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1996, 2001, and 2008

1996, 2001, and 2008

(1996, 2001, et l'an 2008)

Early in 2001, a USS submarine hit and demolished a training ship of a Japanese fisheries high school off the Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, killing 9 students and instructors.

Then, in September 2001, the 9/11 Terror attacks occurred in New York and Washington D.C., killing 3000 people. US Media extensively used the expression “Pearl Harbor Attack Again.”

Early in 2008, a Japanese Aegis ship hit and demolished a fishing boat near the Tokyo Bay, leaving two Japanese fishermen in the dark sea of the very early morning without a hope of survival at all from a technical point of view.

But, we cannot foresee what will happen in September 2008, at least now.
* * *

A few years after the 9/11 Terror, Mr. Richard A. Clarke and Mr. Paul O’Neill, both engaged in the Bush Administration at a very higher level, wrote books which have allowed readers to have a deep insight into the state of the White House on the occurrence of the Terror.

In addition, in their books, I find not a shadow of an evidence of a conspiracy that President Mr. George Bush had planned and ordered the 9/11 Terror so that he could control the US society more tightly and invade Iraq against the US Constitution.
* * *

In order to find what the fatal accident the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Forces ship caused augurs, it may be interesting to refer to a certain Japanese blog article posted by a former lawmaker who was also a Minister of the Japanese Government when the Peruvian hostage crisis masterminded by Peruvian terrorists happened in December 1996.

( )

(Indeed, the then National Public Safety Commission Chairman of Japan very personally got the information of the guerilla raid to Japan's official facilities in Lima, in the middle of the party held there celebrating the Emperor's Birth Day, at 5 a.m. through an NHK early morning news program in Tokyo, and took a cab in haste to the Headquarters of National Police Agency before receiving any official information and notices but eventually could attend the emergency meeting held from 6 a.m. in the Office of Prime Minister where then Prime Minister, his close advisor, the Foreign Minister, and other urgently and selectively called Ministers were already present, though sadly relying on information only provided by highly troubled embassy officials in Peru.)

Put simply, as the books written by Mr. Richard A. Clarke and Mr. Paul O’Neill suggest, top leaders of the U.S. and Japan may not be so smart, excellent, or preeminent at all.

They do not look smart, excellent, or preeminent enough even to plan and carry out a big conspiracy, when checking those related books, memoirs, and blog articles.

Or, they do not look smart, excellent, or preeminent enough at all to be always ready to immediately respond to a challenge that happens like a bolt out of the blue, when checking those related books, memoirs, and blog articles.
* * *

As Japan had experienced the Peruvian hostage crisis in December 1996, Japanese people were not so much upset by the 1997 Princess Diana’s death surrounded by a true conspiracy as well as the 2001 9/11 Terror still being abused so much by some conspiracy theory tellers.

It might not be so easy to comprehend the whole sequence of the recent history, but you have to take the following facts when delineating an outlook for a political and security trend globally or around Japan.

“Early in 2001, a USS submarine hit and demolished a training ship of a Japanese fisheries high school off the Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, killing 9 students and instructors.

Then, in September 2001, the 9/11 Terror attacks occurred in New York and Washington D.C., killing 3000 people. US Media extensively used the expression 'Pearl Harbor Attack Again.'

Early in 2008, a Japanese Aegis ship hit and demolished a fishing boat near the Tokyo Bay, leaving two Japanese fishermen in the dark sea of the very early morning without a hope of survival at all from a technical point of view…”

(There is a place in Japan where three symbols of spring come altogether: Japanese Apricots [Ume], Cherry blossoms [Sakura], and peaches [Momo].

They sometimes call the place Three Springs, since three symbols of spring come together.

Wait for the true spring, please.)

Pro 30:18 There be three things which are too wonderful for me, yea, four which I know not:

Pro 30:19 The way of an eagle in the air; the way of a serpent upon a rock; the way of a ship in the midst of the sea; and the way of a man with a maid.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Don't Break Her Heart!

(Tokyo, Japan, Asia, Earth)

Don't Break Her Heart!

(Ne brise pas son coeur)

Several days ago, a Japanese TV station reported on a Philippine island and one of villages therein where most of residents are making handguns by their hands manually to earn their humble bread and butter.

It also introduced a suspicion that a Japanese entrepreneur was shot and killed in the island by local killers hired by another Japanese.

It is also well known that Toyota, a gigantic Japanese car manufacturer, has a trouble with a local labor union in the Philippines.

In this context, The New York Times article on Toyota can be read more interestingly:

"It’s extremely important to have the same common Toyota Way infiltrated to employees in all corners of the world,” said Katsuaki Watanabe, the company’s president. “But on the other hand, in each corner of the world, in each region, there are inherent characteristics that need to be respected."

A few days ago, I found that old Japanese singer "I George" has a Spanish Filipino mother, which, I mused, might be a reason for his affecting performance with songs, such as, "Johnny the Glass."

And, yesterday, Japanese media reported that a US soldier stationed in an Okinawa base, Japan, is under police investigation for his violence on a young Filipino woman working in the island Okinawa, in the wake of another violence by another US soldier on a Japanese low-teen girl.

And then I viewed a blog article written by a young Japanese anti-establishment researcher on environment to read his reference to Mariano Ponce, a hero of the Philippine who fought against Western colonists while spending some time in Japan to get support from Japanese people, including respectable ex-samurai pundit Kaisyu Katsu, 120 years ago.

So, the Philippines seemed to be another source of a holy miracle.

But, in his Japanese blog, what took my attention more was his mention of Mr. Benedict Anderson who is well known for his academic research and study on politics and society of Indonesia.

( )

You may very much like to access another site concerned with this notable American academian whose Japanese book on globalization is highly regarded among a knowledgeable community in Japan.

In 1983 the professor at Cornell University, New York, wrote one of the most read books ever on nationalism, "Imagined Communities: Reflections on the Origin and Spread of Nationalism."

In the above indicated Web site hosted by Oslo University, Mr. Benedict Anderson talked about a student who once confessed to him that he, though “black” he was, had the “white” mother and he could not reveal the fact to his classmates.

At the end of the interview posted there, Mr. Benedict Anderson said:
It sounds perhaps too sentimental, but I saw, here in Stavanger, a black boy playing with other Norwegian children. I was so happy. Don't break his heart!

Indeed now, Mr. Barack Obama who spent some time in Indonesia with his "white" mother when he was a child is now competing with a European American lady for nomination to be an official Presidential candidate of the Democratic Party.

Truly, everybody should be happy observing it.

Now, don't break her heart!

(Which do you think you have, an analogue type or a digital type of personality?

The analogue type usually means not being good at handling high-tech equipment.

But it should also mean respecting more spiritual and ethical aspects of one’s life.

This type of persons may be regarded as being more compassionate or sensible to other’s feeling.

From my observation, a digital type of personality is more often found in flimsy advocates of the global economy and hypocritical advocates of socialism or communism, though ideal and justice of globalization as well as socialism and Marxism can be only achieved by truly pious followers of the Messiah and God.

So, good girls and Mlles., don’t be flimsy or hypocritical, since some people are really risking their lives for their own righteous cause, such as a Global Religious Revolution.

Have a nice weekend!)

“Who Does the Will of God Lives Forever”

(Wer aber tut, was Gott will, wird ewig leben)


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Warnings to Super-Rich Arab People

(Tokyo, Japan, Asia)

Warnings to Super-Rich Arab People

(Avertissements aux super-riches peuple arabe)

Yesterday I bought a Japanese book about super-rich Arab people.

( )

The author is a former chief of office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, of Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO).

It is very authentic, since the Japanese author had been working in the Japanese oil industry since 1976 even befor having joined JETRO, a Japanese Government-affiliated organization.

According to his estimation, there are still 1.2 trillion barrels of crude oil under the ground of the Middle East.

With an assumption of a value, $100 per barrel, the untapped source of wealth in the Arab oil producing countries is worth 120 trillion dollars.

The author also introduced estimation of years left for those countries with crude oil available or reserve-production ratio:

Saudi Arabia – 67 years
UAE – 90 years
Kuwait – More than 100 years

With natural gas:
Saudi Arabia – 96 years
UAE – More than 100 years
Qatar – More than 100 years

Therefore, according to his claim, mankind should not worry about depletion of fossil fuels at present.

As for the financial power, the working balance of total oil dollars is said to be 2.5 trillion dollars, according to a certain research organization.

However, a more authentic figure is the total current-account surplus of member countries of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) between 2002 and 2006, which reaches 540 billion dollars.

At least, 300 billion dollars are invested into the U.S; 100 billion dollars into Europe; 60 billion dollars into the Middle East; 60 billion dollars into Asia; and 20 billion dollars into others.

(The scale of the national budget of the U.S. is about 2000 billion dollars and that of Japan is about 800 billion dollars.

Yet, the Islamic oil producing countries cannot overwhelm the U.S. and Japan.)

But, while they have no first-rate industries, no first-rate engineering base, no first-rate scientific development base, no first-rate universal cultural back ground, they have just accumulated that amount of dollars relying on only one commodity: fossil fuels including crude oil and natural gas.

Their dollars are not a result of honest and hard working of their people including royal families concerned.

Crude oil and natural gas are just endowed Muslims with by Allah.

It is not to make royal families concerned super-rich.

It is to make poor Muslims in the world rich.

I don’t think that Allah would be pleased to see super-rich Arab royal families while there are a billion of poor Muslims in the world.

The Japanese author of the book also mentioned Mr. Adnan Kashoggi, a Saudi Arabian agent of the US defense industry (having a business tie with influential US investment groups including the Bushes) and an uncle of Princess Diana’s Muslim boyfriend.

But, Arab countries do not need Mr. Kashoggi any more, since their newly acquired financial power has strengthened their position in business with the U.S., the U.K. and so on.

He also cited that the U.K. and France have been in a severe competition for selling their weapons, especially fighter planes, to those GCC countries.

He wrote that Prince Charles and his new wife visited Saudi Arabia in the middle of this trade war, probably, for promotion of British weapons sales.

But, what concerns me more is that if a fraction of oil dollars is offered for terrorists through complicated channels, no one would be able to trace them and prove the fact, since the source is so large.

Actually, a half of the above said 540 billion dollars GCC countries can use for any investment is being used in a very closed manner.

As GCC countries are not based on democracy Allah has, however, never rejected, no one can check how their royal families use oil dollars in global market or in any other deal.

Allah gave Islam and crude oil to Arabs; but somebody must give them democracy that makes every transaction concerned with oil and dollars transparent.

Otherwise, terrorists will never experience troubles in finding funds that support their activities.

The War on Terror must advance, without relying on military forces and organized violence, to the War on Monpoly of Oil Dollars which might be the main source of every conspiracy theory about the 9/11 Terror.

The next US President yet to be must strat to address it even in the middle of his or her election campaign.

(A few days ago, I bought a movie CD, the Robe.

"The Robe is most famous now for being the first movie filmed in CinemaScope…In this way it rather resembles how Ben Hur interweaves the Biblical story with fictional events of Ben Hur's life…"

However, as I have been busy and the late-night TV news program is so important, I cannot still find time to play it on my PC screen.

But, I met the movie CD, priced at 478 yen or 4.6 dollars, at an almost hidden corner of a super-market with various discounted commodities where I saw a kind of angels.

I might view it on Saturday, since Saturday is nowadays truly a holiday-like day.)

“…as a slave and a brother in the Lord…”

(Als Slave und einem Bruder im Herrn)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

American Dream and Miracle in Japan

(Tokyo, Japan)

American Dream and Miracle in Japan

(Rêve américain et un miracle au Japon)


The New York Times Online has mentioned a state of the American Dream paradigm:
“The American dream of opportunity is alive, but frayed,” said Isabel Sawhill, another author of the report, “Getting Ahead or Losing Ground: Mobility in America.” The report is at http: //

“It’s still alive for immigrants but badly tattered for African-Americans,” said Ms. Sawhill, an economist and a budget official in the Clinton administration. “It’s more alive for people in the middle class than for people at the very bottom.”

The report and planned studies constitute the most comprehensive effort to examine intergenerational mobility, said John E. Morton of the Pew Trusts, who is managing the project. It draws heavily on a federally supported survey by the University of Michigan that has followed thousands of families since the late 1960s.

A chapter of the report released last fall found startling evidence that a majority of black children born to middle-class parents grew up to have lower incomes and that nearly half of middle-class black children fell into the bottom fifth in adulthood, compared with 16 percent of middle-class white children.


Still they do not understand why the God Almighty allowed Columbus to sail to the west on the Atlantic with a dream of reaching Japan, a nation of gold as described in Marco Polo’s book, but eventually find the New Continent later named America.

It is not to make poor Europeans rich.

It was to give another chance to European Christians whose belief had been badly influenced by arrogant and profane mental development of the Vatican, so that they could become true Christians and followers of Jesus Christ in the new continent.

I hope that The New York Times will stop using the term “American Dream” in a context of material prosperity and success as well as pursuit of wealth in America.

Americans should use the word “American Dream” as a concept meaning spiritual growth and religious success as well as pursuit of true faith in America.


The most unique people in America have been always African Americans.

If you admit that the God gave another chance to European Christians whose belief had been badly influenced by arrogant and profane mental development of the Vatican, so that they could become true Christians and followers of Jesus Christ in the new continent, you might wonder what the existence of African Americans in the new continent means.

Europeans who wanted to materialize their lustful American Dream brought Africans by force to America in order to use them as slaves, namely free labor force.

So, even in the American society today, there is a mainstream system inherently unsuitable for material success of African Americans, meaning that barriers for them to be rich are higher.

But, it is not bad at all for African Americans, since their unhappiness is all for emergence of glory of the God.

In this context, African Americans are expected to become true Christians and followers of Jesus Christ in lieu of European Americans, since the latter has failed in this context as they are still shouting “American Dream” in terms of material success Jesus Christ completely rejected.

In terms of religion, it is African Americans that represent Americans today from a historical point of view.

So, be proud of being chosen so by the God for the holy mission, and go back to Africa to tell people there what you have learnt spiritually in the new continent where profane European Americans are still shouting “American Dream” in terms of material success Jesus Christ completely rejected.

And then, help Africans protect themselves from invasion by Europeans.


Ordinary American high-school students living in a local town never dream how globally influential businesses with their headquarters in New York are.

And, ordinary young workers in New York never dream how globally influential governmental departments and agencies in Washington DC are.

When ordinary young Americans start to work in the Department of Defense even before the era of the War on Terror, they usually for the first time discover how globally extensive and massive the deployment of the US military forces are.

Indeed, what symbolizes the success of the material American Dream is this establishment of hugely and globally deployed US military forces.

Even an American country boy recruited and sent to an overseas base will realize what sustains materially rich America.

Good or bad, a global economic system and a trade framework are kept favorable to the U.S. because the US military forces have been bolstering those international systems with material forces expelling enemies against free trade, free market, free economy, and underlying democracy.

But, transferring 60 US Naval jet fighters to a base near a densely-populated area of a city near Hiroshima from another base near Tokyo is controversial.

Noises, risks of downing of a plane, and possibility of an increase in crimes involving US soldiers have worried Japanese residents and citizens in the city.

So, recently an election for the mayor of the city was conducted to decide whether to accept such a transfer plan involving the US Naval planes or not.

Consequently, a candidate who favors the US Navy plan supported by the ruling parties and the Japanese Government won, though, by the very narrow margin.

After the election, strangely, a few accidents involving US Military and Japanese Self-Defense Force happened in and around Japan.

A US soldier in an Okinawa base violated a middle school Japanese girl and was arrested by Japanese police.

A Japanese Aegis ship of the Self-Defense Force yesterday hit and sank a small fishing boat near the Tokyo Bay two Japanese fishermen on which are still missing.

If these two incidents had happened before the election of the said city, another candidate (the former mayor of the city against the ruling parties) who is against the US military transformation would have been elected.

Liberal people in Japan are against the US military transformation and Japan’s cooperation with the U.S. for promoting the US global military strategy.

But, they are very reluctant in blaming nuclear arms development efforts by North Korea.

Some of them actually have helped North Korea hide their covert operation to abduct 100 or so Japanese citizens for intelligent and espionage purposes.

It is because they believe that North Korea is a good socialist country against the bad capitalist country America who is exploiting Japan while doing nothing good to Japan.

Hiroshima is near the Korean Peninsula. The election in the city near Hiroshima with the issue of controversy about US military deployment must concern North Korea. So, I was afraid that an outcome of the election might send a bad message to North Korea.

In addition, some liberal critics and pundits were saying that if voters of the city selected the candidate who approved the US military deployment and Japanese Government’s cooperation with the US must know shame as they are selling their good Japanese souls to the devil by receiving subsidiary money from the Government.

I can understand the feeling and claims of those liberal Japanese people. But, I worried over their attitudes: they put themselves in the absolute justice and blamed opponents, saying that they have sold their good Japanese souls to the devil.

And, they never mentioned the influence of their attitudes on North Korea. I didn’t think that their manner would lead to solution of the issue on Japanese abductees by North Korea.

If you are going to fight against the U.S. and the Japanese Government, you must be like followers of Jesus Christ.

You must not be like a hypocrite.

And, as those harmful incidents involving the US military in Okinawa and Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force happened after the election, the candidate in favor of US military transformation was elected.

So, I find a miracle in this sequence of events, since the existence of the US military in Japan has a very significant meaning that cannot be easily handled by present professional liberals in Japan, no matter if they call themselves Christians or Buddhists.

If in future all the US military bases in Japan are abolished and taken away, it must be done by more thoughtful voters, taxpayers, and consumers in responsible communities in Japan but not by those making money by selling liberal ideas while neglecting Japanese abductees by North Korea for their political or personal interest and strategy.

So, I find a miracle in this sequence of events, which ordinary US citizens never know unless reported here.

And, I hope that a miracle will also happen in the 2008 US Presidential Election alike.

(If you are an attractive girl, you may become simply happy in a conservative community.

But, in case you are not, which however I think to be impossible, you might not become easily happy in a conservative community where there are many wrong capitalists who judge everything in terms of commercial value in market.

So, you might try to be happy by joining a liberal community, expecting their big welcome. But, it can be a fatal mistake, since there are many liberals whose hate is stronger than love.

However, if you join a conventional religious community, it might be worse.

You must think twice and thrice.

Nonetheless, if you are an attractive girl, which you are since you are reading EEE Report, but still find a sin in a conservative community, you may be given a chance to be saved and blessed by the Messiah.

Yet, I do not blame you, if you join any party, since I know the God will judge everybody on the same standards.

The more you are given, the more you are expected to give.)

“…builds itself through love…”

(Es baut sich durch die Liebe)


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

“The Black Sun Has Gone”


“The Black Sun Has Gone”

(Le soleil noir a disparu)

SECTION I: Pakistan

The New York Times reported on Pakistan’s Election:
Early results showed equal gains for the Pakistan Peoples Party, whose leader, Benazir Bhutto, was assassinated on Dec. 27, and the Pakistan Muslim League-N, the faction led by Nawaz Sharif, like Ms. Bhutto a former prime minister. Each parties may be in a position to form the next government.

BBC also reported on the early outcomes of the election:
Polls suggest a fair vote is likely to result in a hung parliament, with none of the three biggest parties winning a majority, analysts suggest.
Attention will then turn on the PPP, and whether it chooses to join forces with pro-Musharraf parties, or with Mr Sharif's party.

Everybody got shocked by the 9/11 Terror in 2001. But, a few people have tried, since then, to understand and save Afghan people who had mistakenly helped, in a technical term, AlQaeda who performed the 9/11 Terror.

More fewer people in the world have been trying to understand and save Pakistanis who had helped, though somewhat in a selfish manner, those Afghans who mistakenly helped AlQaeda who eventually performed the 9/11 Terror.

For example, it is said that the Pakistan’s support for the Taliban had been intensified when Benazir Bhutto was the prime minister of Pakistan for a few years until 1996.

It is truly deplorable that some people are being addicted to some conspiracy theory to point at the Bush Administration as a mastermind of the 9/11 Terror, instead of trying to understand and save Pakistanis and Afghans suffering from so many acts of terror and unthinkable poverty.

To diffuse some conspiracy theory pointing at the Bush Administration as the mastermind of the 9/11 Terror is apparently a true conspiracy, since believers of the conspiracy theory will not try to understand and save poor Pakistanis and Afghans suffering so many acts of terror and unthinkable poverty since the Era of Occupation by the British Empire, thus allowing terrorists and beneficiaries of such terror to escape from the enforcement of justice and further build their scheme of violent or sophisticated terror crimes if not targeting the U.S.

The only sin for the Bush Administration, in this context, is their selfish pursuit of finding and holding a chance to mobilize the US military to attack Saddam Hussein and drive him out of the power of the nation Iraq.

What the true motivation for President Mr. George Bush to have pursued such a chance in a somewhat perfidious manner was is another matter, though so profoundly connected with Israel and Saudi Arabia.

SECTION II: Israel vs. Iran

It is very interesting to read an opinion of a US think tank on Israel vs. Iran.

If Israel does not act, Iran will likely secure an understanding with Arab states, notwithstanding suspicions about Persian hegemony. Shia and Sunni will be united with one goal in mind: the elimination of the Zionist state.

If Israel does act — even if its actions are successful — the Arab street will be aroused. Suicide bombings would multiply. Al Qaeda would try to destabilize Pakistan in the hope it can get its hands on a nuclear weapon. Muslim extremism would gain traction everywhere on the globe and Israel would be isolated, perhaps even estranged from the United States with politicians decrying Israeli bellicosity. 
- Dr. Herbert London, president of Hudson Institute -

One of the factors US voters should take into serious consideration in the 2008 Presidential Election Race is how Mr. McCain, Mr. Obama, or Mrs. Clinton will deal with Israel and Iran, since Saddam Hussein and Yasser Arafat were gone.

Put simply, Israel is now enjoying an unthinkably elevated degree of security in comparison with the situation in and after the 1973 Arab-Israeli War and the Fourth Arab-Israeli War.

Since then, Egypt has virtually allied with the U.S.; the Soviet Union collapsed; Iraq and Iran consumed their national power through the Iran-Iraq War; Saddam Hussein was eliminated from Baghdad forever; PLO lost Yasser Arafat forever; US Military is still occupying Iraq; Islamic states around the Persian Gulf are now rich members of the global money market where super-rich Israelite Americans/Europeans are major players; and Saudi Arabia is all the more thankful to the U.S. who has been suppressing AlQaeda, a dangerous factor to the Saudi Arabian Government now enjoying big oil dollars.

Indeed, except minor skirmishes that never topple the foundation of Israel, the only remote concern for Israel is nuclear-armed Iran trying to establish itself as the leader of the Islamic world or the sole guardian of Mecca.

But, will Iran dare launch nuclear-armed attacks on Israel to establish itself as the leader of the Islamic world or the sole guardian of Mecca?

Can Iran achieve the aim through their use of nuclear weapons against Israel by making enemy of the U.S., EU, Japan, Persian Gulf Arab states now enjoying unthinkable prosperity and supporting the Wall Street, and all the other nations including China and Russia who still need a friendly relationship with the U.S., EU, and Japan?

Iranian people have far longer history than Anglo-Saxons. They are not savages. They are capable of playing a very sophisticated game which is pursued for their glory but not for total destruction.

Indeed, US voters should take into serious consideration in the 2008 Presidential Election Race how Mr. McCain, Mr. Obama, or Mrs. Clinton will deal with Israel and Iran, since Saddam Hussein and Yasser Arafat were gone, though Mr. Osama bin Laden is reportedly still at large around the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan or in Saudi Arabia according to Mr. Michael Moore’s theory.
* * *

As President Mr. Bush cannot arrest Mr. Osama bin Laden, he is expected to try to achieve some results in the North Korean issue.

If North Korea completely abandons its nuclear arms development program and concludes a kind of peace treaty with South Korea through the intermediation of the US President who can leverage Chinese support and Japan’s advice, Mr. Bush will honorably leave the White House in 2009.

Therefore, the role Ms. Condoleezza Rice should play is going to be all the more important.

Run for the 2012 Presidential Election, ” Condoleezza!”

(Yesterday, an NHK FM radio channel in Japan played songs by I George, a Japanese singer who, as the first among Japanese, held a recital in the Carnegie Hall, New York, in 1963.

I almost forgot the song “Johnny the Glass (garasu-no Johnny)” for a very long time; but it was still nice to hear it again.

Especially its words, “the black sun has gone as eyelids fall; indeed a memory of your loving woman will someday fade away…,” are somehow still moving.

Truly, two beautiful women have gone in Paris and Karachi in this decade, or specifically in 1997 and 2007.

But, aren’t there others who would advance over their tragedies for the true glory of the God or Allah, since “Johnny the Glass” is still being played waiting for oblivion or limbo?


“With All Boldness and Freedom”

(Mit allen Mut und die Freiheit)


Monday, February 18, 2008

I Read News in Tokyo as They Ran

(Tokyo Metropolitan City Hall in Shinjyuku Ward)

I Read News in Tokyo as They Ran

(J'ai lu des nouvelles à Tokyo comme ils courraient.)

SECTION I: 30,000 Citizens Ran 42.195km in Tokyo

Yesterday, there was a big marathon race in Tokyo in which around 30,000 citizen runners along with professional ones competed.

I was also in Tokyo and looking at the Tokyo Prefecture Office buildings at which the start point of the marathon race was set though I had a newspaper aside to read.

In yesterday’s Tokyo Shimbun newspaper, they reported the independence of Kosovo, 80 people killed in Afghanistan in suicide bombing, and two million Germans virtually killed by Poles after WWII as they were violently expelled out of former German territories in Poland.

SECTION II: Two Million Germans Reportedly Killed

It should be never forgotten that 20 million people were killed by the Soviet Communist Party; 40 million people were virtually killed by the Chinese Communist Party through their wrong policies and strategies; and three million Japanese were killed in WWII, in addition to six million Israelite Europeans during WWII.

For the eye of mankind, only the tragedy of Israelite Europeans might be meaningful; but to the Eye of God, one German victim, one Russian victim, one Chinese victim, or one Japanese victim must have the same significance as one Israelite European, since life and fate is what is given to an individual human being by the God.

The nation Israel should not make an enemy out of Muslims as well as out of Germans, Russians, Chinese, and Japanese, since the latter in total lost 65 million lives around WWII which was caused by total sins of mankind to God of the Era.

And the former have been mostly victims of the British Empire.

SECTION III: A British Economist Praising “Obama”

The Tokyo Shimbun newspaper yesterday posted a comment by a British economist who highly regarded the candidate “Obama” and made some reference to Japan.

The British economist wrote that the candidate “Obama” would help the poor more than the candidate “Hillary” by allocating more US Government budgets to promotion of welfare of the poor.

He expects the candidate “Obama” to contribute to narrowing the gap between the poor and the rich, which will be good for total US economy.

I also hope that President Mr. Barack Obama will help the poor in the United States and other countries including Mexico and other Latin American countries as well as those in Afghanistan and Iraq.

But, what has made me cite the comment by the British economist in London is not his reference to the candidate “Obama” but that to Japan.

SECTION IV: True State of the Japanese Economy

The economist wrote that it is a commonsense in the global economist community that the reasons for the economic slump of Japan are the lower level of domestic demands in Japan and the increased gap between the poor and the rich in the Japanese society.

So, now you know how flippant the talks of those who gathered in Davos are.

As I once wrote that the economic slump of Japan in 1990’s is rather an environment protection issue than a pure economic issue.

As I wrote, if all the Americans living in the west of the Mississippi River were forced to love in the California state, the nature and the land of California would be devastated due to their economic activities in the confined land.

Japan has the land size almost equal to California and the population as many as 40% of the US population.

If Japan had continued around a 5% economic growth per year from 1990’s to the present day, its land and nature must be devastated and contaminated as bad as China is going to be today.

In addition, the mind and heart of the Japanese people would be also contaminated by evil of Mammon and foreign worshippers of Mammon coming from London and New York.

To protect Japan's land and nature and Japanese inherent ethical and spiritual culture, the Japanese economy should have been slowed down and the people of Japan actually did it by instinct.

Japan could have boosted its domestic demands; but if it had done so, the boosted economic activities would have severely damage the nature and the heart and mind of the people as we are observing it in China.

Another factor, the gap between the rich and the poor, is the very consequence of the Anglo-Saxon type global market system, though it also cannot be a decisive factor for the Japanese economic slump.

The U.S. and the U.K. have been domestically divided countries between the poor and the rich in the far larger scale and in a far longer period of time than in Japan.

Yet, both the country have enjoyed an economic boom more than Japan in this decade.

The truth is that this gap recently intenisfied in the Japanese society has been triggered by partly-forced introduction of rules and customs of the Anglo-Saxon-type reckless global market system based on the old paradigm of the Colonial Era but also the modern IT technology.

So, the true factor of the Japanese economic slump in this context is rather inappropriateness of introduction of rules and customs of the Anglo-Saxon-type global market system than the widened gap between the rich and the poor in the Japanese society which is merely part of the result of somewhat-forced adoption of that wrong market system.

So, now you know that how flippant the talks of those who gathered in Davos are, whether the British economist joined it or not.

SECTION V: Warnings to the U.K.

There are two countries having worked so much unusually on the US Government in Washington DC: the UK and Israel.

They have two things in common: their sinful relationships with Islamic states and their sinful and biased view on Japan.

Aside from the concern with Japan, the two countries are more responsible than the US is to the problems in the region from Palestine to Pakistan from a historical point of view.

(Indeed, when AlQaeda started to attack the U.S., it looked like an act of Iraq, since other Islamic countries, including Iran, were historically more damaged by the U.K. Conversely, they looked like attacking a wrong party. Therefore, it is no wonder that some people suspected involvement of Iraq, a friend of the U.S. before the Gulf War but a new enemy of the U.S. after the War in 1991, in the 9/11 Terror on the U.S. in 2001.)

However, Israel can repent as they are descendants of Abraham and remote relatives of Jesus Christ.

Nonetheless, it would be difficult for the UK to repent, since they did not repent on the occasion of the death of Princess Diana with an Egyptian who happened to be a nephew of a notorious Saudi Arabian arms dealer Israel might not like at all.

The British economist should ponder the influence of the UK colonial policy and the death of Princess Diana on the mind and heart of poor Muslims.

(Now a new week has begun.

Every week we get older.

But, the words of God never get older.

And, certain news reports also cast a long shadow.

Tonight, a certain TV news program in Japan is to report on Pakistan still in the wake of the tragic death of Benazir Bhutto who was also just one of alleged grafters in the nation of so many yet-to-be-alleged usurpers and hidden armed insurgents worse than grafters.)

Appendix: They have reported on Pakistan. In addition, the Bushes are now in Africa. Secretary Mr. Rice will soon come to Japan. Indeed, something is thrilling...

“…Devoted Herself to Doing Good…”

(Sie widmet herslef zu tun gut)