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"raise the dead" - Analysis on China


Analysis on China

The trend of military spending in major countries between 1988 and 2007 is as follows:

(; Click to enlarge.)

India and Brazil have been relatively moderately increasing their defense budgets.

But, China is more aggressively expanding its military budget, following the steep rise of defense spending by the U.S. that has been engaged in the War on Terror since 2001.  It might be in parallel with its growth of GDP or it might be part of its GDP.  But, China's behaviors in Tibet, the South China Sea, and the East China Sea as well as its support for North Korea are not peaceful at all.  It is just like a gangster getting armed with modern weapons who is dreaming of satisfying its desire to intimidate neighbors and extort any money.  Chinese leaders and elites try to look great and wise men but what they are doing reveals that they are simply gangsters.

They sent troops to Tibet to occupy the nation.  They send military ships to the South China Sea to occupy the region.   They send para-military ships around the Senkaku Islands to threat Japan.  They support other gangster country North Korea.  They oppress Muslims in Central Asia. They are developing weapons to destroy an American aircraft carrier battle group.  They arrest anybody who criticize the Chinese Communist Party.  They intimidate families of victims of high-speed train accidents to silence, while infringing every patent right of Japanese comanies.  It is not a country of freedom, democracy, and human rights, while increasing military budget so much.

And, what is worse, there are tens of thousands of Japanese, American, and European businesses earning big profits by using cheap Chinese labor force.   Wall Street companies are not exceptional.  Apple is not exceptional.  So, they are all responsible.

Indeed, companies in China who export are foreign companies or foreign-affiliated companies in a ratio of about 50%.   Companies in China who import are foreign companies or foreign-invested companies in a ratio of about 50%. 

('中国 外資系企業', Click to enlarge.)

Alarming figures about China is percents of individual consumption and infrastructure (development of real estate, construction of factories, roads, etc.) to GDP.

The ratio of individual consumption over GDP in China:

The ratio of infrastructure building over GDP in China:


So,  Chinese people come to spend less and less as individuals in percentage despite China's huge success in economy.  And, those buildings, factories, and public/private facilities being invested big funds into in these years do not like being cleared off or paying off by profits earned using those facilities.  If nobody use so many big condominiums they have built in Beijing, Shanghai, and other Chinese cities, those buildings will become social debts but not assets.

Yet, the Chinese Government most likely use a trick to make them off-balance-sheet liability.   They will force domestic creditors and debtors to keep silent.  So, if the bubble had already burst in China, it would not be announced publicly.  If 400 million people suffer the adverse effect of economic failure but 10 million people can continue a rich life, the Chinese Government would pretend that depression does not happen, since other 600 million Chinese citizens should continue  their living without much change.

So, we have to have a special strategy to deal with the Chinese economy.

(to be continued...)

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Now many jobless youths as well as working youths and middle-aged citizens are gathering and occupying Wall Street.

But, in China, there is no such freedom.  But people provoke a riot sometimes.  And the Chinese police would eventually suppress them and the Chinese Government would report a veneer of economic success.  So, a future revolution would increase its potential in China.

As for the U.S., it is unlikely that the current unemployment rate 9% will be lowered to 4.5% like before the Lehman Shock.  Goods and products are manufactured in China.  The American high-tech sector does not need many workers.  Even the financial sectors is undergoing laborsaving innovation with advanced computers and other machines.  And, Hispanics immigrants are filling agriculture fields.

Advancement in technology, social systems, and global economy has all led to laborsaving in America, though it caused 15-year long deflation in Japan.  And, one major factor behind this trend is China.  Once the U.S. had only one global No.2 economy Japan as a rival.  But, now the U.S. has two global No.2 economies Japan and China.  They do not need many American workers eventually.

Anyway, the solution should be found in Christianity but not in economics in both Japan and the U.S.

Mat 10:8 Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.

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"For this cause" - A Testimony about Explosion of Fukushima Daiichi

Tokyo (click to enlarge.)

A Testimony about Explosion of Fukushima Daiichi

[Updated on December 2]

A manager of of a Hitachi Group company, named Mr. Kawai, was on site in the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant when hydrogen explosion occurred on March 12, 14, and 15.

While managers and staff members of TEPCO stationed in Fukushima Daiichi refuse to talk to the Media following the company's instruction to keep silent over the nuclear accident, some subcontractors have come to provide information for the Media.  Mr. Kawai is one of them.

On March 11, 2011 when the Magnitude-9.0 earthquake occurred, there were 6,400 workers in the Fukushima Daiichi plant.  Among them, 1,800 belonged to Hitachi Group companies.  As the periodical inspection of the Unit No.4 was going on, there were more workers than usual.  It is estimated that 1,300 Hitachi-Group workers were inside any of the four reactor buildings.

After the occurrence of the earthquake, most of workers evacuated the plant.  But, Mr. Kawai, when he was trying to leave the plant, too, got a phone call from Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO).  He was asked to stay and cooperate with TEPCO's staff to restore the plant.  At the time, there were only 30 workers who belonged to Mr. Kawai.

They made full efforts to connect external power lines to the No.1 and No.2 reactor units, since emergency power generators were already lost due to a 15-meter high tsunami.  This work continued till the morning of March 12.  Then 10 of his men returned home.  Mr. Kawai also exited the plant and moved to special accommodating facilities 20 km  away from the Daiichi plant.  Then at 3:30 p.m., he heard a big explosion from the Daiichi plant.  A hydrogen explosion occurred.

When he returned to the nuclear power plant, cables and wires he and his men had connected were all broken, damaged, and torn down.  Mr. Kawai checked each of his men, asking if they would rather stay and continue to work there.  Most of the workers wanted to go home.

So, Mr. Kawai stayed and continued to work for recovery of the plant.  But, on March 14, only four men from Hitachi Group were working in the plant to provide electricity to reactor units, control equipment, and other facilities of the plant.  But, around 11 a.m. the Unit No.3 exploded, another hydrogen explosion...

(to be continued...)

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October 10, namely next Monday, is a public holiday for Japan.

It is called Health-Sports Day.  It is to commemorates the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games which started  on October 10.  And, after Tokyo, the Olympics were held in Mexico City.  Before Tokyo, the venue was Rome.

On October 1, 1964, the first Shinkansen super-express train ran between Tokyo and Osaka.  However, in March 1964, Sony launched a desktop electric calculator using diodes.  In April 1964, US IBM started to sell the System/360 mainframe computer.  In June 1964, the first undersea cable was laid between Japan and the U.S. across the Pacific Ocean.  In November 1964, the U.S. launched the Mariner 4 satellite to Mars.  Yet, China blasted its first nuclear or atomic bomb in this year.  And, the Tonkin Gulf incident also occurred, leading to the Vietnam War.

So, the year 1964 was so symbolic.  It was roughly 20 years after WWII; but today it is almost 20 years after the end of the Cold War.  We really need a rule to examine the  on-going history.  It is especially so, since the Second Coming of Christ must have started in 2010, as I discussed before.

Mar 10:6 But from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female.
Mar 10:7 For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife;

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"This parable spake Jesus" - Plutonium

Tokyo-Narita Airport


Plutonium was detected recently in Iitate village 45 km from the Fukushima Daiichi power generation plant.

Specifically, they measured Plutonium-238 at 0.82 becquerels per square meter, and a total of Plutonium-239 and Plutonium-240 at 2.5 becquerels per square meter.  These doses were so small that the Japanese Government announced that there was no fear of harm on human bodies.

It is truly a crime to contaminate the beautiful village with the abundant nature.

Iidate Village, Fukushima Prefecture

The specific location at which Plutonium was detected is as follows:

But what countries possess plutonium which be easily applied to production of nuclear weapons?

Table 2: Holdings of Plutonium by Country, end 2002, in tonnesa
Czech Republic5.65.65.6
North Korea000.03-0.04b0.03-0.04
South Africa5.35.35.3
South Korea414141
United Kingdom3970.8c1103.2113
United States38852.5d440.547487.5
Total (rounded)1291231102.516251561780

Japan is the fourth largest owner of plutonium in the world, following the U.S., Russia, and France as of 2002.  However, Japan is the only nation that does not develop nuclear weapons among major plutonium countries.

Anyway, the following amounts of Plutonium were discharged from each reactor unit of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, as made public by the Japanese Government:

............No. 1 Unit........No. 2 Unit........No. 3 Unit........Total
Pu-238... 5.8×10^08     1.8×10^10     2.5×10^08   1.9×10^10
Pu-239... 8.6×10^07     3.1×10^09     4.0×10^07   3.2×10^09
Pu-240... 8.8×10^07     3.0×10^09     4.0×10^07   3.2×10^09
Pu-241... 3.5×10^10     1.2×10^12     1.6×10^10   1.2×10^12
(Unit: Bq)

For reference, the atomic bomb blasted in Hiroshima in 1945 discharged 8.9×10^13 Bq of Cs-137.

In addition, according to the Japanese Government, most of plutonium is inside the site of the Fukushima Daiichi plant.

If plutonium detected this time outside Fukushima Daiichi should stay there for 50 years, the radiation doses people might receive are very small:

Pu-238...0.027 milli sieverts
Pu-239 + Pu-240...0.12 milli sieverts

It is said that 20 milli sieverts of doses per year is harmful to man,

Though thousands of school children left Fukushima Prefecture from the fear of an radioactive influence, the major cities of the prefecture, Fukushima City and Koriyama City about 70 km from the Fukushima Daiichi plant, recently receive 1 micro sieverts per hour of radiation, which is less than 1 milli sierverts per year.

So, generally speaking, though it is not very safe living within 70 km of Fukushima Daiichi, it is not so disastrous, while tens of thousands of people are evacuated from a range within 20 to 30 km of the plant.

But, the Japanese Government should have transferred children living within the 70 km range in early days of the incident to other regions and prefectures.  So, former Prime Minister Mr. Kan had to resign in early September to be taken over by. Mr. Noda.

*** *** *** ***

Joh 10:6 This parable spake Jesus unto them: but they understood not what things they were which he spake unto them.
Joh 10:7 Then said Jesus unto them again, Verily, verily, I say unto you, I am the door of the sheep.


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"a stranger will they not follow" - State Bankruptcy

Tokyo-Narita Airport

State Bankruptcy

The Roman Empire used coins mainly made of silver.

Along with an increase of state debts of the Empire, the percentage of silver content decreased eventually to 0.1 to 0.01%.  This type of low-quality silver coins were provided in a large quantity for the public in the 3rd century.  The pension system of the Empire was broken and public servants received only little salary.  Eventually military spending was cut year after year.  The symbol of power of the Empire, namely, military came to lose its foundation.  The number of hired officers and soldiers decreased year after year.  And, finally big waves of wild tribes coming from the east overwhelmed the Empire.   In this way, the Roman Empire fell, according to a theory...

After Columbus discovered America for the Spanish royal family in 1492, Spain obtained a huge amount of gold and silver from the American Continents.

Then, the Spanish people became big-time spenders, living in luxury, since they came to hold so much gold and silver without hard working and any excellent inventions.  Spaniards who invaded the American Continents simply exercised its military force on native Americans who did not even possess effective iron weapons without mentioning harquebuses. Gold and silver was taken so violently.  Then, the noble class and wealthy people of the Spanish Empire started to build many lavish palaces, churches, and so on.  Inevitably the nation came to suffer state bankruptcy four times in the late 16th century, namely in 1557, 1560, 1575, and 1596.  Accordingly Spain lost many ships in the Spanish Armada, a great naval battle fought between Spain and England in 1588.  However, power of wealth used to strengthen the nation was proved eventually when the war ended in 1604, since Spain could still keep maritime control over England.  It needed more time for the English to exercise its superiority, since gold and silver were still around Spain...

As for the British Empire, it could be really proud of its status as the people who realized the Industrial Revolution in the late 18th century.

But, by the middle of the 19th century, other major nations had already started to follow suit. Then, declining of the Empire started. The U.K. was essentially a country engaged in importing raw materials and exporting manufactured products. And, reality was that the U.K. suffered chronic excess of imports. To cover the huge deficit, it needed colonies the Empire acquired through exercise of its military power.  Indeed, without a vast sum of money India earned through trade with the U.K. and deposited in banks in London, the Empire must have collapsed far before WWII. After WWII, the U.K. lost many colonies, but recovery needs of the world helped the country grow as a credit nation. Yet, its industry could not catch up with fast progress of technology being driven by American and Japanese businesses so exhaustively in 1970s and 1980s. In 1976, the British Government suffered financial collapse to be saved by IMF eventually. And then, the era of Ms. Thatcher began. Fortunately, the then advanced technology was found to be useful to apply to the British financial sector. As the U.K. shares many cultural aspects and the language with the U.S., the progress of the hi-tech financial business in the U.S. could be easily transferred to Great Britain or the City. But, it has to also share a decline and a crisis of the money business with America or Wall Street...    

(to be continued...)

*** *** *** ***

There is a theory that Catholic countries used to and look like still being used to bilk their creditors.  They do not pay their debts in the last moment.

Indeed, Christ Jesus said to lend your money to others without expecting a refund.  You must not take back money once if you lend it, in holy principle.  And, strangely, Christ Jesus did not recommend borrowing money from others if in need.  Probably, such a situation where money is needed is impossible for followers of Christ Jesus, since He is the God.

Have a good night if you are on Wall Street.

Joh 10:5 And a stranger will they not follow, but will flee from him: for they know not the voice of strangers.


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"the sheep follow him" - Change & Change

 The Pacific Coast Line...
Of Japan, Near Tokyo...

Change & Change

Some Japanese wonder if it is because Greece is the country where the European Civilization started that other European nations do not forsake Greece.

Indeed, if Greece should go bankrupt and its people all should become homeless or something like that, all the Europeans would lose face.

But, it could also apply to the relationship between Israel and the U.S.

Indeed, if Israel should lose war against Muslims and its people all should become homeless or something like that, all Judaists in the U.S. would lose face.

And then, what about Mr. Barack Obama? Who would lose face if he should lose the 2012 Presidential Election?

African Americans are from the beginning a minority, they would not especially lose face.  Hispanic Americans are from the beginning a minority, they would not especially lose face. But, American Judaists and religiously non-mainstream European Americans might.  And there are many millionaires among American Judaists and religiously non-mainstream European Americans, though they are not the main factor of realization of presidency of Mr. Barack Obama.  It is ordinary but non-rich European Americans that drove the momentum of Mr. Obama's campaign eventually into the White House.

And now, young, ordinary but non-rich European Americans are gathering on Wall Street blaming super rich Americans.  But, are they shouting "Obama Again in 2012!"?  If not, the situation is graver than we have assumed.

*** *** *** ***

The father of Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma was a one-time friend of the Empire of Japan during WWII.

In March 1942, Aung San and his comrades tied up with Imperial troops of Japan to successfully occupy Rangoon or Yangon driving out the British who had colonized Burma since 1886.  

But, as the tide changed and the Imperial military was losing traction over the Pacific Ocean in the war against the U.S., Aung San responded to a calling from the British so as to betray the Imperial troops.  He found that their independence was not complete, since the Empire of Japan continued to station its troops in Myanmar, while the U.K. promised that it would guarantee complete independence to Burmese.   In March 1945,  Aung San and his comrades tied up with British troops to launch a revolt against the Imperial troops in Burma.   

However, when WWII was ended with the surrender of the Imperial military, the U.K. would not like to fulfill its promise to Aung San.  So, Burmese leaders had to carry out tough negotiations with the British Government.  And, in the middle of the political turmoil, Aung San was assassinated in July 1947.  Today Burmese think that it was the British that were behind the scene of this tragedy.

But, before his death after WWII, Aung San attended a military tribunal held in Myanmar.  When a Japanese colonel was being tried, facing a death sentence, Aung San stood up and shouted in the court, "How can you judge a benefactor of the independence of Burma!" 

(To be continued...)

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Taiwanese people sent big relief money to Japan in the wake of the Great Tsunami of March 11, 2011.

And, though China did not provide much aid to Japan, some Chinese claimed that the big money from Taiwan should be counted as relief money from China, since Taiwan is part of China.

It is out of question to accept the Chinese claim.  Beijing should change its arrogant attitude toward the world.

Tonight, a Japanese TV station discussed how the U.S. Vice-President looked soft and rather losing ground facing Chinese leaders, when he visited China in August.  China reportedly requested the Vice-President to secure value of the dollar, since China has so many U.S. Treasury bonds. This episode might be telling that the Chinese Communist Party is good at handling American Democratic politicians.  As the American unemployment is deeply rooted in highly biased trade with China, American workers and voters might choose a Republican President in 2012.

(Today access to this blog was mainly from the U.S., the Netherlands, Russia, Canada, the U.K., Belgium, the Philippines, Germany, Italy, etc.)

Joh 10:4 And when he putteth forth his own sheep, he goeth before them, and the sheep follow him: for they know his voice.


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"he calleth his own sheep" - American Parties

The Pacific Coast of Japan, Not So Far from Tokyo

American Parties

Snow has fallen for the first time in this autumn in north and northeast Japan.  It is a little earlier than an ordinary year.

SECTION I: American Presidential Election

Having observed the American politics from Japan, the distinction between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party is partially stark and partially vague.

The Republican Party looks more affiliated with traditional American Christianity, since JFK, a Catholic president, was from the Democratic Party.   Especially Juadists strongly support the Democratic Party.  Catholic Hispanics seem to also join more the Democratic Party.  But, traditional protestant Americans have backed the Republican Party.

So, at the deepest level of the America presidential election, a conflict between two religious camps has essential momentum.  Yet, some Japanese list features of each party as follows:

Republican Party:
- Fundamentalist Christianity
- Market Fundamentalism
- Under influence of Rothschild

Democratic Party:
- Social Democracy
- Keynesian
- Under influence of Rockefeller

However, according to a study on California in 2002:
(Share) Group....Democrat (%)... Republican (%)
(.69) White (non-Hispanic)... 40...  42
(.16) Latino... 60...  21
(.07) Asian/Pacific Islander... 42...  36
(.07) Black/African-American... 78...  7

In the above categorization, the total supporters for the Democratic Party is 45.6%, while those for the Republican Party is 35.35%.

Therefore without any special bias or incentives working favorably for Republicans, the U.S. President must be always elected from Democrats.  So, the true winner of the 2000 Presidential Election must have been Mr. Gore but not Mr. W. Bush.  And, it does not looks so strange or a surprise that Mr. Barack Obama won the 2008 election.  Mr. Obama's success in 2008 must have been more due to his being a Democrat rather than being an African American.

(Click to enlarge.)

The most important factor to decide the outcome of the US Presidential election however seems to be an unemployment rate.

In this context, there are two noteworthy patterns in the past.
1) In 1992, though President Mr. George W. H. won the Persian Gulf War, he lost the 1992 election against Mr. Clinton.  It is because the unemployment rate was in an upward swing.

2) In 2004, as President Mr. W. Bush was winning the War in Iraq, he won the 2004 election against Mr. John Kerry.  But yet, the unemployment rate stayed relatively high.

As President Mr. Obama took on Osama bin Laden, he seems to fulfill part of conditions to apply the above precedent examples.  So, the issue is whether he will lose the 2012 election  because the unemployment rate is in an upward swing, or he will win while the unemployment rate stays relatively high.

Conversely, if American voters think that the unemployment rate is in an upward swing, Mr. Obama will surely lose, but if American voters think the unemployment rate stays simply high, Mr. Obama will probably win.  Nonetheless, the rate is very high around 9%.

From a historical point of view, Mr. Obama can lose the 2012 election.  It is so, since there is a very important factor: China.

One of the reasons why the American jobless rate is so high now is China.  Rich Americans and rich American companies opt to use the cheap labor force of China more than the relatively expensive American labor force.  It is similar to the situation in Japan.  This business climate has caused long-term deflation in Japan and  eventually stark unemployment in the U.S.  And, as the U.S. Government led by the Democratic Party cannot correct imbalance, another party will be naturally in charge.  Traditionally, the Democratic Party has been tough to Japan requesting correction of trade imbalance between the two countries.  But, the Democrats cannot handle China well.  So, though it is the Bush Administration that promoted strongly trade and business with China in 2000s, American workers have to now rely on the Republicans, expecting them to take a tough stance against China.  It is estimated so, despite a fact that the Republican Party is supported by rich Americans and rich American businesses who are beneficiaries in the present US-China relationship.

Put simply, if a Republican candidate for the 2012 Presidential Election promises that he or she would handle China more deftly and make China import more American products, export less to the American market, or invest more into America,  he will have a more chance to win in 2012.

So, the hidden agenda for the 2012 election must be China.  And, Rockefeller is too friendly to China, though it is not clear how Rothschild wants to see China make America suffer.

SECTION II: American Unemployment

When the president was changed, the U.S. unemployment changed.

Conversely, American voters changed the president to change the unemployment rate in most cases, ironically, for less or more.

(Click to enlarge.)

Let's check who have employed American workers the most:
1. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (NYSE:WMT)
>Workers: 2.1 million
>Revenue: $422 billion
2. International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE:IBM)
>Workers: 436,000
>Revenue: $100 billion.
3. United Parcel Service, Inc. (NYSE:UPS)
>Workers: 400,000
>Revenue: $50 billion
4. McDonald’s Corp. (NYSE:MCD)
>Workers: 400,000
>Revenue: $24 billion
5. Target Corp. (NYSE:TGT)
>Workers: 355,000
>Revenue: $67 billion
6. The Kroger Co. (NYSE:KR)
>Employees: 338,000
>Revenue: $82 billion
7. Hewlett-Packard Co. (NYSE:HPQ)
>Workers: 324,000
>Revenue: $126 billion
8. Sears Holdings Corporation (Nasdaq: SHLD)
>Workers: 312,000
>Revenue: $43 billion.
9. PepsiCo, Inc. (NYSE:PEP)
>Workers: 294,000
>Revenue: $58 billion
10. Bank of America Corporation (NYSE:BAC)
>Workers: 288,000
>Revenue: $134 billion
Almost five million Americans are employed by the above largest enterprises.

There are more than six million long-term jobless people in the U.S.  The total number of unemployed citizens in America is said to be around 15 million.  So, to solve the  long-term unemployment problem, the U.S. needs another Wal-Mart, IBM, and so on.  To solve the total unemployment, the U.S. needs two more Wal-Marts, IBMs, and so on.  

But, in fact, it is China that now runs another Wal-Mart, IBM, and so on.  What is requested of the U.S. President is ability to help establish another Wal-Mart, IBM, and so on.  Or, he or she has to at least stop transfer of business and work to China from America.

(to be continued...)

*** *** *** ***

(In the past week access to this blog is mainly from Russia, the U.S., Germany, India, the U.K., India, Ukraine, Australia, Canada, etc.)

Joh 10:3 To him the porter openeth; and the sheep hear his voice: and he calleth his own sheep by name, and leadeth them out.


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Truth of the World

Mt. Fuji...100 km far...

Truth of the World

Mr. Takeshi Kitano is now a notable world-class Japanese artist.

He also makes frequent TV appearances.  But he recently confessed that he had some connection with gangsters.  His revealing truth came after one popular comedian terminated his career due to his close relationship with gangsters.  It has been a big shock for ordinary people to see that the dark side of the society has penetrated deep among popular entertainers of Japan.

Like in any society, there are some ordinary citizens in Japan who use gangsters to settle their personal troubles without resorting to law and justice.  Especially, Osaka, Kobe, and some other west-Japan cities are well known as areas contaminated by evil of organized crimes at an alarming level.  And, many comedians expand their stage of activities from Osaka to Tokyo, though Mr. Takeshi Kitano was born in Tokyo.  Indeed, organized crime is a big social issue in Japan, since many illegal Chinese and Korean residents in Japan are involved there.

Though the number of Japanese organized gangsters is less than 100,000, the number of the Chinese Mafia operating globally is said to be about two million.


There are many Americans who do not know that Japan has been the second largest fund provider for IMF in these decades.

SECTION II: Net Foreign Assets

According to the World Bank, "Net foreign assets are the sum of foreign assets held by monetary authorities and deposit money banks, less their foreign liabilities. Data are in current local currency."

Almost no American/European journalists know that Japan is the largest owner of foreign assets in the world.
(Click t enlarge.)

Almost no American/European journalists know that the U.S.  is the largest owner of foreign debts:
(Click t enlarge.)

Japan is so different from the U.S. and E.U. in terms of handling of national finance and foreign assets.  Though Japan's state debts reach 200% of its GDP, 95% of creditors to the Japanese Government are Japanese people.  But, for the U.S., the ratio is just 50 to 60%.  The global financial problem lies in that EU nations and the U.S. have less foreign assets but big debts unlike Japan.

SECTION III: Reputation in the World

The Western Media has admired in these years India, South Korea, China, Saudi Arabia, and Russia to lose confidence among global citizens.

They should have respected Japan more than India, South Korea, China, Saudi Arabia, and Russia or the U.S.
2011 Global Reputation Ranking 
Rank Country Score
1 Canada 74.8
2 Sweden 74.7
3 Australia 74.3
4 Switzerland 74.2
5 NewZealand 73.1
6 Norway 73.1
7 Denmark71.9
8 Finland 70.5
9 Austria 69.4
10 Netherlands 68.7
11 Germany 68.3
12 Japan 67.2

13 Belgium 65.6
14 Italy 64.6
15 UK 64.2

16 Spain 63.7
17 Ireland 63.6
18 France 62.1
19 Portugal 58.1
20 Singapore 58.0
21 Greece 55.8
22 Brazil 54.6
23 USA 52.9
25 Taiwan 51.3
27 India 50.3
30 Thailand
34 South Korea
41 Israel
43 China
44 Saudi Arabia
45 Russia
48 Pakistan
49 Iran
Even according to Western measure, Japan can keep its high status.

But, if Japanese measure applies, no European small companies can be ranked high, since they enjoy higher status of living by sacrificing Africans, Muslims, and South Asians or otherwise Latin Americans.

*** *** *** ***

The number of victims or deaths in the 3/11 Great Earthquake/Tsunami of Japan is finally estimated to be around 20,000.

Most of the victims are old men.  Children in school were mostly saved due to prior training and preparation, since most of the affected areas have suffered big tsunamis before.

Among victims, there were some citizens who tried to help old men evacuate, taking time, and thus could not run away from a rushing tsunami.  According to some psychologist, a man sometimes behave like a hero.  He does not think about anything but how to help others.  Such a person is absorbed in his action to help others, missing imminent danger.

In one case, a driver running in a town where electricity was lost due to the big earthquake heard a car radio informing that a 10-meter high tsunami is coming to the area.  He drove to an evacuation center, or a community center, where hundreds of people already gathered as the earthquake was so big and some tsunami was expected.  But, he knew that a 10-meter high tsunami could cover buildings there, so that he drove his car in the middle of the people and shouted, "A 10-meter high tsunami.  Run away!  Listen to a car radio!"  But, people did not take him seriously: a strange man shouting something 10-meter high.

Of course, there were little who shouted so in New York on September 11, 2001 and September 15, 2008.

(One month after the great tsunami in an affected town: