Saturday, November 26, 2005

Kingdom of God is Not Tangible, Proven Again

Kingdom of God is Not Tangible, Proven Again

While many people were enjoying various sports, as it is a season good for sports, a kind of unspeakable crimes were being reported in Japan.

It is provision of flats with insufficient iron-bar reinforcement. A couple of or more builders and contractors are suspected of having ordered their common subcontractor, namely a first-class architect officially qualified, to prepare cooked-up design documents for official inspection which is also a focus of suspicion. As a result, there are now scores of defective condominium buildings and hotels being used or sold while the fact has been hidden. (The total number of multistory apartments in Tokyo Prefecture is said to be about 1.3 million, including all the types and sizes.)

If an earthquake with intensity 5 upper hits the Tokyo area, those buildings are believed to collapse. It means that we will surely have hundreds of innocent casualties due to this fraud, during lifetime of those buildings.

Property companies and contractors concerned did it for the purpose of reducing costs and hence increasing profits.

Now, they are going to build a new skyscraper in New York. The World Trade Center towers that once occupied the place to be used will be surpassed in terms of the height by this Freedom Tower expected to be the world tallest with its height of 1776 ft (541m).

The World Trade Center towers were designed by a Japanese American; but the new skyscraper by a Jewish American, symbolically to some.

In order for the new symbol tower in New York to be constructed and completed safely and securely, they may need a strong audit system as well as peace or complete victory over terror.


Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thanks Rendered by Catherine to God after Marathon Relay Race Today

Thanks Rendered by Catherine to God after Marathon Relay Race Today

The marathon relay race was recently officially recognized as a legitimate race that could claim the authentic world record and so on.

The whole marathon course is divided in to six sections: 5 kilo meters, 10 Km, 5 Km, 10 Km, 5 Km, and the last 7.195 Km. So, one team needs six athletes.

Today, both the male and female Kenya teams won the race, respectively, hosted by Chiba Prefecture, north of the Tokyo Bay.

The female England team was the seventh, though Paula Radcliffe, despite being in a little difficult conditions, put on a strong spurt in the second section so as to pull up the position of her team from the ninth to the fourth. She later said, in an interview, that she had made a stupid spurt after receiving a sash or a special baton (, which is why she could not bring her team to the third position in the section). It is perhaps because there were a few runners just in front of her, a rare situation for her.

Naoko Takahashi and Mizuki Noguchi, two Olympic gold medalists, did not join the race, but they also played an important role each in the proceeding of the event as well as live national TV broadcast.

Naoko Takahashi said, on TV screen, that she had a dinner with Paula Radcliffe after the Women’s Tokyo Marathon and got her sign on her picture. Naoko Takahashi said, “I will display the picture in my room for commemoration and stimulation.”

Today’s victory of Kenyan female team might be largely ascribed to Catherine Ndereba who took a charge in the fourth section, in terms of fighting spirit. Other five members of her team have been living in Japan for, at least, a few years, learning, working and training.

The second team was Ethiopian, though Elfenesh Alemu did not join the race. They have also some members living in Japan.

Japanese woman team finished the race in the fourth next to the Russian team that, reportedly, had hard training as a team before this competition. The Japanese team could not even set a new record for themselves, though they could overwhelm the Chinese woman team, an Asian record holder since 1998.

But, nobody in huge audience, lining up along the course for 42.195 Km, did not look disappointed at all. The two fastest female marathon runners, Paula and Catherine, satisfied people, though this is not the first time for both of them to join the marathon relay race in Chiba: Paula the second time and Catherine the third time or so.

Paula and Catherine have had good lessons in Japan before or during their remarkable success through races in the world, which is still going on.

What compelled me into reporting today’s race is, however, Catherine’s comments in an interview after the race. In it, she openly rendered thanks to God on TV. Such a comment is rarely heard in Japan.

I think now there is a strong probability of Catherine’s victory in Beijing 2008, though I don’t know how others might show their gratitude to God whose picture no one has.


Monday, November 21, 2005

Until the Tokyo Women's Marathon This Fall

Until the Tokyo Women's Marathon This Fall

She was the best and the number one marathon runner with the gold medal in the Sydney Olympic games in 2000 and the then world record in 2001.

Yes, she was the only Japanese female gold medalist in track and field in Olympic Games. And she was the first female runner in the history who could break the 2-hour, 20-minute time barrier.

Paula Radcliffe, Catherine Ndereba, and Mizuki Noguchi came all after Naoko Takahashi.

Naoko failed to be qualified for entry to 2004 Athens Olympic Games, since she had crossed the finish line in the 2003 Tokyo Female’s Marathon next to the winner Elfenesh Alemu who eventually became the fourth in Athens. It was apparent that Naoko had failed to manage the race, resulting in very common record. So, Japan Association of Athletics Federations chose not to send Naoko to Athens.

However, the gold medal of Female’s Marathon in Athens 2004 was won by another Japanese runner, Mizuki Noguchi who later set the world’s third fastest record, next to that of Paula and Catherine.

Naoko’s bad luck continued with physical injuries, minor but critical for a race, as well as some management problems until the Tokyo Women's Marathon in the fall of 2005. She has won this race, risking her career as an athlete, conquering another minor physical injury, putting on a good spurt and leaving Elfenesh this time well behind.

Put simply, we saw deplorable commercialism rampaging around her during her glorious days. We were afraid that too much commercialism might spoil the good-natured female runner. Moreover, it is said that there had been a plan to have her run for national election some time.

It is still unknown, of course, who will win this competition in Beijin in 2008. Africans are superb, Europeans are excellent, but Japanese girls have at least won the gold medals in last two consecutive competitions, each in Sydney and Athens.