Thursday, August 17, 2006

Jerusalem or Sightseeing?

Jerusalem or Sightseeing?

[Updated in February 2012]

I heard that the warfare was stopped in the area between Israel and Lebanon.

What worried me is that majority of Israelis are reportedly still worried about Hezbollah's ability being left with considerable potential to attack Israel.

The United Nations should therefore send and station many troops from many countries to and at the area of warfare.
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Some 40 troops of Japan's Ground Self-Defense Force have been stationed at the Golan Heights as part of the 1000-man U.N. Disengagement Observer Force since February 1996.

It is said that some troops heard bombshells being landed in nearby place during the warfare, though there are no casualties as they could well hide themselves in bombproof shelters.
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The solution is that countries in the world should join the peace keeping force under the authority of the United Nations.

And they send as many troops as possible to Palestine.

It means all the people in the world are coming to the Holy Land.

It is just like God is inviting all the people to Palestine where once Jesus Christ lived and traveled.
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Judaists were not safe living among Russians.

They were not safe living among Poles and Germans.

They are not yet safe among themselves in Palestine.

But, they have been safe in the United States among Americans who consist of people of various origins.

Therefore, Judaists can be safe among many nationalities in the U.N. PKF uniform in Palestine.
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Judaists should live in place where various people and tribes live for their safety and security.

Perhaps it is right unless they have heard a commandment of their God: "Return to Jerusalem!"

The issue is that if the Diaspora was the will of God and He has not changed His mind yet, Judaists' return to Jerusalem might not be safe at all.
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What is the will of God about Judaists, Palestine and the nation of Israel in the 21st century?

Has He ordered all the peoples in the world to let His people live in peace in Palestine?

Hasn't anybody heard His voice?

If we are all abandoned by God, it is no use of taking any measures to protect Israel.
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By the way, I still wonder why Jesus Christ did not mention anything about the Pyramids, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Dead Sea while He was preaching in Palestine 2000 years ago.

He only made mention of Jerusalem.

People should go to Jerusalem, but not to any sightseeing areas.

Do not go to any sightseeing areas.

You don not know? ; They have been just fighting in Palestine.