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Ranking of Desirable Tourists: Another Truth

"I Started a Joke" Like the Today's Guest of LKL, Gee!

Ranking of Desirable Tourists: Another Truth

The news that has gained topicality in these days in Japan is a result of survey on quality of tourists a British tourism organization conducted and the news agencies PA and Kyodo distributed.

According to the result, the ranking on nationalities in terms of quality of tourists:
1st - Japanese supported by 65% of respondents of the research
2nd - Americans supported by 30%
3rd - Swiss supported by 18%
3rd from the last - Chinese
2nd from the last - Indians
Last - French
* * *

Now, you know who good neighbors are to the world. However, Japanese are not Christians at all. Not Judaists at all. Not Muslims at all. Yet, Japanese are good neighbors to the others in their traveling all over the world.

I really believe that the God or Allah will take this into account when He judges this age.
* * *

One of terrible things in the international relationships is prejudice.

Once German women toured through Africa, specifically, in a region in the south of the Sahara. They carried a grand piano with them. They intended to play Mozart on the piano in Africa so that they can see if Africans can appreciate and understand beauty of the music. I suppose it is before WWII that these German women made this tour to confirm how senseless Africans were.

A British professor who had worked as an intelligence officer during WWII visited Japan after the War and made a sight seeing in Kyoto and Nara, Japan's old capitals since the eighth century and the fourth century, respectively. He told a Japanese student that he for the first time understood the reason why Japanese troops had been so strong in WWII. In Japan with full of modern industries, the British professor observed old cultural treasures, such as temples and Buddhist images well preserved for more than 1000 years, and realized the depth of Japanese minds and hearts as well as traditions of the unique civilization with a quality of social order and administration (

Two decades ago or so, when a Japanese castle built by a samurai clan at the beginning of the 17th century was nominated for a World Heritage, some European academic researchers thought such a large-scale castle in Japan must have undergone various repair work in its most part and thus had no value as a cultural heritage. They did not trust Japanese who put such a castle on the nomination. But, when they came to Japan to check and evaluate the castle, they found the 400-year old castle was well preserved and showed expertise of Japanese traditional architecture. Accordingly, the Himeji Castle was registered as a World Heritage in 1993 (
Indeed, if prejudice did not trigger a war, people could be easily mobilized to a war when they have prejudice. It applies to both Americans and Muslims.
* * *

Yet, ordinary British people, especially in the tourist industry, seem to like Japanese (who respect Newton, appreciate Shakespeare, and love Princess Diana), Americans (their frank and candid relatives), and Swiss (with higher credit), though French may be a little too proud, Indians remind them of past colonial problems, and Chinese are still under communist regime without receiving sound education from a global point of view.

Indeed, God hides certain truth from learnt and proud Europeans and European Americans, but He has presented it to ordinary and faithful Europeans and European Americans.

(The truth may include something that can be only expressed nowadays in the form of a joke as the today's guest of the "Larry King Live (LKL)" launched without a break.

If you want to laugh today, check the recorded broadcast.)

Anyway, conversely, if you respect, appreciate, or love any part of Japan, you will be highly appreciated as a tourist or in any occasion in Japan.

Yes, you shall be surely paid off. My Lord God is rich as He is the owner of the earth on which we are merely tourists of our era.

("Q: Who played the role of Cleopatra?
A: Elizabeth Taylor.

Q: Is the film titled Cleopatra?
A: Elizabeth Taylor.

Q: Ok! Directed by Chaplin?
A: No! Elizabeth Taylor."

I will later discuss the influence of Her Majesty Elizabeth Taylor and her influence on Israelites in Hollywood.

Oh No! For 'Elizabeth Taylor' read 'Cleopatra' and for 'Hollywood' read 'Palestine 2000 years ago.'

I do really love Ms. Elizabeth Taylor-class heroines, as you suspect.)


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sudan, Worst No.1 , Why?

"Lion Sleeps Tonight"

Sudan, Worst No.1, Why?

Japanese corporate members, especially those working in a big city like Tokyo and Osaka, have been forced to work until late at night.

It is partly due to globalization of economy which has forced companies to cut labor costs. (Unlike in the 20th century, nowadays there are many non-permanent employees in every company in Japan.)

Nonetheless, even before the globalization of economy, it has been very common for elite employees to work until late. Elite bureaucrats are also no exemption.

They work until 8 p.m., 9 p.m., 10 p.m., or further later. Accordingly, main night news programs or news-show programs broadcast by Japanese TV stations start at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. (NHK), around 10 p.m. (TV Asahi), around 11 p.m. (NTV, TBS), and even at 11:30 p.m. (Fuji TV).

(However, some domestic satellite TV channels and cable channels offer 24 hour news broadcasting in addition to foreign TV stations viewed in Japan.)

One of them, last night, spotlighted Sudan.
* * *

According to the "Failed States Ranking" (, among 146 countries surveyed Sudan is the worst in terms of mounting demographic pressures, massive movement of refugees, legacy of vengeance - seeking group grievance, chronic and sustained human flight, uneven economic development along group lines, etc.:

[Negative Rank]...........[Country]
73...........................Saudi Arabia

As usual in this kind of ranking, European countries, especially Scandinavian countries are appraised highly.

Sudan has been known as a country struggling with cruel civil war. But, its crude-oil reserves have been recently highly appreciated and caught the strong attention of the world. Ironically, however, it has simply intensified cruelty of its civil war (

One unusual aspect on the state of Sudan is influence and involvement of China, a major oil importer from Sudan (

Today in the capital of Sudan, Khartoum, Sudanese who cannot speak Chinese reportedly cannot find a nice job.
* * *

As China takes care of Sudan and the U.S. takes care of Afghanistan and Iraq, it may not be so strange that Japan takes care of China and the U.S. according to the order of the above "Failed States Ranking"; the better should take care of the worse, of course, even in this context.

Or, the reason why Sudan, Iraq, and Afghanistan are ranked so badly high may be the taking care of those countries by China and the U.S.

It could be a good lesson for Japan.

(Hence, logically, the more you fail, the more you have a chance to be blessed by God.)


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Messiah vs. Top-Hat Politicians, Media Tycoons, and Super-Rich Families

"SUN GOES DOWN" as sung in a Japanese Film (

The Messiah vs. Top-Hat Politicians, Media Tycoons, and Super-Rich Families

A TV caster with red hair talked about her favorite Red Sox to the respectable red-suspender-wearing personality, who was actually to discuss the redeeming of the loss in 2000 with Mr. Al Gore, the former US Vice President.

Mr. Al Gore's daughter married a son of the Schiffs, who is a fourth generation from Jacob Henry Schiff (1847-1920) who had financially supported the Empire of Japan in the Japanese-Russo War (1904-1905).

Jacob Henry Schiff had a wife from the Loebs, the founder of a powerful bank around 1900, who had a sister who married a son of the Seligmans, a banker.

His cousin married Benjamin Guggenheim (1865-1912), a tycoon of the mining, who died in the Titanic disaster.

Benjamin Guggenheim had sister Cora, who married Louis Frank Rothschild (1869-1957), and brother Daniel, whose son married Alicia Patterson (1906-1963) who had sister Josephine, the mother of the husband of Ms. Madeline Jana Albright, the former US State Secretary.

Therefore, Mr. Al Gore is a very remote relative of Ms. Madeline Albright's through the Schiffs and the Guggenheims tied with the Rothschilds.
(Source: "Sekai Sekiyu Sensou" by Takashi Hirose)
* * *

Nowadays, a super-rich man has a global connection if not through marital relation.

Mr. Rupert Murdoch is often described as having close relationships with Mr. Tony Blair, Mr. Silvio Berlusconi, Mr. Richard Li, a son of super rich entrepreneur Mr. Li Ka-Shing of Hong Kong, Mr. Masayoshi Son, a leader of the Softbank Group of Japan, etc.

This new type of super-rich people are often said to have one common character, aspiration to wealth which can be achieved through leveraging entertainment and popularity.

If their ambitious dream is confined in one sector of industries, it may be not so harmful; but if it expands to a certain non-nonsense international arena, things might work different, since what you need therein is not a talent to leverage entertainment and popularity but a will to make a decision and act according to a will of God.
* * *

While there are 12 million illegal (poor) immigrants in the U.S. from Latin America, there are also many super-rich families in the south of the U.S. borders, according to Forbes
(, for example:
[World Rank]........[Name]..........[Citizenship]
3....Carlos Slim Helu................Mexico
158....Alberto Bailleres............Mexico
172....Ricardo Salinas Pliego....Mexico
194....Jeronimo Arango............Mexico
458....Emilio Azcarraga Jean....Mexico
488....Maria Asuncion Aramburuzabala & family....Mexico
488....Roberto Hernandez Ramirez....Mexico
557....Isaac Saba Raffoul & family....Mexico
583....Lorenzo Zambrano & family....Mexico
618....Alfredo Harp Helu............Mexico

The net worth of Mr. Carlos Slim Helu's assets is $49.0 billion.
The net worth of Mr. Alfredo Harp Helu's assets is $1.6 billion.
The total net worth of assets of the above persons is $74.1 billion.

For your reference, 12 million (people) multiplied by 6,175 (dollars) is 74.1 billion (dollars).
* * *

Politicians of high birth, media tycoons, and super-rich families have not so far succeeded in solving issues such as global climate change, 12 million illegal (poor) immigrants, and expensive wars on terror, if they like to do so like Mr. Al Gore on climate change.

Probably they do not think that in the middle of this century when world oil reserves are depleted whatever tragedy can happen to mankind with full of abandoned people in a crazy climate; what is worse, development of technology might only expand options terrorists and gangsters can exploit.

Then we have to wait for the Messiah.

Of course, he may be from a house of a politician of high birth, a media tycoon, or the super-rich.

And when the Messiah comes, I hope all mankind will be soon informed unlike the case of Jesus Christ 2000 years ago.

(A TV station might someday start a program such as "Have You Seen the Messiah?" as an extension of their current program such as "Our Hero Here Presented."

I have been already checking the world to be first informed.)


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

$32 BN Afghan GDP vs. $145 BN US War-On-Terror Budget

"Billy, Keep Your Head Low" or do not get swollen

$32 BN Afghan GDP vs. $145 BN US War-On-Terror Budget

According to "Afghanistan Online" (
- Every 30 minutes, an Afghan woman dies during childbirth
- 87 percent of Afghan women are illiterate
- 30 percent of girls have access to education in Afghanistan
- 1 in every 3 Afghan women experience physical, psychological or sexual violence
- 44 years is the average life expectancy rate for women in Afghanistan
- 70 to 80 percent of women face forced marriages in Afghanistan

Infant mortality rate:
- Total: 160.23 deaths/1,000 live births
- Male: 164.77 deaths/1,000 live births
- Female: 155.45 deaths/1,000 live births

Life expectancy at birth:
- Total population: 43.34 years
- Male: 43.16 years
- Female: 43.53 years
* * *

Recently, some Japanese TV news programs focused on the renewed rise of Taliban and production of opium in Afghanistan where local lives got deteriorated after the forced collapse of the Taliban regime, though its capital Kabul seems to enjoy some Western culture, good or bad.

According to information on Afghanistan provided by United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime:
- The total plant area of poppies is 165,000 hectare or 407,715 acres in 2006.
- The total production of opium in 2006 is 6,100 tons (one and half times larger than in 2005; accounting for 92% of the world opium production).
- 6 states (in the south) among 34 states of Afghanistan have no regulation on opium.
- The price per kilograms is 576 dollars in January 2003; 146 dollars in April 2006.

And, although there are 12 million illegal immigrants in the U.S., there are, in a sense, only 11 million work forces in Afghanistan, but "as much as one-third of Afghanistan's GDP ($32.4 billion) comes from growing poppy and illicit drugs including opium and its two derivatives, morphine and heroin, as well as hashish production ("
* * *

"Those who have hidden and accommodated terrorists should be equally attacked" might be a big mistake.

"Those who have hidden and accommodated terrorists should contact the U.S. Government for more lucrative deals than they had cut with terrorists" should have been a right approach.

In fact, it is well known that Al-Qaeda spent big money to win Taliban's favor.

Al-Qaeda and Taliban did not share the same view on the world and the United States. In reality, Taliban started to negotiate with the U.S. for dismissing Al-Qaeda, banning poppy farming, and launching a big oil pipeline project before the summer in 2001.

However, by having demolished the large statutes of Buddha in Bamiyan early in 2001, Taliban lost sympathy and support from other countries, especially Asian countries including Japan.

It might have been inevitable that the U.S. started the military campaign in Afghanistan after the 9/11 terror; indeed, it seems to have succeeded in stopping another terror on the U.S. that is operated from a terrorist base in Afghanistan.

The U.S. did not start the military campaign in Afghanistan in order to make Afghanistan rich, but would it be a nice result that they have now more poor farmers and more opium production in Afghanistan than ever, though Al-Qaeda seems to have lost its intention and capability to launch another attack on the U.S. from Afghanistan?

We cannot judge it. But, American citizens have actually decided to support the approach of "not minding poor and opium-contaminated Afghan people but just minding destruction of Al-Qaeda's bases in Afghanistan."

Only the God will judge righteousness in the decision of US citizens through history, especially, in near future.
* * *

When Herman Melville wrote "Moby Dick" in 1851, the first Anglo-Afghan War finished, but the war was to be repeated twice more until 1919.

Then the U.S. got involved behind the scenes in the Afghan Holy War against the Soviet Union. The U.S. funded and trained anti-government and anti-communist Muslims.

In the wake of 9/11 terror, the U.S. opted for military solution to deal with Al-Qaeda. The Taliban regimes collapsed, but the fact is that the most of Taliban soldiers just returned to their homes in local poor villages in this US-Afghan War still unsettled.

There is a following proverb in Japan:
"Hotoke no kao mo san do"
Literal: Buddha's face too three times.
Meaning: To try the patience of a saint, even a Buddha's face will loose it's composure if asked something too many times.

Afghanistan, in the east of nuclear-oriented Iran and in the west of nuclear-equipped Pakistan and India, might face a decisive situation in the form of its fourth War unless things are settled and fixed well by a super hero such as Alexander the Great.
* * *

In ancient days, namely even before Abraham left Ur, Mesopotamia and Indus Valleys had a commercial tie.

Ideally, oil rich Iraq and Iran should peacefully tie up with regional leading economy India as well as their Islamic friend Pakistan through Afghanistan.

If the current situations in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India lead to this ideal alliance in near future, the current US involvement in this South West Asia may be justified and appreciated.

Or, the current US involvement in this South West Asia must be aimed at helping achieve the ideal peaceful alliance among Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India.
* * *

As Afghan GDP is 32 billion dollars (one third of which is from opium business) and US budget on the War on Terror is 145 billion dollars for FY 2008, it would not be difficult for the U.S. to double the wealth of Afghanistan and thus eradicate opium in and terror influence on the apocalyptic country.

Finally I hope the best and brightest among US citizens will tackle the challenge to save poor women, children, and farmers in Afghanistan.

Otherwise, another Ishmael out of the Melville's prophecy, instead of another Alexander the Great, might exploit the situation in the war-torn region.

(US Presidential Elections, bloody wars in Afghanistan, and descendants of Ishmael, namely Arabs, have been really intertwined to have resulted in the 9/11 terror and also result in budgetary appropriation problems in the U.S.

And the 9/11 terror may be now resulting in this EEE-Report as part of another prophecy at a higher level or in a larger scale, one factor of which may be you according to God's plan so holy and merciful.)

"I Chose a Valuable Stone, Which I Am Placing as the Corner Stone in Zion"

Monday, May 21, 2007

Studying Talmud or Studying Israelites

"The Long and Winding Road," though not, to Tokyo Sta.

# # #
Studying Talmud or Studying Israelites

In December 2003, "JUDAISM: A Very Short Introduction" by Norman Solomon ( was translated by Mr. Tetsuo Yamaga and published in Japan.

I do recommend this book especially to Japanese in whose country only scores of converts to Judaism live among its population of 120 million.

It is always thrilling to see how a non-nonsense Israelite thinks about Jesus Christ.
* * *

I do especially recommend you to check the chapter five:
"Chapter 5: The spiritual life - prayer, meditation, Torah [68]
Story from the Talmud of Elijah and Rabbi Baroka discussing who in the market place was 'Destined for the World to Come'"

The story really reflects how Judaism was influenced by Jesus Christ. Its core of the lesson really matches a teaching of Jesus Christ.

No matter how Israelites deny influence on their minds and hearts of teaching of Jesus Christ, Israelites after the emergence of Jesus Christ and the first century completely changed from their ancestors in and before the critical era.

In anything newly developed or performed by Israelites since the first century in terms of culture and religion including Jerusalem Talmud and Babylonian Talmud, there must be such influence, as Norman Solomon wrote that Judaism in a sense followed Christianity as the two critical Talmuds were compiled and completed around or by the sixth century.

(Influence of Jesus Christ on Jewish-Roman Wars is also a critical issue, though conventionally completely denied. Emergence of Jesus Christ, Jewish-Roman Wars, and establishment of two Talmuds are in one chain reaction the God intended.)

From this point of view, Judaism especially after the 6th century may be regarded as a kind of Christianity in which everything about Jesus Christ is however completely screened out. As the color of majority of Israelites changed from dark olive to white, their religion changed from classic Judaism to Christ's-teaching-underlined Judaism especially when Khazar Kingdom converted itself to Judaism in the 8th century.

(And, Islam was established in the 7th century following God's plan.)

One example is the above story in Chapter 5 where humble and poor Israelites exercised their love to neighbors exactly as an Israelite but, as a matter of fact, following teachings of Jesus Christ.

Israelites depicted in the Gospels would not have acted in such a manner as is depicted in the story in Chapter 5, namely, with thoughtfulness, modesty, and self-sacrifice based on love to neighbors.

Jesus Christ may be also regarded as having been the Messiah to Israelites for these 2000 years. He must be a super hero for Israelites, too, though so secretly or unconsciously, since foreigners had made Him their hero earlier, which caused a great psychological obstacle to Israelites after the first century.

(Israelites must be secretly proud that one of their blood brothers conquered the Roman Empire and Europe, and has been revered as God by Europeans and Americans, though Nazis' atrocity on them should be analyzed at a higher level than they have ever done.)
* * *

Another interesting issue is the beginning of the history of Israelites, that is, 3760 B.C. Israelites claim that the human history started some 5760 years ago; thus year 2007 is anno mundi (AM: since the Creation) 5767 for Israelites.

4000 B.C. - Horses were domesticated in the prairies in the north of the Black Sea.

4000 B.C. - City Ur was built in Mesopotamia.

3761 B.C. - The epoch of Hebrew calendar: October 7, 3761 B.C.

3600 B.C. - Sumerian Civilization established with cities fully enjoying self- independence.

It is apparent that ancient Israelites had a kind of traditions of, obligation to, respect for, passion for, or attachment to the memory of the Sumerian Civilization.

They were not wandering nomads who only knew cattle breeding, without any glory or memory of their glorious ancestors.

Israelites must be more glorious than they today think themselves to be or they have been made to think themselves to be.

If Vatican is involved in this conspiracy, its sin is deeper than any sea; otherwise they should have appointed an Israelite to Co-Pope or at least Honorable Co-Hope from the beginning.
* * *

In short, Israelites have been, regardless of their self-recognition, a kind of, or otherwise secret or unconscious Christians, no matter if everything about Jesus Christ is completely screened out in their religion, as proven by the story in Chapter 5 of "JUDAISM: A Very Short Introduction."

They are also honorable descendants of Sumerians, the first civilized race, no matter how scarce their heritage is, as proven by their setting of 3760 B.C. as their epoch.

There is also a theory that Islam has been a kind of Judaism though only for the so-called descendants of Ishmael.

Indeed, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are secretly one in trinity, of which the deepest root is in Mesopotamia and as far as to the God Almighty, our God.

(That is why I never mind, and will never ask anybody to reveal, the religion he or she believes in.

And now, you may sense what religion I believe in. It may be partly the same one as Sumerians did, which may be the one prevailing in the Garden of Eden which must still have room for you.

Anyway, the God allows mankind to study Talmud, Israelites, or EEE-Report, if you like.)

"...At One Time He was of No Use for You, but Now He is Useful for Both You and Me...

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Diamond to the East

"TELSTAR" for example

# # #

Diamond to the East

Mr. Ushioda Michio of The Mainichi Newspapers saw the film "Blood Diamond" and wrote some comment in the Japanese newspaper:
- The total amount of business on diamond worldwide is 26 billion dollars.
- Two thirds of the diamond transactions are now carried out in India.
- Once the world No.1 diamond business center was Antwerp, but now is Surat in West India.
- Following Surat are Tel Aviv, Singapore, and Antwerp in terms of diamond transactions.

Mr. Ushioda got the above information from Mr. Aftab Seth, the former Indian Ambassador to Japan.

Mr. Ushioda's concern is however on the features of a bubble the Indian economy is now taking on, with 40% or so yearly rise in land prices in Mumbai and Bangalore.

Japan has purchased almost 50% of all investment trusts issued for India.

Therefore his main worry is about influence on Japan of possible troubles in the Indian Economy that is expected to grow this year by 9%.
* * *

As I once mentioned, what is necessary in India is electricity in poor villages and families which constitute the majority of the Indian population.

However, the shift of the center of diamond business implies something important: the gravity center of the world economy is moving toward the east.

In the great Asian region from Persian Gulf States to India, China, and Japan, a great potential of economic and social development lies, though challenge can be still bloody and uphill, with terror, great disasters, social and political corruption, nuclear crisis, and wars going on and feared.

However if terror, great disasters, social and political corruption, nuclear crisis, and wars are all solved and addressed, the whole region can be prosperous without intervention by Europe.

The economic power of the whole region combined will surpass that of Europe.

It may be "dream come true" for Asians who have been put under Europeans for centuries.
* * *

Of course, there is still a great lead of Europe against Asia in terms of advanced technology, science, economics, and various modern systems in society and administration.

Therefore, whether this dream comes true or not depends on young Asians who are now studying and working in various advanced fields in Europe or America.

They have to come back to their home countries to make this Asian dream come true.

Diamond business will become only a very small example of success in future, if they properly take on the issue.
* * *

Or should I say that Asians should continue to be put under Europeans for one more century?

Truly I will have to talk about Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in addition to history for the peace of whole mankind including Asians, Europeans, and European Americans as well as Japanese.

(Diamond has made what Alexander the Great could not; you had better try East with courage.
And, whose diamond will the sun be?
Yet, the ideal diamond may be of a transparent kind like an Angel.)

"Marana Tha - Our Lord, Come!"