Sunday, December 31, 2006

Nothing Uncomfortable in Tokyo Station on December 31, 2006

Nothing Uncomfortable in Tokyo Station on December 31, 2006

Now the year 2006 is going to be left behind forever, maybe, like the fist day God created this world or the universe.

(Jesus Christ said not to keep looking back, though.)

The center of Japan is, for ordinary Japanese in their general point of view, the Tokyo Station.

The area around the station is the most secured business center as it is adjacent to the Imperial Palace, though some people might feel the streets there are a kind of high-blown.

Now a few tall buildings are under construction in front of the Tokyo Station.

When people saw such development of streets around any mega-stations in Japan, they used to look like feeling something specifically inspiring.

Now people may come to understand that glory does not lie in tall towers or huge buildings but in intangible assets.

Otherwise, people have become indifferent with whatever development going on in prime locations, since they are too much involved in or too much neglected by urban development schemes carried on an extraordinarily high-priced land.
+ + +

It might not be bad to feel heavy by seeing the late Mr. Saddam Hussein in a picture of a newspaper issued today in Japan.

We should not get used to such a kind of news; however, the newspaper also reported that 61 Iraqis were killed on the day of their former president's execution.
+ + +

Nonetheless I felt almost nothing uncomfortable in the Tokyo Station today while thousands or more people were walking fast or slowly with baggage or children around me, or otherwise waiting for or getting on trains during my short stay there.

If you never feel uncomfortable during whatever short stay in the center of your capital city, then it must be at least as hopeful as Tokyo is on Dec. 31, 2006.

(And, usually we wish "A Happy New Year" in writing a new year card which is a symbol of Japanese tradition still alive and practiced here and there.)


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

President Ford in Japan Specifically Memorized

President Ford in Japan Specifically Memorized

Former U.S. President Gerald R. Ford passed away.

He visited Japan on November 18, 1974, which was the first as the official visit of an incumbent U.S. President to Japan in the history.

Then Prime Minister of Japan Kakuei Tanaka welcomed President Ford in Tokyo.

But, a month later, Prime Minister Tanaka resigned for suspicion of money scandals.

A half year later, Saigon fell into the clutch of Vietcong and North Vietnam.

It is also known that President Ford signed an intelligence order to ban assassination of foreign leaders.
+ + +

Though it was 1968 that Japan became the second largest economy in the world in terms of GNP (Gross National Product), it is 1970's that the world really began to turn its eyes to Japan for its economic success and Japan itself started to feel its competitive edge in various fields.

The Cold War seemed to continue as far as we could overlook the ongoing history toward future.

Or did we miss something important in those days that could be a good lesson 30 years later.
+ + +

It is Americans that should judge if the late President Gerald R. Ford served his nation, then still suffering from aftermath of the Vietnam War, neither too much nor too little.

And, there will be surely a President in future just after the War on Terror. In this case, I suppose the whole world would judge similarly on the President.


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Babe Ruth and Henry Louis Gehrig in Japan

Babe Ruth and Henry Louis Gehrig in Japan

As an example, if you are a baseball fan and check how many hits the keyword "Sadaharu Oh" would return from the Internet, it would be around 45,000 hits in a Japanese search site.

Similarly, if you use the keyword "Eiji Sawamura," it would be 3,700 hits.

Sadaharu Oh is the All -Time Home-Run King in Japan who produced 868 homers in his career as a professional baseball player. Mr. Oh is still engaged in this profession.

Eiji Sawamura was a pitcher of a professional base-ball team in Japan more than 60 years ago, but was killed in WWII.

Eiji Sawamura is regarded as the all-time super pitcher in Japan.

When his team ventured a tour to the U.S. in 1935, he took the plate in 30 games of all the 50 games and got the win in 24 games, though the opponent teams the Japanese went against were not major-league teams but minor ones.
+ + +

On November 20, 1934, the U.S. major-league picked-team met with the Japanese all-star team in a ball park in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, in one of 18 games they had planed to play.

Babe Ruth and Henry Louis Gehrig, however, could not overwhelm the pitcher Eiji Sawamura. They were going to lose the game with nine strike-outs by Eiji Sawamura. Nonetheless, the actual result of the game was 1-0 for the U.S. team.

And, eventually, the U.S. all-star selections left Japan without any lost games.
+ + +

But, how could they beat the Japanese team on November 20, 1934?

Babe Ruth and Henry Louis Gehrig could not come up with hits due to Sawamura's curb ball that fell so drastically over the home plate. The curb ball delivered by Sawamura, who was then just 17 years old, must have been twice more effective than Hideo Nomo's splitter.

So, they tried hard to read Sawamura's habit when he threw a curb. Their efforts finally paid off. Gehrig, following Babe's advice, blasted a home run. It decided the outcome of the game that had so embarrassed and upset the U.S. major-league picked-team in 1934 in Japan.
+ + +

Later, Eiji Sawamura served the Imperial Army and was sent to the front in China. He then returned home, but again he was drafted. He returned home again, but again he was drafted for his third mission in the Imperial Army. This time he never returned. A ship he went aboard was attacked and sunk by a US submarine in December, 1944.

However, even today, there are many baseball fans in Japan who believe that Eiji Sawamura is still better than Hideo Nomo as well as Daisuke Matsuzaka who is to play in the Boston Red Socks in 2007.
+ + +

A Japanese poet once wrote for the late Eiji Sawamura: "War is sinful just because it took your life."

(How many times will American poets write so after the War on Terror?)
+ + +

Now, you know one reason why Babe Ruth is famous in Japan.

Indeed, it is because he for real played baseball in Japan in whatever professional sense we have to accept.


Sunday, December 24, 2006

One Christmas Eve in Japan in 2006

One Christmas Eve in Japan in 2006

I saw tonight in the city a very poor, old man, a couple of innocent westerners, and unusually spotted policemen.

This Sunday night or a Christmas Eve has made most people hurry to their homes or drinking parties, while the night outside is getting colder and sterner.

People in Japan are really starting to get prepared for the New Year Day and the winter holidays for children and students.
+ + +

My recommendation for a Christmas present is the 2006 Global Hunger Index at

You had better download this document and print out its cover page.

Before any miracles are given to us as a Christmas gift, we have to probably love famine-ridden people as Jesus Christ does.

In this sense, Japan should be given another chance next year, too, deplorably.


Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Battle for the Layte Gulf in 1944 Loaded with Lessons

The Battle for the Layte Gulf in 1944 Loaded with Lessons

"SEA OF THUNDER" by Evan Thomas is now ranked the 27th in the list of hard-cover nonfictions by The New York Times.

It depicts the Pacific War between the Empire of Japan and the U.S. from 1941 to 1945.

It is a little surprise that this kind of theme has still some impacts on some sorts of people in the U.S., though millions of people there have had any associations with U.S. defense directly or indirectly.
+ + +

The last year a Japanese film maker released a movie featuring the battleship Yamato, the largest and the strongest warship ever built by human beings, at least before the age of aircraft carrier's dominance.

This year Mr. Clint Eastwood's movies on the Battle of Iwo-jima, fought in February and March in 1945, were released in Japan and the U.S..

Yamato was destroyed and sunk under U.S. air attacks during its Kamikaze mission to the Battle of Okinawa in April, 1945.

However, I would rather honor the Imperial Navy in a different manner.

The greatest naval war ever fought by human beings is called the Battle for the Layte Gulf, the Philippines, in October 1944 in which the Imperial Navy lost not only another Yamato-class battleship Musashi that was fatally damaged by 20 torpedoes shot by U.S. war planes but also the substantial capability to deal with the massive U.S. military advancement to the mainland of Imperial Japan.

After this great naval battle, the Battle of Iwo-jima and the Battle of Okinawa were fought without a hope of changing a tide or recovering a loss or ultimately achieving an advantageous armistice with the Allied.

The two super-warships Yamato and Musashi, with several 46cm big guns equipped on each, might have blown off any ambitions of General Douglas MacArthur and the U.S. Seventh Fleet in and around the Layte Gulf.

But the history was different: the age of air battles over the ocean had already begun.

What is worse, in order to support the fleet, the Imperial Navy ordered an air squadron to conduct Kamikaze air-attacks, which was the first of a long series of this kind of suicide attacks that ensued until the end of the Pacific War in August, 1945.

The Battle for the Layte Gulf should be remembered most significantly as the last full-dress naval battle for the Imperial Navy with even a slight chance of winning as well as the onset of the Kamikaze attacks which should have been also the last and final or only once.


US Strength around Leyte Gulf, the Philippines:
8 fleet carriers
8 light carriers
18 escort carriers
12 battleships
24 cruisers
141 destroyers and destroyer escorts
Many PT boats, submarines, and fleet auxiliaries
About 1,500 planes

Empire of Japan's Strength toward Leyte Gulf, the Philippines:
1 fleet carrier
3 light carriers
9 battleships
14 heavy cruisers
6 light cruisers
35+ destroyers
300+ planes (including land-based aircraft)

+ + +

Now, Japan has other types of Yamato and Musashi in various fields of its modern industries.

But, where has the Kamikaze spirit gone?

It is one of my worries.

It should have gone to the highest sky over the Pacific Ocean forever.

Not to anywhere on the earth.


Monday, December 18, 2006

A Marine in Iraq and His Japanese Father

A Marine in Iraq and His Japanese Father

When you hear some Christmas songs, you may feel like hearing a Christmas story.

All I can say is that Good News is to be preached to poor people. If you are rich and happy, you are not prepared enough.

However, it is one of my opinions I myself in a different occasion cannot mostly stand; Jesus Christ should be far more benevolent.
+ + +

According to a certain prominent journalist, once upon a time, a Japanese young man went to America to learn in post-graduate courses. He graduated a grad school and started to work in a branch of the U.S. Government. He got married to an American woman and got a son who grew up and one day, while learning in a university, decided to go into the service of the U.S. Marines for joining a mission in Iraq. He was actually dispatched to Iraq for a mission of the War on Terror, and then afterward came back to America to restart his learning in the university. He graduated and started to work in a certain industry.

One family in America is going to see Christmas this way: a family of a Japanese father, an American mother, and an ex-Marine son with a memory of Iraq.
+ + +

In my city, there are a lot of illuminations and displays imitating a Christmas tree. Japanese like Christmas.

Indeed, no family's Christmas in Japan is darkened by a shadow of warring Iraq, which might become possible truly by providence.

I meant that we are very sorry for American families who lost their son or daughter in Iraq.

But, will Iraqi victims allow us to enjoy Christmas?

Or will Jesus Christ persuade them to do so for us?

Otherwise, what should we offer as a sacrifice?


Sunday, December 17, 2006

Brazil Won Over Spain 1-0 in the Supreme Soccer Match in Japan

Brazil Won Over Spain 1-0 in the Supreme Soccer Match in Japan

Tonight I rather felt that the city was less crowded.

Indeed, there was a final match of top soccer club teams in the world.

The match was between a team from Spain and another from Brazil.

The latter defeated the former by one to nothing.

The Spanish team, representing 224,000 soccer clubs in Europe and employing ten players who have ever played in the World Cup Soccer Games in eight national teams, was lost to the Brazilian team with no such players.
+ + +

In a cold stadium of Japan's December and supported by Toyota Motor and other companies, the game was played with full audience.

As it must be globally televised, people in Spain and Brazil should enjoy it.

I am not a professional in this sport. I have not much to say.

However, I felt that the Brazilian team was really running, but the Spanish team was not, though I just observed the match only during the last 15 minutes.

A running player kicked the ball that flew to the face of the keeper trying to stop the ball with a lower posture, but the ball hit the head and flew further forward to the goal.
+ + +

Toyota reportedly plans to produce about 9.4 million cars next year, which would put the company on the position of the world number-one car manufacturer. GM will be the number two, accordingly.

Toyota can sponsor many sport games.
+ + +

December is called "Shiwasu" in a traditional and literary way in Japan, which means "a teacher is running."

In old days, people had to make the end meet on their financial contracts, loans, and rents by the end of December; therefore even a teacher who must show a good example of behaviors should be busy paying or borrowing money in this month.

December is a month when even a stern teacher should be busy running like a soccer player in an extreme case.

However, I like the expression "Don't run but walk."

Be a good walker even on a pitch, which would decide a success or a failure in a next moment when a chance ball is flying fast toward you.


Saturday, December 16, 2006

Kings and Emperor in Japan

Kings and Emperor in Japan

BBC has reported something about a "King" coming to Japan again.

There have been no kings in Japan since the early sixth century when some Japanese chieftains sent envoys to then superpower China for authorization for the King of Japan (then called "Wa").

Those chieftains are historically regarded as ancestors of the Imperial Family of Japan that has been enjoying its unbroken line since then to date.
+ + +

There are two different Japanese expressions that are translated into the single expression emperor.

Japanese Emperor is called "Ten-nou (or Ten-no)," but all the other emperors, such as the Roman Emperor, in the world are called "Kou-tei (or Ko-tei)" in Japanese.

Meaning of Kanji letters used for each is not so different.

The key to understanding this arrangement lies in relationships between ancient China and Japan.
+ + +

There are 30,000 Shinto shrines in Japan; and the religion of the Imperial Family of Japan is also a Shinto. Shinto could give deity to any deceased, including fallen soldiers.

January 1 is the day for Shinto: the most special day in Japan.


Friday, December 15, 2006

6.5 Million Churches in the World

6.5 Million Churches in the World

According to various sources, the number of Christian churches in Japan is about 8,000.

(They say that there are 100 times more churches in South Korean than in Japan, which is however a little doubtful though South Korea is abundant in religious businesses including criminal ones.)

It is also reported that there are 350,000 churches in the U.S., while there are 6.5 million churches in the world.

I suppose if Jesus Christ is in a certain church people would naturally go there to worship him.

However, everybody knows it is not the fact.
+ + +

A place where believers get together is called a church.

If two or more believers are in a certain place, it is called a church.

They will put the highest priority in praising the God in anything they do therein.

Such a place is a church.
+ + +

Call believers to your home, if you have a home, so as to make your home a church.

If you can, you will be a very successful person in this world, in a holy sense
+ + +

This evening I thought God would be merciful to show His miracle to me.

And, when I was walking among people, I really encountered a miracle in a personal sense.

Then, I am now writing this EEE-Report to the world to praise the God and Jesus Christ, the glory of which you are sharing with me this moment.

Gold bless this evening!


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Gifts of the Most Reputable Companies in the World

Gifts of the Most Reputable Companies in the World

According to Forbes, the top ten of the World's Most Reputable Companies in 2006 are as follows (

No. 1: Barilla Holding, Italy, Food & Tobacco

2: LEGO Holding A/S, Denmark, Consumer Products

3: Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Germany, Airline & Aerospace

4: IKEA International A/S, Sweden, Retail - General

5: Compagnie Generale des Etablissements Michelin, France, Automotive

6: Toyota Motor Corp., Japan, Automotive

7: A.P. Moller-Maersk A/S, Denmark, Transport/Logistics

8: Ferrero SpA, Italy, Food & Tobacco

9: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., South Korea, Electrical & Electronics

10: Kraft Foods Inc., USA, Food & Tobacco

The Italian company Barilla Holding got the Gold Medal for its reputation as a corporation providing services and goods in a very reputable manner to consumers.

In the coming holiday season, you had better enjoy services and goods provided by those most reputable companies in the world.

This is a little gift of information for the season.

God bless Europe, Japan, Korea, and the USA!


Monday, December 11, 2006

A War of Nobody Else's in Iraq

A War of Nobody Else's in Iraq

According to various sources and their information, financial aid for reconstruction of Iraq by major countries and international organizations are as follows:
1) U.S...................20.3 billion
2) Japan..................5 billion
3) World Bank..........5 billion
4) IMF......................4.25 billion
5) EU..........................1.5 billion
6) Kuwait...................1.5 billion
7) Saudi Arabia...........1 billion
8) U.K.........................0.92 billion
9) Spain.......................0.3 billion
10) Iran.......................0.3 billion
11) Korea......................0.26 billion
12) Canada....................0.23 billion
13) UAE..........................0.215 billion
14) India........................0.03 billion
15) China........................0.0242 billion
16) Norway.......................0.016 billion
17) Swiss.........................0.015 billion
18) Oman.........................0.003 billion
19) Philippines..................0.001 billion
29) Slovakia.....................0.00029 billion
30) Sri Lanka................Red Tea
31) Vietnam..................Rice

(Unit: US dollars)
[as of the end of 2007 or FY2007 for each donor]

Other debt relieves are also under considerations in some countries including Saudi Arabia.

As for Japan, it has still put some planes of Air Self-Defense Force in operation in Iraq, though its ground troops were withdrawn this July after two and a half year's humanitarian-support operation.

The Iraq War cannot be a war of nobody else's but America's only.

If Americans think so, the outcome will someday prove that it is not so.

Even if the President of the U.S. thinks so, the outcome will someday prove that it is not so.


Saturday, December 09, 2006

Mr. Rumsfeld Leaving DOD

Mr. Rumsfeld Leaving DOD

The US Defense Secretary, Mr. Donald H. Rumsfeld, resigned. 

According to the New York Times, he said: "It’s been three decades since I left the Pentagon at the end of my first tour . . . Our country was then engaged in a long struggle — the Cold War, a conflict that seemed costly, and it was. It seemed unlimited in duration, and it was, and seemed unclear in its course and its outcome, which was the case . . ."

According to the Washington Post, he said: "I wish I could say that everything we've done here has gone perfectly, but that's not how life works, regrettably. When thousands of people make dozens of difficult decisions on hundreds of pressing issues, for the most part matters that are new and unfamiliar, where there's no road map, no guidebook . . . the hope has to be not perfection but that most decisions, with the perspective of time, will turn out to be the right ones. . . ."

First, I have to say that the more you are given, the more you are requested to do.

Mr. Rumsfeld was given a chance twice to lead the DOD, which is more than anyone else's assignment.

Secondly, the Cold War should have been under control so that the bottom line in the worst case was clearly defined.

And it should have been avoidance of all-out atomic warfare at any costs. The U.S. should have announced that there should be no all-out atomic warfare because the U.S. truly wanted to avoid it. Then, the direction is clear, the course is straight, and the challenges can be well defined which are to overwhelm the Soviet Union by any other constructive means their nukes could not compete with and the world would give overwhelming credit to.

Lastly, the Secretary of Defense should not gamble lives of the people and assets of the nation on a war which cannot be fully defined as a holy one.

After the Cold War, had belief and faith of American people been further sublimed as should be specially noted in history?
+ + +

The issue is that while America was being engaged in economic warfare against Japan mostly in early 1990's, the DOD could not foresee its imminent role as a force to secure safe, harmonized, and democratic global markets for new entrants.

While Japan had been helping China modernize itself through huge amounts of economic aids in 1980's and 1990's, the U.S. stopped its support to Iraq and got indifferent with development of democracy in the Middle East.

No one is now afraid of nukes China actually has; but so many got afraid of nukes Iraq and terrorist groups from Saudi Arabia did not have.
+ + +

Jesus Christ told not to accuse anybody.

In one of pictures posted by the Washington Post for Mr. Rumsfeld, he sat by Ms. Condoleezza Rice. Observing it, I wondered which will be the first to consult God for a need of apology.

They have been in the fourth and sixth position to act as the President in case, respectively.

And fortunately, Mr. Rumsfeld has not since the age of the Cold War.


Friday, December 08, 2006

Truth of War on Terror in Oil Rich Countries and the U.S.

Truth of War on Terror in Oil Rich Countries and the U.S.

It is said that Saudi Arabia earned about US$154 billion from oil production in 2005 and is expected to earn US$160 billion in 2006.

Iraq reportedly earned US$23.4 billion in 2005 and is expected to earn US$35 billion, though the country has US$60 billion of foreign liabilities and needs to invest about US$7 billion into reconstruction of its oil facilities and power plants.

When the U.S. military presence is over and all of its troops are withdrawn, will Iraqi people get united to boost their oil production and business to the level of Saudi Arabia, though their ratio is currently almost one to five?

With a friendly and peaceful alliance between oil-rich Saudi Arabia and Iraq, will terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda be eradicated?

Isn't it the minimum objective of the War on Iraq, if the U.S. cannot make a friend of Iraq?
+ + +

Including a forecast of expenses of the Wan on Terror in FY2007, the U.S. has reportedly spent almost 600 billion dollars for this war in these years.

The total amount of annual government expenditure of the U.S. is 2,568 billion dollars in FY2006 with 427 billion dollars deficits in 2005.

Therefore the U.S. spends 5% of its expenditure budget per year for its first war in the 21st century, which also exerts a serious influence on its deficits.
+ + +

Without mentioning human casualties, it looks like a big waste of resources.

If you are the President of the USA, would you also like to show your guts by spending almost the same amount of money every year to a war as Saudi Arabia earns yearly from oil?

God might give dollars to the U.S. just like Allah gives oil to Muslims.

If so, you should not use dollars for a war against Muslims at least in theory.


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

No.1 Best Seller in Japan in 2006

No.1 Best Seller in Japan in 2006

The Japanese version of "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" by J. K. Rowling is ranked the second.

The No.1 best seller in Japan in 2006 is reportedly "Kokka-no-Hinkaku" by Masahiko Fujiwara.

The direct replacing of "Kokka-no-Hinkaku" by word by word is "Nation-of-Dignity"; however with the word order changed, it is "Dignity of the Nation."

The author, a mathematician and essayist, extends his thought about how Japan has become so tainted by greed.

When you judge other persons just depending on how much money they have, you will be regarded as a worshipper of Mammon.

If you are surrounded by people of other origins in terms of race, nationality, culture, and language, judging others with the sole criterion of money may be excused in a certain situation; however, traditionally it was not the case in Japan.

Nonetheless, this tradition has been eroded in the Japanese society, probably, due to globalization of economy.

The author of "Dignity of the Nation" claimed that Japanese should preserve respect for human value which is essentially opposite to love of money.

And, more than two million people who have bought his book are thinking about his idea, pro and con, results of which might improve the society at least to whatever small extent.
+ + +

Jesus Christ's followers 2000 years ago must have mostly consisted of those who could not read and write.

The less we read, the closer we get to the original followers.

You had better recall and think about parables Jesus Christ said to His followers as many times as possible.

The best I can do is to report any holy signs God has given.


Monday, December 04, 2006

A Note on Tonight's Moon

A Note on Tonight's Moon

Tonight the moon was super bright.
+ + +

The rate of a corporation tax in Japan is about 40% while it is about 30% in other advanced countries.

Financial circles in Japan are requesting the Government to lower the rate to 30% or so.
+ + +

God gives us a sign in the sky sometimes even to remind us of any remote but important thing.

If you see it, you would feel reassured about yourself.

People might look up at the moon in New Orleans, Bamiyan, and Baghdad.

It must look more splendorous.


Sunday, December 03, 2006

Assassinations New and Old; Defense Organ Old and New

Assassinations New and Old; Defense Organ Old and New

Mr. Larry King was interviewing a person who had been also shot at his stomach on June 5, 1968 when Robert Kennedy was shot.

The Kennedys are well known in Japan. The movie "Bobby" might be welcomed as "JFK" was more than a decade ago.
+ + +

Whenever I recall the assassinations that haunted the Kennedys, I feel danger still somehow hidden in the U.S. Government and U.S. politics.

If then U.S. Government had investigated the cases in earnest, we should have been reported more reasonable explanations and findings to.

But, it seems that then U.S. Government had been reluctant to investigate the cases with precision of science and enthusiasm of patriots.

Then U.S. Government had ability, power, and resources to grasp a whole scheme of those assassinations and present truth to the people; however, they didn't, or at least they looked as if they hadn't.

A simple speculation is that there is possibility that a higher part of then U.S. Government and a stronger group of politicians were involved in the cases.

But, more alarming is a fact that U.S. citizens didn't or wouldn't, or otherwise couldn't, force their Government to provide them explanations and findings fully reasonable and scientific on the cases.

As time went by, we however saw the U.S. Government and its people severely suffering from the Viet Nam War, though they could manage to send men to the moon.
+ + +

An ex-Russian officer was so tragically assassinated in London recently with radioactive polonium. It is likely that somebody put the chemical substance into a cup of Japanese tea in a certain sushi restaurant. It is a kind of must that sushi is served with Japanese green tea.

There are some Japanese who are arguing that CIA must be a true culprit. The Russian Government should not be such a fool as would be so easily suspected and identified. It must be CIA, since the U.S. Government has full records of assassinations overseas in the past.

Of course, these Japanese are, in most cases, young minority well educated and inclined toward leftist thinking and sometimes supporters of the Japanese Communist Party or Social Democratic Party.

I suppose that CIA might have a clue for solving this criminal case related to a nation with various types of gangsters being engaged in various secret, political and economic maneuvers since the fall of the communist regime of the Soviet Union in 1991.
+ + +

Japan has the Defense Agency, but soon will have the Ministry of Defense, as a law to grade up the Agency to the Ministry, which is authorized to have more effective administrative power, was passed by Japan's House of Representatives recently.

I hope that there will be no needs for Japan to establish its own Central Intelligence Agency for whatever reasons or on whatever purpose.


Saturday, December 02, 2006

ALL AMERICANS: Super Rich, Professional, Poor, and Outcast

ALL AMERICANS: Super Rich, Professional, Poor, and Outcast

A Japanese woman who has worked in New York and the Silicon Valley as the first Japanese female economist for 26 years wrote a Japanese book titled "Reality of America, the Super Disparity Society."

The author, Yumi Kobayashi, categorized Americans into four groups: the super rich, the professional, the poor, and outcasts.

Readers of the book, of course mostly Japanese in Japan, largely praise its contents. Especially, as the author defined herself as one of lower professionals, her viewpoint seems to be well welcomed by readers.

First of all, God forbids man to stay rich.
Therefore, being super rich is a sin.
I have nothing to say to them. You wait for God's judgment.

The question is whether professionals love the poor and outcasts as God wishes.

I suppose it will decide the future course of the U.S.

On this earth, there are only two types of people: those who are afraid of being rich and those who are not.

In other words, those who know in any form of recognition that God forbids man to become rich and those who do not mind such an idea.
+ + +

However, I am not in a position to decide any particular person to be super rich, professional, poor, or outcast.


Thursday, November 30, 2006

"THE BOOK OF TEA" and My Practice

"THE BOOK OF TEA" and My Practice

In 1906, "THE BOOK OF TEA" by Okakura-Kakuzo was published from Fox Duffield & Company in New York.

The author, generally known as Tenshin Okakura, wrote about the way of tea, one of unique cultural assets of Japan.

Probably due to the influence the book bore in the United States, even Americans today have some knowledge about wabi (taste for the simple and quiet) and sabi (elegant simplicity) both of which are concept deeply rooted in the traditional Japanese culture and are embodied in a tea ceremony.

He wrote: "Why not destroy flowers if thereby we can evolve new forms ennobling the world idea? We only ask them to join in our sacrifice to the beautiful. We shall atone for the deed by consecrating ourselves to Purity and Simplicity. Thus reasoned the tea-masters when they established the Cult of Flowers."

In a small room where a Japanese tea ceremony is conducted, you will surely find a humble decoration of plants.
+ + +

Buddha is said to have said that you could go into flower gardens but must pass through them without picking any of plants and flowers.

The beautiful is not in the nature or living things but in the spiritual universe which sometimes project its elements and members onto the nature.

You are not allowed to kill life of a flower.
+ + +

Decorate a room with flowers may be an art, but walk through a flower garden without picking a flower may be a religious practice.

And practically, drinking Japanese green tea is good for a human heart medically.

I take it everyday intentionally. If you like, please try it.


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

"Hillary and Rice"

"Hillary and Rice"

There is a Japanese book titled "Hillary and Rice" written by a Japanese female essayist named Yukiko Kishimoto.

I suppose we had better focus on descriptions about Ms. Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of State of the U.S., especially in this age of the War on Terror.

The essayist mentioned two Japanese men who had met with or saw her, separately in many academic occasions, when Ms. Rice was in her 30's.

The two Japanese men described alike Ms. Rice as a Venus or a truly rare beauty.
+ + +

In ancient China, it is said that there were Four (or Five) Beauties who were extremely beautiful and prominent.

Among them, about a woman called Diaochan (Chou-sen in Japanese), whose life was not recorded in any historic documents but believed to have existed, it is said that she was so beautiful that the moon hid herself in nearby clouds when she was praying under the moon for peace of the Han Dynasty her father was serving.

She has been thus called a Beauty Making the Moon Hide.
(In East Asia, everybody thinks that the moon is beautiful.)

There is also another related expression created in ancient China but still known in Japan: a Beauty Making Fish Drawn, Goose Fall, and Flowers Shamed.
+ + +

The beauty Diaochan was used successfully by her father to drive a fatal wedge between two powerful warriors who were both enemies of Han.

This episode became a prologue of a long historical story based on civil wars in China in the 2nd and the 3rd century.

Japanese seem to love the story called "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" more than contemporary Chinese do.
+ + +

The female essayist who wrote the book "Hillary and Rice" was interested in the remarks of those Japanese men about Ms. Rice.

The actual expression they used is "Zessei-no-Bijyo," which literally means a beauty that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

If two decent Japanese men testified that a certain foreign girl was a truly rare beauty, I think she must be.
+ + +

What I hope is that Ms. Rice is actually a very different type of ladies from the ancient legendary beauty Diaochan.

Anyway, God's teaching to me has nothing to do with a beauty except such one as "Do not believe what you see but what you feel."

I feel that she would not let others feel the way she does not like, which I would rather respect.


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Japanese Spacecraft Peering into the Sun So Nearly

Japanese Spacecraft Peering into the Sun So Nearly

The surface of the sun emitting several jet streams of energy was for the first time so clearly presented in pictures released yesterday.
(Especially at p.14 of

The pictures were taken from a Japanese spacecraft called Hinode using its solar optical telescope.

Hinode also took some pictures of Mercury this month with the sun as its background.

This project called Solar-B is being promoted by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe.
+ + +

The width of a bundle of energy jet streams on the sun is almost equal to the diameter of the earth. We can really feel something enormous but also so real therein.

Mercury with a diameter a little larger than one-third of the earth's cannot be observed easily from the earth and a real picture showing its shape, of course being round, is also rare.
+ + +

In Japanese, we call Mercury "Sui-sei" meaning the star of water.
We call Venus "Kin-sei" meaning the star of gold.
We call the Earth "Chi-kyu" meaning the ground globe.
We call Mars "Ka-sei" meaning the star of fire.
We call Saturn "Do-sei" meaning the star of soil.
We call Jupiter "Moku-sei" meaning the star of trees.
We call Uranus "Tennou-sei" meaning the star of the Heaven King.
We call Neptune "Kaiou-sei" meaning the star of the Sea King.
We call Pluto "Meiou-sei" meaning the star of the Underworld King.

The sun is called "Tai-you" meaning the great brightness, though there are some other synonyms.

The moon is "Tsuki" meaning the moon.

A star is "Hoshi" meaning a star, the Kanji letter of which can be also pronounced as "Sei" in certain contexts.
+ + +

Though the sun, consisting mostly of hydrogen and helium, is not a gigantic inerratic star, this kind of stars with a larger volume could generate internally various types of atoms, including oxygen.

The combination of hydrogen and oxygen is water.

The origin of water on the earth is traced back to another larger sun which once existed prior to the current sun.

That kind of gigantic, hot, and burning globe is the source of water which makes us live in combination with light and heat.
+ + +

Jesus Christ really said, "Do not judge a person by his outlook but by his mind."

A mind that can give you water, light, and heat may be, however, being carried by a person with a forbidding aspect.


Saturday, November 25, 2006

F15, F22, and F2 Fighters

F15, F22, and F2 Fighters

When I was running back home, I was passed by a vehicle with the license number "777" while others with "3003," "9990," etc. were coming and going at their own speed, which was not an unusual situation, though.

I was not flying high like an F15 or F22 jet fighter.

Japanese Air Self-Defense Force has 200 F15s, each of which was purchased from a certain U.S. company at a price roughly between US$ 80 million and 100 million, though the U.S. Air force could purchase an F15 at US$ 40 million.

It is said the Japanese Government pays twice more than the U.S. Government does for an F15.

It means, with the same budget, Japan could hold 400 F15s now.

In the case of an F22, it is said Japan will have to pay US$ 130 million.
+ + +

As the U.S. aerospace industry sells goods worth 180 billion dollars per year nowadays, Japan's defense budget for F15s account for one percent of the yearly sales if we assume that Japan's 200 F15s were purchased in ten fiscal years.

Japan also buys other items from various U.S. aerospace products makers.
+ + +

Japan has developed its own fighter jet plane which is called F2 and can fly at the maximum speed of Mach 2.0 and has a flying range of 4,000Km (2,500 miles).

However, as Japanese laws prohibit exporting weapons to other countries, the price of F2, including its development costs, is fairly high, US$ 100 million each.

The Japanese Government has decided to purchase only about 100 F2s from a certain Japanese maker.

During WWII, Imperial Japan had produced 10,000 "Zero" fighters.

Now peace-loving Japan is to be equipped with the national fighters in an amount of one-hundredth of the total production number of the legendary "Zero" fighters.
+ + +

Flying a jet fighter plane may be cool, but if you don't understand process of creation of modern wealth, for example, in a factory or at a construction site, you may lack something in your intellect that is very critical for anyone allowed to be engaged in an operation for destroying enemy's modern wealth in the form of a factory or a building.

Yes, life is once, but eternity can be in any moment in a life if God allows, as you should really feel high in the air above sonic boom.


Friday, November 24, 2006

Sushi, Buddhism, and Tigers

Sushi, Buddhism, and Tigers

The Washington Post talked about sushi, a Japanese type of dish consisting of rice and fish and shellfish.

Their reporters seem to be very knowledgeable about Japanese cuisine and the culture behind it.

However, I would like to add some to it.
+ + +

Japanese had been officially forbidden to eat animal-meat from the seventh century to the late 19th century by governments and social authorities influenced by Buddhism.

Though animal-meat diets were actually practiced occasionally and especially in the Age of Civil Wars in Japan around the 16th century, most people avoided eating meat of cows, horses, boars, birds, etc. in order to observe the teachings of Buddha who had forbidden killing living things.

But they had not forbidden people to eat fish and shellfish. And since food staple in Japan has been rice for these 2000 years, it is natural consequence that people tried hard to find other dishes that matched rice, which was fish.
+ + +

The origin of contemporary sushi is the sushi fermented with fish and vegetables (called nare-zushi) that was first invented in Southeast Asia from which ancestors of some modern Japanese had emigrated in ancient times.

Some descriptions on nare-zushi are found in the 10th century's official documents of the Imperial Dynasty.

When vinegar was widely introduced into the Japanese society under the regime of the Tokugawa samurai clan since the 17th century, nare-zushi developed into a new style of cuisine which led to formation of contemporary sushi.
+ + +

Therefore Japanese traditionally ate sushi instead of beef.

They didn't have to kill a cow or an ox to take in an animal protein.

Killing fish is not so bloody or wild as killing cows and other big animals.

You can be a lay Buddhist.
+ + +

In a temple of Thai, they feed and keep tigers. When they were cubs just losing their mother, they were found and rescued by monks of the temple.

After growing up, those tigers are still kept in the temple, but they never attack monks and other people or animals, since they don't know the taste of blood.

Those monks give meat to tigers but such meat does not include blood. After almost completely taking out blood from meat, they give it to tigers as food.
+ + +

Sushi is better than beef for man.

Meat without blood is good for tigers living in the human world.

However, Jesus Christ said not to mind what you eat and what you put on.

I am highly convinced that man can win tigers with this spirit.


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Living Low, Believing High

Living Low, Believing High

Cash-out refinance in America is one of big concerns to Japanese idustries.

The rate of increase in value of homes has been declining in the U.S. residential real-estate market.

Money eventually supplied by Fannie Mae (FNM: Federal National Mortgage Association) is expected to decline from a $200 billion to a $100 billion level.

The trend directly affects U.S. consumer behaviors, because money at their hands is expected to decrease.

However, it is not a mainstream to expect a sweeping crash in the U.S. residential real-estate market and consumer loan market.

As two thirds U.S. domestic demand is supported by consumers, the issue is related to the whole U.S. economy as well as Japanese industries.
+ + +

If American dream is just to buy a house, to wait for its value to rise, to get cash based on the increased value, and to buy a bigger house and other luxuries with the cash, all enemies of the United States in the world should know they are fighting against somebody who cannot understand certain critical spiritual value; Consequently making a war against Americans cannot be glorious.

It is not God, but money that is the main concern for most of Americans.

Therefore, pious Muslims should not think that their fighting Americans could be so glorious and heroic.
+ + +

However, Japanese industries rely on this big American consumer power.

And nowadays Korean and Chinese industries also rely on this big American consumer power.

More specifically, the true driving force in the world economy is Americans buying homes.
+ + +

Live poor means of course living in a humble home.

The most serious issue in the U.S. is that God orders them to live poor as He does to everybody in the world.
+ + +

No matter how humbly in claiming this, I am still living poor.

And this is what I am telling you.


Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hidden Buddhist Scriptures Found in Bamiyan

Hidden Buddhist Scriptures Found in Bamiyan

Thousands of cars and motorcycles were running.

Yet, I could spot specific license numbers such as "6666," "8888," "8800," "3838," "100," "3," etc. in a short period of time, while encountering different cars with the license number of "X 1717" three times though the Hirakana character "X" at the head of the numbers was different.

It is just almost a 10 minutes run, but I could not miss those so-called good license numbers.

It is no more a matter of probability. It is belief.
+ + +

Information I got today is on the demolished, huge statutes of Buddha in Bamiyan of Afghanistan.

Researchers found part of certain Buddhist scriptures, believed to have been hidden in the body the statutes, among debris of the statutes bombed by the Taliban in early 2001.

The sheet of paper was also damaged but some Sanskritic sentences could be read on it.

The letters used are of the sixth to seventh century's standard. Their contents are just those Hsuan Tsang, famous Buddhist priest (602 - 664), translated into Chinese during and after his long journey from China to India.
+ + +

Though there might be a more important thing today for me, I suppose this information must be reported anyhow.

The Taliban as a group of Muslims destroyed the historic statutes, but they could not succeed in completely disappointing Buddhists.

As a human being before being allowed to enjoy any true religion, even a Muslim had better learn some teachings of Buddha.

It is my opinion.

A Muslim has various knowledge and ideas on this world and their lives in addition to those of Islam.

All of them cannot be necessarily better than any teachings of Buddha.
+ + +

Buddhism and Islam might be very different things; each of them may belong to a different sphere of human spirit.

Perhaps, it is wrong to regard them as religion of the same meaning.

They must be so different that they should be able to co-exist in a human soul.

Judaism and Christianity can be applied to this idea in the same manner.
+ + +

Religion cannot be a reason for attacking others.

Religion can be the only reason for stopping attack to others in a certain case.

Now, I suppose this information and notion should be very important to some of you, as God gave such suggestions.


Saturday, November 11, 2006

Coal in China, Oil in Iraq, and Justice for All

Coal in China, Oil in Iraq, and Justice for All

According to various news sources, such as NHK, Kyodo News Service, and The Epoch Times, China has a big trouble on its coal mine industry.

China is the largest coal production country in the world followed by the U.S., but every year they have more than 6,000 deaths in coal mines in official statistics. According to other private information source, the death toll is more than 20,000 every year.

The mortality percentage of victims in China's coal mines is 100 times larger than that of America's.

In addition, the number of those killed each year in various accidents including traffic accidents in China is said to be about 140,000.

To have a population of 1.3 billion is different from having a 300 million population or a 120 million population.

Nothing can be proportional, if a total amount of a certain indicator surpasses a certain threshold level.

What is worse, according to a certain analysis, the reason of this large number of casualties in China's coal mines is its bad management run by managers who are forcing innocent laborers to work in bad conditions, while paying very low salaries, so that they can make an undue but huge profit.
+ + +

Maybe a number of civilians killed in Iraq, directly linked to armed clashes of any scale, every year after 2003 might be at the level of the yearly death toll of Chinese coal-mine workers.

Iraq has a population of only 24 million, one fiftieth of China's 1.3 billion population.

No comparison looks meaningful, but people are dying in daylight on dry land as well as in darkness of mines.
+ + +

China has large coal reserves and Iraq has large oil reserves.

They should use it for security and safety of its people, respectively.

I cannot find any other reasons than this for the very natural gift God Almighty has given to both the countries, respectively.


Friday, November 10, 2006

Do Not Hold Voters Cheap, Mr. bin Laden

Do Not Hold Voters Cheap, Mr. bin Laden

God told us to love our enemies, not to like them.

Some people really love to say the above notion.

Maybe Allah told us to love our enemies, not to like them.

Some people really hate to hear others say the above notion.
+ + +

Editorials of Japanese newspapers claim that the key factor that has decided the outcome of this midterm election in the United States is the gap between the rich and the poor.

But, most of Americans should feel something nice in that Al-Qaeda have not launched a massive attack on U.S. properties anywhere in the world these days, though U.S. soldiers are being exposed to danger of being shot by hidden snipers in streets of Iraq.

In the last Presidential election, Mr. Osama bin Laden himself appeared on a video and delivered a message to Americans; Consequently Mr. George W. Bush won.
+ + +

If Al-Qaeda had hijacked several passenger jets during this election period, the outcome should have been very different, as you can easily imagine.

However, it may be a little interesting to take note of the fact that North Korea blasted its first officially-so-announced nuclear bomb in this October.
+ + +

I don't know the whereabouts of Mr. bin Laden, though there is possibility that Allah really struck him in Kashmir with that great earthquake which claimed about 70,000 lives of Pakistani, according to His Own will no human beings may be allowed to make a protest against.

Nonetheless, a President of the United Sates has a legal obligation to track, pursue, and arrest him, which has not been fulfilled yet to my disappointment.

Any candidates for the next Presidential election should vow to track, pursue, and arrest Mr. bin Laden who claimed himself that he had planned terror attacks in 2001 that took scores of Japanese lives along with other nationalities in New York.

And anyone elected should fulfill the official vow for our sake.
+ + +

You cannot hold American voters cheap.

You cannot hold Japanese lives cheap.

I don't know how Allah is holding your life.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Reserves and Deficits in Japan, the U.S., and China

Reserves and Deficits in Japan, the U.S., and China

Foreign currency reserves of China have reportedly reached one trillion US dollars, while Japan's reserves are about 900 billion US dollars.

The amount of current-account deficits of the United States is about 850 billion dollars mainly due to trade deficits.

China has about 1.3 billion population, Japan 120 million, and the U.S. 300 million as you are well aware.
+ + +

What makes me worries is that many, many European and American bankers and businessmen in the financial sector are rushing at the Chinese money market to take money as much as possible out of China.

However, for decades, Japanese companies have been fostering Chinese industries, investing crucial money needed at every stage of China's development.

What makes me worries more is that the Chinese Government and its ruling party are yet to make sufficient efforts for leading its people to loving Japan more.  
+ + +

Most importantly, Japanese public turning on such economic news is worried partly because a typical foreign criminal in Japan is still Chinese as has been for these decades.
+ + +

Poor people in the world, including poor Americans, poor Europeans, and poor Chinese, should be more alarmed than Japanese are.


Sunday, November 05, 2006

Baseball in Europe, Why Not?

Baseball in Europe, Why Not?

They say the three major topics a European woman doesn't want to hear from a Japanese businessman are:
the third, a baseball game,
the second, his company, and
the most worst, a baseball game played by colleagues of his company.
+ + +

Baseball will be no more an athletic event in London Olympic Games in 2012.

One of the most popular sporting events in Japan and the U.S. is going to be dropped from Olympic Games, though they play baseball in Beijing Olympic Games in 2008.

Countries surrounding the U.S. seem to love baseball just like those surrounding Japan do.

What is wrong with baseball in Europe?

Is it so anti-Europe?

Specialty in baseball is throwing a ball in the size you can fully take a grip on to a catcher or other team mate in a field into a spot he is expecting accurately as much as possible.

Throwing a stone at a wild dog or any other animal is historically a very natural movement for mankind.

As long as you can find those stones suitable for dashing, you can fight. If you have a bat or a stick, you can further fight bravely. Kicking your game is the last action to confirm its death.

Therefore, throwing a ball and swinging a bat would satisfy a kind of human instinct.
+ + +

Since introduction of baseball into the Japanese society, there have been no civil wars.

But, in the U.S., they seem to need a few more sport events to reduce a potential of another civil war.

I heard a crime rate in the U.K. is five times larger than that in Japan.

They had better review and reconsider choices of the athletic events for London Summer Olympic Games.
+ + +

And I suspect that most of Japanese businessmen busy moving around might notice no difference between an American woman and a European woman, whether she is British or not.

Anyway, any Japanese businesswoman would kindly listen to a businessman who is just talking about a baseball game played by colleagues of his company.

But, would you?


Friday, November 03, 2006

Chinese Girls Singing in Sight-Seeing Area in Vain

Chinese Girls Singing in Sight-Seeing Area in Vain

A Japanese reporter was traveling in a sight-seeing area, maybe Guilin, in China.

A guide told him no to give money to children offering some kind of services on the wayside along a sight-seeing path.

Later on, they encountered dozens of local girls singing and standing in ranks at a certain spot.

The reporter did not pay for their thankless service of singing local songs.
+ + +

This was, however, reported by the reporter himself on a certain evening newspaper the other day.

Accordingly, here are you being reported on the incident.
+ + +

Before the girls started to sing, you had better start to communicate with them, if not with money.

If Jesus Christ was then walking by the sight, what He would give to them and take away from travelers I cannot stop wondering.


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Then Watch It!

Then Watch It!

When I set out hitting the road wondering nonetheless if I am doing a right thing following the will of God, I saw a license plate of a car indicating "7117," then "7777," and "717" as I was passing every two cars consecutively.

I still wanted some confirmation on that I was heading for a right place; then I saw the license numbers such as "2525" and "555" encouraging me just to go.

When I started to go back home, I just noticed other license number such as "2919" and "1929" on vehicles parked in parallel over a vacant space.

Even when I got closer to my home street and I wondered if God would give me some more confirmation, I found a car running in front of me with a license number "6996."

However, it is not unusual that cars with license numbers, such as "1," "1111," "1001," "5555," and "1234," are observed on my home streets.
+ + +

To every car in Iraq, you have to introduce a new type of license numbers.

And every number plate should be equipped with an RDF tag (or an IC tag) to give information about the car through radio communication to detection equipment set on a check point or on the road side.

Then you can identify and track every car on roads of Iraq.

Car bombs would be a difficult tactic for insurgents.
+ + +

Do you want to know the license number of mine?

It is just like "1031" or "1101," very common one.

What is yours?

Is it "NYSE 12139?"


Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Israeli Mother and The Arab Brother

The Israeli Mother and The Arab Brother

They televised it in Japan.

A mother of one of two Israeli soldiers who were taken to hostage by Hezbollah was appealing to supporters in New York including the U.S. ambassador to the U.N.

A brother of one of Arab prisoners kept by Israel was also meeting with senior officers of the International Red Cross in Geneva, requesting them to press the Israeli Government into exchange of prisoners.

Over these prisoners and hostages, Israel and Hezbollah fought a war this summer, sacrificing more than one thousand lives on both the sides.
+ + +

This is the situation in which everybody is a victim as is usual in the human world.

There seems to be no mad man being included who just wants to inflict others while he has no justification to do so at all.

Everybody is a victim to be saved by God. (Any objection?)

What they need is not love more to themselves but love more to others, since they know their opponent is also suffering enough.
+ + +

If the Palestine problem or the problem regarding legitimate existence of the state of Israel among Arab people is solved, then Arab people might be able to easily solve their own problems with a great help of the world including Japan.

I really hope that these problems will be solved soon; Yes, very soon, as the mother and the brother are wishing it.

Or are you the one who was just passing by a taxi the mother was in while being depressed after meeting with various diplomats in New York, or otherwise are you the one who was just not aware of how thirsty the brother was when he entered a meeting room of the International Red Cross headquarters in Geneva?

If so, you must hope it more than I do.


Friday, October 27, 2006

A Great Wall on the Tibetan Height

A Great Wall on the Tibetan Height

A Japanese researcher was once on a bus running on the Tibetan Height.

He was feeling really high, enjoying the splendor of the great grassy plain.

Meanwhile, other travelers, mainly Chinese, on the bus were throwing garbage out of windows to the wayside of the highway cutting through the Tibetan Height.

On the great grassy plain, a bus was running, tossing empty cans, plastic bottles, paper bags, and other miscellaneous garbage out to the wayside.

The Japanese traveler found that simmering lines were also running along the highway lanes as far as he could see.

Now he knew what they were. A Great Wall of Garbage was under construction on the Tibetan Height.
+ + +

Yes, I saw the video on the Internet.

A Tibetan was shot and fell on the snow field where several other were also escaping from gunshots fired by Chinese soldiers.
+ + +

The Tibetan Height seems to have a size equal to Western Europe or the area west of the Mississippi.

In the 21st century or the 22nd century, the height might be very useful and important for human beings which are said to face serious climate problems.

However, garbage highway and easy firing today on the height might be very ominous not only for China governing the territory now but also for mankind.
+ + +

If you throw garbage out of a window of a public bus in Japan, you are asserting that you are a very dangerous person sitting among decent people.

Nonetheless, I can understand it means nothing when you have to be careful not to be shot or bombed while riding on a bus on a street of Iraq or Afghanistan.

Yet, I hope that I will be comfortably riding on a bus in any places on the earth just like in Japan. With no garbage throwers, no shooters, and no suicide bombers, you also should be going.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Samurai's Daughter

Samurai's Daughter

Until the 1870s, Japan had been a feudal society in which farmers accounted for 85 percent of the population and samurai for seven percent.

Tokyo meaning the east capital (then called Edo meaning an entrace to the sea) had a million population among which samurai accounted for 50 percent, since it was the capital of the Tokugawa samurai regime (called Bakuhu), and every samurai feudal lord all over Japan was obliged to have an official residence in Edo in addition to the one in a castle in their own feud or territory called Han.

Samurai can be easily known from farmers, merchants, and craftsmen, for they wear garments particular about formalities as well as a pair of swords, a large and a small one, or outwardly a long and a short one.
+ + +

Once a samurai took his son and his daughter, in ages of schoolchildren in the lower grades of today, to an exhibition of a tiger. Though tigers had never made their habitats in Japan, the animal was always popular among Japanese, since it actually lived in the Korean Peninsula and it was the strongest kind of animals in North East Asia.

The samurai found that his little daughter was not frightened by the tiger exhibited alive for that certain occasion.

So, he decided to give her a dirk or a dagger, or a very small knife that could be hidden even in the hilt of a large sword.

Usually, when a woman of a samurai clan was given a dirk, it was meant that she should use it not only in fight but also for committing a suicide to protect the honor of herself and her family.

But, the samurai did not tell anything about such a samurai code; he just simply said to her, "As you are a strong girl, you could keep it."

Later when she got old, and the samurai era had gone through a civil war and modernization of Japan had begun, she recalled the memory and just wondered what her father, who had also served his lord as a scholar, had thought of when he had given her the dirk.
+ + +

If you have a strong soldier, you could trust him with a mighty weapon. But, applying the paradigm to a girl at a playful age of today is unthinkable.

Anyway, the more you are given, the more you are requested of.

Yes, the stronger you are, the stronger companion you might need in case.
+ + +

The glorious Meiji Restoration, crowned with the victory of the Japanese-Russo War, has been left behind in history so far away from the Japanese of today.

Then, the materially simple but culturally deep and abundant Samurai Era has been left further away from today's Japanese.

Yet, in the age of globalization, some people might love to hear this kind of report on the samurai era.


Sunday, October 22, 2006

The 50,000 Honorable Dead and Injured on the Iwojima in July 1944

The 50,000 Honorable Dead and Injured on the Iwojima in July 1944

When they released that absurd movie "Pearl Harbor" in the summer of 2001 despite the February's tragedy of the Ehimemaru, a Japanese fisheries high-school's training ship that was sunk near Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, by a USS submarine with guests from Texas on board, no one remembered the passage of the book “Moby Dick” written by Herman Melville just before the Civil War:
"Grand Contested Election for the Presidency of the United States",


which should be read as:
"In 2000, Grand Contested Election for the Presidency of the United States",


and no one could even catch a glimpse of a foretelling shadow of the tragedies at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Now, they are releasing two new movies on the Iwojima island in the Pacific Ocean, while battles in Iraq and Afghanistan have been intensified.
+ + +

In July 1944, serious battles were fought on the Iwojima between the U.S. Navy and Imperial Japan's Army, which resulted in 28,686 dead and injured on the U.S. side and 20,129 dead and injured on the Imperial Japan's side.
+ + +

The picture presenting several U.S. marines trying to hoist a flag of the Stars and Stripes tied to a slender water pipe on a hill in a battle field of the Iwojima (literally meaning an island of sulfur) was well known as a symbolic figure of U.S. patriotic spirit.

+ + +

I am highly concerned with the series of the Iwojima films now being released in the U.S. and Japan.

They might be telling something to us as a kind of oracles.

However, there are too many that are dying in Iraq and thus cannot enjoy the movies.
+ + +

The Pacific stage of WWII began after negotiations had failed between the Empire of Japan and the U.S.

Are they carrying negotiations in Iraq and Afghanistan? If not, they should start it and make it successful.

Just a success in negotiations could have parties avoid war at very low costs.

They may further avoid terror and war on terror.

For example, if you today pass by a Shiite Muslim or a Sunni Muslim on a street of New York City, you would not even mind it, though if you pass by an Imperial Japan's soldier from the Iwojima, a thing might be different.


Thursday, October 19, 2006

90% of World LCD Panel Market

90% of World LCD Panel Market

Taiwan and Korean makers combined account for 90 percent of the world market share for LCD panels as of the first quarter of FY 2006.

Their remarkable success in this industry is mainly due to lower prices of their products.
+ + +

Everybody in the U.S. and Europe is using a PC, a cellular phone, and a flat panel TV, but almost nobody therein is manufacturing liquid crystal display panels (LCD) used in these devices.

Everybody in Africa, the Middle East, and Central/South Americas is using a PC, a cellular phone, and a flat panel TV, but almost nobody therein is manufacturing liquid crystal display panels (LCD) used in these devices.

It seems not to be sound, though it is one example of globalization of the world economy.
+ + +

Taiwan and South Korea had been once occupied by, and under administrative control of, the Empire of Japan for decades before the end of WWII.

Look at those other countries once colonized by the U.S. and European powers, then you might find that such an accusation as the Empire of Japan had done nothing good to their subordinate regions is wrong.

Even North Korea was some 30 years ago enjoying GDP larger than, or equal to, South Korea's then.
+ + +

I really wish countries such as North Korea would abandon their nuclear-weapon development programs.

It is not nuclear bombs that they should produce but is LCD panels.

Japanese makers that once transferred their technologies to those in Taiwan and South Korea are also competing trying to offer products with higher quality and value embedded.
+ + +

The United Nations should also pass a resolution and a declaration that every poor country shall have a right to have an LCD panel industry supported by its rich member countries.

If they cannot deal with LCD panels, they really cannot deal with nuclear bombs.

Therefore, you should encourage them to choose this right direction and extend whatever small step toward it.

I will say it again, "Nuclear bombs or LCD panels?"


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Playing with Nuclear Bombs

Playing with Nuclear Bombs

Some still lack basic information, though they are very much interested in success or failure in North Korea's nuclear bomb test.

North Korea has the largest iron mine in East Asia.

North Korea has the largest cupper mine deposit in Asia.

North Korea has uranium mines.

Japan has receivable worth US$ 800 million yet to be recovered from North Korea.
+ + +

If North Korea conducts a nuclear test, it is not to be conducted under a desert like the one in the U.S., India, or Pakistan.

It would be probably conducted deep in an old but very huge mine.

They will never conduct it on the surface of the Sea of Japan.
+ + +

What someone is doing stealthily or conspicuously I do not mind for his sake.

Or are you so coarse trying to play with someone playing with nuclear bombs?


Monday, October 16, 2006

Freedom of Press for World Ranking

Freedom of Press for World Ranking

I just can't believe.

I just can't believe this.

I just can't believe this information.

I just can't believe this information provided by a Japanese researcher.

I just can't believe this information provided by a Japanese researcher on freedom of press in each country of the world.

It is because Japan is ranked so low in terms of degree of freedom of press, though it is the number one among nonwhite or non-Christian countries.

Check if you can believe it or not by getting access to Economic and Social Dataranking at
+ + +

I heard that a female Russian journalist was killed in Moscow. It was well reported in Japan. And the Chechen war she reportedly had exhaustively covered has been also somehow well reported in Japan.

Anna Politkovskaya became one of 23 journalists killed in Russia between 1996 and 2005, which might tell why there is no data on Russia to be used for the ranking.
+ + +

Freedom of press is based on belief in the innate goodness of man.

Jesus Christ, however, says that none is good.

Minding His words might nonetheless make a man a little improved.


Friday, October 13, 2006

Nuclear Bomb Test in the Summer of 2008?

Nuclear Bomb Test in the Summer of 2008?

Many people say that North Korea failed in its first nuclear test.

Data, information, findings, and theories on the test seem to be far from being reached consensus on, so far.

One alarming thing is swift decision and action of the Japanese Government in taking punitive measures against North Korea.

One remarkable thing is the emphasis in the address by President George W. Bush on corporation of China being highly expected .

One thing to be especially noted is that China is to hold Summer Olympic Games in Beijin in 2008.

You should be also reminded of the next Secretary-General of the United Nations being a South Korean.
+ + +

If North Korea makes other nuclear bomb test in the summer of 2008, I wonder how the U.S., Japan, China, and South Korea should respond.

The matter should be properly addressed and orderly resolved now, not in 2008.
+ + +

North Korea is a far more autocratic state than Iraq under Saddam Hussein's regime.

Majority of its people are extremely poor and have no freedom, but are destined to be helplessly killed if a war erupts with or without nuclear weapons.

Under this circumstance, decision makers in the U.S., Japan, China, South Korea, and Russia would be held liable, if any failures in addressing the issue happen.

Therefore, if you are not involved in administrations of those governments responsible, you may be a little lucky.
+ + +

But, do you think that North Korea actually failed in its first nuclear test, luckily for us?

And why? It is because they are just fools?

Fools cannot maintain a nation for more than half a century amid the international powers including the U.S., Japan, Russia, and China.

There cannot be such a fool in this world, which is mankind.

If there is, it is a bigger shame on mankind than inability to correct North Korea.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Atomic Bomb Blasted by North Korea

Atomic Bomb Blasted by North Korea

A young scientist of the University of Tokyo, specializing in seismology, said the level of the nuclear bomb North Korea tried yesterday seems to be a Nagasaki Atomic-Bomb class.

The magnitude of an earthquake triggered by the nuclear test was reportedly about 4.9 as observed at a certain location in Japan, though it was about 3.6 in South Korea.

There are still many arguments and speculations about the size of the bomb and its conclusion, namely, even whether it was successful or not.
+ + +

Everybody wants to get big money.

No one wants to die before getting rich and richer.

So, no one in the U.S. is interested in nuclear bombs which would eventually turn to be a fatal means, if used for making money in whatever mean, to all involved.

But, North Korea is different.
+ + +

My appeal is that the U.S. Government and the United Nations allocate a certain amount of budget for dealing with this problem.

With that amount observed by North Korea, they may get serious in considering a change in their strategy.

Failures of the U.S. and the U.N. in dealing with other problems have really cost billions of dollars while sacrificing so many innocent lives.
+ + +

Too many have been killed since September 11, 2001.

It is time to consider saving lives in ongoing and potential war zones including Iraq, Afghanistan, and North Korea.
+ + +

I did not feel a tremor the nuclear test in North Korea caused yesterday.

But, I saw someone who looked like an ancient messenger reborn scuttling and passing by me in the morning.

And, one of my electronic gears got out of tune, a happening very rare, that is perhaps once-a-decade thing.

Did you get any inkling at all on that?


Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Longest Economic Expansion in Japan

The Longest Economic Expansion in Japan

The Japanese economy has been expanding to date since February 2002.

It is the longest upward business trend after WWII.

Indeed, more university graduates are receiving informal job offers than in previous years.

An increase in the number of those who commit suicide due to bankruptcy or get homeless seems to be also halted.
+ + +

The population of 120 million seems not to worry about anything serious for future of the world.

Nonetheless, I think it is time for the Japanese to worry about future of the world.

Just like Americans who should worry about how to complete or simply terminate the War on Terror, the Japanese should worry about how they can maintain and enhance this level of peace domestically and on the interface to the world.

Yet, I hope that you have logically and personally nothing to worry about.


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

South Korea vs. North Korea

South Korea vs. North Korea

Next U.N. Secretary General is expected be a South Korean.

Could North Korean leaders feel happy together with South Koreans?

North Korea's announcement that it plans to launch a nuclear bomb test seems to be telling their feeling.
+ + +

However, no matter how jealousy you might be, though such a feeling might be very common in politics, you should not resort to nuclear weapons.
+ + +

Japan will help North Korea get developed as much as South Korea is, so long as North Korea abandons its nuclear/missile development plans and its abominable policy to keep Japanese abductees still in its hand.

Japan will also support an idea to keep U.S. forces as far as possible from the border between China and North Korea, regardless of their future status, that is, unified Korea or coexistence of two Koreas.
+ + +

Both Koreas were last year against an idea that Japan takes up a seat of permanent members of the U.N. Security Council.

Such selfish antagonism could indeed result in very incongruous happenings.

As a matter of fact, when I loose goodness, I often make a selfish decision, too.


Sunday, October 01, 2006

Underground Economy vs. Gross Domestic Product

Underground Economy vs. Gross Domestic Product

As of 2003, the size of underground economy of each country, in comparison with its nominal GDP, is as follows:
+ + +

Applying the same appraisal method to each region of the world, the following average percentage as of 2000 was obtained:
OECD Member Countries........16.8%
Central/South America........41.0%
+ + +

They do not call those involved in the underground economy "terrorists."

I do not call them, either, yet.

But, how about it for you?

And, what about a mind of our benign Lord?


Friday, September 29, 2006

A Film on Afghanistan Needing Great Help

A Film on Afghanistan Needing Great Help

I saw the movie "At Five in the Afternoon," an Iranian film released in 2003, which depicts one poor family in Afghanistan.

I saw it today.
+ + +

Unbelievable mountains without tress and unthinkable fields without grass are really catching my eye.

A devastated and desolate palace on a barren hill surrounded by a sea of sand is, too, a wonder.

Old people who talk humane sense taking a slightly-monotonous poetic rhythm look so painful inwardly and outwardly, yet reflecting a deep social, traditional, cultural, and religious background
+ + +

U.S. helicopters were flying over a path on the barren land ; and the poor family, consisting of an old man, his daughter, her dying and eventually dead baby, and his dead son's wife as well as a tired horse and chickens, met a traveling older man whose donkey was dying and lying on the path.

The older man, himself collapsing, said, "My village was destroyed. Nothing was left. I want to get to Kandahar to see Mullah Omar. Bin Laden is our guest and a Muslim."

The chief of the poor family said, "You had better go back where you are from," digging a shallow pit on the ground with a big stone to burry his now-dead grandbaby.

The traveling old man sitting beside his dying donkey said, "My village was destroyed. Nothing was left. And nobody shows me the way."

While they were talking and the dead grandbaby was being laid down into a small, sandy grave, two young women were walking to a hill side where they could get the failed horse some water, as the old man told them to do so.
+ + +

The heroine of the story is the old man's daughter in law.

She attended a makeshift school in Kabul, while the family was wandering from place to place, and just wanted to change the world by becoming a politician.

She even asked a French soldier, patrolling around the ruined palace where the family happened to take shelter, how the president of France addressed to his people.
+ + +

Afghanistan had been a decent agricultural country since the Middle Age till the invasion by the Soviet Union in the late 20th century.

Decades of wars destroyed the entire country; but Islam has remained. People have been deprived of various hopes, but still have new dreams like the heroine has. Someday, a female president might be inaugurated in Afghanistan.
+ + +

If Afghanistan is saved, Iran then will be.

In fact, as some part of Iraq gets so dangerous, Iran may turn to a focal point of international security. But, so far, an Iranian film maker has set a focus on people not a war.
+ + +

On September 11, 2001, leaders of Al-Qaeda stationed in Afghanistan were waiting for a specific report on the United States to be attacked on the very day.

Since then, in the wake of various subsequent incidents, many, many people have been victimized.

But, I am one who has survived to this day just like you.

A film on Afghanistan has really reminded me of the grace the Lord has given me so that I can observe the proceeding of the world with a living mind.

But, for what?

And, for what for you?


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Punishment for Popularity

Punishment for Popularity

Yesterday, a new cabinet was formed in Japan.

One remarkable aspect is that they intended to reinforce functions of aids to the prime minister.

Their purpose is to introduce a strong team of professional assistants to the prime minister office like the one in the White House.

My impression is that such a move seems to be aimed at gaining popularity among the people rather than truly enhancing functions of the Japanese Government.

Four of five aids to the prime minister, who have been newly appointed, are incumbent members of the Diet (parliament). They are more politicians than professionals. They might also work for gaining their own popularity.
+ + +

Democracy gives politicians and their party an incentive of using anything for enhancing their popularity and securing plurality voting.

A politician might even use a war for such a purpose.

It is truly an outrageous act if a war is so used.
+ + +

If you are a politician and are not involved in such movement for gaining popularity of a government through using something serious and critical like a war, you must be lucky, since such an act might be punished.

To begin with, what a politician needs is love for people but not popularity among the people their false love for people might gain.


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

New Prime Minister

New Prime Minister

Now, Japan's House of Representatives has nominated its new prime minister: Mr. Shinzo Abe.

Japan's Upper House is following suit.

After completion of the nomination by the Diet (Parliament), the emperor of Japan is to authorize it.
+ + +

The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) the new prime minister belongs to has support ratings of 38.2%, 30.0%, and 35.0% in previous three national elections, respectively.

Therefore LDP forms an alliance with New Komeito to form a government.
+ + +

One prime minister alone cannot surely make the nation great and successful, while Japan has 120 million population.

Japan's 68 million voters, who actually cast their vote in the previous general election held on September 11, 2005, have a key to future peace and prosperity of Japan, Asia, and the word.
+ + +

Astonishingly, there are no expressions directly concerned with democracy and election in Jesus Christ's words.

Relationship between mankind and God is not based on democracy supported by an election system.

The idea of democracy and an election system is however seems to be permitted by God or Allah.


Saturday, September 23, 2006

Japanese Rocket Launches Sun-Probing Satellite

Japanese Rocket Launches Sun-Probing Satellite

BBC has reported on Japan's scientific satellite launching for studying the sun (

The sun is a critical energy source of life on the earth.

But, though it happens in rare cases, the sun emits extraordinary energy to the surrounding space and eventually to the earth, which could destroy normal functioning of human-made electronic systems including artificial satellites flying around the earth.

If such an extraordinary phenomenon happens like it did in 1859, modern societies on the globe will suffer major damages.
+ + +

A type of rocket used to launch the Japan's sun-observation satellite is M5.

The M5 rockets have been launched seven times with one failure. This is its last mission, since Japan has already decided to stop using the M5 rockets due to high costs needed for launching it.

Apart from the M5, Japan has the flag-ship rocket H2A the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has already launched ten times and will continue to use.

The H2A rocket is 53-meter long and has a weight of 289 tons.
+ + +

The gigantic flares on the sun that emerged in 1859 really heralded the beginning of a new era poor slaves in the U.S. then might have truly wished.

It also became ominous for the feudal samurai regime in Japan, too.

When the sun emits an enormous amount of unusual electro-magnetic energy to the earth next time, we might know that a new era is inevitably coming.
+ + +

Japanese scientists like to study the sun.

The Japanese people like an image that the sun is rising from the east horizon, since their comparatively long and thin national land faces the Pacific Ocean eastward.

Therefore, it is natural that an image of the sun is adopted into their national flag.

When you see, in Japan, the sun coming up in the morning over the Pacific Ocean, it looks red, eradiating red arrows of light to all directions of surrounding air of the sky so blue and far; it does not look yellow or white at all.

Nothing is so inspiring as the rising sun in the morning for most Japanese.
+ + +

No matter how rich and powerful you might be on the earth, you cannot buy the sun.

And I remember the word of Buddha: "Fools are they who accumulate wealth and die."

Yes, everybody should die poor under the sun as he or she was so born under the sun.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Whether Jesus Christ is God or Not

Whether Jesus Christ is God or Not

I am not so interested in what the Pope thinks, says, and does.

As he claims that he is directly linked to Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ only would mind him.

If I mind the Pope, it might be regarded, I am afraid, as an irreverent behavior by angels.
+ + +

In Koran:
Verse 4:171 - "People of the Book, do not transgress the bounds of your religion. Speak nothing but the truth about Allah. The Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, was no more than Allah's apostle and His Word which He cast to Mary: a spirit from Him. So believe in Allah and His apostles and do not say: "Three.' Forbear, and it shall be better for you. Allah is but one God. Allah forbid that He should have a son!"

As Islam has prevailed so long, so profoundly, and so vastly, God seems to surely support the above verse meaning Jesus Christ is not God.
+ + +

To discuss this matter is very difficult; and thus even when they really begin to act being motivated by this matter, as it is very difficult to explain a motivation of their act based on this matter, they seem to tend to use other excuse, for example, concerning politics or economics.

But, I think people should focus on this matter: Whether Jesus Christ is God or not for mankind, including Israelites, Christians, and Muslims.
+ + +

My assumption is that first of all we have to be humble admitting that Logic of God and Holy Truth are different from human logic and human-recognizable truth.

If we get more pious, the scope of our logic and recognizable truth would expand as far to the extent where we can comprehend the whole scheme of the question, "Is Jesus Christ God or not for mankind, including Israelites, Christians, and Muslims?"
+ + +

Will God, one day, appear on every TV screen all over the world and say, "I am also Jesus Christ and I, too, authorize the idea that Jesus Christ is not God"?

Or will God send another angel to us who do not mind whether Jesus Christ is God or not, and let the angel say to us that we may neglect the Bible and the Koran but we must obey Him?

I will obey Him.


Monday, September 18, 2006

The World Bank and Child Soldiers

The World Bank and Child Soldiers

It was reported in Japan that the World Bank has issued a report on child soldiers in the world.

There are some 300,000 soldiers under the age 18 who are now, or have until recently been, engaged in a battle, accounting for 10 percent of all the soldiers in battle fields.

In addition, there are 500,000 child soldiers being recruited in 50 countries all over the world.

They become soldiers due to poverty or coercion, or as a victim of abduction.
+ + +

According to The World Revolution (, "because of their immaturity and lack of experience, child soldiers suffer higher casualties than their adult counterparts."
+ + +

If child soldiers are allowed to claim financial support for their education and rehabilitation costing, say, US$10,000 per capita, the world should raise 8 billion dollars.

The World Bank, consisting of International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and International Development Association (IDA), furnished anew in 2005 many countries for their development projects with funds of 13.6 billion dollars and similarly approved loans worth 8.7 billion dollars.

It seems very possible and reasonable that the World Bank rescues and helps those child soldiers with their financial capacity.
+ + +

If you are asked by an angel what the most deplorable issue is on the earth, you should answer that it is existence of child soldiers.

If I am, I would answer so.

"Because you have been faithful until the end, my saving power will rise on you like the sun"

Friday, September 15, 2006

Mystery of Blue Light Emitting Diode (LED) Solved

Mystery of Blue Light Emitting Diode (LED) Solved

Everyone apparently wants to use a DVD player for fun or any needs. A key technology in such an electronic device is a blue light emitting diode (LED).

The market size of the blue LEDs is expected to reach US$10 billion in 2008.

Though this LED was invented in a Japanese company, nobody including those involved in this development knew why the blue LED is possible until recently.
+ + +

The very small lamp, without a bubble and a filament, called an LED has been common in industry for decades due to development of the semiconductor technology.

But, not all types of color were possible with this man-made light emitter. The color of red, green, and so on could be easily realized and their basic theory was well understood. But, it has not been the case with the color blue, though even the blue LED was invented through serious efforts of those involved in this development in a Japanese company.
+ + +

The problem on the blue LED is that a material that emits the blue color has a million times as many structural defects inside as other material for any other color.

With such a great number of structural defects at a level of atoms, it has been thought to be impossible that such a material could emit any light at all; However, it does excellently providing a long-awaited blue light for human beings.

This mystery was recently solved by Japanese researchers.

The material Indium Gallium Nitride (InGaN) has a specific local and minuscule structure where holes, each carrying a positive charge, are effectively trapped so that their energy is converted to light instead of heat.
+ + +

There are two lessons to be learnt here:
First, a defect or a drawback sometimes hides a merit or an asset for a big success.

Secondly, a lucky man who succeeded without knowing why he made it can only find the underlying reason with a help from others so excellent and sympathetic.