Friday, May 12, 2006

Sun Tzu and “Go”

Sun Tzu and “Go”

Chinese President Hu Jintao presented a book written by Sun Tzu to Mr. Bill Gates, when the Chinese leader visited the U.S. recently.

Sun Tzu is a philosopher on war in China of the sixth century BC.

Sun Tzu is regarded by many in Japan as being superior to Carl Phillip Gottlieb von Clausewitz who wrote a book titled “On War” in the early 19th century.
* * *

In the last section of his book, Sun Tzu wrote that if a nation is defeated in a war, it will not be completely restored; and a dead man never comes back alive.

Therefore, he contended, a wise lord will refrain from resorting to a war, and an excellent general will halt the proceeding to a war.

Then, he concluded that refraining from resorting to a war and halting the proceeding to a war are the way to secure a nation.
* * *

The most popular teaching of Sun Tzu in Japan is that running away or taking flight is better than any other strategies.

And, Mr. Bill Gates, soon after the meeting with Mr. Hu Jintao in Seattle, flew to Japan to meet some business leaders, while the Chinese President was flying to Washington D.C.
* * *

As for me, sometimes I play go against a computer on a PC, but not on a game machine such as an Xbox (which has not been suitable for playing go).

And, I always confirm in the game that running away or taking flight is better than any other strategies.


Thursday, May 11, 2006

Bullying in German High Schools

Bullying in German High Schools

Last night I saw a news program on TV.

A high school girl in Germany said that some students have been bullied and got subject to discrimination. “It is due to clothing they wear,” said the girl with a clear-cut face, though not blonde.

A teacher of the German high school told that introduction of the school uniform would reduce that kind of troubles among students.
* * *

Germany looks locked somehow geographically, while the nation has a huge potential of expansion of its human energy and activities.

The U.K. is faced with the Atlantic and the world beyond; France and Spain are faced with the Atlantic and the Mediterranean as well as the world beyond; and even Italy with the Mediterranean and the world beyond. But Germany, once called the Great Roman Empire, is only surrounded by other European countries.
* * *

As Japan is faced with the vast Pacific Ocean leading to the New Continents as well as the great Eurasian continent over the Sea of Japan and the East China Sea, its people are fundamentally enjoying a healthy and natural atmosphere.

But, it is true that there are a few children who commit a suicide in Japan almost every year because of bullying at school.
* * *

Jesus Christ said when you are bullied because of your being faithful you should be blessed; and thus you should forgive enemies.

In my view, without faith, situations should be basically different eventually.

“It Was the Envy of Every Tree in Garden of Eden”

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Getting a Goal or Making Money

Getting a Goal or Making Money

Japan was defeated by Bulgaria last night.

The succor match resulted in 1 to 2 defeat of the Japanese national team, though the team was not joined by Nakamura and Nakata this time.

I didn’t see the game on TV until it entered an extension period after the 90 minute length of the game. However, the coach of the Japanese team Zico (Arthur Antunes Coimbra) was smiling, shaking hands with a coach of the Bulgarian team.

It is apparent that Nakamura had a talent to perform the sport skillfully, which is very rare among Japanese football players.

Nakata has a sufficient mind-set and strength to compete on an international stage, which is not so common among Japanese football players.
* * *

Everybody in the world knows that the aim of this sport is to crash home, or kick, push, or carry a ball into the goal without one’s hand: nothing more and nothing less in terms of virtue including something other than victory.

However, there may be some in this world who think their process of making money is simpler than a football player’s scoring a goal (, which is bad and very bad).


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Mexico, McDonald’s, and Abductions Here and There

Mexico, McDonald’s, and Abductions Here and There

There are many Mexico-related sites presented in Japan on the Internet.

You simply type “MEXICO (or MEKISHIKO)” in Japanese into a key word field for search; then you can get, for example, 390,000 results.

One of them is a page providing an article written (in Japanese) by a researcher of Keio University, Tokyo, Japan.

The author named the article “Mexican Society Well Observed through McDonald’s.”
* * *

The hamburger franchises are something somehow appealing to everybody, but not many would rather think and try to write an academic article titled “Mexican Society Observed through McDonald’s.” In this sense, this article may be unique.

Through her study on McDonald’s shops, the author found that Mexican society is white-men dominated.

The majority, or 63%, of citizens of Mexico City consists of the lower-income group and the lowest-income group. They have no luxury of buying hamburgers at McDonald’s, but they have motives for working at McDonald’s.

Super-rich people, consisting of the highest 3% of Mexican society, are highly concerned with security, thus looking less interested in McDonald’s. To visit a hamburger franchise with armed guards must look bizarre.

But the higher-income group and the middle class seem to love to visit McDonald’s shops. It is because the shop provides a safe playground for their children. McDonald’s franchises are indeed aimed at providing foods and a sense of fellowship for these higher-than-poor classes of white people in Mexico; and they are doing well in business and increasing the number of franchises, according to her article.
* * *

She also mentioned the following fact:
In 2003, Republic of Columbia suffered 4,000 abduction cases, which is the worst in Latin America.

In 2003, the United Mexican States suffered 3,000 abduction cases, which is next to the worst in Latin America.
* * *

There were 29,000 McDonald’s franchises worldwide, making the sales of about US$40 billion, as of the end of 2001.

In Japan, it is said that there are more than 3,700 McDonald’s franchises.

But, in addition to about 40,000 convenience stores, like Seven-Eleven, in Japan, there are a lot of other thriving franchises selling hamburgers as well as other fast foods. If McDonald’s franchises all disappear in Japan, nobody will be troubled.
* * *

Rashes of kidnapping cases have strangely become a factor for success of a hamburger franchise in Mexico.

Some abduction cases of Japanese nationals by North Korea might become a factor for a certain, hard-line political movement in Japan and the U.S., which, however, I still hope for to be settled peacefully.