Friday, October 11, 2019

"the kingdom of God is come nigh unto you" - Satan's Traps

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Satan's Traps

It is a form of faith to try to see a meaning of any incident around one in connection to the will of the God.

Sometimes one faces an incongruous incident so that one tries to find the worldly or personal meaning.  But the true meaning of the incident lies in the will of the God.

And in a very special case, a historic tragedy of a nation or a tribe should be also interpreted not even in a historical context but also in terms of the will of the God. 
People with true faith belong to the Kingdom of the God, and thus they are used to interpret their individual tragedy from the context of their faith and the will of the God.  Accordingly, they will not be trapped in Satan's traps.

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Lu:10:9: And heal the sick that are therein, and say unto them, The kingdom of God is come nigh unto you.
Lu:10:10: But into whatsoever city ye enter, and they receive you not, go your ways out into the streets of the same, and say,
Lu:10:11: Even the very dust of your city, which cleaveth on us, we do wipe off against you: notwithstanding be ye sure of this, that the kingdom of God is come nigh unto you.

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

"I am the door" - Every Mystery about the God

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Every Mystery about the God

It is said that the accumulated number of human beings ever born is about 108 billion.  Those who are alive now account for 6.5% (about 7.2 billion) of them.

The living things that have the spirit of the human being are human beings.  And every human being can understand the concept of the God.  And, on the other hand, the God must understand everyone of the 108 billion human beings.  The God must be able to listen to prayer of everyone simultaneously.  And the God decides fate of everyone.  More than that, the God can change fate of everyone according to prayer of him or her.  And, those who believe in God and practice the teaching of God will be allowed to enter Heaven and obtain eternal life, according to Christ Jesus.

Conversely, Christ Jesus never said that there were not Heaven and the hell in addition to spiritual world.  Christ Jesus never said that if a man died, that is the complete end and that there was nothing after one's life in this world.

Before learning Christianity, one can think of God.  This is the spiritual feature of every human being.  However, Christ Jesus made it clear that there was God, Heaven, the hell, and the spiritual world.

And if one believes in the God, one cannot in theory do harm and wrong to earn money or get profit, since the teaching of the God is encouragement and promotion of good and love.

But why does the God prefer love and goodness?  Probably it is the basis of existence of God.  Due to existence of the God, human beings and other creatures exist.  And probably due to love of whatever level, depth, and strength, God exists.  But it is a mystery for what God has love.  At least, we may say that God loves and exists as He wishes to do so.  And, we may think at least that it is opposition to naught.  The absolute dark power is denying existence of anything, including the God.  The absolute darkness must have generated Satan to attack the God.  But who generated this dark power against the God who is the only source of everything?

Until we find out answers to every mystery about the God, this world will not be terminated.   

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Joh 10:7 Then said Jesus unto them again, Verily, verily, I say unto you, I am the door of the sheep.
Joh 10:8 All that ever came before me are thieves and robbers: but the sheep did not hear them.
Joh 10:9 I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.