Friday, July 21, 2006

Nazareth Attacked

Nazareth Attacked

I heard a rumor that Hezbollah's rockets hit the town Nazareth, killing tow boys, brothers, of a Muslim family.

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I am afraid that it foretells the future of Palestine and the surrounding regions.

I mean that I cannot believe that Jesus Christ would not present anything serious and significant to mankind on this occasion of armed clash in his birth place as a member of mankind.
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The last year's G8 meeting in the U.K. was synchronized by terrorist attacks in London.

This year, we have had North Korea's missile launchings, Mumbai trains bombings, and battles between Israel and Hezbollah, in addition to another tsunami disaster in Indonesia, the largest Islamic nation in the world.

Indeed, I did not expect that Japanese Prime Minister would run through all these incidents so closely in this period.

Did God use him to have people focus on Palestine as the Japanese prime minister made a state visit to Israel which had been postponed since former prime minister of Israel had been taken with serious illness?

If so, you had better anyhow check the Bible and al-Quran, in addition to some reports from Japan.