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"I am the light of the world"

Tokyo, The Tokyo Bay & The Boso Peninsula
Tokyo & Part of The Tokyo Bay
Part of Tokyo(I don't think personally that I am wishing to be a hero. It is so, since there are so many people who are destined for just a poor, tragic, or ordinary life. After everyone or the last man except me becomes a hero, I think I will start to think about how to become a hero. But, do you think that Jesus Christ was thinking that He was a hero of the era? So, ask Him, "Are you a hero, Sir?" "You said so." First, examine your secret motivation to ask Him so. Do not try to test Him but try to learn from Him, which is a matter of faith.)

How to Cope with Armed Robbers from the Continent (Defense avec famille et amis)

If you have $1 billion, you are making others poorer or the society worse by $1 billion.

If you have $1 million, you are making others poorer or the society worse by $1 million.

If you have one hundred dollars, you are making others poorer or the society worse by one hundred dollars.

If you have one dollar, you are making others poorer or the society worse by one dollar.

And, it means a ceiling of the effect resulted from your work you are doing to save the poor and the world.

No matter how much you, with $1 million as personal assets, try to save the poor and the world, a result of your work is making others poorer or the society worse by $1 million.

That is why you must have no personal assets when you try to save the poor and the world.

That is why you must have no assets, including those which can be regarded as your personal assets, when you try to save the poor and the world.

This is a principle.

Only a poor man can save the poor and the world as proven in the case of Jesus Christ.

And, if you are afraid that you will become more foolish if you do not try to save the poor and the world, no matter how many assets you have, you can be wiser.

SECTION I: Security Partnership of Japan and the United States

As those who virtually claim that America is the "Empire of Evil" over the media and Internet, while living a rich life in Japan which is realized through trade with America, support Mr. Ichiro Ozawa, an old friend of America, so fanatically and blindly, the DPJ leadership election is not a contest based on policies but a kind of mass fanaticism. Yet, they, who hail Mr. Ozawa now, are those who once harshly criticized Former P.M. Mr. Junichiro Koizumi as simply supported by mass fanaticism, since they thought they had been treated unfairly badly by the then P.M. Mr. Koizumi.

Now, in Japan, some strong American forces are stationed legitimately through the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty.

As of December 2009[update], there are 35,688 U.S. military personnel stationed in Japan, and another 5,500 American civilians employed there by the United States Department of Defense. The United States Seventh Fleet is based in Yokosuka. The 3rd Marine Expeditionary Force (III MEF) is based in Okinawa. 130 USAF fighters are stationed in the Misawa Air Base and Kadena Air Base.

Army: 2,541
Navy: 3,740
Air Force: 12,398
Marines: 17,009
Total: 35,688[2]

The Japanese government paid 217 billion Yen (US$ 2.0 billion) in 2007[3] as annual host-nation support called Omoiyari Yosan (****, sympathy budget or compassion budget).[4]

Currently the US government employs over 8,000 MLC/IHA workers on Okinawa (per the LMO) this does not include Okinawan contract workers.

Specifically, the U.S. has stationed in permanent bases one U.S. aircraft carrier fleet in Japan, also operating 2 cruisers, 5 destroyers, 2 frigates, 4 amphibious assault ships, 2 minesweeper tenders, more than 10 antisubmarine air crafts, etc.

The U.S. has in permanent bases six major airfields in the Tokyo, Kanagawa, Aomori, Yamaguchi, and Okinawa Prefectures, operating 48 F-15s, 36 F-16s, 2 surveillance plane E3s, some KC-135s and RC-135s, and other military planes and helicopters.

The U.S. has in permanent bases 2,000 Army troops and 16,000 Marines (nominally) mainly in the Okinawa island close to Taiwan and Shanghai.

On the other hand, the Japanese Maritime Self-Defence Force has total 150 ships, including 6 AEGIS ships, 44 other escort ships (destroyer-class), 18 submarines, 2 minesweeper tenders, 180 planes, and 142 helicopters.

The Japan Coast Guard has total 220 ships and 73 planes/helicopters.

The Japanese Air Self-Defence Force has about total 850 planes, including 202 F-15s, 94 F-2s, 70 F-4s, 13 E2s, and 4 AWACS E767s, in addition to 54 helicopters.

The Japanese Ground Self-Defence Force has 155,000 troops as authorized strength, with about 550 armored artillery vehicles, 1,200 tanks, 2,500 armed vehicles, 480 helicopters, etc.

If Japan spends annually $2.0 billion for its own expansion of defence forces instead of support for U.S. forces, every year Japan can increase the number of F-15s by 70, since one F-15 costs $30 million in America. In 10 years, Japan can have 700 more F-15s, resulting in 1,000 F-15s in total.

As one aircraft carrier fully armed is built and equipped at $5.0 billion in America, if Japan spends annually $2.0 billion for its own building of aircraft carriers instead of support for U.S. forces, in 10 years Japan can have 4 fully armed aircraft carriers.

In summary, Japan does not need to have U.S. forces stationed in the Japanese islands, including Okinawa, while providing $2.0 billion every year free to the American Government.

So, the key to understanding the matter is, of course, in nuclear capability as well as influences on South/North Koreas, China, Russia, and other South East Asian nations, in addition to the Pacifist Constitution of Japan.

Taking this national and international security issue into consideration, incumbent P.M. Mr. Nato Kan, an anti-Vietnam War student around 1970, seems to be safer for citizens to have than challenger Mr. Ichiro Ozawa, a pro-Chinese/Korean but very conservative lawmaker since 1969, for Mr. Ozawa is supported so much now by "anti-Koizumi" critics and journalists who hate the Security Partnership of Japan and the United States.

Anyway, Japanese voters, taxpayers, consumers, workers, and citizens need a prime minister who understands a need to keep bad guys from the Asian Continent and Siberia at bay.

SECTION II: Global Climate Risk Index 2010

Global Climate Risk Index 2010 - reflecting most severely affected countries over almost two decades

Copenhagen needs to respond
Press release

Copenhagen/Bonn, 8 December 2009: The climate and development organization Germanwatch published its Global Climate Risk Index 2010 in Copenhagen today, ranking Bangladesh, Myanmar and Honduras as the countries most severely affected by extreme weather events from 1990 to 2008. When only considering the year 2008, Myanmar, Yemen and Viet Nam have been hit hardest. According to Germanwatch, the Index, based on data made available by the NatCatSERVICE database of Munich Re, underlines the need for the current climate summit to step in and to help those countries to adapt to climate change...

Ranking...Country...Climate Risk Index
5...Nicaragua... 21
8...Dominican Republic... 27.58
11 Venezuela 29.92
13 Nepal 34.83
15 Tajikistan 35.5
16 Mongolia 36.42
17 Portugal 36.42
18...United States...36.5
20 Mozambique 36.75
21 Ecuador 36.83

24 Guatemala 38.58

30 Romania 47.33
31 Grenada 47.67
32 Bolivia 47.83
33 Cambodia 48.42
34...Korea, South...49.25
36 El Salvador 50.08
37 Belize 50.75
38...Papua New Guinea...51.75
39 Oman 52.17
41 Austria 53.75
42 Peru 53.92
43 Slovenia 55
44 Yemen 55.08
45 Micronesia, Federated States of 56.83
46...United Kingdom...56.83
47 Croatia 56.92
48 Fiji 57.5
49 Moldova 57.58
50 Antigua and Barbuda 58.83
51 Samoa 59
53 Jamaica 60.58
54 Solomon Islands 60.75
57 Kyrgyzstan 64.42
59 Costa Rica 66.08
60 Czech Republic 66.25
62 Malaysia 69.58
63 Ukraine 69.58
64...South Africa...70
65 Sri Lanka 70.25
66 Poland 70.33
67 Belgium 70.5
69 Angola 74.5
70 Dominica 74.83
71 Morocco 75.58
72 Saint Kitts and Nevis 75.58
73 Latvia 76.17
74 Zambia 76.75
75 Sudan 76.92
76 Algeria 77.75
77 Ethiopia 80.67
78 Colombia 81
80 Malawi 81.75
81 Hungary 81.83
82 New Zealand 81.83
83 Turkey 82.08
84 Bulgaria 82.83
86 Slovakia 83.92
87 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 84
88 Uruguay 88.17
90 Saint Lucia 89.08
91 Guyana 90.33
92 Zimbabwe 92.17
93 Mauritius 93.58
94 Niger 94
95 Serbia 94.58
96 Djibouti 94.67
97 Georgia 95.08
98 Macedonia 96
99 Panama 96.17
100 Kenya 96.33
101 Tanzania 96.75
102 Tonga 97.08
103 Cyprus 98.67
104 Lithuania 98.83
105 Namibia 99.58
106 Vanuatu 100
108 Laos 103
109 Albania 103.5
110...Israel...104.08*=*&order=asc&orderby=table_most_affected_climate_change.value&decimals=--2&dependency=independent&number=all&cntdn=asc&r=&c=&measures=Country--Climate Risk Index&file=most_affected_by_climate_change

The climate risk index for the U.S. is 36.5.

The climate risk index for Japan is 73.25.

Remarkably, Japan is twice less affected and endangered by the climate change than America is.

But can you believe that America is more dangerous than Pakistan or Afghanistan is?

*** *** *** ***

Rich people are busy enjoying life, so that they do not risk their life to address any social and global problems.

Rich people are foolish or evil people who opt for riches while the society is getting worse due to their presence.

That is why Jesus Christ did not make poor people rich to save them.

Money cannot solve problems in the world. A national budget cannot solve problems in a nation. Personal assets cannot solve problems in a family. People just succumb to temptation of riches money promises.

For example, Mr. George W. Bush, a son of a very rich family, finally failed, loosing face.

For example, Mr. Yukio Hatoyama, a son of a very rich family, finally failed, loosing face.

But, in China and North Korea (and Russia), people are not allowed to point to any failure of their rich leaders.



Joh 9:3 Jesus answered, Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him.

Joh 9:4 I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.

Joh 9:5 As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.

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"to preach the kingdom of God"

The Tokyo Bay!
Kites vs. a Chopper
Forward to the Past?(It was the 1551st posting to this blog yesterday. In 1551, the first and second universities in Americas were built in Peru and Mexico. But, two notable samurai lords died in Japan this year. Just, for your information, so put down here...)

Time for Contribution (Temps pour une contribution modeste)

If you have never tried to follow a holy man or you have no idea about a man being holy, you might not be able to find any holiness in any holy man. You look so sinful to followers of Jesus Christ.

That is why the Vatican was established to educate people.

The point at issue is why Europeans could not find something against holiness in Hitler and other Nazi leaders.

So then, who should educate the Vatican?

SECTION I: How to Correct American Capitalism

American Capitalism is not the best way for realizing the American Dream.

David C. Korten

Author, Lecturer, Engaged Citizen

10 Essential Areas of Action
The New Economy Working Group has identified ten essential areas of action to advance the transformation to a New Economy:

1.The New Economy Story: Articulate a framing story of the possibility and potential of an living Earth economy that supports a healthy biosphere, a prosperous and meaningful life for all people, and vibrant, democratic communities of place.


3.Real Wealth Money System: Replace the current system of money creation and allocation designed to build private financial fortunes for the few with a new money system designed to support an equitable and sustainable allocation of real resources to meet the needs of all. Money created from nothing unrelated to the production of anything of real value is phantom wealth. When phantom wealth is created for exclusive private benefit, it is a form of theft. Wall Street institutions specialize in creating phantom wealth for the exclusive private benefit of Wall Street CEOs and financiers. In a real wealth money system, money creation will be decentralized and the financial system will be structured and operated as a regulated public utility devoted to meeting the financial needs of Main Street.


6. Corporate Accountability: Change the rules relating to corporate charters and political participation to subordinate the rights and powers of artificial legal entities to the rights and powers of real living persons. The only legitimate reason a public body to issue a corporate charter is to serve a public purpose. A corporation's public purpose is properly specified in it charter and subject to periodic public review. To maintain the integrity of the democratic political system in the face of aggregations of corporate power it is proper that corporations be prohibited from political participation. It is their role to honor the rules established by democratically elected bodies, not to make them.

Production and provision of money must be the focal point in thinking about solutions to the present economic situations in the world.

The world today was built and is operated on one monetary scheme agreed upon by major players in the world, namely governments all over the world. The scheme is to allow the central bank of each country to get significant independence and produce and provide money to the market through financial institutions.

Even a central government is virtually not allowed to produce and print bills and notes based on its own theory and calculation methods.

Only a central bank, which is essentially a private entity as a member of the market, is authorized to produce and print bills and notes based on globally agreed on theory and calculation.

Yet, this is a paradigm of the era around WWII when the gold standard was adopted.

Today, mankind has great capability and capacity to produce industrial products and even agricultural products based on modern technology.

Today, mankind has great capability and capacity for communication and coordination needed to operate new economic and monetary systems where money will not be an obstacle factor for solving any international, domestic, social, and individual problems, including depression and poverty.

But, abolition of the current central bank monopoly system would bring about a great loss of future chances for gaining big profits to today's major players in the market. Rich men increasing their wealth abusing the system of today will be deprived of their status as privileged players in the global financial sector.

Accordingly, this movement of introduction of the new system will be accompanied by a feature of revolution.

Though President Mr. Barack Obama does not use the phrase "Revolution," future political leaders of America would have to set up a banner of Revolution rather than "another change."

Yet, first of all, those new leaders must be first of all clean themselves in terms of "money and political activities."

SECTION II: How Do You Read the Trend?

Please refer to a related section in the EEE-Reporter blog of yesterday. land surface temperature
Click to enlarge the figure showing the anomaly trend of the global temperature.

The green, light blue, and yellow lines were drawn by me for analysis.

SECTION III: 7-Year Cooling Cycle Discovered!!

From the same original figure, the average time span of 7 years can be easily seen between two significant cooling years . land surface temperature
Click to enlarge the figure showing the cycle of significant cooling years.

This cycle shall be called the "EEE-Cooling Cycle."

According to this law, the next cooling year will be around 2015.

(You may find a sub-cycle of three years in the above figure, though.)

Anyway, this cooling cycle(s) has nothing to do with CO2 emissions by mankind. There must be a greater mechanism behind it.

*** *** *** ***

The Financial Times has sounded a warning on Mr. Ichiro Ozawa's entry into the contest for the Japanese premiership against incumbent P.M. Mr. Naoto Kan who is in his third month in prime minister's office.

The Wall Street Journal has sounded a warning on Mr. Ichiro Ozawa's entry into the contest for the Japanese premiership against incumbent P.M. Mr. Naoto Kan who is in his third month in prime minister's office.

The Washington Post has sounded a warning on Mr. Ichiro Ozawa's entry into the contest for the Japanese premiership against incumbent P.M. Mr. Naoto Kan who is in his third month in prime minister's office.

It is important to respect an advice from friends.

If Mr. Ozawa should win the DPJ leadership election to assume the office of prime minister of Japan, the general election will be closed in. Mr. Ozawa has various personal problems in addition to his biased and bigot stance in making public policy. As a result, he will be faced with nonconfidence movement sooner or later and forced to step down or dissolve the Lower-House of the parliament.

The prime minister of Japan this time next year can be Mr. Sadakazu Tanigaki, president of the long-time ruling party LDP till the last summer. By electing controversial power broker Mr. Ichiro Ozawa as new prime minister, lawmakers of the ruling DPJ can start a step forward to their ice age as a party out of power.

Mr. Ichiro Ozawa said that as the public prosecutors could not bring charges against him, there is no need for him to explain his alleged cases in the National Diet. But, the National Diet is the highest organ of the nation Japan. The judicial branch is subject to laws and regulations the parliament passes and enacts. Mr. Ichiro Ozawa should stop using sophistry in his TV appearance to Japanese voters and taxpayers.

(However, I do not critically support an idea of taking him to a court to judge and execute legal justice on him.)


A hometown is a place to longingly recall...You must not enter the village if told so, since the Mafia might be waiting for you.)

Luk 9:1 Then he called his twelve disciples together, and gave them power and authority over all devils, and to cure diseases.

Luk 9:2 And he sent them to preach the kingdom of God, and to heal the sick.

Luk 9:3 And he said unto them, Take nothing for your journey, neither staves, nor scrip, neither bread, neither money; neither have two coats apiece.

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"Elias with Moses"

Tokyo Imperial Palace in an Old Castle
Tokyo Central-Government District
Tokyo Sight-Seeing Buses

Ambiguous but Dramatic Data (L'amour ambigu, mais dramatique)

It needs enormous energy and physical work to heat the earth so that its temperature gets just 0.1 degrees F or C higher.

To boost this 0.1 degrees to 0.2, namely realize a 100% increase of the increase, also needs enormous energy and physical work.

Accordingly, CO2 alone cannot achieve this great task. Energy consumed by all the people on this earth must also contribute to this heating or an increase of the increase of the global temperature.

Conversely, with such huge energy consumption and CO2 emissions on the earth, the temperature of the air covering the whole earth increases just a bit little, say, from "15.0 degrees Celsius to 15.1" to "15.0 degrees Celsius to 15.2."

Indeed, it has taken 2000 years even for Jesus Christ to have His teaching reach this east end of the world, namely Japan.

SECTION I: Change in Change of Temperature

As I presented the following figure (today modified) yesterday, the change in fluctuation of global temperature can be a result from a change in total energy use and CO2 emissions.

d(dTemperature/dt)/dt = a*dEnergy/dt + b*dCO2/dt

From 1971 to 2004, the yearly emissions of CO2 in the world increased twice larger, namely from 13.6 billion tons to 25.7 billion tons.

From 1971 to 2006, the yearly consumption of energy in the world increased 2.2 times larger.

However, a threshold for outward appearance of the combined effects of energy consumption and CO2 seems to have been only surpassed around 1990. In other word, till 1990 magnitude of the combined effects must have been too weak to emerge in the environment.

Between 1990 and 2010, the energy consumption has increased by 35.1%. Between 1990 and 2010, CO2 emissions have increased by 28.5%.

Between 1990 and 2010, the three-consecutive-year average of fluctuation (anomaly) of the global temperature around 1990 was 0.2833 degrees Celsius and that around 2009 is 0.5466 degrees Celsius, resulting in an increase by 92.9%.

( )

Accordingly, 92.9% is closer to 35.1%+28.5% (=63.6%), rather than to 28.5%.

d(dTemperature/dt)/dt = a*dEnergy/dt + b*dCO2/dt

In this case for 1990 and 2010(2009), we can adopt: a = 1; b = 2.

d(dTemperature/dt)/dt = dEnergy/dt + 2*dCO2/dt

92.9% = 35.1% + 2*28.5% = 92.1%

Got it!?!

So, we can say that the global temperature is increasing according to the above equation with the factors of energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

We can also say: if you decrease emissions of CO2 only, energy consumed and released by mankind to the environment and the air would still raise the temperature (according to the law of physics).

Yet, as was the case around 1970, another threshold might be set under which no appearance of those combined effects will be found on the global temperature, due to global cooling caused by some natural factors stronger than human consumption of energy and human-emitting CO2, though these factors (which might bring about a glacial age) are still unknown.

SECTION II: Ignorant Leader & His Blind Followers?

Mr. Ichiro Ozawa, the most influential and controversial lawmaker of Japan's ruling party, has at least two faces: one to America and another to China.

Probably, when he was a key member of the conservative LDP which held power till the last summer, Mr. Ozawa negotiated with various politicians and high-ranking officials of the U.S. Government. And, he must have thought that he was not so respected by Americans.

Probably, when he was a key member of the conservative LDP which held power till the last summer, Mr. Ozawa negotiated with various politicians and high-ranking officials of China. He still looks like keeping a strong tie with them. Accordingly, he must be thinking that he is so much respected by Chinese.

CBS News
Aug. 25, 2010

Japan Senior Lawmaker: Americans Are Simple-minded

Key Figure In Japan Ruling Party Calls Americans 'simple-minded'

(AP) TOKYO (AP) - A key figure in Japan's ruling party dubbed Americans "simple-minded" in a speech to fellow lawmakers Wednesday.

...Ozawa was forced to resign as party secretary-general in early June over a funding scandal, though he has denied any wrongdoing.

..."I don't think Americans are very smart, but I give extremely high credit for democracy and choices by its people," he said. "They chose a black president for the first time in U.S. history," adding that he thought once that would never be possible.

The China Post
Updated Thursday, September 2, 2010 11:21 pm TWN, AP

Japanese political veteran says he'll vie for PM job

TOKYO -- A Japanese ruling party veteran confirmed Tuesday he will run in an internal party election next month, mounting a challenge to a prime minister who has been in office less than three months.

...The 68-year-old Ozawa is a powerbroker in the party but unpopular with the public. He stepped down in June as the party's secretary-general amid a funding scandal. Public opinion surveys show that a vast majority of voters prefer Kan over Ozawa.

Mr. Ozawa simply and flimsily showed his supporters that he had guts to let down America. But, China might find it soon that being a close friend of Mr. Ozawa will be useless sooner or later for their strategic or secret operations in Japan.

Followers of Mr. Ozawa criticize the mainstream media and national newspapers for their concerted attacks on Mr. Ozawa. "Results of phone surveys conducted by the national newspapers were cooked up and doctored so as to make Mr. Ozawa look unpopular," they are claiming in various Internet sites.

Yet, a major radio station also conducted an e-mail survey, requesting listeners on August 27 to send e-mails to the radio station and express their support for P.M. Mr. Kan or Mr. Ozawa. Results from 463 e-mails they received are:
For P.M. Naoto Kan: 49.8%
For Ichiro Ozawa: 50.2%


If there are 20% of voters who unusually strongly support one candidate, no matter how much he is unpopular in large, such a result is possible, since the absolute number of those fanatic supporters can be 20 million in Japan in the worst case.

Anyway, this DPJ leadership election (virtually Japan's premiership election) will provide interesting data and examples in terms of real and engineered popularity of politicians and online/telephone surveys.

(Mr. Ozawa does not look like a warm-hearted and humble guy who would openly share official funds the Government provides for each party by law, if he is in a position to manage such funds. He has made use of such political funds secret even to other executives of the party, claiming that such secrecy is necessary to win election. In order to keep this secrecy, he takes a coercive attitude so that everybody will be afraid of him and will never ask where, how, and how much those public funds have been used in his political activities.

In principle, those official funds must be evenly shared by all the lawmakers who belong to the party.

Mr. Kan as prime minister cannot tell a lie about matters related to such government funds. If Mr. Ozawa should be elected as P.M., he will be also not allowed to.

What I want to emphasize is that as 60% to 80% of voters and taxpayers doubt reporting about political-fund usage by Mr. Ozawa, he should not become prime minister of Japan.)

*** *** *** ***

Jesus Christ took St. Peter, St. James, and St. John to a mysterious meeting with two mysterious figures.

These two mysterious persons must have been far closer to Jesus Christ than the three future saints were, so that the two uncommon persons looked like Elias and Moses to the three ordinary men of 2000 years ago in Palestine.

Jesus Christ met with these two special disciples who had been already ordered what to do when Jesus Christ was executed. Jesus Christ gave the last instructions to these two marvelous disciples (one of whom might have been His brother or cousin, or otherwise a Roman officer [since he had a special lantern shedding white light]) who might have been called "Elias" and "Moses" as their code names.

"Elias" and "Moses" must have also informed Jesus Christ of the state of betrayal by Judas Iscariot. That is why St. Peter, St. James, and St. John were left slumbering.

These two people would come to the tomb of Jesus Christ, being guided by Angels, before His female followers would come early on the morning of the third day after His burial.



Mar 9:1 And he said unto them, Verily I say unto you, That there be some of them that stand here, which shall not taste of death, till they have seen the kingdom of God come with power.

Mar 9:2 And after six days Jesus taketh with him Peter, and James, and John, and leadeth them up into an high mountain apart by themselves: and he was transfigured before them.

Mar 9:3 And his raiment became shining, exceeding white as snow; so as no fuller on earth can white them.

Mar 9:4 And there appeared unto them Elias with Moses: and they were talking with Jesus.

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", and came into his own city"

The Tokyo Station under Repair
Around the Tokyo Station
Inside a Metropolitan Bus

A Step Ahead, A Different World (Un moment a venir, Eclairage different)

President Mr. Barack Obama finally announced the end of the combat phase in Iraq along with withdrawal of U.S. combat forces from impoverished Iraq.

In May 2003, the then President Mr. George W. Bush declared the end of the major combat in Iraq.

President Mr. Obama was televised from the Oval Office at night. President Mr. George W. Bush was televised from the deck of an aircraft carrier.

A future history textbook might simply read that "the War on Terror contributed to the reelection of George W. Bush in 2004 and the election of Barack Obama in 2008."

Indeed, I did not even start the EEE-Reporter blog in February 2003.

(I was watching live images, though blurred somewhat, an embedded reporter was sending to CNN viewers using a phone camera from an armed vehicle advancing on the wilderness of Iraq. I thought I was watching a scene of history. Since then, some people have earned a great amount of money in America and Dubai as well as China. Japan is not a direct beneficiary of interest of the Iraqi War, probably, though its regime change in 2009 was further spurred by the result of the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election.)

SECTION I: Ozawa vs Kan for Japan's New PM

So, the biggest news in Japan is that the tense negotiations between P.M. Mr. Naoto Kan and Mr. Ichiro Ozawa were broken off last night.

On September 14, a convention of the ruling DPJ will be held to elect its new head who is promised to be elected soon as new prime minister of Japan, though Mr. Kan's victory would simply confirm his position.

P.M. Mr. Naoto Kan is a former anti-Vietnam War student. Mr. Ichiro Ozawa is son of a conservative LDP lawmaker, succeeding his father's position to be elected as Lower-House member in 1969 and subsequently follow Former P.M. Kakuei Tanaka (Nixon's negotiating partner) for years, though Tanaka was accused of the Lockheed bribery case in 1970's.

Majority of Japanese voters support P.M. Mr. Kan rather than Mr. Ozawa who commands big political funds and many followers in the party.

The true concern for this DPJ leadership election is in how it will turn to advantage for the next general election. And, it is widely predicted that Mr. Ozawa's victory and his accedence to Japan's premiership would promise the loss of the DPJ in the next general election. Mr. Kan's victory would further intensify concern over economic policies of his Cabinet.

The rival LDP and other opposition parties must like "P.M. Ozawa" than "P.M. Kan," since their chance for taking over or sharing power would be drastically multiplied. However, the media and ordinary citizens dislike Mr. Ozawa's authoritarian stance. Mr. Ozawa speaks politely before a TV camera, but reportedly arrogantly to his followers behind a closed door.

Mr. Kan recently chose a foolish economist as his advisor, losing face somehow. But, he is humbly calling for cooperation to the LDP and other parties in addressing economic issues.

The Nihon Keizai (Nikkei) Shimbun conducted a net survey in late August on this issue. Its result might be more worth referring to, since Nikkei is so business oriented and widely read by Japanese corporate workers.

Which Should be Japan's Prime Minister?
Naoto Kan---66.6%
Ichiro Ozawa---33.4%

Which would take more effective economic measures?
Naoto Kan---49.3%
Ichiro Ozawa---50.7%

(;p=9694E0E4E2EAE0E2E3E2E7E2EBE2;o=F2F2F2F2F2F2F2F2F2F2F2F2F2F2 )

SECTION II: Global Warming by Energy (& CO2)

Increase in consumption of energy results in an increase of temperature, following the law of physics. CO2 has also some effect to add an increase of global warming.

Fluctuation of the average temperature is on an increasing trend.

(Click to enlarge.)

If it is not due to the nature, the global warming must be first ascribed to the ever increasing use of energy by mankind and then secondarily to an additional effect of CO2.

(Click to enlarge.)

If it is said that CO2 is wrong, it is not directly linked with a sin of rich material life.

But, if it is said that using energy is wrong, it is directly linked with a sin of rich material life.

No matter how much you blame CO2, rich men will not repent and come to use less energy.

If you blame energy consumption, rich men will be forced to repent and use less energy.

That is why you should not abuse the term CO2 so often, but correctly use "energy consumption" as much as possible.

SECTION III: Coalition's Planes Downed in Iraqi War

Fixed-wing losses

24 (*2 to hostile fire, **2 to friendly fire)

F/A-18 Hornet..... 5/1**
F-16 Falcon..... 5
C-130 Hercules..... 4/1*
A-10 Warthog..... 1*
AV-8 Harrier..... 1
F-14 Tomcat..... 1
F-15E Strike Eagle..... 1
S-3 Viking..... 1
Tornado GR4..... 1**
C-23 Sherpa..... 1
Aerocomp Comp Air..... 7 1
Antonov An-26..... 1
Antonov An-12..... 1

Since the U.S. has industrial potential to produce thousands of F-15s, F-16s, and other military planes between 2003 and 2010, the above figures of loss do not mean anything grave (except related human losses and casualties).

In other word, it is not war. It must have been thought of as something different from war. Iraqi people, Saddam Hussein's military, and other insurgents, including AlQaeda, have had no intention to shoot down as many as Coalition's planes in Iraq. It means they have had no intention to make war with the U.S. in Iraq.

It is an incident, that is, America just invaded, with overwhelming forces, Iraq in a unilateral manner while no civil war was going on like in South Vietnam of early 1960's.

It is true that the two tall buildings and others in New York and the DOD building in Washington D.C. were attacked and demolished by AlQaeda in 2001. But, does the fact justify the U.S. military operations in Iraq, which cannot be even called war but one-sided exercise of American military power?

Anyway, it is not a war, since America lost just six of F-15s and F-16s in seven years, while America could produce thousands of them.

It is a kind of operations Israelis and Saudi Arabians might like to adopt.

*** *** *** ***

No typhoons have landed on Japan this summer (except the Okinawa islands).

As the high-pressure air has covered Japan so strongly with help from the westerly jet in the high altitude and so on, typhoons have just moved around Japan.

With the sun angle getting smaller down toward the south and the high-pressure air from Siberia gaining momentum, this quasi-tropical state of the Japanese islands will be over, and the westerly jet will return to its normal course.

This change of the season might be very drastic as expected to happen in this fall.

And, even in May this year, some northern parts of the Japanese islands had a foot-deep snowfall.

Maybe, if the summer is unusually hot, the following winter is unusually cold.

Truly, if love is unusually pure, the following effect is unusually prolonged.

( )

Mat 9:1 And he entered into a ship, and passed over, and came into his own city.

Mat 9:2 And, behold, they brought to him a man sick of the palsy, lying on a bed: and Jesus seeing their faith said unto the sick of the palsy; Son, be of good cheer; thy sins be forgiven thee.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"he rebuked Peter, saying, "

Government Offices Area & Diet Building Cap
The Imperial Hotel where P.M. Kan and U.S. Ambassador Roos Dined
Japanese women love to put up a parasol as they hate sunburn unlike a roustabout.

The Die Is Cast (Le sort en est jete - Mais ou?)

You cannot see how the president of China is chosen or elected, since the related proceeding is a secret of the Chinese Communist Party.

But, you can easily see how the prime minister of Japan is chosen or elected if you can understand Japanese, since Japan is a democratic and open country.

The Ozawa camp tried to extract a concession from P.M. Mr. Naoto Kan in vain. Lower-House member Mr. Ichiro Ozawa thinks that he is supported by more national lawmakers of the DPJ than P.M. Mr. Kan is, since Mr. Ozawa has accumulated political funds and influential power over years. What's more, Mr. Ozawa has succeeded in keeping his position as a kind of boss of Former P.M. Mr. Yukio Hatoyama who resigned this June to be succeeded by Mr. Kan.

Most of state ministers in the Kan Cabinet cannot accept the increase of influence of Mr. Ozawa, even if the present power structure with Mr. Kan as P.M. is preserved but if Mr. Ozawa takes up some key position such as Vice Prime Minister or the Director-General of the party. With their backup, P.M. Mr. Kan has decided to face the challenge from Mr. Ozawa, a shadowy schemer, in election.

As three secretaries of Mr. Ichiro Ozawa were arrested and are now on judicial trial for allegedly illegal political fund reporting, I think it is very inappropriate for Mr. Ozawa tries to be Prime Minister of Japan, though he has been a Lower-House member of the Japanese parliament since 1969.

SECTION I: Google's Self-Imposed Regulations in China

The following 18 items are said to be specified, as forbidden keywords or some such, in a self-regulation list of Google for its operation in China.

1. Revaluation of the yuan

2. Speculation on personnel changes in the Chinese Communist Party

3. Corruption of public servants and bureaucrats

4. Collusion between the police and gangsters in Chongqing City

5. Food-safety related incidents and criminal cases

6. Jump in prices of food oil

7. Rising health care costs

8. Injection of degraded vaccine in Shanxi Province

9. Widening gap between the rich and the poor

10. Revised family registration system

11. Turmoil in Tibet

12. Turmoil in Hsinchiang Uighur Autonomous Region

13. Empowerment of universities for their autonomy

14. Scarcity of employment for university graduates

15. Physical assault to a steel-company president in Jilin Province

16. Delayed recovery in disaster areas hit by the Sichuan Earthquake

17. Price hike of real estates and scarcity of houses

18. Real-estate developers plotting a land-price hike


Accordingly, you will not be allowed to discuss the above issues openly on the street in Beijing, Shanghai, and any other cities in China.

Chinese economic prosperity is on the balance between merit of non-democratic regulation and demerit of it.

But, if a problem gets bigger and bigger, the Chinese Communist Party would simply suppress it by non-democratic regulation.

When a magnitude of an increasing problem surpasses the limit of effect of those measures and regulations, China will have to face a need for revolution for democracy.

SECTION II: The U.S. 10 Worst Jobs of 2010

In America if you are rich, you have many friends as indicated below:

The 10 Worst Jobs of 2010
–by Andrew Strieber

...In particular, Roustabout was hurt by poor rankings for physical demands (198th) and work environment (194th). Beyond these two major deficiencies, however, the job also ranked within the bottom 20 for stress and hiring outlook, and the bottom 40 for both median and high-end salary. And while Roustabout is an entry-level position that workers can progress from, it offers a median salary of $31,000, which is relatively low considering the job's dangerous nature. In addition, even high-end pay tops out at just $49,000, although this can be supplemented by overtime pay. In addition, the unemployment rate for Roustabouts was very high last year, and as investment moves away from traditional oil and gas energy sectors, the career is expected to experience negative growth, with demand falling by 6% through 2016.

1. Roustabout
Performs routine physical labor and maintenance on oil rigs and pipelines, both on and off shore.

2. Lumberjack
Fells, cuts, and transports timber to be processed into lumber, paper, and other wood products.

3. Ironworker
Raises the steel framework of buildings, bridges, and other structures.

4. Dairy Farmer
Directs and takes part in activities involved in the raising of cattle for milk production.

5. Welder
Joins or repairs metal surfaces through the application of heat.

6. Garbage Collector
Collects refuse on a designated municipal route, and transports trash to disposal plants or landfill areas.

7. Taxi Driver
Operates a taxi cab over the streets and roads of a municipality, picking up and dropping off passengers by request.

8. Construction Worker (Laborer)
Assists construction trade workers by performing a wide variety of tasks requiring physical labor.

9. Meter Reader
Monitors public utility meters, and records volume of consumption by customers.

10. Mail Carrier
Delivers and collects mail along prearranged rural and urban routes.

Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible request rich people to live and work as roustabouts and so on, after giving all their money to the poor.

The relationship between the rich and the poor must not be the one between a master and a servant but between friends.

SECTION III: Net Survey on Politics in Japan

Since August 26, 2010, a Yahoo Japan site has conducted a survey on a state of support for Mr. Ichiro Ozawa, the sole candidate (so far) against Prime Minister Mr. Naoto Kan for the coming DPJ leadership election.

Of all the participants,
Those favorably disposed toward Mr. Ozawa: 40%
Those negatively disposed toward Mr. Ozawa: 58%

Of supporters for the DPJ (accounting for 33% of all),
Those favorably disposed toward Mr. Ozawa: 63%
Those negatively disposed toward Mr. Ozawa: 35%

( )

For this kind of net surveys, only those motivated strongly for some specific reasons would voluntarily take time and click on some fields on the site.

If you do not like Mr. Ozawa, you would not probably even join the survey voluntarily.

If you do like Mr. Ozawa, you would surely join the survey voluntarily to boost popularity of Mr. Ozawa.

Negligence is a common attitude toward what you do not like to see and hear. It is rather rare for a man to voluntarily take time and click on some fields on a survey site to show his negative opinion, if his hatred is unusually strong.

With this notion, it is concluded that a majority of voters do not like to see and hear Mr. Ozawa. They will not cast ballots for the ruling DPJ led by Mr. Ozawa (if he should be elected as DPJ head) in the next general election.

Anyway, this Yahoo Japan survey has been joined by total 8,673 Net users (as of 20:30, 8/31), just a negligible margin in real counting in any election district in Japan with 100 million eligible voters.

*** *** *** *** ***

Mr. Yuriko Koike, a female lawmaker of the conservative LDP, wrote into Twitter that there is not much to choose between P.M. Mr. Kan and Mr. Ozawa (her former boss) in their race for the head of the socialistic DPJ. "In the meantime Japan is open without doing business, though as usual," she twittered.

Aug. 2...USD/JPY = 1/86.69
Aug. 31...USD/JPY = 1/84.54

Aug. 2...EUR/JPY = 1/113.38
Aug. 31...EUR/JPY = 1/106.86

But, this trend of the stronger yen is a natural consequence of the state of the U.S. falling down gradually like the Roman Empire, according to some Japanese experts.

The 30-8-2009 general election turned to a throwaway match before the voting day, resulting in the regime change from the pro-American LDP centric government to the pro-Chinese/Korean DPJ centric government in Japan.

However, it is not an end of a story. It is a change of the chapter.

Smart politicians in an old party were forced, in an incompetent state, to leave government offices which are now being filled with proud amateur politicians who rather try to rely on a veteran politician, since the boss has big money (but only doubtful performance). The story is till going on...



The lime tree or the tree of the Buddha is called "Bodai-jyu" in Japanese.

A demon trying to destroy the Buddha could even hide behind, and appear from, the lime tree.

Satan could easily and secretly got inside St. Peter, which however Jesus sensed as St. Peter delivered the word "Christ" without using the word "God" in such a manner as "the Son of God." St. Peter put Jesus down forcing Him to call Himself "the Son of Man," the least title even the poorest can use to call himself. Besides, St. Peter rebuked Jesus, which is a terrible sin loved by Satan.)

Mar 8:29 And he saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am? And Peter answereth and saith unto him, Thou art the Christ.

Mar 8:30 And he charged them that they should tell no man of him.

Mar 8:31 And he began to teach them, that the Son of man must suffer many things, and be rejected of the elders, and of the chief priests, and scribes, and be killed, and after three days rise again.

Mar 8:32 And he spake that saying openly. And Peter took him, and began to rebuke him.

Mar 8:33 But when he had turned about and looked on his disciples, he rebuked Peter, saying, Get thee behind me, Satan: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but the things that be of men.

Monday, August 30, 2010

"and the herd ran violently down a steep place into the lake"

My Wonderful World (Notre monde merveilleux)

Experts say that one dollar will be exchanged at 75 yen by the end of this year.

While Japan’s economic growth is slowing, it’s still projected to be faster than the U.S. or euro zone. Growth may total 3.4 percent this year, compared with 3 percent in the U.S. and 1.4 percent for the 16-nation euro area, according to the median estimates in separate surveys by Bloomberg. At 5.2 percent, Japan’s jobless rate is the lowest of the Group of Seven nations.

Traders are also attracted to Japan’s current-account surplus. The country doesn’t need to rely on foreign capital to fund a trade deficit, making the currency a haven in times of crisis. Exports exceeded imports by 804.2 billion yen ($9.36 billion) in July, more than the 466.3 billion-yen median estimate of 24 economists surveyed by Bloomberg. The nation’s foreign-exchange reserves total $1.01 trillion, second only to China’s $2.45 trillion, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

The Japanese people enjoy higher salary comparable to Americans' but not to Chinese salary.

So, the Japanese currency is stronger than the Chinese currency. Americans would rather buy the Japanese currency than the Chinese currency.

This gap between the Japanese economy and the Chinese economy may be called "deflation in Japan," resulting in higher appreciation of the yen than the U.S. dollar and accordingly than the Chinese yuan.

SECTION I: The Rich to be Richer in China

The People's Daily of China reported this May that the gap between rich Chinese and poor Chinese is getting wider day after day.

The causes for this trend was analyzed as follows:

(1) City Dwellers vs. Villagers
The income gap between city workers and villagers is now 3.33 vs. 1 while it was 2.6 vs. 1 in 1997.

(2) Monopoly Firms vs. Ordinary Ones
The substantial income gap between employees in monopoly companies in the power, telecommunications, financial, insurance, tobacco, and other specific sectors and those in ordinary businesses is 5 vs. 1 or 10 vs. 1.

(3) Those With Connection to Government vs. Those Without
The Chinese Government still directly manages and controls various rights, interests, and concessions in terms of capital, lands, natural resources, and other fundamental assets of the nation. But, those national assets bring huge benefits only to some limited individuals and businesses having special connection to governmental agencies, since they are neither operated nor regulated in a democratic manner.

(4) Those Allowed for Special Treatment and Those Not
Those admitted into a special group due to some merit and qualification can enjoy far better treatment in public offices, government-owned companies, and government-linked organizations. To be admitted so, many citizens sweeten key figures in the central and local governments with a bribe. Also, companies to help citizens get qualified so, if in an illegal manner, are doing brisk business.


The Chinese Communist Party is helping the rich get richer but requesting the poor to support this policy of the Party.

There is always a grand cause the Chinese Communist Party can take up customarily: stabilization of the Chinese society and the securing of the rule by the Party.

At present, if the Communist Party suppressed desire of people for riches, large-scale social unrest would be set off. But, when the poor think that time has come for justice, another revolution can be set off.

SECTION II: The Rich to be Richer in America

Capitalism is a system after all where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer as the most practical and meaningful outcome of it.

Americans misunderstand that their American Dream can be only realized in the capitalism America.

Americans also misunderstand that their American Dream must be what can be only realized in the capitalism America.

Today, if the population of America is 10 and its wealth is only two cheeseburgers, one rich man takes one cheeseburger while other nine are sharing another, virtually.

(Click to enlarge.)
FIGURE 1: The Top Decile Income Share in the United States, 1917-2007
Source: Piketty and Saez (2003), series updated to 2007.
Income is defined as market income including realized capital gains (excludes government transfers).
In 2007, top decile includes all families with annual income above $109,600.

Americans who are ranked within top 10% in terms of the income level holds 50% of total money distributed as income among all the Americans.

Simply put, 10 richer people occupy 50% of money circulating in the society if the population of America is 100 (as of 2007).

But, it was not always the norm. In 1982, 10 richer people occupy just 35% of money circulating in the society if the population of America is 100. In 1995, 10 richer people occupy only about 40% of money circulating in the society if the population of America is 100. In 2002, the ratio fell to 44% from 48%, but again up to 50% in 2007.

What happened in 1982, 1995, and 2002?


- The financial world and the stock market were glamorized in a way they had not been since the 1920s, and figures like Donald Trump and Michael Milken were widely seen as symbols of the decade. Widespread fear of Japanese economic strength would grip the United States in the '80s.

- During the 1980s, for the first time in world history, transpacific trade (with East Asia, such as China, and Latin America, primarily with Mexico) equaled that of transatlantic trade (with Western Europe or with neighboring Canada).[1], solidifying American economic power.[2]

August 12, 2981 - IBM launches its first PC IBM 5150. Since then, IBM starts to launch a series of upgraded PCs virtually year after year. Compatible makers also follows suit.

May 2, 1982 – The Weather Channel airs on cable television for the first time.

October 1, 1982 – Sony launches the first consumer compact disc (CD) player (model CDP-101).

October 13, 1982 – NEC launches PC-9801. Since then, NEC and other Japanese makers start to launch a series of upgraded PCs virtually year after year.


It is the coming of the first IT era with primitive cable TV systems, portable electronics, and personal computers that triggered the rapidly widening gap between the rich and the poor in America around 1982.

Development centers and market for these technologies were no more in Europe and the East Coast but in Japan, the Far East, and the West Coast.

New technologies and innovations brought about the rapidly widening gap between the rich and the poor in America around 1982, since they were also introduced into Wall Street.

Then between 1987 and 1995, the pace of the gap being widened was slowed down. During this period, not so drastic technological breakthroughs were realized. The speed of processors in PCs got higher year after year, but till the emergence of Windows 95 in 1995 that allowed ordinary PC users to use the high-speed Internet so casually, the restricted environment of using PCs also influenced the proceeding of the gap expansion.

In 1995, the emergence of Windows 95 opened the cyber space so widely to PC users at home and in offices connected to the Internet. The amount of data being collected, exchanged, and processed over networks increased so steeply, which resulted in making high-speed financial transactions possible, though computer-aided stock dealing had been common in a large scale since late 1980's.

This spurred pace of diffusion of IT technologies also spurred the widening of the gap between the rich and the poor.

Then the 9/11 Terror in 2001 came. Technological development never stopped in any era and in any age if whatever social incident occurred. But, around 2000, as Google grew so much to symbolize the shift of a focus of advanced technologies from the hardware/software sphere to the applications/contents sphere, the IT technology faced a need for a change in direction of evolution. Along with the paradigm change concerning the American security and defence, a kind of paradigm change was requested even in rich men's living. But, with the start of the War on Terror, the IT industry was boosted. The morale and mood propagated to rich men's activities. Along with the reshaped technological paradigm and rapid growth of Google, the rich became richer again.

In summary, the emergence of "real PCs applicable to business," the emergence of "Windows 95 with the Internet connection function," and growth of "Google and sophisticated use" of IT technologies spurred the widening of the gap between the rich and the poor.

Even if a level of desire of Americans is the same in 1960's, 1970's, 1980's, 1990's, and 2000's, a difference in the level of technologies in those eras has resulted in that huge concentration of wealth in the rich, leading to the gap between the rich and the poor so widening.

*** *** *** ***

A telephone survey by the Yomiuri Shimbun Newspaper, Tokyo, showed support ratings for the two Japanese premier candidates.
P.M. Nato Kan: 67%
Ichiro Ozawa: 14%

An Internet survey by the Yomiuri Shimbun Newspaper showed support ratings for the two premier candidates.
P.M. Nato Kan: 24%
Ichiro Ozawa: 76%

A twitter survey showed support ratings for the two premier candidates.
P.M. Nato Kan: 5%
Ichiro Ozawa: 95%

A telephone survey reflects overall opinions of voters in a ratio of 80% to 90%.

But, generally speaking, only a small percentage of voters join a Net survey voluntarily. Those mobilized or influenced by specific organizations can account for more than 75% of all the participants.

Generally speaking, only a minimal percentage of voters join a twitter survey voluntarily. Those mobilized or influenced by specific organizations can account for more than 95% of all the participants.

This DPJ election where P.M. Mr. Kan and Mr. Ozawa are going to contest the party head presents a good example for a special case of surveys using telephones, an Internet site, or a twitter service.

Note 1: It is anticipated that if Mr. Ozawa is elected for the next P.M. of Japan, he will be firecely attacked in the Diet sessions for his allegedly illegal political fund handlings, resulting in early general election where the DPJ will be probably defeated. According to a newspaper survey, 80 to 90% of voters do not think Mr. Ozawa has explained his case fully to the public.

Note 2: I am not a registered member of, or supporter for, the DPJ. But, as in 1993 after a Ozawa-led tricky regime change the Hosokawa Cabinet fell in eight months and the succeeding Hata Cabinet fell in two months due to Mr. Ozawa's misjudgment, it can happen that after 10 months of the Hatoyama Cabinet the Kan Cabinet falls in three months due to Mr. Ozawa's misjudgment. Unless the Kan Cabinet consolidates its ground through this DPJ party election, early general election will be inevitable.


The year 1969 is a very impressive year, looking back to it from now. Doesn't this sound nice, does it?)

Luk 8:29 (For he had commanded the unclean spirit to come out of the man. For oftentimes it had caught him: and he was kept bound with chains and in fetters; and he brake the bands, and was driven of the devil into the wilderness.)

Luk 8:30 And Jesus asked him, saying, What is thy name? And he said, Legion: because many devils were entered into him.

Luk 8:31 And they besought him that he would not command them to go out into the deep.

Luk 8:32 And there was there an herd of many swine feeding on the mountain: and they besought him that he would suffer them to enter into them. And he suffered them.

Luk 8:33 Then went the devils out of the man, and entered into the swine: and the herd ran violently down a steep place into the lake, and were choked.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

125 Million Spiritual Descendants of Confucius

Fired from 17 Miles Far; Missed?

At the Tokyo Tower

Whenever I see Western people in Japan, I feel that they are the people who have never learnt propriety in a sense of Japanese tradition which is rooted in ancient Confucianism.

(Chinese have not been taught propriety of ancient Confucianism for centuries. Only Japanese have kept this tradition of discipline.

Ordinary Koreans without receiving proper education were forced to observe biased propriety by noble-class Koreans for centuries.)

This propriety is called "Rei" or "Reigi" in Japanese. It begins with learning how to practice a bow to others, since what is formed inside must take a concrete shape outside.

There are of course bad guys and not-bad guys in Japan, too. But, even bad guys are supposed to understand and practice any little degree of propriety. If they do not respect this unspoken authority, they will be regarded as savages and lose any compassion when they are tried.

No matter how much modernized and Westernized Japan is outwardly and in terms of social systems, this underlying moral code remains. It is just like unchanged existence of the Shintoism, Shinto shrines, and the Imperial House.

Now, Confucius said about himself:
"At the age of 15, I decided to concentrate myself in learning."

"At the age of 30, I decided to live independently only relying on my learning."

"At the age of 40, I decided to establish my school of learning."

"At the age of 50, I decided to follow a mission given to me through my learning."

"At the age of 60, I decided to forgive what others say against my learning."

"At the age of 70, I decided to behave as I wish since I know my behaviors do not however betray my learning."

Even today, like in the samurai era, when Japanese learn these words of Confucius, they all respect Confucius.

(But, in China, no such education has been provided for farmers and ordinary people for centuries.

And, in Korea, till the annexation to the Empire of Japan in 1910, no such education has been provided for farmers and ordinary people for centuries.)

Originally, this "learning" mostly included work to know how old Chinese kingdoms were governed by rulers of virtue.

But, to know wisdom and history of old Chinese kingdoms, men have to learn letters and get by heart names of things and contents of events. Accordingly, this kind of mental work became the basics of learning and study in ancient China, ancient Korea, and ancient Japan. Yet, the spirit of the contents, namely propriety, was lost in China and Korea as time went by. It has been only respected, preserved, and observed in Japan. That is why the tradition and the spirit of the ancient Chinese Civilization live in Japan more purely than in China and Korea of today. Incidentally, wars and disasters in China and Korea destroyed many old precious books and other cultural assets; yet Japan has also saved many of them after having imported them from China or Korea.

Now, back to Confucius himself:
At the age of 71, Confucius lost one of his disciples.

At the age of 72, Confucius lost one of other disciples of his.

At the age of 73, Confucius lost again one of other disciples of his.

At the age of 74, Confucius lost his own life.

His disciples observed mourning for three years.

One of his disciples observed mourning for three more years.

Confucius (called "Ko-shi" in Japanese) married at the age of 19 to have a child (called "Ri" in Japanese), though his wife (from a clan called "Ken-kan" in Japanese) is not mentioned in related books. However, it is said that there can be four million direct/indirect descendants of Confucius among Chinese people today.

Yet, there can be 125 million spiritual descendants of Confucius in Japan (at least in theory).

*** *** *** ***

Note that this is an answer to some academic question regrading why only Japan, as a non-European-race-dominant nation, could build a rich nation and a strong military system in the late 19th century competing with Western powers and why Japan could recover so drastically after WWII.

Note also that this is an answer to some practical question regrading how the Japanese people would observe, measure, and assess leaders in the society and politicians to lead the nation.

Now, get back to your seat!

Around Tokyo 13 Miles Far
See! The Tokyo Tower 17 Miles Far
Coming from the Tokyo Station 20 Miles Far