Wednesday, March 01, 2006

America, Japan, and the Rest of the World, but Why?

America, Japan, and the Rest of the World, but Why?

What country has the most valuable scientists whose research papers have been most often referred to by others?

And how many such researchers, called “Hot Researchers,” does each country have?

The answer for 2004 to 2005 is as follows, according to the March/April issue of “Science Watch” published by Thomson Scientific, a business unit of The Thomson Corporation.

Country ---------- Number of Hot Researchers
====== ------------- ========
United States ----------- 10
Japan ------------------- 7
Germany --------------- 1
Korea ------------------- 1
Russia ------------------ 1
United Kingdom -------- 1

(Also refer to

So, the Gold Medal for the U.S. (10), the Silver Medal for Far East (8), and the Bronze Medal for Europe (3).

The more you are talented, the more you are requested to contribute to common welfare of human kind.

Therefore, those now wining the medals must contribute to welfare of people in Africa, Middle East, South Asia, South East Asia, China, Latin America and other regions.

And just for the record, as a country of a single or pure race, Japan is apparently No.1 in terms of the Hot Researchers in the world.

Nobody in the world reads scientific papers written in Japanese. Therefore, Japanese scholars use English in presenting their work.

However, all through its history and even since the late 19th century, education in Japan, from (traditional) elementary schools to (modern) universities, has been conducted in Japanese with very rare exceptions, unlike some countries in Africa and Asia that had been once colonized by Europe or the U.S.

Therefore, even scholars and professors in Japan are, generally speaking, not good English speakers.

Conversely, rather, the Japanese language might be a key to success of Japan in the scientific field. (The Korean language is the nearest language to Japanese as the location of Korea is.)

America by itself is almost one complete world with multiple races in it, however, dominated culturally by European Americans, as well as with incredible natural resources, if compared with Japan.

Yet, the gap between the two major players is just ten to seven, also incredibly.

The issue is how people in the world, except Japanese and Americans, would judge and interpret this fact.


Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Largest Number for Mankind and "1"

“1” and The Largest Number for Mankind

Infinite is a concept not a number. But, an infinite number is possible.

On the other hand, according to modern mathematics, there is no such a number as is larger than any other numbers (so far known to mankind).

Therefore it is, in a sense, forbidden to express it.

Nonetheless, this number MAY be expressed as follows:
X = 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999…

Note that the digit order here is opposite to the ordinary one, which means for example nine hundred and eighty-seven is expressed as 789 in this convention, not as 987. The fist “9” in the right side is on the digit 10**0 (= 1) and the second “9” on 10**1 (=10). This may be called a “mirror number.”

In anyway, the expression covers every possible digit for mankind, while following the conventional convention of mathematical expression that the first element of the right side of an equation should be a definite number.

(Note: As we are facing the infinite “∞,” a component of decimal numbers smaller than one is here eliminated.)

Now, the number X “can be compared with” any number expressed in the same convention, through ordinary arithmetic operation digit by digit.

Then, it is realized instantly and logically that X “must be” still larger than any other numbers, including any other infinite numbers that should be projected to, and expressed in, the same convention using one of the numbers from 0 to 9 to each digit, unless they are mere conceptions.

As a consequence, the largest number is, as you expect, expressed in an infinite series of “9,” however, in the opposite order of digits.

This is a special analogy with the following expression:
1 = 0.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999…

If the right side of this equation has a real and definite value of one, then that of the “X equation” may have a real and definite value though the two equations have the opposite magnitude relation.

If this fantasy is allowed to be real, the number X, which does conceptually EXIST since it has its own unique and authentic expression, MAY be equal to another “one,” say, “One” in the Kingdom of God.

“1” = (An infinite series of the human number 9)

(Note: Refer to “” or the like, for the sound development of your mathematics knowledge.)
* * *

To my surprise, a public education program of the Japanese public TV station (NHK) very recently introduced Malcolm X in the “Islam in America” part of the International Politics Course.

The famous Islamist African American was killed in New York in February, 1965.

When the NHK lecturer and the staff visited New York for preparation of this program, they were amazed to find many African Americans who still or all the more respected the civil right leader Malcolm X.
* * *

When we think of Jesus Christ today, we might be conceiving of Him in the wrong direction, looking back at Him from AD 2006.

When Malcolm X thought of Mohammed, he might be thinking of the Founder of Islam in the right direction, which might have so acutely appealed to many people in various situations.