and large-size apes can distinguish red.

It is because mammals were forced to live in hiding during the era of dinosaurs that continued for about 150 million years.  In the era, mammals mostly in the shape of a kind of mice acted at night so as not to be attacked by dinosaurs.  Accordingly, their eyes degraded.  Mammals became only capable of making discrimination between red and blue; therefore every color except blue looked similar and every color except blue looked similar in a different way.  Put simply they cannot tell difference between red and green.

However, 30 million years ago apes came to have ability to make color distinction based on perception of the three primary colors of red, green, and blue.

If this mutation evolution had not occurred, human beings could not probably produce civilization.  Our intellectual ability is supported by our sensory ability to appreciate the blue sky, green leaves, and red flowers.   If human beings could not see the world in its natural color, how could they establish civilization?

But as apes came to have the superior vision system, they could protect themselves more effectively from other animals.  That is why human beings could pursue more evolution.

So, God destroyed dinosaurs 65 million years ago and restored faculty of sight of apes so as to pave the way for evolution of mankind.

However, it is said that dinosaurs could see things in color based on the four primary colors: red, green, blue, and ultra-violet.  That maybe why they could rule the world dominantly from 200 million years ago to 65 million years ago when a gigantic meteor hit the earth.

Today birds, a kind of descendants of dinosaurs, have this tetrachromacy vision.  It is even said that about 2 to 3% of women in the world have tetrachromacy vision, since it was females among apes that first captured the vision system based on the three primary colors 30 million years ago.

According to the Bible, people had ability to see ill spirits as well as angels.  But as time went by, people gradually lost the ability along with development of material civilization.  Or have most of people become a kind of ill spirits themselves so that they cannot any more discern ill spirits?

However, even creatures living in a monochrome world must be able to discern brightness of God.

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Mar 2:10 But that ye may know that the Son of man hath power on earth to forgive sins, (he saith to the sick of the palsy,)
Mar 2:11 I say unto thee, Arise, and take up thy bed, and go thy way into thine house.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

"take up thy bed, and walk?" - Satan in Money

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Satan in Money

If you were born in a village where no money is used, you will not probably invent money.

And if the village has been long isolated from the outer world before money was invented, everybody in your village should have no idea about money.  But people in the village live without any inconvenience without money.  Economy of the village is smoothly managed.  Without revenue of tax, the administration of the village has been carried without troubles by persons in charge.

But one day, strong troops should come to your village.  Merchants and business men accompany the troops.  They occupy your village and declare that your village is now put into money economy they are engaged in.  And surprisingly, there are no complaints among the villagers including you.  You must find great merit in money.

Your village becomes more prosperous through trade and business with the outer world.  However, when you look around, there is a new type of villagers in your village you never observed when the village was in non-money economy.  Money makes the riche richer while it makes the poor poorer.  But you look around, and you will see big roads, big building, modern services being provided, modern goods being sold, and the environment being full of products of modern engineering in which even the poorest man in the village is appreciating rich atmosphere.  And, you might think that money is needed for advancement of the village, though some unlucky people become poor.

However, as time goes by, you may come to sense something wrong.  Crimes!  Money has generated crimes that were never observed in the era of non-money economy.  Corruption! money has led some villagers to acts of corruption that were never observed in the era of non-money economy.

Finally, you find danger in unlimited desire prevailing among the villagers.  You find it impossible to set a limit of money people can earn and own.  In the non-money economy, the villagers didn't have unrestricted desire, since their desire was restricted by their necessity in lives and natural conditions of the environment.  But, for example, if you borrow money, interest will be counted up eventually to an infinite amount if you don't pay it back.

And, you will see people in a nation where your village was forced to be integrated try to launch a war against a neighboring country in competition for acquisition of wealth, natural resources, markets, etc. They are all driven by desire inflated by evil power of money.

Like belief in money, people in the world today believe in something that ancient people never dreamed of.  The belief is that there is no need to be afraid of God.  It is not God but the human wisdom, knowledge, artificial systems, laws and regulations, science and technology that solve problems and free people from every inconvenience.  The belief that we don't need God but all we need is human wisdom.

So, though most of people today do not openly deny existence of God, they think that they don't need God whether He exists or not, since they have become so rich without praying to God.

Satan is in money.  When will mankind be free from Satan?


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Mar 2:9 Whether is it easier to say to the sick of the palsy, Thy sins be forgiven thee; or to say, Arise, and take up thy bed, and walk?

Monday, February 08, 2016

"he sent them to Bethlehem" - Possible Cause of Fatal Destruction on Mankind

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Possible Cause of Fatal Destruction on Mankind

The industrial revolution was not carried out under the initiative of the Vatican.

The modern science and technologies have been developed outside the Vatican.  The leading nations, the US and the UK, in this context has had no strong ties with the Vatican. Indeed in terms of the number of past Nobel Prize winners in natural science, the US is No.1 followed by the UK.  But the two countries are not Catholic.

This suggests a significant matter: the modern science and technologies might not be blessed by God.

Or conversely, God might allow non-Catholic Christians to exist and grow so that they can develop the modern science and technologies, which the Vatican cannot do.

However, the question at issue is how much the modern science and technologies whose development has been led by non-Catholic Christian nations are blessed by God.  If they are not blessed by God at all, since the Vatican cannot develop them, ultimately the modern science and technologies might destroy mankind.

In other words, does God like human beings to develop science and technology while leaving the teaching of God?  Or does God overlook human beings to develop science and technology while they are paying less enthusiasm to learning of the word of God than they pay it to science and technology.  God might not feel comfortable to see human beings pursuing development of science and technology not because it is an act of paying respect to God but because science and technology produce great wealth.

In most cases, driven by material desire, men are engaged in development of science and technology.  Therefore, the Vatican cannot trigger the Industrial Revolution and win Nobel Prizes in natural science, at least.

In the early 16th century, Germany experienced the Protestant Reformation led by Martin Luther; around 1600, England established Anglican Church; around 1800, France carried out the French Revolution to separate the politics from religion or mostly the Catholicism, and the US got independent before the French Revolution even separating itself from the Anglican Church.  In this way, the leading Western countries in science and technology all alienated the Vatican.  Accordingly, they came to pursue science and technology without restriction imposed by the teaching of the Vatican.

However, they had pay big prices: the World War I and II.  These world wars were fought with modern weapons produced by the modern science and technologies.

Even, the leading industrial nation in non-Christian countries Japan had been almost under no influence of the Vatican.  Japanese could therefore develop modern science and technologies like Germany, England, France, and the US even before WWII, since Japan ended its centuries-long seclusion policy around 1850 to start modernization and Westernization.

In this context, the further nations alienated themselves from the Vatican in the modern era, the more they could develop the modern science and technology.  So, we had better suspect that it might be Satan but not God that has been helping mankind develop modern science and technologies.

So, we might conclude that since Muslims are more pious or honest to God than the Western countries, including Japan, as well as China, they cannot develop science and technology on their own to a level comparable to the West.

As stocks of hi-tech companies bring great fortunes to people through Wall Street and other stock markets, corporations, engineers, and scientists are highly motivated for development of science and technology.  They are not motivated by their faith in God.  So, it is essentially a very dangerous situation.

That is why there is a strong possibility that the modern science and technologies might cause fatal destruction on mankind in the future.  

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Mat 2:7 Then Herod, when he had privily called the wise men, enquired of them diligently what time the star appeared.
Mat 2:8 And he sent them to Bethlehem, and said, Go and search diligently for the young child; and when ye have found him, bring me word again, that I may come and worship him also.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

"Jesus saith unto them, Fill the waterpots" - Circumstantial Evidence for Innocence of Oswald

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Circumstantial Evidence for Innocence of Oswald

President Kennedy was shot to death by snipers with rifles in November 1963.

One rifle was later found with three cartridge cases on the 6th floor of the Texas Schoolbook Depository building where Oswald was working.

The rifle was found later on the 6th floor and identified as the one Oswald had purchased by mail order several months ago.  So, the US Government officially regarded Oswald as the assassin of JFK.

Oswald, who had been working in the building for a few months before the assassination of JFK, had connections with FBI, CIA, and the Mafia, though he had retired Marines, traveled to the Soviet Union, worked in Minsk as a factory worker, married a young Russian woman, and then came back to the US.  After returning to the US, Oswald was working in some small companies and shops though he also acted as a pro-Castro activist.  In the summer of 1963, he distributed pro-Castro brochures on the street of New Orleans.  The address printed on the brochures was the same building as the one where an ex-FBI officer had office, working for anti-Castro activities in cooperation with CIA .

Oswald seems to have been acting as a low-level agent of CIA in disguise of a kind of communist.

Oswald's mother had some connection with the Mafia, though his father died before Oswald was born in 1939.  Before joining Marines to be assigned to the Atsugi air base, Japan, Oswald had joined the Civil Air Patrol Unit in New Orleans where he is believe to have acquainted with a strange pilot David Ferry who had connection with Mafia and died in strange circumstances during investigation by a district prosecutor in connection with the JFK assassination.      

So, if the Mafia and some group of CIA agents had been tied up in the planning of JFK assassination, Oswald could be a useful person for them to cover up their plot.

Therefore, if Oswald had been on the 6th floor of the Depository building and been involved in the JFK assassination, it was suspicious that he tried to kill JFK alone on his own initiative.  Oswald was not so crazy and desperate.

But would Oswald accept an order (from the Mafia or any other organization) to shoot at JFK from a window of the 6th floor that was his workshop with his own rifle?  It is tantamount to being arrested by the police and executed after the assassination.

How could the Mafia or any other organization persuade Oswald to accept the order to shoot at JFK?  Probably, they said to Oswald just to help a sniper.  And they must have said to Oswald that there would be no evidence for Oswald to be linked to the assassination.  But, they must have also said that Oswald should be on the 6th floor to check anybody trying to enter the room so as to prevent any interference with the sniper.  With this instruction, they deleted an alibi of Oswald.  And, the sniper seems to have used a similar type of rifle Oswald had without informing Oswald of the trick, so that later the rifle should be linked to Oswald (by replacing it with the real Oswald's rifle in the police office or somewhere), though it is not fully clear about this rifle matter.

So, JFK was hit, but the fatal shot came not from the Depository building behind JFK's limousine but from the so-called grassy knoll ahead of the JFK's convoy.

Several minutes after the firing, Oswald left the Depository building though he encountered a policeman rushing into the building in the 2F canteen and then was told by a workshop leader cancellation of the day's work.

It means that Oswald did not try to get away immediately after the incident.  He was drinking coke in the canteen when the policeman came in hurry in the building, being accompanied by a manager of the Depository.  It is as if Oswald thought that he would not be suspected.

Indeed, Oswald had not planned how to run away and hide after the incident.  He did not prepare money or means of transportation for defection.  He returned to his boarding house by taxi, after trying to get back by bus, to fetch a pistol to leave the house in hurry and was finally arrested in a movie theater just a mile or so away his boarding house.  It means that Oswald had not been prepared for necessary flight.
If he had carried out the JFK assassination on his own initiative, he should have some concrete plan for his escape.  Therefore, it seems that Oswald was forced to help the real sniper.  And, a scenario presented to Oswald must be that nobody would suspect Oswald though some evidence of firing from a window of the 6th floor might be found.

But as time went by, when he came back to his boarding house, Oswald found a possibility that he could be suspected.  So, he picked up the handgun and tried to contact with a Mafia member.  And on his way, probably, to Jack Ruby's residence, he might have encountered policeman Tippit who was killed then by Oswald and/or a Mafia member.

Two days later the Mafia sent Jack Ruby to the Dallas Police Department building to kill Oswald.  It means that there was probably a plan to kill Oswald immediately after shooting at JFK.  But Oswald happened to escape it on the day.

The point at issue is that Oswald was not prepared for his flight after shooting at JFK.  It means that he did not act on his initiatives and he only helped a real sniper by request from the Mafia.  And, Oswald thought that he was not suspected as a sniper by the police, because he just helped the sniper on the 6th floor.  So, he was not prepared for his own flight at all.

When a criminal plans a crime, the most important thing for him is whether he can escape a planned crime scene.  If he thinks that it is impossible to safely get away, he will abandon the plan.  Only a desperate or crazy killer commits a crime without a flight plan.  But, Oswald was neither desperate nor crazy.  He must have been assured by the Mafia or any other organization that there was no need for him to run away since Oswald would not be suspected.

This is circumstantial evidence that Oswald was not the murderer of President Kennedy.

Anyway, 50 years after the JFK assassination, it might be progress of the US society that there are no Mafias or any other organizations that try to kill the US President who is an African American, though most of African Americans supported JFK 50 years ago.

But what different world it would have been if JFK had led the US for eight years as President in 1960s?

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Joh 2:7 Jesus saith unto them, Fill the waterpots with water. And they filled them up to the brim.
Joh 2:8 And he saith unto them, Draw out now, and bear unto the governor of the feast. And they bare it.
Joh 2:9 When the ruler of the feast had tasted the water that was made wine, and knew not whence it was: (but the servants which drew the water knew;) the governor of the feast called the bridegroom,
Joh 2:10 And saith unto him, Every man at the beginning doth set forth good wine; and when men have well drunk, then that which is worse: but thou hast kept the good wine until now.

"ye have despised the poor" - Tradition and Globalized Economy

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Tradition and Globalized Economy

There are at least two tribes in the world that have kept their lineage and tradition for 2000 years without changing their spiritual bases.

The Vatican has survived for 2000 years, but its members have not represented any natural tribe.  Egyptians have long been living along the Nile River, but they lost tradition their ancestors had had before the emergence of Islam or even before the conquer by Romans.  Hindus look like keeping Hinduism over 2000 years but they consist of many tribes.  Chinese have undergone too many imperial regime changes each time of which past integrity was almost abolished.  Koreans already lost their historical spiritual bases through their difficult history.

Only Judaists and Japanese, among major peoples, have kept their tradition as tribes for 2000 years or more.

Essentially the value systems of the Judaists and the Japanese are different from those of West Europeans that started with the Vatican and the Roman Empire and have been further developed mainly by Anglo-Saxon people to date.

So, till the start of the 21st century, the Western Europe and the US and other Anglo-Saxon origin nations had to deal with only Judaists and Japanese as unique partners in this context.  (Indeed, WWII is a war where Judaists and Japanese played major roles as symbolized by the Holocaust and Hiroshima/Nagasaki.)

But, now Muslims as a whole have come to emerge as an entity that has a different value system, while China has become another entity with its unique system and economic size.

Today's globalized economy is trying to engulf all the nations and peoples under its universal system supported by belief in money.  But power of tradition of those unique entities should work as a critical factor.

That is why the possible future of the world in the long run or within the 21st century cannot be a unified world under the globalized economy of the Anglo-Saxon style.

And, it is very dubious that God has chosen people with tradition of the Anglo-Saxon culture, such as Americans, on par with Hebrews who were chose 4000 years ago.

Bu then, who will God choose like Christ Jesus chose 12 or so disciples by Himself, if human history should further continue for next 2000 or 4000 years?

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Jam 2:5 Hearken, my beloved brethren, Hath not God chosen the poor of this world rich in faith, and heirs of the kingdom which he hath promised to them that love him?
Jam 2:6 But ye have despised the poor. Do not rich men oppress you, and draw you before the judgment seats?
Jam 2:7 Do not they blaspheme that worthy name by the which ye are called?