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"I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness"



Amerigo Vespucci's exploration in America had an influence on the book, "Utopia," Englishman Thomas More (1478 – 1535) wrote.

Accordingly, around 1500, we have three symbolic figures: Columbus, Martin Luther, and Thomas More, the author of Utopia.

They represent three major religious movements toward future:
Columbus as a Judaist or a pretender to a converted Christian; Martin Luther as a hero to revolt the Vatican, and Catholic Thomas More as a prophet of Utopia where religious freedom is assured.

The three of them collectively look like indicating a direction the New Continent America must advance with Judaists, Protestants, and freed Catholics.


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Joh 1:23 He said, I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness, Make straight the way of the Lord, as said the prophet Esaias.

Friday, January 22, 2010

"and remained speechless"


China is to surpass Japan in terms of GDP, according to global reporting:

However, it is a common practice in China to intentionally stretch or contract data figures and statistics numbers for the purpose to delude an enemy.

It is regarded as a fool's act in China to present honest and accurate data to the audience including an enemy.

Therefore, it is suspected that China has been informing the world of its GDP using a value inflated by 10% more in these 20 years.

China's GDP in 2009 can be still 10% less in reality than what is announced internationally.

Japan is far more governed with justice, fairness, and correctness as its industrial products are.

SECTION II: Christ, Columbus, and Prophecies

Jesus Christ said that there would be great earthquakes; nations would stand against one another; and the dead would come back alive.

Indeed, the great earthquake in Haiti really matched these conditions, especially as Haiti is on an island where at least some portions of the body of Columbus were buried after having been moved from Spain.

Let's check contents of The Book of Prophecies written by Columbus:
1. Christianity must be spread throughout the world

2. The Garden of Eden must be found - It was the common belief in the Middle Ages that the biblical Garden of Eden must have been on the top of a crag or mountaintop so that it would not have been affected by the first destruction of the world by flood. Upon arriving in Venezuela in 1498, Columbus must have surely thought that the verdant crags of Venezuela bore the garden of the Old Testament of the Bible.

3. A Last Crusade must take back the Holy Land from the Muslims - It was also believed that when Christ comes, he will come back in the place he lived and died; Jerusalem.

4. A Last World Emperor must be chosen - Columbus had chosen, at least in his mind, that the Catholic Kings, Ferdinand and Isabella, would fulfill this position due to the vast imperial power and religious conviction the Spanish monarchs claimed. A last world emperor would be necessary to lead the aforementioned crusade against the Muslims and to greet Christ at Jerusalem once the previous steps had been completed.

Columbus just looks like a plain Christian. But, it does not preclude a possibility that he was pretending to be a Christian while being a Judaist. Even after his adventure, he must have proven that he was a Christian. But, if somebody close to the Catholic Kings, Ferdinand and Isabella, sensed that he was probably not a Christian at the bottom of his heart, it is no wonder that Columbus gradually lost respect and honor.

Indeed, there are some Americans who start to review Columbus:
Was Christopher Columbus Jewish?

A Prophetic Book and the New World
by Ray Bentley
- There is evidence that Columbus spoke Spanish while still living in Italy, an unusual situation unless his family had originated in Spain. Spanish-speaking Jewish refugees from the Inquisition were numerous in the Genoa area.

- The form "Colón" which Columbus adopted as the Spanish equivalent of his last name was not the expected form (which would have been"Colom" or "Colombo"). It was however a common Jewish variation on the name.

- Columbus was known to frequent the company of Jews and former Jews, among whom were some noted astronomers and navigators, as well as his official translator. Marranos (another term for Jews forced to convert) figured prominently among Columbus's backers and crew. Throughout his life he demonstrated a keen knowledge of the Bible and the geography of the Holy Land.

- Columbus began the official report of his first voyage to America, addressed to Ferdinand and Isabella, with the following words: "And thus, having expelled all the Jews from all your kingdoms and dominions, in the month of January, Your Highnesses commanded me that...I should go to the said parts of India." This is a strange fact to mention in this context, and it is not even correct: The order of expulsion was not signed until March 31st.

- The fact that the expulsion of Spanish Jewry and Columbus' voyage coincided is telling. Even when Columbus was scheduled to set sail on August 3rd, he insisted that his entire crew be ready on board a full day earlier. August 2nd 1492 was the day that had been ordained for the last Jews of Spain to depart the country. Hundreds of thousands of Jews were departed from Spain on that dark day.

- When this coincidence of dates was first noted by the Spanish biographer S. de Madariaga, the English Jewish historian Cecil Roth also commented on the "coincidence" August 2nd 1492 coinciding with Tisha B'av, the Jewish fast of mourning. It was as if Columbus had arranged to remain on board ship for that ill-omened day, and to depart only afterwards.

- Columbus discussed particular dates and phrases unique to Hebrew people. When writing about the fall of Jerusalem, he said "the destruction of the second house," referring to the Temple.

Suddenly, for me, a whole new light was shed on the discovery of America and some of our current politics. And that light is even more amazing when I read The Book of Prophecies by Christopher Columbus.

Columbus truly believed he was on a mission from God. Over and over in his written logs he dedicated his voyage to the Lord Jesus Christ.
The book is full of numerous references to Muslim domination and the conflict between Muslims and Christians and Jews - comments that would be extremely politically sensitive in today's climate, but seem eerily prophetic. Columbus held the same passion and regard for Jerusalem and God's people as many Christians do today.

Indeed, Columbus must have always acted like a Christian or a converted Christian, though his ancestors included Judaists. Otherwise, the Spanish Royal court would not allow him to sail for adventure based on their authority.

Truly, Columbus read a certain famous book written by Venetian Marco Polo (1254-1324) who had travelled by road east as far as China. Marco Polo mentioned Japan as a nation of gold, which is believed to have encouraged Columbus to venture into exploration into Asia from the west, since he could get gold easily in Japan as whatever resources for his final adventure to Jerusalem.

Including this episode, Christopher Columbus is truly a God's chosen man who pursued a solution for his belief.

After 500 years plus some, it must be time to revive his spirit, since he was born in 1451.

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Luk 1:20 And, behold, thou shalt be dumb, and not able to speak, until the day that these things shall be performed, because thou believest not my words, which shall be fulfilled in their season.

Luk 1:21 And the people waited for Zacharias, and marvelled that he tarried so long in the temple.

Luk 1:22 And when he came out, he could not speak unto them: and they perceived that he had seen a vision in the temple: for he beckoned unto them, and remained speechless.

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"thou shalt call his name JESUS"

(Mt. Fuji from around Tokyo)

Forgotten Heroes

There are many people in this world who live like a hero but are forgotten for some reason or other.

Christopher Columbus could have been one of them without records and reports by himself and others of the era.

Yet, there must have been many such heroes on Americas, including present-day Haiti, even before Columbus reached there. Where have those indigenous Americans gone?

SECTION I: Tanaka-Takeshita-Ozawa Legacy

Japan's political sector is not a strongly individual-initiative oriented society like in the U.S. where a candidate's personality and ability weigh much.

Japan's political sector is not a strongly political-party centric society like in the U.K. where a manifesto of a party matters.

It is neither non-democratic one-party dictatorship oriented society like in China where nothing but loyalty to the Communist Party is a measure.

Japanese voters mostly first select a party and then check its candidate. If he/she is not satisfied at all with a candidate of a party of his/her choice, a voter might not go for voting or rather vote for a more reasonable candidate of other party.

Yet, voters in big cities have usually no personal obligation to vote for a specific candidate their relatives have supported, their local leaders have supported, or their close business associates have supported down the ages.

Nonaffliated voters in big cities of Japan need information. The media and political critics have a big market. But, media companies in Japan are roughly divided into a conservative camp and a liberal one. Being conservative means mostly pro-LDP which is however very pro-American. Being liberal means nowadays pro-DPJ which now holds power with Prime Minister Mr. Yukio Hatoyama at its top.

Yet, this liberalism of DPJ is rooted in one old faction of the LDP: the Tanaka faction where P.M. Mr. Hatoyama and DPJ Secretary-General Mr. Ichiro Ozawa once belonged.

LDP Lawmaker Kakuei Tanaka, a remarkable start-up from nowhere after WWII, formed his own faction in 1972 to be soon elected as prime minister. He visited China to restore diplomatic relations between the two countries in the year, despite his poor tie-up with America. Nonetheless, various money scandals, including the Lockheed payoff scandal, forced Tanaka to step down from premiership in just two years since he had assumed P.M. office with great support from the Media and voters as a kind of revolutionary leader.

Mr. Ichiro Ozawa, presently the Secretary-General of the DPJ, was a young promising member of the Tanaka's faction. Mr. Ozawa married a daughter of Tanaka's supporter who ran a construction company in Tanaka's home prefecture as Kakuei Tanaka introduced her to him. Mr. Ozawa even today claims that Kakuei Tanaka is innocent in the Lockheed bribery case.

As if betraying Tanaka suffering a judicial trial, LDP lawmaker Noboru Takeshita formed his own faction in 1987, leaving the Tanaka's faction to be soon elected as prime minister. However, in 1988 the Recruit scandal was exposed involving many influential LDP politicians including P.M. Takeshita himself. This money scandal forced Takeshita to step down from premiership.

Mr. Ichiro Ozawa, presently the Secretary-General of the DPJ, became one of major members of the Takeshita's faction. Though he was a kind of relative to Takeshita accompanying him on some doubtful occasions with Takeshita's senior and strong friend Shin Kanamaru, Mr. Ozawa could avoid being involved in various money scandals and legal prosecutions where Takeshita and Kanamaru were alleged to have received illegal money.

Having failed in succeeding Takeshita and Kanamaru as faction leader, then LDP lawmaker Mr. Ichiro Ozawa, presently the Secretary-General of the DPJ, formed his own political party in 1993, leaving the Takeshita's faction and the LDP. His new party called Shinseito succeeded in launching the coalition Cabinet, thus taking over power from the LDP. Mr. Ozawa did not become prime minister, but kept a strong influence on then new Prime Minister Mr. Morihiro Hosokawa.

Yet, Mr. Ichiro Ozawa, presently the Secretary-General of the DPJ, could not prevent a money scandal from forcing Mr. Hosokawa to step down and thus crashing the coalition Cabinet in 1994. Eventually, Mr. Ozawa was driven into political wilderness, which was about to continue for 15 years except some period when he tied up with then Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi of the LDP who tragically fell and died of disease in 2000 after a harsh meeting with Mr. Ozawa.

And now, Mr. Ichiro Ozawa, a lawmaker since 1969, is said to have de-facto authority over P.M. Mr. Hatoyama, since the DPJ won a majority of the Lower House in the general election conducted in the summer of 2009. There seems to be no one able to force him to concede in whatever agenda for democracy of Japan, which is neither a Japanese, an American, nor a British way.

When Mr. Ichiro Ozawa left the LDP in 1993, notable critic Mr. Takashi Tachibana who had once revealed Kakuei Tanaka's doubtful money sources to force Tanaka to resign wrote that Mr. Ichiro Ozawa's political stance was laughable, since Mr. Ozawa lacked a true sense of justice. Former Lower House Speaker and former LDP president Mr. Yohei Kono recently took out this Mr. Tachibana's writing to show it to his son, lawmaker Mr. Taro Kono who ran for LDP presidency last year, though failed, to improve LDP's status.


SECTION II: Columbus and Haiti Earthquake

Around 1500, Judaists living on the Mediterranean were good at various technology-related arts including sea navigation.

Columbus really could be one of them who disguised himself as a sailor coming from Genoa, a port city he must have well known, while Judaists were being severely suppressed or persecuted by Christians at that time. In addition, Columbus did not use Italian at least in his writing, though merchants of Genoa contributed much money to his voyage.

So, it is very symbolic that Columbus tried to sail westward while so many Judaists were sailing eastward to flee Spain. Judaists as a whole had to find a new haven. And, their chance could be multiplied by the Columbus' adventure. It is also why Columbus requested the Spanish monarch to give him vast power over the newly discovered land if so close to Asia or Jerusalem, so that most probably he could allow many other Judaists to settle down there without fear of persecution by a Christian governor or monarch.

In this context, Haiti or Hispaniola Island could have been another Israel of 500 years ago.

However, the fact is that for some mysterious reasons Columbus was alienated by the Spanish elite after his fourth and last voyage. Subsequently and strangely, this greatest hero of adventure of the era was gradually forgotten. As he was so much forgotten that the New Continent Columbus had discovered was named America after Amerigo Vespucci, one of other adventurers into the New Continent.

After Columbus was virtually forced to retire from society, he started to live like a second-class prophet, writing a book of prophecy in which he claimed that the prophecy of Isaiah was perfectly fulfilled by his discovery of the New Continent or the new portion of Asia as he belived till the end of his life.

However, the mainstream theory is that Columbus was a Christian strongly associated with Franciscans the queen of Spain at the time also intimately affiliated with.

Even his signature "S/SAS/XMY" could read as "Servus Sum Altissimi Salvatoris (I am a servant of supreme Savior) /Christ, Mary, and Joseph."

When Columbus died, he was buried as Christian at a Christian church in Spain, Catedral de Sevilla. But, in 1542 the remains in his grave were transferred to Santo Domingo, in eastern Hispaniola, namely today’s Dominican Republic.

In any way, the recent great earthquake in Haiti might be really suggesting a need for reviewing who Christopher Columbus was, since Haiti shared Hispaniola Island with Dominican Republic.

*** *** *** ***

Supporters of homeless people are now being interviewed in an NHK TV program broadcast from Tokyo.

They look sorry to comment that young homeless people in Japan tend to blame themselves but not society or other rich people. One of the supporters argued that it is a result from social brain-washing to have them think so, so that other rich people do not have to bother themselves in helping homeless people.

To turn a spotlight on homeless people is the most unthinkable thing arrogant politicians would rather try in their so-called political activities not only in Japan but also anywhere in the world.

Indeed, in a sense, Jesus Christ was the one who lived a homeless life, though as a true hero. Do not forget Jesus Christ as a homeless hero of 2000 years ago!

Mat 1:19 Then Joseph her husband, being a just man, and not willing to make her a publick example, was minded to put her away privily.

Mat 1:20 But while he thought on these things, behold, the angel of the LORD appeared unto him in a dream, saying, Joseph, thou son of David, fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife: for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost.

Mat 1:21 And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins.

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"And they were astonished at his doctrine"

(Paper fortunes and pictorial offerings on display to Holy Spirits at a Japanese shinto shrine)


According to a story, the elder sister of two pixie siblings teaches how to read letters to the younger brother.

She shows the letter, EVIL, to the young boy who thinks awhile to answer, "LIVE."

Indeed, in Japanese evil is mostly expressed as "Aku" and live as "Ikiru (Iku)."

Of course, after living a little longer, the pixie boy would find there is something called evil in living. But, how else can the boy answer if he only knows LIVE for letters composed of E, I, L, and V.

SECTION I: Lawmaker Mr. Ichiro Ozawa since 1969

One day, a telephone call came to Mr. Ozawa's residence.

A servant living and working in his house took the call to find it was from Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto (1996-1998 in office).

The servant hurried to the bathroom as his master Mr. Ozawa was taking a bath. But, Mr. Ozawa yelled to the one of his servants, "Don't you know I am now sitting in the bathtub. Have him wait!"

The servant was highly impressed by greatness of his boss, since Mr. Ozawa could even outdo the prime minister of Japan while Mr. Ozawa was in the bathroom and the prime minister, probably, in his office or library, though the two prominent politicians had been once colleagues in a certain faction of the Liberal Democratic Party.


The servant was at that time a student of Waseda University, Tokyo. After graduation, he became a secretary of Mr. Ozawa, though his duty was not so different from that in his days of a mere servant. Yet, he was allowed to use a name card as secretary. Several years later, the secretary ran for a national election to fail. He also lost favor of his boss Mr. Ozawa as Mr. Ozawa was against his secretary's running for the election. But, as an elected person left the national Diet to run for a governorship election, the Mr. Ozawa's secretary as a runner-up was awarded the election. Accordingly, his boss forgave him, since the secretary was now a member of the Lower House.

Last summer, this rising lawmaker Mr. Ishikawa was reelected, defeating a notable ex-Finance Minister of the LDP who ominously died of illness a month after the election.

Recently, Mr. Ishikawa, once a servant and then a secretary of Mr. Ozawa, was arrested by the Tokyo District Prosecutor Office for involvement in illegal political fund reporting by a Mr. Ozawa's political-fund management body which had bought almost a dozen of real estates using political funds Mr. Ishikawa had managed then for Mr. Ozawa who signed on those property deals as if they had been his personal assets.

There arose many objections against this arrest from the Democratic Party of Japan. But, the Tokyo District Prosecutor Office said that the surprise arrest was necessary as Mr. Ishikawa looked like going to commit a suicide during a voluntary questioning they conducted with him for a few times.

Note 1: It is not so common nowadays that a Japanese politician hires student-servants at his home as candidates for future political secretaries or proteges in the parliament.

Note 2: The Law to Regulate Money Used for Political Activities would not be applied to Mr. Ichiro Ozawa, since his secretary was in charge of filing a concerned official report of political funds which was found to be illegally inaccurate.

However, it can be a case of tax evasion, since you cannot tell if money some businesses contributed belongs to Mr. Ozawa himself or a his political-fund management body so long as it is now in the form of the real estate on which such a body cannot have a legal right, especially, when filing real-property registration.

This is what is going on in the Japanese political arena now. The focus is on Mr. Ichiro Ozawa, the Secretary-General of the DPJ whose political career has overwhelmed not only Prime MInister Mr. Yukio Hatoyama, the head of the DPJ, but also Deputy P.M. Mr. Naoto Kan.

Indeed, a revolutionary regime-change movement should not be stopped until the glory of the God is manifested, in my humble wish.

Nonetheless, I am against arrest and indictment of a political nature by public prosecutors, since it is against the Japanese Constitution.

SECTION II: America for Judaists

If so many Judaists in Europe had seriously thought about implication of Columbus' being a Juadaist, they should have left Europe heading for America as soon as possible, thus avoiding the massacre by Nazi Germany in 1930's and 1940's.

(If Haiti and Dominican Republic had been united into one nation on the same island, the situation must have been different in this wake of the great earthquake.)

The implication also includes an idea that it is in the U.S. but not in the nation Israel that Judaists should establish their own home and maybe a new temple.

As God allowed "the Crypto Jew, Columbus," to reach and find Americas around 1500, it might be time for Judaists to move there from all over the world and, especially, from Israel.

Then, American Christians might come to refer to "Jesus Christ" less and less, which would however help them accept Muslims, who seldom refer to Jesus Christ, more peacefully.

Anyway, even today, American Christianity is regarded by some scholars as a kind of "Christianity without Jesus Christ"; they use the term "God" far more often than the term "Jesus Christ."

Otherwise, will the Vatican decide to use the term "God" far more often than the term "Jesus Christ" so as to unify itself with Judaists, Muslims, and American Christians?

(Then, Muslims will come to very rarely read the part of the Koran concerning Jesus of Nazareth.)

Truly, Jesus Christ never ordered to call Him "God" (whether or not based on the above consideration).

*** *** *** ***

They reported that 12,000 Pakistanis were killed in terror last year.

It is indeed unbelievable that so many people died in one Islamic nation because of terrorism eight years after the 9/11 Terror in the U.S.

The bankruptcy of Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. is truly a kind of jokes, if the largest air carrier in Asia has carried any heroic Japanese to Pakistan or Haiti to save people there.

Mar 1:19 And when he had gone a little farther thence, he saw James the son of Zebedee, and John his brother, who also were in the ship mending their nets.

Mar 1:20 And straightway he called them: and they left their father Zebedee in the ship with the hired servants, and went after him.

Mar 1:21 And they went into Capernaum; and straightway on the sabbath day he entered into the synagogue, and taught.

Mar 1:22 And they were astonished at his doctrine: for he taught them as one that had authority, and not as the scribes.

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"Write the things which thou hast seen"

(If you win, another eye of the religious symbol of Bodhidharma, a great Buddhist monk, will have a black eye ball, according a Japanese tradition. Not a blue one, though. Note that it is on a passage to a Shintoism shrine.)

Save, Free, and Rescue People

Even Mr. Mick Jagger said, "The earthquake is psychologically damaging...Psyche is damaged...It is very very sad to see...terrible mismanagement (in Haiti)..." And, the Rock star recommended TV viewers to call the Red Cross to offer donation.

Indeed, the Rolling Stone vocalist, as he once said that he was not such a fool in a real life as he played on the stage, was talking looking like an old short-timer in a local, anarchical, commercial street who has however a kind of connection with a notorious businessman.

Anyway, the great earthquake of Haiti might be giving a favorable lesson to young people. Do not have your spirit damaged and your soul harmed while overlooking mismanagement.

SECTION I: Columbus from 1451 to 1506: A Judaist? (2)

Around 1500, German Martin Luther started to revolt against the Vatican, since he thought his faith was better than Vatican's deeds and money handling, paving the way for Protestant denomination.

Around 1500, Judaists were being driven out of Spain and the Iberian Peninsula.

Then, suddenly a man with a very Christian name Christopher Columbus appeared to ask from the Spanish Royal House great support for his exploration of a new route to Asia, Japan, China, India, and Jerusalem. What was peculiar for Columbus is in his plan to sail west from Spain.

This greatest hero, since the modern history started in Americas, left some documents with his signatures on. Yet, his signatures do not look like ones by a Christian, according to some scholars of today as you see below:

The Sh’ma in the Trinity

Columbus knew how to keep a secret. One of the great enigmas surrounding him is the frequently mentioned handwritten anagram he used as part of his signature in closing his writings. The center or nucleus of the design is a triangle; an "S" surrounds each empty side of the "A". Briceno Perozo sees the autograph as a reference to Christ, "a clear demonstration that the envoy of the Catholic Monarchs was perfectly identified with the religion of the Spanish monarchs". Nito Verdera, author of several books on Columbus's Catalan origin and crypto Jewishness, suggests that XMY could stand for XRISTOFOR MARINER YVIÇA , which is to say: "Cristóbal mariner of Ibiza"

My own opinion is that the ever vigilant Columbus takes advantage of ambiguity to try out a bold game of double speak. A good Christian would have had no need to use an autograph to announce his faith. A Crypto Jew would, but rather to hide his faith, as Columbus did with the prophets, behind apparent Christian references. The letters form the most sacred, ancient, and repeated prayer of Judaism: the "sh'ma Yisrael .." (Hear, oh, Israel) in a perfect triad. The "X" was pronounced as sh in English, and following to the reader’s right alongside is the letter "M" and above it, the "A" (subverting the correct order of making the sign of the cross which would be A-M-X-Y). The subversion doesn’t end there. Anyone who knows the prayer knows that the next line is "the Lord is our God and His Name is one", so that Columbus’s triangle is the negation of the Catholic Trinity!

By this theory, what Columbus achieved was risky but brilliant. As we have seen, his son was safe from suspicion and Inquisition, studying Torah in the form of substitute passages of the prophets in Latin in a monastery under the tutorship of a good clergyman from another country. Now an enigmatic signature tells us that his faith was steadfast, confessed in a trinity that was Catholic only in appearance. Ingenious precautions of the Crypto Jew, Columbus.

SECTION II: The 9/25 Criticism on the Chinese Communist Party

Google should not cooperate with China as freedom is the foundation for development and success of Google and Mr. Al Gore.

China should not restrict people's freedom of obtaining information from all over the world, including criticism on the Chinese Communist Party.

For example, China, one of the largest economies in the world today and a virtual friend of Wall Street, must allow its people to access the following opinion:

On this October 1, the Chinese Communist Party is to celebrate its 60th anniversary.

However, as the Chinese Government has mobilized so many police officers and military troops on alert, Beijing turns to be a prison in a prison...

The Chinese Communist Party is so proud, announcing that its 60-year rule on China is full of glory and success, which is a lie.

All over China, large-scale anti-Government protest demonstrations are carried out at a pace of 800 cases per day.

The number of members of the Chinese Communist Party who are leaving, or withdrawing from, the Party is more than 50,000 per day.

In these 60 years, errors, misconducts, mismanagement, and vicious acts by the Chinese Communist Party have brought about death to 80 million people.

In these 60 years, cases and examples of destruction of the nature and environments by the the Chinese Communist Party are countless, since they have pursued material profits of their own neglecting the people and the nature.

The atheistic Chinese Communist Party has been destroying native, original, and traditional faith, belief, and religious spirit of the Chinese people. From ancient days, Chinese people fundamentally fear the Gods, respect the Heaven, and love the good and virtue. But, they are now suffering destruction of the traditional culture, order, and ethics...

(09/09/25 13:35)

Indeed, most of the Japanese people cannot accept the idea of the Chinese communists.

It is unthinkable that any well educated and trained Japanese elite gets so proud of his meeting with leaders of the Chinese Communist Party.

If he look so, the Japanese elite lacks true education and training; he should not be even called a Japanese elite.

If an American elite looks so proud of meeting with an enemy of American democracy and freedom, how can he represent American people in any small district on the continent Columbus first reached with a hope of finding a new route to Jerusalem eventually because of his true religion?

Or, has Chinese money changed American elites so much to follow the Chinese Communist Party who does not believe any belief in saints, holy spirits, and Jesus Christ?

Indeed, if you live in China, there is no other way but live as a Crypto Christian, like Columbus who lived as a Crypto Judaist all through his life.

*** *** *** ***

Mr. Paul Krugman recently wrote in The New York Times that President Mr. Barack Obama will not be able to decrease unemployment though he will successfully impose necessary regulations on the financial sector.

In this context, Mr. Krugman belongs to the paradigm of the good American Christianity/Judaism as he actually said, "And politics should be about more than winning elections. Even if health care reform loses Democrats' votes (which is questionable), it’s the right thing to do."

If China and Haiti were at this level of civilization, the numbers of victims in both the countries must have been far less in the 2008 Sichuan Great Earthquake and the 2010 Haiti Great Earthquake.

Nonetheless, I recommend American Christians/Judaists to think about the things around 1500, since Christopher Columbus was born in 1451.

Rev 1:19 Write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are, and the things which shall be hereafter;

Rev 1:20 The mystery of the seven stars which thou sawest in my right hand, and the seven golden candlesticks. The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches: and the seven candlesticks which thou sawest are the seven churches.

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"These are murmurers, complainers, walking after their own lusts"

(A Japanese Garden in Winter)

Glory to be Manifested

Even in Japan they broadcast over a satellite TV channel the interview with Former Presidents Mr. George W. Bush and Mr. Bill Clinton setting up an online contribution site for Haiti people.

Mr. Bush said, "The most fundamental thing is to care"; Me. Clinton said, "I called 55 NGOs and wealthy donors."

Yet, it can be "www.microsoftwallmarthaiti..."

Indeed, as 15 years ago 6,000 people were killed around Kobe City, West Japan, by a great earthquake on January 17, some responsible Japanese feel the tragedy in the Caribbean Sea on the other side of the world is profoundly and alarmingly significant.

Several weeks ago, I was watching a movie on a cable TV channel in which a suspicious American agent and a female drug dealer on board a very fast motor boat were racing over the sea to Cuba for entertainment, though I turned off the switch in the middle of the story as it was late in the night.

Truly, Haiti is the only country in Americas where French is dominant more than English, Spanish, or Portuguese; Haiti is the only country where French is the only formal language in addition to a local language. Haiti is the only true French-speaking country in Americas.

And, Haiti is the only country where tens of thousands of people die from an earthquake since Columbus reached part of Americas.

Why must it be Haiti instead of adjacent Dominican Republic, or Cuba on the largest island in the Caribbean Sea?

SECTION I: Hatoyama-Ozawa Leadership (2)

In Japan, some liberal people and socialist/communist groups were fighting against the LDP, and especially the Koizumi Cabinet, so enthusiastically since 2001.

Eventually, their dream came true in the 2009-30-8 general election where the Democratic Party of Japan led by Party Head Mr. Yukio Hatoyama and Party Secretary-General Mr. Katsuya Okada thoroughly overwhelmed the Liberal Democratic Party.

However, after the election, it became apparent to the people that new Secretary-General Mr. Ichiro Ozawa (a lawmaker since 1969) has strong sway with P.M. Mr. Hatoyama.

Then, money scandals which had already surfaced before the August election gathered momentum with Tokyo District Public Prosecutor Office in hot pursuit of the two big targets:

Mr Ozawa, who as secretary-general is second in command of the DPJ, lashed out at Tokyo prosecutors after they arrested his third aide on Friday.

"I will stay on to fulfil my given duty, and squarely fight against such an exercise of power [by prosecutors]," he said.

"Our funds have nothing to do with money that is illegal."

The BBC's Roland Buerk, in Tokyo, says Mr Ozawa is so powerful in the DPJ that some have called him the "Shadow Shogun".
Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama has said he is standing by Mr Ozawa.

"Secretary-General Ozawa has said that he has not broken any laws. As the leader of the Democratic Party, I believe in Secretary-General Ozawa," he said.

Mr Hatoyama has himself been caught up in an alleged scandal over funding.

Anyway, the yearly session of the Japanese Parliament called Diet has started today.

Japanese politicians will be very busy through the scheduled end of the term in June and further to the Upper House Election in the early summer.

Yet, I really hope that Mr. Yukio Hatoyama, making efforts to connect to the people through his personal blog ( ), will attend the next G8 Summit as prime minister of Japan.

SECTION II: Columbus from 1451 to 1506: A Judaist?

Columbus, whether a Christian or a Judaist, is the first European that visited the present-day Haiti as a key island for his explorer into the New Continent he wrongly thought to be part of Asia.

Yet, there is a big enigma about his signature, since he never plainly and honestly signed. One example of Christopher Columbus' signature is as follows:

Yes, he put a slant behind his name at the bottom line of the above figure, which tells he was a Judaist.

Columbus Was a Catalan-Speaking Jew, Scholar Says

By Cesar Muñoz Acebes
EFE, the leading Spanish language news agency
Published: October 16, 2009

WASHINGTON–Christopher Columbus' origins are not obscure by chance, but rather the result of the famed explorer’s having purposely hid the fact he was a Jew or "converso" (convert to Christianity) whose native language was Catalan, a U.S. scholar told Efe Thursday.

Estelle Irizarry, a linguistics professor at Washington’s Georgetown University, reached that conclusion after examining his writings in detail and discovering a simple but important clue that had escaped other researchers: a slash symbol – similar to the ones used in Internet addresses – that Columbus employed to indicate pauses in sentences.

That symbol, also known as a virgule, did not appear in texts of that era written in Castilian nor in writings from any other country, but only in records and letters from the Catalan-speaking areas of the Iberian peninsula, namely present-day Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, Irizarry said.

"The virgules are sort of like Columbus' DNA. They were a habit of his. Columbus was a punctuator and was one of the few of that era," the professor and author of 34 books on literature said.

Irizarry uses that metaphor as the title of her latest book, "Christopher Columbus: The DNA of his Writings," in which she pored over the language and syntax the Great Navigator used in more than 100 letters, diaries and documents.

She also found in her research of documents from that era written on the Balearic island of Ibiza that 75 percent contained virgules similar to Columbus’.

At the end of the 15th century and the beginning of the 16th, authors normally left punctuation for publishers and even Cervantes' "Don Quixote" was only filled in once and for all with periods and commas in the 19th century, making Columbus’ virgules all the more noteworthy, Irizarry said.


In addition, these peculiarities of his writing and other linguistic aspects associated with Ladino, a Jewish ethnolect in late medieval Spain, suggest that Columbus was Jewish, Irizarry said.

"Columbus even punctuated marginal notes and he included copious notes around his pages. In that sense, he followed the punctuation style of the Ladino-speaking scribes," the professor said.

So, Columbus who reached the island of Hispaniola and voyaged around this island on the Caribbean Sea four times was a Judaist as he used the slash symbol in his writing so often like following an honorable rule.

The recent Haiti's great earthquake-triggered tragedy might be linked to this truth in a religious context.

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Once His disciples asked Jesus Christ why such innocent people had to suffer such tragedies as a terrible disease, a horrible accident, and an awful death.

Jesus Christ told that it was all for God's glory to be manifested.

Indeed, God's glory has been manifested by the great elections in America and Japan since the last year.

I hope that Haitians will find a new great leader who can inherit the spirit of Columbus.

Al The Al

Jud 1:16 These are murmurers, complainers, walking after their own lusts; and their mouth speaketh great swelling words, having men's persons in admiration because of advantage.

Jud 1:17 But, beloved, remember ye the words which were spoken before of the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ;

Jud 1:18 How that they told you there should be mockers in the last time, who should walk after their own ungodly lusts.

Jud 1:19 These be they who separate themselves, sensual, having not the Spirit.