Friday, November 03, 2006

Chinese Girls Singing in Sight-Seeing Area in Vain

Chinese Girls Singing in Sight-Seeing Area in Vain

A Japanese reporter was traveling in a sight-seeing area, maybe Guilin, in China.

A guide told him no to give money to children offering some kind of services on the wayside along a sight-seeing path.

Later on, they encountered dozens of local girls singing and standing in ranks at a certain spot.

The reporter did not pay for their thankless service of singing local songs.
+ + +

This was, however, reported by the reporter himself on a certain evening newspaper the other day.

Accordingly, here are you being reported on the incident.
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Before the girls started to sing, you had better start to communicate with them, if not with money.

If Jesus Christ was then walking by the sight, what He would give to them and take away from travelers I cannot stop wondering.


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Then Watch It!

Then Watch It!

When I set out hitting the road wondering nonetheless if I am doing a right thing following the will of God, I saw a license plate of a car indicating "7117," then "7777," and "717" as I was passing every two cars consecutively.

I still wanted some confirmation on that I was heading for a right place; then I saw the license numbers such as "2525" and "555" encouraging me just to go.

When I started to go back home, I just noticed other license number such as "2919" and "1929" on vehicles parked in parallel over a vacant space.

Even when I got closer to my home street and I wondered if God would give me some more confirmation, I found a car running in front of me with a license number "6996."

However, it is not unusual that cars with license numbers, such as "1," "1111," "1001," "5555," and "1234," are observed on my home streets.
+ + +

To every car in Iraq, you have to introduce a new type of license numbers.

And every number plate should be equipped with an RDF tag (or an IC tag) to give information about the car through radio communication to detection equipment set on a check point or on the road side.

Then you can identify and track every car on roads of Iraq.

Car bombs would be a difficult tactic for insurgents.
+ + +

Do you want to know the license number of mine?

It is just like "1031" or "1101," very common one.

What is yours?

Is it "NYSE 12139?"