Friday, September 16, 2005

Act of God, Yes, It Is

Act of God, Yes, It Is

Everybody in the world has watched the tragedy the hurricane brought on New Orleans.

You cannot bring human justice to the God, or the God to human justice, no matter how badly you are damaged by act of God. It is because it is the God that gives life to, and take life from, a human soul. In this context, truly there is no such a thing as human tragedy in Heaven.

As President Bush put, this is the fourth September 11 since 2001. And the time is passing.

But if the devastating hurricane had come one year earlier in September, would Mr. Bush have been reelected for his second term? Then, you might see something like a divine plan in this sequence.

In Japan, September 11’s general election gave a big surprise to the people. Prime Minister Koizumi won an overwhelming victory with his party and an allied party combined taking two thirds of the lower house of the national assembly. He was supported by a majority of voters, while the U.S. president seems to be loosing his ground.

A kind of paradigm change occurred after 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001. Very many Americans began to show the flag everywhere. And, the change led to the War on Terror.

Now, the 9/11 election result in Japan and the hurricane tragedy in the U.S. must lead to another paradigm change, respectively.

It may result in respect for initiative by a people-loving leader, or respect for poor people in the world’s richest and strongest country.