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Everyone Is Carrying One's Own Cross

Everyone Is Carrying One's Own Cross
(Tout le monde est porteuse de sa propre croix.)

SECTION 1: Five Million American Fans of Japanese Culture

Today's Sankei Shimbun Newspaper issued in Japan has presented a few interesting reports.

According to Mr. Seiji Horibuchi, who traveled to the U.S. to enroll in a university in 1975 but dropped out of it to enjoy a life among American hippies, it is estimated that there are five million, mostly young Americans who are routinely accessing and enjoying products of the Japanese culture.

"As the modern American society functions only aiming at higher efficiency and rationalization, it is a barren land in terms of culture," he said.

In my estimation, a half of the American population would not feel any needs to learn, understand, and accept the Japanese culture till the end, but the rest of them will appreciate the significance of Japan in their life eventually, which is not so bad for Asians in general.

In addition, I did not much trust in American hippies unlike Mr. Horibuchi, since that era was still in the Cold War between the USSR and the USA with thousands of inter-continental ballistic nuclear-warhead missiles positioned or prepared in underground bases and large-scale submarines, and thus half-naked dancing or marijuana smoking of hippies in forests or on beaches of the American continent looked so ineffective to bring the peace to all the countries between the Soviet and the U.S.

Anyway, let five million American youths access EEE Reporter.

SECTION 2: Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy in Algeria

According to today's Sankei Shimbun Newspaper, French President Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy did not apologize to the Algerian people, during his recent visit there, for France's past violence to Algerian people, though France had been requested to officially offer an apology to Algeria that had got independence from France through a fierce war in 1962 after having suffered a state of colony for 130 years.

Some Chinese and Koreans are still requesting more apologies from Japan for the war and occupation the Empire of Japan had brought and engaged in on their home lands for 30 years before 1945.

Though the Sankei Shimbun Newspaper does not much trust in China and Korea, there are no grave problems between Japan and these two countries except how much Japanese past apologies, expressed in various forms beyond simple words, to, and contribution to development of, the two countries after WWII should be evaluated.

Japan allows any Japanese to travel to China and Korea so as to apologize to Chinese people and Korean people as much as they like on behalf of Japan.

Japan does not even forbid any Japanese to travel to China and Korea so as to blame and accuse Japan, namely their mother country, for its past together with Chinese or Korean people.

And I hope that France, Algeria, China, and Korea would follow suit.

SECTION 3: Nanjing

The Sankei Shimbun Newspaper has posted on its front page the movement around the Nanjing issue.

It reports on various Japanese efforts to correct a twisted and wrong view on incidents involved in the occupation of the Chinese city by the Army of the Empire of Japan in 1937.

The most interesting argument therein is that Mao Tse-tung (Mao Zedong) never mentioned the so-called Nanjing Massacre by the Imperial Army during his reign as the supreme leader of the Chinese Communist Party.

You may refer to Wikipedia, describing that "...In 1937, the Japanese army invaded and occupied Nanjing, then the capital of China, and carried out the systematic and brutal Nanking massacre. The total death toll could not be confirmed, since no official records were kept, and is often contested, but most estimates put the number of dead between 200,000 and 350,000," however for other key descriptions as follows:

(1) "Nanjing, with a total land area of 6,598 square kilometers (2,547.5 sq mi), is situated in one of the largest economic zones of China, the Yangtze River Delta, which is part of the downstream Yangtze River drainage basin."

(2) "On April 23, 1949, The People's Liberation Army conquered Nanjing, officially ending the Republic of China's rule on the mainland."

Accordingly, you would wonder where Chinese troops were in 1937, while Nanjing was such an important city and Chinese troops, so large in number and regarded as being brave and heroic, had a duty to protect citizens as well as their military leaders.

You would really mind how Chinese troops and generals fought there to protect citizens in their home land against the expeditionary military force of the Empire of Japan in pursuit of first firing and fleeing Chinese troops from Shanghai.

You would also wonder why the Imperial Army would not preserve as much as possible citizens, human resources, and infrastructures of the economically and strategically very important city, while a long and huge-scale war requiring large resources was still going on under a gaze of the U.S., the USSR, and European countries.

You should wonder how such a large and mighty city Nanjing would not provide any protection, shelters, safe houses, or escape routes to its citizens in concert with proper guidance and care by Chinese troops and generals.

You must also wonder whether Japanese people could have really succeeded and been globally respected after WWII if they simply had consisted of such violent and mad ex-soldiers, namely wild criminals, or the like who had after WWII simply returned home where most of industrial infrastructures had been destroyed by US air bombardment.

Mao Tse-tung (Mao Zedong) must have known how many citizens had been killed in Nanjing during the Chinese Civil War after WWII.

Nonetheless, even if the Imperial Army had killed intentionally or negligently one or two or otherwise 3,000 innocent citizens, who had been abandoned by their troops and generals fast fleeing to Chunking regardless of their extravagant shame, in Nanjing in 1937, Japan should feel guilty, together with those Chinese troops and generals, even today to carry it as its own cross.

SECTION 4: November 1963

In my inference, a long-waited report came to certain people high in the US Government in November 1963; but it was from Dallas, Texas, and not from Havana, Cuba.

It is just like a waited report came from Pearl Harbor instead of Manila, the Philippines, in 1941, and from the Pentagon and Manhattan instead of East Africa in 2001.

I suppose that resources they had prepared for a certain covert operation in Havana was diverted to an unthinkable operation in Dallas without approval of those with power and responsibility in the then US Government.

One example can be also found in Wikipedia:
"According to the Family Jewels documents declassified by the CIA in 2007, one such assassination attempt before the Bay of Pigs invasion involved Johnny Roselli and Al Capone's successor in the Chicago Outfit, Salvatore Giancana and his right-hand man Santos Trafficante. It was personally authorized by then US attorney general Robert Kennedy [71]."

But, Jack Ruby who fired at Lee Harvey Oswald was an Israelite American.

He must have confessed something before his death in a jail in January 1967.

It is because among those involved in the JFK assassination only Jacob Rubenstein looks like having been a descendant of ancient Israelites.
* * *

Now a week is going to be closed in Japan. Maybe all I have to do is check TV program listing in the newspaper on the Sunday morning, namely tomorrow.

(I will discuss tomorrow the bread and wine Jesus Christ blessed and provided, if everything is without a hitch...)

"...but you yourself don't go in, nor do you allow in those who are trying to enter!..."

(Ihr selbst kommt nicht hinein, und ihr hindert alle, die hinein-wollen.)

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Tastes Differ Also in Japan

Tastes Differ Also in Japan
(Les goûts varient aussi au Japon)

SECTION 1: Japanese Unique Colors

The Microsoft Windows OS provides a function to set a color code in numbers as below shown though in Japanese.
However, there is a concept of Japanese unique colors. In the following Web page, they present 465 colors, traditionally used in Japan, with corresponding color values and unique Japanese color names.

SECTION 2: A Japanese Female Journalist out of the 9/11 Terror

On September 11, 2001, she was in office at 20F of the world financial center building next to the World Trade Center Towers.

When the second hijacked jet plane hit the second Tower, the building she was in was swayed at the magnitude of the intensity 6 of earthquake.

Everybody in the office of Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. in New York got panicked crying "Terror!"; She suffered the post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for the following one year.

As she got shocked also watching American people starting to buy guns and shouting revenge loudly, she who had been living in the U.S. for 13 years since her university days decided to leave the U.S., without gaining U.S. citizenship.

Ms. Mika Tsutsumi, in this context, wrote a book titled "Amerika Jyakusya Kakumei (US Revolution by the Weak)."

The book was awarded a prize of Japan Congress of Journalists (JCJ).

SECTION3: Women's Grace and Dignity

One of my favorite Japanese blogs is "Number One Communications - Report on World No.1 and Japanese No.1."

On December 5, it presented a list of best-selling books in Japan, which world researchers and analysts or students on Japan should not miss:
No.1 - "Jyosei no Hinkaku (women's grace and dignity)"

No.2 - "Homeless Chu-gakusei (a junior-high-school pupil living homeless)

SECTION 4: Victims of Drug-Induced Disease

One of big news items in these days in Japan is of female victims who were given the contaminated coagulant fibrinogen to stop the bleeding on bearing, which later caused acute and sometimes fatal hepatitis, though it is decades ago that such harmful medication had been conducted due to negligence of the Government and pharmaceutical companies in Japan.

The concerned biological, such as fibrinogen, mostly consisted of blood imported from the U.S.

Every year, the U.S. Government issues a list of its request on administrative structure reform to the Japanese Government, which includes a request of purchase of US biological.

I think that is one reason why Japanese Government is reluctant to assume its responsibility to have authorized sales of such dangerous biological to hospitals for use on innocent pregnant women all over Japan, though, decades ago.
* * *

When I was young, I often saw old women putting on Japanese-style clothing with colors and patterns so plain, humble, restrained, or dry like dried-grass.

I thought that old women had a habit of not enjoying colors and patterns.

But, as I grew up to appreciate depth and variety of Japanese colors and patterns being applied based on higher appreciation of the hidden beauty of the nature, I found that those old women were secretly enjoying their ability in appreciating subtle delicacy of those humble colors and patters while living in memory of the old society with many restrictions on women in Japan.

Anyway, it is not so bad for Japanese women today to check traditional colors, be cool to the American culture and mentality, learn good manners modern and traditional, and fight against the Japanese officialdom who so obediently and submissively accepts various requests and demands the US Government every year places and poses, in a sense, too adamantly.

(One cold night I saw a homeless man lying on the hard-hearted pavement by a bench of a sidewalk, being surrounded by passers-by and examined by policemen.

Next day, I saw an angel sitting on the bench and reading a record of his life.

Whatever chapter your life is in now, I hope that it is being recorded nicely and finely in style regardless of its contents.

It is because the angel who will read your record on such an occasion in future may be somebody familiar with you now at this moment.)

"...and all who touched it were made well..."

(Und alle, die es taten, wurden gesund)

Thursday, December 06, 2007

1941, 1963, 1997, and 2001

1941, 1963, 1997, and 2001
(1941, 1963, 1997, et 2001)

The International Telecommunications Satellite Organization was established based on a strong initiative by President John F. Kennedy.

Accordingly, the U.S. launched Telstar 1 for the first intercontinental communications over the Atlantic Ocean on July 10, 1962

Further, another satellite Relay 1 was launched on December 13, 1962 for the same purpose over the Pacific Ocean to fly around the earth taking three hours for each round like Telstar 1.

In November, 1963, the first experiment on TV-signal transmission via the satellite between Japan and the U.S. was about to be conducted with a planned address by U.S. President Kennedy to Japan.

But, staff involved in this pure engineering experiment in Japan saw a strange image on a screen televised live from the U.S. to Japan for the first time in history: "Some cacti in a desert-like field or garden."

Then later on the TV screen, they observed a news report that the U.S. President had been shot in Dallas, Texas, earlier on the very day.

It is as if the President had prepared a means to inform Japan of something fatal on the U.S. on his last day on the earth using the first inter-Pacific Ocean TV broadcast realized with his own initiative.

(Once Japan's NHK TV station broadcast a special report program related to this incident to Japanese audience.)
* * *

That is why I am telling you that Japan may have to deal with the JFK assassination as with the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 as well as the 9/11 Terror of 2001 which could be regarded as being linked, no matter how difficult to comprehend, to Princess Diana's death in Paris in 1997.
* * *

Some Japanese really like to study the case of the so-called "JFK Assassination."

Some of them really travel to Dallas, Texas, to check the site.

But, most of them seem to receive an impression that the Dealey Plaza is narrower than they expected to be, based on various pictures and documents they checked in Japan before their visit on the very Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas, the U.S.

But, to be informed of more beforehand, they may have to further wait for 2017, since in the U.S. "the Act requires that all assassination records must be opened by 2017, with the exception of records certified for continued postponement by the President."
* * *

A conspiracy theory for any incident can be part of another conspiracy being operated at an upper level by the very persons who planed and created the incident.

But, as the death of Jesus Christ and its handling in these 2000 years are one clear example of acts of machination, it is necessary to face those incidents in 1941, 1963, 1997, and 2001 so that we can correctly and most piously interpret the death of Jesus Christ.

In other word, by correctly and honorably facing those incidents in 1941, 1963, 1997, and 2001, we may be able to correctly and most piously interpret the death of Jesus Christ.

Christians in the U.S. seem not to be good at in this field for these decades since the end of WWII, so that Japan may have to deal with the JFK assassination as with the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 as well as the 9/11 Terror of 2001 which could be regarded as being linked, no matter how difficult to comprehend, to Princess Diana's death in Paris in 1997.
* * *

But, you may wonder if it is worth risking one's own life or a national interest.

In this respect, you have to take note of the facts: Millions of people in regions involved were killed and wounded in the wars triggered by the attack at Pearl Harbor; Millions of people in regions involved were killed and wounded in the wars triggered by the regime change after the JFK Assassination; and Millions of people in regions involved have been and are being killed and wounded in the wars triggered by the 9/11 Terror.

And even today, tens of thousands of youths living in the U.S. without US nationality or citizenship are recruited by US military and sent to Iraq or Afghanistan.

To prevent tragedy on any such individual, somebody in Japan should be in charge of this "big issue," since there are many ex-soldier homeless people in the U.S.

Then, Japan will face better US Administration and less demanding request from the U.S. in terms of economy and security.

Finally, Jesus Christ, the ever greatest victim of a conspiracy, will reward Japan in any way, in my feeling.
* * *

"According to the US Space Objects Registry, Telstar 1 was still in orbit as of October 2007 (Wikipedia)," though it is unclear if Relay 1 is still above the sky.

The era is yet to be closed.

"...Many witnesses told lies against Jesus, but their stories did not agree..."

(Es meldeten sich zwar viele falsche Zeugen gegen ihn, aber ihre Aussagen stimmten nicht uberein)

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Prime Numbers Guiding the Big Bang

Prime Numbers Guiding the Big Bang
(Nombres premiers directeurs du Big Bang)

Section 1: A Hypothesis on Birth of the Universe
As I wrote, on the holy Friday of April 13, 2007, that "before the beginning of the Logical Universe and then the Material Universe, 'perfectibility' and 'incompleteness' are one; 'infinite' and 'finite' are one; and 'true' and 'false' are one and the same thing," since they were generated to exist and stay so close to the omnipotence of God.

However, please refer to the following diagram that summarizes my hypothesis on birth of the universe with reference to a discussion on Feb. 16, 2007 of EEE Reporter.

Section 2: Prime Numbers
"In mathematics, a prime number (or a prime) is a natural number which has exactly two distinct natural number divisors: 1 and itself. An infinitude of prime numbers exists, as demonstrated by Euclid in about 300 BC. The first thirty prime numbers are:
2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19,...

If we do not rely on digits and numerical expression, the prime numbers can be expressed as follows using "Unit":

For example, an ordinary number "four" can be expressed in the following way in two dimensions (2D):

This constitutes a neat or regulated "2 by 2" space of 2D.

For example, another ordinary integer "six" can be expressed in the following way in two dimensions:

This constitutes a neat "3 by 2" space of 2D.

This convention of "N by M" of 2D means deployment of the physical space in the Material Universe (N and M are each integer).

If you learn the quantum physics, you will surely know that a basis of the nature is based on integers, so that the space just after the creation of the Material Universe must expand and develop following the convention of "N by M" or "N x M," while here "one" means the least unit size of the space (or time) in two-dimensional universe in this example.
(Refer to EEE Reporter, "Can You Feel Expansion of the Whole Universe?" on July 12, 2007.)

But, the third prime "five" is expressed as follows:

This cannot constitute a neat "N by M" space of 2D, since it is "2 by 2" + 1.

Otherwise, the space should expand from a "2 by 2" state to a "2 by 3" state to accommodate the prime number:

In this way, the material universe expanded to the present state of the size of 93 billion light-year distance, namely from "1 by 1" unit to "2 by 2" units, "3 by 2" units, "3 by 3" units and eventually to "93 by one billion" years units.

This is because the concept of "Prime Number" was generated first, and then its logical rule, "N by M," was generated and fixed, and finally the Material Universe began to expand following the concept and logic concerning the Prime Numbers.

Therefore, the prime numbers are part of scaffolding or scales for construction of our Material Universe; or they have worked as the driving force logically for expanding the Material Universe even to date (as I wrote on July 12, 2007), or otherwise physical energy for the Big Bang could not have found a rule for explosion, which means a Black-Hole-class self-implosion just after the generation of the Material Universe so tragically from a human point of view.

This is the deepest meaning of the prime numbers.

(As the number can be also deployed in the form of "Length by Width by Depth," it can be applied to the three-dimensional [3D] space, [L x W x D].

As the number can be deployed in the form of "Length by Width by Depth by Time," it can be applied to the four-dimensional [4D] space, [L x W x D] x T].)

In addition, as there are countless prime numbers, this Material Universe is expected to expand for ever, in my hypothesis, at least logically.

Section 3: Kanji Character to Each Prime Number
My proposal is to assign one concept, namely one Kanji character, to each prime number.

For example, the Kanji letter "Gen or Kotoba" (word) can be applied to "one."
The Kanji letter "Hikari" (light) can be applied to "two."
The Kanji letter "Ai" (love) can be applied to "three."
Then, "Shin" (truth) can be applied to "five."

You may create your own version of the Kanji-expressed or concept-assigned prime number system.

It is for mankind to become wiser and more pious.

Section 4: The Year 2007
For 100 years since the end of WWII, the years expressed with a prime number each are as follows:
1933, 1949, 1951, 1973, 1979, 1987, 1993, 1997, 1999, 2003, 2011, 2017, 2027, 2029, 2039, 2053
( )

Though, this year 2007 is not a prime-numbered year, it might be also globally represented by a Kanji letter "Ten" (turning point) due to some changes on the political stage in Japan, France, and Australia as well as Russia and China for new leading members elected, positively or negatively.

The next year 2008 will be assigned a more drastic Kanji letter to, though it is not a prime-numbered year, either.

(The beginning of mankind is Adam.

But, it started to expand with the emergence of Eve in the Garden of Eden, however, through a certain problem.

And, in my view, the summit of mankind is Jesus Christ, so that we are just living in His shadow projected down from so high or from 2000 years behind.

But, you would not like to return to molecules and atoms simply after your death.

So, I have indicated, for you, that there is Heaven two layers above this Material World.)

Psa 20:06 - Now know I that the LORD saveth his anointed; he will hear him from his holy heaven with the saving strength of his right hand.

Psa 20:07 - Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the LORD our God.

Psa 20:08 - They are brought down and fallen: but we are risen, and stand upright.

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A Divine Analogy between 1941 and 2001

(Asakusa, a popular old downtown in Tokyo)

A Divine Analogy between 1941 and 2001
(Une analogie divin entre 1941 et 2001)

It can be a big joke: "When Perl Harbor was attacked the U.S. Government immediately declared a state of war against Mexico."

A certain U.S. author once wrote that the US Government's immediate studying the possibility of opening war with Iraq just after AlQaeda from Afghanistan had attacked the Pentagon and the World Trade Center was tantamount to declaring a state of war against Mexico just after the attack at Pearl Harbor.

For the honor of Mexicans, today there are about 10 million Mexicans living and working in peace in the United States without posing any threats to the U.S. security.
* * *

As the U.S. Government did not tell the truth of the attack at Pearl Harbor, the tragedy repeated in the JFK assassination and the 9/11 Terror.

My interpretation of the events and proceedings around 2001 is as follows:
(1) The U.S. Government had a secret key agenda of putting an end to the then continued air patrol in the airspace restricted area in Iraq and respondent aerial bombings on military installations on the ground, since this act of quasi-war had been conducted for almost a decade with a support from the U.K. Air Force since the end of the Persian Gulf War in 1991.

(2) The U.S. Government had been fully aware of terrorist activities and related information prior to September 11, 2001. But, the Government expected that any possible attacks would be targeted at overseas U.S. military or diplomatic facilities like the cases of U.S. Embassy bombings in East Africa and the attack on USS Cole in the port Aden, Yemen, all conducted in preceding years.

(3) In the same mentality, the then U.S. Government in 1941 had a key agenda of joining the U.K. to expel the threat posed by Germany and, on the other hand, wrong expectation that the Empire of Japan would first attack U.S. bases in the Philippines as the gambit of the imminent Pacific War, while the U.S. Government had enough deciphered information about military and diplomatic shift of the Empire of Japan toward the war, so that the Pearl Harbor bases had been left flatly unprotected.

(4) That is why the Pentagon and the World Trade Center were left flatly unprotected against the imminent terror, since the U.S. Government thought a possible attack must have been again aimed at overseas U.S. military or diplomatic facilities like the cases of U.S. Embassy bombings in East Africa and the attack on USS Cole in the port Aden in preceding years.

Put simply as a waited report had come from Hawaii instead of the Philippines in December 1941, a half-expected report came from the Pentagon and Manhattan instead of East Africa to the U.S. Government in September 2001.
* * *

For the attack at Pearl Harbor in 1941, one of key players behind the scene to most of U.S. citizens was China, since China had been at war with the Empire of Japan.

For the terror on the Pentagon and the WTC in 2001, one of key players behind the scene to most of U.S. citizens was Saudi Arabia, since the country had been at war with Iraq and under the threat of AlQaeda.

In 1941, some super-rich Americans had a strong interest in China for its potentially huge market.

In 2001, many super-rich Americans and American large businesses had a strong tie with Saudi Arabia for its huge oil reserves and financial potential.
* * *

The reason why I am now dealing with this issue is that the Pacific War between the U.S. and the Empire of Japan ended, as a matter of fact, with nuclear bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

It also led to 30 years of wars in Vietnam after 1945, since France and the United States would not like to abandon its old colony of or tolerate influence of Marxism in Vietnam and Indochina where one million Cambodians were to be executed by their own leaders eventually though after withdrawal of French and American troops from the Indochina Peninsula.

The War on Terror might end with atomic warfare and further lead to future tragedy in other neighbor countries, say Iran, Syria, Kuwait, UAE, or Saudi Arabia, that might last for 30 years or claim one million more victims.

That is why I am telling you that you must listen to God or Allah if you have ears to listen with.
* * *

Indeed, the U.S. Presidential Election campaign for 2008 is interesting in that an American lady is for the first time in its history playing a leading role so far as now.

Truly, the U.S. Presidential Election campaign for 2008 is interesting in that an American minority is for the first time in its history also playing a leading role so far as now.

But, I would rather reiterate the analogy between 1941 and 2001, since I know I have to more focus on 2012, whoever will be elected the U.S. President in 2008, with a wider scope.

Again, the Empire of Japan's critical aim was securing crude oil fields in Indonesia, but the Empire had capability to destroy the US Pacific Fleets based on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in 1941.

The terrorists' critical aim was taking revenge on some arrogant Americans with office in Washington D.C. and Manhattan but not in East Africa, and those terrorists had no credibility among Muslims enough to tie up with Iraq or Iran or seize power in Saudi Arabia except some part of Afghanistan and Pakistan in 2001.
* * *

As a Japan's fisheries high school's training ship, the Ehime Maru, was sunk off Pearl Harbor by a colliding USS submarine Texas oil businessmen were on board in February 2001; the huge and great Buddha's statutes in North Afghanistan were blasted and demolished through a direct involvement of AlQaeda in March 2001; and the movie "Pearl Harbor" featuring nothing about diplomatic reality was released in the summer of 2001, another Jonah must have fulfilled his duty in 2001, without mentioning the prophetic novel "Moby Dick."

(A French TV station, via a Japan's NHK TV channel this noon, has reported that more and more Chinese laborers come to Algeria for construction work and stay there for business after completion of buildings.
[Now, NHK is broadcasting a live Q&A session in the Japanese Parliament with the Prime Minister and other national-security related ministers presenting the bill for Japan's maritime commitment on the Indian Ocean with its Self-Defense Force...]

If the new factors, China and Russia, are starkly involved in the Middle East in the more clearly, probably, oil-depleting era, say starting in 2012, the matter will need a more pious Christian President on the U.S. side.

So, even if you have a strong tie with any powerful figures or critics in the media or universities, you still have to be prepared for 2012, even if you are not in ABC, CNN, NBC, or any French TV stations, since you may be sacredly appointed as a Jonah for the year 2012 regardless of your nationality and nominal religion.

[By way of caution, the above interpretation does not reflect a view of the Japanese Government or its Parliament called Diet, since Japan is yet to be a theocratic democracy leading the world.])


(sondern auch, um die verstreuten Kinder Gottes zusammenzufuhren)


Monday, December 03, 2007

United States Note to Japan November 26, 1941

(Pacific Ocean off Kanto Plain, Japan)

United States Note to Japan November 26, 1941 

(Note des États-Unis au Japon le 26 novembre 1941)

Now the United States is under heavy winter storms, according to news reports.

Indeed, mankind should fight the violent nature but not other races, people, or individuals.

Truly, before Christmas, we have to face and conquer the past storm of fires and irons.
* * *

If you are not familiar with the so-called Hull Note issued by United States to Japan on November 26, 1941, preceding the Attack at Pearl Harbor, please refer to the following:

What should be noted are the following parts:
"... 3. The Government of Japan will withdraw all military, naval, air and police forces from China and from Indochina. ... 
5. Both Governments will endeavor to obtain the agreement of the British and other governments to give up extraterritorial rights in China, including right in international settlements and in concessions and under the Boxer Protocol of 1901. 
... 7. The Government of the United States and the Government of Japan will, respectively, remove the freezing restrictions on Japanese funds in the United States and on American funds in Japan. ... "

Its background is summarized in the following:

What should be noted are the following parts:
"... In protest, the United States sent support to the Chinese Nationalist Government of Chiang Kai-shek, froze Japanese assets in the United States, and imposed an oil embargo on Japan. ... 
On November 20, 1941, Nomura presented proposal B, which proposed that Japan stop further military action in return for 1 million gallons (3,800 m³) of aviation fuel from the United States. The United States was about to make a counter offer to this plan which included a monthly supply of fuel for civilian use. However, President Roosevelt received a leak of Japan's war plan and news that Japanese troop ships were on their way to Indochina. He decided the Japanese were not being sincere [citation needed] in their negotiations and instructed Secretary of State Cordell Hull to drop the counter-proposal. 
On November 26, 1941 Secretary Hull presented the Japanese ambassador with the 'Hull note', which as one of its conditions demanded the complete withdrawal of all Japanese troops from China. It did not specifically exempt Manchuria, in which hundreds of thousands of Japanese civilians were already living. Japanese prime minister Hideki Tojo said to his cabinet, "this is an ultimatum."

As for Imperial Military advancement to Indochina, please refer to the following:

"The Japanese Invasion of French Indochina (Futsu-in shinchū?), also known as the Vietnam Expedition, was an attempt by the Empire of Japan, during the Second Sino-Japanese War to blockade China and prevent it from importing arms, fuel and 10,000 tons/month materials supplied by the United States through the Haiphong-Yunnan Fou railway line.[1]... 
On September 22, Japan and Vichy Indochina signed an accord which granted basing and transit rights, but limited to 6000 the number of Japanese troops which could be stationed in Indochina, and set an overall cap of 25,000 on the total number of troops that could be in the colony at any given time..."
And decisively, Roosevelt even rejected an offer by Japanese Prime Minister Konoe for holding a summit meeting to avoid the war months before the Pearl Harbor attack conducted in early December 1941. As Konoe's proposal was rejected by Roosevert, nobleman Konoe had to resign.  Then, the Japanese Army took control of the Imperial Government.

Or from the beginning, the US was prepared for a possible war with the Empire of Japan after the Japanese-Russo War (1904-05) and the First World War.

War Plan Orange (commonly known as Plan Orange or just Orange) refers to a series of United States Joint Army and Navy Boardwar plans for dealing with a possible war with Japan during the years between the First and Second World Wars
Informal studies as early as 1906 covered a number of possibilities, from basing at Gibraltar or Singapore[1] (an idea revived by the British before World War II)[2] to "a quick trans-Atlantic dash" to the Pacific.[3] The plan eventually adopted was conceived by Rear Admiral Raymond P. Rodgers in 1911.[4] 
The plan was formally adopted by the Joint Army and Navy Board beginning in 1924.[5] Predating the Rainbow plans, which presumed the assistance of allies, Orange was predicated on the U.S. fighting Japan alone.                    

* * *

(1) The U.S. citizens were not fully informed of determination of the U.S. Government to embark on a war against the Empire of Japan who was expected sooner or later to launch an attack on the U.S. bases in the Philippine on their route to oil fields in Indonesia before depletion of fuels in Imperial Navy due to the embargo on crude oil the U.S. had posed, so that the U.S. could send its troops to Europe to help the U.K. in the war with Germany having been in alliance with the Empire of Japan.

(2) The true reason for the shock to the U.S. Government on the attack at Pearl Harbor was not the fact that the Empire Japan started the war, but the discovery that the Empire of Japan with its aircraft carrier fleets and world-leading Zero fighter planes already had a military capability, at least technically, to destroy the whole U.S. Pacific fleets and thus their bases on the Pacific Ocean, though they had been neither truly built and deployed for the effective and concrete plan for a war against the U.S. nor supported by true mass-production industry and abundant resources.

(3) The Empire of Japan, before the receipt of the Hull Note, should have obtained information on Nazis' plan to kill 6 million Israelite Europeans. Accordingly it should have abolished the alliance with Germany, started withdrawal its troops from the Chinese mainland, and helped the United States defeat Nazis.

(4) Finally and amazingly, looking at peace, prosperity, and respect Japanese people have enjoyed in these 60 years after WWII, those killed during WWII seem not to have died for nothing at all.
* * *

Indeed, history is always the Act of God.

Truly, people are always born only after the preceding history.

[Very importantly, it was after WWII that crude oil fields in Saudi Arabia were developed, since it was just during WWII that the U.S. started its research and exploration of oil deposits in the Persian Gulf region.]

(We are in a passenger seat of a taxi called History.

We have to clearly tell the driver our destination no matter how much the fare is: Peace.

Otherwise, the cab may just carry us to War, since the path to war is so wide and easy to drive on with full of prospect of spectacular profits for industrialists, financiers, merchants, politicians, and generals and officers as well as gangsters.

By the way, do you believe that an 83-year-old woman still works as a taxi driver somewhere on this earth like a wife of Abraham?)

"...He is the God of the living, not of the dead..."

(Und er ist doch ein Gott der Lebenden, nicht der Toten)

Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Stones Would Immediately Cry Out

(Tokyo Bay in Summer)

The Stones Would Immediately Cry Out
(Les pierres seraient immédiatement crier)

On the last Friday night, the Japan's NHK satellite TV channel rebroadcast the Iranian film "President Mir Qanbar."

It might be apocalyptic for some of you, since it features an old man like Abraham, his follower on a donkey cart, and a nameless shepherd who gave a bowl of cool water to the old man on his quixotic campaign through a vast and bright-brown winter's dry field of the Iranian Plateau.

Indeed, the hero of the Iranian film is an impossible, very poor candidate for the Iranian President, though he is a concrete fact just like Abraham 4000 years ago.

(As a humble proof of strong interest in the Islamic culture among some Japanese [if you especially love films on the Middle East]:

Anyway, it is nice to close a Friday night with something so hopeful if so far, though it is the Sunday noon now here.)

Luk 19:39 - And some of the Pharisees from among the multitude said unto him, Master, rebuke thy disciples.

Luk 19:40 - And he answered and said unto them, I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.