Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Civil War, War on Terror, and New Orleans

Civil War, War on Terror, and New Orleans

What does the God say about natural disasters?

You don’t have to ask this question of any other persons who might happen to call themselves priest, reverend, or father. You are as great as those so titled or as bad as those with such a title. While the God has created you as a complete human being who can, and must, directly obey and listen to the God, if you give such an honor to those with such a man-made title, it is tantamount to downright rudeness to the God. As the God loves you, He gives you the honor of asking or listening to the God, which you should respect.

In this sense, the religion Islam seems to be better than Christianity. And, as there is no such a thing as Pope, traditionally a friend of the rich rather than the poor, in Judaism, the Jewish religion might be also better.

It is logical consequence, but still you can be a nice person while loving the Pope or a priest as your neighbor; but don’t forget to love the God more.

However, there is one greatness in American Christianity, which has been supported by African Americans for so long.

If a slave being treated very badly even to his death still believes in the same religion as the one his master believes in, it can be a true one. And, after emancipation, if they still believe in the religion, it is better.

Today, African Americans are given freedom to say anything about religion. They can say that Christianity is wrong because it had been the religion of those who once abused slaves in the Southern States. But, they don’t say so, at least a majority of them don’t.

It is the Civil War that gave great belief to African Americans. In the war, so many European American soldiers each died a terrible death because of their abusing African Americans, in a religious interpretation. Yes, this is just one (but not only) religious interpretation of the Civil War, and yours might be very different as with that concerned with 9/11. But, it also gives the answer to a question why African Americans still believe in the same religion as the one European Americans do. The God showed justice being done for African Americans in the great Civil War in the era of Abraham Lincoln.

Wars are not, generally speaking, regarded as Act of God.

But, what about Act of God, for example, that recently came to New Orleans?

Did it give belief to anybody? Did it strengthen belief of anybody? Did it foster belief of anybody, like the Civil War in 1980’s?

In ancient days, so many natural disasters caused so much belief in human beings. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are all related to this fact.

The 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001 led to erosion in FEMA, which caused this tragedy in New Orleans. This sequence is still going on. It is just like the history where the war against Imperial Japan had led to the Korean War and the Vietnam War later.

The sequence might stop somewhere if many God-loving people come to their right sense.

Anyhow, the God seems to have chosen New Orleans, a city of African Americans, to tell the world his concern about the war on terror, even sacrificing many lives of God-loving people there. (In addition, a lot of Muslims are being killed nowadays in Iraq under the God’s gaze, which might be your concern.)