Friday, July 29, 2005

Japan, France, Pakistan and Who?

A nightmare about terror is a nuclear-bomb attack by a truly-crazy terrorist.

If it happens, Japan might be linked with the origin of Plutonium to be abused.

It is well known that Japan relies on France for fuel reprocessing. Nuclear fuels used in Japanese atomic reactors are sent to a French company for reprocessing. The French company is also known for its indiscriminate handling of nuclear fuels for use of private power generation as well as military weapons.

The French company has a strong tie with other European companies dealing with nuclear fuels and weapons. One of them is a former employer of the famous Pakistani physicist who has been a focus of international investigation of illegal leakage of atomic bomb information.

Once, Germany also had contracts with the French company for fuel reprocessing. But, since Germany decided to stop its nuclear energy program, Japan has been a major client to the French company.

Therefore, if not only information on a nuclear bomb but also nuclear materials are leaked, the materials are most likely of Japanese origin.

But, now, China has a plan to rapidly increase the number of its nuclear power plants. Soon, it will have 30 plus new atomic power stations. France is involved in China’s nuclear energy programs, too.

Nothing is clear in this entangled, global nuclear business networks. But, one thing sure is that Japan has no intention to have nuclear weapons. Japan is not proud of having conquered tragedies of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but it knows that no people can keep themselves sane if they are so victimized.

This is the time for people to talk about the degree of madness of terror and arrogance of rich people enjoying wealth their lucrative nuclear business has produced so far.