Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Japan Never Joins EU

Japan Never Joins EU

Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi planned to visit Israel, Palestine, and Turkey late last year.

However, due to recent, serious illness of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Mr. Koizumi has decided not to visit Israel and Palestine.

So, it looks a little strange that a Japanese prime minister, with various heavy duties domestically and globally, is now flying over half of the world to visit only one country Turkey where no serious issues look at stake between two countries.

God might be interfering with this visit by Japanese prime minister to Israel. But why?

Otherwise, God might be interfering with reception of Japanese prime minister by the nation of Israel. Then again why?

Does Mr. Koizumi have to visit Afghanistan, Kingdom of Bhutan, and Republic of Maldives, for United Nations Security Council issues?

Otherwise, should prime minister of Japan visit Iraq?

I cannot remember what specific interference God made when late Chairman Arafat passed away.

Anyway, one thing clear is that there is no interference by God with Mr. Koizumi’s visit to Turkey.

And, does the Allah wish Turkey to join EU?

Japan never joins EU.


Monday, January 09, 2006

Two Candles from Japan to Michael Faraday in 1860

Two Candles from Japan to Michael Faraday in 1860

I was thinking about Four Basic Forces or Interactions: Gravity, Electromagnetism, The weak nuclear force, and The strong nuclear force. Of course, the so-called “Dark Force” working far in the universe might be the fifth.

Anyway I went to a public library nearby and get the loan of a translation version of a transcript of Michael Faraday’s lecture to confirm something.

Gravity is scientifically attributed to Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein. The weak nuclear force was established by Enrico Fermi. The strong nuclear force was first reasonably explained by Hideki Yukawa, a Japanese physicist.

There are only these four forces in this universe so far scientifically identified. No forces any more. However, human beings usually live in the world governed by gravity and electromagnetism. Any chemical reaction is a result of electromagnetism at the level of atoms and molecules.

As for electromagnetism, James Clerk Maxwell is unanimously chosen as a founder of the modern electromagnetism. Nonetheless, as with the case of gravity, we can include Michael Faraday, a 19th century British scientist.

Then for four forces, we can count three British, one German, one Italian, and one Japanese as greatest contributors to each field. No Americans are included, but two of them finished their lives in the United States.

Now, focus is on Michael Faraday. He is still respected by many Japanese concerned with science. His theory is still taught in Japanese schools.

He died in 1867, a year before Japan started modernization through Meiji Restoration. However, even before the beginning of the Meiji era, the samurai regime or the Shogunate Government of Edo had opened the nation to the West, which was related to Michael Faraday.

In the Christmas Holiday of 1860, Michael Faraday taught children “the chemical history of a candle” as part of his free education service started in 1825. In this lecture, he mentioned: “I have here also a substance brought from Japan since we have forced an entrance into that out-of-the-way place—a sort of wax which a kind friend has sent me, and which forms a new material for the manufacture of candles.” (

And, further, “A LADY who honors me by her presence at these lectures has conferred a still farther obligation by sending me these two candles, which are from japan, and, I presume, are made of that substance to which I referred in a former lecture.” (

It is astonishing. And, as Michael Faraday was truly a great man, it is the pleasure to know that Japan contributed some to his great efforts to educate British children in late 19th century.

Jesus Christ once told to keep preparedness always just like young ladies who have enough candles or lamps while waiting for their bridegrooms. Then, you will not be shut out from a wedding hall when coming back after having left for spares.

When people light candles for peace or any ceremony, does any one recall that famous, great, and blessed British scientist in the 19th century and his lectures to children of the then world super power?

(How he explained value of nitrogen in air is truly excellent !)