Friday, September 01, 2006

Vietnamese Saved a Japanese in New Orleans in 2005

Vietnamese Saved a Japanese in New Orleans in 2005

According to The Yomiuri Shimbun Newspaper, Vietnamese saved a Japanese young musician in New Orleans during the crisis the hurricane Katrina had caused.

The Japanese young man was then living in the southern city to make a career of music while learning the music unique to New Orleans.

In the turmoil of the hurricane disaster, he felt an acute danger in being alone at a shelter of a big dome where a mass of poor people were crammed.

Some evacuees were attacking others who were believed to have violated children. But when it was found that they got wrong men who were, by then, beaten almost to death, those evacuees claiming justice were not sorry at all for the innocent victims they had attacked.

The Japanese youth struggled to find any other Japanese, but in vain.

However, he could luckily spot a group of Vietnamese who kindly welcomed him into their circle.

Accordingly, the Japanese young man got safety and was later evacuated by helicopter.

He then returned to his hometown in Japan: a south-west city somehow showing a resemblance, in atmosphere, to New Orleans in his feeling.

Now, he is in New Orleans again to pursue his dream in music.

And he reportedly is happy again being surrounded by friendly people, though they are not necessarily Vietnamese.


Monday, August 28, 2006

Has Justice Been Done?

Has Justice Been Done?

Recently, in Saint Petersburg, Russia, the world largest wooden temple burnt down.

Just prior to this fire accident, a Japanese fisherman on board was shot dead by a Russian maritime security guard on a controversial sea area due to a border dispute between Japan and Russia.

Recently, in Georgia, the U.S., an ex-marine committed suicide after killing a female student.

In 1995, he violated a Japanese girl in Okinawa where he was stationed, which became a big social issue linked to the security partnership of Japan and the United States.

Has justice been done?

No matter what they might take, I have surely received these reports.