Saturday, January 05, 2008

"Don't Let Me Down!"

"Don't Let Me Down!"

(Vous ne devez pas faire de moi triste)

I really hope that poor Americans would focus on the following figure (by clicking it for a better view).
There is no such a poor American that does not know that Mr. Al Gore has won the Nobel Peace Prize by working on the issue of Global Warming.

There is no such a poor American that does not know that President Mr. George Bush is promoting development of alternative fuels, wind power generation, and solar power generation in addition to securing oil fields domestically and overseas.

There is no such a poor American that does not know that hurricanes, tornadoes, drought, wild fires, floods and other natural disasters are nowadays inflicting US citizens more than ever.

However, at Layer 7, they are still using very incomplete equations to calculate real effects and get insight into underlying science.

At Layer 6, they are doubtfully and selectively only focus on CO2.

At Layer 5, they are handling matters mainly being driven by economic interest of their own.

At Layer 4, you don't have to especially focus on leaders and super-rich people, since the amount of consumption of electricity is ever increasing; the number of cars and jet planes is ever increasing; and new plants and buildings are being built everywhere in China, Indian, and the Persian Gulf states.

Indeed, you have to upend the figure to see importance of levels.

Truly, you must not neglect or take lightly the level 3, 2, and 1.

Put simply, don't let them down.

(Before this New Year Holiday, I felt like enjoying a DVD movie.

So I purchased a DVD titled "New Orleans."

Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday seem to be two of main heroes in the story.

But, I only watched its leading part of several minutes, since I was busy.

Today or tomorrow, I will see it all, since Louis and Billie in Heaven may be complaining: "Do not let us down!"

Ok, good girls may be starting a nice new year, here and there.)




Friday, January 04, 2008

"They're Gonna Crucify Me!!"

"They're Gonna Crucify Me!!"

(Ils vont me crucifier!)

I have not yet received information on the primary outcomes from Iowa, since it is now 11 a.m. in Japan.

Whatever result they may get, I hope that, for example, Mitt, Hillary, and Barack continue to work on as somebody that can check and warn against a new US President, in case of their failure in whatever campaign, since incumbent President Mr. George Bush does not unfortunately seem to have such a figure.

And, they have one good example Mr. Al Gore has presented by being a missionary for prevention of global warming.

If they fail in whatever campaign, I hope that, for example, Mitt, Hillary, and Barack continue to work for a US Religious Revolution.

SECTION 1: A New Year Resolution Recommended for Poor Americans

"Love our enemies."

There are tow types of rich men: those who love to see poor people suffering and those who do not at all.

The point is that we cannot appreciate the difference outwardly among them; and if they are loved, the latter will stop their wrong-doing and avoid a sin of being rich and richer than you.

SECTION 2: A New Year Resolution Recommended for Asian Americans

"Forgive our enemies."

There are tow types of racists and gangsters: those who love to see the poor, the weak, and the handicapped suffering and those who do not at all.

The point is that we cannot appreciate the difference outwardly among them; and if they are loved, the latter will stop their wrong-doing and avoid a sin of being rich and richer than you.

SECTION 3: A New Year Resolution Recommended for Muslim Americans

"Be merciful to others as our Allah is."

There are tow types of Christians: those who love to see Muslims or Israelites suffering and those who do not at all.

The point is that we cannot appreciate the difference outwardly among them; and if they are loved, the latter will stop their wrong-doing and avoid a sin of being rich and richer than you.

SECTION 4: A New Year Resolution Recommended for Indigenous/Native-Tribe-Related Americans

"Have courage!"

There are tow types of European Americans: those who love to see Native Americans suffering and those who do not at all.

The point is that we cannot appreciate the difference outwardly among them; and if they are loved, the latter will stop their wrong-doing and avoid a sin of being rich and richer than you.

(For this New Year Holiday season, which is partly still going on in Japan, I bought a new version of "Go" game software a coupe of weeks ago.

As I have been very busy over the year end, the new software is yet to be tested.

I think I will find a time today for it.

What I enjoy in the game against my PC is whether I can win or not while placing a go piece one after another as quick as possible without thinking much about a strategy and a situation on the go board.

A merit of a PC is that it responds as quickly as I do in most cases, so that a game or a duel is always over without taking much time.

But, if you get used to this way of playing go, you will not be a nice and comfortable opponent to other person, since your way must look so rude and arrogant to a human being.

So, a new year resolution recommended for you may be not to crucify your opponent over a go board, a chess board, or a shogi board, if he or she is a serious or jealous guy.

Of course, I can contain it, but do not crucify me any way.)

"...Christ is the visible likeness of the invisible God..."

(Er ist das Bild des unsichtbaren Gottes)


Thursday, January 03, 2008

Did God Say, Let There Be Dollars?

Did God Say, Let There Be Dollars?

(Dit le Seigneur, «Que les choses soient le dollar?")

SECTION 1: The Dollar Conundrum

Last month, an expert hoisted two agendas:

- A weak dollar is fueling inflationary pressures and making both markets and policymakers nervous.

- Some wonder if countries in Asia and the Middle East will drop their dollar pegs, or if another currency wil...

Indeed, it must be the dollar but not CO2 that might be focused on to save mankind and the world.

Or did anybody scribe, "God said, Let there be dollars, and US banks started to print out so many bills to let them be?"

SECTION 2: A Few Things about the Dollar

According to a theory, there are 300 trillion dollars having been printed out and being circulated in the world.

Yet, it is just 8 trillion dollars businesses and governments need for payment of accounts and transfer of money in the global trading.

What's more, it is said that the US financial derivatives market had a volume of 300 trillion dollars in 2005 and 500 trillion dollars in 2007 in terms of purchase contracted.

In 1980, the ratio of the magnitude of "real economy" vs. "money economy" was 9 to 1, though the ratio turned to be 1 to 9 in 2000.

It also means that anything horrible could happen after 2000; and the 9/11 Terror on the U.S. occurred actually in 2001 while people concerned became gluttons of money and got intoxicated with overflowing dollars here and there.

SECTION 3: Not Only Crude Oil but Also Dollars

Mr. Alan Greenspan reportedly wrote that US President Mr. George Bush had ordered military invasion of Iraq to secure the crude oil fields in Iraq.

In fact, the confirmed oil reserve in Iraq is the second largest following that of Saudi Arabia, while that of the U.S is expected to be depleted in one or two decades.

But, Mr. Alan Greenspan might have to point at another aspect: defense of the status of the dollar as another motivation for the invasion of Iraq.

"The second objective is to scare away any other countries to even think about de-linking dollar from the oil trading. De-linking oil trading from dollar will diminish the special status of the dollar and the ability of the US economy to buy goods and services virtually free from the rest of the world and to force countries with trade surplus with the US to lend money to the US. That would certainly destroy the economy of the US built on borrowed money."

But, the following point may be what Mr. Greenspan cannot write in his book due to his former official position:
"If France, Germany, Japan, Russia and a number of OPEC oil countries would shift even a small portion of their dollar reserves into euro to buy bonds of Germany or Frances or the like, the United States would face a crisis beyond which, would destroy its economy."

SECTION 4: 100 Dollar Oil for Whom?

Now the world media is reporting that the oil price has reached 100 dollars for the first time in history.

Today, 80 million barrels of oil are produced everyday, so that oil producing countries in total get 8 billion dollars per day, resulting in incomes of 2.9 trillion dollars per year most of which will be put into the international money market where US financial companies are major players.

For comparison, the sub-prime loan problem is said to have been triggered by securitization of the loans worth 600 billion (0.6 trillion) dollars.

And, just one year ago, they reported in the International Herald Tribune:

"Exxon's performance last year allowed it to surpass Wal-Mart as the largest company in United States, and by some measures Exxon became richer than some of world's largest oil-producing nations. For instance, its revenue of $371 billion surpassed the gross domestic product of $245 billion of Indonesia, an OPEC member and the world's fourth most populous country with 242 million people."

Of course, a year ago, the oil price was not 100 dollars per barrel.

Is this price rise just a mere surprise for companies in this sector such as Exxon?

If so, they will be probably more surprised when the God interferes.

(The last thing hiding in the Pandora's Box must be the US Dollar.

The US dollar together with crude oil may be using CO2 as a scapegoat.

In addition, now you know why the US Government once let the media attack France that was promoting power of Euro without joining the U.S. to invade Iraq.

Indeed, the US dollar stirred up enmity even between the U.S. and France.

Truly, we must carefully treat any agenda concerning US Dollars between us, even personally.

Or, shall I check the inside of the Box more, say, for a kind of diamonds or a new type of LEDs made in Japan?)

"...They will disappear, but you will remain..."

(Sie werden vergehen, du aber bleibst)


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

After the Beginning There Prepared Were Crude Oil and CO2

After the Beginning There Prepared Were Crude Oil and CO2

(Après le début, il y avait préparé le pétrole brut et le CO2)

SECTION 1: Global Warming

In the holy night of January 1, 2008, when I turned on the TV for the first time in these three days since having viewed Mr. Fidel Castro in an interview program on December 29, 2007, I happened to watch a climate change/global warming-related program presented by Japan's NHK TV station.

It reported that an ice shelf with a size 1.5 times larger than Tokyo Prefecture was recently collapsed to the sea from the Antarctic Continent.

It also reported on advanced business dealing with CO2 emission credits in Europe.

It did not forget to focus on Mr. Al Gore.

But, it did not focus on the late Ms. Benazir Bhutto.

They should be focused on Religious Revolution, too.

SECTION 2: Courage Here and There

Mr. Brent Budowsky, a pundit of the Hill, recently mentioned both Mr. Al Gore and Benazir Bhutto.

...Benazir Bhutto gave her life for her country; Democrats so often lack the courage of their convictions to risk even a few points in the polls; and Al Gore racks up the prizes and awards, no doubt deserved, but sadly silenced when the man who should have been leader of the free world had higher priorities....

Good-bye, Benazir. You may be gone, but you will be remembered and honored. Perhaps some day in the land that gave us Washington and Lincoln, some heroic leader will emerge once again, inspired by your courage and your example, and rise above the mediocrity and timidity of our times, as you did in yours....

Indeed, Benazir Bhutto was killed in the confusion caused by problems Islam cannot address so far.

Truly, Mr. Al Gore seems to be avoiding any fatal risks by carefully detaching himself from a possibility to become another JFK or Robert Kennedy, if not another Martin Luther King Jr., if I may say so.

The answer is, ultimately, a Religious Revolution both in the U.S. and in Pakistan.

Globally even the climate change cannot be adequately and effectively addressed without a Religious Revolution among mankind.

SECTION 3: South Dakota

New York Times Online reported on one American Dream being realized in South Dakota due to discovery of hopeful oil mines.

...“It seems like God flew over this country, and a dart landed on Granddad's homestead,” said John Warberg, who is being paid royalties for the new oil well on the land where his grandfather's crumbling, nearly century-old homestead shack stands....

but many scientists suspect that the Bakken may contain 200 billion barrels of oil — significantly more, for instance, than the much debated field in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge....

Mr. Warberg, 55, said that he sometimes missed the solitude and silence he grew up with here, but he proudly pointed out the well that carried his family name on its sign. Standing on a rise beside the well on a recent evening, the distant sound of drilling echoed. The glow of flares — natural gas burning off — warmed the air and dotted the landscape...

“I hope the place won't change, but it probably will,” he said. “I have thought about this a lot. I guess what I hope is that I don't change.”

Indeed I hope that people like Mr. Warberg would also join a Religious Revolution.

Truly, they will then stay being unchanged and good old Americans, even if they are given oil fields by the God, thus passing a trail for Heaven.

SECTION 4: North Dakota

There are many arguments on TV programs in Japan, too.

One claims that there is no sense of seriousness, sincerity, and tension in most of TV programs broadcast in this Holiday Season which is still going on here in Japan.

TVs, PCs, and cellular phones may be the three Pandora's boxes.

Not to be contaminated by poisonous air they are lavishly sprinkling, you may like to retreat somewhere very remote, say, in North Dakota.

Finally, in South and North, you have to introduce a Religious Revolution, since what we need is courage but probably not crude oil and CO2 having been prepared in a Pandora's Box, too, by somebody after the Beginning.

(By the way, dear, have you heard that "Smoking Banned in the Cafes of France?"

Of course, in the beginning, there were no signs of a cigarette, a TV set, a PC set, and a cell phone as well as man-made laws to be introduced billions of years later.)

"...and God's blessings were upon him..."

(...und man sah, dass Gott es liebte...)


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Mt. Fuji of January 1, 2008

[click on the image]

Mt. Fuji of January 1, 2008 [100 kilo meters far]

(Mt. Fuji le 1er janvier 2008)

Gen 1:1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

Gen 1:2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

Gen 1:3 And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

Gen 1:4 And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.

Gen 1:5 And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.

Gen 1:6 And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.

Gen 1:7 And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so.
* * *

This morning I could get and take Mt. Fuji, snowcapped, into my sight and also into a camera as shown above.

(So, they are the first pictures of Mt. Fuji taken in 2008 and made public to the world.)

It was a nice and clear winter day. Not many cars were running. The ground of a field was partly white with frost. Somebody was sitting on the roadside of a ramp, taking video pictures of Mt. Fuji. Somebody was riding on a bicycle. Somebody was hang-gliding. Cormorants were floating and diving into water of a big river very slowly flowing into Tokyo today. A grandmother was walking hand in hand with a very young grandson, descending a ramp.

Now it is past the noon of January 1, 2008, the holiest holiday for the Japanese race, regardless of wealth possessed by individuals.

Most of people must be paying their first visit of the year to a shrine nearby or notable.

To your surprise, I also like to visit a shrine; I will probably also pay my first visit to a shrine some time soon, though Mt. Fuji itself is the main body of a shrine.

(A Happy New Year, Personally!)

" wine must be poured into fresh wine-skins..."

(...neuer Wein gehort in neue Schlauche!...)


Monday, December 31, 2007

"I Saw a Miracle Tonight, Oh Boy!"

"I Saw a Miracle Tonight, Oh Boy!"

("J'ai vu un miracle ce soir. Oh, chers!")

Q1: What is "perfectly perfect?"

A1: Please refer to the figure below.

Q2: Why is Jesus Christ God?

A2: For example, Buddha is the one who approached to omnipotence by increasing his capability, say, from 9 to 99, from 99 to 999, and from 99999.... to the largest number in this world, and further from the largest number in this world to omnipotence.

But, Jesus Christ is the One who came from omnipotence to the largest number in this world, from the largest number in this world to 99999..., and from 99999... to any number, since He demonstrated His power all through "Incompleteness," "Completeness," "Neither Complete Nor Incomplete," and "Holy Source of Concepts & Logics," in His immeasurably precious life as a son of man on the earth, 2000 years ago.

When He said that a happy person doesn't need God, He preciously indicated, not as a discoverer or outsider like Buddha but as a Holy Insider, that how this agenda and concept "happiness" mankind will be forever pursuing is concerned with the sacred providence on which a world inside and outside a human mind has been formed after the Great Creation of Universe just intended to reveal the Greatness of God, for He is completely perfect.

His way of teaching is to direct mankind to "Holy Source of Concepts & Logics" in a manner that only an Angel, from Heaven, could do, just like the endowment of Islam to mankind.

Finally, if you are loved by God, He would give you an ability to see God in Jesus Christ as His true identity, though it must be observed through the highest ethical standard you might not be able to even dream of.

(Last night, again, when I was walking back in coldness, I spotted a [military-type] jet plane high in the winter sky just being identified with its navigation lights flickering.

It was cutting down from two o'clock high or northwesterly through the constellation Orion, targeting at the top star of the Orion's Belt, and exactly hit and passed it to fly away east-southeast.

Indeed, it was a night before New Year's Eve with the three stars high and cool, vertically aligned in a quadrangular formation of the constellation.

Truly, there was a sign that an Angel of God was near, very near, my dear. )

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hold On!

(Hold on!)

Hold On!
(Emprise sur!)

Hold On!

Mar 12:30 And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.

Mar 12:31 And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.

(They say that there are 30 million poor Americans who would starve unless the US Government supplies food tickets for them.

All I can present to them is the word, "Hold on!", since a US Religious Revolution must be coming, coming, coming, indeed coming so soon.)

"Hold On!"