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Such Great Faith Not Found Even in Israel

(Yokosuka, Kanagawa Pref., Japan, last Sunday)

Such Great Faith Not Found Even in Israel

(Cette grande foi n'a jamais été retrouvé, même en Israël)

A movie depicting former South African President Mr. Nelson Mandela is going to be screened in Japan, too.
( )

However, the British media is not necessarily in full favor of this type of movies:
Fiennes said it had been a challenge to play James Gregory, who originally believed Mr Mandela should have been hanged as a terrorist…

Gregory, who died in 2003, worked in the office that handled prisoners' mail and was responsible for censoring Mandela's letters…

Mr Mandela has never confirmed Gregory's claim that they had become friends and it was reported that he considered suing the jail warden over his book…

Fiennes said he regretted not having met Gregory "because it is hard to know where the truth is".

Anyway, you had better check other heroes selected by The Time:

"Leaders and Revolutionaries – Twenty people who helped define the political and social fabric of our times"

Then you should check “Unknown Rebel (in Beijing in 1989)”:

Almost nobody knew his name. Nobody outside his immediate neighborhood had read his words or heard him speak. Nobody knows what happened to him even one hour after his moment in the world's living rooms. But the man who stood before a column of tanks near Tiananmen Square — June 5, 1989 — may have impressed his image on the global memory more vividly, more intimately than even Sun Yat-sen…

When American newsmen asked Chinese leader Jiang Zemin a year later what had happened to the symbol of Chinese freedom — caught by foreign cameramen and broadcast around the world — he replied, not very ringingly, "I think never killed”…

Now in VOA broadcasting over the Internet, they are repeating a news report on Tibet and the visit by Ms Pelosi, Speaker of the US House of Representatives, to the Dalai Lama.

Indeed, all I can say to you is that when your parents were happy singing, dancing, eating, drinking, chatting, and busy spending money for entertainment, Mr. Nelson Mandela was suffering in a prison.

Truly, while you are happy singing, dancing, eating, drinking, chatting, and busy spending money for entertainment, Tibet needs somebody who can stand and stop the convoy of tanks and police vehicles sent by leaders of the Chinese Communist Party in Beijing.

(At any rate, even if you are a master of interviewing, further learn lessons from holy heroes as well as EEE-reporting and taking nice shots.)

Luk 7:1 Now when he had ended all his sayings in the audience of the people, he entered into Capernaum.

Luk 7:2 And a certain centurion's servant, who was dear unto him, was sick, and ready to die.

Luk 7:3 And when he heard of Jesus, he sent unto him the elders of the Jews, beseeching him that he would come and heal his servant.

Luk 7:4 And when they came to Jesus, they besought him instantly, saying, That he was worthy for whom he should do this:

Luk 7:5 For he loveth our nation, and he hath built us a synagogue.

Luk 7:6 Then Jesus went with them. And when he was now not far from the house, the centurion sent friends to him, saying unto him, Lord, trouble not thyself: for I am not worthy that thou shouldest enter under my roof:

Luk 7:7 Wherefore neither thought I myself worthy to come unto thee: but say in a word, and my servant shall be healed.

Luk 7:8 For I also am a man set under authority, having under me soldiers, and I say unto one, Go, and he goeth; and to another, Come, and he cometh; and to my servant, Do this, and he doeth it.

Luk 7:9 When Jesus heard these things, he marvelled at him, and turned him about, and said unto the people that followed him, I say unto you, I have not found so great faith, no, not in Israel.

Luk 7:10 And they that were sent, returning to the house, found the servant whole that had been sick.


Friday, March 21, 2008

How to End the War on Terror

How to End the War on Terror

(Comment mettre fin à la guerre contre le terrorisme)

As even the Vatican has to now ponder over the contemporary implication of emergence of Islam 1300 years ago, I have to deliver some statement or discourse with a wish that Muslims will not use any violence in competition with the Vatican for winning a Holy favor from the God or Allah.

I typed the phrase "how to end the war on terror" in a search key field in Google Web Search.

It returned 80,200 results, but the number one site is a kind of jokes, offering an idea that the U.S. should adopt Islam as its national religion.

So, I will write some on the subject for the sake of poor Americans and Muslims.

The War on Terror can be discussed from various standpoints.

But, if you blindly follow the 9/11 Terror Conspiracy Theory, you cannot go anywhere. You will just start the circle around vague photos and videos endlessly without arguing poor Muslims, the situations in the Middle East, steeply increasing oil dollars, and other diplomatic issues related to Israel and Iran. You cannot be engaged in the real world.

If you are too much engulfed by the 2008 Presidential Primary, you will be also trapped by superficial controversy as to when to withdraw US troops from Iraq without delving into all the other aspects related to the presence of US troops in the Middle East. As an example, after US troops were withdrawn from Vietnam in early 1970’s, the Pol Pot faction based on the same principle as that of the Chinese Communist Party purged and killed more than one million innocent Cambodian citizens in the process of establishing their ideal nation, which could be only stopped by the military invasion by Unified Vietnam that rejected the influence of the Chinese Communist Party after the victory of the Vietnam War.

If you are involved in business with Saudi Arabia or other oil-producing Arab countries, you will just accept the request from those Islamic countries that are enjoying a relief from the past potential menace of the Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi regime. You will like US troops to stay in Iraq as long as Saudi Arabia and other oil-producing Arab countries want and wish.

Nonetheless, if you look around to see poor Americans, such as Iraq War veterans in a state of homelessness on US streets, you will find a narrow gate leading to the answer to the question, "How can we end the War on Terror?"

It will be a long discussion covering the Sumerian Civilization, Abraham, ancient Israelites and ancient Persians, Alexander the Great, Caesar and Cleopatra, Jesus Christ, establishment of Christianity and its derogation in the Roma Empire, endowment of Islam to Arabs, crusade and colonization by the Western powers, discovery of huge crude-oil fields in the Middle East, and the new nation-state of Israel after WWII; so I skip all the arguments but present a summary.

The God must wish peace and prosperity in the regions around Jerusalem and Palestine, since it is at those places that He directly sent His Son and His Angels.

For peoples in the above regions to enjoy prosperity, they seem to need the authentic religion(s), the crucial natural resources, and the democracy as has been developed in the American Continent.

If terrorists among Arabs and Muslims are obstacles to achieving the above goal, they must be removed.

If the God or Allah gives such a glorious mission to US troops, they have to stay there and sacrifice themselves until the goal is achieved (in spite of the initial triggering of the war by the US President based on his personal motivation).

But, if US troops are not chosen ones, they had better go back home in the United States of America as soon as possible, since the subprime loan problem is going to persist and the US economic bubble backed by a huge credit fiction is going to be reasonably subsided.






I watched a Japan’s NHK TV news program this noon. They reported on a murder case of a Japanese taxi driver that happened the night before last or so in Yokosuka City, near Tokyo. They said today that the police found a credit card in the cab. And, the card belongs to a missing US sailor of a US Aegis warship at anchor in the Yokosuka US Naval port.

It may be a kind of miracles for warning, since I went to a seaside park in Yokosuka City to observe a Japanese Aegis warship though by train.

All I wish is of course your safety on a train, in a taxi, or in any party in a four-star hotel in Tokyo, Paris, New York, Baghdad, or Lhasa.

(According to the NHK news, a Japanese girl has got the gold medal in the world championship of figure skating held in Sweden.

The silver medal winner is an Italian skater; the bronze medal for a Korean skater.

Anyway, it is not a sport Muslim girls are allowed to practice, if not so sinful.

What do you think about it?)

"Each one of us has a special gift…"

(Jeder von uns hat seinen besonderen Anteil an den Gaben erhalten…)


Thursday, March 20, 2008

The War on Terror and The Affected Subprime Loan Problem

The War on Terror and The Affected Subprime Loan Problem

(La guerre contre le terrorisme et le problème de prêts au logement)

SECTION I: Against Insulting Cartoons

Yes, I heard the new audio message claimed to be from Mr. Osama bin Laden on the ABC Web site, “accusing Europeans of abandoning the ‘etiquettes of disputes and morals of fighting.’”

According to Al Jazeera,
Wednesday's message is believed to be bin Laden's first for 2008 and follows up an hour-long, audio missive from December 27 in which he warned Iraq's Sunni Arabs against fighting al-Qaeda in Iraq and vowed new attacks on Israel.

In November, he urged European countries to end military participation with US forces in the Afghan conflict.

The Saudi-born al-Qaeda leader, blamed for the September 11, 2001 attacks on US cities, issued a number of messages late last year after a hiatus of well over a year raised speculation that he might be dead or incapacitated.

He is believed to be hiding in remote areas between Pakistan and Afghanistan.


BBC also reads:
It is not clear when the message was recorded. The last audio message attributed to bin Laden appeared in November but he has not been seen on video since October 2004.
He is believed to be in hiding on the rugged border area between Pakistan and Afghanistan.


SECTION II: Another Cause of Subprime Loan Problem

BBC posted two pictures one above the other in its Web page: US President Mr. George W. Bush and AlQaeda Leader Mr. Osama bin Laden.

They might be being displayed with ironic intent, since both have remarks: “Bush speech hails Iraq 'victory'” and “New ‘bin Laden tape’ threatens EU,” respectively.

After six and half years since September 2001 while spending billions of dollars and sacrificing 4,000 US soldiers among hundreds of thousands of US troops mobilized, the US President cannot arrest Mr. Osama bin Laden who is believed to be hiding in the border area between Pakistan and Afghanistan by everybody.

No Al Qaeda leaders have been brought to justice in a US court in public.

This can be a source of moral hazard in the US public at large.

It will affect psychology of workers in the US financial sector, too.

Mr. Osama bin Laden responsible for the 9/11 Terror has not been arrested. But, US President Mr. George Bush in fact captured and executed then Iraq President Saddam Hussein. And, US President Mr. Bush has claimed that he has won, while Mr. Osama bin Laden has been sending messages for the attack on EU.

As US President cannot achieve his main goal but is allowed to claim his victory, US financial sector workers would not feel the pricks of conscience if they do not achieve expected performance but claim that they are not responsible when their selling sub-prime loan embedded commodities has caused such a big turmoil in the US economy.

In 1980’s and 1990’s, it was impossible to mobilize so many financial sector workers to deal with such high-risk financial commodities in a large scale against their conscience.

But, in 2000’s, suddenly the climate in Wall Street has changed along with the proceeding of the War on Terror, and some leaders of financial institutes, responsible for the subprime loan problem, get used to all the more show little pang of conscience as if they were the US President who is proud of having executed Saddam Hussein but letting Mr. Osama bin Laden get away as a matter of fact.

SECTION III: Redefinition of the War on Terror

According to “Bush at War” by Mr. Bob Woodward, President Mr. George W. Bush truly delved into implication of some word he was going to use in his speech in the wake of the 9/11 Terror:

“That’s way too vague,” Bush complained, proposing the word “harbor.” In final form, what would later be called the Bush Doctrine said, “We will make no distinction between those who planned these acts and those who harbor them.” It was an incredibly broad commitment to go after terrorists and those who sponsor and protect terrorists, rather than just a proposal for a targeted retaliatory strike. The decision was made without consulting Cheney, Powell or Rumsfeld.

It is not wise at all to use an official phrase that will make more enemies than friends.

Even if the policy is set along with the determination, “We will make no distinction between those who planned these acts and those who harbor them,” an official address should not adopt such a phrase, since it will most probably make more potential enemies than actual friends among foreign countries.

But, as it was Iraq that US President Mr. Bush must have been always thinking about, he chose the phrase and its official proclamation.

US President Mr. Bush adopted the expression and disseminated the idea into US citizens, so that the people would easily accept the plan to attack Iraq later and take on Saddam Hussein eventually, since it was his longstanding pending issue.

US President Mr. George W. Bush must have wanted to put a final end to the Persian Gulf War his father had fought as the US President but left with a kind of half way solution.

So, in his defining the reaction and countermeasure against the 9/11 Terror, it must be “war (that would lead to invasion of Iraq)” but not “crackdown on terrorists (focused on only AlQaeda in Afghanistan).”

My proposal is to redefine it from “The War on Terror” to “The Law Enforcement on AlQaeda and Mr. Osama bin Laden as well as the Collateral War on Terror.”

Then, financial sector workers will also redefine what they have been dealing with as not only (too) highly rated commodities but also too-high-risk subprime-loan embedded commodities.
* * *

In addition, I cannot fully accept the audio tape as a real and true proof of lively activities of Mr. Osama bin Laden or even his existence.

Would somebody who ever ordered the kamikaze attack on the US Department of Defense proclaim a war on cartoons?

Would not such a big-time player try to find other graver cause when proclaiming a war on EU?

Anyway, if the concrete fact is that after six and half years since September 2001 while spending billions of dollars and sacrificing 4,000 US soldiers among hundreds of thousands of US troops mobilized, the US President cannot arrest Mr. Osama bin Laden, some workers in the US financial sector may find an analogy with, or an excuse in, the proceeding of the War on Terror for their irresponsible practices of selling high-risk commodities under the disguise of highly-rated securitized commodities.

(Today March 20, the Vernal Equinox Day, is a national holiday in Japan.

But, the Wikipedia shows some interesting incidents that happened on March 20:
1815 - Napoleon enters Paris after escaping from Elba with a regular army of 140,000 and a volunteer force of around 200,000, beginning his "Hundred Days" rule.

1942 - World War II: General Douglas MacArthur, at Terowie, South Australia, makes his famous speech regarding the fall of the Philippines, in which he says: "I came out of Bataan and I shall return".

1995 - A sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway kills 12 and wounds 1,300 persons.

Indeed, it is the day of war and terror. But, good or bad,
1969 - John Lennon & Yoko Ono marry in Gibraltar

I wish it would be one of best days in your life projected to 365-day circle every year.)


(Lassen Sie uns Lob seiner Herrlichkeit)


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Truth and Theory (on US Wealth)

Truth and Theory (on US Wealth)

(Vérité et théorie)

SECTION 1: Truth of $800 Billion Deficit

IMF has estimated the the total amount of the subprime loan related deficits to be about $800 billion dollars.

My rough estimation was $400 billion dollars as two million US poor house-owners cannot pay their obligatory 200,000 dollar loans.

I also suppose non-subprime housing-loan deficits might be mingled, and a magnified loss leveraged by option transactions might be also included in the IMF calculation.

Investment and dealings on credit based on expected profits from owing securitized subprime-loan-embedded financial commodities might trigger another default, adding another amount to the deficits at issue.

Anyway, $800 billion is a scale of the Japanese National Budget.

And as I wrote yesterday, specifically everything began with false (too high) rating on the subprime-loan-embedded financial commodities.

It is because the false (too high) rating worked as an excuse for financial sector workers to deal with such dangerous financial commodities as if they had been something like Japanese high-quality industrial goods.

SECTION II: Another Theory on US Housing Loan Bubble

Since Europe and Asia have financed most of the US Treasury's budget deficits in recent decades, Americans haven't had to do this. As a result, their bond market has been freed from government bond issues, so US investors have been able to put their money into the stock market and real estate, for better or worse. As these markets rose during the 1980s and '90s, they attracted foreign private-sector dollars into the US market. This helped finance the bubble.

(A discussion with Michael Hudson over his book Super Imperialism)

Put more correctly, it is Japan that have mostly financed most of the US Treasury's budget deficits in recent decades (though China is now following suit of Japan).

(Japan and China are now only two countries that have more than $1 trillion foreign reserves, purchasing mostly US Treasury bonds, the fact of which most of US citizens unbelievably do not know.)

But why?

Mr. Michael Hudson correctly pointed at the fact that Japan has had to do so because Japan must secure the U.S. market.

In other word, for Japanese companies such as Toyota and Sony to freely play in the US market, the Japanese Government has to buy the Treasury bonds as a quid pro quo.

Anyway, consequently, without worrying about a need to bolster the US Government by purchasing Treasury, US financial institutes and private investors could concentrate on more profitable sectors, such as the housing loan market, which excessively exploded to trigger the sub-prime loan bubble accompanied by excessive competition for higher performance among financial sector workers in Wall Street.

SECTION III: A Forbidden Book

Mr. Michael Hudson is a uniquely insightful author; but his book was forbidden being published in Canada or being fully translated in Japan.

I do not trust those who advertise a conspiracy theory, using big money that can be only provided by a big organization.

But, we may have to check again “A discussion with Michael Hudson over his book Super Imperialism”:

The recent investigations and prosecutions of New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer have shown that the largest financial institutions have operated much like criminal enterprises, from Citibank/Travellers and Merrill-Lynch on down. They've come under indictment, but when the problem is so widespread they've decided that the only reasonable response is to begin enforcing a new set of rules, and let bygones be bygones. The bygones in this case have netted them billions of dollars, which they will be allowed to keep. The small investors who've been cheated will not get much after attorney's fees are paid.

And, we are seeing various related facts in the news nowadays that tell everybody involved in the dark side of Wall Street can be contaminated, too, thus making it impossible to sternly regulate and prevent criminal financial schemes, such as sub-prime loan embedded securities, from being widely traded.

SECTION IV: The Bank of Japan Governor

In Japan, “Minshuto (Democratic Party of Japan) decided Tuesday to reject the government's latest nominee for Bank of Japan governor, leaving the central bank chief's seat vacant for the first time since the end of World War II.”

You had better consider this rare blunder in the government performance in the context of the above “A discussion with Michael Hudson over his book Super Imperialism”:

People are now beginning to raise the question of whether countries really need their central banks, which are essentially lobbyists for the Washington Consensus, as are the World Bank and the IMF...

Central banks are staffed by Chicago School monetarists, and are allowed to take only a 3% deficit whereas in the US it is limitless. Europe and Asia should abandon the false start with their central banks and should rely on their Treasuries, which are Keynesian or could be Keynesian. The national Treasuries should set up a credit system with bonds and IOUs based on euros and other currencies...”


Mr. Michael Hudson also issued a warning to Japanese scholars and economists who have learnt in universities in the U.S. to get doctor’s degree.

( , Our World of Ashisuto K.K.)

Those Japanese like to behave like Americans, believing that Americans are friends.

But, the truth is, according to Mr. Michael Hudson’s theory, that US leaders in politics and economy intend to brainwash Japanese elites on purpose, so that they support the scheme of trading the purchase of US Treasury bonds with free access to the US market.

But, such a scheme has eventually led to laxity in moral of US financial sector workers, since more and more dollars are provided by foreign countries such as Japan for Wall Street.

It is indeed difficult for Japanese citizens to choose a non-brainwashed Governor of Bank of Japan who can sternly regulate and prevent criminal financial schemes, such as sub-prime loan embedded securities, from being widely traded in Japan in case.
* * *

Finally, Jesus Christ said that if you were a soldier, you must not bully citizens to offering money and goods for you.

If you are a financial sector worker, you must not try to gain any profits through an act in bad faith or against your conscience.

If you are US elites, you must not try to brainwash young Japanese elites learning in Universities in America.

(Truly, everything is related to one another.

So, good girls and Mlles., that is why I am sending an alert so that you will not access the wider way for wealth, relying on workers in Wall Street or brainwashed Japanese elites.

Indeed, you had better walk under the sun with full freedom, say, on a boardwalk of a port.)

“Do Not Judge Others, so that God Will Not Judge You”

(Verurteilt nicht andere, damit Gott nicht euch verurteilt)


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Money or Ethics to Solve Money Problems?

Money or Ethics to Solve Money Problems?

(D'argent ou de déontologie pour résoudre des problèmes d'argent)

A female suicide bomber blew up killing some 40 people in a holy city in Iraq while the US Vice President was visiting Baghdad.

But, the U.S. and Europe would not use billions of dollars in peaceful manners to solve the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan while they supply billions of dollars to bail out financial institutions from the quagmire of the money market in New York, London, and Paris.

Economy is indeed sinful as so many poor people are very unduly suffering and dying outside the money market.

SECTION I: Television Tokyo

Last night Mr. Eisuke Sakakibara, a notable former executive of Japan’s Finance Ministry, said in a TV Tokyo channel it was not a disastrous situation, showing a trend chart on the yen-to-dollar exchange rate and adding that the rate could further go down to 80 yen per dollar.

It is because domestically Japan has been experiencing a kind of deflation mainly due to a huge influx of cheap Chinese commodities, so that a real exchange rate effect is softened.

But, of course, the issue is a steep rise of prices of natural resources globally observed.

The increased value of the yen against the dollar can be easily overwhelmed by the surge of prices of iron, crude oil, and other indispensable resources.

Television Tokyo Station once contributed to making Mr. Heizo Takenaka, a prominent economist and ex-minister of the Government, popular in the public; but Mr. Sakakibara in the TV channel looks like more remote from graveness of the situation on the street than some easy vendors of economic theories in market.

SECTION II: A “New York Reporting” Blog

Mr. Lawrence Henry Summers, highly appreciated by Mr. Eisuke Sakakibara, presented some prediction of the vicious circle triggered by the recent Bear Stearns crisis:
(1) Decline of stock prices and bond prices
(2) Borrowers asked for more additional cover and collateral by banks
(3) Borrowers selling their assets at a loss
(4) Another cycle of decline of stock prices and bond prices
(5) Banks getting more reluctant to lend money


It is reported by the media that some financial institutions are actually selling their assets at a loss as they anticipate more loss due to sub-prime loan-related transactions.

So, Mr. Mori in his “New York Report“ blog wrote that another witch-hunting or witch-searching would begin in Wall Street in the wake of JP Morgan’s purchase of Bear Stearns.

He also stressed the need to fix the amount of the subprime-loan related loss in the whole financial sector so as to increase liquidity of the financial goods at issue, wiping out concerns on additional deficits to be registered or margin calls to be extended.

SECTION III: The New York Times

As President Bush welcomed the Federal Reserve’s sweeping intervention in the financial markets, his administration faced accusations Monday that it supported the bailout of a prestigious investment bank while doing little to address the hardships faced by Americans facing foreclosures on their homes…

The Fed’s intervention in the case of Bear Stearns intensified calls for the administration to reverse Mr. Bush’s well-known embrace of laissez-faire economic policies.


It looks like the same attitude as that on the Terror issue. Before Sept. 11, 2001, President Mr. Bush showed no interest in pursuing AlQaeda. But after the 9/11 Terror, he sent troops even to Iraq, in addition to Afghanistan.

The White House must now realize that the sub-prime loan problem has triggered a huge crisis not only in the housing sector but also whole Wall Street where the US President seems to have many friends whose wealth are being accumulated there, just like he has many friends in Saudi Arabia and the adjacent areas.

SECTION IV: A Japanese Magazine

Yesterday I happened to buy a magazine issued as an extra edition of “Shukan Bunsyun” featuring salvation of Japanese Economy.

In that, Mr. Jyun Mizusawa argued uniquely:
In the capitalism society, a demand can be surely matched by supply. Workers in the financial sector want immediate results and appealing performance, no matter how high related risks are. All they need is a persuasive excuse for dealing with high-risk commodities, which is offered in the form of rating.

If high-risk financial commodities, after producing short-term profits, have turned into junks, those financial sector workers can claim that they are not wrong as they honestly trusted the high ratings of the commodities.

This ugly psychology is the source of the sub-prime loan problem, since dealers and fund managers as professionals must have been aware of the accompanying risks being so high from the beginning, though some service companies handsomely offered higher ratings involving the monolines.


Put simply, 99% of workers in the financial sector seem to have been dealing with the subprime-loan-embedded financial commodities against their conscience if they have any, since temporary and immediate profits were so large, even if they do not belong to Mafia-like housing-loan companies.

Bad minds have generated bad consequences in the money market as has been usual in history.

The subprime-loan problem is related to professional ethics more than financial systems and monetary schemes.

(The extra edition of the Japanese magazine is also introducing examples of competent bosses and incompetent bosses in office of Japanese companies.

As an example of good bosses, a reader has reported that his boss sometimes takes the blame on himself when his staff member failed.

If the number of bosses who would take pity on his failing subordinates with poor performance in Wall Street increases, the global money market will be able to avoid a possible or an expected catastrophe in the situation drifting towards the era of high oil prices and the weak dollar while US troops are everywhere in the Middle East.)

“Do Not Cast Pearls Before Swine”

(Sie müssen nicht geben Perlen zu einem Schwein)


Monday, March 17, 2008

Lhasa, Beijing, New York, Atlanta, and Israel

Lhasa, Beijing, New York, Atlanta, and Israel

(Lhassa, Pékin, New York, Atlanta, et en Israël)

Now, one dollar is being traded around 96 yen.

But, you should laugh at neither the dollar nor yen.


Some people say that the U.K. once tried to colonize Tibet.

But, most Japanese think that China illegally occupied Tibet, though Chinese economic boom is allowing even Tibetan farmers to get more money nowadays.

And, a singer sang a prophetic song in Shanghai early in March.

Tibet must be free from the U.K. and China.

SECTION II: Ancient Israel and Tibet

It is well known that Jesus Christ did not work in Rome, Athens, or Alexandria, namely glorious cities in the ancient world.

He started to preach in a local region of Palestine governed by a king controlled by the Roman Empire.

In other word, Jesus Christ started as a country homeless preacher.

Then He ordered some men to follow Him as far as to Jerusalem, the capital of ancient Israelites.

It might be as if a country homeless preacher with some of his followers advanced to a big city to succeed in his business, religion, in vain.

But, eventually, Jesus Christ through His holy death proved that He was in truth and reality the King of Israelites and Romans.

All Tibetans need might be their version of Jesus Christ who would become the King of Tibetans and Chinese.

SECTION III: Israelites Relying on American Christians

I suppose that contemporary Israelites, namely non-Christians, believe at the bottom of their heart that Jesus Christ was the King of Israelites and Romans.

The state of Israel today can get support from the Christian country, the U.S., mainly because the Israeli Government implicitly admits that Jesus Christ was the King of Israelites and Romans, since such a big issue requires a clear attitude of yes or no while no Israelites say to American Christians that Jesus Christ was neither the King nor the Messiah.

If the state of Israelites truly believes that Jesus Christ was neither the King nor the Messiah, they will not ask help of the Christian country, the U.S., whose citizens believe that Jesus Christ is the Messiah, the Son of God, or the God.

Logically, with significance of the religious implication taken into account, as the nation Israel today never refuses aid and help from American Christians, Israel cannot regard Jesus Christ as their enemy, for they recognize power and authority of Jesus Christ in their seeking help from American Christians, which means Israelites also recognizes Jesus Christ as the King of Romans and their descendants, namely Europeans and European Americans.

Put simply, Israelites today are all a kind of Christians who do not know they are virtually Christians, since Christians are those who recognize power and authority of Jesus Christ.

If not so, Israelites should declare that Americans are enemies of Israel, since Americans say that Jesus, one of their ancestors, who cannot be God is the God.

If Israelites today cannot be pious and religious enough to declare so, what are they? A religious body? A tribe with a religion? What are they?

This is why the world is losing confidence in Israel, Israelites, and Israelite Europeans and Americans.

If the main justification of existence of the nation-state Israel today consists in their unique religion but the world finds them not to be so religious in their manners asking help of the U.S., the nation-state might disappear sooner or later as a logical conclusion.

SECTION IV: Holy Fate of Israelites

If Israelites continue to receive tremendous help and aid of American Christians, it is interpreted as Israelites’ de-facto recognizing Jesus Christ as God.

So then, Israel must be annexed to the U.S.

If Israelites piously stick to a belief that Jesus Christ is not God, Israelites must break the bond with American Christians but tie up with Muslims who do not recognize Jesus Christ as God, either.

So then, Israel must be allied with all Arab and Islamic countries.

Indeed, Israel should do so, if its people are honestly living on their religion, no matter if you think it is impossible from a worldly point of view.
* * *

What do you think about the recent tragedies in New York and Atlanta?

I suppose that somebody laughed at the God and EEE Reporter in New York, where The New York Times is based, and then a tall crane collapsed to destroy a building.

I suppose that somebody laughed at the God and EEE Reporter in Atlanta, where CNN is based, and then a powerful tempest destroyed buildings in Atlanta.

So, I am afraid that somebody was laughing at God and EEE Reporter in Beijing or Lhasa.

(Money-saving is a difficult issue for followers of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ ordered not to accumulate wealth in this world but in Heaven.

Young people should be completely and correctly taught on this teaching before they start to save up.

But, I am afraid that too many American Christians are accumulating wealth neither in this world nor in Heaven while spending so much, which is the main cause of collapse of the value of the dollar.

So, good girls and Mlles., saving is one of topics in our conversation that should never be brought up.)

“They Do Not Even Lift Up a Finger to Help Carry a Burden”

(Sie haben nicht einmal eine Last tragen helfen)