Saturday, November 17, 2007

An Old Story of the "Ainu" People

(Tokyo Imperial Palace side on a holiday night)

An Old Story of the "Ainu" People
(Une vieille histoire de la "aïnou" peuple)

Once there lived a poor husband and wife.

As they were so poor that the husband put on shorter clothes and the wife wore only a little longer clothes than the husband's.

They were members of the honorable Ainu tribe, indigenous people traditionally and mostly living in Hokkaido Island, the most northern Island of Japan.

The Ainu people were and may be still different from other Japanese living in the south in that they have not adopted the rice culture based on which the traditional and mainstream Japanese civilization was established, since rice cropping had been introduced into the southern Japanese islands 3500 years ago, namely an era between Abraham and Moses.

The wife worked in a field to grow vegetables but could get only poor harvests. The husband went on a hunt but could get only poor games.

So, one day the wife went out to a wild field to pick wild herbs in vain; yet she happened to find two crows chatting on a tree. She could understand their words and grasp the meaning, since she had special ability unique to the Ainu people.

A crow from a coast area asked another crow from a mountain area, "How about people in the mountains?"

Another crow said, "As the wife of the village head dug out and taken all the roots of lilies to make them her own foods, the God of Fields could not enjoy His favorite food, roots of lilies. So, the God of Fields in His anger brought harm on the village. People now cannot get any harvests and games. They should apologize to the God of Fields by offering 'Inaw' to Him."
( )

Having heard this conversation, the poor wife went back home to tell her surprise to her husband.

So, they went out to the village in the mountain but found that the head of the village was sick and ill due to the sacred harm.

The husband said to his wife, "As you put on better clothes than mine, you should tell the village head what you heard from the crows."

So, the wife entered the house of the village head to tell the secret of the disaster that recently covered the whole region.

The village head understood the situation and ordered his men to make 'Inaw' to offer to the God of Fields; the wife of village head also repent and prayed to the God of Fields.

Then, soon after, the village head got well and people got abundant harvests in fields and many games in hunt again.

So, the village head provided the poor couple with many valuable things useful to make their life easy and well-off.

Indeed, the pious Ainu people could once understand conversations of animals.

Truly, they were living in reverence for, harmony with, and awe of various Gods who had been governing the nature even before the mainstream Japanese occupied Hokkaido Island, the most northern Island of Japan.

(Note: Inau or Inaw is an Ainu term for a ritual wood shaving stick...


* * *

Now, Japanese are busy buying or enjoying "beaujolais nouveau," fresh French wine.

I also got one with a blueberry juice in the bottle of new wine, though it is not a root of a lily.

(I may check it, say, on this Sunday night, since I am yet a busy man.

And, the night is still bottomless for blasphemous acts of ungrateful villains here and there, since once just roots of lilies, if not ginkgo nuts, became a sacred issue.)

"...It is because you don't know the Scriptures or God's power..."

(Ihr kennt weder die heiligen Schriften, noch wisst ihr, was Gott in seiner Macht vollbringt.)

Friday, November 16, 2007

Universities or Holy Education?

Universities or Holy Education?
(Les universités ou les saintes éducation)

1. Living Fossils - Ichou
The ginkgo tree or the maidenhair tree "is the only extant species within this group. It is one of the best known examples of a living fossil."

The tree is also very common in Japan where it is called "Ichou" as my pictures taken around the Yuraku-chou Station and presented yesterday and today show.

The largest gingko tree in the world is reportedly in Aomori Prefecture, the most northern prefecture of the Honsyu Island, Japan.

The tree is 40m (130 feet) tall and 1,000 years old. As it is so large, it looks like forming one small forest with so many aerial roots from its trunk to the ground yet to touch the surface.

Anyway, we can see the origin of crude oil when standing on a street with gingko trees used as boulevard trees.

2. Global University Ranking
You may still think that the Vatican is the largest benefactor to the present academic communities in Europe and America.

Yer, the annual publication of university rankings around the world has been published by The Times Higher Education Supplement (THES) and Quacquarelli Symonds (QS).

1......US...........HARVARD University
2......UK..........University of CAMBRIDGE
2......US...........YALE University
2......UK...........University of OXFORD
5......UK...........Imperial College LONDON
6......US............PRINCETON University
7......US............CALIFORNIA Institute of Technology (Caltech)
7......US............University of CHICAGO
9......UK............UCL (University College LONDON)
10....US............MASSACHUSETTS Institute of Technology (MIT)
11....US............COLUMBIA University
12....Canada....MCGILL University
13....US............DUKE University
14.....US...........University of PENNSYLVANIA
15.....US...........JOHNS HOPKINS University.
16.....Australia .........AUSTRALIAN National University
17.....Japan...............University of TOKYO
18.....Hong Kong ......University of HONG KONG
19.....US...........STANFORD University
20.....US...........CORNELL University

Among top 20 universities, American ones account for 60% (12/20). With UK universities, US/UK universities account for 80% (16/20).

With Canada and Australia, Anglo-Saxondom universities account for 90% (18/20).

The other two belong to the Japanese Civilization and the Chinese Civilization, respectively.

You must now think about why the War on Terror cannot be solved by the U.S., the U.K., Australia, and Canada.

With so many excellent universities, can't they properly and effectively handle the War on Terror?

Then, those universities are not excellent at all.

Otherwise, they are so smart and clever as measured with a wrong scale.

A symbol of University of Tokyo is a leaf of Ichou or the Ginkgo tree; yet it is interesting to find an Australian university being ranked higher.

3. AUSTRALIAN National University
There is an interesting blog operated by the Australian National University.

It is dedicated for "Reconciliation between China and Japan."

Its recent issue is the passage of H. Res. 121, the US House of Representatives Comfort Women resolution.

There are many arguments by participants and contributors to the blog on the issue related to crimes on women conducted by the Military of the Empire of Japan in several years before 1945.

But they seem to lack ability to think about why such a tragedy occurred in a limited time period of the history, which tells it is a very exceptional age for Japan.

I don't know how many Asian women, including contemporary Iraqi and Afghan women, were killed by Western colonial rulers, their soldiers, the Chinese Communist Party and their soldiers (in the Chinese Civil War, the Korean War, and its other acts of invasion of neighbor regions, maybe including Tibet and Islamic regions), as well as US soldiers (in the Korean/Vietnam Wars and the Gulf War) in addition to the China-associated Pol Pot Faction in Cambodia who killed at least one million people.

Poor Asian and Muslim women today are afraid more of European soldiers, Americans soldiers, and China-associated violent movement or exploitation than of the Military of the Empire of Japan that ceased to exist in 1945.

In the name of "Reconciliation between China and Japan," I am afraid that they may be fostering or infusing a very wrong view and idea on the world and history, if they have no respect to Japan that has made wars overseas only totally in a few decades in its 2000 years history.

4. My View on Higher Education
The following is my ranking of institutions and instruments of higher education.

1.............Life itself functioning as a university
2.............A Whole Society functioning as a university
3.............Slum Environment functioning as a university
4.............Poverty Area functioning as a university
5.............War-Torn Region functioning as a university
6.............Natural Disaster Area functioning as a university
7.............Holy Books of Buddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

* * *

Jesus Christ used very simple parables like the one about seeds of mustard. Based on it European philosophy was developed and American technology was deployed.

Yet, they could neither fully and piously explain the truth in the parable nor create any seed from simple atoms and molecules, though the Vatican cannot do, either.

That is why I am telling you to believe the EEE Reporter, since political plots are being defeated in Japan and the Mafia economy is being lost in the U.S.

(There are no universities in Kingdom of God, anyway, since Jesus Christ had never studied abroad in Rome or Alexandria.

Indeed, I recommend you to forget about everything you have ever learnt without faith in school.

Truly, otherwise, you just graduate from Tokyo University to be a TV personality, then a national lawmaker, and eventually a servant of devils.)


"Anweisungen fur die Gemeinde"

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Vatican

(around Yuraku-chou Sta. --- near Tokyo Sta. and the Imperial Palace)

The Vatican
(Le Vatican)

When the former Pope died, total 1,400 then incumbent presidents, prime ministers, kings, and other top dignitaries from all over the world, such as President Mr. George W. Bush and then Iran President Mr. Mohammad Khatami, gathered in the Vatican.

From Japan, then former Foreign Minister Ms. Yoriko Kawaguchi was dispatched, though some parties concerned with the Vatican had expected then Prime Minister Mr. Junichiro Koizumi to attend the Pope's funeral.

But, many Japanese, including me, were watching the proceeding of the funeral honors being broadcast live from Rome.

I saw a holy book put on the coffin somehow being fanned by the wind, maybe the holy wind an Angel who came to observe the proceeding just caused for pious viewers all over the world while I was also so intently observing it.
* * *

This October, a new book on the Vatican was published.

The author, Ms. Fusako Go, introduced a result of an opinion poll an Italian newspaper conducted this May on agencies or systems most trusted by Italian people.

Agency/System Trusted..................Support Rating
1. Police/Special Force (Carabinieri)............. 84%
2. President...................................................72%
3. Catholic Church........................................65%
4. EU..............................................................57%
5. Judiciary....................................................53%
6. Labor Union...............................................43%
7. National TV (RAI)......................................38%
8. Commercial TV (Mediaset).........................37%
9. Prime Minister...........................................33%
10. Federation of Businesses........................31%
11. Parliament................................................30%
12. Banks........................................................22%

[Please set the small character size in Viewing the above table.]
* * *

Also, Italians who pray once or more per week to God account for 80% of all the citizens.

Especially, those who regularly go to mass account for 70% of Italians in an age group between 18 and 24 years, and 61% of Italians between 25 and 34 years.

But elderly people less go to mass: 53% of Italians between 55 and 64 years, and 51% of Italians of 65 years or older.
* * *

She wrote that even in Rome there is a strong concern to terror, which might be a reason for the higher rating of Italian police/special force (Carabinieri).

We may also judge that it is still the Catholic Church that unites Europeans rather than EU.

The low ratings of the two major media companies, RAI and Mediaset, are also alarming.

Overall, I can sense the remained influence of the Roman Empire in the higher ratings to President and police/special force (Carabinieri) in addition to strong reverence to Jesus Christ though He was not the direct founder of the Catholic Church.
* * *

Jesus Christ never used any worldly title. He never put on any clothes better than those other poor followers wore. He did not forbid marriage to His followers.  He did not receive any imperial funeral ceremony. But, Jesus Christ apparently requested the most pious interpretation of His words and the Bible.

Italians, especially young Italians, should reform their churches.

The Vatican should stop using a lay figure of Jesus Christ, horribly half-naked, on a cross in their rituals.
* * *

When nobody wants to be a Pope due to the fear in God, I suppose the world will be getting better.

The Mafia will vanish away.

The wine will taste better.

(Jesus Christ is said to be a Son of God. It is not a worldly matter. It is what I want to emphasize.

So, I may be advancing to a non-worldly sphere where nothing in this world, including the Vatican, matters, since it must be closer to Kingdom of God.

Don't you feel intimacy with it?)


(Jesus gibt funftausend Menschen zu essen)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Design of the Earth, Products, Formal Clothes, and Buildings

(near Yuraku-cho Sta., Tokyo City Core)

Design of the Earth, Products, Formal Clothes, and Buildings
(La conception de la Terre, des produits, des vêtements formels, et les bâtiments)

1. The Earth Observed from the Moon
At last we have got the photo-pictures of the earth over the horizon of the moon.

To my disappointment, the Western media seem to be neglecting them. However, they are very symbolic pictures which have superseded the famous one also having been taken by US astronauts from an orbit around the moon in 1969.

When the Apollo picture was released in 1969, US soldiers were fighting in Vietnam, and students were demonstrating on streets of Washington D.C., Tokyo, and Paris. It looked like people got a kind of revelation in 1969.

Then, President Nixon visited China; US troops withdrew from Vietnam; and the cold war shifted from a direct threat of the US-USSR all-out thermal nucleus war to localized intermediate-range nucleus missile competition in Europe and the Soviet Union.

Now, the pictures of the earth over the horizon of the moon the Japanese space agency has taken with a high-resolution camera can change minds of people, especially young people.

You should tell your friends that this time Japan has presented the earth over the horizon of the moon to give inspiration to peace loving people all over the world.

2. 100 Japanese Designs
The Committee "Japanesque Modern" made public 100 excellent designs Japanese companies have adopted to their products, including AQUAS LCD TV of Sharp Corp. and PRIUS of Toyota.

Traditionally, Japanese products are featured by its inclination for simplicity and affinity to gentle nature and a benign mode of people's life.

Nonetheless, Japanese consumers also love European designs, including French bags, Italian bags, and Spanish bags, since they are targeted at a wealthy class.

But, industrial design rights should be protected globally to secure fair trade and fair competition in market.

Chinese manufacturers should learn design through various foreign examples but should not infringe design rights of others.

(China has so far given damages to Japan estimated to total about 80 billion US dollars due to their violations on Japan's industrial design rights and patents, which could be regarded as another Japan's war compensation to China for the Japan-China war before 1945 if Japan does not request these intellectual-property-right damages to China in future, in my personal view.)

3. North Korea
According to a Fuji TV news program broadcast last night, the elderly son of Mr. Kim Jong-il, the absolute leader of North Korean, is now in Paris.

He was spoken to on a street by a reporter in French as to why he could speak French well; he replied in French, "You know I learnt in a school in Europe."

Now, the U.S. is going to fully lift sanctions against North Korea while EU is going to deal with the Stalinist nation so as to buy mineral resources abundant in the country, since China has already obtained various rights to develop the mining industry in North Korea.

The nucleus bomb experiment North Korea dared carry out last year must have been rather directed to China as brinkmanship diplomacy, since there was and still is a possibility that China might venture into a virtual economic colonization of North Korea for its abundant mineral resources.

As long as North Korea serves China as a military front line to protect China from the U.S. military invasion, China would let North Korean leaders govern their country at their will and for their own profits.

(Officially the Korean War is yet to be concluded by North Korean and the UN troops consisting of those sent by the U.S., South Korea, etc.)

And, the clothes Mr. Kim Jong-il, the absolute leader of North Korean, always puts on tells what his governance is.

As a nominal democratic leader of laborers, Mr. Kim Jong-il has to always wear a workman's suit, the design of which is so monotonous, since a worker in a factory should suppress his or her personality in order to promote his or her work for production.

When Mr. Kim Jong-il changes his clothes to ones with pious design in public appearance, Japanese families of those who were abducted by an intelligence agency of North Korea for convenience of their activities might find a chance to take back their parents, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, aunts, and uncles someday soon.

4. Popular Political Motto "Live Together"
It seems to be a long time ago; but it was just half a year ago that the election for Tokyo Governor was conducted.

The candidate who attracted the most of public attentions was the late Mr. Noriaki (Kisho) Kurokawa, a notable Japanese architect, though he could not win the election.

His motto was a Buddhist term "Kyou-sei (living together)."

When he was a teenager, he went to a Buddhist school and regularly attended a school meeting where the head of school taught the essence of Buddhism, so that Noriaki Kurokawa learnt the deep thought, such as "Kyou-sei," about society and mankind.

Though Noriaki Kurokawa died recently and suddenly of a disease, the same term has been adopted by Prime Minister Mr. Yasuo Fukuda.

Interestingly, the same motto, "Kyou-sei," has been used by the head of the Oppositions Mr. Ichiro Ozawa in these decades.

Noriaki Kurokawa's design for buildings was probably aimed at letting people and the nature more live together.

I hope that politicians will learn through his design what God let Noriaki Kurokawa inform Tokyo citizens, the Japanese, and the global citizens of, while risking his life, eventually.
* * *

The God is also a genius to design a contemporary arrangement of continents on the earth.

Significance of geographical locations of Jerusalem, Rome, and Mecca as well as Japan and the new continents, including the U.S., are beyond human imagination, since without Amazon mankind might be suffering more the irregular weather and the global warming.

(Which design do you like between that of the Eiffel Tower and that of the Tokyo Tower?

It is said that the Tokyo Tower was built using iron and steel extracted from combat vehicles and tanks the US military had used in the Korean War that erupted in 1950.

Despite inferior beauty of design, the Tokyo Tower has survived an uncountable number of earthquakes and typhoons the Eiffel Tower has never known in these 50 years.)


(Die Arbeiter im Weinberg)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mind of a Japanese Beauty

Mind of a Japanese Beauty
(Un esprit d'un japonais beauté)

In today's Sankei Shimbun Newspaper, they reported on a new English version of a traditional style of Japanese "waka" poetry called Ogura Hyakunin Isshu, compiled by Fujiwara-no Teika (1162 - 1241).

Mr. Peter McMillan's translation work will be reportedly used by students learning Japanese classical literature in US Columbia University.

The newspaper presented one waka poet produced by Ono-no Komachi (825 - 900), a symbol of a beautiful woman in Japan.

She wrote: "Hana-no Iro-wa Utsurinikeri-na Itazurani, Waga-mi Yo-ni Huru, Nagame-seshi Ma-ni"

(Here, "Hana" is cherry blossoms or woman's beauty; "Utsuri" means transition or change; "Itazurani" means all for nothing; "Waga" means 'my'; "mi" means a body or self; "Yo" means the world or 'very much'; "Huru" means falling or passing; "Nagame" means a long rain or a view; "se-shi" means doing; and "Ma-ni" means 'while.')

Mr. Peter McMillan translated:
"A life in vain:
my looks, talents faded
like these cherry blossoms
paling in the endless rains
that I gaze out upon, alone."

Ono_no_Komachi's poetry uses paronomasia, and thus it becomes a little complicated.

The key expression is "Waga-mi Yo-ni Huru," since it can be interpreted in two ways as "Hana" is cherry blossoms or woman's beauty:
1) Petals of cherry blossoms fell very much on my body like rain.
2) Time has passed on my body or myself living in the world.

But, I want to present the third interpretation, since "Yo-ni Huru" can be read as "Yo(u) Ni (H)uru" which means "very much possibly similar," since "Niru" is to resemble something, and "uru" or its original form "eru" means being possible.

In addition, "Yo-ni Huru" can be read as "Yo(u) Niou" meaning 'very much sweet-smelling.'

Therefore, "Hana-no Iro-wa Utsurinikeri-na Itazurani, Waga-mi Yo-ni Huru, Nagame-seshi Ma-ni" can be read as follows:

"Cherry blossoms, no more the fame,
rained down without an aim
aging me too without a shame
who is left but with their smack."
* * *

Traditionally, the poet Ono_no_Komachi has been regarded as the most beautiful woman in the Japan's history as such fame can last long like a case of Helen (Greece), Cleopatra (Egypt), or Yang Guifei (China).

(The expression "Komachi" is still used to mean a beauty.)

But, with influx of Western culture, the eye for the beauty among Japanese has changed.

For example, in the early Meiji Period, while Japan was busy introducing Western civilization, the most beautiful women in Tokyo then are said, according to one report and its estimate, to have been some daughters of a certain European husband and Japanese wife.
* * *

Indeed, you can tell your friends in US Columbia University that they cannot interpret Japanese works of literature unless they really feel minds and hearts of Japanese beauties.

Truly, I am telling poor but blessed Americans that they cannot interpret situations in Iraq and Afghanistan unless they really feel minds and hearts of Muslims.

(Maybe the best Christmas present in Japan is a cherry tree, promising a sweet spring; or an egg for Easter?)



Monday, November 12, 2007

The Super Rich and The Super Poor

(Yokohama on the Tokyo Bay)
(View from the Tallest Bldg. of Japan)

The Super Rich and The Super Poor
(Les super riches et les pauvres super)

According to the Financial Times website, there are 600 billionaires in the world.

In 2004, they also selected the 25 they believed to be doing "the most to shape the world.",dwp_uuid=39ff12ce-33ff-11d9-a728-00000e2511c8.html

Following is a list of their names:
1) Bill Gates (Microsoft)
2) Paul Allen (Microsoft)
3) Gordon Moore (Intel)
4) Steve Jones (Apple)
5) Michael Dell (Dell)
6) Azim Premji (India Wipro)
7) Jeff Bezos (Amazon)
8) Pierre Omidyar (eBay)
9) Thaksin Shinawatra (Thailand)
10) Carlos Slim Helu (Mexico)

11) Rupert Murdoch (Newspaper)
12) Michael Bloomberg (Financial information)
13) Ted Turner (CNN)
14) Oprah Winfrey (TV personality)

15) George Soros (Financial sector)
16) Warren Buffett (Investment business)
17) Prince Alwaleed bin Talal (Saudi Arabia Kingdom Holding)

18) Li Ka-shing (Hong Kong)
19) Silvio Berlusconi (Italy)
20) Nicholas Frank Oppenheimer (De Beers)
21) Ingvar Kamprad (Sweden Ikea)
22) Stephan Schmidheiny (Sweden super rich family)
23) Richard Mellon Scaife (US super rich family)

24) Rafiq Hariri (Arab real estate business)
25) Charles and David Koch (US oil business)

( )
* * *

On the other hand, there were between 300 and 420 million super poor people "worldwide living in chronic poverty in the late 1990s," according to the Chronic Poverty Research Center.

In their definition, "chronic poverty" means "remaining below the poverty line for at least five years, with welfare measured in expenditure or income terms."

In India, there are 450 million extreme poor people and 150 million chronic poor people.

In China, there are 230 million extreme poor people and 55 million chronic poor people.
* * *

In my definition of a billionaire, he or she can offer out-of-pocket one billion dollars without any inconvenience for any cause at any time.

As we have 600 people who can do so, we can get 600 billion dollars available.

It means they can provide 1500 dollars for each chronic poor person (600 billion/400 million).

In other words, as 400 million chronic poor people cannot earn 1500 dollars, those 600 people may be able to stay a billionaire each.

Put simply, if you have 1500 dollars, be content with it, since it is a real state of a billionaire who has repented and gets converted, if any.
* * *

I don't blame 600 billionaires and 25 special billionaires regarded as mostly shaping the world, while Mr. Al Gore and Mr. Michael Moore have been busy making films influencing so many people.

But, as the Christmas season is getting into a view, it is apparent that they have to think about use of their spending money to be a hero of another "A Christmas Carol," respectively.
* * *

Of course, those who are really setting the framework of the world are the political leaders of the U.S., Saudi Arabia, EU, and Japan (or Hong Kong, Thailand, Italy, and Sweden, or otherwise Microsoft and CNN?).

Anyway, you cannot write EEE Reporter with one billion dollars in your pocket, since the amount is not enough to be accumulated in Heaven.

(This information and advice is my Christmas present to you as the first provider in this season.

Praise the birth of Jesus, the King of Israelites and Romans!
A billion dollar worth praising to the Lord of Mankind.)



Sunday, November 11, 2007

Without Jesus, No Respect to God even in the Japanese Media

Without Jesus, No Respect to God even in the Japanese Media
(Sans Jésus, pas de respect de Dieu même dans les médias japonais)

The word, "the only God" or "the Creator," must have been a dead word by now among mankind if Jesus Christ had not appeared 2000 years ago as a direct projection of "the only God" or "the Creator."

Indeed, when Israelites no more believed in the concept of "the only God" or "the Creator" and Romans were only wishing to be another Caesar or Cleopatra, Jesus Christ appeared 2000 years ago as a direct projection of "the only God" or "the Creator."

Truly Jesus Christ said to them that ancient Israelites and Romans, namely spiritual ancestors of current European races and modern Israelites, were so faithless and perverse, which is why Jesus Christ appeared 2000 years ago as a direct projection of "the only God" or "the Creator."

That is why I am telling you to look at the chart below.

(Anyway, as I wrote on Oct. 28 and also the new edition of the Japanese film "San-Choume-no-Yuhi" was released a week ago, you had better review the good old days in Japan almost 50 years ago.

You had better do so, even if you love hamsters or Japanese raccoons like a certain Japanese Media tycoon active behind the recent political drama, or like a gentle housewife and a square corporate employee depicted in its original comic book of the movie drama recently I bought at a convenient store nearby on Oct. 27 or so when a rare late-October typhoon approached the Kanto Plain. )

Mat 17:17 Then Jesus answered and said, O faithless and perverse generation, how long shall I be with you? how long shall I suffer you? bring him hither to me.