Saturday, June 23, 2007

CNN Reports on Newton's Prophecy

TV Station Bldg. (far) and Diet Bldg. (right)

CNN Reports on Newton's Prophecy

"In one manuscript from the early 1700s, Newton used the cryptic Book of Daniel to calculate the date for the apocalypse, reaching the conclusion that the world would end no earlier than 2060" (

No matter who says in what year the world will end, you have to refer to God and Jesus Christ.

So far as now, I have not been told when the world would end by an Angel.

Nonetheless, as you know, Jesus Christ mentioned the sign of the end of the world:
"Mar 13:13 And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

Mar 13:14 But when ye shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing where it ought not, (let him that readeth understand,) then let them that be in Judaea flee to the mountains:

Mar 13:15 And let him that is on the housetop not go down into the house, neither enter therein, to take any thing out of his house:

Mar 13:16 And let him that is in the field not turn back again for to take up his garment.

Mar 13:17 But woe to them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!

Mar 13:18 And pray ye that your flight be not in the winter.

Mar 13:19 For in those days shall be affliction, such as was not from the beginning of the creation which God created unto this time, neither shall be.

Mar 13:20 And except that the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved: but for the elect's sake, whom he hath chosen, he hath shortened the days.

Mar 13:21 And then if any man shall say to you, Lo, here is Christ; or, lo, he is there; believe him not:

Mar 13:22 For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect.

Mar 13:23 But take ye heed: behold, I have foretold you all things.

Mar 13:24 But in those days, after that tribulation, the sun shall be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light,

Mar 13:25 And the stars of heaven shall fall, and the powers that are in heaven shall be shaken.

Mar 13:26 And then shall they see the Son of man coming in the clouds with great power and glory."

Indeed, it is the end of devils. God is from the beginning stronger than devils who are not the Creators but a kind of elements needed to complete the completeness of God, since, as I once wrote, the completeness should include but also supersede incompleteness such as a devil, in order to be perfectly complete from a theological point of view.

It may come tomorrow; but I can of course accept the year 2060, if the God so wishes.
(If the world had ended in 1326, that is, five years after Dante wrote The Divine Comedy, who would have complained as so interpreted the King James Version of Mark could be?)
* * *

However, as CNN has reported, there must be some significant meaning in that the Newton's prophecy was made public in these days, namely, six years after the 9/11 terror in 2001, from Jerusalem.

Indeed, there are two problems I have been wondering why the God would not directly interfere in for so long.

They are the conflicts in Palestine and the tragedies in Mesopotamia.

The former symbolizes a 2000-year failure of mankind since the emergence of the Son of God.

The latter symbolizes a 4000-year failure of mankind since the calling to Abraham by the God.

The most blessed in human history should take responsibility, as with the richest nation today: Israelites, Vatican, and the United States seem to be the focus.

Maybe, it is the time for Israel, EU, and Americans to think it over.
* * *

Newton did not know that a human body consists of 60 trillion cells, which are all essentially identical in their origin and basic structure.

Newton did not know one cell consists of 80 trillion atoms, which are all essentially identical in their origin and basic structure.

(If you are a cell, a cell is an atom.)

However, Newton found that every movement of an object, mostly larger than an atom, follow the following equation:

F = M x A
(Force applied to an object is equal to its mass multiplied by acceleration.)

Using this formula, we can calculate and predict the movement of stars and cells as well as any machine; however, it is its philosophy that is truly revolutionary in the above formula. (In addition, your body has of course mass.)

This kind of order and laws cannot be generated from nothing or spontaneously in random trials in the university that came to exist without any hidden grand design.

Newton felt a God's intention in this law of motion.
(You may feel God's design in the cell-atom structure in your body.)

There must have been a significant reason for Newton's designation of the year 2060 in any context just like its disclosure in 2007.
(Seemingly, somebody has decisively deepened her or his faith this year.)
* * *

If you are not so sure on your ability to identify a false Christ, you had better just only wait for the coming of the Son of God.

His great power and glory will simply tell who He is.

Truly great is God, and the God is only god for us!

(Leonardo da Vinci is not pious at all. But, Newton is pious enough to sacrifice his family life for his holy quest. If you cannot sense this sacrifice, you are not intelligent or cultivated enough.

I respect Newton's sacrifice and yours if you have.)

"...Jesus Said to Them, 'You Yourselves Give Something to Eat to Them'..."

Friday, June 22, 2007

Eternal Life or Longevity

Central Tokyo: from Nagata-Cho (left) to Roppongi (right)

Eternal Life or Longevity

Now Japan has the world oldest man and woman ( The respectable old man is 111 years old and the respectable woman is 114 years old; both the persons live in the Kyusyu Island.

Nowadays Japanese couples have fewer children than before, and the society is rapidly aging; yet, the Government is still reluctant to admit or accept foreign workers and refugees in a large scale.

The one notable area in Japan for longevity is the Okinawa Island in the south of the southern main island Kyusyu.

There is also a theory in Japan that people living near the spring high in a mountain or hilly area live long due to high quality of water they take in.

Biologically, it is well known that active oxygen or free radicals damage or destroy cells in a human body, thus causing aging.

It is also said that when a telomere structure in a chromosome becomes smaller, cell division gets impossible, which makes impossible replacement of an old cell with a new cell, meaning aging for a human body.
* * *

According to "GENOME, The Autobiography of a Species in 23 Chapters" by Mr. Matt Ridley, the hero is DNAs and genes but not an individual human being.

If DNAs and genes are handed down to a next generation, the nature does not need an individual human body any more, which triggers and allows for aging of the body. This law applies to every creature.

Specifically, a human body has various biological functions to keep the body healthy and sound until it hands down DNAs and genes to a next generation, that is, his or her child.

But when it is done, such heavy duty functions are no more necessary; cells in a human body lose such protection functions; and then aging begins.
* * *

The world oldest man living in Japan said, in an interview, that the secret of his longevity is abstention from drink.

Indeed, alcohol cannot be a substitute for high quality water; drinking causes rough breathing and thus possibly generates much active oxygen or many free radicals in a human body; and alcohol may have a bad influence on a telomere structure in a chromosome, though yet to be proven.

However, an intake of an appropriate amount of wine as well as pork is also said to be effective for longevity; Japanese dish is also said to be basically suitable for longevity.

On the other hand, an extreme stress really accelerates aging; one day of extreme horror sometimes makes one's hair gray.
* * *

Most importantly, Jesus Christ never taught how to live long.

He taught how to enter Heaven where we are promised eternal lives; specifically, he told that unless you become like a child, you cannot enter Heaven.

Heaven is better than longevity.

(Japanese traditionally respect aged persons, simply because they are older. Indeed, Japan is basically or conceptually a single-race country.

Jesus Christ also said not to go to a way of foreigners, which may be a secret of longevity.

Indeed, good girls had better stay in their home.)

"...A Pharisee invited Jesus to have dinner with him, and Jesus went to his house and sat down to eat..."

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Small Apartment and Manga

Everybody seems to have a hungry heart between Ike-bukuro and Shin-jyuku (for drinking and entertainment)

A Little Information of Today:
The ratio between the area of flat lands per capita in Japan and that in the U.S.:
1:35 (one to thirty-five)

The ratio between the national land size of Japan and that of the U.S.:

The ratio between the cultivated acreage per capita of Japan and that of the U.S.:

The ratio between the urban area per capita in Japan and that in the U.S.:

The ratio between the roads area per capita in Japan and that in the U.S.:

The ratio between the population of Japan and that of the U.S.:

The ratio between GDP of Japan and GDP of the U.S.:

(Despite the huge difference in the land area as well as natural resources, the ratio of GDP between the two countries is remarkably proportional to the ratio of population. However, it is apparent that one American can enjoy ten times larger space than that allowed for one Japanese with the same income.

In other words, America can accept much more refugees from the world, probably 100 million or more, even taking other factors into consideration.)
* * *

A Little Thought of Today:
There are many arguments on why manga (Japanese cartoons) get popular in Asia, Europe, and America.

There are two types of manga: one for children and another for young men.

Osamu Tezuka, the deceased king of manga in Japan, once wrote manga on stories of The Bible and the life of Buddha.

Yes, there are decent manga works and also immoral works.

In America, Christians once strongly denounced violent and obscene cartoons having been rampant after WWII, which led to decline in cartoon culture among grown-ups in American society, according to a certain theory.

Average young Japanese workers or collage students in Tokyo and other cities in Japan live in a scandalously small apartment. A TV set, a PC, a cellular phone, and manga seem to be four basic components of their lives.

Some manga works show various personal and professional lives in society like a TV drama. They can be a healing means and text books for social education in Japan, in a positive sense.

Without any educational background on art, you can be an artist in this sector, if you can devise attractive characters and a story and draw attractive lines with just a pen, mono-color ink, and paper.
* * *

Mr. Taro Aso, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, is reportedly fond of manga. But, it seems to be very rare that a man middle-aged or older with property and in a public position read manga.

In addition, a decent manga title, such as "San-Choume-no-Yuhi" (sunset in the third district) is sometimes made into a film (

(In case, I do yet think that if you have money to buy a manga magazine, you had better donate it to any non-nonsense charity, say, aid for refugees.)

"...If they pick up snakes or drink any poison, they will not be harmed..."

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

World Heroes and American Heroes

Tokyo from North to Central South

World Heroes and American Heroes

The other day, an NHK TV satellite channel presented a series of live broadcast from New York.

It introduced various places, people, and cultural aspects of the center of the material world.

For example, it showed how the Central Park had been left in ruins during 1970's when the New York city plunged into the red and how the Park is now shining with full of the flavor of the nature.

It also showed how some New Yorkers are enjoying Japanese culture in their daily lives.

For example, certain elite businessmen are learning Japanese swordsmanship (kendo).

One interesting report is that some young men in New York love Japanese popular music (J-Pop).

(It is really interesting, since some decades ago a professional Japanese guitarist went to America to have his pride hurt as he found even high school students in America could play the guitar as good as he.)
* * *

A Japanese journalist wrote a few years ago that America is large; if you achieved something great in your profession or specialty in Japan, it would look so tiny and futile when you came to America to see so many rivals and their achievements.

A Japanese lawyer once wrote that he could not even sense presence of Japan when he worked in a shining building of a top US financial company in Manhattan in the late 1990's. The second largest economy looked like nothing in the center of the world economy.

The era when Japanese money purchased the Rockefeller Center Building (1989) has indeed become history now, as with the Japan-US Money War triggered by this sort of foray of Japan Money into the U.S. in this period after the Cold War.

Toyota, Honda, Sony, Canon, Panasonic, and Nintendo may be also soon gone.

Too good natured Japanese may just remain happy as an inventor of sushi, manga-animation, J-Pops, and kendo...
* * *

Wait! Wait! Isn't something wrong?

Isn't NHK wrong in defining presence of Japan in those minor cultural aspects? Aren't those overwhelmed Japanese wrong in being indoctrinated with an idea that the sun never rises?

Isn't it Japan that has fostered Chinese economy and industries that are expected by Americans to catch up with the U.S. in a few decades?

Isn't it Japan that has raised so much pride in Asians, including Hindus and Muslims?
* * *

From a view point of the Western history, power shifted from the Roman Empire to the Spanish Empire and then to the British Empire and finally the United States.

America has a vast land and natural resources, incommensurable with, for example, Japan, in addition to a basic social system based on democracy and freedom in religion and other social/individual activities.

However, it does not necessarily mean all the Americans are great. Rather, Americans look sons and daughters of a very rich family. They have never created the vast land and natural resources, in addition to democracy and freedom which were all invented in Europe.

If Japan had succeeded in establishing and deploying its own Intel, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google earlier than the U.S. in 1990's, New York should not be so shining today.

I mean people in the world should not be excessively overwhelmed or dazzled by the U.S. and its material success.

For example, if all the foreign-born workers in Intel, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google go back to their mother countries and establish their own Intel, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google there, New York should not be so shining today.

Calculate a portion of US GDP contributed only by Anglo-Americans or European Americans, and you will find the figures not so shining.

In other words, the aura of New York is based on betrayal of those foreign-born workers to their home countries in a sense.

They must be greater when they leave America for their home country than when they were admitted to America.
* * *

When the hegemony of the Roman Empire collapsed, Western Europe got richer. When the hegemony of the Spanish Empire collapsed, the Atlantic region got richer. When the hegemony of the British Empire collapsed, Asia and Africa got richer.

Now, the collapse of the hegemony of the United States may make the whole world richer.

Can't the U.S. be a grain of wheat for peace and prosperity in the world?
* * *

The big difference between New York and Tokyo is that Tokyo has been built only by a single race, Japanese. No other races have ever made any non-nonsense contribution to the success of this international city. In the human history, no other single races have ever built this scale of city.

Calculate a portion of Japan's GDP contributed only by native Japanese, and you will find the figure shining rather more in a sense.
* * *

If the U.S. cannot be a grain of wheat for peace and prosperity in the world, citizens in the world have to stay in their mother country so as to be a grain of wheat for peace and prosperity therein.

Yet, my faith is that Jesus Christ would help non-Americans before He help Americans just like He helped Israelites before He helped Romans.

What non-Americans need is just a bit little courage to be highly appraised by the God in their home countries so as to be a hero in the world, which they cannot become in the U.S.

(I have nothing to say to American heroes. Just like Jesus Christ did not say anything on Roman heroes and heroines.

I have really nothing to say, except in a case of being so encouraged by the Lord God.)

"...Jesus said, 'But we Jews know salvation comes from Jews'..."

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Grain of Wheat Or A Shadow Parameter

See your Manhattan walking away; it's "More Than A Feeling"

A Grain of Wheat Or A Shadow Parameter

Mr. Kase Hideaki (, a prominent diplomatic analyst of Japan and cousin of Ms. Yoko Ono, wrote in his book on Israelis that there is one story every Israeli child is taught without exception.
The following is my version of the story:

When the Roman Empire was going to destroy the nation of Israel in Palestine around 70 A.D., Israelites decided to confine themselves all inside castellated walls of Jerusalem to defend the temple to the death against Roman troops.

However, wisely, one elder thought about future of the people. He then remembered a holy messenger and prophet, Jesus of Nazareth.

He, of course, knew how Jesus Christ had delivered a teaching on "a holy grain of wheat," how He had been interrogated by a Roman Governor, and how He had resurrected to save faith of His followers.

The wise elder announced his own death, got into a coffin, and had his followers carry it outside Jerusalem for burial, which was the only way to get out of Jerusalem under siege.

Appropriately far from the castellated walls of Jerusalem, he resurrected from the coffin and walked to the Roman base to seek for an interview with the Roman supreme commander in charge.

When he was admitted and saw the supreme commander, the Israelite elder greeted him in a manner with deferential courtesy requested before a Roman Emperor.

The Roman supreme commander, pleasantly bewitched with the extreme homage, asked the elder why he saluted him as if he had been a Roman Emperor. The elder respectfully replied: "Because I know by the grace of God your Excellency will soon become Emperor of the Empire."

The Roman supreme commander, well informed of Israelite piety, pleasantly listened to the Israelite elder who respectfully asked for only one thing: one school for Israelite Children to be allowed to exist and run after the war in Palestine.

The Roman supreme commander, even not contemptuously disregarding such a fatuous entreaty in the middle of war, pleasantly accepted the old man's wet appeal, while dreaming of his future promotion to the throne of the Great Roman Empire.

When the dream of the Roman supreme commander came true several years after the fatal war for the nation and the people of Israel as well as their religion, he now Emperor allowed one school for Israelite children in Palestine to exist and run so as to commemorate the prophecy of God, though, foreign to himself.

The "single holy grain of wheat," namely a school for national education, resulted in success of preservation of cultural heritage, religious customs, and spiritual practices of Israelites, which promised the survival of Israelites for next 1900 years with the holy books as their home land.
* * *

Truly, the memory of Jesus Christ secretly having been passed down among scholars in Jerusalem helped the elder help his fellow people around A.D. 70.

Indeed Jesus Christ had been pressed by the Roman Governor with a question as to whether He was the King of Israelites which He on the moment had taken up so as to accept the death as "a holy grain of wheat," and then later resurrected to go out of the tomb to further preach.

However, it must have been unwritten principle for Israelite scholars that nobody spoke of the name, Jesus of Nazareth who died as a man around A.D. 30.

And thus, even today, Israelite children are never told the name, Jesus of Nazareth, in this context, though they become familiar with the names of the Israelite heroic elder (Rabban Yochanan ben. Zaccai) and the Roman supreme commander or an Emperor (Titus Flavius Vespasianus).
* * *

Judaism before Moses was different from that after Moses. Judaism after Jesus is different from that before Jesus; or basically, without emergence of Jesus Christ, no Judaism would be possibly so well preserved and develop positively in parallel with evolution of Christianity.

Israelite scholars after 70 A.D. must be very different from those before 70 A.D., since they were all followers of graduates of the humble school in Palestine, authorization of which the heroic Israelite elder had obtained from the then future Emperor around 70 A.D. by secretly following Jesus' teachings.

(Even in the Old Testament, there were no descriptions on Sumerians; but without episodes taken over from the Mesopotamia Civilization, the Old Testament must lack the holy authenticity of the origin of Israelites, without which they had been just one of Arab tribes who could not be the first blessed tribe with civilization by the God.

The same thing can be said about contemporary Hinduism. It secretly followed Buddha's teachings and well developed, though it now regards Buddha as nothing but one of Hindu gods.

Indeed, Jesus Christ is "a holy grain of wheat" or "a shadow parameter" for development of Judaism, too, just like Buddha is for Hinduism.

As for Japan, without such "a holy grain of wheat" or "a shadow parameter," it could not have been so successful in history. But, only a few foreigners could ever realize such a secret of Japan. Their prejudice on Japan is sometimes worse than that of the Roman Empire on Judaism.

Now, is there "a holy grain of wheat" or "a shadow parameter" around you? If you cannot find any, you may be the one, though you do not have to die or show extreme homage to somebody for this cause.)

"...How Does This Man Know So Much While He Has Never Been to School?..."

Monday, June 18, 2007

Do Not Drive But Fly

"We keep on fighting till the end"

Do Not Drive But Fly

The F1 machine hit something, rolled with sheer force, splashed its parts, bounced high from a side wall to an opposite wall over a hard racing lane, and finally made a last rolling to fall sidelong along the wall. But, a driver was completely safe, though, with a minor sprain.

As it had happened after the broadcast of their news show program a week ago, they focused the last night on a safety system of a car.

The Fuji TV Sunday night program presented 15cm (6 inches) straps from a helmet to the head rest, on its left-hand side and the right side, of a driving seat.

They reported that 50% of traffic injury cases is related with the neck of a driver. But, of course, ordinary drivers never wear a helmet in a car in Japan.

If you can invent a new method without a conventional helmet but with the same effect, you will be praised and rewarded.

The news show program, in which Ms. Yoshiko Sakurai, a notable journalist, takes part, also reported on garbage pits in a coastal province in China, from which medical wastes got into rivers, drifted down to the East China Sea, and further traveled to Japan's coast lines in a quantity of, for example, thousands as retrieved in one shore of Kyushu Island.

Syringes, intravenous feeds, blood bags, poison bottles, and other bottles and cases with unknown substances are among them drifting over the ocean from China to Japan so as to contaminate the environment.

In addition, there are poor people in the province of China digging up garbage in a pit where dangerous medical wastes are littered, in order to pick up plastic bags and sell them to recycling businesses.
* * *

The program also issued a warning about extremely hot summer expected this year in Tokyo.

In 2003, a strong heat wave covered Europe, resulting in 15,000 deaths in France and 35,000 deaths in other parts of Europe.

It reminded me of the hot and controversial region, namely the Middle East.
* * *

AlQaeda attacked the East Coast of the U.S., killing some 3,000 innocent people I think to have been mistaken as enemies of Islam by the terrorist leaders.

From a historical point of view, the U.S. has never been a true enemy of Islam.

It is rather European Christians that invaded the Middle East, conquered them, or hampered them in modernization.

(Otherwise Ottoman Empire ( may be responsible in having failed to modernize the Middle East, including Palestine, Egypt, and Mesopotamia. They failed like China. But, there was no Japan in the Middle East. Then why?)

In this context based on theological judgment, you may think that while AlQaeda mistakenly killed 3,000 people in the U.S. in 2001, but Allah took 50,000 lives in Europe in 2003 to teach Muslims on who their enemies had been.

So, now it is a time to come back to a right sense; you took 3,000 lives by mistake while Allah took precisely 50,000 lives from traditional enemies of Islam; and it is enough.

Muslims have to stop regarding Americans as their enemy. Muslims have to forgive European Christians though they had been their enemy in the past (

(And, Israelites are originally a kind of Arabs.)
* * *

The most respected female journalist in Japan, though hawkish she is, Ms. Yoshiko Sakurai said that she could not drive a car; but she can pilot an airplane.

I really think she has intelligence needed to be a Miss Universe. In fact, the Japanese Miss Universe recently so awarded has not been so adored or envied in Japan as the female gold medalists in Olympic Games, such as Naoko Takahashi in Sydney, Mizuki Noguchi in Athens, and Shizuka Arakawa in Turin all of whom presented skills and power based on Japanese intelligence associated with their individual beauty (no matter how humble they may look).

I suppose that Ms. Paris Hilton should try hard to get quality of intelligence, and then people in the world may regard her someday as a de facto Miss Universe. Otherwise, Charles Chaplin was 29 years old when he became a superstar in Hollywood. We may be waiting for a female Chaplin or female Chaplins, yet not suitable for gangster films.

(There are indeed so genuinely appealing girls that even greedy sponsors hesitate to choose or avoid selecting. These good girls had better read EEE-Reporter to find a safe profession based on sound intelligence.

But, of course, the best way for those super girls is to follow Islam, in my personal view.)


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Praise be to God!

Saitama Soccer Stadium in Winter

Praise be to God!

A little information of today:
- 1000 children have been sold into slave labour in China (

- Japan was number one in the world for a long period in solar energy generation; but in these few years Germany has become number one with almost twice larger electricity generated in this sector.

- As for Japanese media, the following site may be helpful for non-Japanese interested in Japan:

(So far as now, almost nobody knows who the author of EEE-Reporter is. It is unknown officially even in Japan, since I have no intention to discuss the fact of my writing this blog and its contents with anybody. You do not have to risk your life for trying to see it.

As Jesus Christ preached without any salary and title, EEE-Reporter has been writing without a salary and a title.

So, I request all the persons of religion on the earth, including Pope, every pastor, and leaders in a mosque or synagogue, to work without a salary and a title or under anonymity. Or do you think the God will be rejoiced and praise you because you have obtained such a salary and a title, while 1000 children have been enslaved in China and you have never contributed to solar energy generation for benefits of mankind? You had better work in a factory to replace children or to produce solar batteries, if you can bear labor in a factory. If you cannot like Ms. Paris Hilton, you are disqualified in any non-nonsense jobs.)

"...Nathanael asked him, 'How do you know me?' Jesus answered, 'I saw you when you were under the fig tree before Phillip called you'..."