Friday, October 13, 2006

Nuclear Bomb Test in the Summer of 2008?

Nuclear Bomb Test in the Summer of 2008?

Many people say that North Korea failed in its first nuclear test.

Data, information, findings, and theories on the test seem to be far from being reached consensus on, so far.

One alarming thing is swift decision and action of the Japanese Government in taking punitive measures against North Korea.

One remarkable thing is the emphasis in the address by President George W. Bush on corporation of China being highly expected .

One thing to be especially noted is that China is to hold Summer Olympic Games in Beijin in 2008.

You should be also reminded of the next Secretary-General of the United Nations being a South Korean.
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If North Korea makes other nuclear bomb test in the summer of 2008, I wonder how the U.S., Japan, China, and South Korea should respond.

The matter should be properly addressed and orderly resolved now, not in 2008.
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North Korea is a far more autocratic state than Iraq under Saddam Hussein's regime.

Majority of its people are extremely poor and have no freedom, but are destined to be helplessly killed if a war erupts with or without nuclear weapons.

Under this circumstance, decision makers in the U.S., Japan, China, South Korea, and Russia would be held liable, if any failures in addressing the issue happen.

Therefore, if you are not involved in administrations of those governments responsible, you may be a little lucky.
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But, do you think that North Korea actually failed in its first nuclear test, luckily for us?

And why? It is because they are just fools?

Fools cannot maintain a nation for more than half a century amid the international powers including the U.S., Japan, Russia, and China.

There cannot be such a fool in this world, which is mankind.

If there is, it is a bigger shame on mankind than inability to correct North Korea.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Atomic Bomb Blasted by North Korea

Atomic Bomb Blasted by North Korea

A young scientist of the University of Tokyo, specializing in seismology, said the level of the nuclear bomb North Korea tried yesterday seems to be a Nagasaki Atomic-Bomb class.

The magnitude of an earthquake triggered by the nuclear test was reportedly about 4.9 as observed at a certain location in Japan, though it was about 3.6 in South Korea.

There are still many arguments and speculations about the size of the bomb and its conclusion, namely, even whether it was successful or not.
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Everybody wants to get big money.

No one wants to die before getting rich and richer.

So, no one in the U.S. is interested in nuclear bombs which would eventually turn to be a fatal means, if used for making money in whatever mean, to all involved.

But, North Korea is different.
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My appeal is that the U.S. Government and the United Nations allocate a certain amount of budget for dealing with this problem.

With that amount observed by North Korea, they may get serious in considering a change in their strategy.

Failures of the U.S. and the U.N. in dealing with other problems have really cost billions of dollars while sacrificing so many innocent lives.
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Too many have been killed since September 11, 2001.

It is time to consider saving lives in ongoing and potential war zones including Iraq, Afghanistan, and North Korea.
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I did not feel a tremor the nuclear test in North Korea caused yesterday.

But, I saw someone who looked like an ancient messenger reborn scuttling and passing by me in the morning.

And, one of my electronic gears got out of tune, a happening very rare, that is perhaps once-a-decade thing.

Did you get any inkling at all on that?