Thursday, September 07, 2006

AK47 vs. M-16

AK47 vs. M-16

Last night, the Japanese Public TV station, NHK, presented a now-classic movie of Michael Moore, "Bowling for Columbine."

The night before, they broadcast the "Killing Field" featuring the Cambodian genocide that happened between 1975 and 1979 reportedly sacrificing almost 1.7 million people.

It was an era that nobody possessed a personal computer and a cellular phone as well as access to the Internet. However, they all used AK47 assault rifles just like today in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Palestine.

Mr. Moore was against fire-arm selling in the United States. Somebody should be really against AK47 automatic-rifle selling in the world.
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Children in the United States, in a very rare case, spontaneously kill their classmates with a handgun or a smart sub-machinegun. But, children in Cambodia 30 years ago, equipped with AK47s, were compulsively and daily killing their family members, neighbors, teachers, and spies of America and Vietnam or those so regarded.

Compared with this tragedy in Cambodia 30 years ago, put extremely, America and Al-Qaeda today look like classmates just on interim bad terms.

Indeed, 1.7 million innocent Cambodians who would rather love French and American culture were massacred by the Pol Pot faction strongly influenced by some Chinese communists in the era of the Cold War and the Great Cultural Revolution.
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Just before the U.S. invasion in 2003, Iraq was predicted to become another Vietnam of 1960's and early 70's.

Cambodia is near to China, Vietnam, and Thai. Various influences and arms could be easily brought to the country.

Iraq is surrounded by other Islamic nations and also near to Russia. Various influences and arms can be easily brought to the country.
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The U.S. failed in the Indochina Peninsula not because they fought the Vietnam War but because they supported the Pol Pot faction sharing fear and hatred of Vietnam.

Even the Japanese Government then, sharing interests with the U.S., officially recognized the Pol Pot regime!

(In 1993, the International Committee on the Reconstruction of Cambodia [ICORC] was held in Paris in which Japan acted as the chair and offered 20 million dollar aids.)
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The supreme leader of the Pol Pot faction died in 1998 reportedly of a disease. The scene was televised all over the world then, in which a Thai officer entering a humble cottage in a jungle got a fingerprint from the dead man, Pol Pot or correctly Saloth Sar who had parents of a Cambodian and a Chinese.
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Al Qaeda should stop using AK47s. They should learn a lesson from the Killing Filed and the death of Pol Pot eight years ago.

All the people living in the Persian Gulf region should stop using AK47s. They should learn a lesson from the Killing Filed and the death of Pol Pot eight years ago.
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I do not like the rifle AK47. It looks ominous. The shape of the rifle itself is almost ugly in my eyes.

I do not think Allah would be rejoiced to see his people equipped with such a pagan weapon.
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Yes, the M-16s were also common in Cambodia and Vietnam 30 years ago.

It is not very pleasant to observe that a U.S. soldier today in Iraq, equipped with a new version of M-16, still has to face a fatal danger just like the one in 30 years ago in Vietnam.