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"Fill the waterpots with water" - (Resource Majors, Egypt, & Gaza)

Tokyo Sky Tree Tower to Rise 634 Meters in Spring
But not the greatest minaret in the world...

Resource Majors, Egypt, & Gaza

In December 2008, the Japanese Government decided to provide emergency assistance to Gaza in the wake of Israeli's attack on the Hamas office and so on in Gaza.

Specifically, in February 2009, 29,000 blankets, 20,000 sleeping mats, and 8,000 vinyl sheets arrived at Gaza.

However, not only material assistance but also spiritual assistance must be needed for people in Gaza, since we can confirm an extreme state in the blocked city.

Will the regime change in Egypt be good news for the Gaza people?

SECTION I: Resource Market Leaders

I-1: Iron Ore
Global iron core trade is controlled by only three majors: Vale (Brazil), Rio Tinto (UK/Australia), and BHP Billiton (UK/Australia).

As the human civilization today is still based on crude oil and iron, this situation must be of a great concern of peoples in the world.

I-2: Top Suppliers of Other Resources

a) Gold
Barrick Gold (Canada)

b) Silver
BHP Billiton (UK/Australia)

c) Uranium
Cameco (Canada)

d) Aluminum
Rio Tinto (UK/Australia)

e) Zinc
Xstrata (Switzerland)

d) Lead
Xstrata (Switzerland)

e) Copper

f) Diamond
De Beers (South Africa)

g) Platinum
Anglo Platinum (South Africa)

h) Palladium
Norilsk Nickel (Russia)

i) Lithium
SQM (Chile)

j) Molybdenum
Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold (USA)

k) Nickel
Norilsk Nickel (Russia)

l) Niobium
CBMM (Brazil)

m) Manganese
Samancor (South Africa)

o) Tantalum
Talison Tantalum (Australia)

p) Bauxite
RUSAL (Russia)

q) Coking Coal
BMA (Australia)

Again, the core natural resources for the present material civilization are controlled by major companies that belong to a handful of countries. In other world, stability of the world depends on political, social, and economical stability of these countries.

It should be noted that Islamic nations do not play a major role in other fields than crude oil.

Additionally, China is very aggressive to take part in this control of natural resources.

And Christ Jesus said: The more you are given free, the more you must give free.

In addition, now you know what G20 implicates and why the World Cup Soccer Games and the Olympic Games should be held in Brazil or South Africa.

SECTION II: Significance of Egypt

There are only two nations where Abraham, Moses, Christ Jesus, Alexander the Great, and Caesar visited or passed through: Egypt and Israel (Palestine).

Though they were all ancient persons, the significance of Egypt has come to surface again beyond a 2000-year time gap.

For example, even the very fate of President Mr. Barack Obama, in terms of the 2012 Presidential Election, seems to depend on coming situations in Egypt.

For another example, even the very fate of the nation Israel, in terms of its hegemony in the Middle East in the 21st century, seems to depend on coming situations in Egypt.

Anyway, if Egypt is useless to help Muslims in Gaza, it must undergo a change.

On Egypt's border with Gaza, little has changed
Despite assurances, Palestinians still meet with abuse when crossing Egypt's border.

By Liam Stack — Special to GlobalPost
Published: December 5, 2010 08:49 ET in Middle East

Many travelers coming from Egypt are held at the desert crossing for days, where soldiers and border officials verbally abuse them...

For many in Gaza, these border troubles give rise to hostile feelings towards Egypt.

“Do you know what it means to bluff?” asked Ahmed el Ashi, spokesman for Gaza’s Ministry of Health.

He said that patients sent to Egypt for treatment from Gaza — where the health care system has been sapped by the blockade and overwhelmed with patients — face many of the same troubles crossing the border as everyday travelers making the journey without medical permission.

Mahmoud Daher, director of the World Health Organization in Gaza, said that each month about 1,000 people need to travel to Egypt for treatment. About 80 percent of those are eventually allowed to pass through Rafah terminal, although in the last year the World Health Organization said between 35 and 40 people have died while awaiting clearance to travel.

Even only for Gaza's sake, the Mubarak regime should be replaced.

*** *** *** ***

With the Japanese Google search engine, the keyword "Muhammad" in Japanese returns just 13,000 sites.

With the Japanese Google search engine, the keyword "Buddha" in Japanese returns 1,670,000 sites.

With the Japanese Google search engine, the keyword "Jesus Christ" in Japanese returns 900,000 sites.

With the English Google search engine, the keyword "Muhammad" in English returns 71,700,000 sites.

With the English Google search engine, the keyword "Buddha" in English returns 28,700,000 sites.

With the English Google search engine, the keyword "Jesus Christ" in English returns 40,300,000 sites.

What do you read in this data?

*** ***

The Buddha said:

"Do not burn splinters of wood, thinking the fire would make you clean.

A man cannot remove his uncleanness using a method that works only on man's appearance.

Instead, I make the inside of my mind emit brightness.

Oneself well cleansed and controlled to be directed to eternity is brightness."

According to a teaching of true Buddhism, it is what a man does but not how he was born that decides what he is.

Joh 2:5 His mother saith unto the servants, Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it.

Joh 2:6 And there were set there six waterpots of stone, after the manner of the purifying of the Jews, containing two or three firkins apiece.

Joh 2:7 Jesus saith unto them, Fill the waterpots with water. And they filled them up to the brim.

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"Son, thy sins be forgiven thee" - (Foods & Religion) 

Great Tokyo (toward the east and the world tallest broadcast tower)

Aliments et de la religion

The Buddha said:

"If you hold a grudge to somebody, you have to relinquish it.

If you try to revenge yourself on him, the grudge will not leave you.

If have revenged yourself on him, the grudge will not leave you.

Every pain the grudge brings on you will cease bothering you only when you relinquish it.

That is why a wise man relinquishes his grudge."

This is a very difficult teaching, but Christ Jesus said to love your enemy instead of revenging yourself on your enemy.

SECTION I: Sinful Eating

There are obese people in the U.S. ten times more than in Japan.

In America, obese people account for 34.3% as of 2007, while 3.4% in Japan.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, one Japanese consumer takes 2.5 times more sea foods than an American consumer every year.

Yearly consumption of sea foods per person is 60.8 kilograms in Japan and 24.1 Kg in America.

The issue of Japanese whaling must be also viewed in this context.

SECTION II: Muslim Population
(Click to enlarge.)

Mapping the Global Muslim Population

A Report on the Size and Distribution of the World's Muslim Population

ANALYSIS October 7, 2009

A comprehensive demographic study of more than 200 countries finds that there are 1.57 billion Muslims of all ages living in the world today, representing 23% of an estimated 2009 world population of 6.8 billion...

More than 300 million Muslims, or one-fifth of the world's Muslim population, live in countries where Islam is not the majority religion. These minority Muslim populations are often quite large. India, for example, has the third-largest population of Muslims worldwide. China has more Muslims than Syria, while Russia is home to more Muslims than Jordan and Libya combined...

The Pew Forum's estimate of the Shia population (10-13%) is in keeping with previous estimates, which generally have been in the range of 10-15%. Some previous estimates, however, have placed the number of Shias at nearly 20% of the world's Muslim population...

One of the ultimate questions is whether or not Christianity is good for Muslims.

If Christianity is an absolutely final religion for mankind, it must be good for everybody, including Muslims.

Christianity has been good for European races and tribes, making them richer and dominant in the world.

However, how much has Islam been good to Muslims when competing with European/American Christians?

If Islam is an absolutely final religion for mankind, it must be good for everybody, including Muslims competing with European/American Christians.

This is what the above map implicates, in my feeling.

As viewed from Japan:

Looking at the above map, it is truly a kind of surprise that the Islamic world overlaps with ex-colonies of Christian European countries and America.

China, Korea, and Japan are too far from Western Europe but so close to Russia. Accordingly, it tells a historically significant function of Japan, especially, in the 19th and 20th century.

*** *** *** ***
The Koran

The Children of Israel

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

[17.71] (Remember) the day when We will call every people with their Imam; then whoever is given his book in his right hand, these shall read their book; and they shall not be dealt with a whit unjustly.

However, you can be a very rich man if you are a Muslim like in the case of Christians:

Arabian Business Rich List 2010
1 HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Al Saud... 20.4 bn.... Saudi Arabia
2 Mohamed Bin Issa Al Jaber... 12 bn.... Saudi Arabia
3 The Olayan family... 11.9 bn.... Saudi Arabia
4 Mohammad Al Amoudi... 10 bn.... Saudi Arabia
5 Issam Alzahid... 10 bn.... Saudi Arabia
6 The Bin Ladin family... 9.8 bn.... Saudi Arabia
7 Nasser Al Kharafi... 8.2 bn.... Kuwait
8 Said Khoury... 7 bn.... Palestine
9 The Bugshan family... 7 bn.... Saudi Arabia
10 The Al Ghurair family... 6.52 bn.... United Arab Emirates

In my view, a religion that does not allow for making a man rich is an absolutely final religion for mankind.

Mar 2:4 And when they could not come nigh unto him for the press, they uncovered the roof where he was: and when they had broken it up, they let down the bed wherein the sick of the palsy lay.

Mar 2:5 When Jesus saw their faith, he said unto the sick of the palsy, Son, thy sins be forgiven thee.

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"And all went to be taxed" - (Egypt, Egypt, & Kosovo)

Great Tokyo (toward the North)
The Kanto Plain stretching 100 km from Tokyo Bay(Click to enlarge.)

Journées de l'insurrection

Through its history, Egypt has relied on only one natural resource: the River Nile.

Egypt has useful grounds only in the Nile river basin that stretches 1,000 km and more from the south to the north. The rest of the land is deserts and wilderness.

So, I think that ancient Egyptians should have built a big channel to have water flow into the desert from the Nile. It was not great pyramids but a great channel from the Nile which could create a big inland sea in the desert that was really needed.

If King Khufu had built such a big water channel 4550 years ago to, say, the Bahariya Oasis, Egypt must have a big lake in the desert now. Then, Egypt must be able to produce a great amount of agricultural products.

This might be one of the reasons why Christ Jesus never praised the Great Pyramid built by King Khufu.

SECTION I: Egyptian GDP in the US Dollar

From late 1980's to the middle of 200's, the GDP of Egypt had not been boosted.

It looks worse than Japan's lost decade or two decades. However, the economy of Egypt is now in an upward trend. As I wrote yesterday, Egypt might be experiencing a similar situation to that of Thailand. The Mubarak regime might not be suitable for the era of economic expansion in Egypt.

To make sure, the Chinese Communist Government does not allow the Chinese media to publicly report situations in Tunisia and Egypt. They are afraid of a possible revolution to happen in China, since 100,000 clashes occurred between poor farmers and workers and the police in China last year.

Also note that the largest exporter to Egypt is the U.S. followed by the U.K., France, and Germany; the largest importer from Egypt is the U.S. followed by Italy, Spain, and India in order.

SECTION II: Religious Shift in Egypt before Islam

It is very disadvantageous that Egyptians today cannot be proud of their ancestors who built great pyramids, since their religion of today is different from that of their ancestors.

It is also very disadvantageous that Egyptians today cannot be proud of their ancestors who lived the glorious era of Christ Jesus and the Roman Empire, since their religion of today is different from that of their ancestors.

The ancient religion of Egypt put up surprisingly little resistance to the spread of Christianity. Possibly its long history of collaboration with the Greek and Roman rulers of Egypt had robbed its religious leaders of authority. Alternatively, the life-affirming native religion may have begun to lose its appeal among the lower classes as a burden of taxation and liturgic services instituted by the Roman emperors reduced the quality of life. In a religious system which views earthly life as eternal, when earthly life becomes strained and miserable, the desire for such an everlasting life loses its appeal. Thus, the focus on poverty and meekness found a vacuum among the Egyptian population. In addition, many Christian tenets such as the concept of the trinity, a resurrection of deity and union with the deity after death had close similarities with the native religion of ancient Egypt[citation needed]. Or it may simply have been because branches of the native religion and Christianity had converged to a point where their similarities made the change a minor one.

By 200 it is clear that Alexandria was one of the great Christian centres. The Christian apologists Clement of Alexandria and Origen both lived part or all of their lives in that city, where they wrote, taught, and debated.

With the Edict of Milan in 312, Constantine I ended the persecution of Christians. Over the course of the 4th century, paganism was suppressed and lost its following, as the poet Palladius bitterly noted. It lingered underground for many decades: the final edict against paganism was issued in 390, but graffiti at Philae in Upper Egypt proves worship of Isis persisted at its temples into the 5th century. Many Egyptian Jews also became Christians, but many others refused to do so, leaving them as the only sizable religious minority in a Christian country.

If you look at the great pyramids but think that they were built by heathen so that they have no value, the great legacy of the nation and the Egyptian people would not much contribute to boosting the moral of Egyptians today.

Otherwise, something greater than the great pyramids should have been built in Egypt when Christianity came to prevail in the country.

In Europe, especially in the north of the Alps, every great thing was built after diffusion of Christianity. So, Europeans did not experience a dilemma between their respect for the current religion, Christianity, and the ancient glory and legacy their ancestors left for them.

But, Egyptians have to face the fact that their great legacy was not built by their ancestors who followed Christ Jesus or Allah. This situation is not advantageous for boosting the moral of Egyptians today. Pride of the nation is not greatly supported by the great pyramids.

*** *** *** ***

There is a Japanese conductor working with the orchestra of Kosovo.

His activities in music in the Balkan Peninsula were reported in Japan on TV to be highly praised.

The Kosovo tragedy is what drew strongly my attention in late 1990's.

So, it can be regraded as a kind of miracles that a Japanese conductor is now working with some Kosovo musicians who must have been forced to walk a long way from their hometowns to some shelter as so televised around Tokyo.

Have you ever heard music called "Lotta Pace?"


There must be many reasons for any uprising...)

Luk 2:3 And all went to be taxed, every one into his own city.

Luk 2:4 And Joseph also went up from Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth, into Judaea, unto the city of David, which is called Bethlehem; (because he was of the house and lineage of David:)

Luk 2:5 To be taxed with Mary his espoused wife, being great with child.

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"the LORD shall have them in derision" - (Thailand & Egypt)

Great Tokyo in Winter (toward the west)

tempête, la paix, et de faux
The Koran:

The Cow
In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

[2.2] This Book, there is no doubt in it, is a guide to those who guard (against evil).

In the 21st century, it is expected that the whole Islamic world will undergo a great change.

Europe might not fall, and Islam might not rise as power to override European/American Christianity. But, Allah might give more glory to His believers, since they are more spiritual than Western materialists.

The whole world must be well balanced with Muslims as one of major factors.

SECTION I: Example of Thailand

Last year, anti-government demonstrations raged in Thailand.

Bangkok was full of protesters wearing red shirts for months till they were finally suppressed by the military and the police.

Yet, export from the country reached record $195 billion in 2010, 28% up year on year.

The largest destination of Thai export is now China, though it was America before.

This can be a lesson for Egypt.

(There are 50 Japanese businesses directly operating in Egypt with total 1,000 Japanese workers and so on.)

SECTION II: A Japanese Tourist to Alexandria

Four years ago, a Japanese woman traveled to Alexandri, Egypt, to be enchanted by the coastal city built by Alexander the Great.

She felt that the place was European rather than Egyptian. Even the surface of the sea observed from Alexandria was shimmering unlike a sea of Egypt.

According to her interpretation of history, as Alexander the Great was so sophisticated intellectually, Egyptian people welcomed the king as a great liberator from Persians who had occupied and exploited Egypt till the victory of Macedonian troops.

She was surprised at a price of water sold on the street of Alexandria, since it was half of the price in Cairo.

In a restaurant there, she was offered some additional dishes free as a special service with friendly intentions of the shop. But, in Cairo, she had to pay for some additional dishes she did not order at all as some restaurant staff strongly requested payment if it had been a mistake on their side to cook it.

She felt complete safety in Alexandria, four years ago, as a Japanese female tourist.


SECTION III: Roosevelt and Churchill Knew Pearl Harbor Attack Imminent??

Though it is not by Wikileaks, secret long-distance telephone conversations done in 1941 by two leaders were made public in mid 1990's, since Nazi Germany officials were eavesdropping in a station set in Holland.

On November 26,1941, the German intercept station in Holland recorded the following conversation between Roosevelt and Churchill concerning the situation in the Pacific.

Secret State Matter

Convesation Participants
A=Franklin Roosevelt, Washington
B=Winston Churchill, London

In this conversation, Winston Churchill explains to Franklin Roosevelt about the Japanese planned action against America. The conversation is as follows:

B I am frightfully sorry to disturb you at this hour, Franklin, but matters of a most vital import have transpired and I felt that I must convey them to you immediately.

A That's perfectly all right, Winston. I'm sure you wouldn't trouble me at this hour for trivial concerns.

B Let me preface my information with an explanation addressing the reason I have not alluded to these facts earlier. In the first place, until today, the information was not firm. On matters of such gravity, I do not like to indulge in idle chatter. Now, I have in my hands, reports from our agents in Japan as well as the most specific intelligence in the form of the highest level Japanese naval coded messages[conversation broken]for some time now.

A I felt that this is what you were about. How serious is it?

B It could not be worse. A powerful Japanese task force comprising[composed of]six of their carriers, two battleships and a number of other units to include [including]tankers and cruisers, has sailed yesterday from a secret base in the northern Japanese islands.

A We both knew this was coming. There are also reports in my hands about a force of some size making up in China and obviously intended to go [move] South.

B Yes , we have all of that.[Interruption] are far more advanced than you in our reading of the Jap naval operations codes. But even without that, their moves are evident. And they will indeed move South but the force I spoke of is not headed South, Franklin, it is headed East.

A Surely you must be.. will you repeat that please?

B I said to the East. This force is sailing to the East...towards you.

A Perhaps they set an easterly course to fool any observers and then plan to swing South to support the landings in the southern areas. I have..

B No, at this moment, their forces are moving across the northern Pacific and I can assure you that their goal is the[conversation broken]fleet in Hawaii. At Pearl Harbor.

A This is monstrous. Can you tell me...indicate...the nature of your intelligence? [conversation broken]reliable? Without compromising your sources...

B Yes, I will have to be careful. Our agents in Japan have been reporting on the gradual[conversation broken]units. And these have disappeared from Japanese home waters. We also have highly reliable sources in the Japanese foreign service and even in the military.

A How reliable?

B One of the sources is the individual who supplied us the material on the diplomatic codes that [conversation broken] and a Naval offices[sic]whom our service has compromised. You must trust me, Franklin and I can not be more specific.

A I accept this.

B We cannot compromise our codebreaking. You understand this. Only myself and a few [conversation broken]not even Hopkins. It will go straight to Moscow and I am not sure we want that.
A I am still attempting to...the obvious implication is that the Japs are going to do a Port Arthur on us at Pearl Harbor. Do you concur?

B I do indeed. Unless they add an attack on the Panama Canal to this vile business. I can hardly envision the canal as a primary goal, especially with your fleet lying athwart their lines of communication with Japan. No, if they do strike the canal, they will have to first neutralize[destroy]your fleet[conversation broken]

A The worst form of treachery. We can prepare our defenses on the islands and give them a warm welcome when they come. It certainly would put some iron up Congress' ass[#######]

B On the other hand, if they did launch a bombing raid, given that the aircraft would only be of the carrier-borne types, how much actual damage could they inflict: and on what targets?

A I think torpedoes would be ruled out at the outset. Pearl is far too shallow to permit a successful torpedo attack. Probably they would drop medium bombs on the ships and then shoot[conversation broken]damage a number of ships and no doubt the Japs would attack our airfields. I could see some damage there but I don/t think either an airfield or a battleship could sink very far. What do your people give you as the actual date of the attack?

The autual date given is the eight of December. That's a Monday.

A The fleet is in harbor over the weekend. They often sortie during the week...

B The Japs are asking [conversation broken]exact dispositions of your ships on a regular basis.

A But Monday seems odd. Are you certain?

B It is in the calendar. Monday is the eighth.[conversation broken]
The rest of the conversation to be printed tomorrow.;f=8;t=23

However, this transcript is most probably a forgery:


The campaign to revise Hitler’s reputation has gone on for 50 years, but there’s another strategy now. Some of it is built on the work of the head of the Gestapo—who may have enjoyed a comfortable retirement in America.
By John Lukacs

...There exist, however, other forgeries whose nature is different. They are meant to exonerate, or at least to revise, Hitler’s reputation by documenting all kinds of disreputable, indeed maleficent, plans on the part of his opponents. This is a shift, one aimed not so much at a whitening of Hitler as at the blackening of Churchill and Roosevelt. (It is detectable in the career of the “revisionist” David Irving, who followed his Hitler’s War with, 10 years later, Churchill’s War, the first exonerating Hitler from villainy, the second attributing to Churchill all kinds of villainies.) An outstanding example of this new kind of “revisionism” is the relatively recent publication of a forgery whose provenance is startling in itself. It involves the transcript— the verbatim record —of telephone conversations between Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1941 and 1943.

..Three smallish volumes containing the Müller interrogations and documents he produced have been published by a small firm in California under the title of Gestapo Chief: The 1948 Interrogation of Heinrich Müller, edited and with (a poor, but that is not the point) commentary by "Gregory Douglas," most probably a pseudonym of an American of German origin who knew the name of at least one of Müller's interrogators and got hold of the record of the interrogations and the documents. Some of these "documents" are patently false.

...The other was my growing conviction that these transcripts were falsified—cleverly falsified, but falsified nonetheless—with the purpose of producing evidence of unspeakable conspiratorial endeavors by Roosevelt and Churchill. I had only circumstantial evidence that these transcripts were forgeries.

Officially, the U.S. Government assumes that the transcript is a lie.

The U.S. National Archives commentary concludes: "More information about Müller's fate might still emerge from still secret files of the former Soviet Union. The CIA file, by itself, does not permit definitive conclusions. Taking into account the currently available records, the authors of this report conclude that Müller most likely died in Berlin in early May 1945.

Yet, it is very likely that President Roosevelt made similar conversations before the Pearl Harbor Attack with somebody, since he had been engineering a scheme to drive the Empire of Japan into a corner where the Empire was forced to pull out all the troops from mainland China or make war with the U.S.

In either case, in this era of G20, there is no room for racists to take control of any government even in Europe, the Middle East, or Israel.

*** *** *** ***

The Egyptian Army has 4,000 tanks, including 1,005 M1 Abrams Tanks made in the U.S.; the Egyptian Air force has 569 military planes, including 240 F16 fighter/bombers made in the U.S.

Egypt spends $2.5 billion for its defense with $1.3 billion military aid from the U.S.

On the other hand, the Japanese Government spends $2.5 billion every year for support for the American troops stationed in Japan.

It is not appropriate for a nation to receive money from America for its defense just like it is not to financially support presence of American troops within a nation.

I hope that 82 million Egyptians take a peaceful strategy in changing their nation in a sensible way, since a cable TV channel is now reporting clashes between the pro-Mubarak and the anti-Mubarak camps on the street of Cairo, as observed around Tokyo.


Psa 2:1 Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?

Psa 2:2 The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying,

Psa 2:3 Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.

Psa 2:4 He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the LORD shall have them in derision.

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"he that holdeth the seven stars in his right hand" - (America + China = Egypt?)

Tokyo Bay

(Click to enlarge.)

Amérique plus la Chine est égal à l'agitation

One of the common features between the U.S. and China is that they do not respect the Vatican as much as the E.U. or Europe does.

No matter how many other regions and tribes in Africa, South America, and Asia European nations colonized, there was a minimum restriction on their arrogance, violence, and exploitation, since Europeans were under a strong influence of the Vatican.

But, what works as such a restriction on its global operation is too fragile for the U.S. and China, respectively.

In summary, we need, in the U.S. and China, what is equivalent to the Vatican in Europe, if the American Christianity democracy and the Chinese socialist ideal are so insufficient.

Otherwise, we might see eventually another Egypt, even in China and the U.S.

(As for Japan, there is a strong restriction that prevents it from falling into a state of another Egypt, which can be seen of course in Shintoism, Japanese Buddhism, and other spirituality unique to Japan. One problem is that it cannot be easily understood even by Koreans and Chinese.)

SECTION I: Warning of America: Hidden Bubble by FRB

The current state of the American money market is of a kind of bubble supported by a huge amount of supply of dollars by FRB.

The U.S. has increased an amount of dollar bills twice more since the occurrence of the 2008 Financial Crisis, though Japan and EU has not with yen and euro.

The New York Stock Exchange and other monetary markets in America are kept at a higher level due to this doubled money supply by the U.S. Government. It is not substantiated by real economic activities in America. So, the unemployment cannot be solved in the U.S. labor market.

As the amount of dollar bills circulated in the market has been doubled, the value of the U.S. dollar is devaluated. But, as the Chinese yuan follows the U.S. dollar, no drastic change has happened in the trade relationship between America and China, though some increase in export to China has been confirmed recently.

On the other side, the Japanese yen has been revalued sharply, especially since last summer, adding another factor to Japan's deflation.

SECTION II: China's Largest Trade Partners: EU and Japan

Every economist has been amazed by a rapid growth of China's GDP in this decade.

The major factor of China's GDP growth is its expansion of export to the U.S., the E.U., Japan. and other regions; let's check the trend of China's export by each region:

(Click to enlarge.)

Ranking of Countries/Regions Importing from China in 2010

1. EU...$311 billion (+28.3% year on year)

2. USA...$283 billion (+35.82%)

3. Hong Kong...$218 billion

4. ASEAN...$138 billion

5. JAPAN...$121 billion (+31.33%)

6. Korea...$69 billion

7. Taiwan...$30 billion

8. Others...$407 billion

Ranking of Countries/Regions Exporting to China in 2010

1. JAPAN...$176.7 billion (+23.64% year on year)

2. EU...$168.5 billion (+31.87%)

3. ASEAN...$155 billion

4. Korea...$136 billion

5. Taiwan...$116 billion

6. USA...$102 billion (+31.76%)

7. Hong Kong

8. Others...$527 billion

Now you know why the U.S. lost its credit in the world when it started to shout "the coming of G2 (USA-China) era."

The Obama Administration should have said, at least, that the world economy is led by East Asia, the E.U., and the U.S.

Anyway, the era of G1 or super-power America is now going to end.

Note that as I once commented, 30 to 40% of China's GDP is actually what has been transferred from Japan to China through various channels, including infringement of patent rights and copyrights as well as ODA and financial support which is still provided for China by Japan.

Also, it is apparent that China should revalue yuan by 30 to 40% against the U.S. dollar.

*** *** *** ***

Mencius said:

"Water is not innately characterized to flow to the east or to the west.

But, water is congenitally destined to flow from a higher place to a lower.

A man is also congenitally born good.

So, it is an influence from the outside that makes him commit a wrongful act."

By the way, a volcano in Kyusyu, a major southern island of Japan, has erupted recently. Columns of smoke from the mountain reached a level of 3,000 meters high. If Mt. Fuji should erupt, Tokyo would suffer major damage, since the sacred mountain is just 100 km west of the greatest city in the world. However, it can be a great sign even for you, if you are living in Japan.


Just for a curiosity?)

Rev 2:1 Unto the angel of the church of Ephesus write; These things saith he that holdeth the seven stars in his right hand, who walketh in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks;

Rev 2:2 I know thy works, and thy labour, and thy patience, and how thou canst not bear them which are evil: and thou hast tried them which say they are apostles, and are not, and hast found them liars:

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"And God saw every thing" - (Islam and Muslims)

The Tokyo Sky Tree Tower Now 550 Meters High
The Tokyo Tower 333 Meters High

Islamilainen haasteet

If you are interested in the Coptic Church, refer to the following link to "The Story of The Coptic Orthodox Church in Africa In our present time" though it seems to have been compiled in early 1990's.

However, note that ancient religions of Egypt were wiped out by the Roman Empire under authority of Christianity or the Vatican. But, Islam has not completely wiped out Christianity from Egypt.

CHAPTER I: Back to History

What is at stake is Islam.

Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, Palestine, Turkey, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Indonesia are all faced with the challenge of whether or not Islam can survive in the 21st century or Islam can help Muslims cope with the ever increasing European/American dominance and the emerging power of China and India.

From a geopolitical point of view, the Islamic world is far closer to Europe than India and China are.

Any effective and productive influence of the European Civilization, including the Industrial Revolution, must have reached the Islamic world earlier than other Asian regions. The Islamic world should have adopted Western science and technology to advance in the industrial field and catch up with Europe and North America as early as the 19th century. But, Islamic states could not. It looks like as if they had opted to stick to traditional practices and conventions of their religion rather than to change interpretation of their religious creeds and make it easy to introduce Western science and technology.

However, what is at stake is not only Islam as observed in Egypt.

For example, when the Roman Empire got weakened, lost hegemony, and finally collapsed, Egypt did not venture into establishing its own hegemony over the Mediterranean. Instead, it was the Arabian Peninsula where new power emerged with a new religion. The ancient glory and power of Egypt could not make a comeback. And, Egypt could not even occupy a leading position in Islam when Islamic forces were dominant over Christian Europe before the Industrial Revolution that started in England. Any ancient glory having been enjoyed by peoples living in regions from Egypt to Mesopotamia and Iran has not been fully revived. They got subject to Islam to maintain their regional and tribal integrity over vast areas from Northern Africa to Pakistan; yet their Islam did not help them fully cope with the European Civilization.

So, Islam was effective till the Industrial Revolution started in Europe. But, power of Islam has not given them superiority over Europe. Their ancient glory, observed before the appearance of Islam, neither helped them in the modern era. So, what would help those Muslims in this century?

Is Islam useless? Are the ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamia Civilizations useless? Are North Africans, Egyptians, Arabs, Iranians, and Muslims destined to be helpless forever against the European/American Civilization while they are given a tremendous amount of crude oil by Allah? Are they alone helpless while India and China are drawing strong attentions from the City and Wall Street?

To what should those people living in Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, Palestine, Turkey, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Indonesia turn?

This is the true agenda of today.

Check the state of the Near and Middle East under occupation by Turkey:

Check the state of the Near and Middle East under occupation by the U.K.:

Or we may think that no matter how glorious its past might be, if a nations has suffered too much dominance by other nations, it cannot become a leading power in the world. If it is an Islamic nation, it must be.

CHAPTER II: State of The Gap

According to UNDP's 2009 statistics and Japan's 2004 data, the American rich and the American poor are twice more separated than between the Japanese rich and poor.

And, the gap between the rich and the poor in Egypt does not look so wide:

COUNTRY.....*......Gap b/w Richest 10% to Poorest 10%
S. Africa.....*......35.1

Note: Each figure means a ratio on incomes b/w the two groups.


If the gap between the rich and the poor is the major cause of the current uprising in Egypt, a kind of revolution must be happening in America.

Anyway, many Japanese companies place its central office to supervise the whole operation in the Middle East in Cairo. Japanese concerns with the situation in Egypt is strong. News papers and TV stations in Japan report daily incidents happening in Cairo.

Japanese critics point to two factors: the Internet and globalization of market economy. Again, Islam and the ancient Egyptian glory are at stake, since the Internet and globalization of market economy are products of the modern-Christian America.

*** *** *** ***

Once a king of ancient China asked Mencius, "Teacher, what should a master keep in mind?"

Mencius answered, "A master should ennoble his resolution. He has to rely on righteousness and act according to justice. Righteousness does not allow killing of a single innocent man. Justice does not allow stealing anything from others.

If only a man ennobles his resolution based on righteousness and justice, he can be qualified as a great man."


Look like a kind of Egyptian women, don't they?)

Gen 1:31 And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rare Mt. Fuji Shadow in the Air

Mt. Fuji today observed from a Tokyo skyscraper looked very unique.

The great volcano was accompanied with its own shadow in the air. The setting sun shed orange rays to Mt. Fuji from its rear as observed from Tokyo situated eastward from the highest mountain in Japan. But, its shade was projected to thin cloudy air around it. So, when observed from Tokyo, Mt. Fuji looked as if it had its own shadow behind it; but actually it was in front of it or to the Tokyo side.

Egypt Study (étude Egypte)

Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Egyptians in the World's 50 Richest Arab 2007

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the official Richest Egyptians in the country and in the Arab world

The Egyptians in the world's 50 Richest Arab 2007

Of course the majority of the world's 50 Richest Arab in year 2007 are mostly from the Gulf , and surely Prince Al-Walid Ibn Talaal is on the top of the list , it is logic

The richest men in Egypt officially are :

1-The Sawiris Family in rank number 10 , estimated fortune is $ 6.2 billion , they moved two 2 ranks from last year , they were the 12th now they are from the top ten

2- Mohammed Shafik Gabr in rank number 30 , estimated fortune is $2.2 Billion , a new entry, well this is a surprise because this man what he did with Emar company he seemed to be a crock !! Here is his company's official website

3- Fayez Sarofim in rank number 42, estimated fortune is $ 1.5 billion , a new entry and I do not know him , it is first time I hear or read about him, already his business is abroad in the United States at Taxes not in Egypt. Here is his company's official website

4- Ahmed Ezz in rank number 47 , estimated fortune is $ 1 Billion , a new entry , it is big surprsie because I thought that Ezz is actually richer than Sawiris , at least this what I thought, may be he is richer unofficially , well his new bride seems to be a lucky charm he is now from the top 50 rich Arabs !! Here is his company's official website again

5- Hisham Talaat Mustafa in rank number 49, estimated fortune is $ 800 million , a new entry ,well it is not surprise because this man caused a problem in money liquidity because of his construction projects of fancy cities and buildings , his wealth exceeded after entering the stock market . Here is his company's official website.

Onsi Sawiris - The Richest man in Africa

Last Updated: 1/17/2010 1:50:47 PM

Meet Africa's richest man and he didn't have to be a Head of State to get there.....

Of course we have all heard of the vast fortunes stolen form their countries by the likes of Sani Abacha, Mobutu Sese-Seko and other of Africa’s less illustrious sons. We are inundated with tales of massive corruption and blatant greed from across Africa, what we don’t hear enough of those who are the entrepreneurs, the commercial magnates, and the titans of industry.

Well the ClickAfrique team has decided to do just that and we profile Onsi Sawiris who is widely believed to be the richest business magnate in Africa.

Born 76 years ago in the Sohag a predominately Coptic city in Upper Egypt halfway between Aswan and Cairo, Sawiris enjoyed an early life typical of the Upper Egyptian gentry that his family was part of, later on heading off to University where he received a degree designed to prepare him for managing the family’s land holdings. Working on the land however did not appeal to the young Sawiris and instead in turned his mind to construction, setting up a contracting firm, which operated initially in Upper Egypt but later on, moved its operations to Cairo and the delta provinces.

His firm enjoyed a lot of success and benefited from the patronage of the Egyptian government, which meant by the 60’s it had grown into one of the largest construction firms in Egypt. The 60’s however were turbulent times for the country and Sawiris found his firm swept up in the nationalisation fever that swept the country under the leadership of Gamal Abdel Nasser...

Two companies that have been spawned from the Sawiris’s original business Orascom Telecom and Orascom Construction Industry rate amongst the largest companies in the world. Sawiris will certainly be proud of his success as Forbes Magazine hailed him amongst the riches men in the world with a fortune of $4.8 Billion ranking him as the 129th richest man in the world.

16 Human Rights Organizations form a Legal Aid Network to Support the Demonstrators of the 25th of January

January 26th, 2011 by Editor

16 human rights organization have declared the formation of a network to provide legal aid for the protestors of the 25th of January through a number of lawyers distributed through the different Egyptian governorates.

The formation of this network comes as a confirmation of the right of citizens to practice all their rights concerning peaceful assembly as protected by the constitution and the relevant international human rights conventions Egypt is bound by. Egypt is bound by standing up to any attempts of restricting these rights.

The lawyers of the network are following the investigations done with 15 detainees in Suez Governorate in the light of their participation in demonstrations.

The member organizations in the legal aid network:

1- Arab Center for the Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession (ACIJLP)
2- The Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights (ECWR)
3- The Egyptian Center for Human Rights
4- The Egyptian center for Supporting Citizenship and Women’s Rights
5- The National Center for Human Rights
6- Arab Penal Reform Organization
7- The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR)
8- The Egyptian Association for Participation and Sustainable Development
9- The Association of Human Development of Al-Mansorua
10- The Association of Arab Defense
11- The Association of Legal Aid
12- Swaseya Center for Human Rights
13- Andalus Institute for Tolerance and anti-Violence Studies
14- One World Association
15- Word Center for Human Rights
16- Hemaia Center for Supporting the Defenders of Human Rights

The network welcomes any human rights organization from all over the country to join through calling the following numbers:


Egypt plagued with street children

03/30/2010 17:51

Cairo is struggling with an alarming number of homeless children.

Dina, now 13, and Salma, 11, are two of Egypt’s street children, whose numbers are estimated anywhere between 90,000 and 1 million.

The Egyptian government admits that the number of street children is on the rise, and in 2003 adopted a new national strategy for the protection and rehabilitation of street children, which tasked the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood (NCCM) with coordinating the efforts of NGOs and relevant governmental organizations.

A government survey in 2009 suggested that 42 percent of street children in Egypt are school dropouts, and 30 percent had never attended school at all. Many are ignorant about health, hygiene, and nutrition and deprived of services. As children living on the fringe subsist on an inadequate diet, they are often malnourished and most of them are illiterate.

Today, Dina and Salma have a garden to call home. It is a rundown, abandoned houseboat, and they have a little shelter with wooden walls taken from the house.

Nobody bothers them, they say.

*** *** *** ***

The God said to his followers that if they had taken poisonous foods, they would not have been harmed.

So, if you are a follower of the God Almighty, you would not die if you caught the flu.

Christ Jesus gave his disciples power to cure the sick. So, if you are a follower of the God Almighty, you would have power to cure those who have caught the flu.

In either case, a man or a woman lives as long as predetermined by the God Almighty. Yet, the joy of recovering from illness is very precious. It is so, since there are many who are suffering fatal diseases.

And, a charm against evils, such as a pendant of a cross, might not be so bad at all, though I have never possessed it since I was not raised up in a Christian environment.

*** *** *** ***

What are beautiful in Europe have been traditionally girls.

What are beautiful in the Islamic world are images of the paradise.

What ate beautiful in India have been various phases of life.

What are beautiful in China have been traditionally riches.

What is beautiful in Japan is Cherry blossoms.

Anyway, even Christ Jesus admitted that some people have minds looking outwardly beautifully white, but their inside is full of rotten bones and dusts.

May the grace of Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.


Japan won over Australia in the Asia Cup Final as 1-0 by the grace of Allah.

Note that in 1905 the Empire of Japan defeated the Russian Empire.)