Saturday, March 03, 2007

A Gate of the Shintou Shrine

Stock Prices, Interest Rates, and Exchange Rates

Stock Prices, Interest Rates, and Exchange Rates

It has been proven again that the worldwide stock-price drop can be a chance to make a big profit.

If you can specify P (specific procedures), like Nobel prized economists, you may make your fortune:

P (S, I, E) = Margins

S: change in stock values
I: change in interest rates
E: change in exchange rates
* * *

The state before the Shanghai Stock Market down slide, which could be regarded as a "sell-out" against Japan, was that major players in the world money market were busy selling low-interest "yen" and buying "high-interest financial assets" in emerging countries so as to get a big margin.

But, according to information also discussed in Japan, Mr. John Meriwether of JWM Partners started to buy "yen" and "US Treasury bonds" when he heard the news of the sudden declining in the global stock markets.

Thereafter, he succeeded in selling yen and the bonds at a profit, especially exploiting a sharp rise in the yen's value in the exchange market as the aftermath of the sliding share prices.
* * *

The basic money rate in Japan has been very low, though recently it was decided to be raised to 0.5% by the Bank of Japan. But, yen, the currency of the world second strongest economy, is very reliable money. The US Treasury bonds are also very reliable. But, yen and the US Treasury bonds are not attractive financial commodities in comparison with stocks unless something extraordinary has happened in the stock market.

The good lesson here seems to buy "yen" and the "US Treasury bonds" next time the Shanghai Stock Market tumbles and subsequently sell them at the highest price.
* * *

The issue is whether this kind of business will increase value in human society.

Will it increase value of the world?

But, it will surely widen a gap between poor countries and rich countries.
* * *

You may be on a diverging point. You can accumulate wealth in this world or otherwise in Heaven.

It is your own choice, though I humbly made a choice a long time ago, a result of which your are now encountering.

(Once in Europe, a profession dealing with money was regarded as very mean. Today, those days are called the Dark Ages. But, it might be opposite. I think it is due to propaganda. "Partly Go back to the Middle Ages" might have to be shouted by somebody to balance it.)


Friday, March 02, 2007

Side Gate of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo

(picture omitted)

Very Appropriate Color of Hair and Eyes

Very Appropriate Color of Hair and Eyes

A yesterday's Newspaper in Japan presented an interesting letter to the editorial from a reader, a corporate worker at his late 30's.

According to the letter, an international exchange body in a local city tried to hire an English teacher for an English conversation course.

They specified a type of teachers they wanted: a foreigner with blond hair and green or blue eyes.

(A Japanese regulation in principle forbids discrimination in employment, but there are various cases and conditions in its application.)

The classified advertisement had been posted on a billboard of the facility where the international exchange body had its office for half a year.

But, due to some complaints pointing at racism hidden in the expression of the advertisement, the body pulled it back, according to the letter to the editorial.
* * *

You can easily reason the motivation of the international exchange body for specifying such physical conditions.

Japanese people are well aware that the mainstream of civilization of the contemporary world is the American/European Civilization. They like a typical of British or Americans, or otherwise the AngloSaxons for future relationships probably mainly in business and culture popular or classic.

(Of course, there are some influences of Hollywood.)
* * *

A traditional image of a beautiful woman in Japan is that with a porcelain-white skin and glossy and abundant black hair, though a Western type of beauties has been popular especially after WWII.

(A brown skin is also liked by youths as a symbol of a lively and sporty life under the Sun. Much golfing or drinking alcohol has the face of a Japanese businessman burnt.)

I mean if all the "white" men in America have a black skin, and all the "black" men in America have a white skin, there will be surely some diehard Japanese who want to hire a foreigner with blond hair and green or blue eyes for their preference.
* * *

Anyway, there are many Japanese who are against a classified advertisement wanting a foreigner only with blond hair and green or blue eyes.

And, it is also a fact that such voices made an international exchange body feel ashamed.
* * *

But, why are there such various colors for a human skin?

From a theological point of view, it is for the glory of the God to appear.

(We will leave the color of a skin, when we leave this world. But, meanwhile we have to make the best use of it, even for mental health.
And, I like the colors of your hair and eyes, for confirmation, which seem to be a God's choice.)


Thursday, March 01, 2007

Blue Flags (Popular among Samurais in Older Days)


Divine Will in the Seventh Century

Divine Will in the Seventh Century

From: EE(E)-Reporter
Subject: Divine Will from the 7th Century to the 21st Century

I don't know if the so-called Jesus' tomb and bones some media reported theatrically the other day has anything to do with yesterday's fall of stock prices in the world market.

But, if God is unpleased with such a modern people's handling with Jesus Christ, anything could happen in the world money market.

It must be part of Christ's warning on false Christ.
* * *

Roughly speaking Islam was established in the early seventh century.

It is the era when Persia was gaining power more than ever and fighting the Eastern Roman Empire over the territories such as Egypt and Syria.

Yes, the key is Persia which had fought ancient Greece and the Roman Empire for 1000 years. With exception of Alexander the Great, no other power could conquer Persia.

More importantly, Christianity was stopped in its diffusion to the east at Persia at that time.

But, as soon as the religion Islam was established as the one sharing the same racial root with Israelites (however, Israelites must have been of Sumerians before they became Semitic-Hamitic, that is Akkadian) and Arabs were united under the religion, Arabs ventured into the war against Persia and defeated it for the first time decisively, as if following a divine will.

The defeat of Persia was so awful that Persians accepted the enemy's religion Islam. It is a big surprise when considering the past overwhelming dominating position of Persians over Arabs that the former came to believe in the God of the latter.
* * *

Islam was provided for Arabs at the critical moment when they looked like going to completely loose their ancient glory as Akkadians, a partner of Sumerians when having built the Mesopotamia Civilization.

Islam was provided when Persia had blocked the progress of Christianity to the east for 500 years. Though it was Islam that Persians adopted, a religion worshipping the God of Abraham could advance to the east, as far as Indonesia and the Philippines through the territory of Persia.

(Islam made Persians less aggressive just like Buddhism made Mongolians more clement.)
* * *

Under Islam and dominance of Arabs, the Islamic Empire expanded. And the whole Islamic regions in the Middle East were governed by Arab leaders, who did not look so harsh as Persians, for some time.

If today all the major oil producing Arab countries were united under single constitution, for example, the United States of Arabs, the world oil reserves share would be as follows:

No. ...... Country ...... Oil Reserves Share in the World
1 ....United States of Arabs..............42.8%
2 .......... Russia .............................14.0%
3 .......... Iran ..................................8.2%
4 .......... USA ................................. 3.3%

In this case, would they still have to heavily depend on foreign forces and suffer from civil wars and terror as reaction of such dependence?
* * *

Islam was established at the right time for Arabs, Persians, Egyptians, Europeans living in territories of the past Roman Empire, and above all pious Asians living in the east of Persia.

(Any human relationships, including the one between a man and a woman, should be established likewise conceptually, that is, at the right time. Then troubles you might hear and see so often, including unforgiven humiliation and rumors, could be avoided.)


Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Japanese Rice Paddies (Late Spring)


TSE Also Affected by Shanghai Stock Price Drop

TSE Also Affected by Shanghai Stock Price Drop

Stock prices dropped in Shanghai. Then, values significantly fell in the New York market. This morning the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) also followed the downturn trend to the degree comparable with a drop in stocks triggered by the 2001 9/11 Terror.

There have been many various arguments in Japan about the state and prospects of Chinese economy. Japan is virtually the largest stakeholder in Chinese economy.

China has no tested economic and financial structure, including the bond market. Its accounting system and rules are too unique or weird. Its economy is mainly bolstered by its cheap labors, significant investment from overseas, and lucrative offer of various technologies from Japan.

In conclusion, if inflation starts in China while raising salaries of workers, control of money supply will be very difficult. It is expected that China has to suppress inflation by slowing down its economic growth. Its capital markets will be adversely effected so that stock prices will drop in Shanghai; then, value will significantly drop in the New York market; and Tokyo will also follow the downturn trend.

The U.S. should cooperate with Japan to keep Chinese economy safe and sound to all. Do not let them use the money market as a weapon to intimidate Japan and the U.S.
* * *

My concern is, however, why Islam was established at a certain time in history and in a certain region of the world.

(It should be also noted that there are 130 million Muslims in China, while there are seven million Msulims in the U.S.)

I will deal with it tomorrow or so.


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Christ's Warning on False Christ

Christ's Warning on False Christ

One of drastic effects the 9/11 Terror in 2001 has had on Japan is that many citizens, especially those concerned with politics, media and business with the U.S., have become customary viewers of international TV news channels.

Even a secretary of a former Japan's Prime Minister said that he has a TV always switched on in his office to check international news reported by CNN and BBC since September 11, 2001.

These news programs are in most cases provided for Japanese audience via optical fiber cables and with an interpretation or translation service. They are also used for English education in schools and homes. Even some reporters of a first-rate Japanese newspaper company seem to write an article for the next day's release just following a story of CNN or BBC.
* * *

Today's big issue was discovery of the tomb of Jesus Christ.

Last year, I was troubled with the novel "Da Vinci Code."

This year, am I going to be troubled with Americans being excited by the discovery of the tomb of Jesus Christ?

Considering graveness of fear, awe, shocks, desperation, and affliction the first believers felt to the death of Jesus Christ and taking into account the great sense of relief, hope, salvation, recovery, and wonder the first believers felt to resurrection of Jesus Christ, you absolutely need the most non-nonsense scholars, specialists, experts, politicians, believers, and reporters to deal with this matter.

I mean no money and no profits should be involved in dealing with this matter.

(In a false-religion market in Japan, there are many victims who are cut to the bone financially, though the concept of false Christ is well-known in Japan.)

Otherwise, Muslims simply lose their non-nonsense concerns to Christianity, which might be a real threat to the peace of the world after September 11, 2001.
* * *

People do not need bones of Jesus Christ.

People need His blessing.

His pious followers today are more important than any human bones if they are true bones of ancient saints.

Especially, if He is God, He can create His bones as many as possible, which is work of God.

(Or do you like to hear that someone loves you so much that he wants your bones? )


In the Grass (Memory of Summer) II


Monday, February 26, 2007

In the Grass (Memory of Summer)


A Half Year Test for or in 2001

A Half Year Test for or in 2001

Mr. Souichiro Tawara, a Japan's famous TV program host, interviewed the prominent policy secretary of former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, and published the dialogue in a special edition of a magazine.

(As Mr. Tawara is also a busy author and political analyst, his TV appearance is usually once a week unlike "Larry King Live.")

* * *

When Mr. Isao Iijima was employed 35 years ago as secretary by a young Diet lawmaker named Junichiro Koizumi, he could not see his new boss for half a year.

But, in the meantime, Mr. Iijima in his late 20's was going about various chores in a Mr. Koizumi's humble office in Tokyo.

Mr. Iijima everyday took a seat at a desk in front of his only colleague, a senior female secretary called Ms. Koizumi, who seemed to be a remote relative to Mr. Koizumi or so; but she was the very person who had actually recruited Mr. Iijima.

But, one day at last, Mr. Iijima met young Diet lawmaker Mr. Koizumi who came back to his office for the first time in half a year.  But Mr. Koizumi just passed by Mr. Iijima to his own room almost without saying anything.

(Mr. Koizumi seems to have worked in a series of local elections of his colleagues in the party in his election district, just 30 miles west of Tokyo.)

Ms. Koizumi, the veteran female secretary, told Mr. Iijima to go and greet with his boss. So, Mr. Iijima knocked on the door and went into the boss's room, expecting some substantial conversation. But, young Diet lawmaker Mr. Koizumi, then 30 years old or so, just said a word or two; and their first meeting ended.

Later, Mr. Iijima found that the veteran secretary Ms. Koizumi was actually his boss's elder sister (in steps of whose deceased father her younger brother followed).

* * *

Twenty-eight years later, namely in 2001, Mr. Junichiro Koizumi became Prime Minister of Japan.

Still today, Mr. Iijima, after having served Mr. Koizumi as Political Secretary of the Prime Minister, is serving his boss, a House of Representative member Mr. Junichiro Koizumi.

* * *

This kind of stories is not so common in Japan: half a year's no-see of one's own boss while being supervised by a boss's sister without knowing who she is.

But, without this half year, there could not have been 28 years later Japan's Prime Minister Koizumi, a friend of US President Mr. George W. Bush who seems to have been also tested in 2001, and Prime Minister's Secretary Mr. Iijima and Ms. Koizumi.

In other words, if young Mr. Iijima had felt in that half year unbearable pains or given up young Mr. Koizumi as hopeless and moved to another Diet member's office, there would not have been Japan's Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi and his chosen successor Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

* * *

The US President sent troops to Iraq; but Mr. Koizumi sent off himself to North Korea twice for restoring diplomatic ties in which his secretary Mr. Iijima was highly involved.

We cannot fail in dealing with North Korea that has long-rage missiles and nuclear bombs.

We really need right persons to deal with some critical issues. But, we cannot know beforehand what fate and test built such persons.


Sunday, February 25, 2007

Pacific Coast Near Tokyo (Memory of Summer) 2


A Weekend

A Weekend

Are you spending a nice weekend? It is now 10 a.m., Sunday, in Japan. A famous socio-economic-political interview TV program, whose host may be regarded as a Japanese Larry King but more establishment-oriented, is about to begin. Today, bullying in schools seems to be one of topics.

When I was younger, or so much younger than today, I often drove in weekends.

Passing through express ways through the center of Tokyo was often thrilling on a holiday when traffic jams, a customary thing on a business day, are less.

However, I myself stopped to be a car owner quite a sometime ago and began to rely on a more convenient vehicle.

(In Japan, it is said that judges never drive. Any minor traffic accidents can happen to anybody in a country of a size of California, 70% of which is mountain terrain [not tropical jungles], but with 72 million cars and 120 million population.)
* * *

What we have to do on a holiday is seeing flowers in a field and watching birds flying, in my opinion.

Or we have to live, carrying our own cross.