Saturday, January 27, 2007

Light and Gravity on Space

Light and Gravity on Space

Mankind has so far found only four types of force (gravity, the strong nuclear force, the weak nuclear force, and the electromagnetic force), each of which causes specific interaction between entities in the universe, say an atom, an electron, and more elementary particles building an atom and having mass or charge.

Top scientists have been trying to unify all these forces and understand what happened on the Big Bang, the beginning of the universe.

My concern here is about the two among the four: gravity and the electromagnetic force.

The former necessarily works on, and is generated by, mass; and the latter is free and does not work on mass itself.
* * *

Energy of light is not interfered with by gravity.

If you shed light onto an atom or an electron, its mass does not increase. Sunshine does not increase your weight.

It is also difficult to convert mass into light, probably, except in cases such as a nuclear fusion, of which principle is applied to a hydrogen bomb, amd a collision of an electron with an antielectron.

An entity with big mass can change a course of flying light; but it is because mass can distort space in which light is flying, as predicted by Albert Einstein.
* * *

Gravity and light dos not interact with each other directly.

You cannot nullify the effect of gravity by use of light; and essentially, light is not influenced by force of gravity.

They are independent. They are orthogonal against each other.

A sheer horizontal force in space cannot interact with a sheer vertical force.

Gravity is vertical and light is horizontal, while "space" itself is a more fundamental physical element than mass and light; or rather "space" is a source of the four types of interaction in the universe.
* * *

My idea is roughly that the whole universe is made of a table-cloth type of space.

If, at one location or point on the table cloth, there is a small dent in the vertical direction, we call it mass. Moving the dent while keeping its three-dimensional shape across the table cloth needs a mechanical power due to a kind of friction.

If a small, regional, and horizontal pattern is on the table cloth, we call it light. Moving the pattern while keeping its shape across the table needs no mechanical power, since no friction happens as the pattern is just horizontally skidding over the surface like a skating on an ice rink.

Gravity is vertical, light is horizontal, and other two different forces in the universe have their own direction for interaction respectively. That is why there are four "independent" forces in the universe.

As their direction of existence on space is each orthogonal, or a kind of 90 degree crossing, they do not interfere with one another.

Therefore, there must be four "independent" directions in space of this universe, each orthogonal to one another.

(The space is "three dimensional (3D)" geometrically, but the 3D structure simply represents "one direction," or directions are over-lapped or intangible on the 3D phase of space. The geometry for these "directions" is different from the conventional geometry based on "dimensions."

Therefore, terms such as "directions," "horizontal," "vertical," and "90 degrees" are rather conceptional.)

The whole universe is a kind of a table cloth with an uncountable number of various dents (mass) vertically as well as an unlimited number of patterns (light) horizontally, which follows the relationships like the follwoing:

F(gravity) x F(light) = 0
F(gravity) + F(gravity) = 2F
F(gravity) + F(light) = F
* * *

Now, in a human psychological and social space, there are also "directions."

If you go vertically, friction is generated. If you skid horizontally, no friction is generated against people around you regardless of races and religions (though it is far better to discuss anything openly with sound passion).

In this context, we may be able to understand why Jesus Christ behaved so mysteriously after His resurrection.

He changed his mode of existence from a vertical manner to a horizontal manner, which might have allowed Him even to get through a door of a room without being noticed by His followers who were hiding in the room after the so-called His death on a cross.
* * *

Angels are living in a horizontal direction; maybe a newborn baby is, too.

Getting older, people mostly tend to become more vertical.

However, as we live in this physical space, an old thing with accumulated vertical and horizontal effects is sometimes more valuable, like in a case with wine.
(I like wine put on a gemutlich table-cloth for me to relish.)


Friday, January 26, 2007

Around the Palace (Japan)

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Greeting to the Sun

Greeting to the Sun

This winter is warm.

People are afraid that Tokyo might not have snow this season.

A cold air mass from Siberia and warm air from the Pacific Ocean usually get balanced over the Japanese Islands. However, Siberia itself might be getting more and more influenced by global warming.
* * *

In the Bible, Jesus Christ in a snowy day or a rainy day is not depicted.

However, he said to get on the alert and read a trend of the world just like we predict tomorrow's weather based on a condition of today's sky.
* * *

So, let's be optimistic as the Sun looks when it greets us.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Diamond or Electricity

Diamond or Electricity

Strontium titanate is a material for making a synthetic jewel such as artificial diamond.

Nonetheless using this material, Japanese scientists have recently improved thermoelectric conversion for application of power generation.

The efficiency of thermoelectric conversion has been made twice higher than in a case of using conventional materials.
* * *

Solar batteries are a good example to get electricity without using large equipment. They convert the energy of light to electricity.

In thermoelectric conversion, difference in temperature between two locations on a piece of metal causes an electric current flow.

Without sun light, as long as you have a heat source, you can generate power for a device based on the natural law of thermoelectric conversion.

There are already a few products, such as a wrist watch, to which this technology is applied, though not so popular yet.
* * *

If heat caused by friction can be applied to a piece of metal to get current or voltage needed for an appliance, people just have to use their muscle to supply power to equipment such as an LCD TV, a mobile gear, a digital camera, and an electric bulb.

If you can use waste heat in a facility or a plant in an industry in a large scale, the thermoelectric conversion technology will provide non-nonsense electric power.
* * *

Jesus Christ said that we have to be more zealous or more unperturbed in our practice of faith (without bringing up awe of God's anger by way of excuse).

Indeed, with such a difference in a state of mind, a blue streak of lighting should run and work in and around one's presence, making the situation better and promoting improvement of a social atmosphere.

(Strontium titanate is reportedly 1000 times commoner in the nature than other materials so far used for conventional thermoelectric conversion.

It looks very hopeful for poor people and bona-fide or white investors.

Even a future U.S. President might mention it in his State of the Union message to Congress, one practice of which was broadcast live this morning in Japan and reported later widely with a focus on the approval rate of President George W. Bush as well as his greeting to the female House Speaker.)


Bay of Tokyo 2 (Japan)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bay of Tokyo (Japan)

Environment, Electricity, Emission, and Elections

Environment, Electricity, Emission, and Elections

Recently Mr. Al Gore visited Japan for promoting his movie on conservation of the world environment and prevention of green-house gas emission.

Almost at the same time, Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton announced her entry in 2008 Presidential Race.

I wonder how many people who can better serve the nation than any other incumbent politicians are in the United Sates.

An order of millions or not?
* * *

In Japan, a shock and a commotion ran Sunday night in the political community.

A new governor was elected in a certain prefecture (with a population of 1.2 million) in western Japan where a former governor had been arrested for some scandals and forced to resign.

The new governor is a middle-aged ex-entertainer who had once put a halt to his show business after some scandals and entered a university in Tokyo, his playing field, to learn local governing; then having dropped out of the university last March, he ran for the emergent governorship race in his home prefecture this January and won on Sunday night, making forecast of all the media helplessly wrong.

Other two hopeful candidates, supported directly or indirectly by the two major political parties in Japan, the Liberal Democratic Party and the Democratic Party of Japan, lost to the entertainer.

The parties have lost face as with those candidates, each a guaranteed ex-elite bureaucrat.
* * *

The TIME magazine has recently reported on Kyoto in light of environment issues. (,9171,1580391-1,00.html)

(The report mentions Japanese Government's "Cool Biz policy in 2005, under which offices save energy by keeping summer temperatures at a stifling 82.4°F (28°C)," which was promoted on the initiative of then woman Environment Minister whose charm seemed to nicely contribute to bureaucrats' compliance.)

This might be simple coincidence. But, Mr. Al Gore should be encouraged to pursue environment protection in the world regardless of his possible presidential candidacy for 2008.
* * *

As for green-house gas emission, people should stop burning naively fossil fuels as soon as possible, or introduce advanced technology to significantly reduce CO2 emission from power generators.

Following is CIA statistics on world electricity production ranking in

No. 1 US______3,979,000,000,000 kWh
2 China_______2,500,000,000,000
3 Japan________974,400,000,000
4 Russia________952,400,000,000
5 India_________630,600,000,000
6 Canada________573,000,000,000
7 Germany______566,900,000,000
8 France________540,600,000,000
9 Brazil_________380,900,000,000

Tackling the environmental issue means to deal with the big powers in the world as well as the future great powers, most of which have a huge population.

The issue is different from managing a prefecture of 1.2 million residents based on one's experiences as an entertainer and a student, while driving out a dishonest governor.

You really need tested ability for handling the world players in the 21st century, though sometimes even devils empower man's ability.
* * *

I do not especially recommend you to invest in a certain industrial sector in a certain country for your own profits.

However, if I have funds, I will think about electricity in other poor countries.

Which, then, regardless of your religion, will you serve, God or Mammon?


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hidden and Real Admirers

Hidden and Real Admirers

The followings are from recent articles of newspapers in Japan:

- The Japanese steel industry is enjoying the largest boom in three decades due to strong needs in China.

(China should become a pro-Japan country. It is really ages ago that Mao Tse-tung failed in boosting steel production in China after WWII, while China is now the No.1 crude-steel producer country, due to technical and financial support from Japan for decades, with 350 million tons of production followed by Japan with 110 million tons in the whole-world production of 1.13 billion tons.)

- A journalist in Turk was assassinated. His article about conflicts between Ottoman Turks and Armenians, which occurred in the late 19th century sacrificing 300,000 people, touched off a serious argument in Turk.

(Turk is a pro-Japan country. We hope that justice will be surely done in Turk.)

- Staff of U.S. Department of Homeland Security is going to be stationed in Narita Airport, Japan, based on agreement between the Governments of Japan and the U.S.

(America has been regarded as a pro-Japan country for decades. However, a certain influential writer in Japan wrote, in his well-known book, that he would never visit the U.S., for he does not like to provide his personal information, including his finger prints, for US authorities concerned. )
* * *

I hope the U.S. will become a pro-Iran country; and Iran will become a pro-U.S. country.

Energy-resource hunting China and another Middle-East potential power Turk must be highly embarrassed if the U.S.-Iran relationship gets into a real quagmire.

(From Japan to Turk through China and India as well as Iran is a kind of orthodox Asia since before the emergence of Islam, which is overwhelmingly wider and more colorful than the U.S. alone, the contemporary sole superpower.)
* * *

Japan is a pro-United Nations and pro-U.S. country.

(The U.S. is the No. 1 contributor to U.N. with US$420 million followed by Japan with US$330 million and Germany with US$150 million in 2006.)

And, Japan is a pro-Jesus Christ country or a hidden and real admirer of Jesus Christ, since there is no single respectable person in Japan who declares that he is an enemy of Jesus Christ.
* * *

Truly, even today, I have confirmed that Japan is blessed in this difficult world under globalization (with underlying forces of the so called Christianity, Islam, and Communism rooted in a knot of Judaism as a mainstream).

The issue might be how long it will last and how much more it will be given (though it is more blessing to give as much as possible).